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Hey everyone. Just started this fic about a week ago and decided to post some. I'm just gonna post the prologue for now... Tell me what you think and I'll post more...

Day of Destiny
Name: Zoey T. (roswells_angel285)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, it’s characters, yada, yada...
Summary: Think “The Pilot” only two years later. Major rewrite, but still. Read to see what I mean... *evil grin*
Category: Max and Liz
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Authors Note: This is my first NC-17 fic so please be gentle. Lots and lots of feedback, please! *grin* Enjoy!


Liz sat on her balcony wrapped in nothing but a blanket, a pen in one hand and her journal open on her lap. She looked thru the window toward her bed where a dark haired boy slept soundly and smiled. Then she returned her attention to the blank page.

‘It’s September 23rd. I’m Liz Parker and you would not believe what has happened in the past week. Five days ago I died and after that, things got really weird...’


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Here's the first part...

Part 1

“Max Evans is staring at you again.”
Liz Parker rolled her eyes at Maria DeLuca, her best friend and fellow Crashdown Cafe waitress. “No way. Maria, that is so in your imagination.” Liz grabbed a rag from under the counter and began wiping the top down, glancing over at one of the booths as she did.
Her heart skipped a beat when her chocolate eyes locked with Max’s caramel ones. He held her gaze for a moment, then lowered his gaze back to the tabletop in front of him as the spiky haired boy across from him shot him a dirty look.
Liz sighed. She didn’t know why Michael Guerin, Max’s best friend, disliked her so much. Every time Max was anywhere near her, either Michael or Max’s sister, Isabel, was with him. *Why are they so protective of him?*
Liz had been in love with Max for as long as she could remember. She’d been intrigued by him since that first day of third grade when he’d gotten off the bus clutching Isabel’s hand. But Maria and their other best friend, Alex Whitman, had warned Liz to stay away from Max, otherwise both Nalan and Earth would be doomed.
But Liz and Max were connected, and she knew her friends knew it. And they were keeping something from her. Something important....
Liz shook her head. Now wasn’t the time nor the place to question her friends’ reasons for keeping her away from the object of her affections. She dropped the rag back into the wash bucket and turned to Maria. “I’m just going to go check my tables.”
It was Maria’s turn to roll her eyes. She waved Liz off with a flip of her hand as she went to a table near the front where two men were talking quietly.
As Liz moved around the counter toward Max, and Michael’s booth, an argument broke out between the two men up front.
“I want my money now!” yelled one of the men.
Liz whirled in time to see the larger man pull out a gun.
“You won’t need your money if you’re dead!” the man with the gun growled back.
The next few seconds were chaos. The two men began wrestling over the gun. Maria screamed. Someone stepped in front of Liz.
There was a loud bang as the gun went off, and the person blocking Liz dropped to his knees with a moan. It took Liz a moment to register what had happened.
Max had been in front of her. He’d taken the bullet that had been shot in her direction. He was going to die.
The realization snapped Liz into action. She dropped to her knees behind Max and crawled to his side. He looked over at her, his brows furrowed in a grimace of pain.
“Lay down.” Liz’s voice came out husky.
Max complied, and Liz leaned over him. “Look at me.” Liz slid one hand under his shirt and placed it over the bullet wound. “Don’t look anywhere but at me.” Liz’s eyes locked onto his. “Don’t think of anyone or anything but me.”
The flashes were quick, quicker than usual. So fast Liz couldn’t concentrate on them long enough to decipher what the images were.
Then she was in. Max’s heartbeat matched up with hers, and she felt his awe and surprise. The pleasure of her touch, even thru the pain.
Liz quickly dissolved the bullet and healed the broken veins and muscles and skin. She searched Max’s body-their body- for any other injuries and, when she didn’t find any broke the connection.
Neither Liz nor Max expected the bolt of shock that came from being separated. Gasps escaped both their lips as Liz lifted her hand away from him. A small, silver handprint began to glow on Max’s torso, right where the bullet hole had been a moment before, testimony to what had just happened.
Max stared up at Liz in awe, his chest heaving. “I...I thought I was the only one who could do that.”
Liz’s closed eyes flew open at Max’s words. “What?” she blurted.
Before Max could answer, the click of a gun hammer broke the silence. Liz’s head jerked up and she found herself face to face with the barrel of a gun.
“No!” Max yelled. he tried to knock the gun out of the man’s hands, but the man shifted his weapon, and Max missed.
Liz fell backwards into Max’s strong arms. She looked up at him as the gunman vanished thru the front doors, a small smile on her lips. “How ironic,” she breathed painfully. “I save a life... and lose my own.”
“No.” Max ripped open her uniform and put his hand over the wound.
Again, their heartbeats synchronized. Max removed the bullet and healed the injury almost without thinking.
Although he’d finished, Max left his hand on her lower stomach. He didn’t want to break the connection, didn’t want to be separated from her again.
This was it. The day he’d been waiting for for years. The day his destiny changed.
“Liz?” She staring up at him with those dark eyes, love and something Max vaguely recognized shining thru them.
“Hmmm?” Liz kept looking at him. She shifted slightly, turning more of her body toward his.
Max sucked in his breath and Liz gasped as her bra-encased breast brushed against his hard chest. Liz turned until she was face to face with him, straddling his lap. She let her face drift forward a fraction as Max groaned.
“Liz.” She looked up from his mouth. The way he’d said her name made her want to swoon. So many emotions trying to express themselves all at once, but he didn’t need to speak. His feelings were flowing over her, waves of love and desire, concern and despair. He was worried. And scared. Scared of the almost tangible connection between them, of the all consuming intensity.
She needed to get him to stop thinking about everything so hard.
Smiling seductively, Liz slipped her arms around Max’s neck. he stared at her, his face a collage of emotions. When she slid forward slightly, closer to the growing bulge beneath his jeans, he groaned and slid his arm around her back, underneath her uniform.
Smiling wider, Liz leaned forward and exhaled, her breath carressing his lips.
Something seemed to snap inside Max. His other hand went into her hair, angling her face up at his. Then he began lowering his lips to hers....

