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Born without the Fear Gene
M/L, Alternate Universe
Written by NikkiSue


She stood on the 300 foot bridge, staring across the sky towards the silver moon. For a moment in time, she felt she could touch the moon and grasp it in her hand. The full moon illuminated the valley and its surrounding trees, and the calm stream underneath. She slowly pulled her body onto the railing of the bridge and looked down at the cool stream. The night was silent, other than the occasional chirp of a cricket and the rise of fall of her breathing. A soft breeze flew through the evergreens and she marveled at the simplicity and the utter beauty of the landscape. Up here, nothing mattered except existing. She felt that the air was wrapping itself around everything and telling it special secrets, sharing a part of itself.

She took a deep breath and refocused again at the ground, her pulse steady and calm. A sudden breeze blew through her chocolate brown hair and her dark green eyes watered momentarily. Glancing once more at the glorious moon goddess, she jumped off the rail.

The force of the wind flew against and around her hair and the sound became almost unbearable. The stream grew closer and closer, and she felt a small smile grace her lips.

The rope snapped and she found herself floating up again, the weightlessness making her feel like she could fly. Who wouldn't want to? She envied the birds. The birds had a certain freedom that no other creature obtained. When God created us, he forgot to give us wings.

Maybe he did it on purpose. Humans have a certain responsibility. If one contained wings, then responsibilities would be forgotten, and lives would be put on hold.

She began falling again, but slower this time and she took a good look around. The trees became a dark green blur and the stream appeared almost black. After awhile she stopped moving, and then just hung there, the blood rushing to her head.

Being out here, at the abandoned bridge in the heart of the valley, it made her feel semi-complete. Almost as if this place could fill a part of her that something else couldn't.

Something else, or someone else.

She shook her head to stop her thoughts and started using her body weight to swing the rope back and forth. As she reached her certain destination, she cut the rope and dived into the dark, cold water.

As she resurfaced, the cold water awoke a part of her that had been dormant most of her life.

It seemed odd, how something as simple as a stream could make her think about her father.

In all reality, she could sit here in this freezing stream and pretend she didn't have a father. She certainly had that right, after he left her. But, a small part of her still loved him. Loved how he made her waffles every Saturday morning, how he taught her algebra, chemistry, martial arts, gardening and marksmanship.

She missed how he would talk to her in Russian only on Mondays, and Arabic on Tuesdays. How he and her mother took her around the world and taught her all she could learn.

He taught her like she was a drowning man. The small portions of things she learned were like drops of air. She wanted the air, she needed the air.

But, the thing she hated the most was that she still loved him. She still loved even after he left her. She wanted to hate him, and a small portion of her did, but only because she loved him so.

So, as she stood there in the water, her clothes sticking to her and drops of water leaving the ends of her hair, she waited. She waited until something happened, something telling her that it was alright, that she would survive.

Suddenly, it started to rain and from out of nowhere, an owl hooted and the sound of a thousand wings fluttered through the air. She started to move swiftly through the water, the extra weight of her wet clothes never holding her back.

And as she snuck one more look up at the bridge, she smiled. To any other person, the bridge resembled the fear. The immediate fear of dying, or that funny feeling your stomach gets, or of chickening out.

She didn't understand that fear, and as she looked at the top, she didn't want to know why.

But she did, and so did everyone else her father ever worked with. It wasn't a secret. When she was little, she did things, things people did because they didn't know better, because they were stupid. And, it wasn't that she was stupid, she knew what she was doing, she knew the consequences.

Because even as a child, she didn't care.

Because she, Elizabeth Parker. . .was born without the fear gene.


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chapitre un - Donuts and all that is holy

She walked quickly down the crowded streets, her head down and her remarkable emerald eyes counting each crack upon the sidewalk. Thousands of New Yorkers passed by, many with frowns on their faces, some with smiles and some indifferent. This is why she loved New York. Everyone was different, things never become boring. You could go to church and in comes a woman with pink hair and revealing clothes, donating money to the church and reading psalms.

She took a deep breath and glanced around at the shops. She also loved how you could buy anything from horse feed to condoms in New York. Sniffing cautiously, her face dramatically brightened as she spied the best thing about New York. Donuts.

Elizabeth had a certain weakness towards donuts. Put a box of donuts in front of her, or a book personally signed by William Shakespeare and she'd give Hamlet the boot. She quickened her pace, dodging the hoards of people pushing left and right. As she neared the shop, her face became calm. If anyone saw her enter the donut shop with a crazy obsessed smile on her face, they might not sell her the donuts.

