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Title: Fulfilling Her Fantasy
Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing!
Rating: NC-17
Note: I got this idea from someone at work! I don’t own FantaSuites, nor have I ever been there. All descriptions of the hotel room will be embellished from the little description I got from their website. Also, this is my first NC-17, so gentle criticism please! Enjoy!

Max Evans walked out of West Roswell High into the quad. He stood there scanning the faces of the students, looking for his girlfriend Liz Parker. The senior’s dark brown hair and golden brown eyes left many girls wishing they could tousle the neat strands with their fingers or get lost in the golden sea. Oblivious to the admiring, wistful glances thrown his way, Max finally located Liz and headed over to where she sat under the shade of a tree with her best friend Maria DeLuca.

Max sat down behind Liz and grabbed her hips to pull her snugly against him. Leaning down, he placed light nibbles on her neck. “Hey sweetie! I’ve missed you! So what’s been going on?” Max’s words were punctuated by little nips as his lips traveled up her neck towards the sensitive spot just behind her ear.

Liz sighed in contentment and leaned back against her boyfriend’s broad chest. “Maaaxxx! How could you miss me? We just saw each other an hour ago!” Liz giggled, loving how he could be so romantic.

“I know. But an hour is too long to be away from you! So what were you two talking about?” Max asked, ceasing his assault on her neck.

Maria sighed in envy. “Now, why can’t my space boy be as sweet as Max? I swear Liz! You are soooo lucky! Max has got to be the only perfect, straight male alive. And of course he’s taken! Just once I wish my space boy could act like Max! Or maybe even like the Sheikh!”

Max looked at Maria in confusion. “Huh? What are you talking about? What Sheikh?!”

Liz placed her hand on Max’s knee, her gentle rubbing causing Max’s breathing to accelerate somewhat. “Oh, he’s not a real person. He’s just some character in this romance novel Maria’s been reading. We were actually talking about it before you arrived.” Liz turned her attention to her fingernails, slightly embarrassed by the conversation she and Maria had been having.

Maria piped up. “Yeah! I was telling her how there’s this girl and she goes to Saudi Arabia for vacation. While she’s there she meets this Sheikh, a very powerful man. Anyway, it’s instant attraction but she’s fighting it because she doesn’t believe in his way of life. He finally gets fed up with her attitude and he kidnaps her while she’s on a tour. He then takes her out to this desert oasis where he has this tent set up. While they’re in the desert lots and lots of things happen to them. By the time they leave, they are both completely in love. In fact, she’s more willing to learn about his culture and she’s changed him so that instead of being all macho and Mr. Caveman, he’s more like you!”

Max had a slightly dazed expression on his face from listening to Maria. Shaking his head clear, he hugged Liz tighter, feeling her embarrassment in her stiff posture. “Okay, but that doesn’t explain your distress, Liz. I know it’s not because of the book. You’ve read the same type of stories. What’s going on?” Max asked gently, not wanting to increase her embarrassment.

Liz flushed slightly. “Ah, well, yeah. It’s not the book. Not exactly. See, Maria and I got into this discussion about how we would feel if that happened to us. And we both thought it would be interesting to be swept away like that. Well, okay not totally. As long as we trusted the guy who did it. Anyway, Maria here said if she was going to be kidnapped and held as a love slave she wanted it to be done with modern day necessities. She wants hot and cold running water, electricity, the whole nine yards. She couldn’t live without it!” Liz explained.

Max nodded slowly, still confused. “Okay, but why are you embarrassed? It can’t be because Maria told you how she would like something like that to happen!”

Maria spoke up before Liz could open her mouth. “That’s because instead of just talking about this, Liz got all dreamy and told me her fantasy!”

Liz gasped and turned even brighter. “MARIA! Don’t you dare!! Or I’ll tell Michael about that dream you had!”

Maria stopped and thought about the dream Liz was referring too. Weighing her options, she gave in. Catching Max’s eyes over Liz’s shoulder, Maria subtly nodded when he mouthed Tell me later! The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch and with a groan, the three friend’s stood and headed into the building.

