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This is S3 up to like Michael the Guys and the great Snapple capper. On my other board there was a challange to re-write a scene from the episode ... so I did ... then it turned into a story ...

Title: Everything
Authors Note: Getting out angsty frustration
Disclaimer: I don't own em

This first part is just a different version of the scene from "Michael the guys and the great Snapple Caper .."
The second part is a following scene that I made up ... it's going to go from there ... in a different format ... no bold face and stuff ... just my usual writing style ... didn't want you to get confused ...

Max is watching Liz's retreating Figure, he moves and Jeff Park comes into view, He stops dead in his tracks at the look on his Love's fathers face

Mr. Parker: Did you have fun, Max? Where you been? Where did you take her Max? Rob another convience store?

Max: We went to the desert. We didn't do anything wrong. I swear, I just had to see her.

Mr. Parker: It was wrong for you to see her at all. You know that. Her mother and I made that very clear Max.

Max: I'm sorry. I love her. I love her more than anything else in this world.

Mr. Parker: I don't give a damn about your love. Because of you, my daughter was arrested for armed robbery. She could've been killed. Did you ever think about that? Tell me you're not dangerous, max. If you love her so much then how can you put her in danger like you do? Tell me that being with you doesn't put my little girl's life in jeopardy. Yeah. That's what I thought. So now this is gonna stop. It's gonna stop right now, and you are never to see Liz again. And if you do... If I find out that you so much as sat next to her in class, she'll be on the next plane to Vermont.

The last admission by Jeff startles Max, he's angry. Angry at himself for getting into this situation. Angry at Mr. parker for not thinking about what Liz wants.

Max: Vermont?

Mr. Parker: The Winnaman academy. It's an all-girls boarding school, and her mother and I filled out all the paperwork, and the application was accepted. So all I've got to do is write a check and put Liz on the next plane.

Max: You would do that? You would do that just-- How could you do that to her. You'd hurt more than anyone else ever could. Do you know how much that would hurt her. It wouldn't be taking her away from me .. You'd be taking her away from all her support system, Maria - and after she lost Alex I don't know what she'd do without Maria. Or Me. Cause like it or not she loves me and I love her. Nothing ... no boarding school or distance is going to change that. I need her ... She's like air. Max is surprised that he's talking back to Jeff, as is Jeff, but he feels like he has nothing left to lose. Without Liz his life is meaningless

Mr. Parker: I would do anything to keep her away from you. Goodbye Max.

Max reluctantly walks out of the Crash down and Jeff lets out a shaky breathe ... He didn't expect Max to fight back. He shakes his head. He can't give in, he can't be charmed.


Liz watches from the back room. Tears glistening in her eyes. She had turned around to say one last goodbye to Max and saw and heard everything that had gone on. She storms into the dinning room

Liz: yelling! How could you do that? How can you hurt him and throw everything in his face like that. Don't you understand. Vermont. I will not go to Vermont.

Jeff sits up startled by her presence

Jeff: Liz, you may not understand now. But this is for your own good. Max ... he's dangerous.

Liz: Still yelling! You don't know anything about what is best for me. If you did you wouldn't be doing this. You know how it was for me when Max and I weren't together. You saw how I was. You were worried and now you expect me to go back to that. I've lived my life with Max ... and Dad I've lived it without him. I can't live it without him. You can't ask me to do that.

Jeff: Liz. He got you arrested. He puts your life in danger and you say you can't live without him. This is something your going to get over. Cause if you don't it's off to vermont you go.

Liz: Calming down slightly but still with anger in her voice. I got myself arrested. My choice, My decision, My Life. Not yours. I'm never going to get over Max, you don't understand what we have. You never will. And I'll die before I go to Vermont. I'll move out. You can't keep me away from him. I love him. He's the air I need to breathe. Sobbing Can't you understand that? Have you ever loved someone so much that when they walk away from you just for a second your throat begins to contract. You heart feels as though knifes are slicing through it like there is no tommorrow? Yeah multiply that times infinity and you'll know what Max and I have?

