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Authors: Petal (aka MrsJBehr) and Melissa (aka AngelKisses70)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own the show Roswell nor its characters. This is just my depiction of how I think the storyline should move.
Summary: Takes place after Departure. My twist on what should have happened. It contains some spoilers from Departure with some things changed.
Author’s Note: This is dedicated to a very distinguished writer and friend – AngelKisses70. Thank you so much Mel for the help on this story. I hope it will be as well received as your Trilogies.

Chapter Three

It was dusk by the time Liz finally arrived at Michael’s apartment. Maria had been so brief and anxious when she called that Liz moved quickly to the door hoping that nothing was wrong.
“Maria?” she called, entering through the strangely opened door. ‘That’s strange’ she thought moving further inside, “Michael? Maria? Where are you?” Liz could almost hear the beating of her heart in the silence of the room. Something was wrong. Maria wouldn’t have called her there and not show up…
“Liz.” A familiar voice whispered suddenly. Liz spun around to face Isabel.
“Oh Isabel. You scared me half to death!” she replied placing her hand over her racing heart, trying to calm down. “What are you doing here?”
“Michael called me. He said there was something important going on and he needed my help.”
“Yeah, Maria’s message was just as brief. But I don’t get it, where are they?”
“I don’t think they’re coming.” Liz turned back to look at Isabel who was holding up a sheet of paper with writing on it. She took it apprehensively, moving backwards to sit on the couch as she read Michael’s handwriting:

Dear Isabel and Liz,

First of all, don’t be upset with Maria and I.
This was the only way we could think of to get you to meet.
You have to talk about what happened.
You can’t keep these things inside, and since neither of you will open up to us, we thought you’d talk to each other.
I promised Max that I’d take care of you all before I left the chamber.
It turned out to be the last thing I promised him, so it’s one that I intend to keep.
I’m hoping this would be a good first step.


The flimsy notepaper seemed to float to the floor from her opened hands. She knew Maria wanted her to open up and talk about it all, but it always was safer to keep everything inside. For the moment, Liz had almost forgotten about Isabel until she moved to sit on the couch next to her, still silent but the pained expression on her face spoke volumes.
“Isabel…” she started softly, staring over at her Love’s sister. They had never truly been close friends, especially with everything that went down after Alex’s death, but right now Liz felt closer to her than anyone else.
“I’m sorry,” she began, finally capturing Isabel’s attention with a questioning look.
“For what?”
“I broke my promise to you.”
They were both silent as Isabel seemed to ponder on her remark, then as if a light dawned in her mind, she remembered. The tears were the first things that Liz noticed, finally looking back at her.
“Oh Liz. It wasn’t your fault.” She stated.
“You don’t understand.” Liz croaked in reply, getting up and walking to the window. “There are things you don’t know.”
“What things? What are you talking about?” Isabel followed the petite brunette as she moved across the room.
“…It’s a long story.”
“We seem to have the time.”
Liz fidgeted as she stood. ‘What did it matter now if she told Isabel the truth about Future Max?’ she thought, finally making up her mind.
”That night that Max came to serenade me, I had another visitor. Someone from the future…”
Isabel listened intently as Liz related her story. “It was Max. An older version of himself that is.” Liz turned, walking a few steps around the room, making sure not to look at her eager listener until she was finished.
“He told me that the world would end if Max, my Max and I reunited and made love the following night. He said I had to make Max fall out of love with me.” The sharp intake of breath that echoed through the room didn’t surprise Liz. Nothing surprised her anymore. She paused to let that part sink in before continuing. “At first I didn’t believe him. I didn’t want to believe it, but he knew too many things not to be real. We devised every conceivable plan to turn Max to Tess, but he didn’t fall for any of it. We were desperate and I knew that time was running out, so…”
“So you made Max think that you slept with Kyle.” Isabel finished, meeting Liz’s eyes.
Liz nodded quickly before looking away. “That was enough. Even though he didn’t believe it at first, it was enough to drive him to her. Do you see Isabel? Do you understand now? If I hadn’t broken Max’s heart; if I didn’t push him towards Tess, he would still be here, alive, and happy with us.” She pushed the words out as quickly as she could; finally feeling her emotions get the better of her.
It was the comforting touch of Isabel’s hand on her shoulder that made Liz calm down a bit. “You did what you thought you had to do. But Liz, there’s one thing you must know by now. My brother has always, and will always love you.”


