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The first part is in Zans point of view, Second is in Liz's, and then all alternate. What should I do with the couples? Anyone got any suggestions? I need feedback to continue,!Title: Finding Normal
Couples: Mainly Z/L. M/M. K/I. Some L/B M/T L/A
Summary: Z/M/L/I move to Roswell

“Welcome to Roswell” The sign read. I just drove past it. I mean the sign had two little green aliens on it waving. What’s the deal with that. I know first hand that there not green, humans are just to weird. Why did I chose this town? All the freakin’ places in the world and I chose to go to Roswell, New Mexico. I must have smoked something bad, remind me never to by from Sean again. I have to leave that life behind me. I have to be the responsible one, I have to take care of my family and make sure that it never happened again, I have to make sure they never find us. They must never find us.

“Why are we here again?” Lonnie asks me for the hundredth time today. I glare at her in the rearview mirror. She’s always trying to start something. Always questioning me, she’s almost as bad as Max.

“Shut up Lonnie, it really doesn’t matter why Zan wants us to move here. He’s the oldest and he makes the decisions. I for one am glade where going, maybe we’ll be normal know.” Isabel said siding with me. She’s the one I can always count on, I think Max and Lonnie are the evil set of us. All ways into trouble.

“You would side with him, Isabel your so screwed up. We can never be normal. We not suppose to get attached. Remember?” Max said turning around to look at her. I don’t say anything. We did say we would never get attached.

“Screw you Max. Maybe you forgot but you already broke that rule when you got Tess pregnant. Or did you forget? Your such a jerk.” I shiver at Tess’s name. That girl was nothing but a hoe, waiting for a chance to kill us.

“You good for nothing piece of trailer park trash bit…..”

“Shut up all of you!” I yell causing everyone to look at me. “I’m sick of this bickering. We have to work together if we are going to survive. Maybe we will find normal here. Just give it a chance that’s all I’m asking” They all quiet down and look in different directions. “ Lets go eat and try to find a place to stay.”

“How about that place?” Isabel says pointing to the CrashDown. I pull Bob are VW van into the open parking spot. I wait as all of them get out. Max and Isabel are glaring at each other, and Lonnie is looking at this place in disgust. Great. Another fight. I lead them into the dinner. As soon as I sit in my both I notice her. The women of my dreams, the one I know I’m suppose to spend the rest of my life with… Tilza.


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Hi! I am so happy with the feedback I have gotton, I really don't get much.
so I'd like to thank
Thank you so much for the feedback and I will update tonight or later this week!
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*Just wanted to thank all of my great feedbackers! You guys rock! I'm not sure right now what direction I'm taking this fic in.Any suggestions? Well on with chapter two!*

Can my life be any duller? I’m eighteen years old and I can’t leave this town because I’m afraid to go out into the world and be totally alone. Does that make sense? There’s no one out there like me, no one I can go to when I have a problem or if I had an out of this world experience. You might think this is weird but I Elizabeth Ann Parker am an alien. Crazy huh? The only people I trust with that secret is Alex, Maria, Michael, and Kyle. Its crazy but today I feel as though I’m about to discover myself.

“Lizzie!” Maria yells breaking me out of my thoughts. She’s running around like a chicken with its head cut off. “There coming to get me!” She yells running and hiding behind the counter. No longer had the worlds left her mouth than Michael, Alex, and Kyle came barreling through the door.

“What happened this time?” I asked looking at the guys. They where looking around for Maria who had successfully made it into the backroom without them knowing.

“She said we where gay! Can you believe her! Do we look gay?” Alex asked, offended. “I could deal with that but then she started singing ‘its raining men’! Everyone was looking at us like we where crazy! Do we look gay?” Michael and Kyle sat down and watched as Alex rambled on.

“No comment.” I said. Alex looked at me getting worked up. Michael and Kyle weren’t really paying attention. I tried to hide my giggles as Alex stood up and started listing the reasons why he couldn’t be gay. But I ignored him as I watched a beat up van pull in front of the Crash Down. I sat there mesmerized as I caught site of the driver. I can some him up in three words, tall, dark, and handsome. I just sat there watching as he waited for three other people to join him. I felt a connection to him, but that’s impossible. I closed my mouth and just gawked. I watched as he let as they maneuvered there way into a back booth. Then he looked at me. He just stared at me, and I fell. Slipped right off of my chair and into the floor.


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Authors Note:

I'm leaving town so I don't know when I will be able to update, I promise it will be soon though. I'd like to personaly thank CRAZY 4 MAX, Transparent Clear, Strawbehrry Shortcake, and Forever dreamer for there feedback in part one.