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Title: Tea for Two
Author: Pixie.
Summary: Ummm. Short parts. Weird words. My desperate fight against writers block. Jus read it and not this summary!
Disclaimer: I don’t own the show or the bands mentioned.

Encounter 1:

I observed him today for the first time. The café was quiet.

Neil Young was playing and he sat down in my section, Table 10.

His face drifted in and out of view through the steam of the grill cooking meat patties and bacon.

I walked up slowly and took his order.

He wanted French Toast even though it was the afternoon.

Something I would do.

He read the Bell Jar while he waited and sipped his Latte calmly while my heart beat wildly when he flipped the page.

I delivered unto him his French Toast and he smiled whilst holding my gaze for a moment.

‘Thankyou’ he said.
‘Your welcome’ I said.

I walked away exhilarated.

Disappointment struck when on return from my break I found that Table 10 was now occupied by a family of 5.

Privately I call this ‘Encounter 1.’

Encounter 2:

He arrived again today when the café was empty and Peter Frampton was wafting through the dusty speakers.

He had headphones on and I imagined he was playing Tom Waits.

I imagined we were in a 1950’s bar and the steam wasn’t hot dish water but cigarette smoke.

I imagined I didn’t cough and gag at the smell but casually pulled out my own.

Then I would sit down on a red leather stool and place an aloof look on my face.

I then imagined he would come up to me, his hat tipped in a debonair way.

Then we would kiss passionately.

In my imagination all 1950’s romance happens this way.

Then of course I imagine that when I awake from my daydream he isn’t gone.

Encounter 3:

3pm is his regular time and our slowest time.

When he came in Van Morrison was playing and my heart was already light from a chefs joke.

I look at him as you would a dear friend.
He looked at me as you would a familiar waitress.

He smiled and ordered a hamburger and coke.

‘Bell Jar huh?’


‘It’s my favorite’ We said together.

We laughed and I pretended we were Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in some strange twist of fate bringing us together.

When I retrieved his plate after he left I took note of the uneaten tomatoes as they floated in the dirty hot dishwater. The mustard bleeding into the bubbles.

Now I honestly don't know if you will like this. It's kinda strange. My muse as it were was this thing my uncle read to my that was from a radio show. Pairie something.

Anyway feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Well I know this isn't the best of ideas. But I also had a thought while writing this.Strange twisty kind of ending. But I'm not teeeeeeelllllling!!! I'm in a foul mood anyway.

Bored with no imagination.

Anyway hope this doesn't show in the next part.*happy*

A Non-Encounter:

When he didn’t come in today I was upset.

I felt betray and forgotten.

In my mind he was cheating on me. Sneaking to go see some other waitress.

Afterwards I felt stupid.

Who am I?

I’m not even sure I have an identity besides the name on my aqua nametag.

I limit my conscious existence to the time when I see Him.

I wonder if I have friends? People I share this with?

It’s hard to know.

Encounter 4:

He came in today.

I pretended that he brought me flowers and chocolate and apologised for standing me up.

Of course in my mind we are soulmates.

It was a hot day and so the fans twirled and hummed blowing a muggy breeze on my face as he ordered pancakes.

When I brought them to him he smiled and asked if I wanted to join him.

I swallowed convulsively then realized it was my imagination escaping into reality.

But he did smile and I smiled back and asked if he wanted syrup.

He said yes he did so I brought it to him even though my hands got sticky.

He saw a scar on my arm and asked how’d I’d gotten it.

Since we are going to be soulmates I told him the truth.

‘Car accident’ I said ‘Both my parents are dead’

‘I’m so sorry’ he said.

‘It’s okay. It was a long time ago.’

He then did ask if I wanted to join him.

I said no thankyou because this much contact made my head spin.

‘Huh?’ he said.

Then I realized I’d imagined it again.

hehe told you. I'm strange.
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Okay so these are 3 more 'encounters'.

I realised by saying this I could lose the readers I do have but just so you know the ending might be a little bit sad and dark(ish).

And I'm not sure her feelings will be reciprocated. In fact this story may end quite rapidly.

One piece of advice: Look for clues.
You may guess the ending sooner. I can be quite obvious sometimes.

Encounter 5:

I was wiping tables 3 through 7 with an antiseptic spray when he came today.

I thought that if we were dating I would blush and then he would tell me the smell of table cleaner turned him on.

Then I would blush more.

I heard one of the cooks swear in the back and blushed.

Encounter 6:

It was muggy today and the radio said it would be for another week.

I sighed loudly and he walked in.

‘Terrible heatwave isn’t it.’ He said.

‘Yes’ I said ‘Table for 1?’

‘Yes’ he said.

He ordered an ice cream Sunday and asked if I would like to share.

