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Title: Where you belong

Author: Melissa_

Disclamer: I do not own any of the characters of Roswell and I have nothing to do with the show in anyway. It all belongs to the wonderful people of UPN.

Summary: This is my first fic and I would really appreciate Feedback*happy* This is A fic based on the movie Madeline , It takes place in Roswell . There are No aliens , everyone is human. It takes place when the girls are 17, Liz is 16 the boys are 17 going on 18 ( Isabel is also going to be 18). Liz , Maria, Tess and Isabel all go to the All Girls Roswell academy school. It's a boarding school for girls, all the girls have parents ( which they only see at important events like Christmas) Liz is the only one without parents, they died when she was 4 and ever since then she has been shipped from abusive foster home to another untill they thought she was hopeless , and because she has no other family and the brother her mother gave up for adoption before Liz was born, couldn't be found, she was sent to this school. Liz is the youngest of all the girls, and the smallest. She is also very quiet and closed up. The only girl that is nice to her and seems to understand her is Maria. All the other gilrs are extremely mean to her. In total there are 12 girls at this school, they must remain at this school untill they graduate when they are 18.Max and his brother Kyle live next door to the school. Kyle is totally bad and he likes to gang up with the girls and pick on Liz. Max on the other hand is the nice brother, Although he knows what Kyle and the girls are doing to Liz he is to shy, and quiet to stop it. He just minds his business because he doesn't wan't to cause any more trouble. His mother has enough pain and heart ache just dealing with one troublesome son and he loves his mother so much he doesn't want to add to that ,which he would if he ever defended Liz. Max has this huge crush on Liz and he secretly watches her sometimes. Alex lives on the other side of the school and he sometimes finds Liz crying all alone and he comforts her, he too is to afraid to confront Kyle. ( Okay this is my explanation Sorry I know it was long and I hope you understand ) This is a M/L fic some M/M and A/I .

Rating: PG-13 for beginning then NC-17 after because of violence, talk and rape content , language , talk of suicide and later Sexual content.

* Chapter 1 *

It was the middle of the night at around 2pm and all the

girls( well most of them) were secretly planning a mean

'prank' aimed at Liz. " Shhh", whispered Tess, as 10 out

of the 12 girls made their way downstairs towards the

kitchen leaving Liz, Maria and Mrs. Dannelle upstairs in a

deep slumber. The plan had been Tess' s Idea , it was

the meanest most evil thing, not of the nature they had

ever done before. They had done pretty bad things

before but none this heartless. Tess just gave them the

outline of the plan without giving the actual prank

away , she thought they ought to wait untill tomorrow

to see the real plan in action and it's affects on Liz for

the first time ,to come as more of a surprise to

them . This was their idea of fun, picking on Liz. They

were never caught , Liz never told bacause she was

threatened and she made Maria promise to not tell

either. Maria had agreed thinking they had no proof

anyway. After discussing everyone's roles in

their 'prank 'they quietly walked back up to their beds

and went to sleep. " Tomorrow my dear Elizabeth,

tomorrow your life will begin crumbling " thought Tess as

she drifted to sleep with an evil grin on her face.

Meanwhile Isabel was unable to sleep. She had never

liked hurting Liz in anyway, she just wanted the other

girls to accept her and when she first arrived she had to

do anything to fit in because she had heard of how bad

new people were treated. She never wanted to join in

their evil games but now she was caught. Once when

she had defended Liz , Tess had cornered her and

threatened her saying if she ever defended Liz again

she would tell the other girls her secret. She was so

afraid to have her secret exposed , that she never once

defended Liz again. Isabel finally dozed off into an

uncomfortable sleep.

The other girls were mean out of pure will. Maria however

had never ever been mean or joined in on the pranks, but

for some reason they only really picked on Liz, the

smallest one.

Liz was greatful to have one person on her side, even

though she spent almost all hours of the day crying.

Sometimes she was alone and sometimes with the only

two people she knew cared about her. Alex and Maria.

Liz's life had been very bad up untill now (this was hell).

She had very bad nightmares every night from the

time her parents passed away , up to this day, they

never seemed to go away, always haunting her. Aside

from Alex and Maria, Liz had another pang of light in her

life that seemed to keep her going and prevent her from

ending her life.

His name.... Max. She had a huge crush on him ever

since she saw him. She would love to be held in his

strong muscular arms and just be loved. She had never

really felt like she belonged or that she was loved, really

loved. She carried around a big mean' secret' which she

was deathly afraid of being revealed to everyone and

then held against her. She was somewhat surprised that

since her 6 month arrival none of the girls had found out

or at least mentioned it. Little did she know, it was

soon to come.......

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Hey guys should I continue this fic?????
If So I'll be posting the next part soon , either later on today or tomorrow! Let me know*happy*
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Thanks for all the feedback, I would really love feedback for chapter 2 *happy*
Here is chapter 2 ( I know the first two chapters are slow but after chapter 2 it will start to pick up)

chapter 2

It was 8am when Liz woke up the next

morning. This was the latest she had ever slept,in a long

time. She would usually wake up at 4am, 5 am if she

was lucky, she would be out of breath and sweaty

because of yet another nightmare.

As Liz was heading to the bathroom to take a shower,

she noticed that all the girls' beds were empty, except

for Maria 's bed , she knew that Maria never woke up

untill at least 11am. All 12 girls shared a gigantic room

with a bed and a dresser each , and a little movable

chinese wall seperating them from one another for

personal privacy. Every bed was nicely made and it

appeared the other girls had already showered and gone

where ever it is they went , for no sound could be heard

from anywhere in the house indicating the girls'

whereabouts. Although this was bizarre, Liz was relieved

that the girls weren't around because that would mean

they couldn't tease her, or make her feel 1inch tall.

She quickly showered and headed downstairs for

breakfast. She saw Mrs. Danelle outside putting clothes

on the clothesline. Liz wasn't really hungry, she never

was but she forced herself to eat to avoid being teased

even more by the girls. They already picked on her

because of how small and thin she was , she didn't need

to lose more weight because if she did ... God only


She put two toasts in the toaster and poured herself a

cup of orange juice. When her toasts popped she

buttered them and just ate them like that. After

breakfast she went back upstairs to lie down because

she really wasn't feeling well. She was just planning on

lying down for a minute to gain her composure but she

fell asleep the minute her head hit the pillow.

Meanwhile the girls were outside at the place they

named the 'spot' , where they always hung out and

talked about how to make Liz's life pure hell.

"Okay girls", Tess shrieked in her loud overly happy

voice, " It will all happen at 12pm tonight, Mrs. Dannelle

will be asleep and Maria will also be asleep thanks to the

sleeping pill, ( Tess grinned evily) then we .. just as

Tess was about to continue she was cut off by Kyle's

Big entrance. " Helllooo Ladies" said Kyle as he looked

the girls up and down. " Isabel gave him a frosted look

and said " don't even think about it pervert!" Kyle

realising he was caught quickly tried to bring the

attention to someone else. " So what time are we going

to execute out little plan tonight?" he asked.

Mrs. Dannelle was coming towards them and before she

was to close to hear what they were saying Tess

whispered in Kyle's ear " 12pm don't be late!" . Just

then Mrs . Dannelle spoke " Excuse me ladies, but you

all ran off this morning without eating breakfast and you

know what I always say: Breakfast is the most important

meal of the day ,now even if you're not hungry, I want

all of you to eat a little something, Am I understood ?"

They all noded and headed toward the house. Max was

watching through the window of his bedroom after

witnessing the girls' little get together. He wondered out

loud " Whatever you're up to girls I swear I am through,

no more hiding and not doing anything to help Liz, I will

not let her get hurt again, I will figure out whatever

your little plan is I will stop you ".
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Chapter 3
Thanks for all the wonderful feedback here is chapter 3
I will be posting chapter 4 and 5 tomorrow. Watch for it.
Keep the feedback coming it encourages me*happy*

Chapter 3

Maria woke up to the noisy sound of the the girls

laughing downstairs. She was not happy she was moody,

this was way to early to wake up. It was 9:30 am, way

to early! Maria decided to get up because she knew that

she would never get back to sleep so there was no use

in trying.