They had been traveling for what seemed like days to Max and the feeling of fear within him just seemed to grow. He didn’t let her know though. He couldn’t let that monster have the satisfaction of knowing just how much he feared all that would happen to him once they landed on Antar, but he couldn’t take the silence anymore. For now, he needed to find out all the answers he could.
“ Why would Nasedo agree to work with Khivar and betray my family?” Max asked coldly looking up at his travel companion, while keeping his emotions intact. She seemed stunned that he was still speaking to her and hesitated only briefly before smugly replying.
“He never explained it all to me. He just said that he hated the Royal Family, and he had his own reasons. It was probably personal, but back then I never questioned him.”
“How long did you know about this plan? Did you have this all in mind from the first time we met?”
“No!” she stared at him as if yearning for him to believe what she was saying. “I wasn’t going to agree with it. I just wanted you Max. That’s all I ever wanted.” She turned to look out at the black void of outer space, while continuing. “But no matter how I tried, you kept pushing me away.”
“Then Nasedo was killed and I was alone. Nicholas, and Rath and Lonnie, they told me things when we were in New York, and made me realize that I had to go through with it.”
“Do you expect me to believe you now? That you were cornered into agreeing with all of this?” Max asked, annoyed. “What about Nasedo. Why did Nicholas and the other skins kill him, if he was working for their boss?”
“They didn’t.” Max looked directly at Tess, intrigued. “Courtney killed Nasedo.”
“But, when he turned up at my room he said it was the Skins. He meant the Skin Rebellion, the group that followed Michael.” Max seemed to take all of this in.
“What do you get out of this Tess? Why did he choose you to do the dirty work, when he was in love with Isabel in the past and could have just as easily lured her to his side.”
Tess seemed to study the question, her face calm even though Max knew a cloud of thoughts and lies were running through her mind. Finally, she drooled out just as the ship rocked around them, silently echoing the mood,
“Blood is thicker than water.” The red and silver iridescence of the planet reflected in the mirrored walls of the ship as they approached their ‘home’.
“Meaning?” Max questioned rhetorically.
“Meaning Khivar is my father Max.”
He didn’t get the chance for that piece of information to sink in before the ship started its decent. Max stared out the window at the five planets as they approached the largest one of all – Antar.


Back on Earth:

“I keep thinking back to when we were kids and Mom and Dad were trying to get Max to go to school our first day.” Isabel related the story, “He was so scared, but he didn’t let it show. He wanted to be anywhere I was, and if I was going so was he.”
Liz smiled, listening intently.
“On the bus, he tried to talk me into changing my mind and going back home, but I was too excited so I just pulled him along when we arrived. It was at the playground that he stopped at stared staring at this girl. It was the first time he saw you…”
The memory of the flash she had seen when Max had healed her rolled through her mind, “I know…” Liz stated softly as if in a daze. Isabel stopped and looked at her. “He thought of you as the only one that mattered though,” Liz added.
“Yes, but he dreamt of you.”
“I miss him.” Liz whispered, a lonely tear running down her cheek. “I wish I could have saved him.”
It was then that Isabel moved up and did something that Liz never expected from the ‘ice princess’. She hugged her and it was enough to bring her right back to tears.
“Oh, I’m so tired of crying!” Liz stated minutes later. “Are you hungry?”
Isabel laughed as they broke apart, shaking her head in agreement.
“I’m sure Maria makes Michael store some kind of ice cream in this fridge of his.”
Liz smiled, “exactly what I was thinking.”

“You know, Max used told me something once.” Isabel smirked, glancing up from her ice cream to look at Liz. “He said he had this dream, that the two of you were standing on the beach at sunset, all alone when you whispered to him that you had a secret.”
Liz frowned, “What was it?”
“He said that you whispered to him that you were pregnant, and the baby was a boy.”
The sound of the iron spoon clanging on the floor of the kitchen echoed throughout the room. Isabel’s gaze shot up to meet Liz, who looked obviously agitated.
“I…” she stuttered nervously reaching down for the spoon. A thousand questions and warnings raced through her mind. ‘Should she tell Isabel? She had the right to know she was going to be an Aunt. But wouldn’t telling her place her and the baby in danger with the Skins? No, telling was not an option.’
“I…I’m fine.”
“Are you sure?” Isabel probed, knowing something wasn’t right.
“Yes, I’m okay. You just mentioned dream and I remembered the nightmare I had last night.”
“You’ve been having nightmares?”
“Yeah. I haven’t been able to sleep in weeks.”
“Oh.” Isabel knew something else was up, and she was determined to get it out of Liz before they left that apartment. Max would want her to be a friend, a sister to Liz and she was determined to be there.


Outside, the shadow moved away from the window where he’d been eavesdropping of the conversation between the princess and this human. They seemed to be comforted by each other’s sorrow, their mutual loss. He had never seen Vilandra cry the entire time she lived on Antar, now she shared her emotions outwardly with this girl.
‘Strange.’ He thought ‘Living on this planet has had quite an effect on them.’ Pulling out the black rectangular phone unlike any on earth, he was about to make the connection when Vilandra’s words brought him back into their conversation. His curiosity perked at the girl’s guilty reaction. Zan had left her pregnant. Even though she hadn’t confirmed the words, he could feel that it was true.
Hurrying back into the shadows and signaling a code with the colored keys, it wasn’t long before the call was answered. The image of another robed figure stood before him, almost completely life-like.
“What’s the news?” it asked in their native Antarian dialect.
“The princess and the first are well, but there is news on the human Zan had been with here.”
“She’s pregnant.”
“Does anyone else know this?”
“Good. I will relay the news. Continue to keep watch until you are notified.”
“Yes.” And as rapidly as the image appeared, it soon vanished.


Max looked on silently in awe as the ship moved itself into position to land. He pressed his hands against the mirrored walls. This was the planet he was supposed to call home, but he didn’t feel any joy at seeing it all. The castle which looked more like a fortress was on the shores of a red ocean whose waters washed the sand that looked more like silvered dust. The room rocked as the ship finished its docking pattern and Max inched backwards as the walls seemed to slide open into a darkened room. Tess was the first to step out, all too eager to be there. She turned around to face him as she whispered,
“Come on my King. You are home now.”
Just then, the echoes of larger doors sliding open drew Max’s attention to the lighted entrance. There, standing tall, strong, ready to intimidate, dressed in a suit that reflected his power stood the one man that Max knew without asking. Khivar!


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