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Title:Wild Ambers
Rating: NC-17
Category: M/L
Summary: Yet another AU.No Aliens. Liz is a plain Jane in 2002 who has a deadend job adn no family. One day she meets with an accident and travels back to 1875 in the Old West where so meets the town Sherriff Max Evans. He's got issues and so does she, and who knows if that wont bring a stampede dull of trouble. Called Love.
Author's note: Hope you like this out of this world(no pun intended) story. Feedback is always welcome...(in other words*tongue*LZ FB!!)

Part 1

"Liz! Get your butt in here."

Liz cringed at the voice of her boss. John Bugsby's bellow reached as far as his beer belly. With receding hair, squat stature and a loud in the most irritating way, John still managed to gain top spot as senior editor of the most prestigious magazine "Rouge" in New York. It was a most baffling thought.

Liz winced where she sat only a wall's width away. Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. When she opened them she was still greeted with the same sight. Odd looks and curious glances in her direction. As if they're wondering who she is and what she's doing here. As if they've never seen her before. Probably wondering when she was hired.

'Oh only 3 years ago!' Liz wanted to scream in frustrated rage. 3 years. 3 long miserable years. She was used to it now though. No one ever noticed Elizabeth Parker. A tiny plain Jane. After one glance, perhaps an acknowledgement on her first day, she was forgotten. She seemed to have that effect on people. 'Well that's fine by me' she hardened herself.

In the beginning it hurt. She had grown up filling herself with confidence and applied herself to achieve the greatest possibilities to make her family and herself proud. Yet as soon as she began to understand the world around her, as soon as she walked into the 'Rouge' building, her confidence suddenly dwindled . What skills she managed to attain cast away as useless. Her intelligence laughed at her as she was looked down upon. She aspired to be a magazine editor with so many ideas that would surely be acknowledged and appraised. She ended up here instead.

Before her coffee cup ended up on the floor, for his first shout sent it trembling to the edge - Liz didn't know how he could do that- she pushed her chair away from the desk and stood up with a deep sigh. Making sure her conservative dull grey suit was in order, she made her way around the desk and over to the polished oak door that had 'John Bugsby Senior Editor' inscribed in gold.

Her name should have been there she thought vehemently with resentment. Yet empty defeat accompanied the thought. Why? she had asked herself a thousand times. Life had not blessed her with a four story mansion and a sports car but she had made the best of things with her family.

Born to a loving couple, Nancy and Jeff Parker, Liz was never bereft of affection. They had lived in a rented apartment with the basic comforts. It was a place for two. Liz was an unexpected arrival into their world. The fact that she was not planned made things a bit difficult, but they had muddled along. They had each other.

Her father worked as a police officer in the N.Y.P.D and her mother worked as a nurse in a local hospital. Infact they had met when Jeff was admitted to a bullet removed from him leg. It was love at first sight. Thank goodness blood didn't make her queasy, or it would have been sick at first sight.

Now twenty-three years later Elizabeth Parker's beloved father had been dead for over 4 years after being shot on the job. It came as a shock to the two women in his life, even though they had known that with his job you could only pray he would return home every night. Her dear mother had passed away a year ago, never fully recovered from Jeff's death, after swallowing too many depression pills. Liz did not know if it was an accident or suicide. All that she knew was the only people that had ever cared for her were gone. Atleast they were together again. She thought that a small consolation.

Deftly opening the door Liz walked into the modern spacious office. Leather couch, leather chair, glass desk,leopard rug. Typical. She bet those keys resting on the desk were for the porche.

John was seated behind the desk looking as pompously arrogant as ever. Liz convulsively clenched her firsts in anger and resentment.

"What can I do for you Mr.Bugsby?" she asked coolly, keeping a proper distance away. John smile leeringly.
"Ah Liz , you're looking as lovely as ever." he stated and Liz flushed in anger and hurt. Lovely. Yeah right.

She remained silent and treating him to an icy glare that spoke clearly that he should keep his eyes to himself and get to business. He however was not deterred. He got up and walked over to her, smiling maliciously. He reached up to caress her cheek. Liz jerked away. His eyes narrowed.

"What did you want sir?" she emphasized the 'sir' to draw the line at their association.
"Oh nothing really, I just love it when you jump when I call" he chuckled at her furious flush and flashing eyes. He leaned towards her. "I don't know why you fight it Liz. We'll be good together. I'll sho ya a hell of a time." he continued, his eyes now darkening with lust.

Liz barely repressed a shudder. Why was he even doing this? she was plain Jane, not some hot sexy beauty like the ones coming and going from his office-heaven knew why- though she doubted it was for anything sexual. However along with confusion she felt disgust. She would have quit long ago when it first started, this obsession to get her to sleep with him, but if she had she would be jobless and therefore homeless.

"Mister Bugsby I am flattered by your attention but I am not available to have an affair with you so if you please, cease to disturb me." she replied in her primmest tone. It was the first time she had truly stood up to him, and she wasn't sure what drove her. She knew she was sick of it though.

John's face flushed a deep red as his anger boiled. "You ungrateful little prude. You are nothing you hear!Don't go acting high and mighty on me darling, cause you're no higher than a mouse," he pause to look at her for a second, "a brown mouse. Dull and shaggy. Nothing to show. Nobody cares about mice my dear. They just step over them or exterminate them," he pointed to himself, "now I was kind enough to take notice but you know what, you ain't worth it. You're not good enough. Not for anything. I bet you're even still a virgin" he snarled and then laughed mockingly.

Liz stiffened. "If you'll excuse. I'll leave you now." was her only reply as she walked to the door. Humiliation and depression settled on her shoulders.
"Oh and Liz?" he stopped her and she turned, ready for more abuse.
"You're fired." Liz didn't even flinch. She'd congratulate herself on that later. After she cried and got depressed. She closed the door with a soft click behind her.

She'd thought she'd gotten used to it. She was so sure. Her hands trembled and she suppressed the bitter tears. She expected nothing less. For once she wished her life was different. That she was beautiful, her parents were alive and she had a successful career as the editor of 'Rouge'. She knew if she had those things she would have made it. And that she didn't for once to go home to a lonely little apartment. Her life was such a mess.

She wished she could just disappear.

TBC. soooo what think you? too much? not enough? I would really appreciate the FB to know if I should continue for sure. I dont wanna do it if it wont be read. Hope you like anyway. its short..but I just wanna knw what u think first. thankeeeeyouuuu!


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Part 2
Liz stared at the cardboard box which contained her meagre supply of personal things. The desk it sat on now seemed bare and even untouched. Like Elizabeth Parker had not occupied it for the last 3 years. Liz wanted to laugh at how even an inanimate object could dismiss her so easily.

After storming out of Bugsby's office she had rushed to her apartment to seek solace in the only familiar place that would offer the most comfort. Wrapped in a blanket she told herself not to cry. That things could have been worse. That things aren't always as bad as they seem. Yet Liz couldn't deny the undeniable truth. Now that she was without a job, she was in big trouble.

She couldn't take a loan from the bank to pay her debts and bills because she was definitely not qualified to be even considered. Her credit card was maxed out. She doubted she even had insurance anymore. Her account only held about a thousand dollars of scrapings and savings. They won't last though.

She'd already had to part with a third of it to pay her rent to her landlady, sweet old Mrs. Higgins. She was the only one who understood with all her wisdom. She had offered help , but Liz refused adamantly and pridefully, stating that she would not take charity. Plus as much as she appreciated it Liz knew Mrs. Higgins couldn't afford to part with a penny herself, especially after Mr. Higgins passed away.

Now looking at her stuffed box. Liz was facing her most dreaded moment. She was at a loss for what to do. She had no friends, just casual acquaintances. No one she could knock on the door of and ask for help. Sighing heavily she bent over and hefted her treasured load into her arms, then turned and started out of the office.

She was met with darkened shadows and shapes of objects reflected by the soft glow of the dim lights. She had chosen to come after hours, naturally, to avoid the crowd. Not that they'd care anyway. She knew though that they'd stop their hustle and chatter to cast a curious look in her direction and what she was doing. Wondering, for just a brief minute. One small minute where they cared. Who she was and why she was clearing out. Then they'd think its none of their business and go back to their gossip.' What hypocrites' Liz thought in a minute of true bitterness.

Ofcourse she also came now to pointedly avoid the 'boss' or rather, ex-boss. Who knew what kind of scene might ensue. And anyway, she didn't want to face him again after their final confrontation. All she required of him was her last payment cheque and that could easily be posted to her by mail.

It was a chilly October 11th evening in 2002 and Liz, huddled in her warm jumper and overalls, hurried over with her burden to her re-used second had mini. Putting the box on the hood before retrieving her car keys, she unlocked the car.

Once inside she put her stuff on the worn out seat next to her and, putting the key in the ignition, prayed the car would start up. Thankfully it did, after a few tries, curses and more prayers. The engine roared like a dying lion but Liz gave only a brief thanks and proceeded to say another quick prayer to get her home.

Friday night and streets were buzzing with nightlife. Twenty year old women , all dressed to kill, strutted gracefully together. Males of all ages hung out by the clubs and bars waiting for the perfect one to walk by. Waiting for the one. No matter that they should deny it and hide behind bachelorism and one night stands. But in truth, they spent their nights in so many arms searching. Looking fir the one that would complete them.

Just like Liz was looking. Though she tried to deny it too, her heartbeat betrayed her attempt at common sense. She rationalized that for someone who's only been on a few dates and still a virgin, she was way out of her league. Yet everyday and night she looked around her, watching couple kiss, cuddle and dance. Even hold hands. She couldn't help but fantasize what it would be like to have her hand enveloped in a masculine one. Or be wrapped in warm manly arms. And especially what it would be like to have gentle and passionate lips taste her own.

She'd dreamed of such things often enough. Hell one day she even contemplated dressing up , wearing makeup, and pick up a random man who would fit her fantasy and fulfil it. It was an eccentric thought, and while she didn't scold herself for thinking something so ugly and degrading, she knew the reason she didn't go beyond keeping it a crazy thought.

She would never have sex before marriage. She considered her virginity a great gift. As it should be to a woman. The best she could offer her husband and she meant to keep it that way.

If she ever had a husband that is. Maybe if she didn't in 20years she could throw her dreams to the winds and indulge before she left this world. A daunting thought, she mused as she trudged up the building steps to her apartment after parking her mini.

Once inside her apartment she dropped the box on the floor and told herself she'd unpack later. She headed for the tiny kitchen and proceeded to make tea to soothe her roiling emotions. Setting the kettle of water on the stove she lit it and moved to the cupboard to retrieve a mug and the tea in preparation.

While waiting for the water to boil she headed to her small bedroom and dug through her supply of clothes for a comfortable nightgown. Quickly changing she decided to flick through the T.V, which she bought at a garage sale, and see if there was anything interesting.

She plopped herself on the time worn sofa and turned on the T.V. It wasn't a big screen with a surround system and clear picture but it served her just fine. Especially since she watched it rarely. The first channel was the news. She skipped that , not wanting to bear any more problems on her conscience. The next was a documentary on ants. She was sure that was fascinating . She skipped that too.

The other was a t.v show and Liz didn't feel like listening about other people complaining about how bad their life was when hers was definitely worse. Hoping the last channel available to her had better entertainment she switched to it. Surprisingly enough it seemed to be some film.
After following the story line for a while she was able to deduct that it was an old western love story.

The kettle whistled and she went to pour her cup. Upon returning she settled more comfortably, finding herself entranced as the story line bloomed into more thorns and sweet petals. She watched in awe as the cowboy and lady met passionately, then were thrust apart by dire circumstances. She cried when she gazed at the two lovers acting so coldly to each other, like one did not care for the other. Liz couldn't help but wish with all her heart and soul that she was standing there instead. She would definitely have diregarded her hurt pride and confessed all to her one true love, so they could be together again.

Suddenly the sky opened up and thundered with an earthly force. Rain immediately began to pour, drowning out Liz's own thoughts. The t.v when blank and Liz gasped, dismayed that she would miss the ending. Rising from her seat she went over to he set and carefully tried to adjust it. She tried to shake it, hit it, and fiddle with the wires.

As soon as she touched the antennas Liz felt a tingling sensation run up her arm and envelop her. Instead of alarming her it appeared to be spreading warmth through her, giving her sunshine butterflies in her stomach. Not alert enough to jump back in alarm, she was captivated and entranced.

Then lightning struck.

It was so fast she hardly realized. All of a sudden she felt herself falling, swaying as if in mid-air. It was not a very dreadful thought as it should have been. Rather like hovering on a cotton cloud. The world around her swivelled into an endless turn about. Ludicrous as it was, her last conscience thought was that she would not get to see the lovers reunite.