Max opened his door to see Maria standing on the steps, leaning against the bell. With a grin he stepped back and let her sweep in. Closing the door, he followed her to his bedroom where he knew they could talk privately. Waiting until she was sitting on the bed, he grabbed his desk chair and sat across from her. Max listened intently as Maria told him about Liz’s fantasy. When she was finished, he was silent in deep thought for a few moments. His eyes suddenly brightening, Max leaned closer and told Maria about his plan, asking for her help. Her eyes widened in excitement as she eagerly agreed.

One Month Later

Max quietly climbed up the ladder to Liz’s balcony. Creeping up to the window, he tapped on the pane and waited for it to be opened. Maria appeared, grinning crazily at her friend, knowing he was about to fulfill Liz’s fantasies.

Maria slid open the window and passed a bag through to Max. He leaned through the window and placed a kiss on her cheek. “I just wanted to thank you for all your help Maria! I don’t think I would have been able to completely pull this off without you! And I just wanted to say I’m very impressed that you managed to keep this quiet!”

Maria blushed lightly at Max’s praise. “I know, I know! I’m the best! You better get out of here, her shift ends in fifteen minutes. Give me five to get down there and finish getting my stuff together. Then you can do your thing!” Maria pulled the window closed and headed out of Liz’s room.

Max grabbed the bag he had gotten from Maria and took off down the ladder. He stopped by his Jeep and placed the bag in the back behind the passenger seat. Unzipping it, he reached in and grabbed a couple of the items Maria had placed in there. Checking his watch he noticed that he still had a few minutes before entering the restaurant. Opening his own bag, Max pulled off his jacket and put on the item he had taken out. Finishing up, Max put everything but what he needed away and headed around the corner towards the front of the restaurant.

Liz felt Max coming closer and looked up expecting him to walk through the door of the Café. Her eyes narrowed in confusion when, instead of Max, a man entered who looked like he had just walked off of the cover of Maria’s book. Liz looked around in confusion, still feeling like Max was near. She bit her lip and turned to head towards the back of the restaurant, thinking maybe he had decided to surprise her by coming through the back door. Liz let out a strangled scream when a cloth suddenly covered her eyes. Reaching up to tear it off, her arms were grabbed and her wrists forced together before being tied in front of her. Liz twisted and turned as she struggled to fight off her attacker. Opening her mouth scream for help, Liz felt another piece of cloth being forced between her lips and tied behind her head. She felt hands on her head, pulling her antenna headband free from her hair.

Liz let out a silent gasp as she was spun around and lifted into the air. As she heard the bells over the door ring she knew she was being taken out of her home, away from all that was safe. A disembodied voice, sounding slightly familiar, drifted towards her ears. “Don’t worry. You’ll be safe. I promise.”

Liz felt herself moving and she was placed in a seat. She could feel the soft fabric under her bare thighs. Liz suddenly inhaled as she felt the hands gently pushing her shoulders back against the seat, then one hand moving off of her shoulder to be replaced by the seatbelt. The remaining hand lingered on her shoulder for a moment before withdrawing. Liz strained her ears, hearing footsteps make their way around the car. She felt the vehicle shift as weight settled into the drivers seat. The car started and Liz was taken, with it her last hope that someone would happen by and rescue her.

Liz sat huddled up in her seat, drawing into herself the best that she could. Her slight frame trembled in fear and she had no idea how long they had been driving. She only knew that it had been for a while and she was wondering if she was ever going to get to see her friends and family ever again. Liz started in surprise when the car stopped and she heard the driver get out. Listening to his footsteps, she braced herself for the when he would pull her out of the car. Liz heard his steps stop beside her. She heard a rustling behind her and felt a jolt against her seat. She jumped slightly when his hand brushed her breast lightly and her nipple puckered at the brief contact. Liz’s muscles tensed as she was picked up and carried someplace.

Liz heard the sliding of a door and she was set down on a chair. Again, the voice spoke. “Don’t move! No one will help you and you won’t get far.” She heard footsteps moving away then the low murmur of voices drifted her way. Liz strained to hear what was being said and jumped when she felt hands on her again. She was lifted up and carried some more, down what seemed like a long hall. Liz heard a door open and close before she was set down onto her feet.

