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Rating: NC-17 (R)~This story is going to contain extreme sexual content and profanity and very mature subject matter!!!! BEWARE!

Summary: Max and Michael are brothers who moved to a new town and they are very shady characters who meet Liz and Maria, who are strippers...can't give too much away!!! There is a storyline!!!!!


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“Come on Sweetie! I tried to call you but the line was busy.”

Max Evans couldn’t help but smirk as he watched his brother Michael roll his eyes while talking into his cell phone.

“I know you have call waiting but Baby, you were probably talking on both lines.” Michael said and grinned at Max as they walked down the dark city streets.

Max shook his head at his brother.

“Honey, I gotta go…yeah, I’ll call you tomorrow…I promise…Bye.” Michael hung up his phone and put it back in his pocket.

“You gonna call her?” Max asked while lighting up a cigarette.

“Nope.” Michael stated simply and they both laughed.

“So what was that ones name?” Max asked him referring to the woman his brother was just talking to.

“I have no fucking clue.” Michael said grinning and they crossed the street.

“I figured that much. You just kept saying “Honey” and “Sweetie.”’

“You think she caught on?” Michael asked and felt some rain drops fall onto his face.

“They never do.” Max replied and took a deep drag off his cigarette.

“This town sucks.” Michael told his brother and grabbed the cigarette out of his hand and took a drag.

“Stop complaining. We’ve only been here three weeks and you already found a chic to bang, it’s not that bad.”

“Correction, three chic’s to bang.”

“Whatever.” Max said smiling.

“I know. We’ve both found a couple chic’s to screw but it’s just that this town is so boring. There’s nothing to do.”

“Well that’s what we’re doing now…looking for something to do.” Max replied and the two men continued walking in silence and passing the cigarette between them.

Max knew his brother was right. This town was pretty boring. They had been here for a couple of weeks and besides the pussy, they couldn’t find that much else.
Max felt some rain drops hit his head and he looked up into the sky. It was after midnight and the clouds had become very dark. Max and Michael had been walking downtown for almost an hour looking for something to do. Besides cheap little bars, there wasn’t a lot downtown. They had left the car at their house because they felt like they would be able to spot a hot spot better walking then in the car. Max was beginning to regret it because it looked like it was about to pour any second.

“Hey! Have we been down this way yet?” Michael asked suddenly looking to his left.

“No, I don’t think so.” Max said glancing in the direction that Michael was looking.

“Well then let’s go.”

The two men turned and continued down a different street.

Max’s cell phone began to ring and he checked the caller display.

“Who’s that?” Michael asked as he watched Max turn the phone off.

“That chic I met last week.”

“Oh, the one that pants?” Michael questioned and began to laugh.

“Hey, it’s not funny! I thought I was screwing a dog!” Max exclaimed and punched his brother on the shoulder.

“Uhhhh! Hah hah hah! Oh Max! Max!” Michael started moaning.

“Fuck off.”

“So did you do her doggy-style? Ha, get it? Doggy-style? For the doggy?” Michael said and cracked himself up.

“Shut up man! What about the one you had that liked to scream her own name?”

Michael looked at him sharply. “Hey man that was scary.”

Max started to laugh and then he noticed that they were approaching some buildings.

“What’s over there?”

“I dunno.” Michael replied and they made their way over to the buildings.

One caught their attention almost at once.

It was a medium sized brick building two words were in neon lights identifying the name:
“The Club”

“Very original.” Michael muttered.

“Hey look.” Max said and pointed.

Michael looked and saw something that made him smile and clap Max on the back.


“That’s what I’m talking about! Max, my brother we are in heaven.” Max smiled in return and they both crossed the street.

The approached the building and saw another sign:

“Featured dancers tonight: “Margarita Salt” and “Shirley Temple”

“Well let’s go check out Miss. Salt and Miss. Temple” Michael said and Max grinned at him.

“Yes, let’s. We can find some new pussy.” Max said and they both entered the club, not knowing that they were going to find a whole lot more.

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When Michael entered the club with Max he couldn’t help but smile. It was actually very big and the place was packed. The loud beats of music pleasantly hit Michael’s ears. He could smell the sweet and alluring aroma of alcohol and cigarettes. But the thing that he liked most was the lighting. There wasn’t a lot of lighting and it gave the club a musky feeling. Michael liked this because it made him feel safe. The dark was comforting to him, as it had been many times in his past.

“Holy shit! There are a lot of people here.” Max exclaimed breaking Michael out of his trance.

“Yeah, look at all the horny bastards.” Michael joked. It was true, Michael had never seen an adult club so packed in his life. And he had been in enough of them to know.

