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Title: I need your love
Disclaimer: I dont own anything, just my imagination running wild!!!
Ratings: NC-17, M/L, M/M, etc...
Review: I'm starting from the beginning of episode one, but I'm doing things differently than on the show.
Authors: Jessica_01

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I really hope that ya'll will enjoy this.
p.s. The first part will hopefully be out tonight!!!*wink*

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um, what is fluffy and that other word??? um this is gonna be a smutty story, did I forget to mention that in the thing? oops!!!
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You aren't stupid and yes you pretty much got them right. Don't worry, we're working on the fic, sort of. We should have the first part up by tomorrow.

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***Part 1 Chapter 1***
I'm Liz Parker, and I am on a plane going to the one place I'd never thought I'd go...The desert.

(Flashback to 2 weeks ago in New York. Liz, her twin Maria, her mom and her dad were sitting at the table eating Chinese food)

"Lizzie, Maria, your mother and I have something to tell you." Jeff Parker told them.
"Yeah, dad?" Liz asked him. "Um, Your dad got a new job." Jeff said to his daughters. 'Ok, what does that have to do with us?" Maria said. "Well, then job is in New Mexico." He said. "Liz shoked an a noodle while maria screamed "WHAT? NEW MEXICO!!! NO WAY AM I, MARIA PARKER MOVING TO NEW MEXICO." "Now hunny..." Nancy Parker said. "DONT NOW HUNNY HER, WE ARE NOT MOVING TO NEW MEXICO, OVER MY DEAD BODY." Liz screamed. Now there she was on a plane headed to New Mexico. She closed her journal and put it in her suitcase. Liz looked at her twin sister. They were so much alike. They were best friends and they did everything together, Maria was just a little bit wilder, but Liz could be as wild, if she had as muxh beer as maria did. Maria had blonde hair. She had dyed it because she said blonde's had more fun.

"Please fasten your seatbelts we will be landing in 5...4...3...2...1. "Well, here we are." Liz said sarcastically. She walked off of the plane and had to sheld her eyes from the sun. "Look at me! I'm gonna look like a snow man compared to these people, I'm as white as snow!" Liz said to Maria. She just shook her head. When they got to the 'Crashdown' Liz and Maria walked into the restuarant. When liz and maria walked into the restuarant all eyes went on them and Liz looked around to see the most sexiest, hottest, most adorable guy that she had ever seen looking at her.

ok, that was my first part! Lilah will post hers tomorrow.

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ok that was my part (jessica) if you know me then you know that I dont post very large parts, lolz. Sorry if that was too short, but I cant help it.
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Chapter One, Part Two

Maria sat on the plane in silence, despite the times her parents tried to talk to her. Liz was writing in her journal and was being generally quiet. After what seemed like forever, or possibly even too short depending on how you viewed it, they landed.

Liz and Maria walked in before the older Parkers into the Crashdown, having not even gotten their bags.

Maria looked around the Crashdown in dismay. This is what they moved here for? She barely noticed the people watching her since she tended to be pretty much used to it.

Of course what she did notice was pretty much the only guy who wasn't watching her. To her it even looked like he was purposely ignoring her. As everyone slowly turned back to what they were doing Maria studied the guy.

All in all he looked a little weird. He wasn't talking to the people he was sitting with. He dressed and acted like he was trying to blend in and not be noticed. 'Interesting.' She thought to herself with a slight smile.

Well, that's all I got now. For me the post is kinda short, but once I actually get farther into the story my posts should be longer.


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Max was eating his alien blast in the crashdown when he heard the news about the new owners were right outside. He looked up to see the most beautiful, hottest chick he'd ever seen walk in with a girl that looked just like her, but blonde.He looked at both of them. The brown headed one was much prettier. He thought He seen her looking at him and he kept the eye contact up for a minute, but then she walked to the backroom up to her room. He had an idea and when all the movers had gone he told michael to go home, and he went around the side of the crashdown and climbed up the ladder to tthe balcony. When he got up there he looked to see the brown headed chick standing there.

Liz took her eyes off of the sexiest boy that she had ever seen and walked to a back room and up the stairs with maria to a room that had a balcony. Maria jumped in the shower and liz went outside to the balcony. She walked out there and right when she did she seen the same boy climb up the ladder. "impressive." she said. "Well, I try." He responded. "Um, hi I'm MAx." He said. "I'm Liz." she responded. His voice even sounds sexy. She thought. "So, Liz can I show you around the town sometime?" He asked her. "Um yeah sure." SHe said, speechless. "Ok, how bout I pick you up tomorrow?" He said. "Um, ok what time?" She asked. "How about 7:00?" He asked. "Perfect." She said.He went to go, but roght before he did he walked over to liz and gave her a scorching kiss. His tounge played with hers, but then gave in fully and slid it down her throat. She moaned with passion. "Welcome to roswell, liz." Max said.
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hey everybody, um lilah, or icepr1ncess4ever said that she wasnt writing this story anymore. I'm probably gonna either stop this story or put it on hold cause everybody is leaving me.