Liz’s kidnapper stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders. Slowly, she was guided forward a few steps before the hands halted her. The hands fell off of her shoulders and moved around to her front to untie her hands. As soon as Liz’s hands were free, she reached up and ripped off her blindfold, prepared to turn around and strike out at her captor. The soft light momentarily dazzled Liz and when her vision cleared she gasped at what she saw.

In front of Liz lay a room straight out of her fantasy. The walls of the room were covered in blue striped fabric, the fabric sloping up to meet in the middle of the ceiling and forming a tent. To one side lay the bed, low to the ground and covered in pillows. A mirror was suspended above the bed, small lights glowing like stars sprinkled across the mirrors surface. To the right of the bed was a tiled whirlpool, the blue and gold tiles matching the décor of the room.

Liz’s hands flew up to her mouth in shock. Spinning around she saw Max standing behind her, grinning. “What!? Max, when? How?” Surprise made Liz’s thoughts disjointed.

Max reached out and put his hands around her waist and pulled her close. He dropped a kiss on her nose before answering. “Maria helped me. I got a flash of your fantasy and I asked her for her help. She told me she and Amy had stayed here in a regular room one time and she got me the number. Then she helped me do a little shopping for you! So why don’t you take your bag and go change.” Max reluctantly let go of Liz and handed her the bag Maria had given him. Taking it from him, Liz let Max push her in the direction of the bathroom.

Shutting the door behind her, Liz opened her bag and laughed when she pulled out a royal purple harem girl’s outfit. Shaking her head at her friend’s craziness, Liz set it aside and pulled off her clothes. Pulling the halter-top and filmy pants on, Liz looked at her self in the mirror. Her cheeks pinked when she saw just how filmy the outfit was. Nervously she swallowed and headed out into the bedroom.

Max looked up at the sound of the bathroom door opening. He watched as Liz tentatively stepped into the room and his eyes darkened with desire. Standing up from the bed, he made his way over to where she stood shifting her weight from foot to foot. Reaching out he gently grabbed her hands, halting the fluttering. “Liz! Wow! I…Wow! Now I know why Maria wouldn’t let me see what she had picked out! You look absolutely beautiful!” Max slowly drew her into the room, ignoring her pink cheeks.

“Max, I can’t believe you did all of this! Why? And what about the Café?” Reality and logic reasserted itself as Liz’s mind puzzled over everything.

Max chuckled softly. “This was your fantasy. Well, as close to it as I could get. And I think you deserve to have all of your fantasies come true. As for the restaurant, don’t worry about it. Maria is taking care of everything. She even told your parents you were spending the weekend with her. So you’re all set! Now why don’t you come over here and let me help you get undressed!”

Max’s head swooped down and captured Liz’s startled lips in a kiss. Letting out a gasp, Liz’s lips opened under his assault and his tongue swept in. Max tilted his head to the side, deepening the kiss as he felt his body responding to his gorgeous girlfriend. His arms slid around to her back, one hand stroking her back while the other slid up to tangle in her hair. With each downward stroke, his hand slid further and further down, before coming to rest on her ass. Max’s softly caressed her skin through the filmy harem pants, pulling her body even closer into his.

Max gently grabbed a handful of Liz’s hair and tugged her head back, his lips drifted away from hers and down to her neck. Tasting the sweet skin, Max latched on and sucked hungrily as if he were a starving man. Liz sighed as one arm crept up around his shoulders to play with the curls at the nape of his neck. Her other hand rested lightly over his heart for a moment. As Max’s lips drifted to the other side of her neck, she gave in to the desire to let her hand wander over his chest. Liz sighed again at the feelings Max was stirring in her as she gloried in the shift and play of his muscles under her hand.