Then all went black.

TBC...still with me so far? heh I hope so.

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Part 3

Darkness. It invaded her and pulled her in. It surrounded her, yet did not suffocate her. It enveloped her within its inky grasp. Pulled away from reality she was thrust into the murky depths of obliviousness. Tingling feelings ran up and down her body making her shiver suddenly in apprehension.

She suddenly felt lost. It was as if she was slowly drifting somewhere else. Someplace she did not know, a place she was not familiar with. It was a strange feeling, because in a sudden conscious thought she knew she was still at home. Then it stopped.

And she lost all conscious again.

She heard a groan. No. Wait. There is was again. It was so near. Almost right next to her. The groan came again. It took Liz a moment to recognize he own voice. She was the one who was groaning.

At that moment Liz also became aware of other aspects. Such as the fact the fact that her muscles were very stiff. She supposed she slept on the wrong side of the bed. It felt as if she was lying on very hard ground. She supposed she had somehow ended up on the floor, though how that could've happened she did not know. She also felt a slight breeze across her skin. She supposed to that, that she must've left the window open. It was pretty strong breeze though, especially coming through a window.

Liz didn't try to open her eyes before she could get reacquainted with her body. It felt so odd. What a morning! It was as if she had gone through an out-of-body experience during the night. It was the weirdest thought and Liz mentally chased it away. She kept her eyes closed, not yet willing to face the morning sun.

Because she knew that if she did, she would also have to face the fact that she was jobless, almost penniless, and if there are no improvements in those areas, soon to be homeless. Liz sighed inwardly. She couldn't act the coward. She had to face this. And she had to find a way to gas up her life and hit the road again. She couldn't afford any pit-stops.

Slowly she opened her eyes. Her lashes fluttered once. Then twice. Trying to get accustomed to the glare. Liz paused. Glare? Why would there be a glare? and to that degree? She must have left the light bulb on. But its not even that strong. Liz shook her head mentally. Her head must be playing tricks on her. Maybe it was a non-alcoholic hangover. Yeh....her life was screwed up enough so that.

Liz squeezed her eyes, and bracing herself on her hands she sat up. Whoosh. Blood rushed to her head and pounded her brain. She had a killing headache. She squeezed her eyes tighter and remained motionless for a moment, trying to dispel the repetitive beating. Every muscle in her body ached and Liz had to wonder is she actually did any physical...exercise in her sleep. Oook. Another weird thought.

Leaning forward she raised her hands and started rubbing her eyes. Then she took them away, and opened them.






..............she did not scream. She did not faint. She did not gasp. Infact, she made no sound at all. Her mouth was hanging open with shock. Her eyes were wide, as they stared, and stared, and stared.........and stared.

Wild plush greenery greeted her dewy eyes. Bushes crammed together, decorated with flowers Liz had never seen before,were occupying the spot where her T.V should be. Deep brown soil littered what was supposed to be her plain carpeted floor. Liz turned swiftly to look behind her. Almost fast enough to get whiplash. A large commanding tree bark sat where her worn out sofa should have. Swallowing....her gaze went above her. A bright blue sky dominated the earth.....where her ceiling should have looked down on her. A bird flew overhead.



Everything looks ordinary. Must still be some remnants of her subconscious.

Was she dreaming about this?


She waited a few seconds for her vision to clear. Make that minutes.

What the hell?

At first, she was hit by bewilderment. What in earth is going on here? Carefully she got up onto her feet. She wobbled slightly, as she tried to gain her balance, then braced herself against the tree for support. She looked around her, and caught her breath. Endless rolling hills travelled as far as the eye can see and beyond. She observed in shocked awe as the breezed caressed the grasslands, making them dance from side to side.

It was the most beautiful view she had ever seen.

And the most terrifying.

Because at that moment she realized. She realized that she was not in her little apartment. She was out...there.....somewhere in the middle of nowhere she could only guess. She was not encased within the walls that were so familiar to her. Nothing around her she recognize.

As well she shouldn't. Because everything around her was strange. The bushes were strangers, that tree was a stranger the clear blue sky was suddenly a stranger. It was all so confusing. What happened?And how?

Then it came to her, within her jumbled thoughts. She whimpered without even knowing it. She wasn't at home. She was somewhere else. She didn't know how she got here, but somehow she did. And she dreaded how. Someone, or someone's must have brought her here. There were no other explanations. She was kidnapped, abducted. The thoughts closed around her. Suffocating her. She attempted to steady her breathing. There was no other human being in sight. Probably will be back. Liz fought the bile that rose to her throat.

Oh god.Oh god.Oh god.Oh god.Oh god. Her mind kept echoing, as her lips kept silently chanting.

She couldn't handle it. The 'icy hand of death' as some really depressed poets would quote gripped her. Her heart was beating double time. Her pulse racing. It was too much to contain. Her body couldn't handle the stress. Her panic suffused her. Her eyes began rolling in the back of her head. She knew what was about to happen. She fought against it. She did not want to pass out at a time like this. But the fog of darkness would not cease to cloud her eyes.

She moved wildly about, in desperate movements. Hands stretched out, yet reaching nothing. She took one last look at the magnificence of nature's painting and promptly crumpled to the ground.

It was all a dream. A very bad dream, Liz thought in her hazy reawakening. A nightmare more like, she chuckled inwardly. Whew. Thank goodness. That was a close one. It was so funny she felt like laughing. Abducted to a wilderness that looked like it came out of a storybook. Where would a person ever see nature in that light nowadays? Perhaps she had been treated with a special gift. To see such beauty.

She opened her eyes, ready to begin the day and get her life back in order. Her eyes landed on brown dusty cowboy boots encompassing two feet obviously that stood sturdily apart. Her gaze moving upwards she looked upon tight fitting trousers that looked like tight gloves for the muscular calves and thighs. Her eyes bypassed the holstered gleaming gun and continued to the half open billowing in the wind shirt and vest, up a corded neck and to the face.

Perhaps she was still dreaming, and observing more beauty, because before her was the mot splendidly handsome, even beautiful man she has ever seen. And he was staring right at her. His eyes hidden from the shadow of his Stetson hat. But she could feel his eyes upon her. She shivered.

They stared at each other for a few moments. Liz still in a trance, gazing up at the hunk of a Greek god before her. Too bad this was a dream. She wouldn't have minded so much if he really was standing there by her in her apartment, no matter how he could have come in.

Suddenly aware of her surroundings Liz sat up for the second time and looked for the first time since she woke up somewhere other than the male specimen next to her.

Oh god.

It was the same place she had woken to the first time!

She looked up at her silent companion ,who appeared to be assessing her quite curiously. Was she dreaming again? Or was this her subconscious trying to tell her something about what her life was missing? Staring more intently at him and his attire, something in the back of Liz's head flickered. Like a light bulb.

And then it hit her. The cowboy from the show she was watching! and that reminder brought forth others. Such as the fact that she remembered correctly, that before she could find out the ending of that romantic love story a storm had hit. And with that storm the T.V broke down. And with that breakdown and her attempt to right it by fiddling lastly with the antennas she was hit by lightening, and collapsed.

Oh. My.Goodness.

Was she dead?!

Is this heaven? Dreamily she glanced at the stranger towering above her. Was that her angel? Heck, if it was she welcomes death with open arms. The thought of being dead from lightening shock did not scare her the least bit. It was as if a sense of peace passed over her and she accepted it.

Determinedly swallowing away her sudden burst of shyness, she turned to her least she was pretty sure he was hers....oh she certainly hoped so!

"Are you my angel?" She gazed up at him and asked softly. She didn't even care that he was dressed like a cowboy instead of a white robe and fluttering wings. He still looked damn good to her.

A confused look clouded over his face. "What?" he asked, and Liz sighed when she heard the deep smooth voice. He was soo sexy. Then she censured herself. She probably shouldn't be thinking carnal thoughts about her angel in heaven. That would be sinful. Liz giggled. The stranger looked startled, then he frowned.

"Miss....are you alright?" He questioned and Liz looked up curiously at him. Ofcourse she was alright. She was great! She was in heaven...

"Yeah..." she answered vaguely, suddenly self-conscious. What if he knows what she'd thinking? Who knows if angels can read minds or not. Maybe he was confused as he sounds because its beyond him to think of her in any way she was thinking of him. She wasn't beautiful, or even pretty. She didn't have a body to die for. She can't even answer him properly. No wonder....Liz thought suddenly depressed.

"Hey lady, you ok? What happened to you?" he further asked, appearing to want answers by the tone of his voice.

"Don't you know? I mean...aren't you supposed to know why I got here?" she asked confused now. Didn't the angels get to know how their charges died?

The angel shook his head, sending his, what looked like soft and silky, hair flying from side to side. She like the way it wasn't cut too short. She wondered if the short hairs curled about his nape.

His angel squatted down next to her, and Liz was treated to a tantalizing whiff of his masculine aroma.Mmmmmmm. She found herself caught and held by his intense searching gaze.

"No I don't know, and I don't think I'm supposed to. I don't know how you got here but you're gonna explain yourself. Cause I rode out here and found you passed out," His eyes, she could finally see they were the most beautiful shade of amber, heck but if everything about him isn't beautiful, perused her, sending a blush to her cheeks, "and not in the proper attire for a lady. I got no idea what happened, but maybe you'd like to tell me." his voice seemed to gentle, as if in compassion. Liz's heart fluttered.

"I-I got electrocuted, and here I am, dead" she stated calmly, seemingly not affected by the words. But her angel's eyes grew wide he leaned back. His narrowed his gaze on her.

"I don't know what 'electrocuted' mean lady but you're not dead" he replied in a no nonsense voice. Liz was startled. Not dead? But ofcourse she else would she be here?

"Ofcourse I am, so don't confuse me, I'm just getting used to the idea" she answered, shaking her head. Her angel looked upon her with a scowl. Then with a huff and sigh he took the Stetson he had taken off when he kneeled next to her, dusted it off against his thigh and plopped it down again on his head. Then looked determinedly in her direction.

"If you're dead, you wouldn't feel any pain, now would you?" he asked casually. Liz eyed him suspiciously then nodded in agreement. He was correct.Then suddenly, it was so fast Liz never saw it coming, her angel's palm connected with her cheek, sending her face twisting to the side with a cracking sound.

At first Liz was too stunned to comprehend what had happened. All she could think about was the her cheek was burning. She turned back to look at him. He appeared to be watching for a reaction.

"You slapped me" she stated, pain and wonder in her voice. Her angel had slapped her. It was inconceivable. It just did not happen. It was her imagination. But then he nodded and the stinging really hurt.

"Just trying to knock some sense into you" was his only defence. She realized that his voice had a...cowboy-kinda- drawl.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked, very confused and hurt by his actions. He gave her a levelled stare.

"If you were, you wouldn't have felt that."

It took a moment.

No, make that two. Before that remark settled in. Liz realized that he was right. So she wasn't dead. And if she wasn't dead then she wasn't in heaven, and this wasn't an angel. And that means that she's still alive. Which also means that this man is human and alive too. She was in the same place she had woke in before and there was a stranger with her.

Liz did the only thing logical she could think of at the moment.

She screamed.

TBC...hey thanks for the FB guys. I hope you continue reading it...I was just wanting to ask those ppl who are reading actually very confused about a title for it, and I changed it once but im not satisfied so here is my final list and plz DO tell me which you think is best: Against Mother Nature

West to Love

Wild Ambers

To Paint Time's Portrait can supply some ideas too if you want. I hope you keep reading.Thanks alot you guys! I hope im doin ok with this*shy*
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Part 4

Liz watched as, what she could only guess is, her kidnapper jumped back on his haunches, startled by her outburst. His eyes grew wide and round, his strong jaw grew slack. He sat staring at her with a shocked expression on his face. Perhaps trying to determine in his mind whether she was sane.

Liz was about to continue her fear tantrum until she got too hysterical to care about her own state of mind but stopped abruptly without knowing why. Perhaps it was his expression that halted her. Suddenly everything seemed too quiet. Whatever creatures living around this area scuttled for cover after hearing what could only be described as the most horrible sound they ever heard. Her captor included. He just sat there, still as a statue, hardly blinking. His mouth rounded in a masculine 'O'.

For a moment Liz thought his eardrums had burst when he did not respond to her softly spoken "hey," trying to get his attention, though heaven knows why she would want that. She wouldn't blame him if he couldn't hear anymore though. Even she had to admit that, that shriek topped any she had ever head or initiated herself. Truly it was not her habit to go screaming horrifically at every cute guy that came her way. Well...unless they were on T.V and it was a horror movie. Indeed if she did it would be one hell of an adventure for one such as herself. Her life was that lacking.