She started to gather her stuff to take her shower when

she noticed that Liz was still in bed, and she was

dressed. She knew that Liz always got up way earlier

than her and as she approached her she noticed that Liz

appeared pale and sick. She felt Liz's forehead and it

was burning. Maria began to worry and she didn't know

what do to. Finally she woke Liz up. " Lizzie, Lizzie

honey ", Maria whispered as she shook Liz. Liz slowly

began to awaken.

Liz opened her eyes to see a worried Maria looking down

on her. She then realised that she had dozed off.

"Marr-ria" said Liz tiredly. " I must have fallen asleep I

didn't feel good and I only intended to rest for a minute"

As Liz started to stand she quickly sat back down. " Liz

are you okay you're burning up and you look pale, maybe

you should take it easy", replied Maria as she helped Liz

sit . Liz closed her eyes for a minute to steady herself. "

Oh Maria I have this huge headache, and I feel a bit

warm can you get me some aspirin? , she asked as she

put her hand on her forehead to feel it. " Sure Babe

anything, nurse Maria is at your service" announced

Maria as she gave Liz a comforting look before she

headed to the medecine cabinet.

Meanwhile as Liz was wincing in pain she never noticed

Max looking at her through the telescope.

Max knew that Liz wasn't feeling well, not only from the

look of pain and discomfort on her face but also from a

feeling he had deep inside. He wanted nothing more than

to go over there and stay with her and help her feel

better . He wanted to hold her and protect her from all

the evils of the world , and never let anyone harm her in

any way and show her how much he loved her." Soon

My Angel, soon , " Max thought. He didn't understand

why everyone was treating her so badly, and how they

could even begin to think to hurt this beautiful person,

that he was sure was pure good and very loving. His

heart ached for her. He began to think how stupid he

had been to let it go this far. Max was determined to

make his move tonight , little did he know fate would

intervene once again and Liz would suffer yet again this


Las Crusas , New Mexico

He was in shock , at the brink of tears. He was angry

and he felt guilty because somehow he thought it was

his fault. " Michael are you ok buddy"? a deep voice

asked. Michael just nodded as a single tear slid down his

cheek. He had just found his missing sister . He had just

finished reading her files. His friend was high in the FBI

and he got these files for Michael. At first he was

searching for his parents but he discovered they had

passed away. What he then learned was that they had

a daughter named Elizabeth , she was born about 4

years after his parents had given him up for adoption .

He also read about her awful past . " Hey what are

these?" Michael asked as he pulled about 30 yellow

coloured papers marked with big red stamps from

a single file folder. The man looked up and with a sad

expression he said " Those are your sisters' s hospital

records. We have at least 30 recorded times she came

in with an injury , what she said didn't match the wound.

We suspect she was being beaten by her parents. It

appears she was questioned but she denied everything

and without a statement there's no case.

At this point Michael was beyond mad. He was angry

and sad all at the same time for what his sister had

been through and he blamed himself for all of it, for not

being there for her, even though he knew deep down

the only people at fault were the people that hurt Liz.

He got a little comfort knowing he would now be able to

take care of her and no one would ever hurt her again.

He was heading to Roswell to rescue his sister. He had

all the necessary papers and thanks to his good friend

he had obtained full custody of her. He was

driving so he would be there in two or three days, the

big road constuction didn't help his cause becuase he

had to take the back roads. " Hold on Liz I'm on my

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I would like to thank everyone for your feedback once again! Keep posting them*happy* Okay here is Chapter 4. I will be posting chapter 5 later on today if I have time. Chapter 4 is a bit long. P.S. For all of you who said Isabel should get a backbone well that is exactly what I intended to do *happy*

* Chapter 4*

Maria had been taking care of Liz now for most of the afternoon. Liz's fever was gone and so was her headache, but she still had the nausea. None of the girls had even come up once for anything. Although this was not normal, Maria was greatful. After giving Liz some Gravol for her nausea, Maria told her to rest a while.

Liz agreed thinking it might take care of her nausea. Maria decided to read to Liz to help her fall asleep. Liz really appreciated all that "Nurse" Maria was doing. She knew Alex would have been here for her too if there hadn't been a very strict rule against Boys entering the school.

The afternoon went by quickly and the whole time Maria stayed by Liz just reading to herself as Liz slept. It was soon time for dinner and Liz hadn't awoken. Mrs. Dannelle was kind enough to bring Maria some dinner .
Maria silently ate, and after she was done she went up to Liz and whispered in her ear " Sweet dreams" . She herself was going to turn in because she was feeling tired for some reason. As she headed to her ''room'' area , Tess and another girl Maggie were peeking in the doorway , Tess whispered to Maggie " Looks like our plan will work out better than we thought, the sleeping pill worked and seems our little Lizzie isn't feeling so well, All the better for us, and the worst for her," proded Tess as she gave Liz an evil look.

Tess was so excited she couldn't wait to activate her little scheme. It was now around 9: 30pm only about two and a half hours untill midnight. Tess was going over the plan with the girls at the "spot". Isabel seemed distraught or nervous to Tess. She made a mental note to make sure Isabel wasn't becoming a softy on her. As they finished going over everything, they headed inside because their curfew was 10:00 pm.

The girls had to act normal, so they washed up, brushed their teeth and got into their pijamas. They each had a coat and a flashlight under their beds.
Mrs. Dannelle came to say goodnight and then she closed their door and headed to clean the kitchen as she always did , she would then be preparing for bed.

Meanwhile At Max and Kyle's house. Max was preparing himself to save Liz. He put some items in his backpack. He would capture the girls on tape attempting their little plan and he would save Liz before they had a chance to hurt her. He however didn't know that Kyle was still in the house. As Max was sneaking out his window to get a head start, he was hit in the head ,and then everything went black.
Max woke up and he was outside in what appeared to be his garage at the very end of their yard. He was tied up and gagged. The night was cold and frisky, he was glad he had his coat to help shield some of the cold.
Then the realization hit him, Liz! He couldn't help her now and she was going to get hurt all because of him. He tried to draw attention by bangning his body around to create a sound but he stopped because he knew it was no use ,no one could hear the little sound it created , he was to far away. He tried to form a sound from deep within his throat but in was no use either.
All he could do now was pray that his angel wouldn't be harmed.
Back at the school, Mrs. Dannelle was evily grinning to herself as she said " I better pretend to go to bed sooner so that the girls could sneak out and torture our little black sheep Lizzie. Although miss Dannelle seemed evil, there was a story behind it. When she was young she wasn't pretty at all and all the guys, aspecially the one she liked, would fall for the brunnette ,fragile type. She had always tried to change but she was always too fat and she was blonde. She could have gotten other guys but because she couldn't get the one guy she wanted she vowed that no other girl of the brunette fragile type would ever be treated good or get the guy. She had kept that up untill one day ,she became the teacher at the all girls academy and she noticed the girls do it anyways . No need for her to go out of her way so she secretly helped when she could without letting anything on. The girls all thought she was just sweet, naive little Mrs. Dannelle.
"Okay it appears out plan is coming along well, Mrs. Dannelle is going to bed early." Whispered Tess to the other girls. They waited half an hour to be sure then they quietly walked over to Liz , Tess and Cheyenne tied Liz 's feet together,careful not to wake her and Katie and Annie tied Liz's arms together and gagged her. Then Jo Anne, Tess and Maggie began carrying Liz downstairs. Cheyenne, Mary, Annie, Katie, Piper, and Tina followed. Isabel had stopped following them, she was just planted in the hallway standing still.
One of the girls noticed and gave Isabel a threatening look and then added in an all too happy whisper " Isabel dear come on we wouldn't want to upset Anybody now would we" Isabel gave her a cold look and said in an equal all too happy tone " Of course not" as she then reluctantly pretented to follow. When she saw the girl was gone Isabel knew what she had to do. She was tired of being in the mean group and torturing Liz with them, she was going to save Liz and she didn't care if her secret was exposed, it wasn't worth all the pain Liz was suffering and she knew how easily she could put Tess and the others in their place. She was going to need help, and she had to think of something fast because she was running out of time.

Meanwhile Michael was about 20 minutes from the school where his sister was. He didn't care that it was near midnight he was going to get her as soon as he got there. The trip had taken him less time than expected and someone had givin him a short cut that cut him a day's travel. He upped his speed in anticipation. He would be there very soon.