She opened the door and walked in, taking a moment to register her surroundings. The multitude of donuts made her mouth water and she felt like she was in heaven. She personally wanted to kiss the shoes of the person who created the donut. Yes, you could call her obsessed, but some people had a shoe fetish, her a donut one.

As someone pushed past her, she remembered that she was in the middle of a crowded shop and started moving towards the line. She waited patiently and removed her ski cap, one of her many defenses to block the cold of the winter. Her long wavy brown hair appeared and she didn't even notice the looks she was receiving. Her hair wasn't only brown, but had dark red highlights running through it, resembling the sky at sunset. Many persons asked if the highlights were fake, but Elizabeth replied the same each time, "No."

As it became her turn, she looked around and decided what kind she wanted. Did she want glazed? Jelly filled? Sprinkled? "I'll take a dozen of the chocolate." It wasn't that hard a decision, she could stand here for hours trying to decide and still pick chocolate. Sticky chocolate donuts, her ultimate weakness. The man behind the counter threw her a questioning look and she responded, "Party." The man then nodded and put a dozen into a box. She threw him a five and left, a small jump in her step.

She could have told the truth instead of saying party, but then there would questions and Elizabeth despised questions. Besides, that was what New York was all about, fading in and that was what she was about. That man would forget her and she would him.

She headed towards her New York City brownstone 'so-called' house. Where she in turn lived with George and Ella Niven, her 'so-called' guardians. They lived on the top floor of the four story building. She unlocked the door and hesitantly walked through the hallway, not wanting to alert Ella that she was back. If George wasn't so nice to her, then she would be out in a second, because she hated Ella. But, she couldn't do that. Where would she go? It's not like she had any other family. Her mom died, and her dad left, leaving her in the care of his ex-partner at the CIA.

The sunlight streamed through the many windows, making the house look bright and inviting, but the pictures on the wall of Ella and her fake smile with George was enough to make her sick. How could someone as sweet as George get caught up with someone as fake as Ella? She ignored the question as she heard Ella talking to someone in George's study. Her fake, breathy voice was oddly calm, making Elizabeth aware that she possibly shouldn't be listening.

That's probably why she opened the door a crack and started listening. She spied Ella pacing the room, the cordless phone against her ear. Her short purple skirt and her white designer shirt, made her wonder if Ella was really how old she said. Her high heels clicked across the hardwood floor and her pasty face hardened as she listened to the voice at the other end.

"Yes, I do realize that." Ella said, her fingernails tapping against the glass table where George's laptop was perched. "I tried to convince him without seeming suspicious, but he has his heart set." Ella's overplucked eyebrows narrowed, and she fluffed her artificial blonde hair. "Of course Lokus. Yes, I will watch over her. It's a small town, nothing will happen." Elizabeth wondered what she was talking about, and who Lokus was, but then saw Ella nod to herself. Ella hung up the phone and Elizabeth saw her sigh.

Not wanting to be caught, Elizabeth ran down the hall into her room and collapsed onto her bed. Her room was one of her many sanctuaries, mainly because it had a lock. She sat Indian-style on her dark green bedspread, and opened the box of donuts. Breathing in deeply, she sighed happily. Slowly, she reached for one of the donuts and bit into it, chewing slowly, savoring the taste.

Ahhhhh, pure heaven. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment. It was just her and her precious pieces of heaven. Suddenly, the doorknob started to rattle, and Ella's high pitched voice traveled through the door, ripping her from paradise. "Elizabeth, you better get ready! Mr. and Mrs. Westbrook are coming for dinner. Make yourself look presentable, if that's possible."

Elizabeth clenched her fists together, imagining every possible way to hurt Ella. She could choke her, slam her head against the wall, punch her in the eye, oooh, the possibilities. Who the hell was Mr. and Mrs. Westbrook? Oh, yeah, they were that really old couple that always stared at Elizabeth like she was a lost dog. They always asked her a million questions about her father's past in the CIA. Hmm, eat donuts outside or eat dinner with a nosy old couple?

With that, she pulled on her old Nike sneakers and pulled her coat on, stuffing the last piece of donut in her mouth. After her scarf and hat were in their respected places, she yanked the window open and tied the bedsheets to the window. She threw the box of donuts down and then she quickly jumped out of the window while holding on to the sheet. She used the side of the brownstone buildings to climb down and got to the bottom level. She jumped down and landed on the ground like a cat.

She then headed for the fence and climbed over it but not before throwing the donuts over. As soon as she reached the other side, she ran for it, finally achieving freedom. Dodging cars in the street, she headed towards the park where she could rest on a bench and eat her donuts in peace.

