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Title: World Behind the Mirror
Author: Faith but most of you know me by Faith.
Summary: After EOTW and its not like all the other ones. Either
Disclaimer Roswell and its Characters are not mine.
Rating R

“Is Liz there?”

“Yeah one second.”

There was shelving herd in the background and the sound of the phone passing form one hand to another. He had to let out a mental laugh she anit even recognize his voice. Thank god they anit have caller I.D.

That’s when he herd the angelic voice of his past.


“Is that how you want to greet me babygurl?”

That’s when the silence came a full five seconds of silence, and five seconds is a long time when its spent in silence.

“Clay?” it was spoken on a broken whisper, she was half pissed half shocked.

“Who else babyurl?”

“Were are you at?”

“Santa Fe.”

“How did u find out I was here?”

“Its Easy to track people that aren’t tryin to hide.”

“You commin here:?”

“You know it. Meet me at the old spot at 3:00.”

That was it he hit the talk button on the phone and that was the first time he had talked to her in5 years. But he was gonna get her back.

The phone went dead

He never did say bye, It was and old trait she had picked up form him. She didn’t even know how she was never around him.

‘They’ made sure of that.

She id a quick watch check and it revealed it to be 11:00 damn, she had more then 12 hours to go, she needed to ondense her time, she needed soemthing to do. She needed Maria. Well she really need Crystal but she was not here, she was with Clay.

Maria would have to do. Make dew with what ya got right?

She looked down at the phone she still carried in her hand.

“Yeah, hey Amy is Maria there?”

“Oh she is hanging wit Alex ok. Thanks.”

Haha, that’s why she loved technology, cell phone.

“Hey Alex is Maria there?”


Damn. Maria sounded colder then a bitter widow.

“Hey, what’s the matter girl?”

“Nothin much Lizzie pooh, Im just tryin to cope.”

“Cope wit what?”

“That my supposed best friend not only lost her virginity to someone and did not tell me, but that on top of that she is a slut too.”

Oh no this trick did not go there. Next time someone told her the wrold was gonna end in 14 years she was gonna let it happen just hp could get hers, she would spend 14 years workin on a way to live on Mars.

Then the bitch had the nerve to hang up on her. Ok that’s how it is. She could be a down right spiteful bitch too, when she wanted to be. And now she wanted to be.

And what the hell was the matter with Max? Did he not know how to keep his damn mouth shut?

And what is that damn tapping noise?

She turned to look at her window and there standing looking GQ as ever was Tess Harding.

“Hey, Tess what’s up?”

“I was just thinking that our lil hate each other relationship should get gutted cause this shit is getting on, my nerves.”

This girl could be aight, they had never really had a conversation before and if this was gonna be the first one they had then she was liken the way this girl thought.

“Aight, coo so what don’t we hit the mall up? Cause you know im bored the hell outta my mind. Roswell is most def not a kick in the ass.”

“Sure as hell anit and I came from Maine, its always poppin up there.”

“ Oh for real, I herd Maine had seem tight parties....”


Seven hours later the girls were sitting at a table in the food court. And found out they had a lot in common. They didn’t like Maria’s big ass mouth. ( I love Maria but guys she has to be kinda u know not liked in the fic sorry.) They like Paros ko, Gucci, and Vokal. They didn’t like onion on there hamburgers. Or Ketchup. They liked Shoes, and Brown Haired guys. And the guy behind the counter at the Subway was fine!

“So Tess you want to go with me to go meet some people? We may go party after.”

“Yeah sure, but grlie I got to go get home for’ Kyle finds out I borrowed his car. He can be so uptight!

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Part 2
Liz’s Mind

It is 3:15 and I know the last time I checked my watch it was 3:14 were the hell they at?

Were the hell they at. Were the hell Tess at?

That’s when I here it the sound of Bone Thugs. Clays favorite group. Then I see the line of cars. The Mercedes in the front Black with widows tinted, and in the rear the Bentley also black with tinted windows. Actually all the cars are black with tinted windows. Oh well anit nothin but a chicken wing.