“Let’s get some drinks.” Max said to him gesturing towards the bar. Michael looked and noticed that the majority of the men were sitting at the tables watching a very petite Asian girl swing around the dancing pole on stage.

They made their way over to the bar and sat next to each other. Michael pulled out and lit a cigarette as the bartender made her way over.

He noticed his brother watch the bartender as her tits bounced loosely up and down as she made her way to them.

“Stop drooling.” Michael muttered quietly.

“Hey fella’s what can I do for you tonight?” She asked them with a bug grin on her face.

“Anything you want.” Max said slyly and leaned towards her. Michael tried to contain his laughter. They weren’t even there for five minutes and his brother was hitting on the first thing with a pussy between her legs.

The bartender smiled politely and leaned towards Max.

“Well do you know what I really want to do for you?” She whispered and smiled when Max shook his head ‘No.’

“Get you a drink.” She stated simply and stood back up straight. She wasn’t rude but Michael knew that she had to deal with come-ons all the time so she was just handling them the best she could.

Max was still grinning, more or less at her chest than anything else.

“Hey hun, you’ll have to excuse my brother, he tends to only think with his dick.” Michael told her and she turned to him.

“Oh, and you don’t?” She questioned good naturedly.

“Oh I do, just not as much.” He said and they laughed.

“Yeah, well every guy in here thinks with his dick, so I’m used to it by now.” She said and picked up two glasses. “So what can I get you guys?”

“I’ll have a rum and coke and he will have a scotch on the rocks.” Michael told her took a drag off his cigarette. She nodded and walked away to make the drinks.

“I don’t think she’s interested in you.” Michael told Max who was still staring at her.

“Look at that ass. Man, the things I could do to her.” Max said catching glimpses of soft pink flesh under the bartender’s short black skirt.

“Just make sure she doesn’t pant.” Michael joked and punched Max lightly on his shoulder.

“Oh, I’ll make her scream so loud she won’t even think about panting.” Max said and a big smile spread out across his face as she made her way back to them.

She settled the drinks down in front of them and told them the price.

Michael paid and took a big swallow of his drink.

“So what’s your name?” Max asked her.

“Cindy. And I am guessing you two are new in town.” She said put the money in the cash register.

“Are we that obvious?” Michael asked.

“Well, it’s just that I’ve never seen you guys before and every straight male within an hour of this place has been in here at least once.” Cindy said pushing her blonde hair out of her face.

“Yeah, we’ve only been here a couple of weeks. I’m Michael and this is my brother Max.” Michael said.

Cindy offered her hand. “Well it’s nice to meet you guys.”

“The pleasure’s all mine.” Max said smoothly and Michael rolled his eyes as noticed that Cindy had begun to blush.

“So, is it always packed like this?” Michael interrupted as a loud shout could be heard coming from the stage.

Cindy glanced at Michael. “Well, we usually have a good turn out every night, but you guys showed up on a special night.”

“Special night?” Michael questioned and noticed that Max and Cindy had begun giving each other ‘looks.’

Cindy glanced back at Michael. “Well, we have regular dancers at this club and every Friday we have a ‘featured dancers’ night. They are the girls that come on last.”

“So, it’s like this every Friday?” Max asked actually showing that he was listening to the conversation and not just staring at Cindy’s tits.

“No no. Let me clear this up.” Cindy said shaking her head. “Every Friday is ‘featured dancer’s night. But tonight the feature dancers are favourites of the club. Whenever they are featured this place gets packed. Everyone wants to see them.”

“Oh yeah. We saw the sign…Soup and Tight-rope, or something like that.” Michael said waving his hand.

“Salt and Temple. They’re best friends and the crowd goes wild for them. They’re probably the only reason this place is still in business.” Cindy told them.

“I doubt they’re the only reason.” Max said looking Cindy up and down. She smiled at him slyly.

“Well, I’m gonna have to see what is up those girls.” Michael said and took another big swig of his drink.

“Oh, you’ll like them, but don’t think anything.” Cindy said smiling at Michael.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that you don’t stand a chance with those girls.” Cindy said simply, not trying to be mean but just as if she was stating a fact.

Before Michael could respond she had walked away to serve a man who had been yelling to her from across the bar.

“Hundred bucks, I fuck her tonight.” Max said to Michael and they both saw her turn to glance at Max.

“You’re on.” Michael said as loud cheering and clapping was heard and Michael turned his head to see the Asian girl walk off stage wearing just a thong.

Max grabbed a cigarette out of Michael’s coat and lit up. He turned and they both just looked around the club.

