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Author: Ice Queen
Title: Walking Away
Pairing: M/L
Rating: Don't know yet...hehe.
Summary: Read and find out.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, if I did....:snickers evily:
Note: This is my first fic, so be gentle.


She was never one of the girls you would glance twice at. Her hair hung loose, big brown ordinary eyes and dressed conservativly. No one noticed her...she didn't talk much, she never played a sport. It was as if no one wanted to know her. Roswell High consisted of many cliques. She fit into none of them. She was always off in her own little world, always had her head in a book. It was safer that way. This way she didn't have to worry about getting hurt or backstabbed. She didn't have to live up to certain expectations....just her own. She liked it that way.....

"Excuse me? Care to get out of my way?" Liz looked up into the eyes of the one and only, Isabel Evans. Senior class bitch and slut by reputation. Her and her lovely followers. There couldn't have been one football player that they already hadn't done. That and her cheap blonde hair...right out of the box. Instead of saying any of this, Liz just moved aside and allowed Isabel and her friends to pass. One of them knocking her into a locker. Liz shut her eyes and took a deep breath. That day is almost over with she thought.....just a few more classes. Then she could go home.....well the place they called home. She thought of it as hell.......

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Part 1

She's beautiful as usual with bruises on her ego...

Liz poked at the fetal pig infront of her with a scapel, bored. Oh yeah, my life's so exciting...

She watched the brainless bimbos (aka the cheerleaders) flirt with the jocks. They made her sick. Perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect life. Liz stabbed the pig roughly and her Biology teacher looked at her, surprised.

"Elizabeth, are you all right?"

Liz looked up quickly, "Yeah, why?"

"Uh, no reason dear." She then proceeded to give the class directions to find a partner. With her luck, she'd get stuck with Larry, the nerdy kid with braces and a big gap in his front teeth that caused him to spray large amounts of saliva onto anyone he talked to.

She kept poking the pig and staring at it, until she felt someone sit beside her, "Look Larry, I really don't want to work with you. I told you this last time..."

"I hardly think I'm Larry."

She knew that voice. Oh god, this can't be happening. Liz looked over and her eyes met the eyes of Max Evans, "Hello Parker."

She just nodded. Liz had the feeling that this was just going to turn into some big joke on her, planned by his sister, Isabel and thier group. It's not my fault I'm adopted. That my father is a drunk and we have no money because of that...

"Look Parker, I'll cut to the chase. I need an A in this class and you need a makeover. I can't help you with your problem, but I know you can help me with mine. So how's about it?"

Liz was about to say no when Mrs. Kaptner came by and smiled, "Well Mr. Evans and Miss Parker, you're our first group." With that she wrote their names down and walked off.

Liz groaned and let her head hit the table. I do not believe this! This cannot be happening to me...what did I do to deserve to have this asshole as my lab partner.

"So Parker, do you wanna do the cutting or should I?"

Liz rolled her eyes and muttered, "My name is Liz."

Max heard her and chuckled, "I'll cut. Wouldn't want you to go all suicidal and slit your wrists."

Liz looked at him in shock, "Wh...what?"

"Oh come on Parker. You have no friends, no life and no reason to live. It's obvious that you've probably tried to commit suicide." He smirked.

Liz felt her throat contrict and tears pricked her eyes, "Go to hell Evans." She got up and ran out of the room and into the nearest bathroom. She crawled into a stall and let the tears flow freely. Feeling once again, like she was drowning.

It's the way that he makes you cry. It's the way that he's in your mind. It's the way he makes you feel inside....

Song used is Pretty Girl by Sugarcult

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Part 2

I'm all right, I'm all only hurts when I breathe..

Liz wiped away her tears, angry with herself. She always let them get to her. Why couldn't she fight back? She always thought up good quips but she could never get the courage to use them.

She ran a hand through her hair and pulled herself up. Screw Bio, I'm going home.

And I can't ask for things to be still again...

She walked out of the bathroom and out of the school, heading home.


She opened the door to the trailer and she heard the blare of the TV. Hank's loud laughter followed soon after. He turned around and acknowledged her, "Girl you're home already?"

Liz nodded and waited for him to continue, but he just grunted and went back to the TV. She sighed in relief and decided to call Maria, she said she'd be in town today or tomorrow. Hopefully today....she'd know what to do.

Liz thought back on how they met when she was in LA for a science fair and Maria helped her find a cab on the street one day. They'd kept in touch after that, and Maria often flew out to visit.

She dialed the number and heard Maria pick up, "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Liz."

"Lizzie! Hey! You're home early?"

"I skipped, Max said some pretty cruel things to me today and I just couldn't go back to class."

"Awww, Liz. We're gonna have to work on your verbal comebacks..aren't we? Well honey, I'm at the motel...want me to come pick you up?"

"No, I'll walk. The last thing I need is for Hank to see you and me having to answer a million questions later."

"All right, see you soon." The phone clicked and Liz sighed. She grabbed her messanger bag and climbed out the window. Hank would never miss her...


Liz shook her head at the alien themed motel and walked to the desk, asking for Maria's room number. The manager didn't even look at her and grunted a number, she assumed three.

She walked to the door and was about to knock when it swung open, arms quickly pulling her into a hug. Liz smiled and pulled back, looking at Maria. Her hair was longer, a little more blonde and her green eyes sparkled.

"Doesn't your mom care that you just leave whenever you want and skip school?" Liz asked.

Maria rolled her eyes, "Liz, my mom has a new guy every night at the house. She throws more parties then I can count and she hardly notices when I leave. I just tell her where I'm going and she hands me the money. I don't think she even remembers half the time where I'm going."

Liz just laughed and Maria smiled at her, then a frown quickly replaced it, "Liz I thought we threw these ugly overalls away! AND I also thought we agreed that you wouldn't put your hair in that damn braid anymore!"

Liz sighed, "Maria, not everyone can be as glamourous as you."

An idea popped into Maria's head, "No, not everyone. But with my help, YOU can," She smirked, "We should've done this sooner, Liz! It can be a She's All That, kind of transformation!" Maria giggled.

"Oh no, you keep your hair dye, tweezers and whatever you else have away from me. I refuse to look like Barbie or Skipper!"

"Liz, I wouldn't do that to you! You're a brunette, you'd be Theresa..."

"No, I refuse...I..." Liz was cut off when she was pulled into the motel room by Maria. She had a feeling she wasn't leaving in her overalls and braid.

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Song used was Breathe by Greenwheel