I still don’t know were Tess at. Oh well I can yell at her tomorrow.

That’s when I see a pair of moonlight legs step out of the Bentley. How did Tess catch a ride wit them?

Whateva then another door opens up in the Bentley. First black jean clad leg is reveled followed by another. Black legs rest comfortably at then end of the feet. Then one hand wrapps around the door silver rings shining, then a light-skinned head with dark brown that’s in corn rows follows Platnuium chains dangle around a long neck, then a blue Phat-Farm shirt comes into view as he begins to right himself. He is finally standing at his full 6'5 height. Oh shit.

I can’t do this.

I feel a pair of arms wrap around me and someone picking me up and spinning me around. This can only be one fool.

“G.P put me down right now or I swear im gonna bust you upside your lopsided head!!!”

G.P puts me down and Damn! He got fine!!! He can pick me right back up.

“What happened? You used to be....and now your....”

He’s given me a wolfish smile. Oh he used to have messed up teeth now there all straight and whir well except that one gold one, but fuck its only one. I can cope.

Then I feel another set of arms wrap around me and I smell a familiar sect that when I here a deep thunder for a voice tell G.P to fuck off and stay the fuck away from his women. Oh shit. I can’t do this

Im spun around and my head is gently tilted up to look into light brown eyes.

“Hey” I have not seen him in Five years and all I have to say is hey? I have to give myself a mental shake of the head.

“Hey to you too.” That’s all he gets out before I am pulled off the grown and crushed to his chest. Oh my god that is pain right there.

“Lastt time I seen you, you anit have quite as many Musales and I didn’t have quite as much tits!!! I need to breath too.”

“ I don’t give a damn.” yeah he said that and he’s still puttin me down after I changed his mind with a hard pinch to his stomach. And I couldn’t find that much meet to pinch.

I’m put down and now everyone is outside smokin a cigg or just chillin leaning against there car. I need to have a Chica moment and here it comes.

“I Missed all yall!” I say lettin a lil bit of fake tears choke my voice and sounding way to sweet.

16 laughs mix togther, well he did bring almost everyone with him didn’t he?

I see a mix of my play bois and my lovable chica’s.

Then Tess walks over and places a hand on Clay’s big ass biceps.

“Liz, you anit tell me you had such a fine brother. Hell you anit even tell me you had a brotha. What the deal?” She sayin this to me wit out even lookin at me. Clay is flexin his muscles for her, Ew, that nasty. I do not need to see my sibling doing that.

I wonder were G.P at???

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Part 3
My parents still don’t know that Clay is here, He’s been layin low for four days packed with me watching him and Tess kiss way to damn much. Me Tess and Crystal been goin clubbin almost every night, and I haven’t talked to the Roswellains in about 4 or 5 days. Go figure. Crystal and Tess get along great. I found out that crystal was goin wit G.P. I knew they should of been togther for almost 6 years and they just figured it out five months ago.

So now its Thursday and I am all clubbin out for the week, time for me to take some time to myself and reflect. I am staring at a picture of me and my Roswell crew and it’s hard to believe that they think they know so much about me and none of them know about my true life.They think Max can break me or make me. When in all actuality he is the last thing on my mind.

They know nothing of the life I’ve led. Creepin out nightly to go take care of business. The life of the hard knocks. They know nothing about the gun that is normally tucked safely into my waist. They know nothin about the lives I’ve taken.

Tess does, and I found out that she been down wit dat Crip fam since she was 10. The only one in my lil dysfunctional group of Roswell friends and she was the true family, and I just started liken her.

I reach ova and grab my nine milla. The one gun that I have had since I was 9. I bet they didn’t know dat. Looking at the smoth serface brings back memories.

Liz at 9 and Clay at 13.

“Liz when I die berry me near gran gran.”

“What if I die first?”

“That’s not gonna happen babygirl, that I promise you.”