Max raised his head from her neck and looked down at Liz through hooded eyes. He grinned slightly at the dazed expression on her face. Grabbing her playing hands he drew them down to her side and moved back a step. Moving her hands to her shoulders, his gaze wandered over her. He knew no matter what he saw her in or how many times he saw her naked, he would never grow tired of looking at her. Max’s gaze lingered on her chest, where he could see her pouting nipples through the sheer fabric of her halter. Pulling Liz back to him, Max slid his fingers around the back of her neck, seeking out the ties that were holding the top closed. Max’s lips took Liz’s in a passionate kiss as his fingers opened the shirt then moved down to the middle of her back to finish the job.

Letting the fabric fall to the floor, Max brought his hands up to her breasts and cupped them, feeling their weight. His thumbs swept over her already hard nipples, making them stand out even more. Removing one hand, he slid it around her waist and held her snugly against him. Liz moved her hips, deliberately rubbing against Max’s heated arousal. Letting out a gasp of pleasure, Max wrenched away from her lips and gazed down at her beauty in admiration. Bending Liz back over his arm, Max gave her a wicked grin before leaning down and placing light kisses on her breast, avoiding her begging nipple.

Liz whimpered at the feel of Max’s mouth on her skin. She twisted in his arms, trying to move her aching flesh into his mouth. Max anticipated Liz’s movements, holding back from giving her what she so desperately wanted. Finally, taking pity on her, his lips closed over her throbbing tip. Liz sighed in pleasure as she arched into his mouth, her hips grinding into his.

Max’s free hand swept down Liz’s flat stomach, softly caressing the bare flesh just above the pants. He loved the silky feel of her and knew that there was more just waiting for his touch. Lifting his head from her soft skin, he removed his arm from around her back, waiting until she was steady on her feet before letting go completely. Kneeling at her feet, Max reached up and slowly slid her pants down, letting them pool around her ankles as he gazed up at her beauty.

Liz grabbed Max’s shoulders to keep her balance as his admiring regard made her dizzy. Her lips opened in a silent gasp as his head moved closer. Watching him, Liz trembled slightly as Max placed open-mouthed kisses on her legs, starting with her knees. His tongue poked out and he worshipped her flesh. Slowly Max kissed a trail up her legs, lightly nudging them apart as he moved. Reaching her curls at the junction of her thighs, he picked up her leg and settled it over his shoulder and raised one hand around her waist, helping her with her balance.

Max nuzzled his nose in her curls, inhaling her scent-a mixture of sweet and spicy and all Liz. Opening his mouth, Max licked Liz with one long swipe of his tongue, savoring the unique taste of her. That first taste whetted his appetite for more of her and he dove in like a man dying of hunger. Liz whimpered in delight at the feelings Max stirred up in her. Her hands moved from his shoulders to tangle in his hair and her hips thrust themselves at him, encouraging more from Max. Max was more then happy to give Liz what she wanted as he sucked at her juices. Pointing his tongue, he thrust it up into her, drawing out more of her sweet nectar. Liz’s whimpers changed into moans and her breathing grew shorter as she drew closer and closer to the edge. Max, sensing how she balanced on the precipice, moved up and latched onto her clit, sucking it into his mouth. His free hand moved down and replaced his mouth as he thrust two fingers up into her. Liz’s moans turned into a low wail that quickly became higher as the combination of Max’s wonderful mouth and magic fingers drove her over the edge.

Liz trembled in Max’s arm as he licked up all her spilt juices. Pulling his fingers out of her body, Max stuck them in his mouth and cleaned them as he grinned up at his very disheveled and very pleased girlfriend. Liz attempted to catch her breath as she untangled her fingers from Max’s dark hair. Dropping her hands to his shoulders, Liz grabbed a handful of cloth and tugged Max up from his kneeling position on the floor.

“Wow! That was fantastic Max! I swear it gets better every time!” Liz panted.

Max snuggled Liz against his chest and rubbed her back soothingly, ignoring the ache in his own groin. “Mmhmm. I totally agree! Do you have any idea how much I love to worship you and make you scream like that?”

Liz looked up at Max, a mischievous smile curving her lips. “It couldn’t be as much I enjoy doing that to you!” Having said that, she pulled back and started undressing him.