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Hey guyz. I'm sooooooo glad you like my fic. Just posting to tell you I'm trying to finish up part 2 now, so I'll try and post it either tonight or tomorrow.

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Okay. Here's the next part.

Part 2

Something seemed to snap inside Max. His other hand went into her hair, angling her face up at his. Then he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, hard and deep.
Oh my God.... Liz kissed him back, pressing closer to him. A moan escaped her lips as Max’s tongue demanded and was granted entrance. His muscle dove deep, tasting the back of her throat before pulling back to circle her lips. She slid forward, now straddling his upper thighs.
Oh God.... Max tugged gently on her bottom lip as he pulled his mouth from hers and tried to take a deep breath. He needed air, but she tasted so incredible. He used the hand still buried in her dark waves to tip her head back, exposing her throat. His mouth brushed the side of her neck once before latching on, letting his tongue sweep between his lips to sample her skin. Liz’s small gasp and moan caused him to smile. When he lifted his head away a moment later, Liz whimpered in protest.
Max’s eyes went to hers, and he began drowning in what he saw there. They were still connected, so he felt the delicious desire Liz felt, the live and certainty that this was meant to be. That they were destined to be together.
Just as Max began approaching for another kiss, two voices rang out, stopping and reminding him where he and Liz were and that they weren’t entirely alone.
“Elizabeth!” Maria yelled, stomping out into the diner from the back room where she’d gone when the gun had gone off.
She was followed by Michael. “Maxwell!”
Both of them stopped as they studied the scene before them, their eyes widening in horror.
Liz whimpered again, this time in embarrassment. She snuggled closer to Max, burying her face against his chest. Max held her tighter, stroking her hair as he gazed over her head at their best friends.
“What?” Max finally bit out in annoyance when neither Maria nor Michael explained their presence.
Suddenly Maria’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh, no,” she moaned brokenly. “We failed. Again.”
Michael put a comforting arm around her. “No, we haven’t. We just can’t let this go any farther.”
Liz finally lifted her head and exchanged a confused look with Max.
Max cleared his throat. “Excuse me, you guys, but failed what?” He looked between Michael and Maria. “Can’t let what go any farther.”
Maria and Michael exchanged a look.
“Look, Max, babe-” Maria began.
“Oh, no, Maria. We are not going thru this again.” Liz stood up, holding her uniform closed with one hand and clasping one of Max’s in the other. “You guys can’t tell me who I can and cannot be with.”
“But-” Maria tried again.
“What do you mean?” Max asked Liz, bewildered. “Did Maria and Alex tell you to stay away from me?”
Liz looked down at him, her eyes filling with tears. She nodded, and Max’s eyes widened.
“But... Izzy and Michael told me to stay away from you....” He stood up behind Liz and pulled her back against him as he turned on the other two. “Why? Why aren’t we supposed to be near each other?”
“Max,” Michael warned. “Don’t do anything stupid.”
Max’s temper began to blaze. He fought against it, breathing deeply. “Stupid? Like this?” He pulled Liz’s hair away from the sid of her neck, revealing the hickey.
Maria gasped. “You... you...?” she stammered, looking form Max’s face to the hickey and back.
When Max nodded, Maria growled. “Why you! Do you realize what you’ve done?! If you two go any farther both Antar and Nalan will be-” Michael slapped his hand over her mouth, glaring at her.
“What about Antar?”
“What about Nalan?”
Max and Liz spoke at once. They looked at each other in confusion.
“How do you...?” they asked in unison.
Maria cleared her throat. “Liz? Max is... well, he’s....”
“He’s the King of Antar,” Michael finished. “And Liz is the Crown Princess of Nalan,” he continued, his eyes on Max’s face.
Max’s eyes widened again. “But-”
“No buts,” Michael commanded. “You know what happened. We don’t need a repeat of history or a continuation of it.”
“Michael, I love her.” The confession made Liz’s heart soar, and she could feel Max’s beating quickly against her shoulder blade.
“Max, I-”
“Don’t you dare say it!” Maria cried.
“I love you, too.” Liz felt relieved to finally get it out.
Max turned her toward him, kissing her forehead and hugging her close. “I know,” he whispered into her hair.
Michael growled and glared at Max. “Max, don’t,” he insisted. “Being with her got Antar captured-”
“That was in a whole other life!” Liz cried.
“-and the Nalan people enslaved. Do you really want a repeat of history? Do you want to bring Earth into the balance?”
How can history repeat itself?” Max asked in anger. “Antar and Nalan are millions of light years away. What Liz and I do here doesn’t affect what happens there.”
“Wrong,” Alex said.
Everyone turned to see him and Isabel walking in thru the front door.
Liz groaned and Max pulled her against him, letting her tuck her head beneath his chin.
“What do you mean, wrong?” Max snapped.
“You two got together too early,” Isabel explained, coming to stand between Alex and Michael, creating a full circle. “You also ‘cemented’ your relationship too young, causing your powers to stop developing. This sealed the fate of Nalan and Antar. We didn’t have enough strength to fight back.” She gulped.
“We figured if we kept you apart, we could figure out a way to save our planets. But we had to stay together at the same time.” Alex took a deep breath, then continued. “So we told you two to stay away from each other. Being loyal, you tried your best to do as we asked. Until today.” He didn’t say it accusingly. He was just stating a fact.
Max heaved a great sigh. “Fine. We’ll discuss this later.” He looked down at Liz, still clinging to his chest. “Right now, Liz needs to be in bed. She’s weak and tired.”
“I am not-” Liz argued.
Max smirked at her for a moment, and she sighed, remembering that they were still connected. “Fine. Bed. Great.”
Liz’s complaining broke some of the tension and everyone chuckled.
“Don’t worry, Liz,” Maria teased. “Maybe then you’ll feel less exposed.
“Ha ha,” Liz shot back. “Shut up, Maria.”
“We’ll meet back here at eight,” Max announced. He easily swung Liz up into his arms. “Until then, get lost.”
“Max...” Michael warned again.
“We’re not going to do anything,” Max insisted. “We just need to talk.” He glared at Maria as she began to open her mouth to argue. “Alone.”
Maria, Isabel, and Michael glowered at Max, while Alex just shrugged.
“C’mon, you three,” Alex said, sighing. “If we don’t leave of our own free will, they’ll use their powers on us.”
“Keep out of my head!” Liz yelled. Alex just smirked at her.
Max cocked his eyebrow at Liz as the others turned to leave. Liz rolled her eyes.
“Later,” she told him.
After the four pains had left and the door was locked, Max truned and carried his princess thru the back room, up the stairs, and to her room so they could “talk”...

