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Title: Helpless
Summary: After 17 years away from Roswell, events cause Liz to return.
Rating: R, I think
Disclaimer: I don't own them but I so wouldn't mind having Michael.

The more than soft droning of the Catholic choir singing in faint Latin was what Liz forced herself to think about. Not the three people she was burying today, not her children who were unafraid of showing the emotions that she felt herself, not what she was going to do with the homes that she and the children were left with, or where else she was going to stay. She couldn?t think of them things now. She had to be strong for the kids.

It had been days since the burial of her late husband, Edward Huntington, and both of her parents. Liz glanced over at the passengers of the vehicle. There was her oldest daughter Rachel who was 17, 4 months pregnant, and soon to be married to James Andrews who was seated next to her. James had been disowned by his parents when he decided that helping raise and support his child was more important than staying with his family.

The second oldest was Devin, age 13. He was just about the most intelligent one in the group, though Rachel was a close second having more on her mind than school at the moment.

His twin sister Faith was nearly the opposite of him. She was smart enough but she just didn?t care. She was more interested in having fun than learning, a trait learned obviously from her father.

The youngest child was Victoria, 4 years old. She looks almost exactly like Liz did at that age. They were on their way to the airport, preparing themselves for the long trip to Roswell, New Mexico.

About a day later they landed safely in Roswell. Until the moving trucks got there in a few days, they were staying at a hotel. Liz was determined to remain as unnoticed as possible but she let the older kids go out on occasion.

Rachel walked out of the hotel room that she and James shared, holding onto Tori?s hand as they walked towards the only decent place to eat in Roswell: The Crashdown Café. Shortly after they left, James, Devin, and Faith went along the same path.

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I'll try not to make you wait too long. I might actually have the first part of chapter one up by tonight too.*happy**happy**angel**happy**happy*
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Chapter One, Part One:
Alex Whitman was the town sheriff. Most of the time it was a quiet job but sometimes it was hectic. If there were new people in town he got asked a million questions about who they were. Sometimes he’d already spoken with them, but this time he hadn’t had the chance.

It wasn’t generally his business to ask questions to people staying in hotel rooms, but he had it on good information that the people in the hotel rooms had also purchased a large house on road 527. It had 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a very modern kitchen, and everything the way it should be. That house was nearly the only one on that road that dead ended a short distance after it.

That made it his business. Of course the person or people in the rooms weren’t answering so he went to go get his lunch. That way he could ask Maria (who ran the Crashdown), if she had seen or heard anything. When it came to town gossip Maria knew just about anything and everything about everyone in town and if she didn’t know, she’d find it out.

He walked in and headed directly for the counter to talk to Maria when he noticed a group of kids sitting at 2 tables that were put together. He resisted the urge to go over there just yet and decided to watched them out of the corner of his eye while he ate. He couldn’t get the nagging thought out of his mind that they looked somewhat familiar to him.

James sat at the table helping to feed Tori while Rachel was trying to keep Devin and Faith from throwing food at each other. Just because they were teenagers didn’t mean they acted mature. “Ok, who wants to go play in the park?” James asked, mostly directed to Tori though the other two were invited as well.

“Me!” Tori said excitedly “I wanna go to the park.” She said, already out of her seat.

“I’ll go too.” Devin answered, obviously more calmly and of course Faith wanted to go as well.

“I’m just going to stay here for a bit. You guys go along.” Rachel said to James and watched them as they walked away, James only looking back once hesitantly. He hated leaving her alone, as if at only 4 months she’s gonna deliver the baby without him.

Rachel sat there thinking that maybe, just maybe she could convince her mother to come here. She’d probably think it was weird or something, it being alien-themed and all. Rachel, herself, had never been to Roswell before and found it somewhat amusing. Almost everywhere there was something that had an alien or a UFO on it. She was just about to get up when a man sat down across from her. “Ummm, hello?” Rach asked, wondering who the guy was.

“Hello. I’m Sheriff Whitman. You new to town?” He asked casually. He still couldn’t shake the fact that she looked so familiar he could almost place her, but still his mind turned a blank.

“Yeah. My family is waiting for the moving trucks to bring our stuff here.” Rachel answered cautiously.

“The house you’re moving in is awfully big. How many people do you plan to have living there?” Alex questioned.

“Well there’s my mother, my fiancé, my brother, my two sisters, and soon to be my son or daughter.” Rachel responded.

“Mind if I ask you your name?” Alex asked gently. After all, not everyone trusted a sheriff.

“Rachel Huntington.” She answered automatically. She couldn’t really see where these questions were harming anyone so she relaxed a bit.

“And your mother’s name?” Alex asked, somehow hoping that this made sense. As sheriff he tended to trust his instincts and he just had a feeling about this.

“Elizabeth Huntington. Before she was married I think her name was Parker or something like that though. Why?” Rachel asked, then was surprised when Sheriff Whitman mumbled something about talking later and just left.

“Weird.” Rachel said, then went back to see how her mother was doing.

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Chapter One, Part Two:
Alex went to his house, glad to see that Isabel was still home. "Iz?" He called out.

"You?re home early." Isabel Whitman stated, walking out of the living room. Their 7 year old daughter Chloe followed shortly behind her and rushed to give Alex a hug.

Alex stood back up, carrying Chloe. "Yeah. Well, I have some news." Alex started, then noticing Isabel's concerned reaction smiled slightly. "Nothing bad." He added. "Apparently Liz is back."

Liz paced and paced and paced. They were taking too long. She wasn't used to having any of the kids away from her this long, not even James who she all but considered her own. He even called her mom most of the time.

There wasn't any way she was leaving here until they were ready to move into the house. She was going through enough emotionally without running into people she had run away from.

