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Title: Where The The Sidewalk Ends
Category: All, Au, No Aliens-all humans
Summary: This is just a fun story. No aliens. It picks up after the roadtrip that took place in Where The Road Leads. Which can be found here... Where The Road Leads There's gonna be some smiles, some tears, some fun stuff, some not so fun stuff. It's just a story about life, love, and friendship.
Disclaimer: Let's face it. I don't own em. Never have. Never will, much to my dismay.
The title is from the Shel Silverstein poetry book. You remember the one....Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the garbage out....

Made by Lil Blue Bubble

Where The Sidewalk Ends

A couple hours away from home, in Liz's mustang, Maria and Liz were explaining to Michael and Max what the plan was for when they got home. Michael and Maria were in the front seat, and Max and Liz were in the back. The top was down, because it was a clear night, with a cool breeze.

"You mean, we're just gonna sneak up on em? Just sneak right on in then surprise em at breakfast?"

"No, spaceboy," Maria said. "When we get there, it's gonna be like 4 in the morning. They aren't expecting us until tomorrow night. We're all gonna go home, sneak in, leave the books on the tables, and let our parents figure it out on their own that we're home."

"And remind us again why we can't wake them up?" Max asked.

"Because it's gonna be a surprise, doof," Maria replied.

"We made those beautiful books for our parents, and Isabel wants to surprise them. She took all the pictures, so the least we can do is let her have her surprise," Liz said.

"I don't understand what the big deal is with those books anyway."

"Michael, duh! You aren't supposed to understand. It's a sentimental thing," Liz said.

"Hey! I can be sentimental!" Michael exclaimed.

"Oh yeah?" Maria said, raising an eyebrow. "Name one time you got sentimental?"

"He cried when the Rams lost the Superbowl," Max interjected. Prompting Liz and Maria to burst out into laughter.

Michael shot Max a dirty look. "Thanks, Maxwell," he said sarcastically. "And it was only because I lost a hundred dollars on that game!"

"Uh! You bet a hundred dollars on a football game? That is so childish!" Liz said.

"Lizziebean, be quiet. You girls spend a hundred dollars a month on hair supplies and nail polish. Us guys spend a hundred dollars a month on football and CD's."

"That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" Max said. "I don't spend a hundred dollars a month on football."

"Yeah. That's cause your money goes to Playstation games," Liz teased.

Max frowned, and Liz reached over and pinched his cheeks. "Awwww, you're so cute when you frown!"

Max laughed, and jumped across the back seat, closing the distance between he and Liz. He grabbed her wrists with one hand, and tickled her sides with the other. She was giggling and screaming, kicking up her legs, trying to get Max to stop.

"Hey! What in the world is going on up there? I'll have you guys know that this is supposed to be a hanky panky free trip home!" Kyle's voice said through the walkie talkie on the front seat.

Maria rolled her eyes, and picked up the walkie talkie, turning in her seat to see the lights of Max's jeep being flashed on and off.

"Yeah. It seems the two engaged people can't keep their hands off of each other long enough for the four of us to have a decent conversation. Ewww! Now their playing kissey face!" Maria said into the walkie talkie.

Kyle laughed when he saw Liz's mustang swerve at Maria's kissey face comment, and he knew that Michael must be driving.

"You'd think they'd be able to tone things down a bit, now that they know they're gonna be spending the rest of their lives together," Alex said from the back seat.

"Alex, speak for yourself. I think it's cute," Isabel said.

"Me too," Tess stated, sighing dreamily.

"They are acting like two little kids!" Kyle said.

"But it's soooo romantic!" Tess argued.

"She's got him so whooped," Alex said.

"Man, I'm never gonna let a girl get me that bad," Kyle remarked.

Tess looked at him funny, then turned around and winked at Isabel. "Kyle, how about we go see a movie Saturday Night?"

"Sure, babe. But you know the deal. No chick flicks."

"Buy Kyle, please? The new Brad Pitt movie is out, and I wanna see it."

"I'm not going to watch a sappy chick flick. Me and they guys made a pact to never ever go see a girly flick. I want blood and gore."

Tess pouted, then scooted over to Kyle. "Kyle," she said, whispering in his ear. "If you take me to a chick flick," she paused to kiss his temple. "Then I promise," she paused again to go back to nibbling on his ear lobe. "I'll make it worth your while."

Kyle swallowed hard. "Brad Pitt and sappy romance it is. I'll even bring the tissues."

Alex and Isabel cracked up in the back seat. "I'm never gonna let a girl get me that bad," Alex said, imitating Kyle's voice.

"You're lucky that I can't reach you right now, Alex." Kyle said, throwing him a dirty look in the rearview mirror.

"I'll protect you, Alex," Isabel giggled, throwing herself in front of Alex to smirk at Kyle in the mirror.

Kyle rolled his eyes. "Now I'm shakin' in my boots, Isabel."

"Did you guys ever think we'd end up like this?" Tess asked, changing the subject.

"Like what?" Alex asked.

"The eight of us. Such good friends. And couples," Tess remarked.

"I never really thought about it. But I'm not surprised. I mean, for heaven's sake. Our parents used to bathe us together in my mom's huge bathtub when we were toddlers."

Alex's eyes lit up. "Oooh! Can we do that again?"

Kyle chuckled when Isabel gave Alex a funny look. "Alex, that is so gross. We were babies then. We're adults now."

"Which is precisely, why us guys wouldn't mind getting into a bathtub with the four of you," Kyle added.

Tess rolled her eyes. "Men!" she remarked.

At eight thirty the next morning, Diane Evans went downstairs to make some coffee. She was excited that the kids would be home that night. They hadn't seen them since Graduation. When she got to the kitchen, she saw a large, blue photo album type book lying on the kitchen table.

"What's this?" she wondered aloud. She opened it up, and couldn't help but smile. On the first page was a picture of all eight kids. With horses, motorcycles, and a "Welcome to Oklahoma". Sign. Looking through the pages, she realized that the kids had made a scrapbook of their roadtrip. Some of the pictures made her laugh. Other's made her sigh at how happy they all looked. And still others made her make a mental note to ask them about later. She read the note at the end, and couldn't help but smile.

Dear Mom's and Dads,

When we planned this trip after graduation, this wasn't exactly how we planned it. But this is how it worked out. We set out on this trip to see the world. To take a break. More than anything, we wanted to find ourselves. We did so much more than that. We found each other. And we found our own little world. In our world, anything can happen. In our world, dreams really do come true. We can prove it. With each other. Thanks for not ruining this trip for us. And thanks for being the best parents we could have ever asked for.

Love Always, Your Children,

Isabel Evans,
Max Evans,
Liz Parker,
Michael Parker,
Alex Whitman,
Maria Deluca,
Tess Harding,
and Kyle Valenti.

PS. Check our rooms. SURPRISE!

Reading the last line, Diane yelped, and flew up the stairs, happy to finally have her children back home.


Okay. I know this part is slow. But I couldn't just go right into the story. I wanted them to come home, have a few days to relax. But this is the only the beginning. Now that I've got this story started, I can't wait.

Thanks for reading, guys. And hang on. Cause it's gonna be a fun ride!

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"And they actually won?" Nancy Parker asked, giggling.

Maria nodded her head, unable to speak because she was laughing.

"Everyone in the whole building cheered them on! And every single girl in the place wanted to hit on them!" Isabel said, giggling.

It had been only three days since the kids had returned home from the road trip, and the girls had all gotten together and taken all mother's out for breakfast. The boys had taken the father's out too, but the girls had made them pick a different restaurant. The girls had opted for the local Waffle House, and the guys had picked a Golden Corral breakfast buffet. The girls had just told the mother's about the boys winning the Britney Spears talent contest.

"Where'd they get the clothes?" Diane asked.

"That was funny too...they had to borrow them from the waitresses!" Liz answered. "And they were so tacky. They had miniskirts, feather boas, and wigs on!"

"I was wondering whose clothes those were when I saw the pictures," Karen Whitman asked. "I was sure none of you girls owned clothes like that."

"And you actually got them to dance?" Amy asked. "I would have given anything to see Michael do you say it, ‘Bust a Move'", Amy said, wiggling in her seat to imitate dancing.

"Mom," Maria said, feigning embarrassment. "Please, that's frightening."

"What?" Amy asked innocently.

"Hearing your mother say ‘bust a move.'"

"And don't even get us started on the dancing," Tess said. "It took Maria all night long at this country club we went to just to get Michael to do the two step!"

"And it still took him five steps!" Liz said.

"Well, let me ask you girls this," Christine Harding said, leaning in closer to the table. "I noticed towards the end of the books that the pictures went from eight people to four couples. How did that happen?" Christine Harding had long blonde hair, and blue eyes just like Tess's. Leaning over the table with one eyebrow arched, she looked just like her daughter.

"Maria and Michael started it," Isabel answered.

"We did not!" Maria said.

"Did too," Liz said. "Remember that whole pickup line thing? Who would have thought Michael would have taken you up on it?"

Nancy Parker looked at Maria. "You mean you used a pickup line? On Michael as in ‘I use pickup lines, I don't fall for them, Michael?'"

Maria smiled. "Yep. And he did fall for it. Hook line and sinker."

"Yeah. Michael's been doing a lot of things he said he'd never do since he got with Maria," Liz added.

"Yeah," Tess said. "Like smiling."

Everyone snickered, and Isabel looked at Tess. "Yeah, and look who's talking," she said. "Rumor has it that Kyle Valenti, Captain of the Varsity Football team and the ‘Anti-chick flick club' is going to see a sappy Brad Pitt movie this weekend."

