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Title: The Runers
Author: Faith
Rating: I don't know yet.
Catagory: M/L CC AU
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Teens from around the world on the run.

A/N: I know another fic. I have no life. Lol*happy*

Name: Max Thomas Evans
Age: 18
Sex: Male
From: New York,NY
Parnets: Diane & Phillp Parker

Name: Liz Daisy Parker
Age: 17
Sex: Female
From: Kentwood,Louisiana
Parnets: Nacey & Jeff Parker

Name: Maria Love Deluca
Age: 17
Sex: Female
From: Las Vegas,CA

Name: Michael Paul Guerin
Age: 18
Sex: Male
From: Capeside,MA
Parnets: Hank Guerin

Name: Kyle Scott Valenti
Age: 18
Sex: Male
From: Dallas,TX
Parnets: Jim Valenti

Name: Tess Britney Harding
Age: 17
Sex: Female
From: Miami,FL
Parnets: Ed Harding

Name: Alex Brandon Whitman Jr.
Age: 18
Sex: Male
From: Jackson, Miss
Parnets: Alex Whitman

Name: Isabel Amanda Lerry
Age: 18
Sex: Male
From: Roswell,NM
Parnets: Betty Lerry


I'll be back to post part one. "The Good Girl and The Bad Girl last part will be out tonight.

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Liz V.O

I can't take this any more. Every one wants me to be Ms. Perfect and do every thing a good girl does. So here I am in my room packing every thing...well not ever thing. Just things every girl needs. I'm almost out the door when my puppy Lilly comes up to me. "Bye bye Lilly. This girl has to make a name for her self." Liz said and went out the door.

Maria V.O

Who does my Mom thinks she she is? 'Maria do this do that. Maria you know you could have done a lot better then that.' Well I'm out of here. Bye Las Vegas hello new Maria.

Alex V.O

Alex the nerd. Thats what every one at school calls me. I'm going to meet new friends. Bad friends that can beat you up.

Isabel V.O

I know that this sounds crazy ,but I have been writing to 7 other people on the net.(A/N: Don't meet people from the net. They can be killers.) We all came up with a plan that we will all meet and leave our dull lives.
I can't take it here. How can I be Ms.Popular and have a Mom that is not there half the time? I'm out of here.

Max V.O

I hate every thing here. Every one thinks that I'm a bad guy. I hate my Mom god only knows how many guys she has been with. My Dad is a Jerk. I'm going to meet these people. See ya!

Tess V.O

Ok I know I'm the girl that most guys don't bring home to there Mom. Why can't I find a guy that a guy likes and not just wants? I'm so out of here.

Kyle V.O

I'm on my way to meet these people. They seem cool. I wounder what they will think of me? So what I play every sport to man.


I know not long. I wanted to get it out.

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Title: The Runers
Author: Faith
Rating: I don't know yet.
Catagory: M/L CC AU
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Teens from around the world on the run.

A/N: I've change this. They all know each other from school. They were in the same 1st grade class.


We all are going to meet in New Orleans.
Maria e-mailed me today.
She thinks that Max likes me.
Why would a guy from NY like a girl from LA?


I can't wait to see Liz.
She is cool and she is not like my friends from CA.
I know that Max likes Liz.
Every time we're in a group chat.
He always talk to her most.


Here I am in New Orleans.
The first person that I'm going to meet is Liz.
That must be her.

"Liz?" Alex ask. "Alex?" Liz ask. "You look great." Alex says with a smile.


Alex seems cool.
He is cute in a friend way.
We are going to get along great.


Michael called me.
He said that Liz likes me.
Kyle told me the same thing.
Liz is smart and sweet.
She would not like a guy that dads tell there little girls to stay away from.
I'm nothing and she is some thing.
I see Maria.

A/N: I know not long. I've been busy. My sister's cat had babies. What did I do? I went and got two. My hubby hates cats.

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