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Title: Missing for a summer, Gone for a lifetime
Disclaimer: I don’t own it.. stop reminding me!!!
Summary: AU fic. Liz goes away for the summer, and comes back as a woman that noes more about himself than he does.
Rating: same as always PG-13 through R
Authors note: Sorry … Sorry … to anybody who read my other stories………. My advice to yall. Forget about them!!!

Liz’s POV
Part 1

I flicked my hair back in frustration. My eyes darted around the busy airport looking for Maria or maybe Max. Max…… ugh. Not supposed to be thinking about him.

I even have a boy friend back at LA.

I plop myself on one of the benches that the airport had.

Lord, it was one hectic summer.

La was great, but it wasn’t home. I had really missed my best friends, Maria and Max. o ok ill admit it I missed Max more. But that was because I had a crush on him. What? He had this most amazing smile and-

“ Lizzie!?!? Oh My God is that you!?!?”

Oh Lord. Here comes Maria. Okay if you knew me before I went to LA you could describe me as a tomboy. Didn’t care about clothes or hair. Always in big ole t-shirts and ripped jeans.

Now…… well u wouldn’t have guessed with me rite now wearing low cut baby-phat jeans and gucci halter. And especially the hair. It would usually be in a messy ponytail. Now it was up in a claw clip with pearlies adorning my head.

Okay I went a lil overboard.

“ Maria!!” I yell as a ran toward her. We met eachother halfway. We hugged. I let go and checked her. She looked good.

“ Oh my God Lizzie!”

Oh lordy. She already said this.

“ Is that Gucci!?!?!”

“ Yea.”

Simple answers were my best.

“ Oh God how was LA? What did u get me? Did u hav a good-“

She stopped talking when I got whisked up in a hug.


“ Alex!!!!”

I turned around and hugged him furiously.

Did I mention Alex, my other best friend?

“ whoa Liz is that you???”

“ Shut up Alex.”

“ well, if you tell me have yer trip was, Ill carry yer bags!”

uh oh. He does not wanna do that. Uh oh. Hes prolly break his back. He does not noe that does things are prolly 3 times heavier than me.

“ Alex. You don’t wanna do that.”

“ Why?”

“ Fine go rite ahead,”

He reached down to pick up the bag and the bag never left ht efloor.

“ Jesus!! What did u pack??”

“ Clothes.” I say simply, and Alex’s mouth is hanging open.

“ All yours??”

“: NO silly, half of them are Maria’s. hteire are 6 more bags.”

“ Oh God.”

I walk off with Maria, leaving Alex with my bags.

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Part 2

Yo Faith I said I would Update!! *tongue*

I am staring at the ceiling with Maria at my side.

“Look theirs a puppy doggy.”

I noe I noe pathetic. But we are bored out of our mind. We already went through all th eclothing that I bought her, talked out brains out, and all this other junk.

“ This is pathetic,” I say, and Maria rolled over to look at me.

“ Hey, this is …. Fun. But I noe what we should do! Lets go to UFOnics!!”

“ Hell yea! Party!!”

Maria looked at me like I had gone mad.

Old Liz never partied.

But New Liz did.

It took forever to decide on what to wear.

Especially Maria. She went through every piece of clothing tha I got her. Then she decided on a belly baring, sleeves flowin, black halter and a jean skirt.

I already knew what I was gonna wear.

I had already decided on a fishnet shirt ( with a piece of cloth to hide the front, dang) and black leather pants. I went totally goth.

“ Dang, girl,”

Shut up Maria. I don’t tell her that tho. I don’t wanna go through her rath.

“ Lets go chica!”

And were off.

Roswell better get ready.

Cuz Liz Parker was back.

All of the eyes were on me.

Damn, I noe I changed, but no one has to talk trash bout me! Damn

“ Whoa Parker. You grew a nice piece of ass!”

“ Hi to you to Charlie.”

Be calm. What the fuck. I love the limelight.

I strut to a table, Maria already flirting with some guy.

And I thought she was still with Micheal.






Shit. Shit. Shit Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit

That was Micheal!!!!

Which ment that Max was here.

Oh fucking shit.


I have to breathe.

In and out.

to clear my senses I go to the dance floor.

the music was banging, so I gave it my all.

Some guy came up behind me and soon my ass was grinding up his front.

My hair was flying, and I looked back to look at my dance patner.

Holy shit.

"Hey Liz."


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Hey for evreyone that thought they were getin a AN. HAHA your wrong.Its Donnie Im at KIKI's lol(iknow you love da name chica!!) Oh okdown to bizz this part wasoff da hizzy!!!That sayin is old! Wellwhateva whoi is Bryan? He betta not be no punk ass bitch.I anit down wit dat

PEACE an breath ez.

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Part 3

Bryan was here.

Holy fuckin shit!

Bryan was here. As in Bryan your boyfriend form LA was rite in the club in New Mexico.

Part of me wanted to hug him, the other was blaming him for stalking her.

I chose numba two.

“ What the fuckin hell Bryan? What the hell are you doing? Stalkin me?!?!”

I realized that everybody was kinda staring at me.

Holy shit.

There goes Max, with a puzzled look on his handsome face.

Where did that come from?

O yah, he is also the frikkin king of a whole nother frikkin planet, but don’t tell anyone aight?

Anyway, Bryan is jus staring at me smirking, his muscular arms folded ova his chest.

“ Bryan? Who the hell is dis Bryan? Yuh cheatin on me, gurl?”

xcuse me? What did he say? Not Bryan?

“ You told me yo name was Bryan u freak.”

“Oh yah him. I just told yuh dat, cuz if yuh new mah real name, yuh would laugh.”

“ Holy fuckin shit. I cant believe I frikkin dated and slept with a guy whose name I do not noe!!!”

Oh shit. Oops. Not supposed to say the “I lost mah Virginity thang’

Max is staring at me, his eyes buggin out.

Maria’s mouth is hangin open.

“ Gurl, cant we talk bout tis?”

“ Hell nah!”

“ Well, mah name is Zan.”

“ And mah name is, It’s Ova!!!!”

Hehe. I just decided to thow in Zan into the mix!!