But knowing my wicked mind was at fault for this I didn’t reply.

I had to leave early today to take care of my sick grandmother.

When I told the manager he smiled apologetically. Then told me to look after myself.

I don’t know why.

Encounter 7:

I was given a bunch of aspirin to take once a day or as needed.

Told me it would make my head swim.

But nothings different.

When he came in y heart still beat furiously.

I wondered what would happen if I was more sexy.

Would play hard to get whilst dropping hints or would I just grab him and kiss him.

I imagine I would need to because he would grab me and kiss me.

He smiled at me when he came in.

‘Hi’ he said.

‘Hi’ I said.

Then he ordered a salad.

With vinagrette.
Anyone think I've been really blatant yet?
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lol Have no fear Michaela.

hehe It's better for me if you don't understand it. To be honest I'm not sure if I understand it.

I'm very sorry for not telling my best stalker about MoonTide. I apologise fully.

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From here one things are going to be even weirder. Especially the end of encounter 9.

Just remember what I said earlier. Look for signs.(not the vinagrette Michaela! lol)

Anyways without further ado here is 8&9.

Encounter 8:

I was told today that I was acting strangely.

They reassured me it was because of the aspirin.

When I said I didn’t feel different they just looked solemn and exchanged sad glances with each other.

He doesn’t though.

Of course he doesn’t know me apart from our short encounters here in the café.

When he came in today he waited patiently at the counter where little kids stick their gum.

He smiled when I came up.

“Hey again.” He said.

“Hi.” I said but I was thinking much more.

“You probably won’t see me after Wednesday next week. I’ve got business elsewhere.”

“Oh really? Where?” I said leading him to table 7 in the corner.

I turned around and he said.

“Where what?” he asked.

Maybe it was painful for him to talk about it.

I imagine because he doesn’t want to leave me.

He’ll come to my window at 7.32pm on Wednesday and tell me he doesn’t want to leave me.

I’ll oblige and we can leave together.

Happily ever after.

Encounter 9:

It’s Thursday just under a week until he leaves.

I don’t want him to.

I think of him as my only friend even though we barely talk.

I’ve always wanted a friend but my guardians said people like me didn’t do well with friends.

I still don’t see what they mean.

I’ve had plenty of wonderful conversations with people.

A lot of the time it seems like they aren’t having the same conversation though.

When he came in today he ordered an omlette.

“What’s your name? He asked.

“MaryAnn.” I said.

“Oh of course you have a nametag.” He looked down at it.

“But it says Liz.” He said looking up at me.

“They made a mistake.” I said.

Only after he left did I realize my name was Joanne and he hadn’t told me his name.
Curiouser and curiouser.

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Congratulations to those of you who may have got it!! hehe this part even confused me though because I started writing it in the present tense then realised it should be in the past tense. So apologies when the tense don't work and something sounds funny. I had a hard time figuring it out! Plus it didn't go with the story from the beginning so please bear with me.

Thanx to all of you who bumped this. hehe So many people are confused. Hopefully it will make much more sense at the end. If you are still confused in the last chapter then I will take responsibilty for being a terrible writer!

ANyway here goes nothing...

Encounter 10:

Before my shift I went to get some vaccinations for the new school year. Hurts like the dickens but I’m not complaining.

At least now I can’t get hepatitis.

Jose kept looking at me strangely all day. I wonder if there’s a rumor going around or something.

He came in today which reminded my I only have 4 day’s left to see him.

After that who knows? I may never see him again.

I’d like to think he’s reconsidering his move because of me.

I’d like to imagine that he’s packing away all his belongings and thinking of my face and how much he doesn’t want to leave.

I think about how if I was going to leave for anywhere I’d think about his face and how I’d like to just touch it one time.

‘Hey MaryAnn.’ He smiled and sat down at table 10.

‘My name is Jessica.’ I said blinking once.

It hurt that he couldn’t remember my name even though I’m only his waitress.

‘Oh’ He creased his brow.

I smiled to show I’m wasn’t mad but stopped myself.

What was he going to care that my feelings were hurt.

No one has personal relationships with their waitresses.

No one.

Least of all him.

Jonathan walked in and waved to me.

I smiled and waved back.

At least someone could remember me.
He asked who I was waving to and I said Jonathan.

He nodded slowly and looked toward the back room suspiciously.

I imagined he was jealous and checking out the competition.

But of course he wasn’t.

He was ordering a diet coke and fries.

He asked from ketchup an my hand shook when our touched.

He pulled me to and kissed me. Slowly, softly.

His arms came around me and held me up before I collapsed to the ground.

He touched my face. Caressing it slowly.

‘Are you ok? You slipped.’

