Author: Eden aka Melpomene
Title: It All Has To End
Pairing: M/L
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: Short story, only the changes made are mine. The rest belong to Jason Katims. Damn him. He could've just sold them to me. I would've had tons of fun.

One minute Maria and I were talking about Max Evans, the next I'm on the ground on my back, blood flowing out of my stomach. It feels as if my very soul is being sucked out of the bullet hole.

"LIZ!!!! Chica, oh my god. You're going to be fine. Someone call an ambulance!!!" I barely register Maria's frantic calls as I feel a hand press down on the wound. Max. His face looks so blurry and I realize that I'm crying. I don't want to die. I'm sixteen years old. I'm supposed to date and go to school. Next year I should be going to prom and having girl talk with Maria. I'll never get to tell Maria that I needed her to cover my shift on friday because I had a date with Kyle. I want to go to Harvard, I want to become a Molecular Biologist. I want to marry Max Evans. I'll never get to have children or hug my parents again

"Liz, I need you to look at me...." Max.

I want to, I want to see his face before I die. But my eyes feel so heavy and I'm so tired. My father's screaming my name and I want to call out to him. Tell him to fix everything like he did when I was a little girl. When he would clean my cuts and put the puppy band-aids on them.

"Lizzie, baby, they're almost here. Honey just hold on a little longer..."

I can't hear the rest. I want to tell him I'm sorry for all the trouble I gave him and I want to say sorry for taking five dollars from his wallet when I was ten. I taste blood in my mouth, and I know I'm going to die. My eyes close the rest of the way, I see Max's pale face as they shut. My body feels so heavy tired. I don't want to die...I'm only sixteen. The medics are trying to stop the blood flow, but it's too late and before everything goes dark I hear, "I'm sorry, but she's gone."