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Title: Cheyenne Heart

Author: Pinky Banana

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I'm not the creator of anything obviously Roswellian in this fic. Roswellian = from the TV show or the Melinda Metz books

Summary: I'm attempting to meet the following challenge. ('Attempting' is the operative word!)

Gaby7tvm originally wrote:
I was watching Love in the wext (1880 ) so I thought that a good story it would be...

*Max has to be an indian
*Liz has to be a good decent woman
*And then you can make whatever you want...

To Gaby7tvm who created the challenge;
and to Lana Lane who sort of seconded the challenge;
and to anyone who reads this. *happy*

Author's Additional Notes: This fic won't be great, but I'll try not to make it too bad. Feedback would be appreciated. *big* Please excuse anachronisms. I'll try to keep them at a minimum. I don't have much time for proper research, but I don't want to post rubbish so I might have to make time. Enough of my gabbing! lol As for the dialogue...think 1950's movie westerns. Now on with the show!

Cheyenne Heart

1st Feather

“Mama, I’m plum tuckered out. I can’t iron another shirt!” wailed Elizabeth Seton Parker to her mother, Nancy, who sat nearby knitting. “And Isabel’s baby isn’t due for another four months. Must you knit on the hottest day of the summer? You’re burning me up just looking at you!” She threw down the shirt she’d just finished in a petulant fit.

Nancy Parker only smiled, rocking gently in the chair her husband Jeffrey, commander of the fort, had made for her last spring. “I’ve seen you go through a whole pile of shirts for the men as cheerful as a bird. They’re always so grateful.”

Arms folded obstinately, Liz plopped down in a chair beside her, pouting. “Well, things change.”

Nancy put her knitting down. “Liz, the southern belle routine is unbecoming and very unlike you. Is this tizzy of yours about a certain young lieutenant named Michael August Guerin?”

Liz sighed forlornly. “He seems to like Maria DeLuca much more than me so I hope they’re very happy together.”

“My goodness, child. The man just arrived two weeks ago and you sound like he’s your fiancé about to run off with your best friend, which Maria has been since you were both little girls. Don’t let a minor flirtation ruin that, Liz.”

“Oh pooh! If she wants him, she can have him. It’s just that – he sure smiles at me a lot.”

“Because you’re friendly and kind, dear – ah, most of the time.”

“Mama, I don’t think I’m cut out for life in a fort anyway.” She stood up restlessly, her blue plaid calico skirt swishing just below her calves.. “I mean, nothing ever happens here.”

“Ohhh, so you want the Cheyenne to sweep through on a revenge quest.”

“No, of course not. But – why didn’t Papa just take the instructor’s position at West Point? He survived the War of the States and was even decorated for valor. So why is he so driven like he has to prove himself? He – “

“That’s enough, Liz,” Nancy chided more sharply than she intended. “Your father made a decision and – that’s that.”

Liz gave her a wry look. “You don’t sound like you agree with that decision. You never have.” When Nancy refused to look at her, Liz knelt down beside her and made goofy faces. “Mama. Mama. Maaamaaa.”

Nancy, hiding a smile, swatted her. “Go away, you.”

“It’s 1875, Mama. Women are campaigning for the right to vote now and that’s not all. We aren’t children or pets. I love Papa dearly, but he’s not my lord and master – or yours. Slavery was abolished ten years ago, wasn’t it? I’m eighteen now and I am responsible for my own destiny.”

“As well as the destiny of about ten more privates with no womenfolk of their own,” said Nancy, pointing to the basket of wrinkled shirts in the corner. “Those boys are counting on your skill and generosity, Liz.”

Liz slapped her cheeks. “Oh, I thought I was done! Gah!” She reluctantly continued the work. “All I’m saying is that I can’t spend my life in the wilderness and I certainly don’t want to be an army wife….Ah, Mama, forgive me!” She hurried over to Nancy who looked a little hurt. “You’re the best wife and mother in the world! And I’m an ungrateful twit of a daughter. You’re better and stronger than me. I’m more at home in the tea parlors back East really.”

Nancy looked down on her daughter’s head in her lap fondly. “Nonsense. You’re sturdy and determined. You could make a home in the jungles of India if you put your mind to it. Now come on. Let’s – “ A loud commotion in the courtyard interrupted them and mother and daughter exchanged startled glances. “What in the world is that?”

Before they could get to the window, the door flew open. “Liz! Mrs. Parker! They caught one of ‘em!” cried ten-year-old Benji Northam. “The one what stole Colonel Joe’s prize mare yestiddy!”