Jeff is taken aback my Liz's Passion but hold his ground

Jeff: Liz ... We'll talk about you not seeing Max Later.

Liz's eyes grow wide and enraged. she heads for the door and her father catches her arm.

Jeff: Liz ...

Liz: You have no right to touch me ... let go ... You don't listen to me, so I refuse to llisten to you.

liz runs out the door and runs down the street tears streaing down her face. She ends up in front of a familiar house and ducks around to the familiar Window. Knocking lightly she looks down at her feet, the window opens and she looks up.

Max: Liz what are you doing here?

Liz: They can't take me away from you. I won't let them.

Liz cries into his shoulder and he hugs her. Gently lifting her into his room and cradle's her sobbing form in his arms. He lays her on his bed and puts his arms around her.

Max: Shhh ... Liz ... we'll figure something out ... shh ... it's ok

Liz: through her tears. I love you so much Max.

Max: a single tear dripping down his face. I love you to Liz. God I love you

scene fades to black with ... Everything by Lifehouse playing in the back ground.

Find me here
Speak to me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That is leading me to the place where I find peace again.
You are the strength that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the life to my soul
You are my purpose
You are everything
And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Can you tell me how could it be any better than this
You calm the storms
You give me rest
You hold me in your hands
You won't let me fall
You steal my heart and you take my breath away
Would you take me in
Would you take me deeper now
'Cause you're all I want
You are all I need
You are everything, everything


Diane Evans knocks lightly on her sons door. She doesn't hear anything so she quietly opens the door. She lets out a small gasp at what she sees.

Max and Liz are lying on his bed. Both of them are fully clothed. Max is holding on to Liz as though he will never let go. His arm is cradling her body against his, and his other hand is threaded in her hair. Liz is holding on to Max for dear life, her face is red and chapped from crying. It's both a beautiful and heartbreaking site.

Diane Sighs and debates waking them. She hears a phone ringing in the background and decides against waking them.

Diane picks up the phone, "Hello?" "Diane, this is Nancy Parker. Um ... Liz ran away last night is she there?" "Nancy. Yes she's hear I just found her in max's room." Diane hears Nancy relay the message to Jeff, she hears him Cursing in the background. "Nancy, they didn't do anything. They've both been crying I can tell. I didn't wake them. What happened." Diane is obviously concerned. "Just wake Lizzie up and tell her to come home." Jeff grabbed the phone from Nancy and practically yelled in Diane's ear. She could hear nancy's protest in the back ground.

"Now listen to me jeff. I'm not going to stand for you talking to me like that. I'll be at the crashdown in a few minutes. Nancy, You, phillip and I need to have a talk. The kids will stay asleep. They look like they need it. No questions asked." With that she hangs up the phone.

Diane walks into the study "Phillip we're going to the Crashdown." "What? Now?" he responds. "I'll explain on the way ... lets just go."


*** In here ... my alternate universe ... Max didn't leave home ... ok ... **

Philip pulled up in front of the crashdown. "So thats how I found them this morning. It's obvious something happened last night. I will not have that Man treat our son and his daughter like that."

She looks into the window and sees nancy and jeff with thier back to the front door. They are in a heated discussion. "Diane, Are you sure this is our business?" "Our son is in love with thier daughter. That daughter is the only thing that makes him happy. I understand why they are acting the way they are. But I can't loose Max again. I can't." Diane takes a shaky breath as her a Philip walk into the Crashdown.

The look on jeff's face gives away that he is angry. They prepare for a battle.


Max grogilly wakes up and looks around. He's startled to find Liz in his arms. Then he remembers the goings on of the night before. Her dad. He shudders at the thought. She slowly begins to stir in his arms. She opens her eyes and smiles at him.