"What can I say," Tess said, shrugging her shoulders. "He can't resist my charm!"

Liz saw her mother eyeing her engagement ring, and knew she was about to say something to her. Liz looked at Isabel, then back to her mother, and shook her head, trying to warn her before she said anything. One little remark could set Isabel off.

"Well, Liz, dear. How does it feel to be engaged?"

Liz groaned, and Maria and Tess put their heads on the table.

"Oh! That reminds me!" Isabel said, pulling a huge three ring binder out from under the table, setting it loudly down on the table. "We have some planning to do."

Maria looked at the women. "This is going to be very long breakfast."

"And don't forget to tell him about the socks," Jefferey said.

"Oh yeah," Phillip said. "Keep your sock drawers organized. Because an angry wife and a messy sock drawer do not make for a good combination," he said, taking a bite of pancakes into his mouth.

Max nodded, and laughed. "Anything else I need to know?"

"You do know about the toilet seat?" Charles Whitman asked him.

Max shook his head and rolled his eyes. "I live with Isabel. I've known about the toilet seat since I was tall enough to aim straight!"

Michael snickered, and Max raised an eyebrow at him. "Listen, Parker," Max said. "You better be taking notes. Because the way I see it, as soon as Maria gets some spare time, it's your wedding she'll be planning."

Michael put his fork down, and grabbed a piece of sausage off of Alex's plate, popping it into his mouth. "I ain't never gettin' married."

Alex reached over and slapped Michael's wrist. "Yeah sure you aren't Michael. But I'm warning you ahead of time. Get used to eating off your own plate. Because messy sock drawers and toilet seats left up don't even compare to taking food off Maria's plate."

"Okay. As Best Man, I say that we should start planning the bachelor party," Kyle said.

"Hold on a second," Michael said. "I'm the best man."

"Na-huh," Kyle said. "I look good in a tux. I'm the best man," Kyle argued back.

"Well, he's marrying my sister. That give's me best man rights."

Kyle was about to protest when Alex spoke up. "Guys, guys. Don't you think Max should get to choose his own best man?"

Kyle and Michael looked at each other and shrugged. "Fine," they said in unison.

"Good," Alex said. Then he turned to Max. "So. You're gonna pick me, right? I mean after all. I am dating your sister."

Ed Harding chuckled. "And I thought planning weddings was a girl thing!"

"Oh don't worry," Max said. "Planning this wedding will be a breeze for us. Isabel's already got an outline, a reception theme, a rehearsal dinner planned, and a whole book of flower samples ready for Liz to look at."

Phillip Evans laughed. "And when Isabel goes into planning gear, she's always in overdrive. We'll be lucky if we get to pick what color underwear we have on that day."

Charles Whitman choked on a mouth full of orange juice. "Is it that bad?" he asked after wiping his mouth.

"Oh it's worse," Max said. "I've lived through 18 Christmases with her. It's like that MTV Diary thing says. "You think you know, but you have no idea."

Phillip slapped Alex on the shoulder. "Good luck to you too Alex. Cause your'e gonna be volunteering for lots of things you don't even know how to do."

"I'm not volunteering for anything," Alex said.

"Trust me," Phillip said, chuckling. "You're dating my daughter. You'll be volunteering."

Alex groaned, and everyone laughed.

For the rest of the day, at both the Waffle House and Golden Corral, conversations were filled with nothing but wedding plans.

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"So," Maria said as the girls walked into Trio's, where they had pre arranged plans to meet they guys. "When in the world did you have time to put that whole planning notebook thing together?" she asked Isabel.

"Oh I've had it for a while. Everytime I see something I like, or get a new idea, I put it in here. I've got pictures from magazines, articles, notes, the works."

"Well, don't you want to use that for your wedding Isabel?" Liz asked.

Isabel shook her head, and pulled out the notebook so her friends could get a better look. "It's divided into four sections. One for each of us. We all have our own ideas."

Tess giggled, and Maria rolled her eyes. "You mean you have weddings planned for all four of us?" Tess asked.

"Well, not planned, as such," Isabel said. "I'm just...keeping track of things so there won't be any confusion when the time comes."

"I can guarantee you with this group," Liz said, reaching over to take a look at Isabel's notebook, "that there will always be some confusion."

"Good point," Isabel said, laughing.

"Isabel, this thing is packed! There's like a million pages in here!" Liz said.

"Well, don't worry. Most of them are for my wedding."

Tess, Maria and Liz looked at her.

"What?" She asked. "I can't plan your whole wedding. You have to do some for yourself!"

"You are impossible!" Maria said.

"That's why she's always in charge of planning everything," Tess said.

"Well, there was that one year that Pam Troy got picked to head up the Prom committee instead of Isabel."

"Well, that didn't last long," Isabel said. "Cause she quit, and I got to do it anyway."

"I wonder why she quit," Liz said. "She was all rubbing it in your face one day, and quitting the next."

"I had a little talk with her," Maria said.

"What?" Isabel asked.

"I had a talk with her. Told her that if she planned her prom, then I wouldn't come. And if I didn't come, you guys wouldn't come. If none of us came, noone in school would come, since we were the most popular kids, and that she'd be the laughing stock of the school."

"And she just gave it up, just like that," Tess asked.

"Well, yeah. After that and my threats to open up a can of smackdown on her skanky butt."

Isabel cracked up laughing. "I can't believe you threatened her, Maria," Isabel said after she'd regained her composure.

"What?" Maria asked, shrugging her shoulders innocently. "Everybody knows you plan the best dances, anyways."

"Remind me never to get on Maria's bad side," Liz said.

"Yeah," Michael said, coming in the door just in time to hear Liz's comment. "I've been there. It's not a happy place." He walked in the room, Kyle, Max, and Alex hot on his heels, and claimed the empty chair next to Maria.

Max walked over to Liz and pulled her out of the chair, kissed her quickly, and sat down, pulling her down on his lap. Alex sat next to Isabel, and Kyle pulled a chair sideways behind Tess and put his arms around her.

"So, how was your breakfast?" Max asked Liz.

"Good. We had a good time," she answered.

"Yeah," Maria said. "And Isabel's gone into planning mode again. Did you guys know she's had all of our weddings," she pointed to the girls sitting around her, "planned since, like, grade school?"

Michael chuckled, and Maria looked at him funny.

"Mr. Evans told us she goes into overdrive when there's something to plan," Kyle said.

Isabel scoffed, and was about to protest, when Liz interrupted her. "So what did you guys do?"

"Oh, it was so much fun," Max said sarcastically. "We just spent the better part of an hour arguing over who was gonna be my best man."

"And, what did you decide?" Liz asked.

"I didn't. But I told them if they argued one more time, I was going to forgo tradition, and let Isabel stand up for me!"

Liz giggled, and laughed even harder at Isabel's reaction.

"I can't stand up for you, Max," Isabel said seriously, not even absorbing the fact that Max was kidding. "It would ruing the plans for the photos."

"Isabel, dear," Maria said, reaching over to take the notebook away from her friend. "I believe that was a joke. Now would be the proper time to laugh."

Isabel paused for a moment, then giggled. "Okay, fine. So I do get caught up in my planning. But that's why I'm the best, " she replied.

"I'm bored, what do we do now?" Kyle asked.

"We're going shopping," Isabel said.

"Can we go?" Kyle asked.

Maria raised an eyebrow. "What's this? Kyle Valenti, football star, muscle movie mogul, steakeating, self proclaimed man's man, wants to go shopping, with us?"

"Hey! I shop too!" Kyle said, defending himself.

"Sure, you can come," Liz said. "You guys can hold all our bags while we try on clothes."

"Oh no. I'm out," Max said. "I've been with Isabel before. She tries on like a million different outfits, then ends up buying the first one she tried on."

"Yeah," Michael said. "Then she makes us help her find the perfect shoes, and mathcing accessories. Not my idea of fun," he said, looking at Kyle.

"All right," Kyle said. "Well, let's go shoot some hoops. We haven't played Baskteball since school ended."

"Sounds good to me," Max said, the other guys agreeing.

After kisses and hugs goodbye, the girls headed out the door towards the mall, and the guys headed to the basketball courts in the park to shoot some hoops.

"You have got to be kidding me," Alex said, stopping midstride as they neared the basketball courts.

"What?" Michael said, turning to Alex.

"Let's just go home," Alex said, turning around to walk in the opposite direction.

"Why?" Max asked, turning back to the basketball courts.

At that moment, Max felt his blood start to boil. He cracked his neck and clenched his fists, glaring at the boy playing ball. He wanted to run out on the court and throw a punch. Sean Deluca stood there, basketball in hand, smirking at the four boys as they approached.

"Maxwell, he's not worth it," Michael said, sensing the tension in the air.

"Yeah, sure," Max said. "But I came to play basketball. And that's exactly what I intend on doing." He walked onto the court, and his friends followed him, knowing that they were in for an interesting game.
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Thanks to all you guys for the great FB. It makes me giggle, and it's why I get parts out faster!




"What are you going to do, Max?" Alex asked, walking side by side with his friend.

"I told you. What I came here to do. Play ball."

"Somehow, I don't believe that just playing ball is what you have in mind, Evans," Kyle said.

Smirking, Max walked right up to Sean, and stopped in front of him, Alex, Kyle, and Michael standing ready for attack behind him.

"Well, well, if it isn't little Lizzie Parker's entourage," Sean said, grinning when he saw the four boys in front of him tense up.