Michael scanned the crowd and saw the usual, a bunch of laughing, drunk, horny men. He also saw a lot of big breasted waitresses making rounds. He noticed three that he might try to get into his bed that night. And then he noticed the back of someone’s head. A familiar head.

Max noticed that Michael had suddenly tensed. “What?”

Michael didn’t answer and the person he was looking at turned around. Michael let out a deep breath.

“Nothing, I just thought that I saw someone.”

“Who?” Max asked while finishing off his drink.

“No one.” Michael muttered.

“Who?” Max demanded.

“John, I thought it was John, but it wasn’t, okay.” Michael replied hastily.

“I thought I told you that we weren’t going to talk about him anymore?” Max said and slammed his drink on the bar.

“Hey! You’re the one that fucking asked me who it was!” Michael said glaring at Max.

The men were silent for a moment and stared at the empty stage that was waiting to be occupied by a dancer.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to talk about him.” Max mumbled.

“I know.” Michael said and they silently forgave each other.

Michael turned and caught Cindy’s eye and motioned for her to get them another round. She nodded and glanced at Max again. Michael all of sudden regretted betting that hundred bucks with Max.

Michael heard the music lower and the crowd in front began to scream wildly. He glanced at Max and they grinned at each other.

“Get ready boys.” Michael heard Cindy say from behind him as she dropped the drinks down.

Michael raised his eyebrows but Cindy just motioned towards the stage and ran off to get another order.

Michael looked at Max, who shrugged at him and then the heard the announcer’s voice over the speakers.

“And now gentlemen, what we have all been waiting for…Tonight’s first featured dancer…Miss. Margarita Salt!”

The announcer’s voice disappeared and music beats pumped out of the speakers. Michael watched slightly amused as more than half of the customers rose to their.

Michael leaned back on his stool and took a swallow of his drink.

He couldn't wait to see what was so ‘great’ about this ‘Margarita Salt’ chic.

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Maria DeLuca heard the music lower and she grabbed her drink. She was waiting backstage until it was her turn to get on stage. When the announcer gave her introduction she drank the last of her straight vodka in one swallow and tightened the belt on the black trench coat she was wearing.

“…Miss. Margarita Salt!” She heard the announcer say and she looked behind her to see if she could catch a glimpse of her best friend Liz Parker. Maria spotted her almost immediately standing in front of one of the hundreds of mirrors backstage. Liz turned to her and gave her a smile. Maria smiled back at her drunkly and made her way onto the stage.

Even though Maria was on verge of being very intoxicated she composed herself because she had a show to put on and her fans were waiting.

She heard the beats of the music and the loud cheering of all the men who were waiting to see her and she stepped on stage.

The applause instantly became louder and Maria smiled. She noticed that the place was packed as it always was when she was a featured dancer. She walked seductively across the stage and observed the crowd as she always did. She would scan the crowd and take note on the really drunk men who she wouldn’t get close to for her own safety and she would spot the men who she would allow to touch her. Maria was very good at this because she had been at the club for a long time.

The stage was like a runway and she walked up and down it while running her hands up and down her trench coat. She was also wearing a black hat that had all her blonde hair piled up inside of it. She worked the stage on black stiletto heels and the cat calls became louder.

“Take it off!”

“Fuck, Yeah!”

“Let me see those tits!”

Maria smiled and licked her lips at the crowd of more than fifty men who were occupied at the tables in front of the stage.

She slowly approached the front of the stage and pulled the bottom of her trench coat back to reveal one of her soft slim legs. She pushed her leg forth and let one of the customers run his hand up her leg. A man who was sitting next to him put some bills into her black stocking that stopped halfway up her thigh. She pulled her leg back and the crowd moaned. Maria smiled provocatively and shook her index finger at them.

She backed up and the music beats changed. On cue with the music she pulled off her hat and shook her head to the now rock beats that were blasting out of the stereo. Her hair flung around her head and the crowd of men started yelling louder. She threw her hat into the crowd and watch with satisfaction as a group of men jumped for her hat.

She turned and walked the length of the stage again while playing with the belt on her trench coat.

She scanned the crowd and saw what she was looking for. There was a young man sitting in one of the front tables at the opposite end of the stage. He looked like he was in his early-twenties and had light blonde hair. Maria noted that he was rather cute, but the thing that caught her attention was the he looked uncomfortable. And Maria didn’t want anyone being uncomfortable during one of her shows so she made her way over to him. As she walked she flung the coat back again showing off her shapely legs and watched as men flung their hands out to try and touch her. She looked the blonde man in the eyes and he realized that she was coming for him. His eyes silently pleaded with her not to come over to him. She smiled at him and licked her lips. She stood towering over him, since he was still sitting down. All of his friends were standing up and hitting him on the back. He shook his head and his friends pulled him out of his seat.