The girls had taken Liz outside to the' spot'. It was far away from any neighbours or houses. It could just be accessed by a little dirt road which anybody hardly knew. It was cold out and they had tied Liz to a chair and taken all of her clothes off , all that was left was her bra and underwear.

Liz then woke up because she was very cold. She realized that she was outside, tied to a chair in only her underwear and bra, her mouth was taped with a lot of duck tape and it was completely dark except for the tiny blinding light in her eyes. Then Tess appeared out of nowhere making Liz jump.

"Well hello there Lizzie, " she said in a cold tone. " Oh girls shall we" screamed Tess as she pulled out a knife from her coat. Just then the other girls appeared each carrying a knife and kyle came from another direction carrying a gun. " Tess looked at him expectantly and he simply said " He's taken care of ", as he nodded in satisfaction. Tess nodded back in response as if pleased then she glanced around noticing Isabel was not there. " Well , Well, Well, What have we got here, Isabel appears to have bailed on us , imagine that! "Good thing we never told her about our final plan, " Tess said in an angry voice. She then turned to Liz and in a satisfied voice said "Tonight my dear is your last night on earth, you are going to die. " " And I know what you're thinking, I'll never get away with this, AM I right?" asked Tess . Liz displayed no emotion and this aggravated Tess. " It will look like suicide, everyone aspecially Mrs. Dannelle knows how depressed and sad you are and how bad your life has been, so there will be no question about your pathetic life." , Tess said in an angry evil tone.

With much trouble Isabel had managed to wake Maria up , she had explaned the situation regarding Liz, ( of what she knew) and both girls figured out a plan . They needed to capture the girl's actions on tape to prove it , that way the girls would be delt with accordingly. Maria knew that Alex had all the equipment, so after calling Alex, they both headed over there. Thankfully Alex was up , he was watching a movie. His parents were gone out of town for two nights on a business trip.

When they got over to Alex's they explained everything and Alex was more than happy to use his equipment to help Liz. " Oh No!" exclamed Alex " The stuff is in Kyle's shed at the end of his yard, Ok well ladies looks like we're heading over there to get it". "Don't worry Kyle and Max's parents are gone with mine and I think Max is already sleeping." The girls hoped so because the last thing they needed was to be caught. All three of them wondered why Max didn't try to stop his brother. They knew he never helped in the pranks and that he was quiet but they were puzzled as to why he wasn't on the good side.

They got to the shed to discover the door was locked. Alex then spotted and axe which he used to break the lock. When they opened the door they were shocked to say the least.

Max had heard some noise but he didn't want to draw any attention for fear it was Kyle. When the door opened he was relieved. He recognized Alex and then he recognized two of the girls from the school. He knew one of them had been in on the pranks all the time and he wondered what had changed. He was greatful however because he knew that there was one more person that saw how good Liz was. Alex quickly untied him . " Max buddy, are you okay what happenned?" asked Alex in complete shock. " I was going to stop Liz from getting hurt tonight with the girl's little scheme and I think it was Kyle, he knocked me out and I woke up like this!" , he said hurriedly, " We have to save Liz!"
"Yes that's what we were going to do , we just needed my equipment first , we need the proof on tape that way they'll be punished ", said Alex as he started to gather his stuff and put it in his bag. " So I take it your're in Max?"

"Defenitly!" , replied Max.
Alex put the last item in his bag and took the lead as he said" Shall We?"
He was followed by Max, then Isabel and Maria.

Michael assumed he was 2 minutes away. He didn't know whether or not to stay on the main road or take the little dirt road he saw. He decided to take a chance and try the dirt road.


Meanwhile Tess and the girls had been slowly torturing Liz. They had used the knives to make little cuts all over her body. They weren't deep however they were painful. They stung very much and the cold didn't seem to help. Liz hadn't let on any emotion of anything but she was almost at her breaking point. As Tess made a big cut on her stomach she wanted to hear Liz scream so she ripped off the masking tape and as expected Liz let out an agonizing scream filled with pain. Tess seemed so pleased, she let out a cheer of happiness. Liz couldn't take it anymore, the pain was too much. She started sobbing histerically. Sobbing for the pain, all the pain she had ever experienced.

Just as Alex, Max, Isabel and Maria were almost at the "spot", they heard a loud scream . Before any of them could react Max was out of site running as fast as he could. Isabel, Alex, and Maria then followed.
******************************************Max got to the spot just seconds before, Alex ,Isabel, and Maria.

"Oh God Lizzie!" exclamed Maria . She was about to go to Liz but Isabel held her back. " "Maria we have to set up the camera before we expose ourselves, then we can save her otherwise we have no proof and they'll do this again. " , explaned Isabel. Maria nodded in understanding. Max had to take Isabel's advice too, because he was losing it he had to think rationally.

"Okay the camara 's rolling !" whispered Alex. The camera was a night vision one and therefore it didn't require light. The only light was from the few flashlights the girls had. All four made their presence known.

"Listen up!" Alex shouted. Everyone turned around in shock to where an angry looking Alex, Max, Maria and Isabel stood. The girls then formed a barrier around Liz. Tess walked up to Isabel " Well Isabel nice of you to show, you've missed out on all the fun!" " But don't worry the best part is still to come", said Tess while glaring evily at Liz.
Isabel took in Liz's condition and said angrily" This was not part of the plan, what is going on!" Tess grinned, " Well I thought you'd chicken out on us so I had this backup plan. You Like?" replied Tess. Kyle took the opportunity to speek . " If you guys are here to save Liz why are you all standing there like fucking vegetables?" asked Kyle amused. Max's blood was boiling at this point but before he could do anything Alex spoke. " Because we'd be blocking the action and we need to catch you on tape " replied Alex amused at his turn. It might not have been the smartest thing for him to do because , at that point all hell broke loose. They all looked over beside Alex and they saw the camera. Before they could get the tape, Alex ran to the camera and grabbed the tape. He had the proof, Liz tied up and all cut and Kyle and Tess's speeches . While Alex was getting the tape , Max was trying to get to Liz through the girls. Just then A truck was coming from the dirt road. They all stopped and turned towards the intruder to see who it was.

The dirt road was longer than he expected and as he finally thought he saw some light he was shocked out of his mind at the scene in front of him. There were about 11 girls with knives in hand, there appeared to be three guys. One with a gun, the other with a tape in his hands. Then he saw a badly beaten and cut up girl in her bra and underwear tied up to a chair. He knew whatever it is he had just intruded was bad and he had to do something to stop it. He couldn't see the girls's faces that well but he hoped one of them, aspecially the beaten one was not his sister. He got out of his truck with his hands over his head indicating he came in peace.

Tess didn't know who this guy was but he didn't appear to have any weapons or important authority so she spoke up. " Go away, this is none of your business, if you leave now we won't have to hurt you."
Michael was not about to leave. " Well I'm sorry but it appears all of you are hurting that young girl and seing as you have dangerous weapons I can't do that. " replied Michael. He too A quick glance around and he saw that two of the guys appeared afraid and innocent, the other appeared to be the bad guy. With the two guys there were two girls that appeared as innocent. Just then Kyle took control " As you wish, and he pointed the gun at Liz. Moans of No, Stop, and Don't' were heard from Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex and Max. " Okay now do as I say, No Body moves, or I'll shoot her. " shouted Kyle directing himself to the "good " group and the intruder. Liz started to shake in fear as a few tears escaped .
"Everyone understand?" he said. Everyone nodded their heads in understanding. " Okay now move over here where I can see you and sit down". They all moved to where Kyle was and they sat facing away from Liz. " Okay now good" , If I see anyone try something stupid you will be joining Liz in the grave." he said loudly.
As Michael heard Liz 's name his heart almost stopped, He knew there was a big possibility this was his sister, and they were going to kill her.
He quickly started to think of a plan.
Meanwhile Kyle thought he should torture Liz . " So Liz, I bet you liked getting beaten by your parents , didn't you? A few more tears escaped Liz's eyes as the painful memories came flooding back. " What was it like to know you are a killer? You killed them. If you hadn't been born your parents wouldn't be heading to the store to get food for you. You should feel ashamed , your're dirty, you're a killer! Michael and Max both wanted to say something but they didn't to avoid any trouble. Liz broke down once again and she started sobbing again. Tess continued " Oh Poor Lizzie Wizzie, You gonna go cry to your mommy? " Oops sorry you don't got a mommy or daddy, you don't have a FAMILY! You don't BELONG anywhere, you're a piece of junk and no One loves you, No one ever will!!!!!! said Tess in a chilling voice. Liz closed her eyes and simply said " I know" and that's why I don't care if you kill me I WANT TO DIE!!! she shouted. Just then Kyle pointed the gun at Liz and Said" Okay!" and a gun shot was heard........