"Why are you here, Sean? You don't even live in this town," Max asked through clenched teeth.

Sean looked around the basketball courts, then back at Max. "There aren't any signs here posted that I can't come in. So I guess I'm here to do the same thing you are. Play ball."

"I told you not to come around here anymore, Deluca," Michael said.

"Well, I've never listened to anything you've ever said before, why would I start now?" Sean asked.

"Get out of here, Sean," Kyle said.

"I don't think I'm leaving just yet."

"Fine," Max said. "Then let's play."

"Fine by us," Sean said, gesturing to the three friends he had with him.

"But there's a price," Max said.

"Go ahead, name it," one of Sean's buddies said.

"When we win, you leave and stay away from town," Max said.

Sean snickered. "And if we win?"

"You can go anywhere you want. And we won't bother you."

"Fine," Sean said, tossing the basketball to Max who caught it with a glare. "You're on."

Thirty minutes later, the game was tied. 12-12. They had decided to go to 13, so whoever made the next basket won the game. Max was exhausted. He and Kyle had both played basketball in school, and Michael and Alex were both good, but didn't play on teams. They usually pretty much beat anyone they played, but Sean and his friends were turning out to be a better match then expected.

Taking a break, Max, Michael, Kyle, and Alex headed over to the sidelines to drink some water from a nearby water fountain.

"Why the heck can't we beat these guys?" Michael muttered, kicking a tree in frustration.

"It never takes us this long," Alex said out of breath.

Max looked over at the court, and saw Sean and his friends waiting for them.

"Hey, Parker," Sean yelled. "After we win this game, tell that pretty little sister of yours I'll be seeing her around."

"That's it," Max growled. "They're outta here."

Max trudged to the center of the court, ready to face off against Sean for control of the ball.

"By the way," Max said, smacking the ball behind Sean to Michael, who caught it easily. "That's my fiancé you're talking about."

Surprised momentarily by the news, Sean stumbled on his feet, and groaned when he saw Michael pass the ball to Kyle then to Max who easily dropped into the basked, winning the game, and kicking Sean and his friends out of town.

"I am not buying this!" Liz said.

"Liz, it is soooo cute!" Maria said. "I'd wear it."

"Which, I presume," Tess said, sticking her head out of her dressing stall. "Is exactly why she won't buy it!"

Tess laughed when Maria threw a sandal over the wall, into her dressing room.

"Just let us see," Maria said, looking towards Liz's stall. "Just step out, we'll look, then you can take it off."

Liz stepped out, and Isabel stifled a giggle. She was wearing a bright orange leather miniskirt, and a tight fitted hot pink shirt with orange designs in it. She had on knee high boots, and looked totally uncomfortable in her outfit. "She's right, Maria. That looks totally weird on her."

Maria laughed, and looked at Liz. "Fine, take it off. But don't hang it up, cause I'm buying it."

Liz rolled her eyes, then went back into her stall to put on her own clothes.

"You know," Liz said, coming out of the store with bags in both hands. "I'd forgotten how much I love our little mall."

"I know what you mean," Tess agreed. "I mean, the trip was fun, and a once in a lifetime chance and all, but I was really beginning to miss little old Fayetteville!"

"I'm just glad I have my own bed to sleep in," Isabel said.

"Me too, and real food. If I ever have to eat another peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever again, I'm gonna die!"

"You and my brother really are two peas in a pod," Liz said.

"What's that mean?" Maria asked.

"I know," Isabel said. "It means when you two aren't thinking about each other, all you think about is food!"

Maria rolled her eyes, and laughed.

"What are you guys doing tonight?" Maria asked her friends.

"Well, Kyle promised me he'd take me to see the new Brad Pitt movie. So that's where I'm going. I'm taking him up on his offer."

"That sounds like a good idea," Isabel said.

"No offense, Iz, but me and Kyle haven't been out on a date alone yet. We kind of want to be by ourselves."

"Silly," Isabel said. " I didn't mean going with you. I meant going to the movies. We have 6 movie theatre's. For goodness sake."

"Come to think of it," Liz said, deep in thought. "None of us have rally been on dates alone," Liz said.

"Well, then, tonight is our alone night. We'll surprise the guys," Tess said.

"I'll call Max and tell him to make sure all the guys are ready at 7:00," Isabel said.

"And that they all bring separate cars," Maria added.

"Tell them we'll meet them at the Café," Liz said. "We can all get ready there."

"In the meantime," Tess said, picking up a newspaper that had been left on a bench they were walking by. "We'll decide which movie theater who is going to."

Isabel hung up the phone, giggling, and Maria asked her what was so funny.

"They think they're in trouble," Isabel said.

"Did you tell them they weren't?" Liz asked.

Isabel shook her head. "If they think they did something, maybe they'll bring us flowers or chocolate or something."

"That's bad, Isabel," Tess said.

"I know."

"But I like it!"

"Let's get a move on, girls," Maria said, walking pace ahead of her friends. "We have hot dates to prepare for!"

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Kari(Rapunzel)-hot dates do sound like fun, don't they? I still haven't decide what's gonna happen, but I promise it'll be fun!

angelbehr-Just like a guy, to assume he's done something wrong. And I know Isabel's bad....In my story, she kind of reminds me of myself...

And Gracie---I knew you wouldn't mind the whole 2 parts in two days thing. I bet it was you who slipped me that pill, huh? Bad girl, I tell you, bad girl...Now...when do I get a new part of Cutting Edge? Don't make me and Michaela whip out our bumper sox on you!*big**big*

Thanks for reading, guys. Your FB really does make my day!

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"Maria! Are you going to wear that in public?"

"Yes Liz. I told you I liked it."

"But I didn't actually think you'd buy it!"

"That's what you get for thinking, Liz."

"Thank you, Tess."


"Hey guys," Isabel said, walking into the room. "If I wear these heels do you think I'll be taller than Alex?"

"Isabel," Maria said, rolling her eyes. "You're tall, but you aren't that tall."

"You guys, I am so nervous," Tess said, looking in the mirror to make sure she looked okay.

"Me too," Liz said.

"We've known these guys all our lives, why is it just now making us nervous?"

"Maybe we should all go together," Tess said, suddenly fidgeting and antsy.

"Please," Isabel said, looking at Tess. "You are about to go out with a guy who thinks a two hour long argument over Burger King or McDonald's is a good conversation." Then she turned to Maria. "And you are going out with someone who is stuck in a world of Metallica T-shirts and who still says ‘right on.'" Then she turned to Liz. "You are going out, no wait, engaged to someone who still has a poster with the Thundercats on it hanging on his bedroom wall. And me?" She said, pointing to herself. "I'm dating someone who knows the answer to every single question in ‘Webster's Book of Useless Trivia.' We have nothing to be nervous about. Nothing."

Maria, Tess and Liz looked at each other and promptly burst into giggles. "She's got a point," Maria said. "We're just a tad bit nervous cause it's the first time we've ever been out with them alone."

"Yeah," Liz said. "I'm engaged to the guy and we haven't even had our first date yet."

Liz turned when they heard a banging noise coming from outside.

"What in the world is that noise?" Maria said, walking to the window to look out. When she peeked outside, she laughed, and motioned the other girls over. "Oh My gosh! You guys have got to come see this!"

The other girls went to the window and crowded around Maria. The boys were all crowded around Michael's car, and Michael was inside in the drivers seat.

"What are they doing?" Tess asked.

"Well, the fabric on the hood of the inside of Michael's car is coming loose. I told him I wasn't riding in his car unless he fixed it, because Liz says it always messes up her hair when it falls on her."

"So?" Isabel asked.

"Look what Max has in his hands."

Isabel looked out and burst into giggles. Max was standing on the outside of Michael's car with a staple gun, and the girls watched as Max handed it in the car to Michael who preceded to staple the fabric back to the top of the car.

"Gotta love a guy who's resourceful," Tess said.

"Hey," Liz said. "Just glad he discovered staples. Michael's answer to everything that needed fixing used to be duct tape."

"Duct tape?" Maria questioned.

"Yep," Liz answered. "One time, the sole came off of his favorite pair of tennis shoes, so he duct taped it back on. The next day in school, it fell off, and he kept sticking to the floor."

"On second thought," Isabel said, looking at Maria. "Maybe you should be nervous."

"I can handle Michael," Maria said. "He's like putty in my hands."

"Dude, what did I say? Told you it would work!" Max said.

"Yeah, well, duct tape would have worked too," Michael said.

"What would you have taped it to?" Alex asked.

Michael looked up. "I don't know. I could have run one long piece from each side, and taped to the outside of the hood."

"Do you really think Maria Deluca is going to ride in a car that has duct tape all over the hood?" Kyle asked.

"Hey-she just told me to fix it. She didn't say how."

"She told you, so you jumped, right?" Kyle retorted.

"Hey-I'm only fixing it cause it needed to be fixed. Not cause Maria told me to."

"Whatever, Michael," Max said. "It's been messed up for like a year. And you just now decided to fix it?"

"Yeah," Michael said.

"Man, you have got it so bad," Kyle said.

"And you don't?" Michael asked. "So I guess you're going to see that new Brad Pitt movie because you think he's sexy."

Michael smiled when Kyle turned red. "I rest my case." Max snickered and Michael looked at him. "I wouldn't be talking. Liz has you so wrapped around her little finger that you even put the syrup on her pancakes for her."

"Hey," Max said rasing his hands in the air . "I'm in love with the girl. What can I say?"