“It’s his first time!” One of his friends yelled to her.

“Yeah, it’s his birthday!” Another one yelled. Maria recognized the two as regulars. She winked at them.

Maria knelt down on her knees and pulled the ‘Birthday Boy’ closer. He smiled uneasily. The shouts of the men behind him became hysterical as everyone was cheering him on.

Maria grabbed his hand and placed it on her belt. He looked up at her and she smiled. He nodded vigorously and began to undo the belt of her coat. His hands were slightly shaking but he undid the belt. He pulled his hands back and Maria noticed that his smile was more sincere now. Her coat was still covering her body and she grabbed one end of her belt and pulled it out through the loops. She expertly swung the belt around the man’s neck and pulled him closer. She pushed her chest towards him and buried his head against her coat. She rubbed herself against him the coat gently slid away from her breasts and the man now his flesh rubbing against her silk black bra and the soft skin of what was exposed of her breasts. The ‘Birthday Boys’ friends were whistling and yelling like crazy. Maria pushed the man’s shoulders and he stumbled back to have his friend’s catch him.

Still on her knees in front of the crowd, Maria threw open her coat fully and exposed her black bra and black thong. She leaned back with her head touching the floor so she could thrust her pelvis at the crowd. She could sense the men leaning forward and she felt the frantic fingers of them stuffing money into her thong. She felt someone’s fingers lightly run across the flesh between her legs and she took this as her cue to move. She swiftly took her legs out from underneath her and rolled over onto her stomach. The crowd once again moaned at her withdrawal and she smiled to herself. She pulled herself to her knees again but this time her back was to the crowd. She pulled the trench coat back up over her shoulders and she let her body sway to her music. As her back was turned she pulled out the large amount of bills from her thong and stockings and shoved them into the inside pocket of the coat. There were also a lot of bills just spread out on the stage floor, but they would be picked up later.

She let her body sway until she heard the beat of music that she was waiting for. When she heard it, she threw off her coat completely. The crowd screamed and Maria felt the butterflies in her stomach begin to fly.

She slowly stood up with her back towards the crowd and she could faintly make out some comments.

“Look at that ass!”

“Shake it Baby!”

Maria knelt down to touch her toes and exposed her ass to the crowd. She swiftly stood back up started to pace the stage again. She walked up the stage in her bra, thong, stockings and stiletto’s with a sly smile on her face. She ran her hands down over her breasts and over her crotch. Her blonde hair flew behind her and the crowd went wild.

Maria stopped in the middle of the stage and once again turned around. She brought her hands up to the bra clasp behind her back and heard the men yell. She slowly and tauntingly undid the clasp and turned around. Her bra was still covering herself and she teased them by playing with the straps. After a moment of teasing and begging from the crowd Maria let her bra slip off and hit the floor. She smiled as her breasts fell from the confines of the bra and she felt her nipples harden instantly. She threw her head back and the men cheered. She ran her hands over her breasts and couldn’t help but feel the tingle between her legs. She sighed heavily and began to walk the stage again, moving her body to the music. Her breasts bounced slightly as she walked and she jiggled them towards the crowd. As she made her way to the far end of the stage, Maria noticed something that she had failed to notice before. There were two men sitting at the bar. That was kind of strange because whenever she was on stage the bar would be deserted, at the most the men who had been at the bar right before she came on would move forward for a better view.

But the strangest thing was one of the men. He was sitting beside another man who kind of resembled him and Maria thought that they could be related. The man she was looking at had spiky brown hair and he was holding a drink in his hand. Maria stopped near the end of the stage and turned away from the man and faced her fans again. She swayed her body smoothly towards the floor and back up again.

Maria stole another glance at the bar again and saw that she wasn’t imagining it. The thing that caught Maria’s attention was that the man was staring at her. Not at her tits that were exposed or her ass that was skimpily clad in a thong.

He was staring at her face and looking into her eyes.

“Hello? Are you listening to me?” Max half-shouted to Michael over the music.

“Huh? Yeah…yeah. What did you say?” Michael half-yelled back while tearing his eyes away from the woman up on stage.

“I SAID she’s got a hot little body.” Max replied lighting up a cigarette.

Michael looked back up at the stage and was surprised to see that the blonde, pouty mouthed woman had taken her bra off. He hadn’t really noticed that she was half naked.

“Yeah…yeah, she does.” Michael muttered and quickly grabbed a cigarette off of his brother.

