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rating : r 4 swearing
summary: max and liz are half frineds half enemies both with secret fantasies of the other. When rumours about them having sex start to be the talk of the school they decid to play along with it.

Part One

Don't you hate those smary barstads that think they are all that. Try going being Science partners with one ever since 9th grade !!! this smary git, that probably enjoys nothing mare than a sweaty changing room full of young nacked biys- wait that's my fantasy any way -, is Max Evans.

Doesn't the name Max Evans just ozze confidence with just those three syallbles you can tell he is sexy and he knows it . The thing I don't like about Max is the fact he gets every girl he wants he makes the female gender look pathetic I mean so what if he has the best body I have ever seen and the most gorgeous eyes that have ever exsisted that is not the point. The point is that he knows it, and take advantage of it. There are probably two girls in the whole of Roswell High that Max Evans can't shag that is my self because I will not lower myself that far, and his twin sister Isabelle Evasn who is just the same as Max. Between them they have probably fucked more people than the rest of the sophmore year put together.

The thing is most days I enjoy Max being in class. Even though we hate each other we have a pretty good laugh. he may be a womanising jerk but he is really witty and some of the things he comes out withare hilarious. If he wasn't so up his own arse and Mr-I've-fucked-the-whole-of-US I may even want to go out with him. he's one of those guys who's a great mate but a terrible boyfriend.

So any way te reason I didn't want to see him today was because the biggest rumour going around school at the moment is that him and me are fucking every chance we get. You see Paul, Woodcroft saw max leave my apartment at seven in morning the other day and he told some one who told someone and at thew moment everone thinks we are having an assordid affair and I really want to be as far away from Max as possible untill these rumours are replaced by some tart apparently being preganant.

"Hey Lizzy honey," Max said sitting next to be at a lab table the whole class looked at him so did I. wghat the fuck did he think he was doing trying to get people to think we really are going out.

"Oh sugarlump whats worng?" Max asked I was too shocked to speak ," are you too tired from last night?" I gasped and as did the rest of my bio class. Max winked at me, and I decided to play along.

"No hunny bunny just shocked at how gorgeous you are looking but I've seen you look better, those clothes do nothing for you they look better off you,"I said I couldn't believe what I was saying I coulds see that Max nearly burst out laughing.

"Be quieter my dear Lizzywizzy, there could be rumours about us and people could find out about the baby," max said this time I nearlly burst out laughin Max was loookign around the room

"Oh sorry Maxiewaxie, it's just I'm so excited I mena you and me looking after our baby it kinda makes me horney," I said sliding my hand up Max's bicep GOD ITS HUGE!!!!

"As intresting as what turns you on Miss Parker would you mind keeping it too yourself untill you are in a quieter area like detention after school today," Mr Denier said walking in I blushed a beatroot color and Max burst out laughing

"Glad you find it so amusing seeing as you will be joining her Mr Evans," It weas my time to laugh at Max's face such a kodac moment.

"So after thta very intresting insite into Mr Evans and Miss Parker's personal life will you please turn to page 112,"



Can you believe I have detention Mr Denier didn't even hear what I said he gave me detention for laughing ! That has to be so not allowed. It was pretty funny though the thingsme and Lizzy said to each other.

You know how long I have tried to get into Lizzy's pants? Too long. I mean she a fucking godess and I can't even talk to it with anyone because she happens to be Michael's adopted sister how fucking great is that. It means Michael's been telling her what a prat I am with girls so she's never going to let me fuck her. You see me and Michael are great mates but he would kill me if he knew half the time when I fuck a girl I'm thinking of his sister. She just does it for me, you know the way some guys like busty blondes I like brunettes who are slim and classy. Problem is classy chicks aren't as easy as tarts. But I'm always up for a challenge but when your challenge has been going on ever since you had your first fantasty of a woman naked.

When Michael told me of the rumours my first thing I did was laugh. Laugh my fucking head off. I may know that girls tend tro like me the fact is Liz Parker has too much preide to ever be with me. I think she may even secretly like me other than our werid friendship but she would NEVER EVER act on it - my dreams don't count.

So I guess Liz would probably send out a bulliton saying I would never ever be with Max Evans even if he was the last man on earth and we had to repopulate Earth. When Michael told me she haden't said anything I came up with the idea to have a joke I never thought she would go alone with it I thought it would freak her out. But it didn't she played along and it was cool. Maybe we could carry it on how funny would it be if the whole school thought me and Liz where an item. Another thing about me and Lizzy is that we both like to trick people including her brother and my best friend. Michael is really protective of little Lizzy so if we make him think we're shagging that will so totally get him back for that last trick he played on me which is way too embarrassing to think about.

Okay Maxwell you have a plan talk to Liz after class take her to the eraser room or something and pay back on Michael shall begin.


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