"Aww man," Alex said. "You are not making it easier for the rest of us, you know. Why do you have to be such a good little boyfriend?"

"Fiancé," Max corrected.

"Fine," Alex said. "Why do you have to be such a good little fiance[I/]?"

"Listen. You guys are in love, right?" Max asked.

Kyle nodded, Alex said ‘yes', and Michael said ‘sure'.

"Well then, why not have fun with it? Sweep her off her feet. Be romantic. Surprise her. Make her swoon."

"Since when did you become Dear Abby with all the love advice?" Michael asked.

"Since Isabel made me read "Dating for Dummies" last year after I accidentally forgot about Christina Taylor at the prom last year and ditched her to play the new playstation 2 game."

"So what, we have to buy flowers and stuff?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah. Flowers. Candy. Just little things to surprise them. Oh, and sometimes, the book said that all you have to do is compliment her. Girls like that kind of stuff."

"What? Like tell her she's got killer legs?" Alex said.

"Man, No!" Max said. "Tell her she's pretty. That you like her eyes. If you notice she's done something different with her hair, tell her you like it."

"If you have all the secrets, Max why didn't you ever have a steady girlfriend?" Alex asked.

"I just never dated any girls that made me want to sweep them off their feet."

"Until my sister," Michael said.

Max laughed, and patted Michael on the back. "Until your sister."

"Hey guys, look up at that window," Kyle said.

They all looked up, and saw the girls crowded in front of it watching them.

"I guess that's our cue to go in," Alex said, waving at Isabel.

"Well, let's go in," Kyle said. "The sooner I go in, the faster that Brad Pitt movie will be over."

The guys locked up Michael's car and headed inside to pick up their dates.
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Michael, Max, Kyle, and Alex were all standing in a straight line at the bottom of the steps as they waited for their dates to come down. When Alex saw Isabel, who was the first one down, he couldn't keep quiet, and all three guys turned to look at him before their attention was captured by their girlfriends coming down the steps.

Alex kissed Isabel on the cheek and took in her appearance. She had on a long black tight fitting skirt, a blue tank top, and a blue sheer shirt overtop of it. Her hair was piled up on her head, and she smiled as she saw Alex look at her.

Michael stepped over and grabbed Maria, kissing her on the lips before stepping back to take in her looks. She had on the outfit that Liz had tried on at the store, and it definitely met Michael's approval.

Max watched as Liz walked up to him, and kissed him on the lips, then stepped back for his reaction. She had on a short denim skirt, and a red 3/4 sleeve blouse with a curved neckline. Her legs were bare, and she had on red sandals that matched her shirt.

Tess giggled as she saw Kyle smile approvingly at her long, tight fitting blue and white dress.

"Well, guys," Tess said. "I don't know about you all, but I'm leaving. I need to get Kyle out of here before he changes his mind about the Brad Pitt movie."

"Don't feel bad," Maria said to Kyle. "I'm taking Michael to see the new Vin Diesel movie."

"What?" Michael asked.

"It's playing at the Rialto. I can't wait to see that movie. I've seen every movie he's ever made except for that one."

"Why have you seen every movie he's ever made?" Michael asked.

"Because he's your competition," Alex said.

Michael looked at Maria, and laughed at the twinkle in her eyes. "That's okay with me, as long as he stays all the way over in California!"

"Well, I guess we'll see you all tomorrow," Max said, as he and Liz headed out the door. The couples had all decided ahead of time who was going to which movie and to which restaurant so they could assure each couple would be alone.

"I'm glad we did this," Max said. He was holding Liz's hand across the table while they were waiting for their check. They had gone to eat Mexican food, at Liz's favorite mexican restaurant, MiCasita, and had just finished desert.

"Me too," Liz said. "Don't get me wrong, I love them all dearly, but I just wanted to spend some time alone....with my fiancé."

Max smiled, and leaned over to kiss Liz softly. "So, we haven't even talked about it yet. I mean college starts in a few days. We're all going to be together, but do you want to wait?"

"Wait for what?"

"For college to be over. You know, until we can go out on our own."

"Max," Liz said, squeezing his hand. "I don't think I can wait four years until we are married. I want to marry you as soon as we can. Married people go to school too, you know."

"I know," Max said. "Promise me this, though. If we get married, we will both finish school. Before know, start a family."

Max blushed, not knowing if he had been too presumptious assuming she wanted kids. They hadn't talked about it yet, but he knew it was something he definitely wanted.

"Of course, Max. Kids will come only when we are ready. And managing a family and a college career is quite difficult. School first. Then kids."

Max smiled. "Okay then. When do you think we should do it?"

"How about somewhere around a year from now. I don't think I can take Isabel's planning ideas much longer than that."

Max chuckled, as he thanked the waiter for their check, then turned back to Liz. "How about September?"

"That's perfect," Liz said. "How about the 18th?"

"Okay," Max said shrugging his shoulders. "Why the 18th?"

"Because," Liz answered. "That's the anniversary of the day I realized I had a huge crush on you. Two years ago."

"You liked me for two years?" Max asked, surprised.

"What can I say?" Liz said, getting up from the table and pausing for Max to follow her. "It was your ears that drew me in."

"Who's in this movie again?" Max asked, settling in next to Liz and handing her the popcorn.

"New actors. No big names except for some actor who played on the X-Files. It's an independent film."

"Oh," Max said. "What's it about?"

"Well, I'm not really sure. Maria reccomended it."

"That is the last time I let Maria reccomend a movie," Liz said.

"And that is the last time I ever let you take me to a movie she reccomended."

"What was the point of it anyway?"

Max shrugged. "Are you sure there was one?"

"Knowing Maria, You probably have to be high on cedar oil to understand it. That movie was way too intelligent for me."

"Yeah," Liz said, giggling. "It was like something that those weird coffee-shop poetry reciting people she used to hang out with would like. Very intellectual."

"You trying to say I'm not intellectual?" Max asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey, buddy," Liz said, turning to walk backwards in front of Max. "You are the one who wasn't sure if there was a point to it or not."

"And you are the one that picked the stupid movie in the first place."

Liz stopped, thought for a second, then nodded her head. "Good point. So neither one of us is intellectual."

Max chuckled, and pulled Liz close to him. "You are just too cute, you know that, Liz Parker?"

"Of course I know that, Max Evans. It's why you love me so much."

"I can't argue with that," Max said, and leaned in to kiss her.

"So, you wanna go for some Ice Cream?" Liz asked a few minutes later.

"Sure, where at?"

"Let's go to Scoops. They're open until 2 in the morning now."

"All righty. Scoops it is," Max said, turning the Jeep in the direction of the 50's themed ice cream shop.

"Max," Liz said, "When we get there, let's call the others and see if they want to come and join us. I can't believe we all actually got time alone."

"Sounds fun," Max said.

"I want to know how everyone's dates went."

"Is that all you want?" Max asked, his eyes twinkling.

"OK. Fine. You caught me. I want to tell them we set a date. Is that okay?" Liz asked.

"Liz," Max said, taking her hand in his as they approached the ice cream shop. "Of course it's okay. I can't wait for everyone to know that next year this time, you will be Elizabeth Evans."

"Elizabeth Evans," Liz said softly. "I like the sound of that."

"Me too," Max said stopping the Jeep.

Max got out, and headed around to Liz's side to open her door and let her out. Walking arm in arm to the door of the small shop, they walked in and stopped just inside to find a place to sit.

Max and Liz looked towards the back of the shop, and Liz giggled.

"What's so funny?" Max asked.

Liz pointed at the booth in the back, and Max chuckled, then led Liz to the very last booth on the wall.
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When Maria stepped outside, Michael grabbed her by the waist and swung her around to stand in front of him. They had grabbed a quick bite at Pizza Hut, then gone to see an early movie.

"Michael Parker, what on earth are you doing?" Maria said, pushing at his chest with her hands.

"What? I can't grab my girlfriend so I can tell her how great she looks?"

Maria smiled and looked at Michael. "So you think I look great?"

Michael pulled Maria closer and kissed her lips lightly. "Yeah. And I never thought I'd say that to someone with-" Michael paused to look down at Maria's skirt, "an orange leather skirt on."

"What do you expect?" Maria asked, batting her eyelashes at Michael. "I'm dating a guy who owns the same Metallica T-shirt in four different colors."

Michael chuckled. "Fine. Then how do you explain owning those knee high orange boots?"

"Same way you explain owning that fuzzy pink wool jacket you have hanging in your closet," Maria said, barely containing a gigle.

Michael's eyes got wide, and he looked at Maria through narrowed eyes. "How did you know about that?"

Maria rolled her eyes and let her giggles come out. "I was at the same Aerosmith concert you were at when you wore it."

"It's hideous,"Michael said.

"I love it."

"Really?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.

Maria nodded.

"Then it's yours."

Maria kissed his cheek. "I'll cherish it forever."

"Maria, do have a change of clothes at my house?"

Maria nodded and looked at Michael funny. "Yeah, all us girls keep a change of clothes there. You know that."

"Is it pants?"

"It's jeans, why?"

"Because you're gonna need them."

"I thought you liked my outfit," Maria said, stepping out and gesturing to her clothes.

"I do. But for what I have planned, you're gonna need pants. Run up to Liz's room and get them."

"Am I gonna like this?" Maria asked.

"There's only one way to find out," Michael said, as he watched Maria roll her eyes again.

