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Title: A truth discoverd
Category:L/M and others (Liz centric for now)
Summary:Liz,Maria,and Alex discover that they are aliens from another planet and what happend to them on that planet is based on Lord of the Rings written by J.R.R. Tolkien. It won't be exactly like the book I am going to change it a little bit to fit Roswell.
Rating:Well this chapter R b/c of the Eraser Room scene but the others PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing

This is my first fic so if it sucks you'll know why. Oh and please give me FB I have to know if people like it. This chapter is kinda stupid, but please give it a chance.

Scene-School at lunch


Liz: God Maria could you scream it any louder? I don't think they heard you in New York.

Alex:Want me to kick his ass for you Liz?He deserves it.

Liz:God Alex no. You and Maria a making this into this huge's really not that big of a deal.


Liz:Sniff some ceder oil Maria. Besides you guys this is not that big of a deal it's not like they are going out or anything it was just one kiss.

(Don't get the wrong idea I so don't want Max and Tess together)

The Eraser Room

Tess:Max don't you think we should...go to lunch...I mean...we've been in here for like an hour.

Max doesn't pay any attention to Tess's comment he just keeps kissing her.

Tess:I guess that means no.

Maxs hands are roaming over her entire body.Everywhere from her neck to her breats to her buttocks.

Tess:Oh Max...Max...Max.

Tess hand reaches down and starts rubbing his manhood.

Max:Oh...Oh...Oh...Oh Liz.

(Outside the eraser room in the hall)

Alex:Jeez what is going on in there

Maria:It sounds like someone is getting some

Liz: {sighs} Maria...that's gross

(Back inside the Eraser Room)
Tess: What did you just say?


Tess:No Max I heard you you said Liz.

Max:No I didn't

Tess:I heard you max...loud and clear. I am never gonna measure up to I? (Tess leaves the eraser room)

Liz,Maria, and Alex see Tess leave the eraser room followed by Max.

Liz: {Tears build up in her eyes} I can't believe I was actually stupid enough to think it was just a kiss. {Liz runs off}

Maria: LIZ! (starts to run after her but is stopped by Alex.)

Alex: Just give her some time alone.

Maria:But we can't just leave her.

Alex:We'll stop by her house after school.

Isabel: {Approaches}Hey guys what's up

Alex:Oh nothing.

Isabel: I see well anyway...Max wanted me to tell you guys that there will be a meeting at the UFO center tonight at 8.

Maria:About what? Nothing has been going on lately.

Isabel: You know my brother he probably wants to find out if you guys have seen anything unusal and wants to make sure everyone stays on their guard b/c something big could happen.

Maria: {rolls her eyes}

After school-The Crashdown
(Liz is still crying)

Maria: Max is such an asshole

Liz: No ...Maria...he's not I was practically begging him to go off and be with Tess.

Maria: So what I mean that doesn't mean he should actually go do it.

Alex: And plus who would wanna kiss Tess I mean....Ick!

Liz: {Laughs}

Alex: What? Parker Laughing?

(A mysterious Man enters the crashdown and approaches the table Liz, Maria and Alex are sitting at.)

Man: (to Liz) Arwen????????

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Okay well like I said earlier this is based on the Books Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien Starting with the Fellowship of the Ring. It won't be exactly like the book the over all characters will be different, but the basic idea will be the same. And please I need FB other wise I will think no one likes the fic and I will not continue to write it.

See part 1 for disclaimer

Part 2
( From Part 1)

Stranger: Arwen?

Liz: (knows the name sounds familiar) Excuse me?

Stranger: Oh ... I'm sorry I was wondering if I may be seated?

Maria: Uh... you seat yourself in this resteraunt. If you will sit down we will be with you in a minute.

Stranger: I am sorry. Thank you.

(The stranger looks like Ian Mckellan)

Maria: What's that dudes deal? (laughs)

Liz: Maria!


Liz: That was rude

Maria: (Rolls her eyes)

Liz: (approaches the man smiling) What can I get for you tonight?

Stranger: I'm not here to eat.

Liz: (afraid)...then why are you here?

Stranger: If you and your friends come with me I will explain everything.

Liz: I'm not sure if that's such a good idea.

Stranger: I will not hurt you. I could never hurt you.

Liz: Look I have no idea who you are and I'm sorry I am not going to go with you.

Stranger: You know who I am ...You can feel it. You know you have known me before.

Liz: But I've never met you before in me entire life.

Stranger:Yes you have just not in this one.

Liz: Maybe if I knew your name?

Stranger: It's Gandalf.

Liz: Gandalf? That name it sounds so familiar.

Gandalf: See.

Liz: (nods).

Gandalf: Now will you and your friends come with me so I can explain everything? We haven't much time.

Liz: uh...Okay.


UFO Center

Max:Where are they? You did tell them right?

Isabel: Yes max for the hundreth time I told them.

Michael: So what guys they are a little late it's no big deal.

Tess: It is a big deal. Max is the King. When he instructs people to do something they should come...and be on time.

Michael: Yes Max is the King, but he's not their King.

Max: I don't care if I'm not their King. This is important.

Michael: It's been months nothing has happend.

Max: More reason for us to be on our toes Michael. They are probably planning something and I want to make sure everyone is safe.

Michael: Max you can't keep going on like this...being so cautious we have to have lives you know.

Tess: The only important role in your life is to serve the King and his Queen.

Michael: If you think I am gonna bow down to you've got another thing coming.

Tess: You should bow down to me I am your Queen.

Michael: If you don't shut up I swear to God I will....

Isabel:HEY! You guys stop it alright! This isn't helping! Tess we are suppose to be your friends not you servants that you can command and Michael yes we do need to have lives, but we also need to be careful.

Tess: (sighs)

Michael: Whatever.

Max: Where are they? For gods sake you ask them to do one small thing and they...

Michael: One small thing? They shouldn't be doing anything for us they have already done enough we owe them our lives and all you can do is sit here and whine about how they are late? Max I've known you my entire life and not once have you acted like this. Ever since you have gotten closer to Tess you have been selfish and cocky.

Tess: Oh so this is my fault?

Michael: You said it I didn't. For all we know you could pulling one of your mind tricks on him.

Tess: NO I'M NOT! He is with me b/c he wants to be! And he is acting like a King b/c he wants to! I have had nothing to do with this.

Isabel: He's not with you b/c he wants to be. He is with you b/c Liz isn't interested. You are just his back up. (Isabel hated to admit it, but Tess was getting on her nerves and she needed to hear the truth).

Tess: (runs off)

Max: That was uncalled for Isabel.

Isabel: You know it's true.

Max: No it's not. I am with Tess b/c I want to be. Maybe things would be different if Liz didn't go fuck Kyle, but she did and I am with Tess now.

End of Part 2

FB PLEASE! More on Liz,Maria,and Alex in part three.

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Hey guys thanks for the FB! I like the whole idea of Arwen and Aragorn too! I will post part 3 tomorrow I might post part 4 as well. If I have enough time I will post some more tonight.

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Authors Note:


Thanks for all of your replies. I am happy that you like this fic. I will not be able to post for a little bit. I am so sorry to leave you hanging like this. But I will start posting new parts as fast as I can. I am sure you are wondering who Alex and Maria are going to be in this fic so I will tell you.