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disclaimer: I own nothing, just borrowing the gorgeous people of ‘Roswell’ to play out my fantasies
title: Everlasting
author: Lana (loveroswell⊕
rating: M/L nc17
summary: Can a man cruel of heart be broken?

This is for any takers who want to carry this story on:(Historical setting) Max is a cruel and evil man who is due to marry Maria for his own gain but he's been having vivid sexual dreams about Liz when a new servant girl arrives at his home. Guess who! So you have Max, Maria and Liz all under the same roof and Liz has a hidden agenda of her own. Liz must have spunk and Max must be really, really mean. Will they get together before he marries Maria? Can Liz tame him? What's her secret?

I have the original 2 parts of the story if anybody needs it in order to carry it on please feel free to mail me. I hope somebody takes it on.

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A shameless bump to say my special thankyous to JaneLane, Michie, Sweetlildreamer, Jo, Mrsjbehr, Roswellluver, Jessica and Jeremiah for liking this reworking of the story and to ask should I continue on down this road or not? The basic story and ending is still the same for each.

1# Maxwell meeting Lizzie in the wood only to decline her advances then meet Maria at Pamela's house, leaving Liz a lone with a madman (who's in each version)?

2# Or Maria's now at Maxwell's house, with the wedding in just a few short days time when new servants arrive (and you already know who the woman is don't you)? Everybody all under the same roof, yum!

I know what one I prefer but I'll let you decide it's only fair. Please help your feedback would be greatly appreciated and it's such great motivation to me. ta rah!

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Lilly, your so sweet for replying (your a diamond, the jam in my jelly roll) but which one is it? What one should I go with I'm still stuck on direction and I want post another part so please help. Anybody? Or shall I just carry on with this one?

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Just bumping to say massive thankyous to Mama T, Sweetlildreamer, Lilly, bite me, aznroswell anglgrl, lvlyfem, Michie, Fallin Angels and Jeremiah for replying and that #2 it is (sorry Fallin Angel) Back with the new part before you know it.
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Fallin angel, there is no prologue I just changed direction and rewrote it thats all and expect a new part very very soon.

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I have the original 2 parts of the story if anybody needs it in order to carry it on please feel free to mail me. I hope somebody takes it on.

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aw thanks for saying that Lilly, I really wasn't sure about that part at all.
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A shameless bump from me to say a MASSIVE thankyou to Jeremiah, Lilly, Michie, Frenchkiss70, Janelane, SmilleUK, Roswellluver, Crazeesmilee, mrsjbehr, aznroswell anglgrl and Tyranese for leaving me something and for all the bumps. I haven't forgotten about this, I'm just recovering from a nasty operation so I'll try and get a new part out to you soon. It will be short but at least we'll get to finally see Liz. Opps did I just say that? Back before you know it.
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