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~Zoey T.

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Hey all! *grin* I brought you a new part. I'm pretty sure you'll like it... *wiggles eyebrows* Here you go...

Part 3

After the four pains had left and the door was locked, Max turned and carried his princess thru the back room, up the stairs, and into her room. He sat her gently on the edge of the bed and sat down next to her, taking her hand.
They sat in silence for a few moments, staring down at their entwined fingers where they rested on his thigh. Then Liz turned and pecked his lips. “Thank you.”
Max stared into her eyes as he caressed the back of her hand with his thumb. He smiled when her breathing became just slightly faster. “For what?”
“For saving me,” Liz replied. She leaned forward and kissed his jaw. “For loving me then.” She ran her tongue along his jaw line to the place right below his ear that she somehow knew drove him crazy. “And for loving me now.” Her lips hovered an inch from his.
Max’s hand drifted into her hair again, holding her captive. “How could I not?” he asked, emotion coloring his voice. “How could I not have saved you? Not love you?” His breath caressed her face as he sighed. “God, I’m not even worthy of your attention, let alone your love.” He leaned his forehead against hers, their eyes still locked.
Liz smiled. “A king. And you’re saying this to me.”
Max leaned forward, closing the distance between their lips. The kiss was instantly hot and passionate. His tongue explored her mouth slowly, teasing her. Teasing both of them.
Liz laid back on the bed, pulling Max with her with their still entwined fingers. He shifted so that he landed on his side, facing her. He lifted their joined hands and ran them down her side as they kissed. Liz squirmed, gasping against his mouth when he laid their hands on her bare stomach, over the silver handprint that now adorned her lower tummy.
“Max,” she gasped.
His name on her lips almost caused his control to snap. Almost. Forcing himself to gather his will power, Max ripped his lips away from hers.
Max opened his eyes and watched as Liz’s lashes fluttered. Their gazes locked and what he saw there almost caused him to moan. Liz’s eyes were glazed with desire, desire for him. He leaned forward and grazed her lips, hard and fast, before dropping his head onto her pillow.
Liz moaned in protest at his retreat, and Max smiled, making her pout. This caused Max’s grin to widen until he saw the mischievous glint in her eye.
“Liz, what are you-” he began. Then he felt her fingers pass over then press down on his obvious arousal. Max’s head fell back, his eyes clenching shut, as his love continued to toy with him. “God, Liz,” he ground out thru gritted teeth.
Liz just smiled and continued her delicate stroking. “What’s wrong, Max?” she asked in feigned innocence. “You look a little... tense.” She giggled at his moan and finally, mercifully, removed her hand....

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