A worried frown crossed her brow when he still sat there. Cautiously she extended her hand and lightly touched his arm to try and illicit some response from him. He did not even tremble yet a shiver ran all the way up her arm at the contact and she decided to credit that for fear of touching him. Liz's frown darkened almost to scowl when he continued to look at her. Really! she wasn't 'that' bad! She grew more aggressive and reached out to grab the same arm, ignoring the tingle of sensation at the touch, and this time shook him roughly.

"Hey!" she called out gruffly, her voice still hoarse from her recent indulgence in screaming her head off. The stranger jerked at her touch and blinked at her, shutting his mouth and locking his jaw, appearing in control of his reflexes once again. Liz pulled her hand away as if she had been burned, which she began to suspect that she had if the hot feeling on her palm was any indication, and scrambled further away from him. Crossed her arms over her chest in a defensive gesture.

There was a another moment's silence as her kidnapper shook his head. Liz forced herself not to stare at the hair swishing back and forth in the act. Then he reached up and unconsciously gingerly touched his one of his ears. Liz also tried not to notice how adorably cute they looked, the way they were stuck out and all. It gave him a young boyish looked which contrasted appealingly with his mature age.

"Damn woman you've got one helleva voice box" he exclaimed softly, his eyes suddenly intent on the slender column of her throat. She swallowed nervously and saw his pupils bob up and down, following the movement.

Suddenly Liz recalled her current situation with this handsome stranger and tried to scramble away further, anxious to plead her case, and if possible appeal to the man's mercy, if he had any. She damn well prayed he did. She figured she could speak calmly and rationally and make him see the error he made in choosing the wrong woman. He could not ransom her because she was flat broke. He could not threaten her family, because she did not have one. And the fact that he may have kidnapped her for the pleasure of her company was too ridiculous to even acknowledge. So...she would be clear calm and collected and tell him so.

"P-please don't hurt me," she stuttered nervously. Now that was pitiful. But hey, considering the circumstances she supposed her internal pep talk did more than make up for her pathetic utterings. His eyes narrowed.

"Now why would I be doing that lady?" he asked finally, bringing his amber eyes back in contact with her plain brown ones. Liz had the uncomfortable urge to look away. She had a strong feeling that these eyes could be dangerous to the soul, as well as the man owning them. Yet at the moment she was confused at the rejoinder. Why? Isn't she the one supposed to be asking that?

"Look I don't know why you kidnapped me," she looked around the vast area, prairie she decided it was, as if to validate for the final time that she herself was not really just imagining this , then turned back to him with pleading eyes, "but it's useless b-because I don't have anyone or-or anything. You won't gain anything from this...." she tried a coaxing tone that ended up coming out like a trembling squeak more like, when she saw his expression grow dark with mingled anger and bewilderment, "so-so why don't you just let me go..." she swallowed the lump in her throat and trailed off when she couldn't bear the terrible scowl on his handsome face anymore.

You know, if he wasn't some kidnapping cowboy dressing wacko, and she was wondering why he was wearing that in NY, she wouldn't mind looking at him in a more favourable light. Not that ofcourse he would remotely be interested, if he wasn't after her money. A sad fact. But it was to be expected. Especially with her kind of luck.

Maxwell Evans, loyal and hardworking sheriff of the town Rosewell stared incredulously at the petite woman sitting before him in ruffled apprehension. From his experience as sheriff and mingling naturally with the criminals he had developed a kind of sixth sense. He could take one look a at a person and know if they would be causing trouble anytime. That was why the townspeople of Rosewell appreciated his services. So far, as long as he has been sheriff it has been a peaceful town for the better, excluding jailing the over-indulging from time to time till they sobered up.

Roswell was a very remote place. Small in the vast never-ending west. Yet with very promising prospects. Ever since the railroad was installed through their town the population and businesses have been doubling. It was a healthy little town with friendly people, where everybody knew anybody. It was his kind of living now. And he didn't mind it one bit.

He owned a house a little out ways, where he lived alone. Alone, but content, he told himself. He knew so many people but he had always felt a little alone. He welcomed newcomers off the train and settled them in happily. He approved new business ventures and struck deals, that made him look like a great man and friend in the people's eyes. But somehow it never sparked anything inside him. Other than a similar friendliness and politeness. He was considered the most honourable and fair dealing man in the district. His reputation in good graces.

Yet now, looking at this dishelved young woman he had found asleep beneath the oak tree as he took his morning ride, he felt unusual stirring inside him that he would not explain. He took a moment to look at her. Really look at her. She looked small and delicate yet he could sense a hidden strength and spirit beneath the frightened exterior.

He skin looked smooth and soft, with a noticeable darker colouring, like she'd been out in the sun too long. Something he knew the ladies of Rosewell would be scandalized at. Every lady there sported delicate ivory skin because they were rarely out without their suffocating buttoned up dresses to maintain that condition.

And speaking of buttoned up dresses, he looked on appreciatively, what she was wearing now was by no means any such thing. The skirt ended just above her knees, showing off sexy slim legs. The blouse she wore was decent enough, if it wasn't unbuttoned at her throat, displaying the delicate collar bone and swan like arch of her neck. Disposing of such thoughts for the moment his perusal continued upward to a sweet rosebud mouth that was now pursed in anxiousness, a pert little nose, high cheekbones, and then up to those deep compelling dark whiskey eyes. A good metaphor, because he felt himself getting drunk as he stared.

Then he suddenly shook his head mentally. What was he thinking. He didn't even know the woman's name and not his. They were strangers. And he didn't even know what the heck she was doing here in the first place. Which was the initial reason why he had stopped to investigate when he had spotted her. It was very unusual for a woman to be alone in the wilderness, unchaperoned and asleep. So he stopped to find out what he could.

And now, he thought with baffled amusement, she was cowering from him and proclaiming that he let her go. That she had nothing to offer. She thought he had kidnapped her! It was so absurd that he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Liz gazed dubiously at her kidnapper when he arched his corded neck and a deep rumble of sweet laughter resounded from him. She was completely confused by now. Why was he laughing? Wasn't he supposed to be leering at her and issuing sly suggestions or telling her to cut the crap and stop lying. He should have produced that gleaming gun out of his holster and pointed it at her threateningly and she should have cowered away and pleaded for her life. But the fact that he was laughing only served to bring forth a bundle of anger that she never knew what inside her.

She clenched her fists at her sides. "Just what exactly is funny?" she asked in an acid tone and was very surprised she was able to produce it. He stopped laughing at her tone and looked at her. But the laughter still sparkled in his eyes.

"Have you hit your head on a rock lady? Are you sure you're alright?" he asked, the amusement also apparent his voice. That rankled Liz. Hit her head? where the hell did he get that idea? Alright? Hell no!

"No I did not hit my head on a rock, and yes I'm fine" she snapped, " look why don't you just let me go, I really can't get you anything-"

"I did not ask for anything" he interrupted with an arched brow. Liz bristled. What kind of kidnapper was he anyway?

"Well what on earth did you kidnap me for?" she demanded with a huff, completely unable to comprehend this man's motives. If possible his eyebrow rose higher.

"I did not kidnap you." he stated with infuriating calmness and reasonableness that made her sound like a crazy ninny. Well who knew, perhaps she was. And why was her kidnapper stating that he did not kidnap her when in fact she was not in her apartment where she was last wake but in the middle of the wild with this strange man?

"You're not making any sense. Before I woke up her I was safe and sound in my New York apartment sitting comfortably infront of my T.V watching a movie which ironically enough was a western," she gave him a once over " and now I'm here, stranded, with you."

The man shook his head. "You are from the east? and what is this T.V?" he asked intrigued. Funny. Liz thought, he really sounded as if he had no idea what she was talking about. What was his game anyway? Pick on the penniless and homeless ninny. Was a playing a game? Was he crazy? what a t.v is? Did he have amnesia?....that still would not explain what she was doing here though.

"You're kidding right? Look buddy!" Liz sighed in exasperation, her patience too thin to deal with this. "Don't play the dumb boy with me, this is the 21st century. You know what a bloody T.V is, so state your ransom demands and lets get on with it." She scowled, not heeding anything she was saying but just wanting this horrible nightmare to be over.

There was that silence again. He had the same look he sported after she screamed. Liz's brows rose. What now? She wasn't screaming. She must have said something. Or maybe that was part of his personality. A wacky kidnapper and a stare-o-freak too. Hoorah for me, Liz cheered fates kidnapper choice for her.

"Hey! Are you still with me?" she snapped her fingers infront of him. What craziness was this?

He blinked. Good. He was back on earth.

"Did you hear what I said?" she asked.

"Too well" his voice was dry and Liz finally realized that she was almost shouting again. She flushed with embarrassment.

"Are you sure however that you are well?" he asked, and Liz was surprised at the sudden note of concern and gentleness in his voice. Damn those eyes.

"Ofcourse I'm well, well not really considering my circumstances, but I am well enough. Why do you keep asking me that?" she asked wrinkling her nose in annoyance. Kidnappers weren't really supposed to be so concerned with the kidnappees welfare.

"Because you stated that it was the.......21st century" he said. Liz was again surprised to realize that the last word appeared foreign on this man's tongue.

"Yes I did" she replied slowly, warily. Something wasn't right about what he just said. Why would he question the century? Somehow she had the terrible feeling that another shock was going to hit her. This was one nightmare she wished she could pinch her way from.

"This is Saturday October the 12th right?" Liz suddenly asked. She had no idea why she felt compelled to ask that.

He nodded, somewhat looking relieved. " Yes you are correct."

Liz sighed, some of the chill that was wrapping itself around her body lifting from her.

"And it is the year 2002?" she queried. Her mouth was dry and she held her breath for that last confirmation.


"Oh?....a-a-and what year is it then?" Liz did not want to know the answer.

"Tis the year 1875. and this is not New York but Texas. West of the world." was his only reply.

Liz burst into laughter.

She did not just hear him say that.

Yeah right.

Then she stopped. Looked at his face and swallowed. Oh god.

Someone pinch me.

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Part 5

"What did you say?" Liz asked, shock coursing through her, her voice slightly breathless. He did not just say what she thought she heard. Her mind was simply boggled from her recent blackouts and her panic at being among the primitive wilderness with an equally, she acknowledged, primitive man from the look of him.

It was amazing. He was supposed to be her kidnapper yet she could not help but be fascinated by the magnificent specimen before her. Men in New York were nothing like him. He had a certain, untamed aura that simply radiated a pristine personality that would be quite awkward for a 21st century man. Yet on this man. It seemed so appealing, but so dangerous, Liz reminded herself. She didn't even know the man's name and for all she knew he could be an escaped lunatic from a mental hospital whose decided to impersonate a rugged cowboy.

"Madam I do believe your hearing is not impaired. You heard me well," he remarked with impatience. His dark brows furrowed in a frown, his dark eyes gleamed speculatively on her. Liz flushed. No man has ever looked upon her so. It was a strangely exciting feeling to be so perused. Now she knew what it felt like to all those beautiful women with handsome men fawning over them. But it was also disappointing. Derived of satisfaction. He was perusing her alright. As clinical as a doctor.

When she heard his response she jerked inwardly. What the hell was wrong with her? It was as if within his answer lay a hidden question that sounded remarkably like 'Are you sure you've not hit your head....hard?' And it rankled that his mocking tone made her insides tighten. Shaking herself in her mind she scattered the unwelcome thoughts and focused on what was happening now. She was more than confused now. And on top of that, she was starting to develop a headache. She didn't think she could take the terrible strain on her self control anymore.

"Yes I heard you," she snapped, irritated, " but I don't believe I quite understood what you implied." A faint pounding started in her head and she lifted a hand, that suddenly seemed too heavy, to gingerly touch the pulsing point at her temple. This whole situation was starting to get on her nerves, already raw from the ordeal she's been through. She did not know if she could take anymore.

Now here, this man just spouted the most ridiculous words in the whole century and she was about to crack. The only possible reprieve she may receive is if she got the reply she wanted from him. Just to prove that she, no that both of them, were still sane. She stopped herself when she recalled how she probably got here and how. She cast a glance beneath her lashes at him. Ok, she conceded, relatively sane atleast.

"Very well madam I shall repeat" he drawled lazily, "This here's not New York but Texas, and not the year...two thousand and two but 1875" he said the words slowly and clearly, as if to make sure she understood everything that he implied.