“Heavens, Benji, stop shouting,” Nancy scolded.

“Sorry, ma’am.” He went over to the younger woman, tugging her hand. “Liz, come look! He sure is a wild thang and ugly as the dickens!”

Liz let him pull her out to the porch. There in the center of the yard a group of men surrounded Captain Kyle Valenti who sat astride a gelding to which was attached by a short rope a figure lying face down in the dirt struggling to rise.

“You sure that be the one?”

“What you sayin’, Harry? They’s all the one! String ‘im up!”

“Yeah, hang ‘im!”

“For simple theft? Shucks, I guess you’d shoot me for steppin’ on your big toe, huh?”

“Ain’t nothin’ simple about it, stranger.”

“Forgit the Injun! Wur’s the horse?”

“String ‘im!”

Captain Valenti, looking every inch his rank, smiled in Liz’s direction and held up a quieting hand. “Now listen to me very carefully. This is a suspect. We don’t hang suspects at this fort. Step aside, boys.”

Reluctantly they made way for him to ride past. Liz put a startled hand to her mouth when the captive finally stood on his feet. He was so caked with mud that his features were indiscernible – all except for dark eyes flashing contempt and disdain at everything they touched before he stoically faced forward. The Cheyenne brave’s clothing was torn to shreds and with his left leg bloody, he lurched along with a pronounced limp. Yet despite all this he had an air of arrogant dignity about him.

“He’s been shot,” Liz whispered to no one in particular.

Her mother squeezed her arm. “Come inside, Liz.”

“He sure looks mean, don’t he?” Benji piped, fascinated.

Nancy grabbed both of them firmly by the ear. “Come with me I say.”

“Ow, Mrs. Parker!”

“Mama, I’m too old for this! Ow!”

“Well, if you’re going to act childish and stare at…men’s doings like a hoyden, then I have some baby candy for you – inside. Now come along!” And she took them in and closed the door of the adobe house.

Tongue sticking out to the side, Benji immediately forgot the ear pinch as he dived with both hands into the bowl of hard candy Nancy placed before him. As Liz sucked on her own piece (cherry was her favorite) while she resumed her least favorite chore, her thoughts had already returned to the new captive. They’d had Indians here before – sometimes guests, sometimes prisoners - but none of them lingered in her mind like this one did. Maybe it was because she’d never seen one dragged in the way he was. Well…that wasn’t quite true. Hm. She’d lived at Fort Werner for two years now – two years too long – and seen things that would raise the hairs of her classmates at Miss Ada Forten’s Finishing School for Ladies back in Maryland. So why was she all of a sudden fascinated by one bloody, faceless horse thief?

“Liz, you’re burning the shirt!”

“Oh no!…ah, dang!”

“Watch your mouth, Elizabeth!”

Holding the shirt up high Liz huffed in frustration, glaring at a raucously amused Benji through the gaping hole in an otherwise crisp white shirt.

Ah, dang!


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Ahhhh, feedback. So very nice to have it!

Thank you
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(1st Feather is the chapter name. The next will be 2nd Feather and so on...Just trying to be different. lol And is it Max? Hmm, we'll see!)
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Glad y'all kinda like it so far. Guess I should continue, huh? *big*

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I admit it might take me a week or two (closer to two) to post the "2nd Feather". I'm juggling three fics now! Ack! I must be crazy. lol So stay tuned! I shall return to this.
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Okay, I'm aiming for not this weekend coming but the following weekend. Yes, I need two weeks. Don't be mad pretty please! I am going to continue this. I won't leave this fic unfinished. I promised myself that I would never ever do that again!

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There will be a slight delay in the posting of the 2nd Feather. Please bear with me! I have a couple writing assignments so I had to shift some fic postings around. The new date for the second chapter is Sunday evening, August 25. I know it's a long time, but I'll try to make it worth the wait. I'm off to NYC tomorrow so please keep me in your prayers for a safe trip.


*Um, but I might post the chapter sooner. LOL*

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Hi, everyone. (Thanks, marteloise. *happy*) Due to my new and demanding full time job, I've decided to only work on one fic at a time. This means completing one other fic first before continuing with this one - and I will definitely continue this one. I will pick "Cheyenne Heart" up again in mid-October, so I hope some of you will still be interested then. I'm sorry about this, but I write slow enough as it is. If I try to juggle more than one fic now, nothing will get written!

I shall return to this! Stay tuned!


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