Finally reaching her destination, she plopped down on the bench and grabbed a donut, shoving it into her mouth. This time, she wouldn't take it slow.

After finishing her fifth donut, she sat back, enjoying the feeling of a full stomach. She just sat there for a few minutes and watched the couples walk by. She saw this old couple who looked in love as two people could be and Elizabeth sighed. She wished she could be like that when she got old, well, minus all the wrinkles.

And of course, in the land of Elizabeth, something bad always has to happen. Elizabeth heard the frightened shriek of a girl coming from the path near the fountain. Elizabeth saw the girl getting attacked by a guy in a ski mask. Ahh, New York, you not only get the donuts, but you get crime galore.

She quickly jumped up and formulated that if she snuck up behind the man, she could quickly knock him out. She ran and hid behind the nearest bush, and when he was vulnerable, she jumped at him. But, he had good reflexes and turned around when she jumped at him, so he was looking up at her when they fell to the ground.

He punched her hard against the cheek before she could dodge it and she could feel the bruise starting to form. She grabbed his arms with one arm and punched him straight across his face making his head snap. She then quickly turned him over and held his wrists behind his back, not being careful with him, not caring if she hurt him. She looked up at the girl, checking to see if she was ok. When she looked fine, she held out her hand, "I need your belt." The girl nodded and took it off while Elizabeth tied up the guys hands. She heard approaching footsteps and knew the girl would be fine so she jumped off the guy and ran out of the park, never letting anyone know who she was.

Elizabeth Parker POV

Did you ever get that feeling that you're doing something that comes so easily now, like fighting, and you wonder, will I be able to do that forever? Fighting comes so easily, like gut instinct, fighting comes to me as easily as breathing.

Well, what if things come that easily to other people? Like lying?

Aren't there some people out there who can lie like second nature, and you never know when they're telling the truth or when they aren't?

Supposedly, I'm a human lie detector. I can look a person in the eye and tell when they're lying.

I never saw it coming. I saw my father everyday of my life and I never knew that he wasn't going to be there for me forever.

Imagine how ironic life becomes when the people you care the most about, turn out to be the people you can't trust in the end.


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I'm sorry to hear that fieryangel. However, even though chapter one is similar to the books it is because I'm introducing the character to the readers, especially for people who've never read the series. In chapter two, that's when things start to happen, and I can tell you readers right now, a big change is going to occur and it involves meeting the Roswellians for the first time.

So, sorry again if you feel that way, but for the other readers, chapter two should be out soon.

Thanks, bye!

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback, here's the next chapter.

chaptire duex- A Change of Plans

Elizabeth ran into her home, not caring that she would be in trouble for skipping the dinner. "Elizabeth!" Ella shrieked as Elizabeth ran past her and shut herself in her room. All the running combined with the fighting was wiping her out. And as she passed out, she wondered why each time she fought she succeeded in passing out afterwards.

Ella stood outside Elizabeth's door fuming. This girl got under her skin like no one else. But, she had to stand here everyday and pretend that she cared for the girl, when she didn't. All she wanted to do was kill her, but Lokus wouldn't hear about that.

It was always, Elizabeth this, and Elizabeth that, she was the center of everyone's goddamn universe and it made Ella positively sick! Well, at least one good thing was happening, they would be moving away from the city that Elizabeth loved so much. She would be crushed, hopefully.

Ella backed away from the door and headed to the living room, positive that Elizabeth soon would be miserable out of her mind.

With a groan, Elizabeth woke up, and blinked several times before blurred objects took on detail. She turned to her clock and found out she had been out for a little more than an hour. Her hair was stuck to her face from the sweat. God, she hated the heat! That was one of the good things about living in New York City, it never got too hott, and if it did, there was always air conditioning!

Elizabeth got up and opened her window and then quickly changed into her pajamas. She knew that she had to go apologize to George and felt guilty. George was going to be disappointed, Elizabeth hated it when she made George disappointed.

She headed for the living room where she heard Ella and George talking quietly. They stopped as soon as they saw her and George motioned for her to sit down. "Elizabeth, Ella and I have an announcement to make. We've decided to move to Roswell, New Mexico."

Elizabeth sat up in her seat, suddenly awake. Roswell, New Mexico. Several words popped into her mind and she inwardly groaned. Aliens. Heat. She hated aliens and she hated heat, therefore she already hated Roswell. "Why?"

George and Ella exchanged looks, "Well, I was born there and me and Ella would like to visit, if only for a little while. We'll stay there for a year and if we don't like it, we can always move back here."

Elizabeth sighed, knowing this was a losing battle. In fact, the battle was already lost, so she nodded and headed back to her room missing the genuine smile on Ella's face.