Liz's eyes widened in shellshock. No, there really must be something wrong with her hearing. Once might have been a misconception on her part but a second time....? could her hearing be getting affected. The pounding in her head increased.

"Are you crazy!?" she abruptly burst out. The man looked startled and his brows rose in silent question.

"What pray tell madam should I be crazy about?" his Texan drawl, oozing mockery. Liz was too agitated to take offence.

"Do you realize what you're saying?" she insisted, her voice shaking and she practiced a tremulous control to stay calm. This was too scary. If possible that brow rose even higher.

"Yes I do, I believe I can tell what comes out of my mouth." he said sarcastically. Liz flushed but chose to ignore it.

"Are you sure? because you just said it was the year 1875." her own brows rose as she was now questioning his own sanity. He did not seem at all effected. He only nodded. Liz's heart started beating erratically, the butterflies in her stomach increased in number and started to move up her throat. They did not taste pleasant.

"Yeah that's right." was all he said in reply to her flabbergasted remark.1875. The number whirled around in her head. This man must really be out of his mind. 1875?1875?!! What was wrong with him? What century was he living in? Something was very wrong here. Perhaps the poor man had a problem. Yeah.....maybe he had some kind of brain damage, Liz contemplated thoughtfully. All of a sudden she was feeling very sympathetic towards him. Perhaps he even had amnesia. That could be a possibility. In a second, she let down her guard and allowed her heart to feel commiseration to his plight.

"May I ask what your name is?" her voice was soft and gentle in their newfound compassion.

At first, he appeared startled by her sudden change of subject. He looked at her uncertainly for a moment before doing the courteous thing and taking his Stetson hat back off in a gesture of respect that Liz did not fail to miss. His expression was so masculine and boyish it tugged at her heart strings. How sad that a man such as him had to suffer such a fate.

"Maxwell Evans" his deep resonant voice vibrated through the air. She repeated his name in her head and tried it silently on her tongue. She found that it was a very attractive name and suited him very much. The was a telling silence in which Max-she decided short for Maxwell which seemed totally last century- looked at her pointedly. Liz flushed deeply when she realized.

"I'm Elizabeth. Elizabeth Parker. But you can call me Liz for short" she supplied, suddenly more comfortable in his presence. He did not appear to pose any dangerous threat to her anymore. And all because she realized that something was wrong with the poor man. Fleetingly she wondered what he was doing in this vast wilderness all alone. Probably trying to act the true cowboy. Perhaps all he was missing was a barefoot and pregnant wife to complete his old west existence. It suddenly occurred to her that, that was why he probably kidnapped her. Liz giggled at the absurd thought. He had his pick, what made her so special. Maybe his head was more damaged than she thought.

When she looked at him again he was looking at her weirdly as if trying to dissect her and figure out why she was laughing to herself for no apparent reason. She felt heat flood her cheeks.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Miss Parker" his voice was husky with a hidden emotion when he said her name. Liz shivered as the syllables rolled off his tongue." I'm assuming right when I say Miss?" he asked. Liz nodded jerkily, not trusting herself to speak just yet.

"Well Miss Parker" he began, " I don't know how to say this, but I'm afraid something may have happened here, and you seem to be in a state of distress. I don't know for sure what's going on because I can't understand what you're talking about, but you must not be thinking straight and I'll sympathize with that" he paused waiting for that piece of information to sink in. Liz felt like questioning what he was saying but decided against it and resolved to hear what he had to say.

"So before things get any more complicated I'm gonna take you down to town and let things take care of themselves for a while." His voice was definite, as if he highly approved of his decision as he attempted to take control of the situation. Liz on the other hand was more confused than ever.

"You want to take me to town?" She asked incredulously. Did she miss something here. He kidnapped her and now he wants to take her back? What kind of sick game was this? Maybe the man was more ill than she first thought. Whatever was going on it was making no sense to her at all.

He only nodded brusquely and, with the Stetson back atop his head he rose gracefully and lithely-for such a large man she thought in fleeting admiration- from his crouching position. His large frame blocked the sun and he appeared like a god, silhouetted as he was. His eyes disappeared under the brim but she could no less feel his gaze on her. His hand extended towards her to help her to her feet.

Liz hesitated for a moment, unsure. Should she trust him? Hell no. Should she submit because he was going to take her back?Hell yes. So after a brief arguments of sound judgement to herself she slowly and nervously raised her hand and laid it within his.

The touch was electric. It travelled into her arm and sent ripples of tingling pleasure throughout her body. She was shocked at her response to the simple touching of his hands. It was remarkable and she had to wonder if it was just the sun or her jumbled nerves. His grip was strong and sure, his large warm palm enveloping her small one.

Feeling the urge she looked up to where she guessed his eyes were hidden. No information was forthcoming from there however. She could see nothing. Before she could examine her emotions and actions more closely his powerful arm was pulling her forward and onto her feet. She wobbled a bit as her legs gain feeling once again. She assumed his arm would go around her to offer support but his grip simply tightened and Liz didn't know if she should feel relieved or disappointed that he only needed his hand to help her keep her balance. It was an impressive show of strength, she had to admit though.

When they just stood there, Liz was suddenly very nervous and her reasonable mind began to take control. She couldn't believe that she could just up and go with a strange man to god knows where. She didn't even know if he was simply lying about going to town so he could get her compliance. She swallowed and decided that as appealing as he may be, her life and safety were more important.

"U-uh umm look Mr. Evans, I really appreciate what you are attempting to do, but I uh I feel it would be better of you could just lend me your cell phone or tell me the nearest place where I could place a call. You don't need to trouble yourself, I can just call a cab and ......." she allowed her pleading eyes to do the rest, hoping he would agree. Although goodness knew what she would do, since she had no money except maybe a few bills in her skirt pocket.

Max only seemed to be looking at her with much puzzlement. It looked like he didn't understand what she was talking about. Which was absurd ofcourse. Unless, she recalled, that he still believed he was in 1875 and living in Texas. Sympathetic once more she tried to explain.

"You know Mr. Evans....a phone? telephone?" she ventured.

"Te-le-ph-one" he repeated, his full lips pursed as he tried the word on his tongue. His hand reached up to raise the brim of his hat. His gaze pierced her.

"What the heck is that?" he demanded.

"It's a-" Liz stopped abruptly, not knowing at all how to answer that question, especially to a guy who thought they didn't exist.

"Oh this is ridiculous" she burst out. Her arms waved around. "How can you not know what a telephone is. This is so crazy! Is something wrong with you or something? Do you have some brain deficiency?!"

Max looked quite taken aback by her outburst. He leaned back and held his palms up as if in surrender. "Hey Miss easy. I know its hard on you, but you're spouting nonsense. I don't know what the heck you're talking about, tele-phones and cabs but I think you must have hit your head or something because there are no such things" he calmly tried to explain in a soothing voice that would have sent her trembling, but Liz was not paying much attention to his voice as much as his words.

"I did not hit my head!" she replied hotly. Jerking her hand from his, she placed both of hers on her hips. "Look mister, you must be out of your mind. What the hell makes you think this is 1875? You're living in another world, this is 2002!Now I don't know how you got me out here but I want you to take me back home" she demanded, trying to control the trembling in her voice. This was no time to get hysterical, though she must admit she was not doing too much of a good job. Who can blame her though?

Max looked as if he was considering her for a few moments, then he shook his head slightly without comment. "I'm not gonna argue with you lady, but I'm not gonna let you stand here and let god knows what happen to you, so I'll tell you what...just keep your words to yourself and I'll take you to town, how's that?" he crossed his arms over his chest. Muscles rippled with the action and Liz felt her mouth go dry.

Still she hesitated. He let out an exasperated sigh. "Relax Miss Parker, I won't ravish you" he stared deeply into her eyes and Liz felt herself flushing once again at the images his words evoked. "I'm here to help, I'm the sheriff" he offered and Liz was more than surprised.

"You're a sheriff?" she asked dumbly.If he was a sheriff then he wouldn't have kidnapped her. Another idea flitted through her mind. Perhaps she was kidnapped and left stranded, and this man really did happen along and find her. That would also be reasonable. But what the heck was he on about 1875 and everything?

"Yeah" he answered. "So what do you say?"

"Well....where's your police car?" she finally asked, staring warily at the horse grazing farther off.

His brow rose again. "Po-lice car?" he questioned. Liz let out a frustrated breath. "Oh stop will you, is this some game? you know perfectly well what it is-"

She was stopped when he raised a palm to halt her words. "This is the, I don't know how many time, you've mentioned things that I have no idea exist. Before, you told me you're in 2002. This is 1875 Miss Parker and make no mistake. Now please stop with your disbelief and allow me to escort you back into town. Will you allow me to do that?" he asked.

1875.1875.1875.1875.1875. This is 1875 Miss Parker and make no mistake.

Yeah right. She snorted inwardly. She'll recommend a good doctor when they get to more familiar ground. Perhaps in that town he will look around him and get a reality check. Yes...she will accompany him. She needed to get to safety and this deluded man was offering a ride. Once she was back between familiar things she'd be out of this nightmare.

Her life was falling apart.And now she didn't know how she got here. She only knew that she was stranded somewhere, with a man who believes its 1875 Texas. It really could not get any worse.

And she was about to find out just how worse it could get.

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Part 6

Liz gazed warily at the horse. It was just standing there munching on a piece of grass, but she could not stop the shiver of apprehension that went through her. She was supposed to ride on that thing?! It looked 10 times heavier than she was, infact it probably was and Liz was going to take the chance on that beast's back?No way Jose.

She stood by the tree as she watched Maxwell Evans stride away from her to his horse. She still wasn't sure if she had made the right decision. Should she have accepted his help? Maybe it was just a ploy to get her to go with him peacefully to wherever he intended to take her. Maybe there wasn't a town called Rosewell. Maybe he wasn't really a sheriff. Maybe his name isn't even Maxwell Evans.

Ok Liz breathe. Breathe for heaven's sakes, you can't pass out again now. That just be one time to many. It would start to get ridiculous. She wasn't really relishing the thought of dropping like a sack of potatoes and have that man probe and peel and cut her up...OK STOP!Her thoughts were not only getting ridiculous but disgustingly graphic. She should stop being so hysterical. There has to be atleast one sane person between the two of them.

She watched as he patted him on the neck then started fiddling or something with the saddle and reins. Liz took the time to really observe him without being stared at in return. He was gorgeous. No friggin' doubt about it. It really was too bad he was a criminal or just certifiably insane. But either way...even if it wasn't so, no man like that could go through his life without being hooked and reeled in by some woman. Liz found that thought strangely depressing and she shrugged off the feeling.

Anyway, he was coming toward her again, and she hesitated once more in her decision. Should she really go with him? Did she really have a choice? Wander about the wilderness or risk her life with this stranger. Liz glanced at the wild prairie before her. She could take her chances. And she could get lost, trip and fall, get attacked by dangerous animals or die of starvation.

"You ready?" His voice jolted her back from her musings and she whipped around to see him standing a foot from her, the horse's reins in his hands. She peeked at the look on his face and saw that it was unreadable but for the faint annoyance in his eyes. Well! Liz inwardly bristled....'excuuuuuuuse me' she hurrumphed silently. The horse whinnied and her anger was forgotten to be replaced once again by fear and apprehension.

"U-um you ride and I'll like....walk by you." Liz said. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously when the horse snorted and shook its head. It was as if it was silently laughing at her. Well of all the...

"No, I don't think so," Maxwell broke in and slashed his hand through the air as if the idea did not even bear thought. His hardened gaze settled on her and unsettled her. "I never made a lady walk before, I'm not about to start now." he stated flatly and Liz couldn't help but be a little taken aback by his attitude. about being a chauvinist gentleman....if there is such a term. Liz felt the absurd feeling of resentment and defiance.

"You know what, I changed my mind Mr. Evans. I appreciate your offer of a ride but I won't be needing it after all." That was so stupid and childish, but she dismissed the thought as she raised her chin and crossed her arms over her chest.

Maxwell's brows rose, but his expression remained blank. "Really Ms. Parker? How very like a woman..." His voice trailed off caustically. Liz bristled with the insult. " That was an unfair remark Mr. Evans." was all she could manage to say. She had hardly ever been insulted in any way. She was usually ignored, and so she did not really know how to respond in kind.

Maxwell just shrugged his massive shoulders and he stared shrewdly at her, " Perhaps you would like to tell me why the change of mind?" It was not a polite request.

Liz stiffened, but she could not help the fearful glance toward the still horse that was swishing its tail from side to side. It looked right back at her. She quickly looked away and forced her voice to be even, " I can simply make it on my own Mr. Evans. I appreciate your help but if you'd point me in the right direction I can quite well make it on my own." he chin thrust even higher and she turned from him as if in preparation to be on her way.