That’s when I realized I really did slip and even though he was holding me up he wasn’t caressing me.

He was preventing me from injury.

‘Yeh I’m fine.’ I said.

He laughed.

‘Good. Who else would bring me food any time of the day or night huh?’ He playfully shook my hand before releasing it and turning to his food.

I walked away slowly my cheeks burning.

I imagined he had been flirting with me.

I imagine a great deal.

feedback s'il vous plait!
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Oh some of you are getting close! Michaela has a particular detail perfect.

You guy's are either really smart or I'm just really obvious. In any case this is fun! (For moi anyway)

I'll post more as soon as I can!
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Ummmmm not really. Another detail was on the ball though. Not a huge one because it was in itself a clue but yeh.

Heres a nice little tid bit to stop you going to far off th mark:

Liz IS a waitress.

She IS in the Crashdown and Max IS a real person.

Getting warmer?? lol
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awww I'm sorry!!!

I didn't mean to....honest. Your very close though!!!
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Aren't I great at shameless bumping of my own fic-age.

*blush* Actually I am quite shameful at this one.
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Wow It's been 2 months since I last wrote soemthing for this. Anyway I know I could drag this out a few chapters and add some good stuff in but I want to finish it because I'm already behind in OFTG and TWS so I want to have something finished.

Just so I don't get in trouble the poem I use at the end is call Mad Girls Love Song by Sylvia Plath and should be read as such. Liz is NOT supposed to have written it.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the final chapter and possibly see how all my freaky clues fit into place. If not just ask I shall explain all!

Enounter 11:

When he walked in today I’d almost forgotten he hadn’t come in for 3 days and after today I would never see him again.

Almost, but his warm smile and warm eyes reminded me again and I could have broken down right then and there.

Some song was playing but to be honest it’s the first time I’ve never remembered exactly what song was playing when he walked in. I wish I knew.

It would be something to think about.

I know I felt different all day. Perhaps I was preoccupied or something.

I don’t really remember.

I don’t even really remember what he looked like which is the weirdest feeling because I know I love him.

I used to have such a great memory.

He ordered food and I think he smiled at me but my memory is fuzzy.

I stopped a tear from falling out because what I really wanted to do was ask why he was leaving.

But I was just his waitress.

I can’t ever forget that.

I can’t ever forget that he never looked at me with any type of passion or love.

If I forget that then I might start daydreaming again.

I know the fans were twirling and he was just finishing his meal and my mom came out from the stock room and looked at me crying with her big sad eyes.

And Jose was tearful too so I went to go see what was wrong.

I remember that before I did I panicked that I would never see him again and I dropped something in his lap and I wish I could remember what it was and why I did it.

I remember just before I walked through the doors and looked at him and he was looking at me with curiosity and I tried to memorize every single crevice on his face so I would never forget that I loved him.

But I can’t remember now and I wonder why.


The man sitting at the table felt something flutter onto his lap and he looked up that the waitress that had dropped it there.

He watched as she went to the back room turned around and looked at him for a moment and before he could give her a smile she walked through the swinging door. He watched it swing open and close for a few moments.

Behind the doors he could see a man carrying a suitcase down the stairs with tears streaming down his cheeks.

He took the last bite of his eggs and stared at the door once more.

A waiter walked by and he gestured for him to come over.

“What do you know about that waitress? Joanne or something?”

The waiter looked in the direction the man pointed to and shook his head sadly.

“That’s not Joanne although I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what she told you. No, that’s Liz. She’s the owner’s daughter. Apparently she’s crazy or something. They’ve tried treatments and stuff but I guess it did work ‘cus they’re shipping her off to the mental hospital.”

“Oh my god. She seemed like such a nice girl too.”

“Yeh she was a sweetheart.” He shrugged his shoulders. “No one ever seemed to know what was going on in that head of hers. Now they’re gonna pump her so full of drugs she won’t even remember her own name. Such a shame.”


The waiter nodded sadly and walked off.

The man picked up the folded page that had been ripped in haste from a book off the table and opening it carefully began to read the words neatly inscribed into it.

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my eyes and all is born again
(I think I made you up inside my head)

The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,
An arbitrary blackness gallops in:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed
And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.
(I think I made you up inside my head)

God topples from the sky, hell’s fire fade:
Exit seraphim and Satan’s men:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I fancied you’d return the way you said,
But I grow old and forget your name.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

I should have loved a thunderbird instead;

At least when spring comes they roar back again.

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)


The end!! What do ya think? I know it's not that great but hey!
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moonbeam4747- wow thats a very interesting interpretation. To be honest I never thought of it like that but then again alot of the shorter stories I write are more for you to see you way like destinyrebel said. So in a way no ones wrong.

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