Title: Nice Girls Finish Last (PT: Loosing Control)
Author: CandyLuvJ
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. The brilliant writers of Roswell are the people that deserve all the credit. They made us writing fanfic for this show possible. Way to go guys! Especially Gretchen J, she's our Michael and Maria savior.
Summary: An encounter with some one makes Maria see her life differently. And now…all she wants is out.
Classification/Characters: Rath/Maria, Michael/Maria, and maybe some others here and there…I am a diehard candygirl, but I understand the needs of the dreamgirls and stargazers.
Classification/Story: Drama/Semi-Romantic
Rating: Heavy R right now, but will head into NC-17 later.
Distribution: If you want it, by all means take it. Just let me know where it's going.
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Author's Note: This is another one of those ideas where you have a little idea and then all of a sudden all of these little ideas filter into it and make you go, oh that might be cool. So here it is, my wacky imagination at work.
Dedication: To all the Maria fans who want to see Maria kick a little ass. But anyone who is obsessed with Maria and her good girl antics…should move along to the next story, Because I'm bringing out something new in Maria Deluca.
Timing: Set during 'Meet the Dupes' (Alt situation) and beyond…
Spoilers: If you haven't seen 'Meet the Dupes' then beware…but that's about it…
Parts: This story may go on for awhile, but I'm not quite sure yet, so let's just see how it rides out. But, for the mean time, Part 1/? .

Nice Girls Finish Last
Part 1/?

As Maria opened her eyes she felt like she had been reborn. Everything looked and felt completely different and she didn't know what was causing it. Well, with the events of the previous night, she had a pretty good idea, but nothing could have prepared her for this. Her eyes scanned over things that normally would make her look away, but now she was being entranced by them. Such things as, Michael's Metallica poster or his collection of chains sprawled out across his dresser. They were little things, but all of a sudden she had a new found respect for them.
Looking over her shoulder she could see that he was still sleeping. She could feel his breath hot against the back of her neck. What had he done to her? Everything about last night was a blur of raw emotion and lust. Nothing she had ever imagined, but it had happened anyway. She wasn't even sure if it had been real, and for a brief moment she didn't even care, which worried her. Last night had been different somehow. Michael hadn't been himself, she could have seen it in his eyes, but she hadn't had enough control over the situation to stop and analyze it. So she did now.

**Flash Back**

"Looking for something?" Maria asked as she pushed open the door to see Michael sitting in the middle of his apartment, which looked torn apart. "Ah, yeah. I was. It's nothing though." Michael replied and Maria gave a small nod. "Right." Maria said with a nod. "Want me to help clean up?" Maria asked as she knelt down beside him, her Crashdown uniform riding up on her thighs. Maria noticed that Michael noticed and did a double take. Was he looking at my legs? Looking up Michael nodded with a shrug. "If you want." Michael said and as Maria began to pick up anything she could she could have sworn she had seen Michael waving his hand at something. "You ok?" Maria asked and Michael nodded. "Yeah, it was a fly." Michael stated and Maria nodded slowly then quickly turned her head when she heard the door close. "Didn't I leave that open?" Maria asked looking at the door, not seeing Michael moving closer. "Wind." He said simply. Maria had hardly had a chance to look back before she was on the ground with Michael crushing his lips down into hers as his hands started unbuttoning her uniform. After frustrating himself to the point of no return he decided not to even bother with the buttons and proceeded in ripping off her uniform by the seems.
"God, Michael, what are we doing?" Maria had asked and he had replied. "What we both want."

**End Flash Back**

Thinking about it now, when had Michael wanted that? Never getting close, never getting intense was his motto and last night he had lost complete control. Not that it had mattered all that much. His guard had still been up, through the whole thing.

**Flash Back**

By some miracle they had made it to the bed without separating from each other once. Maria could feel him gearing up for the main connection however, but not until she had told him.

"I love you Michael." Maria had said and he had looked at her momentarily like she was crazy, but quickly hid the expression. "Yeah…I ah…I love you too." Michael had replied and at the time he couldn't have said anything better.

**End Flash Back**

Of course now, it didn't seem so great, and that's when she got the scary feeling again. The feeling that made her not care. Not care that Michael hadn't meant a word of what he had said or did. Why didn't she care?
After she had said those words, that seemed so meaningless now, all she could remember was the pain and how good that had felt. At the time it hadn't, but now she wished she could have it again and she didn't know why. Maria Deluca wasn't into pain, but then why did she long for it now?