"You're frightened of the horse, " His voice was matter-of-fact. Liz froze for a moment and wondered at his perceptiveness. But perhaps that wary glance had given her away. She spun back to face and saw the first glimmer of amusement dancing within his dark eyes. Liz swallowed against the rush of sensation those sparkling eyes brought her, and focused on her irritation.

"I do not know what you talking about Mr. Evans. I am frightened of nothing, I simply changed my mind." she tried the exasperated look, "really Mr. Evans you must not make hasty assumptions." She had wanted to dent his arrogant ego and see him sputter with indignation. Instead she was the one doing that when his amusement only deepened. His lips even quirked up in a semblance of a smile. She did not want to think what a devastating effect it would be if he gave a full blown one.

"Really Ms. Parker, you really should learn to hide you fearful glances better. Poor Prince is absolutely harmless." he reached around to give him a hearty pat and to ruffle his mane, then looked pointedly at Liz.

Liz was defeated. That man was becoming very infuriating and she had only known him for mere minutes! She wondered if she had that annoying effect on everyone he met. After pondering that for a second she doubted. She was sure he could be the charming and polite young man when he desired it, with the people he liked. And he didn't look as if he liked her at the moment. Well...she wasn't feeling very friendly towards him either.

"Prince? Is that his name? come?" she suddenly asked, curious.

Max raised a brow, "Because he acts like one." And that one remark reinforced the fact that Prince here was charming and polite and calm and absolutely adorable. Unlike his owner. Liz felt a silly giggle erupt from her throat. She tried to stifle it by placing a hand to her mouth. She glanced at Maxwell to see him surprised and his brows furrowed in puzzlement. Oh goodness what was wrong with her?

She immediately composed herself and coughed several times, breathing deeply. She turned serious eyes to Maxwell. " Well then Mr. Evans, I would like to repeat, since you have robbed me of any choice, I would like to insist once again that I walk." she spoke in what she hoped was a convincing tone.

"And I must insist Ms.Parker that I have never made a lady walk when she could ride. So, you will ride." Oh stubborn, stubborn man! Can't he see she did not want to be anywhere near that beast?Prince or no Prince! She took an instinctive step back.

"I do believe Mr. Evans you drew the correct conclusion yourself." she said with as much dignity as possible, " I cannot ride and I'd rather stay away from...Prince" she said in a low voice, hating herself for that confession.

Maxwell did not appear anywhere near sympathetic. "Well then, there is no time to learn like the present." was his only reply.

Liz gasped. Suddenly she did not care if she looked like a fool infront of him. "I-I don't think you understand Mr. Evans. I do believe I'd rather walk really, a-and if that's not acceptable with you then perhaps I can call a taxi-" Liz started.

"Call a taxi? What the heck is a taxi?" Max interrupted frowningly, his voice harsh. Liz recognised the harshness of the question, and while it was the stupidest question to ask-what is a taxi indeed-, she decided not to start with him again. She bet he would be happy enough to deny any knowledge of the modern vehicle and insist in his no nonsense voice that she was hysterical and it was 1875. She really did not want to go through that again. It was enough to send an icy shiver down her spine. Infact she decided to put the whole idea out of her head for the time being. She needed to keep her wits about her, and they would be no good if she arguing with a loony bin about what century it is.

She also had to remember to keep her mouth shut for the moment about taxis and phones. She really did not want to prompt those reactions from him.

"Uh- Nothing forget it, I was just mumbling stupid things to myself." she tried to dismiss it by sounding indifferent and waving a careless hand.

"You know Ms. Parker, that is the first coherent and true thing you've spoken since I met you" Maxwell said. Liz's eyes widened, her cheeks heated and she glared at him. But she said nothing. She did not have the willpower. She wished she was witty enough to tongue lash him and send him down a peg or two. But she was not. And while she was doing an admirable job with not being intimidated, she chose not to press her luck. Better to be silent instead of foolish.

"So Ms. Parker. Are you ready for your first lesson?" He finally broke the silence. Liz wanted to say no. Really did. She looked at Prince again who looked like he too was waiting for an answer. She looked back and forth between man and horse and did not know how to respond to the challenging looks in their eyes. Should she, or shouldn't she? Liz swallowed nervously.

"Mr. Evans really, you are a stranger and I do not feel quiet comfortable with this arrangement..." she could not keep the trembling from her voice.

Maxwell looked at her for a long moment before sighing wearily. He turned to his horse mumbling to himself. She was glad she could not hear him. Whatever it was , it did not sound pleasant. Then he turned back to her.

"Look Ms. Parker, I realize your current predicament. I will assure you however that you will not come to any harm, especially at my hands. I give you my word" he looked sombre and very serious. " If you will allow me to assist you atop Prince, we will commence at a leisurely walk that will not alarm you, till we get to town." he paused and raised that brow again, "Do you think you can agree?"

Liz thought about it. She knew she should not take his 'word' on anything. It meant so little these days. But somehow, she found herself believing him. Plus, what would a man like him want with a woman like her? Really she should not be worried at all. Contrarily if she was beautiful, witty and sophisticated with a killer body then she would be thinking differently,. She did not want to think just how differently. It was too alarming. But somehow, she could not help but feel, in a little part of herself, disappointed about the fact that she was not.

Squashing those thoughts before they really took root within her mind she pondered the right now. She believed she would come to no harm but she still did not trust the horse. She took a hesitant step forward.

"It is very kind of you, but I really do not know if I will be able to get on him...." she began

"I will assist you" he cut in.

"I know but still....I-I.." she wrung her hands and looked back and forth between the two males.

"Rest easy Ms. Parker I will not allow you to fall" it was supposed to be a reassuring remark but from the way he said it Liz was not completely reassured. But before she could protest any more he continued, " Just come here and give him a pet or two, say hello and get friendly with him. He'll be as sedate as a lamb."

"Lambs can go crazy suddenly and any time." Liz said,

"This is horse." was his only reply. Liz fought the urge to roll her eyes. His eyes were still challenging and suddenly Liz was determined to show him that she was no wussy. Slowly and carefully she made her way to the horse. When she was a few inches away she reached out and gave him a pat. In awe Liz could not help but note the shiny coat that shivered beneath her fingertips. The sun reflected the light brown and golden streaks. His coat felt smooth and soft and Liz smiled to herself. She had the urge feel more. It was very nice.

"Hello Horsie" she spoke softly, her fear disappearing, " or should I call you Prince?"

Prince whinnied and shook his head. Liz giggled not the least bit alarmed.

"I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz." She could not believe that she was talking to a horse. Another clue to her own questionable sanity. Maybe, maybe not. Prince turned his neck and nuzzled against her. Liz was pushed back from the force and because she was not prepared. With hardly any time to feel alarmed she was thrown back, and while she expected to meet with solid ground, she met something solid alright. Except it wasn't the ground. It was warm , fleshy yet slightly rough. It was then she realized she was suspended against Maxwell Evan's chest. Before she could feel anything electric that would surely shock her senses she pulled forward.

The hands that were on her arms tightened and they stood like for a second before she felt warm breath starting to come closer to the region of her ear. Hot air blew the tendrils there and Liz gave an involuntary shiver. Before she could assess the situation and her emotions thoroughly enough his husky voice spoke so close to it.

"Up you go" she heard. She barely registered what he said before she felt herself flying through the air. Liz screamed. A scream that ended with an Oomph as he behind landed heavily on a leather saddle. She turned wide eyes to dark ones that stared up at her. Neither said anything. Maxwell moved to grip the reins and urged the horse forward. And Liz hung on for dear life.

TBC....thanks for the FB guys...keep it comin heh. I hope your still enjoying the story! and that you continue to do so! I really appreciate it. I knw its short(sori) but...plz dont lose hope! lol*tongue*. Thank You


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I hate it when parts turn out short...but im trying... honest*shy*

Part 7

The first step and Liz thought she was going to fall off. She also wondered if 'he' would catch her, like he promised. Chancing a coveting peek at him, Liz was full of doubts. They had been on the trail for almost ten minutes, and the silence was deafening. Ofcourse, she wasn't really worried about lack of conversation. She was too busy gripping the saddle horn tighter with every step Prince took. Who knew that a sedate walk could make you feel like you were bumping all over the place? Was that even natural?

The saddle was slightly uncomfortable. She was after all in a relatively tight skirt and she also happened to be sitting on its side. Heaven forbid should he have made her sit astride. The rip would have been daunting. Her legs swung slightly as she tried to adjust herself to the rocking movement. Her hands tightened even more and she willed her body not to fall of Prince's back. And when she was sure that for the time being she would not have to get intimate with the ground she allowed herself to relax enough to be able to look around her.

Refraining from further inspecting the horse she was on, she glanced around her and started to take everything in. Where was she? she thought in a moment of awe and wonder. It was like one of those illustrated landscapes she'd glimpse in books. The prairie was spread far and wide. But once out the shade of that huge oak tree she noticed just how empty it was. There were a few trees here and there, though not so grand as the one she was lying under. The grass was tall and while some was green, it was mostly yellow. A few wildflowers grew here and there. And though to a 21st century person it was barren and distasteful, Liz could not help but find it breathtaking. And not for the first time she wondered where the heck they were.

"I take it you're getting used to the ride?" the question jarred her out of her musings and she swivelled her head around to see him staring up at her, Stetson hat flicked back so she could see his eyes. Probing. That was the first adjective that came to her. It was as if they were searching for something. Intent of investigating that thought further Liz opened her mouth to question when he turned away and flicked the end of his hat back down over his eyes. Hmm, how curious.

Then she realized he had asked her question and she was polite enough to answer, "It feels a bit bumpy but I think I'm getting the hang of it" she replied with a slightly light tone, in hope to elevate this tense and brooding journey.

Maxwell's head twisted up toward her and she could tell he had an eye-brow raised. Though heaven knew how she figured that out, but for some reason after seeing that brow rise so many times since she met him, she just knew he was doing it again.

"Glad to heard it Ms. Parker" he drawled, almost dryly. Liz didn't fail to notice, but chose not to reply, because indeed, for the first time, she actually felt puffed with pride that she managed to get this far. Yes, she nodded mentally to herself, a great achievement. Even though her hand was starting to hurt from the strain.

The journey continued and so did more silence. Liz got bored with scenery and the lack of talking was starting to get too much to bear. Slanting a glance at the man walking by her side she contemplated what she should do. He may be crazy but she figured it would be better to engage in conversation than get edgy and grate her nerves. Perhaps she could even find out more about him.

Liz brightened at the thought. Ofcourse. The man was in need of help. And she was here. If she could not pack him up to the nearest physiatrist then she could talk to him and try to find out what his problem his. This was a most unique case and Liz wondered how he got effected by it. It must have been deep. Could it be some brain disease that rewound his head a few centuries back? Hm too improbable, but not necessarily impossible. He could be the solitary man type. The kind that is sick and tired of the world's hustle and bustle and chose to live in the wilderness. But then again, why bother pretending it was 1875?

Or maybe he is not partial to technology....Or maybe he just read too many darn books.

Shaking herself out of her inner musings Liz studied him more thoroughly. Oh definitely a hunk. Kind of like those magazine models but rough around the edges. Rugged. That word fit him perfectly. The sun was bright and high in the sky and she couldn't help but noticed the slight perspiration that began to form beneath his shirt. She could just imagine those muscles moving and flexing with the effort, the shirt bunching up, trying to accommodate such a superb specimen of flesh.

Liz thanked the heavens he was ignoring her. Otherwise he'd definitely think she'd suffered from severe sudden sunstroke. Could it get any hotter?! She really should not fantasize about a man she barely knows who probably belongs in an asylum. That goes to show just how mundane her life is. It takes something like this to make it remotely interesting. He life is like a soup pot on a medium flame. Steady and warm and totally without flavour. was like a stir in her soup. She didn't know if it could be also categorized as a 'spice up' as well but it is most definite that the temperature has risen from medium to high. Is it her or is the air boiling?

Fantasies have a way of having that effect. And when a girl starts to imagine what's under a man's shirt then you definitely have to worry. Especially when he's a stranger and certifiably crazy. Sighing inwardly she averted her thoughts from that direction and continued to peruse him. From what she could see from her height, he was broad shouldered, flat stomached and lean hipped. From what she had seen earlier his legs were muscular and his pants moulded him perfectly. His face was like the angel she had proclaimed him to be-she blushed in silent mortification as she recalled- but he also held a hint of devilment that she was sure smouldered in his eyes. Oh those eyes. She was not sure why, but she was glad he kept them hidden by his hat.