"How much longer?" Maria asked, looking around. They had gone back to the Parkers' to pick up Maria's clothes, then Michael had ushered her to the car and been very secretive about where they were going. She knew where they were, but she didn't know where they were headed. The garage where Kyle worked was right around the corner, and there was a McDonald's up the road, but the movie theaters were on the other side of town, and there was nothing else over this way.


"And where is there?" Maria asked.

Michael made a final turn, and pulled into the parking lot. He turned off the car and turned to Maria.

"Michael. We are at Big Ed's Tire-O-Rama."

Making a big show of leaning up to look out the window at the giant glowing tire on top of the building, Michael chuckled. "Yep. Looks like we are."

"What are we gonna do? Fix your car?" Maria asked, thoroughly confused.

"Not exactly. Remember when we were talking and I was saying how I'd love to get a motorcycle, and you said that would be cool that you'd love to be a biker chick? And I said I'd always wanted a biker chick?"

"Yeah," Maria said, a bit uncertain.

"Well, I got one."

"A biker chick?"

Michael had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at Maria's expression. "No, Maria. A motorcycle."

Suddenly, Maria's eyes lit up, and she yelped, causing Michael to jump back in surprise. "You got a motorcycle?"

Michael nodded as Maria continued to yelp in excitement. "Well let's go see it. Let's take it for a ride. Forget the movies. Can we ride it? I mean, does it have gas, do we have helmets?"

Maria paused for a moment, Michael jumped it. "First of all, it does have gas, we can ride it, and I do have helmets. But you need to change clothes. Kyle gave me the keys, and Big Ed know's we'll be here. You can change in the bathroom."

Maria jumped out of the car, and grabbed her clothes, and Michael jumped out and followed her to the building. Unlocking the car, Maria jumped inside, and ran to the bathroom. "I can't wait, Michael! I'm gonna be a biker chick!"

Michael chuckled. "I'll be out in the bay. Waiting for you."

Five minutes later, Maria all but skipped out into the bay, fresh in a pair of jeans and a yellow Tommy Girl shirt. She walked up to Michael who was leaning against a motorcycle that was covered with a tarp. She leaned up to kiss him quickly, then stepped back and threw out her arms. "Well, you gonna show it to me?"

Michael smiled at Maria's exuberance. "You are going to love it, Maria. It's a classic."

"Well come on, before I bust a gut waiting," Maria said, jumping up and down."

Michael stepped back and pulled the tarp off. "Ta Da! It's a Harley Davidson!"

When Michael pulled the tarp off, and Maria saw what was underneath, her mouth dropped open. She gaped at the piece of....tin standing in front of her and couldn't believe Michael had spent his money on it. It was rusty, and discolored, and the rearview mirror on was side was gone. The seat had holes in it, and the stuffing was peeking through in places. The place where she assumed the Harley emblem once was now had paint peeling off of it from where the emblem had fallen off.

"Michael!" Maria said disbelievingly. "That is not a Harley! It's it's....It's like a moped with seat covers!"

"Maria! This is a classic, I'll have you know."

"More like an anitque. Where did you get this thing? The Smithsonian?"

Michael rolled his eyes. "Maria, it'll look better. Ed said I could fix it up here for free, if I did some work for him." He paused to put on his helmet and climbed on. "Now come on. Let's take that ride."

"It depends," Maria said, staring at Michael with her arms crossed. "Do I have to pedal to make it work?"

Michael grinned. "No. But if you come with me, we can go to Scoops and get some Ice Cream."

Maria huffed. "That's not fair. Bribing me with ice cream." As she spoke, she put on her helmet and climbed on behind Michael.

"Who ever said I was fair?" Michael asked. "Now," he said, as he started the motorcycle and headed out of the garage. "Hold on tight!"

Michael headed out of the garage and down the road.

When they got to Scoops, Michael climbed off, and Maria followed him. She took of her helmet and Michael saw her laughing. "That was amazing!"

Michael grabbed her and pulled her close, and she put her free arm around him. "I thought you said it looked like an antique."

"I like antiques," Maria said. "Now. About that ice cream."

"After you," Michael said as he let Maria lead him in.

Ten minutes later, Michael and Maria looked up and saw Max and Liz walk in. Maria immediately jumped up to wave them over.

"Lizzie," Maria said as she grabbed Liz and pulled her away from Max. "You will never guess what Michael bought!"

Max and Michael settled into the booth, knowing they were in for a lot of girl talk.
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Halfway through the movie, Tess was extremely bored. They had come to watch the new Brad Pitt movie, which had turned out to be too sappy a romance for even her. There was no plot, no angst, no action whatsoever, just a bunch of mushy words and happy tears. She could hear a few females in the audience sniffling, and she rolled her eyes. How in the world could a movie this sappy make someone cry?

Making up her mind to let Kyle win, she decided to ask him if he wanted to leave the movie, and go somewhere a little Turning to look at Kyle, with a sure idea that he'd have already fallen asleep, Tess almost burst into giggles.

He was staring right at the movie, engrossed in the mushy scene playing before them, with tears running silently down his cheeks.

"Kyle, what are you doing? Are you crying?" Tess asked incredulously.

Quickly jumping and realizing he'd been caught, Kyle turned his head, and Tess could tell he was wiping his cheeks with his sleeve.

"No," he said, quickly. "I uh..I put some eyedrops in my eyes, and they just won't stop watering."

"Eyedrops, huh," Tess said.

"Yeah. For my allergies."

Tess narrowed her eyes, and smirked at her boyfriend. "Can I use some?"

"Some what?" Kyle asked.

"Eyedrops. My allergies are bothering me too."

Tess almost giggled once again as she saw Kyle's eyes get wide. She knew Kyle had been crying over the movie, and she knew that it would ruin his male ego if she found out, but she was having too much fun to let him off the hook on this one. After all his complaining about going to see a girly movie, it had been her that had gotten bored and him that had gotten caught up in the sappiness of the film.

"Ummm....yeah...sure," Kyle said uncertainly, as he began to search through his pockets.

Tess wondered vaguely if he really did have eyedrops in his pockets, but knew she was right when he looked at her and sighed.

"Fine. You caught me. I don't have eyedrops. I was crying over the movie, okay. You happy?" Kyle asked, sure that even underneath the dim theatre lights, that Tess could see the blush creeping up his cheeks.

Tess giggled, and threw her arms around Kyle's necks. "Kyle, you are so cute, you know that?" she asked.

"Why?" he asked her as his arms came around her back.

"You just admitted to me that you cried at a sappy love story that I thought was extremely boring."

"And that makes me cute?" Kyle asked, not understanding.

Tess giggled again, and kissed Kyle's cheek. "Of course it does. It shows that you have a sensitive side, and that every once in a while, it does come out. That is soooooo attractive," Tess said.


Kyle and Tess turned to look behind them at two little old ladies staring them down.

"You kiddies gonna watch or talk?" one of the ladies said.

Tess and Kyle looked at each other and laughed. "Let's go," Kyle said.

"Sounds good to me," Tess said as she got up to follow Kyle out.

Kyle stopped to pick up his box of M & M's, and laughed out loud when he dropped them and they scattered all over the floor.

"Sorry, ma'm," Kyle whispered, as one of the old ladies raised her handbag and shook it at him.

"Sorry we interrupted your movie," Tess said to the old ladies.

"You just get, missy. Go home and ask your parents for some manners!" the old lady said to Tess.

"Sheesh! Who knew little old ladies could get so violent!" Tess said as she exited the movie theater, still laughing.

"It's probably because they're afraid they're gonna miss something. I heard at the end of the movie, it shows Brad Pitt's butt."

"Brad Pitt's butt?" Tess asked, wide eyed.

"Yep. In the nude," Kyle said.

Eyes growing even wider, Tess turned back around and grabbed the door handle. "On second thought, maybe we better go back to watch the rest of it," she said.

Kyle grabbed Tess around the waist, and spun her around, causing her to yelp out loud.

"Kyyyyle!!" Tess shouted.


"What are you doing?"

"Keeping you from going back in there. If you go in, I have to follow you. And if I follow you, I'll be forced to see Brad Pitt's darierre. And that could scar me for life."

"I'm sure you'd live," Tess said.

"Fine. I'll go back in with you. If you promise to go see "Biker Babes from Outer Space with me at the Cameo tomorrow night. I hear you can see Pamela Andersons-"

"Fine, you win," Tess said, clamping her hand over his mouth. "We'll skip the movie. Both of them!"

Kyle laughed, and pulled Tess even closer to him. "I thought you'd see it my way."

"Yeah, well, I can always wait for the DVD," she said. "Then I can pause it on the good parts," Tess said teasingly, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Yeah," Kyle said, without missing a beat. "Like the scene where they show Pamela and that other girl-"

Once again, Tess clamped her hand over Kyle's mouth.

"Fine. We'll skip the DVD too."

Once again Kyle smiled. "Well, now that we settled that, how about what to do next. I'm hungry."

"Kyle, hungry? We just ate two hours ago."

"Two hours is a long time in teenage guy time!" Kyle remarked.

"How about dessert? We didn't get any at the restaurant."

"Ooh! Desert! Let's go to Scoops," Kyle said. "I haven't had ice cream in a long time."

"Me neither," Tess said. She climbed in the car, and waited for Kyle to walk back around to his side and climb in.

"Thanks, Kyle," she said.

"For what?" he asked, turning to face her.

"For taking me out tonight. It's nice to have some alone time."

Kyle smiled, and leaned in for a quick kiss. "You don't have to thank me for taking you out. I should thank you for letting me take you out."