“Hey, you look like you just noticed that she was walking around her tits hanging out.” Max replied with a hint of humour in his voice.

Michael glanced at him quickly gave him a ‘yeah fucking right’ look.

“Mike, you look a little flushed man.” Max said to him and began to look a little worried.

“No, I’m fine.” Michael told him and turned to look back at the stage. Max shrugged his shoulders and ordered another drink.

Michael stared at the blonde woman on stage mesmerized. He had watched ‘Miss. Salt’ step on stage and she took his breath away. He had watched her as she had walked across the stage with such confidence. Then she had taken off her hat and he noticed that she had white-blonde hair that made her blue eyes appear even brighter. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her face since. He watched her smile at the crowd and lick her full lips.

But, he was in a strip club he shouldn’t be looking at her face. He focused on her body. Max was right she had a nice little body. He watched her walk across the stage and run her hands over her body. He could hear Max and the other occupants of the club yelling but it sounded very far away. He had noticed before Max had begun talking to him that ‘Miss. Salt’ had caught his eye. He watched her face more closely now. She was on the other side of the stage, grinding her crotch towards the crowd. Then, she abruptly turned and headed down towards his end of the stage. She pulled on the thin straps of her thong playfully and then she looked at him. He saw her look right into his eyes and he couldn’t turn away. Then he watched as she ran her hand over her breasts, down along her stomach and then down lower where her hand rubbed against the flesh that was hidden underneath her thong. He looked back to her face and she licked her lips and then made her way back to the middle of the stage.

Michael felt his groin tighten and he knew that she had given him a hard-on. He spun around on his stool and faced the bar again. He knew that if he watched her any longer he would probably have to run into the bathroom and blow his load.

A moment later he heard the music die down and then a tremendous amount of cheering. He knew that ‘Miss. Salt’ had left the stage, but he still didn’t turn around.
Max swung his stool around also and men started coming up to the bar and ordering drinks.

“Hey, did you see her? I think she was looking at me.” Max said to Michael as he finished off his third drink.

“Yeah, I saw her.” Michael said clearly confused by what he just happened to him.

They sat in silence for a moment while Michael tried to figure out why this woman had affected him in this way and while Max and Cindy gave each other the ‘eye’ from across the bar.

“You okay, man?” Max asked when Cindy had her back to them.

“I think I’m coming down with something.” Michael lied.

“You wanna leave?”

Before Michael could reply, he heard the room erupt in applause. Max and Michael both turned around to see ‘Miss. Salt’ herself come out of the back room, now wearing a very short tight black dress. She was accompanied by a muscular man who looked about ten years older than herself. They had their arms linked and she waved to the patrons of the club with a beautiful smile on her face. They sat down at a table about five feet from the bar.

“Hey! Do you wanna leave? I think you got an ear infection or something.” Max said waving his hand in front of Michael’s face.

“What?! No, I’ll be fine…we can stay.”

“Hey fellas!” Cindy said from behind them. The two men both turned around.

“So what did you think about her performance?” Cindy asked nodding her head in the direction of ‘Miss. Salt’

“She was really good…But I bet your better.” Max said to her smiling his face off. She blushed at him and looked at Michael.

“Why is she out here?” Michael asked.

“She always comes out to watch Shirley Temple dance and vice-versa.” Cindy replied.

“So who’s that guy she’s with?”

“Oh, that’s Ace Gerard. He’s the owner of this place. He’ll accompany her so no one will try anything. You’re only allowed to go over and talk to them if you’re invited…Safety issues…” Cindy trailed off and gave a knowing smile to Michael. He quickly looked away and saw Ace whispering something in the woman’s ear and she titled her head back and laughed.

“So are you dancing tonight?” Max asked Cindy and Michael turned his attention back to the bar.

“No.” She replied sweetly.

“Oh…that’s too bad.” Max whined in a flirty manner.

“Oh, don’t worry…Miss. Temple will be out next, she’ll put on a show for you.” Cindy said and walked away.


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After Cindy had walked away from them to serve some more customers, Max turned to Michael.

“I’m going to take a piss.” He told him and stood up.

“Yeah.” Michael said distantly and barely even looked at Max.

Max rolled his eyes and made his way to the washroom. He was wobbling a little bit because he had been drinking really fast so Cindy would keep coming over to him. He heard the announcer announcing the next dancer as he walked into the washroom. He could hear the cheering of the men as the washroom door closed behind him.

Max approached the urinal, undid his zipper and began to do his business. He looked around to see that he was the only one in there. He glanced at the sink and he thought about Cindy. Maybe while that last dancer was on he would see if Cindy could sneak away from the bar. They could have a little fun in here.

