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Title: Reckoning
Author: Tina T.
Summary: Where would the fun be in telling you? Read to find out. All I’ll say is it takes place in the late 1800s.
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, do you think Season Two would have happened? I don’t own any of it.
Category: M/L A/U
Author’s Note: I got this idea from a song. It’s called “Lonesome Dove” by Garth Brooks.


The girl looked hopelessly at the horizon as the rain came in sheet around her. The men had been trying to fix the wagons, but they couldn’t do anything in the storm. They were told that they would have to wait it out. The only problem was, no one knew if they could.

The girl squinted, looking towards the rise in the distance. It was the farthest thing she could make out, and she would swear she saw someone riding over it. As she looked closer she realized it wasn’t just a someone. It was several people, and they had a wagon! Help had finally come.

The minutes drew on as the people approached, and several others noticed them, drawing the attention of all of the passengers. By the time they got to the ravaged wagon train five people could be seen, four of whom were leading wagons. None of them caught the girl’s eye though. It was the fifth man that she couldn’t tear her eyes away from. A golden star rested over his heart, proclaiming his title to all, while his black shirt clung to him in the rain, clearly defining his muscular body.

Two of the other men wore badges while the remaining two were civilians. They walked through the people, making sure everyone was all right. The man with the badge didn’t though. His eyes drifted over the people from his place atop his horse until they rested on the figure staring back at him. Her eyes never wavered and he climbed down from his high horse to greet her.

When their eyes met no words were said. None were needed. His large hand gently reached up and pushed a patch of stray hair behind her ear, gently touching her cheek as it passed. Her heart sped up and she knew a faint blush rested on her frozen cheeks.

“Sheriff,” one of the other officers said, approaching the man. “We need to get these people back to town.” The sheriff simply nodded, never removing his eyes from the woman’s. His hand reached out and waited for hers to grasp it. When she did he led her away from the wagons and to his horse. He only released her for a moment while he climbed upon his horse before lifting her to sit behind him. Her small hands slid over his side and clasped in front of his stomach, holding her to him tightly.

The girl twisted her head to see the passengers of the train climbing into the wagons that would take them to safety. She spent only a moment looking back before turning to look before her. Her hands squeezed a tiny bit tighter as the horse began to speed up, but the man placed one of his large hands over hers, comforting her. She sighed and watched as she rode into the town that would change her forever.


The woman’s long brown hair twirled around her face as she stood in front of the newly repaired wagon train. The hot August sun beat down on them, obscuring any shadows in sight.

“I don’t want to go,” she said, her eyes beginning to glisten.

“You have to,” the man told her, taking her hand in his. Sorrow filled his eyes as he saw the woman’s tears pooling. “It will take you home.”

“That’s not my home. It never will be without you.” Tears fell down her cheeks and the man pulled her into a hug.

“You’ll never be without me. I’ll always be in your heart, and you’ll always be in mine. I’ll come to you as soon as I can. Don’t cry angel.”

The woman straightened. “I can’t be without you. I can’t leave.”


“I can’t leave without you. If you can’t leave, I can’t either. I’ll make Lonesome Dove my home.”

“Lonesome Dove is no place for you,” the man said, wiping away her drying tears. “This is a wild, savage land. An angel like you belongs in the heavens. This place… you deserve more.” He gently kissed her temple.

“I want happiness, and I can only find that with you. I’ve found love; how can I just let it go?” She leaned into his strong hand. “No place could ever be right for me without you. I won’t leave.”

He looked at her gently. “You don’t have to stay. It’s not easy.” Still a glimmer of hope lined his eyes.

“I know, but I can do it. We can.” He pulled her into a tight embrace. “We’ll always be together.”


The man wiped his damp brow with his black suit sleeve. For a rare night no star adorned his chest. Instead a pale white rose lie in its place. He knew roses were her favorites.

His hand gently searched his pocket, brushing against a small box. His heart sped up. He had planned everything that he wanted to happen that night. He only wished her answer was what he’d planned. If it wasn’t he didn’t know what he would do. He lifted his eyes to look at the beauty that had stolen his heart and was making his nerve go into overdrive.

“What’s going on?” she asked, looking at his hand hidden in his pocket.