"Max" she whispers. He silences her with a short sweet kiss. "I could get used to waking up like this." She says sighing. Then it hits her, why she's there. "Max, I heard what he said to you. It wasn't fair."

Max looks down at her. "He's right I do put you in danger. Being who I am does that." "Max .. don't start that again." She looks into his eyes lovingly. "I know that I put you in danger ... but I am not myself without you. You ... are my reason for living. I can't let him take you away Liz. I don't want to ruin your relationship with your parents. But they just can't. I'll ... I'll die without you. I know its selfish ans wrong ... but ... I ... just ... love you" he finished simply. She doesn't say anything. Just kisses him.

They get a bit into it. Max's hands pull Liz to him as close as she can possibly get. His hands were doing wonderful things to her body when the door opened and Isabel walked in. "Oh My God!" She yelled then walked right back out.

Max groaned and Liz smiled at him, laughing playfully and kissing him slowly. She got up and dragged him with her. "Ready to face the firing squad."

"Max!" Isabel yelled from the other room. "What is it?" "Mom and Dad went to the Crashdown. To talk to Liz's Parents." Liz gasped and Max looked down at the note Isabel handed him.

"Lets go" Max grabs his keys and Liz's hand ... Isabel follows behind, hoping to provide damage control. The three of them head silently to the Crashdown.


"What do you mean our Son's distructive behavior." Philip yelled. "He got our Lizzie thrown in Jail." Jeff yelled back. "Yes he also got her out of it." Philip retorted. Diane gave him a dirty look. "Listen Jeff. I realize that Max acted irresponsibly. We know that, you know that, He knows that. But Liz did to. They both made mistakes and I agree that they should be punished. But it's obvious that they have strong feelings for each other. How can you stand in the way of that?" Diane pleaded.

"very easily" Jeff says back. "Jeff maybe we should listen to them. We know Lizzie will never forgive us if we take Max away from her. I heard what she said to you. And she went straight to Max ... She loves him Jeff."

"Love?!?!?! You call that Love." Jeff says Angrily.

"Yes Father ... Love. Do you know what that is." The room becomes instantly Silent as Liz, whose clutching to Max as if she afraid her father will tear her away from him, and Isabel step into the crashdown.

The temperature in the room rises a few degrees and you could cut the tension with a knife.

"WE just want whats best for you Lizzie." Nancy says weakly.

"Whats best for me." Liz stares at her parents. "Listen to me. And listen to me good. Since niether of you seem to be doing that these days. I know I made mistakes. We" pointing to her and Max "made mistakes. But we made them together. Max didn't make me do anything I didn't want to. He would never do that. And I know what I'm getting into by being with him ok. Look at him." Her father stares blankly at her. "Dad I said look at him." Her gaze falls on Max. As do the gazes of everyone in the room, making Max feel slightly uncomfortable. "This is whats best for me. He is the only thing that is worth living for. We are meant for each other, soulmates. He's my everything. And I'm telling you, warning you that if you take that away from me I will not be able to survive." She pulls Max too her and his arms instinctively go around her. She begins to cry on his shoulder. Through her tears her last words are "we've been torn apart too many times and been through too much for you ... you to break that up ... cause my hearts just now recovering from being without him. Don't you understand that."

Nancy's heart breaks at her daughters words. Max speaks up "I know I screwed up." He stops to look down at the top of Liz's head, which is firmly planted against his chest. "but I love your daughter. And you may think my love doesn't matter. But it matters to me. I'd die before I let anything hurt her. Believe me when I say I'd die for her." Diane and Phillip look at thier son with pride in thier eyes.

"max ... " Nancy begins. "No!" jeff screams "I won't let this happen." "jeff, stop it."Nancy pleads with him. "No!"