He had a strong square jaw, his cheekbones high, his lips....well reluctantly she noticed that he had a sensually full lower lip and a beautifully sculpted upper one. His nose was hawk-like and the bump that sported itself there was perhaps the only imperfect feature, but no less attractive.

He must have been from the most beautiful people in the world. Loony or no, Liz couldn't deny that he was one handsome and sexy man. And as usual, even though those are most unusual circumstances, she always admired from afar. In this instant more than ever before.

Ok, having a pity party is not on the agenda at the moment. She must rally and get on with her good cause. She allowed the silence to continue for the next few minutes as she tried to find a way to broach a subject. Nope, no idea. He was just too remote. Oh well. She would give it a shot anyway. Questions always lead to answers.

"So Mr. Evans you are a sheriff and live in a town called Rosewell?" she asked.

He glanced sharply at her then turned away. "Yes, that's right."

"Oh," Liz nodded absently,"So, how big is this town?"

"Big enough" he answered abruptly.

Liz frowned, " That's kinda vague how big is 'big enough'?" she persisted.

He looked up again and irritation shuddered through his form. "I don't know Ms. Parker, I don't really spend my time measuring how many steps I take wherever I walk."

Ok, that was a stupid question she'd concede. Perhaps she insisted because she thought it darn hard to start up a conversation with him. Either way she wasn't giving up.

"Sorry, I guess that was stupid. So, what's it like?" he looked at her questioningly. "Rosewell." she elaborated.

There was a brief silence. She started noticing how often quiet prevailed between them, since they have met.

"It's big, alot of buildings. The railway finally made it there so there's lots of business and everyone's prosperous. The townspeople are friendly enough." Ok, so his answer was vague again and flat..... Liz deflated in her seat. Perhaps this wasn't going to work.

"It's beautiful." Did she just imagine that. Liz perked up, and glanced, surprised, at him. There was definitely emotion in that tone.

"I'm sure it is" she commented softly, and just like that, it-whatever it was- was gone.

Liz started to fiddle with the saddle horn and study the carvings on the saddle. Interesting designs. Her fingers traced them and she felt the worn but smooth leather. Sighing inwardly she decided to cut the pleasantries and cut to the chase. Her psychiatric clock had to move faster unfortunately.

"Mr. Evans" she started and coughed to get her bearings back. He didn't appear to notice. Infact he didn't even acknowledge her.

"Mr. Evans" she tried again a little louder. He appeared to twitch his shoulder but made no comment. Well! of all the rudeness.

"Mr. Evans" she said forcefully and it sounded as if she was daring him to answer her. She heard him sigh and then his head whipped around and his eyes were glaring into hers.

"Yes Ms. Parker" his voice emphasized the 'Ms'. Liz suddenly grew nervous. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea after all. He didn't seem entirely receptive and she really did not want to raise his ire. Technically he was still dangerous. And antagonizing a crazy person is absolute folly.

When she didn't answer right away he raised a brow and drew Prince to a halt. Then stared at her expectantly. Ok, it was definitely not a good idea. It would be better to just get her butt into Rosewell with her body parts intact. And if the only way that can be accomplished is to shut up then so be it.

"Nothing, nevermind" she cleared her throat and turned away to gaze at the trail ahead, a silent signal for him to continue on. When the horse still did not move Liz twisted back to see him still looking at her, but this time without the irritation that was evident before.

"Yes Ms. Parker?" he repeated and this time it was an invitation for her to elaborate. Liz grew flustered beneath his intent gaze and could feel her cheeks growing warm. Ok, so now what? He was trying to be civil and polite with her, she knew that. Must be the gentleman in him. Or the one he thinks he has. Plus, she had no idea what to say. At first it was merely to get his attention, but as soon as his eyes locked with hers, well her thoughts simply scattered.

"Forgive me, Mr. Evans if I seem to be invading on your silence. I just thought a little conversation could make the trip a easier." When he said nothing she continued, "But it's ok really, I'm used to long silences and quiet so it doesn't make a difference to me." Good show Liz, nice save.

He seemed to observe her thoughtfully for a few seconds then moved away and pulled on the reins, urging Prince back to a walk. Liz quickly gripped at the saddle horn. She thought he would never answer, that her reply implied he would not have to speak again. She was disappointed.

"I realize Ms. Parker that your circumstances are not ideal at the moment. Maybe the silence is a bit harrowing on nerves such as yours at the moment. Therefore I'll do my best to fill the silent gaps and make this journey less difficult on you." And damn if this day isn't full of surprises. Liz felt absurdly proud. As if she had accomplished some great feat. And perhaps in a way, she had.

"Thank you Mr. Evans" she said graciously. Smiling, she continued, "So if you'll let me, I'd just like to ask a few questions. You've told me about your town and all. I won't make you elaborate since I'll be seeing it myself soon enough. So..." she paused and hesitated for a moment before plucking enough courage to finish her request, "would you tell me some things about yourself?"

Liz waited for the decisive 'No' to echo in the air.

"I'll divulge what I can Ms. Parker, to satisfy your curiosity" he replied. And to shut me up, she thought.

"So, do you live in Rosewell with your family?" she asked. Liz doubted his family would be involved in his crazy life but asked anyway to make her questioning as normal as possible.

"No" was his answer. Oook. Well atleast he's co-operating. Maybe his parents are dead and he's trying to come to terms with it. But such as a man as him? would he grieve in such a way? it made no sense.

"Ok,um do you like to be sheriff?" she decided to be a bit more impersonal instead of jumping right into it.

"Yes." Not helping.

"Was Rosewell always where you lived?"

Liz noticed a sudden tensing of his shoulders. "No." My isn't he a fountain of information.

"I see. Are you married Mr. Evans?" She did not know what in the heavens propelled her to ask that but it was out of her mouth before she could censure it. And she didn't like that his answer was very important to her regardless.

"I'm sorry, that was very presumptuous of me and too personal." she quickly amended before he could answer.

"No Ms. Parker I'm not married" Could relief ever be so great. Liz chided herself at the turn of her thoughts. She told herself that his answer did not affect her in the least. As if she cared if he was already taken by some woman. As if any would have him, lost his marbles, as he is. Liz looked at him again and her eyes were drawn once again to those muscles beneath his shirt. As if any woman wouldn't!

"Oh." was all she could say. He looked at her then and she strove not to return the regard.

"I take it you're not? since you let me call you 'Ms'?" he asked.

"Uh, yes. That is no, I'm not married." she swallowed nervously and looked down at her hands.

A grunt was his only comment.

"So, what made you decide to do.....what you're doing now?" cut to the heart of the matter. Straightforward question, and his answer would reveal a straightforward explanation for this lunacy.

For a moment he did not answer and Liz thought she had trespassed on private property and that she should have gone slower. A lot slower. He was probably growing panicked, scared. His brain was probably exploding with questions and suspicions about who she was and if the asylum is hot on his heels.

"I like catching outlaws Ms. Parker, and to keep order and peace in the town. I'm that kind of man." His answer was calm and steady. No early heart attacks here. Ofcourse that would be too bad if it happened. Her eyes unwillingly slid to his walking form. Very unfortunate.

If this was a normal situation she would laugh at herself.

"I see." Ok, so she was no closer to unravelling this intrigue that was Mr. Evans. He was as complicated as a web and as brooding and silent, and cunning, as a spider. He was the whole package. And Liz had no idea why she even cared. All she wanted to do was get to town, get to a telephone and get the hell outta there. Back to her life as it was. Before meeting a man in the ,middle of the wilderness who thought it was 1875. She would think about how she got to where she was, and where she was, and how she got there so fast, later.

Right now she would concentrate on getting to Rosewell. Funny, she had never heard of a town called that. Must be a really, really small place. She was sure there was no mark on the maps to point it out. Probably too insignificant. Yet she wondered how those people lived there. Were they are out of their minds as the man beside her? Was this some secret town for crazy people she has somehow unwittingly stumbled upon? Funny, but for some reason she even expected to find a typical western town when they got there. That would really be the icing on that mudcake. Muddy. An ideal metaphor. Truly if she even saw anything of the kind she would think something was really wrong. No, actually she did not know what to think. Ofcourse if it turned out that way there would definitely be a very plausible and legitimate explanation. She really should stop thinking like that. It was getting ridiculous.

She was jarred out of her musings when Prince stopped suddenly.

"What? What is it?" she asked alarmed.

Maxwell Evans looked up at her, tipped back his Stetson, his eyes boring into hers. His eyebrows raised and then he looked away. Liz found herself following the direction of his gaze. Oh definitely, a very very plausible explanation.

It did not even register before she heard his voice stating," Welcome to Rosewell Elizabeth Parker."

Eyes wide in shock she could hardly take her eyes away from the sight before her and exclaimed," You live on a movie set?!"

TBC.....sometimes a person can make themselves believe long as its not the truth lol. plz bear with Liz. time-travelling is not an everyday occurance.

Thanks for the FB guys. KEEP IT COMING!!!PLZ(I live on them dontcha knw!!)*big**big* You knw you love it*tongue* *nudge nudge**wink wink*


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Part 8

Stranger and stranger things kept coming out of that woman's mouth. Max stared at her in bewilderment and shook his head silently. He contemplated her as he watched her face light up first in surprise and then in absolute delight. The expression on her face changed completely and he could suddenly see the terrified facade disintegrate and heard her distinctly sigh in relief.

She turned to him then, her eyes wide, "Why didn't you tell me before?" she demanded.

Max just looked at her for a moment, "I told you."

She shook her head, sending bit of her long hair flying from side to side. He'd never seen hair so straight before. "No you didn't. You said you were taking me to a town called Rosewell." she gave him an admonishing look.

Max raised an eyebrow at that, "I am."

Liz huffed and spread an arm out in the general direction and glared at him," you didn't say it was a movie set."

Perhaps he should check her head. Thoroughly. Just incase he missed something.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about lady." he said finally, getting fed up with her riddles and strange words.

"What is this, a part of you script? Your role?" she asked, hands on hips, frowning. Then suddenly she perked up and peered curiously down at him as if she just had a thought she would like to share. "Are you an actor?"

"An actor?!" Max was shocked enough to exclaim. His eye brows went up and he stared at her, then he frowned. "I told you Ms. Parker I'm the Sheriff."

Liz sat up straight and waved a careless hand and releasing an exasperated breath. "I know..." she paused, then,"Ahhh so you play the Sheriff on the movie I guess. You're sure dressed for it." Her brows drew together in offence at his sudden scowl. "Well you sure do take it seriously." she huffed.

Max folded his arms across his broad chest, "I do." he glared.

Liz leaned back and threw her arms out in surrender, "Ok ok. I understand."

Max just gave her a long look and then unfolded his arms and retrieved the reins that fell out of his hands. "Good."

Silence passed once again between them. He heard her shift a few times. She huffed and sighed. Then adjusted herself again. She coughed. Max rolled his eyes. He turned to look at her up on Prince.

"Something the matter Ms. Parker?" he inquired.

She looked startled at his question and looked at him for a long time. Chocolate eyes clashed with amber. He raised a brow once again. "No not at all. Everything's fine." she finally answered and gave him a small tight smile. He nodded his head and turned away to watch the track.

3, 2, 1,..."So what's the name of the movie?" and Max resisted the urge to roll his eyes again. Ofcourse what also helped was the fact that she just asked a question that was yet again beyond his comprehension.

He stopped once again to look at her. "What the heck is a movie?"

He saw her still, then straighten up. Her eyes grew wide, her mouth hung open. Max wondered for a moment if he should poke her. She wasn't moving an inch. He approached her slowly and carefully not sure what to do. Gently he reached up and nudged her leg. One nudge. That was all it took. It almost had Max flat on his butt.

Because at that moment she started laughing. Hysterically.

Max could only stare. She turned to look at him then, and continued to laugh. "You've got to be kidding me right?" and he was too stunned to speak. "This is funny. Reeeal funny you know?" she continued to laugh, and Max was struck speechless. "What the 'heck' is a movie?" she mimicked and burst into a further fit of giggles. She was doubling over before she began to speak again, "heck. Heck! You're not even swearing right!" she was turning red.

Max was suddenly getting annoyed with her behaviour. "Hey Ms.-"

"What the heck is a movie..." she tsked to herself as if the idea itself that he wouldn't know was the most ridiculous thing in the world, and was suddenly so calm Max had to doubt he even witnessed her outburst just a few seconds ago. Maybe he was crazy. Maybe what she had was contagious.

