Title: Don't Talk To Strangers
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Rating: NC-17
Summary: Alternate Universe; A chance meeting, an unexpected attraction, and pleasure filled nights. However, there's someone watching...someone that knows there's a secret that lies between them, someone that knows what they want, and someone that would kill to get it.
Author's Note: This idea sprang to me when I remembered a movie I once saw a little while back that was actually called, 'Don't Talk To Strangers', and it was with Michelle Pheiffer and Antonio Banderes. Now, there was a different story line in that movie then what I'm going to put in this story, simply because that other movie had a really dark and errie ending that I don't think would suit Michael and Maria very well. But, this fic...just as a warning, will be a little dark, it's definitely going to be different from the fics I normally do as well. This will have more of a horror/action/dangerous passion, type of flare to it. So I hope you all like it!
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Don't Talk To Strangers
Part 1/?

"Oh god...I'm in hell." Maria deadpanned as she glanced around at her, supposedly, new apartment. Just from the door she could see it was anyone's worst nightmare. The curtains looked like they had been attacked by a wearwolf, the walls had more holes then she could count, and faintly in the background she could hear the squeaking of...well all she could do was hope that they were mice instead of rats.
Maria could hear Liz step up behind her and gasp. "No wait...hell, is an understatement." Maria added as she carefully took a few more steps into the apartment. A grimace permanently plastered onto her face as she tip toed her way through broken brick and wood on the floor.
"No...I think this place has some real potential." Liz said with an uncertain nod and shrugged a little as Maria gave an 'oh please' look. " does and you're amazing with decorating, you can whip this place..." Liz trailed as she caught site of a police chalk drawing underneath a beat up rug in the corner. "...right into shape." Liz finished shortly.
Maria glanced around. "Oh, Liz, I don't know. This place...well let's just say, I'd rather be living with my mother." She said with a slight whine to her voice.
"So...spend a lot of time at Home Depo, it will be fine. You just need to get started right away." Liz said with a positive nod and Maria joined in. "Yeah, maybe I can get this place going huh?" Maria said and then heard a collection of squeaks coming from the other room. "But, until then, I'll stay at your place." Maria said and Liz nodded instantly. "Yes, I agree." Liz said and they both quickly exited, nearly slamming the door behind them. Taking deep breaths, they started down the stairs. "I say, we go get some wine...and kick back at my apartment. Max is away tonight." Liz offered and Maria gave her an incredulous look. "Again? Where does he go?" Maria asked with a slight laugh and Liz rolled her eyes. "He's on call at the hospital for graveyard shifts." Liz stated.
Maria gave a short laugh. "I would never be able to deal with that. Once I get married, if ever, my husband will be home with me, every night." She said and Liz shook her head with a slight laugh. "I'll believe that when I see it."