Max finished and did up his zipper. He walked over to the sink and washed his hands. Yeah, he and Cindy could have a lot of fun in here. He heard more cheering and made his way to the door. If this girl was as good as Cindy thought, everyone would be watching her and then he could take Cindy into the washroom. That was beneficial to him in two ways; he would get to blow his load and he would also win a hundred dollars off of his brother.

Max smiled at the thought and walked back out into the club. He could see the stage from where he was and he caught his first glance of Miss. Shirley Temple. He stopped where he was and stared at the stage.

Max figured that the woman had been on stage for less than five minutes and he could see that the crowd was going wild. He stood in the shadows and observed her.
She was walking the stage and swaying her body to the music. He smiled as he took in what she was wearing. She had on white platform boots that went up one inch above her knee. She had on a white nurse uniform. A very short nurse uniform. The skirt of her uniform stopped about a two inches below her waist. The top of her uniform had buttons holding it closed and the first three were undone letting a teasingly amount of cleavage to show. He watched her walk up and down seductively and he saw that there were two red crosses on her uniform and they were placed over her nipples. Her hair was wrapped up in a tight bun on the top of her head.

She approached the edge of the stage and he watched as men slipped bills of money into the top of her high boots. She smiled at them and Max smiled. He watched her face and couldn’t help but noticed how young she looked. He assumed that she was the same as himself, but her face was angelic. It made her look so innocent. She had soft features and big almond shaped eyes. She smiled again at the crowd as they hollered at her to take it off. She had an edge to her smile that made her look very sexy.

Max scolded himself silently. He didn’t know why he was so taken with this young woman. He leaned against the wall and anticipated what she was going to do next.

He watched her run her hands over her body in a girlish way and he thought what it would feel like to have his hands run over her body. He continued to watch and was fascinated when she released her hair from its bun. Her hair tumbled down and he saw that it reached down almost to her waist. Her hair surrounded her face and she licked her lips at the crowd. She leaned forward and let the crowd of men have a better look down the front of her uniform.

Max leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. She was so alluring. He saw men putting money down the top of her uniform and he felt the muscles in his stomach contract. Almost as if he was jealous.

“Yeah right.” He muttered surprising himself as he talked aloud.

She backed up away from the crowd and then slid her body to the ground. She was on all fours and began to crawl towards the crowd. Max stood on his toes to get a better look. He saw that the tops of her breasts were pushing themselves out of the top of her uniform. He watched as she threw her head back and her hair went flying away from her face. She had her mouth open as if she were moaning. The crowd was yelling and Max felt his throat get tight.

Then he heard very loud screaming that caused him to plant his feet firmly back on the ground. He looked over and saw that ‘Miss. Margarita Salt’ was jumping up and down yelling.

“WHOO!” She yelled and the dancer on stage looked at her and licked her lips.

Max grinned as he watched the interaction between the two woman. He shot a quick glance over at Michael and saw that he was also looking at ‘Miss. Salt’ and grinning.

The other men in the bar also noticed the woman and were cheering them on. Then he saw the man who was sitting with ‘Miss. Salt’ grab her arm and pull her back into her seat. He remembered that Cindy had told them that he was the owner. Ace something or other. He watched him say something into her ear and she just laughed him off. Max thought that the young woman was very intoxicated.

Max turned back to the stage to see ‘Miss. Temple’ slowly rise to her feet again.

She strutted over to the dancing pole and began to rub her body against it. She started off very slow and then began to move faster. Her long brown hair flew around her head and he watched her expression change. She know looked like she was about to have an orgasm. Max knew that she was doing it for show, but he couldn’t help but feel himself harden at the sight of her. He fought the urge to run up and take her right there.

She swung around the pole and then very roughly ripped open her top. Max figured she had to of popped at least two buttons off. She wore nothing underneath and Max ran his tongue along his lips as he saw her breasts come out of her shirt. They stood firmly on her chest with erect nipples.

He saw her run her hands over her body and a look of pleasure spread out over her face. Max noticed that she was much more aggressive than the previous dancer. She was more sexual and Max liked it. He liked it a lot.

He watched as once again she swayed her body back to the ground, but now she laid her whole body down. She was on her back and her hair was spread out on the ground around her. She ran her hands over her body again and then spread her legs open towards the crowd. She gave a complete view to the white panties she was sporting underneath her skirt. Max watched her thrust her pelvis into the air. Max could barely hear the music over the screaming. Her back was arched and she put her index finger into her mouth and began to suck on it. While she did this she maintained the look of innocence on her face.