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Chapter 7
Hey guys here is chapter 5. I will be posting chapter 6 sometime this week and chapter 7 also. When I am done this fic there will be a sequel to it. Although this fic is not near the end yet.

" Nobody move", announced a deep voice.

They all turned toward the voice to see a police officer

pointing his gun at Kyle. Then out of nowhere about

eight police officers came into view, each carrying a gun

and pointing it in Kyle's direction. " Now son,

put the gun down and back away from it", announced

one of the officers" Kyle knew that he was defeated,

either way so he put the gun down and backed away

from it. " Good , Okay now I want everybody to empty

their hands", continued the same officer. The

girls dropped the knives from their hands. " Good, now I

want you all on the floor, face down now and nobody

talk " , shouted the officer. They all did as told. Three

officers were sent to make sure no one moved while

two went to untie Liz and the other went to

the police cruiser to call an ambulance. By this time Liz

had passed out. It was just too much for her and the

cold hadn't helped. About 10 minutes later the

ambulance arrived and they

loaded Liz in and took off for the nearest hospital. Soon

later the backup cops had arrived and everyone was

taken to the station for questionning. Michael , Isabel,

Max , Alex,and Maria had told the police officers what

had happenned and they were released shortly

afterwards. Michael was informed that the Liz that was

hurt was his sister. For the teens that were

released, there was no need to call their parents. The

girls and Kyle however were held a little longer.

The head of the Roswell police department had viewed

the tape that Alex had filmed and there was enough

proof to convict the girls . They didn't want to

bring this case to court, so all 9 girls , and Kyle waited

outside the meeting room as their parents and a lawyer

discussed their consequences.

Tess looked the most miserable of all. The moment her

parents had come she ran up to them and expected

them to tell her it was okay, that what she had done

didn't bother them, Instead her parents didn't even look

at her and they openly showed their disapointment and

anger toward their daughter. The other girls' parents had

acted much the same way. Kyle's parents weren't

surprised but they appeared hurt.

Meanwhile inside the meeting room

"What these girls did is very serious,!" started the


"They commited quite a bit of offenses, and even

though I know the punishment I will accord may seem

bad or not of this earth , but if this case had gone to

court, your children would be spending no

less than 7 years in Jail. "

The parents just nodded in understanding.

"I also want you to understand that the punishment I

have assigned will help them learn from their mistakes. "

The parents nodded their consent and the lawyer

continued. He walked over and told the teenagers to

come in, he wanted to explain the sentence to everyone

at the same time and make sure everyone understood.

When everyone was seated he continued.

"You will all be required to follow these things on my

list. I want you to understand if you try to cheat your

way out of it or if you simply break the rules , you will

then be forced to do jail time. The minimum of 7 years

the maximum of 25. He waited for a protest and when he

got none he went on .

Number 1- You must complete 3000 hours of community

service,cleaning bathrooms.

A chorus of ewww, that's too much, that's inhuman and

gross were heard from the teens.

"If you think that is bad, then maybe you would prefer

prison", said the lawyer in a loud and firm voice. No

other sound was heard in the room.

Number 2- You are expelled from the Roswell all girls

academy and forbidden anywhere near there for 3 years.

(It was a school with a limited number of people allowed

and it was a privellege to attend because of the

excellent curriculum.)

3- If you ever try to pull a stunt like this again, of

greater or less similarity, you will not get a second

chance and you will go to jail.

4- You must each go to 5 schools and give an hour

lecture to students about peer harrassment and of that

nature, also explaning the consequesnces.

5- You will be required to go to Buckley's point, once a

week and with a toothbrush clean away the grafitti

untill it's spotless.

6- For the next year, you have a curfew. Unless you are

dying in a hospital you must be indoors at 9:30 everyday

of the week.

7- You will all have a patrol manager. Everyday between

6:00pm and 6:30 pm you must check in.

8- You will all be required to see a psychologist for one

year, twice a week.

9-For two years you must not leave the state of New

Mexico at all.

And 10 the last thing is if you happen to be convicted of

anything else over the next two years you will be given

extra consequences or perhaps jail time.


They noodded. They felt like they had to do so much.

Alot of them were regretting their actions and where

sorry, all but Tess. She was angry, but she was also

happy. " I have one more surprise in

store for you thought Tess". ....

Meanwhile Michael had driven everyone to the hospital .

The drive there had been very quiet. None of the others

knew why Micheal wanted to go see Liz, or why he

appeared to care deeply for her.As they got there they

all rushed to the nurse's station and asked if she knew

where Liz was. Just then a doctor came out and he

asked " Okay, now I need an immediate family member, I

can only give Liz's condition to a relative. Michael spoke

up " I am , I'm her brother how is she?" As the doctor

talked with Michael the others were in shock. They were

very happy for Liz, she did have family after all. Michael

had finished talking with the doctor so he came to tell

the others the news. " Okay, Liz is okay, she's got

some bruises and pretty nasty cuts but they will heal. "

They're releasing her as soon as they bandge her

wounds. She should be out shortly" he said in relief.

Everyone was thankful and happy that Liz was okay ,

but they didn't know what would happen from there.

Maria and Alex didn't want to loose Liz as a friend , Max

wanted to get to know her and profess his love for her

and Isabel wanted to get to know Liz better too and just

be there for her.

Micheal saw how much these people seemed to care for

Liz and he didn't want Liz to be seperated from them for

that reason, but he also wanted to take her home where

she would have a family and a stable home. He decided

that he would talk to all of them tomorrow. He turned to

the group and said " Okay, look I know you all care

about Liz and you don't want to be seperated from her

just now because I have the feeling some of you are

just begginning to see the greatness in my sister. As he

said this he pointedly looked at Max , then Isabel and

then Alex and Maria. So I suggest we all meet tomorrow

and talk about what we do from here. " They all nodded

yes. Just then Liz was wheeled out by a nurse,

bandages all over. She looked tired, in pain and cold.

She was a little confused because she didn't know what

happenned after she fainted. She recognized Maria,

Alex, Max, and Isabel ,and then she noticed the guy

from the truck was there looking at her with pure love in

his eyes. She wondered who he was and why he had

come to see if she was ok. Her questions were soon

answered. The man approached her and said " Liz, I'm

your brother". Liz didn't think she heard right but then it

all came together and it made sense. She was so happy

and overcome with joy that she started to cry as her

brother grabbed her in a big bear hug, while whispering

comforting things in her ear. After sobbinf for a while

she regained her composure and gave her attention to

the others. She thanked everyone for helping her and

trying to save her and she was loaded with hugs. They

lined up to give Liz their Hugs. Maria was first. She

hugged Liz while saying don't worry about

anything tonight Chica, we'll sort everything out

tomorrow,don't worry I'll always be your friend and I'll

always love you. " Thank You so much " answered Liz .

Next was Alex. As he hugged her he said " remember the

tree muscateers, forever and he made this weird shape

with his arms. This made Liz laugh out loud. Next

was Isabel, She hugged Liz as said "Look Liz I'm so sorry,

for all the times I helped them hurt you, I'm sorry please

forgive me" whispered Isabel as a few tears escaped her

eyes. Liz knew there had to be a reason behind it and

that the girls were probably threatening her. " Of course

Isabel I forgive you, and I hope we can be good friends"

Isabel nodded to this. Next it was Max, Liz's heart was

pounding a gazillion miles an hour and so was Max's. He

slowly approached her and as if she was the

most fragile thing in the world he hugged her, giving her

all the love, and sympathy through that hug. Somehow

Liz felt it. He then whispered " Liz , I know that I've

never done anyting to stop them, and I know it's my

fault ,I'm really sorry could you ever forgive me?