The man got up from his chair and knelt before her. He heard her gasp and smiled. “You know I love you with all my heart. Now I want everyone to know.” He pulled the box from his pocket and lifted the top to reveal a beautiful diamond ring his grandmother and mother had once worn. Again he heard her gasp. “Will you marry me angel?” He lifted the ring and slipped it onto her finger.

The woman found she was suddenly speechless so she just nodded profusely, letting happy tears fall. “Of course,” she said, finding her voice. “Of course I’ll marry you.”

“I was hoping you’d say that, because I don’t know what I’d do without my heart.”


The woman sat herself in the large wooden rocking chair. Her hair fell freely around her face and a smile played on her dark crimson lips.

As if on cue the front door snapped closed. Instead of rising to greet the visitor the woman closed her eyes and begun to hum to herself. After a moment she felt soft lips cover hers.

“Hello to you too,” she said as the kiss broke off.

“You just looked so peaceful,” he murmured.

“I have something to tell you,” she said quietly. He pulled a chair up and sat beside her.

“What is it angel?” he asked, using his pet name for her.

She took his hand and placed it over her abdomen. Her smile came to life again.

“Are we?” he asked.

“We are.” In an instant he pulled her from the chair and begun to twirl her around before placing her back on the ground. He placed a quick kiss on her lips before dropping to his knees and kissing her stomach. The woman just laughed.

“Your daddy loves you baby,” he said sweetly. “And so does Mommy.”

The woman took his hand. “We’ll never let it forget.”


The little eight-year-old ran through the small living room and almost crashed into his mother in the kitchen.

“Slow down,” the woman said as he took off again. “Why don’t you go play with your friends next door?”

“Ok,” the boy said, smiling without his front teeth. Then he was off again.

“Don’t run,” she called. She walked across the kitchen and retrieved a knife. Just as she was about to slice into a tomato a knock came from the door.

“Coming,” she called, unsure of whom it could be. As she opened the door she was surprised by who greeted her. “Hello depute,” she opened the door and let him in. He followed her into the living room where she took her usual seat at the rocking chair.

“Hello Mrs. Evans,” he said formally. The woman nodded stiffly, knowing he wasn’t bringing good news.

“Go on,” she said waving her hand. “What brings you over here?”

“The sheriff,” the man said. The woman thought her heart had stopped. “He was shot.”

Tears blurred her vision. “Where? Is he okay?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“The bullet pierced his heart. There was nothing we could do.”

“Who did it?”

“Some bandits,” the depute said with sorrow. “They robbed a bank in the next town over, and they came here.”

“Where are they being held?” she asked. “When are they to be hung?” Her voice was getting slightly higher with each word.

“We lost them.”

“You lost them?” she cried, losing all control. “My husband gave his life and you lost them?!” Tears fell freely from her eyes as a sob caught in her throat. She threw her head into her hands and held it over her knees. She couldn’t seem to breathe. She just kept hearing the words again and again. He was shot…We lost them…Nothing we could do…

The depute pulled something from his pack. “We got these. We thought you might want them.” He pulled the cloth back to reveal a pair of silver guns.

The woman’s hand inched forward to trace the beautiful gold lettering on the handle. M.E. A tear slipped from her eye and dropped beside her finger. Then she pulled her hands back.

“I don’t want those. Those got my husband killed. Keep them for your precious sheriff. I never want to see them again.” The young man quickly recovered the weapons.

Just then the front door opened and closed. “Dad!” a young voice called. “You’re finally home.” Then the boy appeared in the room. His eyes narrowed on the depute. “You’re not my dad.” Then he turned to his mom. “Why are you crying?” he asked softly.

The woman signaled for her son to come to her. “Where’s Dad?” he asked.

“You’re Daddy can’t come home anymore,” she told him, pulling him into her lap.

“Why not?” the boy asked with an eight-year-olds innocence.

“Because he had to go see God,” she explained.

“God doesn’t need him,” the boy insisted. “Tell God we want him back.”

“We can’t honey,” the woman said. “But we’ll see him again someday.” The woman choked on her words as her son’s tears mirrored her own. Her tears were useless though. Her love was forever gone.

TBC... What do you think? Should I keep going?

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