As she crept into bed, she stared up at the cheap plastic glow-in-the-dark starts on her ceiling. Yeah, she thought to herself, this out to be fun.
Jeffrey Parker's POV

We just got news from George that they were moving to Roswell. I already know that Elizabeth will hate it, she hates the heat.

I remember we once took her to the Bahamas and she carried around a small personal fan, never once leaving it in the hotel. She claimed that it was too hott for her taste. Of course, that was before she jumped into the water and nearly got bitten by a shark. But, as she emerged from the water, she didn't look relieved or scared, she looked amused and you know what she said? "Let's do that again sometime."

She scared me and her mother so much over the years with all her silly stunts that almost always got herself killed. It's like she had a personal vendetta to give me a heart attack. But, then there were the moments when she was quiet and careful. It was always when it was raining. Elizabeth loved the rain.

I guess the only thing we learned about the Bahamas experience was to not try to take anything away from Elizabeth.

I guess I forgot that when I left her.

Elizabeth wearily packed her personal belongings into some boxes George got her. Turns out they were leaving as soon as possible, and George told her to tell all her friends goodbye. Elizabeth snorted, yeah, what friends? People were always intimidated by Elizabeth when they first meet her. Probably because of the 'I don't care' attitude she carried around like a second skin.

It wasn't her fault she didn't want to change for anybody. Excuse her, if she wasn't one of those fake posers who changed when they thought someone would like them better. Elizabeth would never become one of those people, never.

She grabbed a whole bunch of jeans and growled again at the intense heat Roswell probably suffered from everyday. Elizabeth didn't own a pair of shorts, she didn't even think she ever did. She wasn't exactly what you would call a 'shorts person' or a 'girlie person'. In fact, Elizabeth basically just threw on jeans she hoped where clean and a sweater everyday. Who cared what she wore?

She wondered what the town of Roswell would be like. She hoped people weren't crazy and obsessed with aliens. That would be scary. People actually believed a spaceship crashed there in '47, even when the government explained that a weather balloon had crashed. People where so messed up these days.

Maybe she'd meet a whole bunch of people who were weird like she was and didn't ask questions. Maybe she'd fall in love with her soulmate. Yeah, and maybe pigs would fly and the Pope would convince her to wear a dress.

Elizabeth wrinkled her nose as she exited the plane three days later at the nearby city airport. Apparently Roswell was even too small to contain an airport. A wave of heat hit her and she pulled on her sunglasses, glancing down at her outfit. Her only pair of clean gray cargo pants and a white shirt. At least she looked normal. She had her amber hair up in a ponytail and her oldest white shoes on.

She lugged out her huge bag filled with the stuff too precious to leave on the plane. The thing that was most precious to her was the picture of her, her father and her mother before she died. Back when everything was good and everything was normal.

Normal. She's been thinking that word a lot. Normal didn't describe Elizabeth. Crazy. Insane. Psycho. Those types of words better described her. Demented. Obsessed. She could go on forever with this list.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes as Ella starts to shriek about how heavy her bags are. "Maybe if you didn't pack the entire make-up franchise it would be lighter," Elizabeth mumbled under her breath. Ella sharply turned, a full-blast glare angled at Elizabeth, "What did you say?" Elizabeth smiled, "Maybe George could help you with your bags."

Ella knows that's not what she had said, but she turns around with her nose in the air, ignoring Elizabeth. As they walk through the airport, George sees the sign with Niven Party on it, and an overweight man with a scruffy beard is behind it.

Ella just drops her bags at the guys feet and pulls out her cellphone, dialing as fast as humanly possible. A minute later, her squeaky voice was talking a mile a minute and the limoscene driver grabbed all of her bags. Elizabeth hated limoscene's. All that attention just for a car, and she hated attention, so there you go.

It was actually a pretty nice limoscene and thankfully the air conditioning was on full blast. George turned to Elizabeth in the car, "You'll be starting at West Roswell High tomorrow. And um Elizabeth, try not to cause too much trouble."

Elizabeth smiled, her eyes twinkling mischievously, "I couldn't start trouble if I tried. So, the Roswell what? Asteroids? Stars? Aliens?" George tried to hold back a smile, "The Roswell Comets." Elizabeth groaned, "How original, well, at least we are the Roswell Aliens."

The limoscene pulled into the round driveway of a modest mansion and Elizabeth's mouth dropped open. The first thing that came to mind was, wow, that house is huge. Ella squealed, she seemed to approve of the house.

Elizabeth stepped out of the car and gazed up at the house, home sweet home.