Liz was amazed that he blamed himself , she never

thought of it as his fault, he wasn't the one doing this to

her. " Max, first of all don't ever think that what

happenned to me is your fault, the only people at fault

here are those who did this. And just for your

peace of mind and even though there is nothing to

forgive I forgive you. They both gazed into eachother's

eyes for a whole minute before breaking away. Max

didn't want to leave like that so he asked" Liz, maybe

you and I could go out for some cofee sometime? That

is if you want? Liz was blown out of her mind, Has Max

just asked me, Liz Guerin out? " Yes I'd love to,

replied Liz. "Okay then" replied Max with a huge grin.

After saying their goodbyes Maria, Michael , Isabel and

Liz all squeazed together in the truck to go to the hotel

for the night, as Max and Alex took the bus to head

home. Maria and Isabel had agreed to go along with Liz

and Michael because they were dropping out of that

school and returning to a normal school next

week and they didn't have a place to stay. They also

went to support Liz. The next day they would all be

meeting to discuss where they went from here and to

catch up. As michael's truck was heading down the

highway, no one noticed the black car


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* Chapter 8*

The drive to the hotel was quiet. Everyone lost in their

own thoughts. Michael was thinking about Liz. He was so

happy to have found her, his sister, and he promised

himself , never to loose her again and to be the

biggest loving brother you ever met. He was going to

protect her and never let anyone hurt her again if he

could help it.

Liz was thinking about all the possibilities of friendship

and love she had. For friendship there was Maria, Alex

and Isabel, and for love, two very different kinds ,there

was Max and Michael. She was happy knowing

that people did care about her and that she did have

family, friends and she hoped to soon a loving and caring


Maria was thinking two things but one of them was

overpowering the other.

The first thing was Liz's brother is HOT!!!!, and the

second was how much she wanted to keep Liz's

friendship.Isabel was thinking about how wrong she had

been to participate in Tess's little group and their plans.

She felt guilty but at the same time she was proud

of herself for doing the right thing even though it took

her a while to do.

Getting out of Tess's little group was the best thing

Isabel had ever done.

She knew her secret had a chance of being revealed,

and now that shem thought about it, her secret wasn't

that bad. However, now that no one besides Tess and a

couple of the other girls in Tess's group knew about it,

she wasn't going to tell anyone unless she had to.

******************************************After about half an hour of driving , they had arrived to

the nearest Hotel they could find. They had decided to

get one room to save money. Michael payed the man

and they were all directed to their room. It was a big

enough room, with a queen size bed, a couple of chairs,

a large glass window, a bathroom, and a t.v. The lady

responsable for housekeeping was kind enough to offer

two small cots for them,seeing as how they had 4

people, but unfortunatly that's all she could spear.

Michael took a cot, being the gentleman he was, and

Isabel followed his lead and decided to take a cot too,

leaving Maria and Liz to share the big bed.

"Well it's been a long day, I think we should all turn in

and we'll talk about everything tomorrow." announced

Michael. Everyone agreed and started preparing for bed.

About half an hour later everyone was ready for bed.

A chorus of " Goodnights,and sweet dreams" ,were

heard. Shortly after they were all in a deep slumber.

Max and Alex had made it home alright and after saying

goodnight they went their seperate ways. Max couldn't

sleep bacause Liz was on his mind . He couldn't wait to

see her again. He only hoped he'd be able to have

enough courage to express his feelings toward her.

******************************************The next morning, at around 11am they all met at the

restaurant. Everyone had arrived and were now sitting

at the table ordering their drinks. After ordering their

drinks , they began to talk.

"So Michael, tell us a bit about yourself and your life ",

said Maria. " Well, there's nothing really interesting to

tell ". I grew up in the foster care system,untill I was

about five, then I was adopted by a really good family

and I stayed with them up untill I graduated from

College. I had a pretty normal childhood, and I went to

college to get a degree in Law. I have numerous job

options and I decided to work with my buddies in the

FBI. Of course I don't do high FBI stuff I left that up to

them but I am in the security department and soon I will

be doing my work at home because I will be

helping my buddy Jim with his detective business. "

"How did you find out about Liz"? " Well when I

graduated from College I wanted to know who my real

birth parents were , so I searched for them. "

"Then I found out they had died and when I looked at

the files I saw that they had a daughter and I just had

to find her", he said giving a warm look at

Liz. " Then my buddies helped me get custody of her ",

continued Michael.

"I live in Las Crusas in the home I inherited from my

grandparents , it's fairly big with a private beach, and 8

bedrooms. I know it's alot but I like the

house." "Wow" exclamed Maria. The others were in a bit

of shock , they had never heard of a house that big ,

well maybe a mansion.

"Well you see the rooms are devided each to a house. "

There is two rooms per house and I have 4 in total.

They are all close together though and each

fully equiped like a house. 'Alex was surprised and he

decided to make a joke out of it and he said " Wow

anything else?" Mostly everyone at the table

started to laugh but Michael. " Yes actually, I have a

pool, a trampoline , a fully equiped Gym, a jacuzzi, a big

screen t.v. and a computer in every room,

and lots of other technical devices, " he half smiled.

The table was silent, as they all stared at Michael with

their mouths wide open."So what about you guys!"

Michael said amused at their reactions.

"Well me, and Isabel grew up together, Maria said. We

come from Vars, a little town about an hour from Las

Crusas" We went to elementry school together and then

we were shipped to the all girls school in Roswell. Isabel

nodded in confirmation. "Well me and Max here lived In

Roswell all our lives, beside the school. We used to be

really good friends when we were young but we drifted

apart as we grew, said Alex. Max looked down as if

ashamed. Everyone then turned their attention toward

Liz but when they saw the look on her face they

turned away. Michael quickly changed the subject upon

seeing his sister's discomfort. He secretly kicked himself

for having been that stupid. he knew all to well how her

life had been. " We should order" he said

Just then as if on cue a waitress appeared and took

their order.After ordering Maria spoke up." So I guess Liz

will be going home with you?, she asked a little sadness

creeping in. Michael looked at Liz and

spoke" Well Liz I have custody of you but I want it to be

your choice, I don't want to force you into anything

you don't want to" . Liz quickly spoke

up so that her brother didn't get the wrong message.

"Yes of course Michael, I would really love to go back

home with you, she said". Michael then surprised

everyone with what he said next.

"I have a preposition" he said. Everyone awaited him to

continue." It just so happens some my buddies have

recently opened a private Co-ed school in Las crusas.

We have the best curriculum and the best teachers.

There are spaces available and I can assure you the

students are very

gracious and kind. It's a boarding school and the area of

residance would have to be my home because of room

shortages . I can talk to all of your parents and I

guarante that they will let you go because of the

excellant oppertunities. That way you would all be close

to Liz and you would still be going to school. Then if

you want when you finish high school and you get a

job , and if you are all not sick of Liz ,you can live at

my home permanetly.

What do you say? After they all got over the second

shock , Max was the first to agree, followed by Maria,

Isabel and Alex.

"Okay then it's settled I'll make the calls tonight then."

Liz was very happy. After all she was going to get a

chance with Max and she was not going to loose her

new friends. Although everyone was pleased that they

were going to get to stay with Liz,

Max was the most happy. This is my chance he thought.
After they had eaten breakfast, and exchaged their

goodbyes, Liz, Maria, Isabel and Michael all headed back

to the hotel and Max and Alex went back

to their houses. Michael was going to call the parents

tonight and with their consent they would all pack their

stuff and head to Michael's.
Later that night at the hotel room Michael had gone

down to the main floor to make the calls and that's

when the girls took the opportunity to chat.

"Okay, Spill Liz", chimed Maria. " What are you talking

about", questioned Liz. " Don't act all innocent Liz, it

was obvious , you were staring at Max

the whole time, even a blind person could of seen that,

she said excitedly.

"ya Liz, do tell I could swear I saw sparks flying , what's

up come on tell us," said Isabel. Liz blushed and

covered her head in her pillows.

"Okay, I think I like him, a lot," came the muffled sound

from Liz." I knew it! ", both girls said together. " Knew

what?" asked Michael as he came through the door," Is

there something wrong? Why is my sister's head

burried under a pillow? Liz? asked Michael a little

amused.At the sound of Michael 's voice both girls

jumped and at the sound of he name, Liz came out from

under the pillow and said casually" Hey brother".

"We were just having a girls chat it was nothing ", said

Maria admiring Michael. Michael just shrugged .

"So what did our parents say ?" , asked Isabel.