All in all, he decided the best solution at the moment was to ignore her.

"Ok you've had your fun. Infact that was very excellent acting. I commend you. For a minute there you actually made me believe you had no idea what I was talking about."

"I'm flattered you think so." His reply was dry.

"Yes, well...." she didn't appear to have noticed the tone in which he answered. " You're really good anyway. Have you been in any films I might have seen?"


Ok. Don't argue with a crazy woman.

"No." Maybe that will shut her up.

"Oh. You must be just starting up huh. Then I guess that movie you're doing isn't a big thing."

Agree with what the crazy woman says. Always.


"Oh. Ok." and then she was silent. He sent a silent prayer of thanks.

"So what's your real name may I ask?" and the blessed silence was broken.

"What the heck do you mean lady?" he asked, irritated.

"Well it can't be Maxwell Evans now can it. That's your screen name right?"

Max stopped. Took a deep breath and slowly turned to face the woman on the horse. He fixed her with a steady glare. " Ms. Parker if I may make myself clear. Once and for all. My name is Maxwell Evans. I am a Sheriff of a town called Rosewell which you see below," he spoke slowly and emphatically, his voice steadily rising, " I do not know what a movie or a film is. I am not an actor. My town is 'not' a movie set and Maxwell Evans 'is' my real name!" he paused for breath and to lower his voice, " so would you please Ms. Parker stop referring to words and actions that make no sense at all."

And so he proceeded with the trail. And the silence stretched. And stretched. Max didn't know if he should feel gratified or discomfited.

"I'm sorry." It came to him so softly and quietly that he almost didn't hear it over the scrunching of his boots on the ground. But he heard it. And did not know what to say in turn. She sounded so contrite and chastised that he had the strong urge to take her in his arms and tell her it was alright and he didn't mean to yell at her so. But he used the more practical approach.

"Forgive me Ms. Parker. I lost my patience with you when I should've been understanding. To begin with I did find you lying unconscious out here with half your clothes gone." he said and glanced at her. She was blushing and looking down.

"I know" she answered and then looked up at him with earnest and pleading eyes. " I've never really acted this way before. It's not in my nature, really it's not. I'm never so...." she paused as if in search of the right word, then smiled ruefully and blushed again, "hysterically out of turn. It's just...well I guess it's this whole situation." She waved an arm expansively. "It's very...affecting." she ended.

"I understand, like I said, Ms. Parker." he sighed. " My temper was just short and for a person who was like you were and now feeling quite..." it was his turn to smile ruefully, "hysterical, you handled the situation better than I expected most women to. I commend you."

Liz looked at him curiously, " And how did you expect most women to behave?"

"Scream and babble about their misfortune, then collapse in my arms crying and bawling. And after I have calmed them and assured them their hero has come to save them, they'd spend the entire way back commending and flattering and complimenting me about my brave deed and heroism." he paused to give her a glance. "Then they'd invite me to dinner as a reward and I would be too gentlemanly to refuse. They'd then introduce me to their family, particularly their father...." he clicked for Prince to keep up.


He shrugged his shoulders, "and then I'm walking up the aisle." he finished. He was slightly annoyed with himself, not sure why he voluntarily gave away information about himself. But then he decided that piece of himself was harmless enough. He couldn't believe though the silliness of the subject.

"How many times has that happened?" and there was an amused infliction in her voice.

He raised his brow, " What makes you think it's happened before?"

It was her time to shrug, " I don't know. You seemed so knowledgeable about it..." she trailed off and gave him a questioning look.

He found himself laughing reluctantly at her suspicion, not sure why they were suddenly getting along with each other like they were friends. " Yeah I've got myself a few."

Her brows raised, " Isn't that a bit much? Aren't there a lot of fights?"

He shook his head, " They're scattered around the country. I make sure to make my weekly visits."

He heard her giggle and couldn't help but wonder what a cute giggle it was. " Must be tiring." He just shrugged again as if it was no big deal.

"Where are your rings?" she asked and looked toward his hand. He himself looked down and noticed his bare fingers.

"I keep them off." he gave her a matter-of-fact look, " I'm always on the lookout for more to pick up." she laughed again and he knew the reason he was having this conversation was to calm and distract her from her predicament. It was absolutely against his nature and he didn't understand why he was doing I. It just seemed right to keep this woman's troubles at bay, even for the moment. He was just there to do it.

"Well," she returned jokingly, caught up in the moment, " I guess I'm next."

Max paused at that and his eyes roamed over her. When she seemed to realize what she had said, she flushed the most beet red colour that had him amazed. The deep colour made such an effect on her complexion. She shifted from side to said and played restless with her hands he saw. But the one thing he really noticed was the way she bit her lip and chewed on it every few seconds.

A silence came between them and it was then that he realized that she was embarrassed beyond repair because she had just admitted to a complete stranger that she was to be his wife.

"Ms. Parker-" he started.

"Oh ! oh please forgive me Mr. Evans. I really didn't mean to imply that-that- well that we should g-get m-married. Truly. I'm sorry but it just slipped out..."

"Ms. Parker-" he tried again.

"Oh please don't be offended. I wasn't thinking at all when I said it. I didn't mean anything by it. I don't want to marry you," he raised that brow again, "Well what I mean is I do want to marry you. " if possible that brow went even higher. " I mean I don't. I mean any woman would want to. I just don't want you." Now he could see she was getting flustered and red as a beet. " I mean I do want you." Nope even redder. "What I mean to imply is I'm sure any woman would want you and-"

"Ms. Parker!" Perhaps it was time to put her out of her misery. Her voice trailed off from what she was about to say and swallowed a few times. No doubt further apologies. Her eyes drifted away in embarrassment and her hands clutched the pommel like a lifeline.

"Calm yourself please. What you said was said in jest I'm sure and I'm not going to take offence at it or even take it seriously. We just had a companionable conversation to fill in the silence and helped to make us more comfortable." he led Prince safely down a hill. " I realize we are strangers Ms. Parker but I hope you can trust me when I tell you that I'm here to help you."

She slowly nodded, her colour fading slowly back to its original shade. She sighed, " I know, I'm sorry I made such a big deal out of it. It's just that I've never really....." she was going to say 'had a conversation like that with a man before' but decided not to. And it's not like there was anything special about it. Everybody talked to everybody like that. Everybody joked, though ultimately not with a complete stranger, but still....she had acted like such a stuttering school girl that she wouldn't be surprised if an imaginary glove gave her a good slap to return to her senses. She didn't know what he thought of her at the moment. And she really didn't know why she cared.

"been so impulsive with my words." she continued.

He gave her an amused look. " I think it's refreshing, strange as you are." she didn't know if he mean her being a stranger or weird. Heck, maybe she was both. She sighed and decided to observe more of the scenery without offering any reply. She didn't know what other mayhem may come out of her mouth. Better to be a silent fool than a talkative one.

Max watched her watch the scenery and wondered again about her. Who was she? Where was she from and how the hell did she get to where she was? What words did she bring with her that he didn't understand? What kind of clothes was she wearing and what the hell was going on about her accent? So many questions bombarded his head. So strange. The whole situation was odd, he confessed to himself. And he would get to the bottom of it all, he promised himself. It was his duty, he told himself.

He heard her cough again before she spoke, "So um, I know you got very angry about the whole movie thing. You must take it really seriously I guess. And that's very professional of you. But really you don't have to act with me, cause um, I'm a little nervous here with you all insistent that it was 1875, so maybe once we get to the set you could take me to the um, director?..or whoever's boss..." her voice trailed off as she glanced at him from beneath her lashes as if unsure of his reaction.

He'd definitely take her over to the Doc once they got there. For now he took once again his earlier advice to himself.

Don't argue.


"Whatever you want." he said. And wondered what she'll do when she'll realize that she won't be able to have what she wanted. Whatever it was she meant.

"Oh great!" she answered, relieved.

"Yeah...great." he muttered as they came upon the edge of Rosewell.

TBC....thank you very much for the FB (I really didn't think the theme would make readers too receptive! but thank you to all who are enjoying it*big*) I'm eating your fbs up!!*shy*- (SORI the part's short but I just haad to keep some suspense*wink*)

I knw I'm going a bit slow with this but I Promise you that from the next part on there will be more action etc... (ofcourse!)*bounce*


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Part 9

Liz gazed in awe at the unbelievable scene before her. The picture was straight out the western books that she'd glanced through a couple of times. It was just so....real. the painting her eyes beheld had such colours, they flowed with amazing life that left Liz breathless.

She observed as the sun cast a magnificent glow on the humble town Maxwell Evans called Rosewell. She could see the wooded building of various colours and designs as they stood side by side. From where she was she could only see vague outlines but she was sure the town was based on one main street, then spread out to several different routes. She figured that out before of the spaced out houses that spread out and buzzed with action. She couldn't see any specific people but she could just imagine the activity that kept this town awake in the mornings, and the serene quietness that allowed blessed sleep at night. That however was all in her mind ofcourse. Because this was no real live western town. It might look like it, but it was nothing but a set.

Fake. Not real.

And for some reason she found it very sad that such a pretty looking town such as this one could not truly exist beyond the movie screens. She recalled how she used to watch all these movies and wish the world just like them. Beautiful countries. Beautiful houses. Beautiful people........though not like there weren't a good few of these here.

Especially a certain person that was at the moment striding beside her in absolute silence. As if he was determined to ignore her presence and get her out of his right at the first opportunity. For some reason that thought make her stomach twist. When they got there.....would he really just dump her off and get on his way?

There was no reason he should stick around. All he had to do was deposit her with the proper authority who would then take care of her needs and assure her a safe trip back to her tiny apartment where she would be safe and sound. This whole....adventure- if she could call it that- was dangerous she sensed. She knew that her well being depended on her getting as fast away from this place as possible. Though why she did not know. It still troubled her to think how she got here in the first place but refused to dwell on it now. She didn't think she'd like the explanation, whatever it was that would come up.

Resting on the saddle she figured she was getting slightly used to the slight bouncing and swaying. Her legs however weren't doing so well. Hr skirt unfortunately has ridden up in an effort to accommodate her spread thigh. It was highly improper she knew, but it was either that of a split skirt. For some reason she knew that she needed all the clothes she was in now, although she also knew there was no need to even think that because everybody dressed this way. There was only one problem with that however. When Maxwell Evans had looked at her, she felt naked. Very naked. And she didn't understand why.

With her thoughts returning to him she thought once again about what would happen when they arrived. The idea that he might actually just disappear on her terrified her to bits. For an unknown reason she felt she would be more safe and calm if he was there. It was like she was on a strange planet and Maxwell was her guardian alien. It seemed kind of weird when she thought of it that way but in a technical way it was true. She had no idea where the heck-oh goodness she must have picked that up from him- she was and he was her only ticket to safety, and sanity. That is unless he was crazy himself, which she was still pondering over.

She recalled how insistent he'd been that it was 1875. Perhaps if she truly didn't know what year it was...just looking at the town before her would have made her believe him in a heartbeat. Such similarities. Such depiction. If it looked so from afar she wondered what it would be like to view it once they got there. Awe-inspiring most probably.

The rest of the ride continued in silence. She couldn't make herself say anything. Her stomach was too tied up in knots about the prospect of being on a real live movie set! It would be the first adventurous experience to be able to recall in future days. The excitement overrode her apprehensiveness for the moment and she enjoyed the thought of meeting a few stars here and there....maybe she'd even be able to catch a glimpse of the filming. Watch Maxwell Evans play Sheriff.

Just out of curiosity ofcouse.

She noticed they were only minutes from getting to town. It was then that he stopped and walked to the rump of Prince and started shuffling through the bags that was lay behind the saddle. Hmm, she hadn't seen that there. She was too busy looking to the front, and trying not to fall off. He proceeded in silence and Liz became curious.

"What are you doing?" she asked. Did he lose something?

He glanced at her but did not acknowledge her as he retreated back and produced a dark brown bundle. Before she could question what that was he unrolled it and shook it out. Dust flew off it as he flapped it in the air a few times. Liz could definitely make it out now. It was a large jacket. Was he chilled? Goodness she was almost sweating!

"You can't be cold! it's almost 100 degrees out here!" she exclaimed out loud. Without volition her gaze dropped to his broad chest. It was clearly outline by the tight and slightly damp shirt that clung to him. Her mouth was suddenly the Sahara desert. It was as if her vision amplified and she could almost see a tiny dew drop of perspiration sliding down the smooth expanse.....

"Its not for me, but for you" He interrupted her musing and when she came back to reality she was as red as a woman with sunburn. She could not believe she was having such thoughts about this man. A total stranger!