Liz looks up at her father. "You're not listening. I'm leaving. Mrs. Evans can I stay with you ... I'll stay in Isabel's room or something. But I'm not" looking straight at her father "staying here. I'm going to get some things." "Sure dear." Diane says. "No your not" Jeff grabs her arm. "Let go of me dad." "No" "Jeff. let go of her. let her go" Nancy grabs her husband. And liz runs up the stares.

jeff stares at his wife wide eyed. A few minutes later Liz comes back down. She grabs Max and they begin to walk out. "Liz. Please just call if you need anything." Liz's face softens at her mothers words. "I will." She glares at her father. "Goodbye. Call me when your ready to Listen."


Isabel looks through the back seat of the car. Liz has a few tears running down her face and Max is gently stroking her hand with his thumb. His face is set in stone.

"Li ... Liz? Are you ok?" Isabel asks concerned. Liz turns around and looks at Isabel. "I will be." liz replies with a lone tear streaming down her face. "We'll figure something out Liz. We will. We'll make him listen." Max looks at her with pure devotion in his eyes. Liz looks back her eyes mirorring his. Isabel looks away feeling as though she is invading on a private moment.

They pull up into the Evans Driveway behind Philip and Diane. Isabel exits the car from the backseat ... Thank goodness for convertables, she thinks to herself. Max and Liz sit in the car, both look like they are in shock.

Max gives Liz a weak but reassuring smile and she smiles back. As soon as she gets out of the car Diane is eveloping her in a tight hug. "I'm sorry about that Liz." She looks at Liz. Liz looks up at her loves mother. "Thank you Mrs. Evans, for letting me stay here. Point me to the guest room."

Diane takes Liz inside and gets her settled into the Guest room which happens to be on the opposite side of the house as Max's room.


Liz is sitting on the Guest bed in the Evans house. She doesn't notice max staring at her from the doorway. She's thinking.

(Insert Voice over) "You know how one momment everything will seem so perfect. Then something shatters it? And you wonder if everything you go through is worth the pain." Max moves and Liz finally notices him, she smiles at him. He walks over to her and hands her a single white rose. "And then something happens, or someone reminds you what your doing it for and you know without a doubt in your mind." Liz leans in and gives Max a sweet Kiss. "Or heart that this is the place where you are suppose to be, the person your suppose to be with. Despite all the other obsticales. That this Is your destiny." Liz smiles at Max and a tear streams down her face. She's so tired of crying, but she just can't help it. Max wraps his arms around her and pulls her close.


Jeff Parker was pacing.

"I can't believe you let her go NANCY!" he yells.

She looks at him like he's gone insane.

"You will you look at yourself Jeff. Your ready to destroy the life of our daughter, just because she made a mistake. Granted a Huge mistake, but a mistake non the less."

"It's all because of that boy Nancy, Liz deserves so much better than him. I heard he got that girl Tess Pregnant and that's why she left." He says angrily.

"Jeff. Liz loves him. Which is enough for me. Whatever he's done is in the past. You saw how she was when they broke up, she's been so happy since he came back into her life. How can you even think of breaking her heart again?"

Jeff just glares at her and storms out of the apartment. Nancy sighs in frustration.


"Liz, dear are you going to be ok?" Diane Evans asks her son's girlfriend.

Liz looks up from her plate, from the food she's barely touched.

"I will. I'm just ..." She can't say it.

"I know dear." Diane says soothingly.

"Max why don't you and Liz go to your room and watch tv or something. Get your minds off today." She's somewhat reluctant to leave her teenage son alone with his girlfriend. But the look in Liz's eyes just breaks her heart. Max is the only one who brings the light back into the girls eyes and she just can't deny them time alone.

Max nods and clears his and Liz's plates from the table.

"Thank you Mrs. Evans." Liz says once again.

She and Max retreat to his room. She lays down on his bed, just revelling in his smell. He turns on the TV, puts a movie in and then joins Liz on the bed, spooning her carefully.

Liz melts into his arms and cries softly. She knows everything will be ok, but her father had hurt her so much.

She drifts off into a peacful slumber, and it's only peacefull because she is in Max's arms.


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