Liz at 13 holding a gun against a man’s temple as he kneels on his knees eyes held closed, accepting his fate. Just as Liz pulls the trigger.


Liz at 14 walking along the project streets in a pair of baggy jeans and a tight blue fubu shirt with a gun tucked into the front of her pants.

Liz at 15 Looking on as a casket is lowered into the gound, Gun still tucked into her waist. She looks ova at the headstone to see the words Mikel Johnson.
1985-2000. Just as she lays her rose on the top of the casket bullets fly thorugh the air as a car drives by. Liz, Crystal, and GP pull out guns and start firing back.


Liz at 16 talking to crystal about what clay has been up to, only to have a bullet whizz by her ear.

~End Flashes

I push the bottom of the night stand down and Slide the gun back into place. Just as Maria storms into my room. She looks pissed. I didn’t do it cause I have not even talked to the little hussy since she called me a slut.

“Liz what’s going on with you? You wont apologize to Max you haven’t talked to me. You wont retuurn Alex’s phone calls. Your parents said you were going out every night. Your hanging out with Tess. What the fuck is up?”

Just at that moment Clay comes through my window with his chest splattered with blood and a 48 in his waist.

Maria takes on look at him and screams. Thus ending up in my parents coming to my room.

My mom sees him first. She should see her strong beautiful baby boy but I grantee you that is not what she sees. Not at all. If she were on the outside of this situation and not one of the main people in it. Then she would see a tall mixed boy with a gun in his waist blood on his chest and a crooked smile screwed into his full lips. But that’s not what she sees. I can most certnialy tell you that she sees a mistake.

“Hey mom, wassup?”

Maria is looking around crazily from one face to the other when she finally just walks to the door and close my bedroom door and the front door with a loud bang. The bang seems to snap Jeff er, my dad out of his stupor and he launches him self at clay. This resulting in Clay warping his large hand around Jeff’s neck loosely to stop him.

“Clay what are you doing here? We forbade you from seein Liz.”

“Well I don’t give a damn. She’s my god damned family my damn sister. My blood. I don’t want shit to do with you or that monkey ass ova there that you call a husband. But you can’t stop me from seein my lil sista. No way in hell can you stop me. It would take a army that you just don’t have.”

Jeff opens his mouth top speak but shuts it when he receives a look form Clay, and in a huff folds his arms ova his chest.

“Im not done yet! So mom tell me was it worth it? Losing me, losing my damn father, losing Liz? For Jeffery ova there? Did you enjoy turning your back on your fiance abandoning your child? Was it worth giving up on the one man that truly loved you? Just simply cause he wasn’t the right color for your parents? Was it worth it mom? Cause im your damn creation. You and the streets made the man that’s standing in front of you. So was it worth all of that for Jeff? A man that you cant honestly say you love. I hope it was.”

Nancy has tears streaming down her face and she slowly reaches for Clay and just when I think that maybe he can forgive her for all the wrongs that she and Jeff inflicted upon Him and the man that has been a true father to me. He grabs her hand right as she is about to touch his cheek and stares into her eyes his cold and unfeeling. His voice is deep low and dark when he finally speaks after 2 minutes of just starring into her eyes.

“I have not had a mother for 22 years. Don’t try and be Martha fucking Stewart now.”

With those words he is pulling himself out of my window when he grabs a hand from the balcony.

“Come on Tess we can go chill at my place aight?”

I didn’t even know she was there the whole time. Before she goes over the edge of the ladder she gives me a look asking if im okay. I nod my head and she widens her eyes dramatically almost like a cartoons and looks form clay back into my room were Nancy is sitting on my floor crying, asking again silently what the hell is going on. I mouth later, and she gets it and disappears down the ladder.

When I turn back arond I find Jeff gone and Nancy on the floor in tears. She lifts her head, and asks the one question I can;’t answer.

“Have I really lost you Liz?”

So I do the only thing I can do.I garb my cell phone and head out of my window dialing the numbers that will connect me to the one person in the world besides Clay that truly understands what im going through.
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