She was just about to go peek out the door when it opened and Rachel walked in. Liz looked around behind the teen but didn't see anyone else. "Where are they?" Liz asked. "And what took you so long?" Liz demanded.

"James took them to the park. They're fine. And by the way, do you know a Sheriff Whitman?" Rachel asked, her back turned. "He seemed to know you."

When Liz didn't answer Rachel spun around. Liz's face had almost completely paled. "Mom?" Rachel asked, worry and fear edging her voice. After a few long seconds Liz"s face started showing some color. "What was that about?" Rachel asked, all but forcing Liz to sit in a chair.

"Nothing. I was just shocked for a second. Whitman you say?" Liz asked.

"Yeah. I don't think he said his first name. Do you know him or something? Kind of coincidental that you both ended up in the same town." Rachel pressed. It wasn't like her mother to freak out. She was always the calm and collected one of the family.

"No it isn't. I used to live here. Almost the day I turned 18 I moved. I can't tell you the reasons behind my decision, but maybe one day I'll let you know. I left everyone I know, including Alex Whitman. At first I hated being here, then for the first year I hated being away even after I married Edward, and after I had you that year I pretended Roswell never existed to me." Liz said, glancing occasionally over at Rachel.

"You don't have to tell me a thing until you're ready. You've been through enough already, mom." Rachel said, hugging Liz tightly.

James, Faith, Devin, and Tori walked in. Well, Faith and Devin ran in and Tori was jumping up and down, but still. "You eat anything today?" James asked Liz after sitting next to Rachel.

Liz shook her head. "Not really. I had a sandwich earlier." It was strange how James and Rachel took care of her as much as she took care of them. With Liz being as distant as she had been they?d been doing just about everything.

"Do you want me to go get you anything from the Crashdown Café? I could get you a menu or something." James offered.

"Galaxy Sub and a Coke would be fine. Thanks." She answered with a small smile. She gave James some money and he left. Devin and Faith were sitting there playing some game of theirs and Tori was watching them and attempting to play at the annoyance of the twins.

"What do you mean Liz is back?" Isabel questioned. "You saw her?" This would be interesting for Max to hear. Max was, at the moment, working. He was a doctor, obviously enough, who worked full time at the local hospital. Full time for Max usually meant all day every day except to eat or sleep occasionally.

"Well, I saw her daughter Rachel Huntington who told me her mothers name before she was married was Liz Parker." Alex explained.

"Mommy, who's Liz?" Chloe asked, looking between her parents as they spoke.

"She's a friend." Isabel said simply. "Does anyone else know?"

"Just found out a little while ago myself. I'm going to go pay her a visit, if you don't mind. I might be home a little bit late for dinner though." Alex said more as a suggestion than a statement.

"Do you really think that's a good idea? I mean if she wanted us to know she was here she'd say something wouldn't she? How long do you think they've been here?" Isabel inquired.

"I'm thinking a day or two at the most. I haven't heard that much from people and Maria's heard nothing. Rachel said that they were waiting for the moving vans to get here so maybe we could pay a little visit to the house tomorrow?" Alex volunteered instead of his previous plan.

"Yeah. That'll be great. And I'm guessing that you'll want to go alone." Isabel said, knowing it as truth.

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Part Three-A:

Sure enough, moving vans arrived in Roswell the very next morning and Sheriff Whitman was there to oversee the process. He did usually volunteer to help out with moving in new families but most of the time he didn?t get there until when it was nearly done.

The kid he recognized even from a distance to be Rachel approached with a group of other kids. Rachel waved and Alex waved back and walked over. "I'm gonna help you all move in." He said, shaking the hand of the boy standing next to her. "I'm Sheriff Whitman." He introduced.

"I'm James Andrews." James answered.

"Nice to meet you James. And who are the rest of these?" He asked, looking at the smaller kids.

"That's Tori, Devin, and Faith. Our mom should be around soon. She had to finish cleaning out the rooms." Rachel replied.

"So, lets get you moved in then." Alex answered and started towards the house.

And that's how Liz saw Alex when she arrived. Helping James carry a bureau across the lawn and into the house. She slowly got out of the SUV and walked over to Rachel. It really surprised her that even after 17 years, Alex basically looked the same.

Alex didn't approach her until after everything was moved in. He occasionally glanced over at her, and she watched him carefully. As the movers drove away, Alex took his time walking over to Liz. "Liz." He said simply. Hey, if she was gonna talk to him he'd let her do it on her terms, no matter how badly he wanted to talk to her.

"Yeah. We'll just be in the house." Rachel said and herded the rest of the family into the house. Liz smiled at Rachel before they went inside.

"Hi Alex. How are you doing?" Liz asked, wondering if she'd be better off just asking him to leave. She decided against it.

"Life is good. Married Isabel. Have a 7 year old daughter named Chloe who looks almost exactly like a smaller version of Isabel. You're doing good. You have a really nice family, by the way. Rachel's really a great kid." Alex commented.

"Thanks. So, ummm, how's everyone else doing?" Liz asked, curiously. She really didn't want to talk about herself right now.

"Where to begin?" Alex asked with a smile. "Maria and Michael got married when they were both 23, believe it or not. Their 16 year old son Matthew is an ok kid. A little too much like Michael, if you want my opinion. Kyle and Tess have two daughters and a son. Jessica is 13, Sydney is 11, and Logan is 15. They didn't get married until after Sydney was born, though." Alex answered.

"Wow. That's great. And what about Max?" Liz asked uncertainly.

"He lives with me, Isabel, and Chloe, though he's hardly ever home. He's always taking extra shifts at the hospital." Alex replied. "How's your life been?" He inquired.

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