Perhaps it was just him. This aura he exhibited. Strength, power and a lot of sex appeal. Why any woman on the face of this earth would agree. It was just a normal female attraction to a male. No matter the circumstances. Those whiskey eyes could make a woman forget her very existence she mused. She knew because he was treating her to them right now, and she had to steel herself to shake off the hypnotic swirling.

"For me? But I'm not cold." she said confused. He gave out an exasperated breath and thrust the heavy jacket into her lap.

"It's not for the cold." He replied before picking up the reins of a sedate Prince and then looked at her as if waiting for her to comply.

Liz's brow furrowed. "I don't understand. Why should I wear a jacket if I'm not cold?"

She could feel his eyes running over her. " Let's just say it's for modesty's sake." Ofcourse she looked down at herself at that and gasped when she saw her clothes were dirty and tattered. There were some rips here and there. She looked back at him to find his eyes roving over her then stopping at her legs. She gave a silent groan. She knew what he could see and it caused a burning blush to mount her cheeks. She almost forgot about her exposed legs. Immediately she opened the big jacket and splayed it over her to hide what she can.

When she dared glance at him he had his lip curved in silent amusement. But surprisingly he said nothing. "Wear it. It'll cover you better."

Carefully she put her arms through the sleeves and then brought the jacket around her. True to his word the thing went down to her calves. The warmth enveloped her and almost stifled her. She hoped she didn't faint from the heat. The only thing that seemed to distract her was that when she sniffed deeply enough into it she could smell the faint manly scent that emanated from him. She tried not to let it get to her head.

When he appeared satisfied he nodded and then turned back to lead the way once more.

"Where are you going to take me once we get there?" she ventured to ask. She wasn't sure to whom he was going to present her yet. It could be some important director or whatever..or maybe some random person from the set to get her the hell out of here. She didn't like that she didn't like that idea. She certainly wanted to get back home. Not like anyone would miss her or anything. They've probably forgotten she ever existed. She's gotten over that sad fact long ago and come to terms with it. She just wanted to get back so she can be in normal and familiar surroundings with no talk of other centuries and Sheriffs and cowboys and movie set and, and....all that! She had serious problems that she had to fix immediately. Her entire life depended on it. Not that it was at stake ofcourse.....but she had to do something to make a living. This was 2002 NYC. No mercy.

But the meantime she'd trapiez about the wilderness with John Wayne and say 'Howdy' to a town that existed 200 years ago.

"I'll take you over to Doc Hardy to have you checked over for anythin' serious...then......" She registered the first part sure enough. And that was fine. Good of him to get her to a doctor. Very kind. She couldn't really feel anything terrible...just a couple of bruises here and there. So she acknowledged the first part for sure....but then the rest of the sentence drifted away on the winds. Away from her ears. He spoke, but this time his captivating voice did not hold her entranced. Because her entire concentration was riveted in front of her.

It was like a storybook come alive.

Those buildings she'd seen before, well she could see more clearly now...with every single detail that adorned it. That was to expected ofcourse. She had 20/20 vision. And they'd just passed the first one of many more.

She tried to take everything in. All the buildings were made out of wood. They stood solid and enduring however. The colours weren't too varied from white, brown and some chosen colours that added some levity and life to the town as a whole. She recognised that they were going down the main street since she could see everything that was relative on each side of her. She hoped her neck didn't get sore from all the constant turning from left to right.

She recalled some of the western movies and pictures she'd seen and attempted to notice the similarities. Almost everything was there. A bank she could see at the far side. Across it and a little ways was what looked like an office with jail bars on the side. Obviously the jail. A little further down a rather large store stood open. Different varieties of foods and hardware littered the outside and the inside. She guessed that was their supermarket.

After that however the wooden blocks seemed to blur before her eyes. There were a few more which she guessed must sell one thing or the other. She wasn't paying much attention. Infact as quickly as the town's structure caught her eye it deserted it. Because she was now looking with wide eyed astonishment and awe at the people.

They were exactly as she had pictured them they would be in her mind.

The street was filled with them. Women and men going about their daily, working and all that normal day to day stuff. It seemed to flow naturally, like they actually depended on this town for their living. Like there was no other world out there with modern conveniences and the like.

They must be one of hellava good actors.

Colourful parasols twirled in the sunlight.

The women were wearing these bright dresses that reached beyond their ankles. The sleeves covered half their arms. High collars surrounded their necks and fleetingly she wondered how they could breathe. The dresses full in a way that gave no indication of the very shape of their legs. The only place their bodies were outlined was where their waists were several inches wide and their breast area. Mentally she remembered that in those days women wore corsets to achieve smaller waists-she didn't know how they breathed through these things, no wonder there insides didn't get cramped up their throats and out their mouths...ew ok disgusting thought-. She also knew that back then propriety was a very strict rule. A brief glimpse of the ankles by a man and you were ruined for life.

The men were very much the same as she thought. Breeches or pants...or whatever-you-them, along with normal button up shirts. Cowboy boots , bandanas, Stetson hats...even suspenders on a few. And ofcourse last but not least the gun belts, and the guns. She didn't know half the names of their clothing..all she knew was that it all looked dammed realistic.

She suddenly heard a neighing. For a moment she thought it was Prince but it sounded farther away. Looking up she realized that she missed another important bit in regards to the 800s. There were no cars or motorcycles here. Horses dominated the mode of transportation. She could see several just tied there to some posts, swishing their tails from sides to side, without a care in the world. There were a couple of wooden wagons that were parked by the side of the walkways that connected almost all the buildings together.

There were getting further into the centre of town now. While she was too intent on the scenery to notice, the people around them began to stop and glance their way in a curious fashion. But then she began to notice, because she could suddenly feel eyes boring into her, moving over her, assessing her. Wondering, curious.

Liz shifted nervously in her seat. Her eyes began to flicker apprehensively to the side where most of the stares were coming from. Her fingers gripped the pommel more tightly. The women were the majority. They were standing there with their little umbrellas hanging off their shoulders gazing at her with something resembling shock, curiosity and horror.

They were probably wondering who she was and what on earth she was doing here. She was surprised none of their mouths were hanging open. She certainly looked a mess. Infact....she looked nothing like them. Her hair was ruffled and full of dirt, instead of glossy and in an elaborate coiffeur. Her face was grubby and browned from the sun, while she could that the ladies' complexions here were like peach and cream. And last and foremost....her dress sense at the moment was hardly as similar as their own. Heaven only knew what they thought of her!

The more the stares lasted and grew the more uncomfortable Liz got. She tried no to pay any attention to them and hold her head high, but somehow she seemed to crumble under their intense scrutiny. It was as if they were sizing her up, weighing her worth. A cold shiver ran down her spine.

The men were also staring. She could see the interest and curiosity in their faces. While their reactions were hardly like the females she disliked them immediately. While the ladies' looks were full of contempt......the men's were insulting. She could feel their eyes roaming over her, trying to make her out beneath the jacket. It didn't feel precisely sexual-no not that-, but more like....intimate. They were trying to figure out who she was and why she looked like that, even as the women had probably already drew their assessment of her already.

But what really frightened her the most, is that she was thinking of them as real 1875 people with strict morals. When infact they are just actors. And right now they were acting. She was probably just imagining the glances and whispers behind gloved hands. It could have been the heat of the sun or her..accident...or whatever it was.

Yes that must be it. There could be no other reason for the distressing feelings stirring inside her.

Maxwell still had not spoken. Did he not notice anything unusual? Was he so oblivious to the mutterings and curious gazes? Or was he just ignoring them? If she he was very good at it. He still walked confidently like he did not have a care in the world, looking straight ahead. Not bothering to even look left or right.

"Uh-Ma-Mr. Evans....?" she hesitated to raise her voice incase she caught the attention of the passers-by even more closely. When he didn't answer her she leaned forward in her seat while clutching the jacket tightly around her so it wouldn't fall open.

"Mr. Evans?" she repeated. It appeared her heard her then because he twisted his head around to look at her questioningly. "Uh-um..I don't know if you've noticed but we seem to be drawing quite a bit of attention..." she said in a low voice and trailed off as she looked around her to emphasize her point.

Maxwell appeared startled at the observation and he too looked about. She could see his mouth tighten and his face set grimly. When he answered it was in a curt voice, "Don't mind them. Not alot of new things come through here. You're the most interesting thing they've seen in a while." Liz didn't know whether she should be insulted or flattered.

But she guessed there was some truth to his words. Considering they're living in the middle of the wilderness, spending there entire time trying to act like they're living in the 1800s....well it must tend to get kinda lonely out here. She must be a welcome diversion. She didn't think she liked that thought either.

She was about to exclaim her grievances to him once again but as they passed one particular store a portly gentleman stepped out and gazed at them. He gaze her a weird look before transferring his eyes toward Max. He was almost bald about the head, he had a large belly and a large grey beard. He would have appeared frighteningly grizzly if it wasn't for the warm glow she could sense emanating from him. Then he smiled and there were a few missing teeth.

"Afternoon Max." He called out then waved. Max turned and caught sight of him. For the first time Liz actually saw him form a genuine smile. And caught her breath.

"Afternoon' Tom. How's business?" Max replied warmly. Tom waved carelessly with a hand.

"As good as it can get." And once again he was looking at her. She knew he wanted to ask Max how his business is-or rather what, where and why- but refrained himself and re-entered his shop. There was no more to be said after that.

Infact Liz didn't really know what to say. She had no idea what was wrong with these people. Why they were looking at her like she was a creature from another galaxy. They were ordinary people for heaven's sake just like her....what's so weird about her that's making their eyes grow wide, their mouths hang open and their tongues wag?!

Before she could figure anything else out they were suddenly stopping. Liz looked around her and realized that Max was tying the reins at a post infront of a porch leading to one of those wooden buildings. Curiously she looked it over and saw a sign that read "Doc Hardy", that was all.

What was going on here? Where was the infirmary? The 'stone' building or whatever.... and doctor in a white coat? What on earth was wrong here? Why were they stopping here? Was this just a pit stop? Did they have more to walk?

All these questions and more however sadly went unanswered. As Maxwell came toward her to lift her off, and open his mouth to speak...a loud shriek resounded followed by a big crash, then a thud..then hurried footsteps....And they seemed to coming from behind her.

Turning around she caught the man sailing through the double doors right on time. She watched in fascination as he sailed through the air then landed in a dust cloud into the ground. He groaned in pain and tried to struggle back to his feet.

Liz's eyes looked back to the double doors expecting the attacke to burst through and hound him down to continue the fight-she guessed that was what happened. Immediately her mind registered that they must be shooting a scene! Where they in the way?

Two things then happened to prove her both right and wrong.

In the first the next second the double doors swung open with full blown force. An angry woman wearing a green dress, her golden hair and furious emerald eyes framing her face. Liz was in awe. But her features weren't the real reason. In her clenched had was a large rifle that she waved around threateningly at the man on the ground.

"Don't you be comin' round to my saloon no more ya hear!!? I won't have the likes of you in my establishment you varmint!" and with that the man got to his feet and scuttled away moaning with pain and glancing back fearfully behind him at her.

Everyone's attention was then riveted to the blonde who still held the rifle and was breathing hard, trying to calm herself. When she seemed to notice the attention she turned to glare at everyone and they all hastily looked away. When her eyes alighted on Liz however the expression immediately changed to curious bewilderment and the rifle lowered slightly.

A golden brow rose as she inspected her and then turned to Maxwell as she noticed him standing there. "Well I'll be Sheriff! who've we got here?" she asked, hand on hip, easy amusement lacing her voice. Liz marvelled at the quick transformation in moods. It was as if she hadn't been so furious at all only a minute earlier.

"I see you've been takin' good care of yourself while I've been gone Maria" Maxwell smiled slightly and tipped his hat up in salute. "You've proven more competent with that rifle than I'd have guessed."

The lady called Maria waved through the air in a careless gesture then smirked, "Well then you oughta see me with a six shooter."

Maxwell laughed and Liz's stomach fluttered at the sound. She wondered why. "Maybe next time Maria....As for who I've got here....Well I'd like to introduce to you Elizabeth Parker. Ms. Maria Deluca. Proud owner of the Red Bull saloon, the only and best in town...."

Liz had no time to grasp the entire meaning of this or anything else. It was all happening too fast she felt. She heard and tried to respond....but at the moment she found herself staring around them in a daze. In the second place....she'd been wrong about shooting a scene....

Where was the crew?The lights? The cameras? Anything!?

TBC...its not much sorry!...been a bit busy with RL...but I hope u like anyway *happy*
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