Part Three

Liz reached down as far as she could and grabbed onto Max’s Sheik costume. Slowly she pulled it up, deliberately prolonging his agony, keeping her eyes locked onto his. Liz finally felt the bottom of the costume and started to raise it up Max’s body, shivering slightly in anticipation of what she knew she would find underneath. Liz’s shivering ceased when the back of her hands brushed against rough denim. Frowning, she jerked the outfit over Max’s head and stepped back. Her gaze traveled the length of his body as she took in his jeans and t-shirt and she crossed her arms over her bare breasts.

Eyebrows lowering in confusion, Max took in her change of posture. “Hey! What’s wrong? Why’d you stop?”

Liz scowled at her clueless boyfriend. “Excuse me! You stand there still completely closed and then some and you have the nerve to ask me what’s wrong? If you want to get any use out of this room, you better strip and now! I’m going to go freshen up and when I get back I had better see some skin!” Liz spun around and marched towards the bathroom, biting her lip so she wouldn’t laugh. She loved doing things to shock Max, and she was sure she had just topped herself. She didn’t think Max would have ever expected that reaction from her.

Max was jolted out of his shocked daze as the bathroom door closed behind Liz with more force than necessary. Shaking his head, Max started to strip his clothes, not in the mood to find out what Liz would do if she came out and found him still dressed. Pulling his shirt over his head, he started making his way over to the bed, trailing clothes as he moved. Naked at last, Max climbed onto the bed and propped up pillows to lean on. Reclining back, Max’s gaze wandered idly around the room while he waited for Liz. Looking up, his eyes widened when he saw the mirror hanging above the bed, then narrowed thoughtfully as he looked at his own reflection. Idly his hand moved to brush away some stray lint from his abdomen. His hand lingered and traced the muscles of his stomach.

Max watched his reflection as he stroked his hand lightly down towards the junction of his thighs. As his hand grew closer to the thick batch of hair, the muscles of his abdomen trembled and his cock jumped in anticipation. Max slid his hand down his contoured right thigh before moving in between his legs. One hand reached down and grabbed his balls, lightly fondling them. His other hand moved back up towards his chest, trailing a finger up his hard length. Reaching the tip his hand stopped moving, pausing to pick up the drop of moisture and spread it around the deep purple head.

His throbbing shaft sufficiently oiled, Max closed his hand around his aching rod and slowly started stroking. The tension built up as he started increasing the pace. Max’s eyes remained glued on the image in the mirror as his imagination took over. His minds eye placed Liz next to him, her hand slowly torturing him, bringing him close to release before backing off. Increasing the pace even more, his hips started pumping and Max imagined it was Liz’s tight, velvet sheath he was pumping into. A strangled moan worked its way up Max’s throat as he felt his balls churning, drawing closer in preparation.

Max’s hand flew as he pounded his meat, his pumps getting slower and jerkier. Max let out a strangled shout of surprise as the bed bounced beneath him. Scrambling to his knees, he shot his hand out and let his shield form. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw Liz bouncing on the bed and giggling. Max withdrew his shield and stared at his girlfriend.

“Were you trying to give me a heart attack or something?”

Liz crawled into Max’s arms and placed a smacking kiss onto his lips. “Now why would I want to do something like that? I have you all trained in. It would take too much time and effort to replace you! Besides, can you honestly see me telling all the guys at West Roswell to drop ‘em just so I can weed out all guys who aren’t as impressive as you?”

Max looked down at himself ruefully. “Not quite so impressive anymore! And what took you so long?”

Liz slid her hand in between Max’s legs and stroked him. “I was enjoying the show. And when it looked like you were starting to have too much fun without me…Well I knew I had to do something to get your attention!”

Max growled and pulled her in for a deep kiss. When he was sure her mind was cloudy he pulled away. “Oh you got my attention all right! Unfortunately for you, I’m no good to ya now!”

Liz shook the clouds out of her mind as Max’s teasing tone penetrated. Her eyes slid playfully down his body to where her hands were still caressing Max. She eyed him and licked her lips before raising her eyes to meet his again. A naughty smile crossed her face. “Well, then I guess I’ll just have to do something about that then. Won’t I?”