"What a charmer you are," Tess said, wrapping her hand around his free one as they pulled out of the parking lot.

Ten minutes later, when they pulled up in front of Scoops, Tess and Kyle couldn't help but laugh at the old clunker of a motorcycle parked next to them.

"As hard as we try," Kyle said. "We never can get away from each other. It's a good thing we all get along."

Tess frowned for a second. "What are you talking about?"

"Look, Max's Jeep. And I'll bet you the others will show up soon," he said.

"Ooh, let's go see what everyone did!" Tess said, taking Kyle by the hand and dragging him inside.

Five minutes later, Kyle and Tess laughed again. This time when they found out that the ‘clunker of a motorcycle' they had seen earlier was actually Michael's brand new Harley Davidson.

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“Did you like the movie?” Alex asked.

Isabel nodded. “I thought it was great. So what now?” Isabel asked, as she and Alex walked towards his car.

“Well, I figured we could eat, but I have a little surprise first.”

“Surprise?” Isabel asked.

“What is it?”

Alex giggled, and tightened his grip on Isabel’s hand. “Now if I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?”

Isabel laughed with him. “I guess not. Can I have a hint?”

Alex looked at Isabel, and couldn’t help but smile at the excited look on her face.

“Okay. It involves four wheels.”

“What, are we going for a long drive?” Isabel asked.

Alex shook his head. “Nope. Guess again.”

“You’re getting me a new car?”

Alex laughed yet again. “Not even close.” Stopping beside his car, Alex turned to Isabel. “Isabel, willl you do your incredible, gorgeous amazing boyfriend a big favor?”

Isabel smiled sweetly and squeezed Alex’s hand. “Nope. But I’ll do you a favor.”

Alex laughed. “Funny, Iz. So, anyway, will you promise to keep your eyes closed until I tell you?”

“What if I don’t?” Isabel asked.

Alex pulled out a black scarf from his pocket. “Then I’ll be forced to blindfold you.”

Isabel narrowed her eyes. “Fine, Alex. But don’t mess up my hair.”

“Are you kidding?” Alex asked, helping Isabel into the car. “I like my life!”

Isabel giggled, and when Alex shut her door, she reached over to unlock his.

Alex got in the car and pulled out of the movie theatre parking lot. “Okay, close your eyes. And I mean it. Don’t open them until I tell you.”

Isabel closed her eyes, and settled back in the seat.

“Are we almost there yet?” Isabel asked, ten minutes later.

Alex shook his head, then remembered Isabel couldn’t see him.

“I’m not telling, I said it’s a surprise. No hints, and no more questions.”

Isabel huffed, and sat back in her seat.

Alex giggled, and snuck a look at Isabel out of the corner of his eye. He knew this was killing her. Isabel was a planner. She planned everything, and planned it with a vengeance. She hated not being in the know, and he knew she was dying to open her eyes.

Alex made one last turn, found a parking spot, and leaned back. “Okay, Iz. Open up.”

Cautiously, Isabel opened her eyes. She squinted, then turned to Alex.

“The Skating rink? You brought me to the skating rink?” She asked. This was supposed to be a romantic night, and he brought her here. What was he thinking.

“Not just any skating rink, Isabel. This is the first place I ever realized I had a crush on you. Ten years ago.”

“Ten years ago?” Isabel asked.

Alex shook his head. “I’ve liked you ever since you accidentally dropped your chocolate milk on me in the snack bar when our class came here for a field trip.”

Isabel smiled, and leaned over to kiss Alex softly on the lips.

“How in the world did I ever get such a wonderful boyfriend?” she asked.

“Just lucky, I guess,” Alex said.

Isabel rolled her eyes, and got out of the car. Alex walked around to her, and they headed inside.

Ten minutes later, they had paid, and rented skates. They took a seat on a bench on the edge of the rink, and put on their skates.

Pulling the last lace tight, and tying it, Alex stood up.

“Alex,” Isabel said, standing up shakily. “I’m not sure I can do this.”

“Sure you can,” Alex said, spinning in a circle in his skates. “It’s easy. And I’ll help you.”

“What if I fall?” Isabel asked, stepping down, and holding onto Alex’s arm for dear life.

“Then I promise to make sure you’re okay before I laugh.”

Isabel frowned, and looked at Alex, who promptly burst out laughing. “I’m just kidding, Isabel. I won’t let you fall.”

Isabel took Alex’s hand and let him lead her out onto the floor.

Moving around in circles, Isabel was surprised at how easy it was to catch on. She hadn’t been skating in years. And she had forgotten how much fun it was. She hadn’t stopped laughing since they got here.

“Watch this,” Isabel said. Stepping cautiously, she turned around until she had turned a full three hundred and sixty degrees.

“Well, well, I am impressed,” Alex said, clapping for her. He skated over to her and kissed her cheek. “Looks like I’m gonna have to beat that one!”

Alex skated backwards, and was about to do a trick, when Isabel hollered for him to watch out. Instictively, he turned around, just in time to be barreled down by another skater, clearly twice his size.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Max said.

“That thing is hideous,” Tess remarked.

Michael had taken everyone outside to see his new motorcycle.

“And that”, Liz asked, looking at Maria, “is supposed to make you a cool biker chick?”

“It’s not as bad as it looks,” Michael said. “It’s very sturdy, see?” he said. He reached over and slapped the front of the motorcycle. As he did, something clanged, and the rearview mirror on the front of the right handlebar fell to the ground. Everyone immediately cracked up laughing.

Maria reached down and picked up the mirror. “So it needs a little work,” Maria said. “But Michael has promised that it would be as good as new when he’s done with it.”

“Sure it will,” Kyle said, between laughs.

“C’mon, guys, give him a break,” Maria said. “He’s really excited.”

“Okay. We’ll give it a break. But only until Alex and Isabel see it. You know they’re going to have jokes,” Kyle said.

“Speaking of Alex and Isabel, I wonder where they are. Everyone usually ends up here. I sure hope they are behaving themselves,” Tess said.

Max was about to say something when his cell phone rang.

He pulled it of his pocket, and looked at the caller ID. It was flashing Isabel’s cell phone number.

“It’s Isabel,” he said to the others.

“I sure hope you two are being good,” he said.

He paused, and the others saw worry cross his face. “Okay, Isabel. Calm down, we’re all together. We’re on our way.”

“What?” Liz asked, when Max ended the call.

“She’s crying, and she’s upset. They went skating and Alex got run over, and now he’s at the hospital.”

Without words, everyone headed to their own cars. They headed towards the hospital, hoping Alex was okay.

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Original idea from sansucry.....

I am not going to post an update on my stories on this day of remembering. Instead, I have posted a link to a page with the names of the 9/11 victims. I encourage you to visit this page. If you click on the name, you can read more about the person, and leave a message. Names not in bold pring have no messages. I encourage you to leave a message for the families of anyone of these individualas. On this, the one year anniversary of the day they lost their loved ones, any encouraging, or kind word will surely help.

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The ride to the hospital was a silent one.

Maria and Michael were on the motorcycle, a bit ahead of everyone, since the small bike could maneuver through traffic quickly and easily.

Max and Liz were being closely followed by Tess and Kyle, but in all three vehicles, the occupants were completely silent.

Arriving at the hospital, Michael jerked the bike into the first parking spot he came to and jumped off. He waited for Maria to get off the bike, and grabbed her hand, pulling her behind him inside the Emergency Room doors.

“Where’s Alex?” Michael said to the nurse behind the desk.

“Sir, calm down. I need a little more information.”

“He’s kind of tall, has dark hair, tells lame jokes, and-”

“Excuse me,” Maria said, putting her hand over Michael’s mouth. “That’s not what she meant. Let me handle this.” Turning to the nurse, Maria explained. “We are looking for Alex Whitman. He was brought in a little while ago, with someone named Isabel Evans. Can you tell us where to find him?”

Maria paused while the nurse punched the information into her computer.

“Whitman, right. Here he is. He’s in ER, number 14.” She stood up, and pointed behind them at the large metal doors.. “Wait for the buzzer, I’ll buzz you through. Go past the desk, turn right, down the hallway, fourth door on the left.”

“Thank you,” Maria said. “Come on,” she told Michael.

The two of them stood at the doors, and waited for the buzz. They heard it, pushed through, and made their way to Alex’s room.

“Alex, what happened?” Maria asked, breezing into the small room.

“It’s nothing, guys, just a little sprain,” he said, as Maria ran to him and grabbed his hand.

“He sprained his tailbone,” Isabel said. “Got run over by some freak on roller skates.”

“Dude, what were you doing?” Michael asked.

“I was trying to turn around-”

“He was showing off,” Isabel said.

Alex shot Isabel a playful glare, then went on.

“As I was saying. I was trying to turn around, and I guess I wasn’t watching where I was going, and I stepped right into the path of some huge dude who couldn’t stop. He bowled me over, and next thing I know, they called the ambulance. I was hurting and couldn’t sit up.”

“Where were you hurt at?” Maria asked.

Alex, who was laying half on his side, with a soft pillow beneath him, pointed to his back side. “My tailbone.”

“Your butt,” Michael said.

Maria slapped Michael, and he looked at her questioningly. “Ow!”

“Be sensitive, Michael.”

“It’s true,” Michael said, motioning to Alex. “He can’t even lay on it.”

Alex was about to respond when the small speaker beside his bed beeped. Isabel got up and pushed the button.

“Yes?” she said.

“There are four more people out here to see Mr. Whitman. But three is the limit. Two of you have to come out,” the desk nurse said.

