SUMMARY: Adriana Elizabeth Parker and her twin brother Blake Alexander Parker were found at the age of 1 in the desert by Jeff and Nancy Parker and their best friends Phillip and Diane Evans.The Parkers adopt Adriana and Blake and the Evans become their godparents,they find out the kids have powers.
AUTHOR NOTE:The Parkers and Evans find out the kids are different at 19 months the kids leave Roswell when their 7 years old that’s when Max Isabelle and Micheal hatch.


Adriana Elizabeth Parker sat back in the seat feeling the cool the air-conditioning of the car. Roswell, she never imagined begin back here again,she looked in the rear-veiw mirror. She look normal brown sugar hair color,creamy beige compliction about 5’5,104 pounds size C breast cup altogether the tpyical all American girl,except her eyes the why did they glowed that emerald green way so unatrual, but everyone always says it’s amazing. A snore escaped her twin brother Blake Alexander Parker.Again normal by all standards,6’0 again werid shinying emerald eyes same hair color as her short in the back with long bangs in the fornt that sometimes fell across his eyes handsome all the girl wanted him any place they go same with Adriana but guys that how they usullay got in trouble.But would anyone want them if they knew what they are.

“Blake wake up”. Blake awoke but grumpily. “I’m trying to sleep here Adriana.” Blake looks around, “so I see were out side of Roswell let me get my cowboy boots out of the trunk” Adriana laughs, that’s another charming thing about Blake he can always make you laugh. “shut up you jerk, so were back home do you want to just sit here and talk for awhile are ya wanna go straight to the Crash”. “Let’s not play games sis and whats this talk about were home when were together were always home and I want you to remember that”. She reachs across the sit and hugs him crying and laughing at the same time. “ How about we go and get this over with Blake I’m getting a headache”, he reachs over touching her temple rubing them in circle as his fingertips glow. “Is that better”. “Yes thank you Blake how when we get everything settled with the rent we jam for awhile”, “cool sis you know I’m always up for jam session”. Adriana sit back in her sit buckles up while Blake does the same hits a swicth so the top goes down on the roadster a nd puts on her sunglasses and take a deep beath and looks towards Blake and he gives her a thumbs up and puts on his. Adriana puts the car in first gear a drive to a sunglasses normal life……..she hopes.

Adriana was about a block away from The Crashdown Café and came to a screeching halt, “what the hell Adriana way did you stop like that”. “We can’t go in to The Crashdown looking like this “. Blake gave Adriana a blank look and look down at there clothing people would kill to dress like this she look like she step out of Cosmo and him GQ. Adriana was wearing a gray dress that stoped about mid-thigh it had ¾ sleeves and it did’nt have a collar instead triangle cut that shows her cleveage and hung to her cruvy form while it sounds slutty it looked high class. Then Blake looked down at his down his outfit dark blue jeans beige v-neck sweater with white t-shirt under it black leather boots and a black leather jacket as did Adriana have black leather jacket and boots. “What’s wrong with the way we dress people would kill for our style we’ll your style you practically dress me”, “that’s not the problem we just , we’ll stick out Blake we’ll stick out big time with these cloths”, “we’ll stick out anyway were new and a small town”. “So we just keep dressing like we always have”, “yes”. Adriana puts the car in gear and drove the last block to the Crash.

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