"They thought it was a fantastic idea, you can all go

home tomorrow and get whatever you'll need and then

we'll take a van back to my house. My buddy

lent me one for the day", said Michael.

Meanwhile .....

"Yes sir..."

"No problem sir, they don't suspect a thing"

"Don't worry I want it to be as painful as possible to"

Tess hung up the phone and said out loud " You're not

going to get away with this Liz, no way in hell will you

get to have a good life, not when I'm around and not if

I can help it,... I will destroy you , replied Tess as she

let out a loud creepy laugh ....

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Hey guys here is chapter 9

* chapter 9** Chapter 9*

The next day at around 11am Michael, Liz, Max, Isabel,

Maria and Alex were all on the road headed for Las

Crusas. They left at around 10 am that morning and

they were about half an hour away from Michael's house.

Michael was driving , Max was in the passenger seat,

Isabel, and Liz were in the middle and Alex and Maria

were in the back. Each little group having their own

private conversation.

"I'm just so glad that I found my baby sister. Of what I

know she's been through so much and the part that

scares me is the part I don't know about", Michael said

while glancing at Liz and smiling as he saw her laugh at

something Isabel had said. He was happy to see her

smile. " I just hope she'll have much better memories

made for the future", said Max as he too glanced at

Liz. " I'll make sure of it Max, I'm sure you all will", he

said briefly looking in Max's direction. Max was

determined to create nothing but good memories, and

hopefully brake down the wall that Liz had built over the

years. He knew she only put on an act, that she was

doing it to pretend she was okay, and that on the inside

she was far from okay. That was one thing Max wanted

to change.

"So it looks like we'll be there soon Liz, I can't wait ",

said Isabel excitedly as she looked at the sign that said "

Welcome to Las Crusas". Liz just nodded. Isabel, like

the others knew that Liz was trully a mess and even her

fake act couldn't fool her, she had once used it herself.

She really hoped that Liz would talk to someone and let

it all out.

"So what do you think about Max and Liz?" I see Love.

Love. And oh did I mention Love? I mean Liz told me that

she liked Max and she would like to get to know him

better and Max, ...... Don't even get me started on him.

Did you see the way he looks at Liz? He is so head over

heals in love and I think that soon , very soon they'll be

going out.. and dating.. and getting married and before

you know it ... here come the kids and then their kids

grow old and then....."
"MARIA!" , whispered Alex as loud as he could without

drawing attention to them. " You're rambling again"

"Oh sorry", replied Maria.

"Yes Okay, I do see the posibility", said Alex.

"I knew it aren't I good?''
"Yes Maria, you're the best", said Alex with a smile as

he rolled his eyes and gave her a friendly hug.

"Okay guys we're here!" announed Michael as he pulled

up into a huge diveway. He then entered the code at

the gate and drove up to the house. It was a large

house that looked more like a mansion. There was a

large green lawn with a side beach and a tennis court, a

trampoline, and other entertainment stuff. They were all

wide-eyed amazed.
"This way" said Michael amused at their expressions.

They all followed Michael in the house for the grand

tour. Michael's friend was there playing tennis and he

offered to bring the bags and all the stuff inside. Michael

thanked him and began his tour.
After the Big tour of the house, Michael led a very

surprised group to their room. In the first "house" , the

rooms were given to Isabel and Maria. Isabel had the

first one and Maria the second. The ' House' was fully

equiped. " Okay so you guys get settled in and supper

will be served at 6pm so you'll have plenty of time to

unpack", said Michael as he left to show the others their

room. " Thanks !", replied both girls as they started to

unpack. Their rooms were beautiful, and well spaced,

with a queen size bed and a desk for homework, a

computer, and a full size closet. In the rest of the

"house" there was a fully equiped bathroom with a bath

and a shower, in the living room a big screen T.V. and a

nice little kitchen lay out with a microwave and an oven.

Michael had packed some breakfast and lunch food in

the cupboards , those were the only times they needed

to cook their own stuff.

Michael had led Max and Alex to the second "house"

which was very close to the first one and identical

inside. After the boys thanked him he headed to the

main house to show Liz her room.

"So here it is"

"wow Michael it's beautiful"

"Ya I thought you'd like it it was grandma's room"

"It's so big and beautiful, I even get my own

bathroom!", shrieked Liz.

She loved her room, and with her personal decorations

she intended to put up it would be perfect.

"I'm glad you like it" said Michael as he sat down on the

bed. He signed.

"Michael what is it? asked Liz concerned at seing her

brother look sad.

Michael looked up in Liz's eyes and said " Liz it's just I

know you must have been through so much, and all I

want now is for you to be happy and have a good life, I

really hope I can give that to you". He wasn't usually

one to show his emotions but this was different, he

wasn't afraid to let his sister see how he felt.

Liz tried the best she could to hold back the tears but

failed as a few fell down her cheeks. " Oh Michael I know

you'll be able to give me a good life, you already are"

she said as she sat down on the bed beside him. He

moved closer to Liz and hugged her in a comforting way.

They both just sat there in silence for a few moments.

Michael realized that she was shaking. He pulled back a

little to see and she was beginning to sob

uncontrolably. He held her tighter knowing that she

needed to cry . After a while Liz couldn't cry

anymore . " Do you want to talk about it?" , asked

Michael. " Not now maybe some other time", replied Liz

as she composed herself. " Okay Liz just know that

whenever you're ready you've always and I mean always

got me no matter what time of day or what I'm doing.

Okay? Liz smiled greatfully and said " Okay". " And

you've also got Isabel, Maria, Alex and Max to talk to

and never hesitate Liz I know they would be glad to

listen. Liz nodded. " Well you get settled in and I'll go

make sure everyone is ok. If you need anything call me

okay? said Michael as he got up and headed for the

door. " You betcha Big bro!',said Liz playfully. With that

Michael quietly closed the door and left. He hoped that

Liz would soon open up to someone because her crying

episode had told him just how much Liz was suffering.

It's not that Liz didn't want to tell Michael or the

others , and spill her problems out to them it's just she

wasn't quite ready yet.

Meanwhile ......
"Okay so tommorow it will happen"
Yes Yes................
Her life will never be the same see if Little Miss Parker could live with what will happen to her .
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Here is the preview
Liz and Michael have a long emotional talk , Liz tells Michael about her life and about all she's been through.
Max and Liz romance major, sweetness coming up.
Maria and Michael will begin to notice each other more.
Isabel and Alex go star gazing and talk.
The girls have a slumber party and bond.
It's all coming up soon!
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* Chapter 10*

About 2 hours later, it was dinner time. Everyone had

settled in ok, and everything was set. They were all

headed for the main house for dinner because it was

nearly time. The boys had visited the girl's room and the

girls the boys. They were all chatting now as they

walked in the kitchen.

"Something smells wonderful !, said Alex.

The others nodded. Just then Michael came in carrying

a tray with a large golden turkey.

"Hi everyone, I hope you all got settled in okay", he said

quickly glancing to catch their approval. They followed

him into the dining room where the table was ready and

set. There was a bunch of food on the table, and it all

looked very good. There was salad, potatoes, home

made bread, pickles, vegetables and sliced cheese.

There was also different drinks like tomato juice , water,

milk, kool aid and pop.

"Have a seat" , said Michael as he sat at one end of the

table. Liz sat beside him, Max sat on Liz's other side,

Isabel sat at the end beside Max and to her other side

sat Alex followed by Maria.

"This is really good Michael!, said Maria.

"Yes I think we all agree ", said Isabel

Liz took this oppertunity she raised her glass and said

"I would like to make a toast , First of all ,to all of you,

for being nice to me and caring about me, my life has

been..... well it's been bad.. and -and um I just ...

Thank you for giving me a reason to want to live, and

for giving me the feeling of being loved and accepted, I-

I uh actually feel like I belong for the first thing in my

life. "

A tear came down her cheek and she quickly wiped it

away and continued.

"Secondly I would like to thank you Michael." She said

looking at him. "Thank you so much for taking the time

to come and look for me, and for caring, and not just

give up , when you could of easily.

I will never be able to thank you enough for saving me ,

you know, uh coming to get me and giving me a home

and a place to stay ..., and for giving my friends a place

to stay too. I really appreciate it and I know I'm not the

best sister now, and we don't really know each other

that well yet but we will. Very soon I know we will. she

ended while smiling.