Max couldn’t watch anymore. His pants suddenly felt entirely too tight. He rushed back into the washroom and was disappointed to find it occupied by two men. One was at the urinal and he could hear another puking in a stall. Max ran into the stall furthest away from the puking man. He looked down and was relieved to see that you could not tell that he was pitching a tent inside of his pants.

“Fuck.” He whispered. Max didn’t know what to think. No one had ever had and effect on him like that before. Of course he had had a hard on before because of a woman, but it was more than that. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He could hear yelling from outside that washroom and he really wanted to go back out there. But he knew that if he did he would probably blow a load by just looking at her again. He didn’t even know her name and he was already beginning to obsess over her. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. He was relieved that after a few minutes he heard loads of yelling and then the music stopped. He waited one more moment and then he emerged from the bathroom. He was surprised to see that a lot of men had already left. Max glanced at his watch and was surprised to see that it was well after 2 am. He saw the bar still had few occupants and then he realized that they weren’t serving anymore. He walked towards Michael and noticed that ‘Miss. Salt’ and the owner were also gone.

“What the hell happened to you?” Michael asked when Max settled down next to him.

“I told you I went to the washroom.”

“You missed the last girl.” Michael pointed out and placed a cigarette in Max’s opened hand.

“I saw some of her.” Max mumbled lighting his cigarette.

“Why didn’t watch from over here.”

“Well, I came out of the can and stopped to watch some of her and then I went back into the washroom.”

Michael looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“I had the runs.” Max said and shrugged. Michael gave him a disgusted look and Max shook his head. He didn’t care, the truth was embarrassing.

Michael was about to reply but Cindy came over. “So how’d you like Miss. Temple?”

“She was all right.” Michael said and Max nodded. Cindy glanced at Max and smiled.

“I told you that you would like her.” She whispered. Max tried to give her a doubtful look but it didn’t work.

Michael rolled his eyes figuring that Cindy had just invited him back to her place and that he had just lost a hundred bucks.

“So you guys gonna come back again?” Cindy asked already knowing the answer.

“Maybe.” Michael said and stood up. “Let’s go Maxwell.” Michael continued and figured that Max would tell him that he wasn’t coming home. To his surprise Max stood up.

“It was nice to meet you.” Max told Cindy. She nodded and Max headed for the door.

Michael looked at him in disbelief. Cindy smiled at him.

“Don’t get your hopes up.” She told him.
“About what?” He asked confused.

“About those two girls you guys just saw.” She replied.

Michael narrowed his eyes at her.

“I’m just warning you.” She said politely.

“Thanks…I guess.” Michael said. “See you around.”

“Yeah, I probably will.” Cindy replied and turned away from him.

Michael exited the club and found that Max was already waiting inside of a cab. Michael jumped in the back seat beside him.

They were silent for a moment.

“I think we found our new hang out.” Michael said to his brother.

Max smiled and nodded. “I agree.”

“And I KNOW that you owe me a hundred bucks buddy.” Michael said laughing.

Max sighed. “Yeah, I know.”

“So what happened? With Cindy I mean.” Michael asked as the cab stopped at a red light.

“I don’t know.” Max said distantly and Michael gave him a questioning look. “I guess she wasn’t really what I was looking for.”

Michael stared at him for a moment but didn’t reply. They were silent for the rest of the ride. They had a lot on their mind.


Liz Parker a.k.a Shirley Temple could still feel the butterflies in her stomach. She always felt like that when she got off stage. It was a natural high. She liked being up there and in control of the situation. The adrenaline pumped through her body when she was up there and it didn’t leave until well after she got off stage.

Right now she was in one of the dressing rooms backstage. Most of the other dancers had already left right after their dances. She pulled off her platform boots and threw them aside. She pulled some of the money that she had missed earlier out of her boot and shoved it in her bag with the other money she had made that night.

She looked into the mirror and pulled her long brown hair back into a ponytail. She had put on a bra after getting off stage and now stood wearing just her bra and the bottom of the nurse uniform. She quickly pulled off the skirt and grabbed a pair of jeans. The door swung open and her best friend Maria DeLuca came in smiling.

“You were great.” Maria said.

“Thanks.” Liz replied and pulled on her jeans. Maria hiccupped and then burst out laughing.

“How much have you had to drink?” Liz questioned putting her hands on her bare hips.

“Just a little some.” Maria replied trying to ignore the urge to laugh.

“That doesn’t even make sense.” Liz lectured worrying about the condition Maria was in.

“Whatever. Put your shirt on before I jump your bones.” Maria told her and threw Liz a top that was hanging off the back of one of the chairs.