"Oh, this…this is great. Fabulous…" A voice said from the door and Maria instantly recognized it as Lonnie's. "What?" Maria asked as she sat up startling Michael awake. "What?" Michael asked repeating the question to Maria, but Maria ignored him. "What are you doing here? Do you barge into people's home's in New York?" Maria asked and saw Michael throw his legs off the edge of the bed and reach for his boxers and jeans. "Well yes, I have before, mainly when I find Rath in other chick's beds, like now." Lonnie stated and Maria shook her head in confusion.
"Jesus Lonnie, couldn't you have at least let me sleep another hour?" Maria heard Michael ask, but it didn't sound like him. Turning towards him she realized that he was no longer Michael. He was Rath, in all his pierced and tattooed glory. "What's going on?" Maria asked and could hear her voice crack and could feel her bottom lip start to tremble.
"Rath just got a little sidetracked that's all." Lonnie replied and Rath shrugged in response. "What…how…?" Maria tried to ask or say anything at all, but she couldn't find her voice as tears began to swell in her eyes and she could feel her bottom lip tremble even more. Looking away from them towards the bed, she came to the conclusion that she had been used.
"Don't blame yourself…" Rath started but a drew a blank. He saw Maria's necklace sitting on the counter and picked it up seeing that it said 'Maria' on it and then dropped it again. "…Maria…" Rath said and leaned down close to her before finishing. "…Pleasure can't be prosecuted…" He finished and leaned completely forward pushing his lips into her's, lightly sucking on her trembling lip before biting into it. Maria let out a small squeal before he pulled away. "Something to remember me by." Rath said and then got up and pulled Lonnie towards the door. "Let's go." Rath instructed and Lonnie held in laughing as she spoke. "You did not even know her name?" Maria heard Lonnie ask before the door shut behind them. That was last thing Maria heard before she fainted.


"Maria! Maria can you hear me?" Michael asked quickly to the still form sprawled out across his bed, that was soaked in blood. He had found her curled around in the blood soaked sheets naked and he didn't know what to make of it. "Maria!" Michael tried again and snapped Maria out of whatever world she had wondered into.
Maria opened her eyes and nearly screamed. "Michael!" Maria exclaimed and shot straight up pulling the sheets around her, breathing heavily. Michael quickly grabbed for one of his shirts and handed it to her. "Here put this on." He told her and Maria obliged, half in shock. "What happened?" Michael asked and Maria shook her head, refusing to tell him, in fear of what he might do. "No…" Maria replied and gripped the sheets with her hands staring intently at the bed sheets.
Michael looked around for any clue that might tell him what happened and that's when he noticed it. Not one, but two ripped open condom wrappers sitting on his bed stand. He quickly got up and reached for one and without hardly any contact visions flew through his mind.


"Michael, what are we doing?"

"What we both want."


"I love you Michael."

"Yeah…I ah…I love you too."


"Rath got a little distracted that's all."


"Something to remember me by."


By the time Michael opened his eyes Maria had already gotten up and was rapidly putting on her clothes and was about ready to bolt for the door when he grabbed her arm. "What did he do to you?" Michael asked through gritted teeth and Maria slowly turned her head towards him. "I don't know. I though it was you." Maria replied and Michael released her arm as if he had been burned.
Maria turned back towards the door momentarily then turned back to Michael. "Don't say anything about this. To anyone. I don't want anyone knowing. And I mean it, Michael, no one." Maria demanded and Michael shook his head. "I'm going to kill him." Michael said firmly and Maria snapped at him without even realizing it. "No, don't touch him!" Maria exclaimed and Michael looked at her like she was crazy and Maria calmed herself. "Just leave it alone, Michael. I’m a big girl. Please, Michael." Maria pleaded and Michael looked away. "I can't believe you're asking me to keep quite about this." Michael said harshly. "Michael…please." Maria pleaded again and Michael half nodded. "Fine! But I can't promise that the next time I see him he will be alive enough to look back." Michael snapped and then walked back into his room as Maria fled from his apartment. Looking at everything Michael shook his head. He shouldn't have snapped at her, not after what she went through.


**Ok so…what do you think so far? I know it's kind of dark and eerie right now, but it'll get somewhat better. Please tell me if you like!!!**