Once they had arrived at the store, Maria had split off from Liz to find a good brand of wine as Liz went in search for the perfect flavor of Sherbert. It had been something they had picked up when Liz was pregnant, Sherbert and Wine. Maria licked her lips in anticipation as she lightly skimmed her fingertips over the bottles in front of her. This little store here on the corner had a pretty good selection. At least there was one perk to having to live in the ghetto. Maria wouldn't even have bothered if she didn't have her work. She had recently just been transferred to the New York, PD after landing a desk job in Unusual Crimes and Counseling. A well earned job, she gladly added to anyone who asked. Which most didn't. UCC, wasn't exactly a popular part of the PD...especially in New York.
With a sigh, she tried to concentrate her thoughts on the wine. Her mind was wondering too much lately. She needed to settle down a little and keep herself in check or she would end up--
"Excuse me." A masculine voice said from off to the side of her and she glanced up seeing that this, incredible looking specimen of a man, needed to reach a wine that she was currently blocking from his reach. "Oh...I'm sorry." She said and backed up a little. "It's ok." He said with a shrug as he reached across and pulled out, not a wine, but a marinade. "Ginger Root..." Maria stated, drawing his attention. "...I didn't think they made that brand this far east." She finished eyeing the bottle for a moment before meeting his gaze, which was transfixed on her. She suddenly got the feeling like she did something wrong by the way he was looking at her. Almost as if he'd never seen a woman before. He seemed to realize this as well and shook himself out of it as he replied. "Yeah, I can't eat steak without it. It's addicting." He said with a quirk at the corner of his mouth that only gave the illusion of a smile. Maria thought it was the most sexy thing she'd ever seen, but she nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I've tried going back to A-1, it's just not the same." She said and then inwardly scolded herself. Well, at least she was making something of a decent conversation, which was more then what she could normally congratulate herself upon.
With a small laugh, he obviously decided not to make her humiliate herself anymore. "I'm Michael Guerin." He said, introducing himself with a nod that Maria reciprocated. "Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Maria Deluca." She said with a smile. There was a pregnant pause, before Michael gestured towards the front register, silently asking her to follow. Maria gave a short nod and quickly picked out any wine that was in her reach and caught up with him. "You new?" Michael asked as he set the Ginger Root down on the counter. Maria shrugged. "What makes you think that?" She asked, trying not to be obvious. "Your key chain..." Michael trailed, lifting her hand where her keys hung from her middle finger. He turned over one of the many attachments, revealing the words Surfer Babe. " screams Yankee." He said leaning close, as for no one else to hear.
Maria smirked slightly and stuffed her keys into her purse. "Guilty as charged." She said, a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks. She could see out of the corner of her eye, that he was smirking, and she was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to kiss the smirk from his face. 'Down girl.' She scolded herself, just as he turned to her, his Marinade bagged and ready to go. "Well, I have to go. I'm meeting my sister for diner. Maybe I'll see you around." He said with a confident nod and started to walk by her. "Yeah maybe." Maria said with a smile and turned, watching him leave as he went. The doors to the front of the store jingling by the bells.
"Who's the guy?" Liz asked from behind her, nearly causing Maria to jump out of her skin. "Oh, ah, Michael." Maria said as she turned towards the clerk, who had been waiting patiently for her to pay for the wine, and handed him the money.
"Michael." Liz said with a nod, that turned into a shake. "And who would he be?" Liz asked as she followed Maria out of the store.
"The object of my every masturbatory fantasy." Maria said and then bit her tongue, not quite believing she had actually said that out loud. A stronger blush crept up on her cheeks when she glanced towards Liz and saw her shocked expression.
Liz shook her head with a laugh. "Aren't you supposed to be like, working for the police. You can't be going around with strangers. Didn't you ever hear of the concept, 'Don't Talk to Strangers'?" Liz joked and Maria rolled her eyes. "He isn't a stranger. He's Michael. I know his name." Maria stated. "Yeah, that's all you know about him." Liz also stated as her and Maria climbed into Maria's Jetta. Maria shook her head. "No...he has a sister." She said somewhat proudly as she started the car and started to look behind her for oncoming traffic, when she caught Liz's incredulous look. "And just how do you know he has a sister. Did he tell you this? The 'stranger' Michael?" Liz asked and Maria rolled her eyes. "Yes, he told me. He was going to diner with her." Maria stated and it was Liz's turn to roll her eyes. "Oh please, what sisters and brothers have diner together?" Liz asked and Maria shrugged. "I don't know, but why would he lie?" Maria asked.
Liz thought for a moment, before a dark figure in the alley ahead of where they were parked caught her eye. "Maybe because he's a stalker in the alley." Liz said a little nervously, looking straight ahead. Maria looked up as well and quickly backed the car out of the parking lot.
Silence filled the car until they reached the stop light down the street. "Ok, that wasn't Michael. You're being paranoid. This is New York, do you know how many 'stalker in the alley's' there are?" Maria asked and Liz shook her head. "Just don't go off with anyone Maria, ok. We're both new to this city, but I'm already getting a bad feeling." She said and shrunk back in her seat a little. Maria glanced over at her and then looked back to the road. "I won't..." Maria said as the light turned green. "...I'm not that stupid."


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