Title: Finding Home
Author: Me! Roswell_Luv56
Category: Mostly M/L…but I’m going to also add M/M, Isabel/Kyle, and Jim/Amy
Rating: I’m not sure yet…maybe NC-17 MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
Disclaimer: I do not own anything…You know this, I know this, America knows this. ;)
Summary: It’s going to start out a little bit bumpy between Max and Liz, but these lovebirds can’t stay away from each other… It takes place after Departure, but before Busted. (In this case, Busted, isn’t actually even going to happen) I know, I know…what a shame. J
**NOTE** - I’ll be updating this story every Tuesday…if anyone likes it. I'd love feedback too! Thanks!!

Part 1:

Max walked into the Crashdown and looked everywhere for Liz. He spotted Maria, and rushed over to her and tapped her shoulder. She whirled around.
“What? Oh hey, Max…she’s upstairs.”
“Thanks, Maria.” He literally ran to the back room and up the stairs and stopped in front of her door. What was he going to say to her?
“Hey Liz, even though I slept with Tess, and she got pregnant and everything, I think you should just get past it and be with me, because I love you, okay?”
Yeah, right.
Well, here goes nothing.
He knocked on the door.
“Hello? Liz?” He heard a sniffle and a sigh from the other side of the door.
Inside her room, Liz forced out a word. “Yea?”
“Can I come in?”
Liz stood up and walked over to the door. She unlocked it and Max opened it quickly.
“What’s going on?” he questioned when he saw that her face was red and blotchy and tears overflowing.
Max raised an eyebrow, “It sure doesn’t look like nothing is wrong, please, Liz, tell me…don’t shut me out.”
“No, Max, that’s your job.” Liz said.
“Liz…I’m sor-…” Max started, but Liz cut him off.
“All you do is apologize, Max…just stop.”
Liz looked down at her hands that were shaking. “I don’t think this is going to work, Max.”
“Liz, please…”
“No, you don’t just sleep with someone and expect things to be able to go back.”
“I know.” Whispered Max.
“Do you, Max?”
“Liz, I know how you feel right now…if I remember, I thought you slept with Kyle last year, and I dealt with the pain of that, I know that what you’re going through is torture.”
“Really? You know, Max? If you knew how much pain it caused, then why did you do it to me?”
“Because I was…”
“Confused…I know.”
“Please give me another chance.”
“Is it worth it, Max?”
‘Say, yes, Max…make me agree to let you take me out! Lock me in a closet if you have to’ thought Liz.
“Of course!” Max said a little too loud.
“Whenever we give it “another chance”, we just end up apart.” Liz stated.
Liz’s conscious screamed in the back of her head. ‘Stop, Liz! You’re not thinking straight! You love him! You can work the whole Tess thing out! You guys can work out anything!’
Max took her hands, “We’ll make it work, I’ll let nothing come between us, ever again.”
‘Wow. Those beautiful amber eyes didn’t lie. I’m so in love with him…I can’t help myself, he’s just so max-a-licious.’ Liz thought.
She was brought back to Earth when she heard him talking again.
“Can’t you at least let me try, Liz? I promise, you won’t be sorry. Let’s go to Senor Chows tonight…and relive our first date.” He said.
Liz took a long pause. Why did he have to be so romantic and so gosh darn cute? “Around 6:00?”
“Any time you want.”


Maria danced over to Michael. “Hey sweetie.”
“Uhh, hey babe.”
“You got that burger for me?”
“Right there.” He rung the little bell on the counter.
“Thanks…we still on for tonight?”
“Hmm? Tonight? Oh right…tonight. Sure, of course. Where are we going again?”
Maria sighed. “To see A Walk to Remember.”
“We’re gonna take a walk to remember? Uhh, okay...but where are we going to go to walk? The desert? I mean, we’re in Roswell, New Mexico…there really aren’t that many places to --”
“The movie, Michael! The movie called A Walk to Remember! You promised you’d take me to see it.” Maria groaned.
“Oh right, the one with that uh… Britney Spears chick in it.”
“No, Michael…that’s Crossroads.”
“Crossroads? The one with Mandy Moore?”
Maria quietly screamed into her hands. “No. Crossroads equals Britney Spears…A Walk To Remember equals Mandy Moore.”
“Alright, alright! And we’re seeing which one?” Michael questioned.
“A Walk to Remember!”
“The one with Mandy Moore.”
“Yes.” Maria answered.
“Alright. I’ll pick you up at 6:30.”
“On the dot, Guerin.”


Isabel sat in a booth watching Michael and Maria jabber on.
‘God, I miss you so much Alex’ she thought to herself.
The door chime rang and in stepped Kyle Valenti. He walked over and sat down across from her.
“Hey! Go ahead and sit down, Kyle!” she said sarcastically.
“I just wanted to you know…talk. I was thinking that we are the only two who have come out of this whole alien chaos alone...you know with out someone that we really are in love with. Even my father has someone. You know, Amy DeLuca.”
“I’m not going on a date with you, Kyle.”
“That’s…not what I’m here for. I’m here to talk. Relate to you. We actually have a lot in common.”
“Like?” she prompted.
“Like…we’re both alone. We’re both totally ready for the alieness to go away. We’re both watching Romeo and Juliet, and Tom and Jerry over there.” He said motioning to Michael and Maria. “Just waiting to have something like…that.”
“You trying out for the ‘Pick up girls with sensitivity’ team?”
“There’s really a team called that?”
Isabel sighed. “It’s sort of…kind of…working.”
“What is?”
“Look, Kyle…I know that you came here to ask me out.”
“I did?” said Kyle.
“You didn’t?”
“I did.”
“You did?”
“Did you?”
“Did I what?”
“Did you want to do something?”
“I did.”
“So did I.” Kyle laughed.
“So what did you want to do?” Isabel smiled.
“There is this winter ball over at the Y…”
“I’d love to.”
“Great! I’ll pick you up at 6:30! The dance starts at 7.”
“I’ll see you then…oh and Kyle?”
“This is a friends-only thing, okay? It’s only been a while since…”
“I know…friends-only.”


Amy knocked on Jim Valenti’s door with a pie in her hand. Jim opened up the door and broke into a smile.
“Amy, what a nice surprise.”
“Jim! I brought your favorite!” she held out the pie.
“Oh, gee…thanks Amy.”
“Listen, Amy, I was thinking…there’s this new restaurant that just opened up downtown. Would you maybe want to…have dinner with me?”
“Why, of course! Pick me up at around 5ish?”
“Sounds terrific.”
“I can’t wait!” Amy said.
“Oh, and dress up.”
Amy smiled and waved her goodbye. “I’ll see you tonight, Jimmy...and trust me, I’ll be dressed up.”

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