“All right, thank you,” Isabel said back into the speaker.

“I’ll go,” Michael said.

“Me too,” Isabel said. “You stay here a little while,” she said to Maria. “I’ve been here the whole time.”

Maria nodded, and pulled a chair close to Alex’s bed.

Isabel kissed Alex lightly, and walked with Michael back out to the front of the ER waiting area.

As soon as they stepped out, Isabel and Michael were bombarded with questions from Max, Liz, Tess, and Kyle.

“How is he?” Max asked.

“What happened?” Tess asked.

“Can we see him?” Liz asked.

“Is he gonna die?” Kyle asked.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at Kyle, mouths open.

“What?” he asked, shrugging his shoulders.

Michael rolled his eyes.

“He’s not gonna die, Kyle,” Isabel said.

“Well, what happened?” Tess asked.

Michael turned to look at Tess. “He broke his butt.”

For a second, everyone just looked at each other. They didn’t know whether to laugh or not. It was quiet before Max spoke, trying to hold back his chuckle.

“He what?” Max asked.

Isabel burst into laughter, and seeing it was okay, everyone else followed. “He didn’t break his butt,” she said when she stopped laughing. “He sprained his tailbone.”

“Oh,” Liz said. “Well, can we see him?”

“Yes. But only two at a time,” Isabel said.

“You two go,” Max said to Tess and Liz.

“You sure?” Liz asked, looking back and forth between Kyle and Max.

“Yeah, you two go ahead,” Kyle said.

Liz kissed Max’s cheek, and grabbed Tess’s hand, motioning to the desk nurse that they were ready. She buzzed them through, and the girls made their way back to Alex’s room.

Thirty minutes later, when Alex’s parents arrived, everyone went back to the waiting room to allow Mr. and Mrs. Whitman to see their son.

“So, some date, huh?” Tess asked Isabel.

“Well, it was fun while it lasted,” she said. “You guys know what we did, what did you all do?” Isabel asked.

“We went to the movies, and out to dinner. Oh yeah, and we set a wedding date,” Liz said.

“You did?” Isabel asked, her eyes lighting up. “We have got to get started, we have so much to do,” Isabel said. “We have to find the dress, go cake shopping, pick out flowers, look for music, there’s so much!”

“Whoa, slow down, Wedding Nazi,” Maria said. “We have a year. Let’s take it slow.”

Isabel quit talking, and gave Maria a funny look, then turned to Tess. “Where’d you guys go?”

“We went to see the new Brad Pitt movie,” Tess said. “And Kyle-”

“Hated it. I hated it, right, honey?” Kyle asked, using his eyes to plead with Tess not to spill the secret about his sensitive side.

Tess giggled. “Right. He hated it.”

“Why do get the feeling you aren’t telling all?” Liz asked.

“We are!” Kyle said, a little to eagerly. Changing the subject, he nodded his head towards Michael. “Wait til you hear what Parker over there bought.”

Isabel turned to Michael. “What?” she asked.

“A motorcycle,” Michael said.

“More like a bicycle with a battery,” Max said.

“You know,” Michael said. “You two are going to be so sorry when I fix that thing up, and it’s the coolest bike you ever saw.”

“Michael, there ain’t no fixing that thing up.”

“Remember in Fast and Furious, when Vin Diesel made that ten minute car into a ten second car?” Maria asked. “Well, Michael’s going to do the same with that bike,” Maria said.

“And when you guys ask to take it for a spin, the answer will be a big fat NO,” Michael said.

“Whatever,” Kyle told him.

Everyone stood up when the Whitman’s came out, Charles helping Alex limp out of the room.

“Well we can all go home,” Alex said as his parent’s escorted him out the door.

“You can leave?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah. I have to go home and rest, though. I can’t get out of bed for a couple days, unless it’s necessary,” he said.

“Well, we’re glad you’re okay, man,” Max said.

“Yeah, me too,” Alex said. “I think I’ll steer clear from the skating rink for a while,” he said.

“I’ll talk you guys later,” he said over his shoulder. His father was back from getting his release papers from the nurse, and was eager to get Alex home and in bed. Alex caught Isabel’s eye, and winked at her. She smiled, and blew a kiss, then followed her friends out to their cars.

Two hours later, everyone had plans for the next day, and all eight were sound asleep.

Tune in next chapter for the girls first day of wedding dress shopping.
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Here's the new part, and I haven't had time to spell check it yet, so beware. But I wanted to get something out to you all.


“C”mon, Isabel! I Can’t! I am at my physical limit here, I can’t go any longer.”

Isabel stopped walking, and turned around to face Maria. “Maria, shush.” Isabel threw her hand up, one finger in the arid. “Liz has a year. ONE year. That’s it. 365 days, give or take a few, and that’s all she has to find a dress, find our dresses, plan a wedding, a reception, decide on colors, cake, music, everything. We have got to find her a dress.”

“Isabel, really,. We can always shop next Saturday. It’s 7:30, we’ve been walking since 8 in the morning!”

Isabel turned to Liz. “Liz Parker, you of all people should not argue with me. We have a lot to do, I will not have you getting all stressed out.”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was Isabel’s wedding,” Tess whispered to Maria.

Isabel threw them a warning glance before turning and urging Liz to follow her.

The girls had gone out early in the morning to shop for wedding dresses. What had been planned as a morning-afternoon outing had turned into an all day affair. They had been to every single wedding boutiqe in Fayetteville, and all the surrounding cities, and so far, Liz hadn’t found one dress yet that she liked. Tess had found hers in the first one, Isabel in the third, and Maria had found one dress in every boutique. Now there were at an outlet mall, where Isabel insisted there was a small, old fashioned dress hop that always had everything she was looking for.

“Well, we’re here!” Isabel said.

She stopped in front of the store and held her arms up in the air.

Liz looked up at the store and frowned.

Mama Betsy’s

The front of the store was old and dilapidated, and the windows were grungy and yellowed with age. The paint was peeling, and the brick was crumbling in places.

“Isabel, I do believe Liz wants a new wedding dress,” Tess said.

“Listen guys, trust me, okay? Appearances can be decieving, and we all learned along time ago not to judge a book by it’s cover. Let’s go in, look around, and if there’s nothing there, we’ll leave.”

“And go home?” Maria asked, raising an eyebrow.

Isabel rolled her eyes. “All right. Five minutes, then we’ll go home.”

Maria grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her through the door. “Well, then count us in!” She hollered over her shoulder.

Stepping in the door, Liz was actually surprised. The inside of the small stores was clean and neat, and there were racks and racks of expensive looking dresses.


The girls turned to see a small old lady coming around the corner of the register desk.


Isabel ran to the lady, gave her a quick hug, and introduced her to the girls, explaining that they were there to look for Liz’s wedding dress.

“My, isn’t this a fun time for you?” Betsy asked.

Liz smiled. “It was when we started shopping eleven hours ago,” Liz joked.

Betsy laughed and looked at Isabel. “Well, I know for sure that Isabel is quite the shopper.”

“Take it from experience,” Maria said. “The girl knows more about shopping than Bo knows about anything.”

Betsy laughed again and took Liz by the hand. “Well then, let’s show you all the dresses we have. You are very much in love, yeah?”

Liz nodded. “He’s the greatest guy. I can’t wait until we get married.”

Betsy looked at Liz and smiled. “You have the sparkle of a girl in love. There’s no mistaking how happy you are. I know you will have your what you call it, happy ever after?”

Betsy led the girls to the back of the store, in the farthest corner, to a row of white dresses, fully encased in plastic bags to protect the delicate fabrics inside.

One by one, Liz looked at the dresses, and as she touched each one and put it back on the rack, her heart sank.

She was never going to find the perfect dress. Max would have to let her wear jeans to their wedding. Feeling a bit disheartened, Liz began to cry.

“Liz, what’s wrong?” Maria asked.

“This is terrible! We have been to every dress shop around, and I still haven’t found the perfect dress. I might as well just get married in jeans!”

“Liz, don’t cry. We’ll go upstate. To Raleigh, Charlotte, we’ll tear this state up until we find your dress.”

“What if I run out of time?” Liz asked, teary eyed.

“Honey, Isabel is a planning freak. She needs three weeks to plan lunch, and that’s just with us. One year is plenty of time. We will plan this thing, and it will be perfect.”


“Listen, Liz,” Isabel said. “Leave the stress to me. Don’t worry about anyghing. We’ll find the perfect dress. I promise.”

Liz nodded her head, and got up to find Betsy. She found the lady, thanked her, and headed to the front of the store to leave.

As she was passing the employee’s area, a flash of white caught her eye.

“What’s that?” she asked Betsy.

“Its’ my wedding dress. My grandmother sent it with me when I came from Poland. But I never got to wear it.”

“Can I see it?” Liz asked.

“It’s not for sale,” Isabel said. “She’s had that thing there since I started shopping here.”

Betsy looked at Isabel. “That’s because it’s been waiting for the perfect girl.” She stepped onto a small stool and pulled the dress down from the rack. “Here you go, my dear. Try it on. If you like it, it’s yours.”

“Oh, if it’s special, I couldn’t,” Liz said.

“Nonsense, dear, if you don’t try it, I fear it will never be worn. Please, see if it fits.”

Liz smiled, took the dress, and headed to the back room.

Ten minutes later, Liz still hadn’t come out of the dressing room, so Maria went to check on her.

She knocked and got no answer, so when she heard Liz sniffle, she pushed the door open.