Michael brushed away a tear that had fallen down his

cheek and he said

"Liz, It was a pleasure to take you in and I would do

anything for you, I love you you're my sister and I will

never let anything happen to you again and don't you

ever doubt that okay?"

"Okay" Liz replied .

Everyone around had been caught up in the moment ,

Isabel and Maria were on the verge of tears.

"Alright!" announced Alex. " Let's toast". As if on cue,

they all raised their glasses and gently bumped them

with one another.

"Let's eat!"


After supper had ended, Max had slipped Liz a note

before he went back to his " house". Everyone had gone

back to their room to relax for the evening because it

had been a long day. When Liz got to her room she took

out the note and read it.

Dear Liz,

Meet me at the pool at 7: 00 pm , I was hoping we

could talk, and get to know eachother better.

P.S. You might want to bring your bathing suit. *happy*

Liz looked at the clock and it was 6:00pm. An hour she

thought. She didn't know if she should go or not. She

really wanted to get to know him better. Just then

someone knocked on her door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me Maria, can I come in ?"

"Ya hold on"

"Hey Maria, what's up?"

"I was bored I was wondering if maybe you wanted to

watch a movie or something".

"Well Maria I would like to but , well Max invited me to

meet him at the pool in about an hour and I was

considering going. "

"Oh Chica that's great, I knew you and Max had a thing

going", said Maria with a develish grin.

"No Maria it's not like that, he just wants to talk to get

to know me better that's all."

"Ya I've heard that before"

Liz playfully slapped Maria on the arm.


"Well it's true Liz," " Oh and let me know when the

wedding is "! yelled Maria as she left the room laughing


"HAHA!" " Very funny" Liz yelled Back.

Okay now I get ready she thought. She took a shower

and then she slipped on her red tankini. It was 6:30 and

she decided to go see what her brother was up to . She

slipped a pink tank top and a pair of jeans and she went

in search of Michael. She was aslo going to make sure

he was okay with her going to meet Max.

She found him outside on the porch staring in the

direction of the beach.

She walked up to him and sat beside him looking at what

he appeared to find so interesting.

"Hey sis, what's up is everything okay?" asked Michael

as he looked over Liz to make sure she was okay.

"Yes! Yes everything is okay I just wanted to ask you

if it was ok if I went to see Max at the pool at seven.

We 're just going to talk, and get to know each other

better. But if you don't want me to it's ok. She said as

she glanced down shyly . " Liz" when he had her

attention he went on. He spoke soflty. " Liz, It means a

lot to me that you asked, and yes you can go I trust

you. " Thanks Michael".

"Anytime and Liz, you know I'm always there for you for

whenever you might want to talk, about anything

anything at all. "

"Thank you"
Michael grabbed her into a big hug.

"Well if you'll excuse me I have something I have to do"

Michael left and Liz went back to her room to relax untill

it was time to go.

"Hey Max can I talk to you for a minute?", asked Michael.

"Sure man what is it?"

Look I know you and Liz are going to the pool later and

I'm fine with that. I also know that you two will do a lot

of talking to get to know eachother better but can you

try to avoid the best you can talking about her past.

It's something very fragile with her now and I think

she 'll talk when she is ready too.

"Okay I totally understand" said Max.

"Okay then have fun , Oh and if you hurt her I'll kill

you", said Michael as he left the room. He hoped Max


It was five to seven and Liz was heading to the pool.

When she got there Max was sitting in the jacuzzi

waiting for her. He greeted her with a huge grin.

"Hey Liz, come on in the water is nice and hot" said

Max.Liz got undressed slowly and a blush crept up on

her face as she exposed her tankini to Max. She dashed

for the water and sat beside him. Max noticed her

shyness and couldn't help grinning at her cuteness.

She was perfect to him. " Hey" she said as she let her

body relax.Max took this oppertunity to splash water in

her face. She was quick to resopnd by splashing even

more water in his face. " Take that". They struggled for

another five minutes. Liz was laughing uncontrollably

from Max's tickles and he had her pinned down at his

mercy. " Wanna play a game of truth or dare he asked

still pinning her down?" N-N-NO! Liz choked out between

laughs. " What was that !" Max said as he tickled her

more. " O-O-O-Okay O-Okay, I'll play". " That's better

Max said as he let go of Liz. She was so weak from

wrestling with him that she fell under the water when he

let go of her. She felt herself being lifted by Max's strong

arms. He then deposited her on his lap. " Are you Okay

Liz, I'm so sorry!"

"No Max I'm Okay, I just lost my balance that's all. Shall

we play?, she asked.

"Are you sure you're up to it?", asked Max. " Ya Max I'm

fine lets play"

"Okay you go first", said Max.

"Okay Max , Have you ever looked at Porno on the

internet by free will?" she asked trying her best not to

Max turned bright red " Dare" he managed to say.

"Okay I dare you to jump in the pool" said Liz.

"Oh MAn!" said Max Okay. He got out of the jacuzzi and

walked over to the pool. Liz went with him and stood at

the edge of the pool.

"Okay MAx One, Two, and Three!"

"AHHHHHHHH!" Max had dragged Liz with him.

The cold water came as a shock to both of them.

When Max came to the surface he was greeted by Liz

who was waving something in the air looking happy. He

wipped his eyes to make sure he was seing right, Liz had

his bathing suit in her hands. She was waving it at him in

the air. He looked down at himself and noticed he wasn't

wearing his, he must have lost it. He turned crimson red,

and did the only thing he could think of , stay in the

water and try to get Liz to give them bcak. " He tried to

grab it from her as she leaned over the edge but he was


"Nah ah Max, Now you do as I say and you get them

back ok?" asked Liz. " Okay fine what do I have to do?"

"Okay now tomorrow at dinner when ever someone says

your name you have to make an animal sound and it

can't be the same one twice. Do you agree?"

Max thought it wasn't so bad so he agreed. " Okay I will"

Okay then here you go, she gave him his shorts and

turned around to give him privacy.

They both decided to sit in the sauna and talk.

"So Max what do you look for in a girl if you don't mind

me asking."

"Well I like someone truthful, someone who wants a

family one day, a caring, kind and loving person. I guess

I like someone with a good sense of humor and whom I

could laugh with and joke around with. What about you?"

Well..I've never really thought about it but I guess I like

someone who is romantic and who makes me feel... safe.

I guess a sense of humor too and defenitly truthful.

"Favourite Movie?", asked Liz.

"Braveheart, you?"

"She's all That"

"My turn, favourite t.v show?"

"Friends and you"?

"Who's line is it anyway"

"Fav coulor?"

"Blue you?"

"Green" said Liz.

"I got one favourite childhood memory?"

As soon as it had left his mouth he regretted it. Liz

flinched and he could see the tears come to her eyes

and threaten to spill.

"I'm so sorry I didn't think Liz I"... she cut him off " No

Max it's okay I it's alright forget about it."

"I 'll have to deal with my past sometime I just I'm not

ready quite yet"

"I understand,"
Max leaned in closer to Liz as he said very low and

softly " Liz I like you I really do , ( he leaned in closer

and he was milimetres from Liz's lips, he looked into her

eyes and said) " and I just want to know if the feeling is

mutual?" Seconds after ,Max took a chance and kissed

Liz with all of his passion inside. Liz kissed him back .

They were making out heavy and Max lied Liz down and

continued kissing her.

That's when the awful memories came back to her. She

had been in this situation before,..

"NO PLEASE STOP,NO! ", screamed Liz. Max was

startled and he stopped right away thinking he did

something wrong. He got off Liz and asked

"Liz what's wrong Oh god I'm sorry"

She was crying hysterically and she kept screaming


Max did the only thing he could think of, he picked Liz up

and carried her to Michael.

"Michael I don't know what's wrong with Liz, I didn't do

anything I swear we were just kissing and she started to

scream like this" said Max, he was afraid Michael would

blame him.

Michael had an idea of what was happening to her.

"It's ok I think I know what's wrong bring her on the

couch". Max did as he was told and gently put Liz on the

couch. " Look Max it wouls be best if you left, you could

come back later.

Max reluctantly nodded and left after throwing one last

look of concern Liz's way.

Michael knew what was wrong, he had seen cases like

these handled before.