Liz pulled the shirt over her head. “Maria, you know you shouldn’t be drinking that much.”

“Okay mom.” Maria replied with a hint of attitude in her voice.

Liz held up her hands defensively. “Fine. Whatever.”

Maria walked up to her and pouted her lips. “Oh don’t be mad Lizzy-pooh.” She said and ran her fingers through Liz’s hair.

Liz couldn’t help but laugh. “Let’s get you home.”

“Good idea.” Maria said and grabbed her bag. Liz headed for the door with Maria in front of her and then Maria suddenly spun around.

“Oh! Wait!” She shouted.

“What?” Liz questioned. Maria was very tipsy and Liz wanted to get her home as soon as possible.

“There was a guy…a new guy here…He was drinking at the…the…bar…” Maria slurred with a glitter in her eye.

“You can tell me at home.” Liz said gently.

“But…he was soooooo cute!”

Liz’s mind trailed off as she remembered seeing a new guy watching her dance. He had been standing by the washroom for a while, and then he was gone. Liz silently prayed that it wasn’t the same guy Maria was talking about.

“Okay Maria, let’s talk about it at home.” Liz pleaded because she didn’t want to stay around the club any longer.

“Okay.” Maria sighed. They turned towards the door again and saw Cindy coming into the dressing room.

“Hey Cindy.” Liz said. Cindy smiled but she had a worried look on her face.

“What?” Liz asked afraid of what Cindy was going to say. Cindy shot a glance at Maria, who was smiling like crazy, and then she looked back to Liz.

“Um…Ace wants to see Maria.”

Liz looked at Maria and noticed that she wasn’t smiling anymore and she seemed to have sobered up a little bit.

“Why?” Liz asked almost frantically.

“He didn’t say. He told me to tell you and…” Cindy trailed off looking at Maria.

“And what?” Liz asked again.

“And he said that I should drive you home and that we shouldn’t wait for her.” Cindy said finally.

“No.” Liz said hastily and shook her head. She looked at Maria and Maria smiled at her.

“It’s okay you guys go. I’ll be home later.” Maria said. Liz shook her head again.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Maria insisted.

“Let’s just go home. Now. The both of us.” Liz said firmly.

“Liz, you know we can’t do that. Cindy will drive you home and I’ll see you later.” Maria said and then walked out of the room before Liz could say another word. She knew that Liz wanted to follow her and she also knew that Liz wouldn’t.

Maria slowly walked down the hall and then up the two flights of stairs to Ace’s office. She knocked on the door and he yelled at her to come in. Maria hesitated and then opened the door and put a smile on her face.

“Maria! Honey! Sit down.” Ace said gesturing to the chair in front of his desk. Reluctantly Maria plopped down across from him and began to fidget. He was doing some paper work and she waited patiently until he was done. She looked at him while waiting and a rage filled up inside of her. He was a pretty beefy guy and had sandy coloured hair and grey-green eyes. He also had a scar that ran from just under his eye almost down to his chin. She wondered how he got it but she knew better than to ask.

He finished what he was doing and looked up at her. She smiled nervously.

“Maria, I noticed something tonight during Liz’s performance.” Ace said leaning forward and she caught a scent of marijuana off of him.

“Really? What did you notice?” She asked softly.

“Some guy. A new guy in fact. He was sitting at the bar.” Ace said staring at her and Maria looked away silent. “I also noticed that you kept looking over at him. Do you know him?”

“No.” Maria said abruptly. Ace nodded and stood up. He walked around the desk and leaned against the desk beside Maria. She shifted uncomfortably.

“You didn’t know him.” He repeated. “But you liked him.”

Maria shook her head silently.

“Did you want to fuck him?” Ace yelled at her. She shook her head again and wiped away a tear that was sliding down her cheek. She hated when he did this to her!

“Tell me the truth.” Ace warned softly.

“I am.” Maria whispered.

“Okay, but you better not be lying to me. Because you’re mine Maria, you know that don’t you?” Ace said and ran his hand down the side of her head.

“Yes.” Maria said softly.

“Prove it.” Ace stated simply.

“What?” She questioned.

“Prove it to me.” Ace said and undid the zipper on his pants. Maria watched silently as the penis she had seen so many times before was exposed, fully erect.

“Do you belong to me Maria? Do you love me?” He asked running his hand along his hard shaft.
“Yes.” She whispered, no longer afraid of him. She now knew what he wanted and she would give it to him and then she could go home.

“Show me how much you love me.” He said heavily.

Maria silently dropped to her knees, knowing that she would soon be at home.

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