Before Max could blink, Liz had slid down his body and licked his semi-hard cock. Max jumped as her mouth closed ever him and slid down his length. Swallowing hard, Max raised his eyes in supplication to whatever deity had been kind enough to bless him with this angel. All thoughts and prayers halted at the sight of Liz’s dark head bobbing at his groin. The sight was enough to make Max loose control. His hands moved to tangle in her hair and he pumped up into her mouth. The feel of her wet warmth around him was better than he was imagining. With a groan, Max lost complete control and emptied himself onto Liz’s waiting tongue. Limp with satisfaction, Max could feel Liz continuing her ministrations, not willing to lose a single drop. When she was convinced she had gotten every last lick, she moved up next to Max and stretched out. With a purr of pleasure she leaned up and licked at Max’s lips until he opened and let her in.

Part Four

Max eagerly devoured Liz’s lips, losing himself in the taste and feel of her. He could feel his cock stirring, readying itself for round two. Liz shifted on the bed next to Max, brushing against his semi-hard member. An ache of pleasure speared through Max, followed by guilt. Pulling away, he hugged Liz to him while he tried to catch his breath.

Liz pulled back slightly and gazed at Max in confusion. “Max? What’s wrong honey?” She moved her hand to his bare chest and made soothing circles, hoping to make Max forget whatever had upset him.

Max sighed as he placed a light kiss on her forehead, his lips lingering as he tried to think of the words to explain what he was feeling. “It’s, well, God! How do I explain this? This is supposed to be your night! Your fantasy! Everything is supposed to be about you. Every drop of pleasure felt is your pleasure. And I ruined that!” Max buried his face in Liz’s hair, hiding his red cheeks.

Liz placed a soothing kiss on his right nipple. “Shhh. How did you ruin it? If you ask me, it felt pretty damn good!”

“Well, yeah it did! Don’t get me wrong, you are fantastic. It’s just that I am supposed to be giving you all the pleasure tonight. And while you were in the bathroom, I…well, I guess I just wasn’t thinking. No, that’s not true! I was thinking. I was thinking about you! But you were just in my imagination and this isn’t the night for that!” His face still buried in her hair, Max stroked Liz’s back, slowly moving closer to the round globes of her ass.

Feeling Liz shaking, Max pulled back afraid she was mad at him. He stared at her in disbelief when he saw her biting her lip so she wouldn’t laugh out loud. Seeing his confused glare, Liz hastened to reassure him. “Max! I thought you knew by now! Everything with you is a fantasy! Some are just more realistic than others. And let me tell you, the scene I walked in on was definitely one of my fantasies! Although my fantasy usually doesn’t end quite that way. My, uh, desires kinda took over!”

Max stared at Liz in shock until she started squirming uncomfortably. He was amazed that she would actually want to watch him getting himself off. Max’s imagination took over and he pictured himself lying on his bed, stroking his throbbing shaft while Liz watched. In his minds eye, he saw her hands drift down her body, imitating the actions that Max’s hands often made. Max was shaken out of his daydream when Liz slithered up his body and attached her lips to his. Just before his mind clouded over, Max thought he would have to see what he could do about making her fantasy come true more often. And maybe, just maybe, someday his would come true as well.

Part Five

Liz watched as Max’s eyes clouded over before becoming molten gold. Curiously she tilted her head and watched as his breathing became faster. When he let out a quiet moan, Liz grinned and moved, deciding it was time Max lived in reality and not his daydreams.

Moving up his body, Liz ran her hands over every inch of skin she could reach while claiming his lips for her own. She could feel Max jump slightly as he was pulled back to her. He hesitated slightly before bringing his arms around her and crushing her into his chest. Pulling back, Max stared into her hazy eyes, his own glittering with desire.

Max held her gaze for a heartbeat longer before pulling her closer and taking her lips. Liz moaned with desire as she lost herself in the passion of Max’s kiss. Parting her lips, her tongue instantly tangled with Max’s, chasing his back into his mouth and exploring before being chased back into her mouth.