“Liz?” Maria asked, watching her friend stand in front of the mirror.”

“This is it, Maria,” Liz said. “I’ve found the dress.”

Maria called the others into the small dressing area, and everyone, including Betsy, stood back to admire Liz and her dress.

The dress was made of a soft cream colored fabric, that flowed all the way to the floor. The neckline was low and scalloped, adorned with tiny hand sewn pearls. The bodice was tight and fitted, and had intricat hand sewn lace patters covering it down to the waist. The skirt was long and full, covered with cream colored tulle that made it all but shine in the dim light. The back of the dress was covered with the same lace, allowing Liz’s back to show through the design.

Liz turned to Betsy and smiled. “I’ll take it,” she said.

Liz took the dress off, put on her own clothes, and carried it back out front.

“How much is it?” she asked, opening her purse.

Betsy shook her head. “It’s your’s.”

“Oh, No!” Liz said. “Let me pay you.”

“Dear, you look like your’e in love. Something I never had. It would do my heart some good to see you marry in my dress. Send me an invitation, so I can watch you walk down the aisle, and we’ll call it even.

Liz sighed, but knew by the look on Betsy’s face she’d already made up her mind. She handed the dress to Maria and hugged the old lady tightly.

“Thank you,” she said. “Thank you with all my heart.”

The girls said their goodbyes, and left the store, chatting all the way home about Liz and her perfect dress.
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I tried and tried, and tried to get a new part to this out, and nothing worked. Bad muse!

But A new part is in the works. For this one as well as Chasing Arizona and Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear....(Does anyone remember those?)

It will be up sometime after Monday.

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Hey guys! Remember me? LOL

Sorry it's been so long, but I promise it won't be that long ever again. This part hasn't been proofed yet, but its' been so long, I wanted to go ahead and get it out. Enjoy!

Thanks to all my bumpers for not forgetting my story, and a very special thanks to DreamSeeker for faithfully bumping . Love you guys!


Max stepped out of the dressing room, and as soon as he saw his reflection in the mirror, his face fell. He frowned and looked up as Alex and Michael stepped from their dressing rooms to see themselves in their suits.

“I am so not wearing this!” Max said.

Alex shook his head. “I told you, man. Don’t listen to Kyle. The guy wears socks with separate places for each toe!”

“We should have tried my choice on first. I’m telling ya, you can’t go wrong with a classic!”

“Kyle!” Max said.

“I’m comin, I’m comin!” Kyle hollered as he opened his dressing room and stepped out. He by passed the other boys, walked up the mirror, and smoothed the front of his suit down, then turned to the side and puffed out his chest to admire his reflection. “Man, I look good!”

Max had taken the guys to the tuxedo shop to try on tuxes and see which ones he wanted to wear in the wedding. Liz wanted him to help plan the wedding so they wouldn’t feel left out, and it seemed Isabel had taken care of everything except the tuxes. So, it was up to the guys to pick what they wore. Max had let each one of the guys pick the tuxedo they liked best, and Kyle’s choice was first. He picked a dressy black simple suit, with different colored T-shirts underneath. At the moment, he hadn’t noticed that he was the only one happy with his choice.

“Kyle, we are not wearing these in my wedding,” Max said.

“Why not? There is absolutely nothing wrong with these suits!”

“Yeah, if you’re a Backstreet Boy!” Michael said, frowning.

“We look like those two guys from Miami Vice,” Alex said.

“I like these suits!” Kyle said.

“Which is why we aren’t wearing them,” Max said, glancing down at Kyle’s toe socks, and shaking his head. “Let’s change before Kyle’s taste infects us,” he joked, turning to enter his dressing room.

“Hey! I have good taste!” Kyle hollered to his friends backs, as each of them had already turned to enter the dressing rooms.

“Mine next!” Michael hollered.

Max, Michael and Kyle groaned. “Do we have to?” Alex asked, cocking his ear to the side to wait for an answer from another dressing room.

“Yes, we tried on Kyle’s we are trying on mine!” Michael said loudly.

“Fine, whatever,” Alex said.

“Chill, Whitman,” Michael told his friend through the dressing room wall. “Mine is snappy, classic, and totally wearable.”

“Where did you hear a phrase like totally wearable?” Kyle asked.

“Maria.” Micheal, Alex and Max said at the same time.

When Kyle started giggling, he opened his dressing room door and walked to the mirrors across the hall. “Oh, man, you thought mine was bad!”

Max walked out of his dressing room, and groaned when he looked in the mirror. Michael had picked out powder blue suits with matching ruffled shirts for each guy.

“Michael does know the 70’s have been gone for, like, twenty years, right?” Alex asked, coming out to spy himself in the mirror.

“Hey! Maria likes this suit. She says it’s very vintage and hip!” Michael said, defending himself.

“And if Maria said she likes bell bottoms and headbands, would you wear them?” Max questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“No,” Michael said quickly.

“Well, then it doesn’t matter what she thinks of this suit. It has got to go.”

“Okay, guys, mine next,” Alex said.

Max’s shoulders slumped, fearing what was coming up next. He didn’t want to hurt Alex’s feelings by telling him that he was going to pick the suit himself, so he just sighed and waited for Alex to show him what he’d picked out.

“Ta da!” Alex said, pulling out a classic, elegant black tux with white shirt and bowtie.

Max smiled, then walked over to Alex and grabbed him in a hug. “Alex, I love you , man!”

“Dude!” Kyle said, looking around at other customers giving Alex and Max a weird look. “People are watching!”

Alex laughed and pushed Max off of him. “Isabel told me what to pick, that would go with the girls dresses.”

Max smiled again, and grabbed Alex once more. “I love my sister!”

“Guys!” Michael said, waving nervously at an elderly man giving the four guys and odd look.

“Max, I told you to stop with the PDA’s!” Alex said, noticing the old man giving them funny looks. “Save it til we get home. You know Michael and Kyle get jealous when we show our feelings!”

The elderly man’s eyes widened, and he huffed and walked away, only after Alex walked over and put his arm around Michael’s shoulders, and turned to blow him a kiss.

“What are you doing?” Michael asked loudly, pushing Alex firmly away from him.

Max laughed, and Alex pointed his finger at Michael. “That,” he said, “was for making me wear this,” he said, pointing at the ruffles on his shirt.

“Let’s just get this things on, and buy the ones we need,” Kyle said, suddenly hungry.

“We don’t’ buy tuxedoes, Kyle,” Max said. “You rent them, use them, then give them back.”

Kyle looked at the suits with a disgusted look on his face. “You mean someone else has worn this thing? That’s disgusting!”

“It’s about a hundred dollars cheaper,” Alex added.

“I love rentable tuxedoes,” Kyle said, suddenly changing his mind.

Forty five minutes later, the guys were leaving the store, having been fitted for their tuxes, shoes, and accessories.

“So, guys, when are you all planning to get married?” Max asked casually.

“Me? I’m never getting married,” Kyle answered.

“Me neither!” Michael piped in.

“Alex?” Max asked, noticing his friend hadn’t said anything.

“Max, you have asked me a totally stupid question, do you realize that?” Alex asked.

“What?” Max asked innocently, shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m dating your sister. I’m in love with your sister. The girl who starts getting ready for Christmas the day after Christmas. If you want to know when I’m getting married, ask her!”

Max chuckled, and Kyle and Michael started snickering.

“You,” Alex said, pointing at Michael don’t have anything to snicker at. You’re in love with Maria Deluca. She’ll probably carry you down the aisle. And you,” he said, pointing at Tess, “are dating Tess Harding. The same girl who talked her Senior Prom date into wearing a pink bowtie and matching belt thingy on his tuxedo to match her dress. I hope she makes you get the whole tuxedo pink!”

“Touchy, touchy,” Michael said.

“It’s not being touchy. It’s telling the truth!” Alex said.

Max looked at Michael and Kyle. “It’s true, guys. You two are always raggin on him cause Isabel’s already planned everything. But don’t forget, Maria and Tess are two of her best friends. Her influence is bound to rub off, and when it does, you will have Isabel, and Maria and Tess to deal with,and it will be Alex’s turn to laugh.”

This time, Max and Alex snickered as Michael and Kyle both turned red with realization.

“Hey, that’s not funny. I will not be wearing pink to any wedding!” Kyle said. “Much less mine.”

“I bet if Tess asked you to, you would,” Alex said.

“Don’t ask me that,” Kyle asked.

“Actually,” Michaell added. I’d like to know that too.

“That’s not fair! How come girls can get us to do anything they want us to do?” Kyle asked. “How come they have, like power and stuff over us? Do they learn how to make us to things for them in kindergarten or something?”

“It’s cause they’re so cute,” Max said, thinking happily of Liz.

“But it’s still not fair!” Kyle argued.

“And it’s because of the way they kiss,” Alex said, dreaming of Isabel.

“That doesn’t make it fair either!”

“And it’s because of they way they smile at you when you serenade them with their favorite Enrique Iglesias song,” Michael said, dreamily, thinking of Maria.

Alex, Kyle, and Max stopped walking and turned to look at Michael with funny expressions.

“What?” Michael said, realizing he accidentally slipped about the time Maria had talked him into learning all the words to Hero and singing it to her. “I uh….saw it in a movie once!”

“Yeah, sure,” Kyle said.

“So, Kyle,” Michael said. “Would you wear pink?”

Kyle smacked Michael on the back of the head, and all thoughts of clothes and wedding flew from their heads as they headed inside of the McDonalds on the corner.

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