He held Liz tight ." Liz it's okay it's me Michael you're

brother I'm here and I'll protect you , you're safe don't

worry relax. After a while Liz relaxed and stopped

screaming. Her cries later subdued.

Mi-Michael? Oh no Max poor Max. I - and he'll think it

was him and -" Liz shhhh it's okay, don't worry about

that now. " Do you want to talk about it?"

Liz's cries increased again " Michael when I was

fourteen, Tess and her gang brought me to a party, I

thought they were being trully nice to me, but I was

wrong. They drugged me, and then this guys he, he...

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* Chapter 10 b*

"He raped me!" exclaimed Liz.
"Shh it's ok now your safe" said Michael.
He was devistated by the news and the anger was rising inside him. He was going to make sure Tess payed and her gang payed for this.
He held her tight and whispered soothing things to her . Soon later she fell asleep.
Liz had woken up and immediatly felt bad about what had happened yesterday.
She needed to talk to Max . Suddenly an idea came to her mind. She found a piece of paper, wrote something on it and decided to slip it under Max's door. Thankfully she didn't run in to anyone on the way. She hoped that he would want to meet her.
Max had been up for the past hour reading. He was hooked on the book he had purchased and he couldn't wait to read more. He happened to look down and saw the note under the door. He was curious to know who it was from and to who. As he approached he saw that it was marked TO MAX on the top. He bent down and picked it up. It read said

Dear Max,
I'm sorry about last night. I'll be in the back yard at 7pm. I thought we should talk. Meet me there if you want to talk. If you don't come I'll understand.

Max folded the note and a smile spread across his face. Liz was finally going to open up to him. They would be able to talk and get to know eachother. He was really looking forward to this.

TBC!!! Sorry it was short but I will post more tonight. It's my second fic as you all know * A new life* is my second one. Coming next Max and Liz walk and talk and.... Major romance is all I'm gonna say. Feed back please one word is ok.

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* Warning* There is talk of rape in this part. If it offends you in any way don't read.

The day had gone by fairly fast for Max and Liz. They hadn't run in to eachother at all. Liz, Maria and Isabel had gone to the beach to have a girl's party and Max and Alex had stayed in playing playstation.
It was almost time to meat Max and since Liz was already ready she decided to take the time to write in her journal.

I'm Liz Parker and today was a fun day.....
Me Maria and Isabel decided to have a girls party . I had so much fun. We swam, talked, stuffed our faces with junk food, had a water balloon fight, did some horse back riding, and plenty more. We also got to know eachother better. I didn't tell them about last night though. When I say they got to know me I mean they got to know my hobbies, my interests, my favorite colors, and stuff like that. When we got on the topic of boys, I can't believe how fast Maria knew that I loved Max. I denied it of course but she also knew that something had come up! How weird is that, the girl is psychic(sp). I mean the exact words out of her mouth were " So what are you going to wear for the date?" To say I was surprised was an understatement. I didn't really think of it as a date.....
Maybe some day a man, maybe it'll be Max, will be able to live with what happened to me in the past and will love me for me. I know Max will be scared away when I tell him. Why am I telling him you ask? Well he deserves to know why I flipped out on him the other night. Whatever happens I know that he was the closest guy I came to love ever....

Liz let a single tear escape. She saw that it was almost 7pm so she headed to the beach. When she got there Max was already there waiting for her. He looked amazing. Even though they were just going to walk, he looked good.

* He would even look good in mud* Liz thought. * Stop that !* she chidded herself. He was wearing jeans and a simple white t-shirt with his leather jacket.

Max wasn't able to take his eyes off her. She looked like an angel. Her hair looked like silk. She was wearing a pair of black pants with a nice pink fuzzy sweater.
"Hey "
"So you wanted to talk?"
"Ya.. look Max I .. it's about yesterday.. I"
"No Liz it's ok forget about it"
"No Max I need to tell you this, you need to know" She stated in a firm voice.
Max nodded " Okay".
She took a deep breath and started.
"I havn't had a good life up untill now but I'm not going to tell you why. The only thing I want you to know is why I acted the way I did last night. When I was fourteen, Tess and her gang invited me to a party. I thought great! They finally accept me... I was so naive. I don't really know how it happened but I think it was from my drink. Someone slipped drugs in my drink. They didn't knock me out but they had the same effect as being drunk. I couldn't move my legs because I was too weak, and everything was spinning and blurry. I remember this guy lifting me and bringning me upstairs in one of the rooms. I thought he was nice and that he would let me rest to recover. When.."
Liz tried her hardest not to cry.
"When I heard him say " This won't hurt a bit" I knew at that point that he had nothing but bad intentions. I screamed and screamed and I called for help. I told him to stop but he didn't. He didn't stop.
Liz burst into tears and Max quickly pulled her into his embrace .
"SHH Liz it's alright it's all over now, I understand you don't have to continue"
Max was angry that she had been hurt that way. Someone like her shouldn't ever be harmed.
Liz cried on his shoulder for a good half hour. When her cries stopped she looked up and as if for the first time noticing Max holding her.
* He didn't run away!* she thought. Max had wrapped his jacket around her and he was holding her in a protective embrace like a lion and her baby cub.
She noticed that she had cried all over him and he was soaked.
"Oh my God Max I'm sorry I cried all over you"
"No problem Liz It happens all the time" This earned him a smile. Liz was smiling. Max decided to push his luck.
"So how about that date?"
"I'm sorry I just thought"
"No I mean yes Max I would love to go on a date I'm just surprised that you would want to go with me.. " She trailed off.
"Liz I like you, I like you alot and I don't ever want you to think that just because what happened to you means I'm going to be scared away or not want you. You are kind, loving and beautiful and I - I love you" said Max.
Liz was stunned. * Did he just say he loved me?*
A tear trailed down her face. Max thinking he did something wrong wiped her tear away and started to apoligize.
"Liz I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you"
Liz put a finger to his lips to hush him. She leaned in and their lips met in a passionate embrace. " I love you too Max".
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Here's the next part
*** Part 11***

School was starting tomorrow and Liz was excited. Not only was she excited for school but she was excited and nervouse because tomorrow was the day she was going on a real date with Max. She had no idea where he was taking her or where they were going but she was anxious to find out. He had told her it was a surprise and he was sure she'd love it. After changing into her pijama's she hopped into bed. She heard a firm knock at her door .

"Come in" she said. Michael opened the door and came to sit beside Liz on her bed.

"Hey Michael" she said.

"Hey Liz can I talk to you for a minute?" asked Michael.

"Sure Michael is everything okay?" she asked.

"Yes everything's okay, I just wanted to ask you if you were okay?"

"Ya I'm okay Michael".

"Are you sure I mean with school starting tomorow and all ?" he asked concerned.

"No I'm okay, I think I'll be able to handle it, I won't be alone I'll have Max and the others." she said.

"Max hun? Just be careful not to get to carried away with Max, you're still young and you have your whole life ahead of you."

"Don't worry Michael I know and I promise I would never do anything that would make you hate me or kick me out" she said.

"Liz I don't ever want you to think I 'd hate you, no matter what you do I'll never hate you and I certainly won't throw you out of the house, I love you. If you ever made a mistake or something happened I might not like it and I might be angry but never would I hate you do you understand?" he tried his best to stress that fact to her.
Liz looked down shyly and nodded. " Thank you"

"No problem, what are brothers for anyway?"

"I love you Michael" .

"I love you too Liz, more than life itself" He took her into a big hug.

Once they pulled apart Michael asked " So how old is Maria?"

Liz playfully slapped him on the arm.

"Michael, do you like her?"

"Maybe?" he said trying to keep himself from blushing.

"She's going to be 18 in 2 months" said Liz.
Michael was going to be 20 in 5 months. He would have to wait untill she was 19 for it to be legal. He was really beginning to like her.

"You like her don't you?" said Liz amused.

"Goodnight Liz" said Michael as he kissed her forehead.

"Michael?"she urged.

"Fine I do but if you tell her I'll be forced to get you back" warned Michael.

"Don't worry" she ended in an innocent voice.

Michael closed her door and left the room hoping Liz wasn't going to say anything about their little conversation.

TBC!! This is just kind of to see if anyone actually likes it and wants me to continue if so I'll post the rest tomorrow!

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