While their tongues played tag, their hands were busy elsewhere. Liz slid one hand behind Max’s neck to play with the hair at the nape of his neck. Her other hand slid down his chest, pausing to caress every muscle, detouring to circle around his male nipples. Max gasped in pleasure at the feel of her tiny hands moving over his body. He knew that he could never get tired of the sensations she produced.

Max pulled his lips away from Liz’s and moved down to suck on her neck. Liz gasped when his lips found a sensitive spot, her back arching up off the bed as she strove to become closer. Her hips brushed against Max’s hard cock, causing electrical currents to dance across her nerve endings. A gentle sigh passed her lips as she raised her hips again, needing to feel that contact with Max.

Realizing what Liz was attempting to do, Max pulled his hips back away from hers, seeking to heighten her pleasure. His lips moved down her neck to her breasts. His teeth nipped at her skin lightly and he avoided her aching, protruding nipples. Liz mewled in dissatisfaction as Max continued to tease her. Her hands rubbed at his arms and chest as she twisted below him. Max slid a hand down her body, following the dips and curves of her waist and abdomen before finding her treasure buried beneath the folds of her pussy.

Liz let out a high pitched moan when Max moved his hand down even further and slipped two fingers into her damp heat. His thumb circled around her clit as he slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her tunnel. Giving in to her silent please, his lips closed around her pouting nipple. Liz’s hands slipped from her restless exploration of his muscles to his head, holding him to her breast as she arched up to his mouth.

Max nibbled and laved at her tip while his fingers increased their speed. Soon, he could feel her teetering at the edge and he slowed down. As Liz’s breath calmed down somewhat, Max slid another finger into her passage and slowly increased his speed again.

Liz’s moans became louder and she opened her glazed eyes. She stared unseeing into the mirror, failing to notice the view of what Max was doing to her, how his body contrasted against hers. Again, Max brought her to the edge and he applied more pressure to her clit as his fingers curved to catch her spot. With a scream, she tumbled over the edge, grasping handfuls of his hair as her muscles tightened under Max.

Max pulled his fingers out of her still trembling body and slid on top of Liz. With his knee, he nudged her legs further apart and he settled comfortably between them. Max took himself in hand and guided his cock towards her waiting entrance. A sigh of pleasure escaped his lips as he slid home. Liz’s legs came up and wrapped around his waist as her arms pulled him as close to her as she could. Max rested for a moment, enjoying the feel of being inside of Liz.

Max felt Liz stirring under him. Rising up on his elbows, he stared down at her flushed face and started to move within her. Liz locked her eyes on Max’s and pulled his head down to hers. She opened her lips and allowed his tongue to slip inside her mouth. Languidly he stroked hers, mimicking the act of love they were engaged in.

Max could feel the pressure building up and he increased the speed of his motions. Disengaging his lips from Liz’s he pulled back and watched as she tossed her head back and forth on the pillow, caught up in the sensations he was producing in her. He could her the mewling sounds in the back of her throat increasing in volume as she grew closer and closer. The feel of her velvety walls tightening around him almost made him lose control. Gritting his teeth, Max locked down on his slipping control, desperately trying to hold on until Liz came.

Liz’s sounds escalated into screams of rapture as she finally let go of reality. As she slid over the edge, she heard Max grunting and felt the force of his seed spurting into her. Fireworks exploded behind her eyes as she spiraled higher and higher before reaching her peak.

Slowly Max drifted back to Earth and rolled off of Liz. Putting his arms around her, he drew her closer so that she lay on his chest. He felt Liz snuggling closer, little puffs of breath hitting his still damp skin. Moving, Liz raised her head and gazed at Max with love and adoration written all over her face. Putting a finger under her chin, Max leaned down and placed a light kiss on her lips.

“How do you feel?” He asked in concern.

Liz sighed and gave Max a dazzling smile. “Hmmm. I feel great! Now that you’ve worked on fulfilling my fantasy, tell me something. What’s your fantasy?”

Author's Note I have started on a sequel to this, exploring Max's fantasy. If you're interested in reading it, follow the link

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