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Title: Moon Tide
Author: Moi
Disclaimer: Not gonna lie and say I do.
Summary: Not entirely sure yet. Max and Liz are a special couple. Soulmates you might call them. But nothing is perfect.
Authors Note: Title is liable to change. My writers block has eaten my soul and therefore I don't really think this story will progress at a nice steady pace. But read anyway!


The sea crept up the beach and exploded on the rocks.

The salty sea sprayed their faces and both heads tipped back simultaneously and let out sighs.

Another wave chased behind the first, then another. A constant race to reach the moonlit shore.

It was silent except for the waves breaking and the breeze.

He loved her. 3 simple words so easily reciprocated by her.

A natural phenomenon.

The moon and the tide forever pulling, straining to be close.


The sun had long ago gone down and the horizon had since disappeared from view.

All that could be seen now was the crescent moon reflecting off the water and 2 pairs of eyes gleaming with love in the darkness.

He touched her and she shivered.

Turning towards him she let the breeze carry her silent words of faith into the ears of her true love.

He repeated them back to her and although her ears did not hear it she felt it pounding beneath her breast in her heart of hearts.

A love like theirs is often sought but rarely found.

What do you do when you are given such a gift?

What do you do when others try to break it?

What do you do when the road you lead is a jagged one?

Only those of us so privileged know.

They know that even the most precious perfect gift is not without its flaws.

But the true gift is not in knowing the flaws but in prevailing over them.

The moon and tide know and do prevail.

Part 1:

The campfire light lit up a young girl watching the couple. Shaking her blond curls she turned to the others.

“What do you think they are doing?”

All four of her companions stopped in mid sentence and turned to her.

A dark haired boy tilted his head to the side.

“Talking maybe.” He offered.

A taller girl waved her hand with an air of sophistication.

“If you ask me it never looks like they are doing much of anything.”

Another blond rolled her eyes and looked at the couple in the distance.

She sighed.

“I think it’s beautiful Isabel. So romantic.”

Her boyfriend beside her look at her with amusement.

“Are you telling me Maria that you think sitting on a wet rock in the dark when its,like, freezing cold is romantic?”

The others laughed and she looked indignant.

“As a matter of fact Michael Guerin I do! Come on Tess, say you agree with me.”

She looked at the curly haired girl who was still looking towards the couple.


She looked at her friend with concern. Her question forgotten she scooted closer to her.

“Tess? What are you thinking?”

The girl turned to her, her expression mute.

“Nothing Maria. Nothing.”

Silence washed over the group for a moment before the dark haired boy spoke up.

“Pam Troy is sure they are having sex. I heard her telling Bobby Grant in homeroom.”

“Puh-lease Alex, Liz told me she would never have sex until marriage.”

“Yeh Max told me the same. I told him he was a dork.” Isabel admitted.

“You didn’t!”

Both boys laughed but once again it was silent and the group looked towards the couple.

“I know we are their friends but…….” Maria hesitated.

“But what?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know. Just that………do you really think they need anyone else?”

The group looked thoughtful.

The curly haired girl Tess was the first to speak.

“No. They only need each other….. I’m tired. See you guys later?”

She stood up almost sadly.

They looked at her concerned before nodding.

“Yeh see you tomorrow at school.” Isabel said kindly.

They watched as she walked off towards her car.

“What do you think is the matter with her?”

“Well you know she’s had a crush on Max since she moved here.” Isabel said matter of factly.

“Really? Well that would explain it! Oh poor girl. She chose the most taken guy in the world.” Maria lamented.

Although she loved Max and Liz, as people and a couple, dearly she couldn’t help but be sorry for her friend.

“Yeh. Even if Liz got taken out of the picture he still wouldn’t go for anyone else. You’ve seen the way they look at each other. They are sooooo in love.” Alex said.

Isabel hit him.

“God Alex don’t talk like Liz is gonna just up and die!”

“I wasn’t!! Jeeze. Just pointing out the small fact that according to Liz her parents are talking a lot about moving to Arizona.”

“NO WAY! Has she told Max?” Maria screeched.

“God Maria calm down! For all we know that’s what they are talking about now.” Michael rationalized.

They looked for yet another time at Max and Liz.

“God it would kill Max if she moved.” Isabel said softly.

“It would kill both of them.”

Ahh I feel much better now. What did you think? Hate it?

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Thankyou all so much for reading this!

Now I don't want to be the person who constantly puts herself down but I also have to acknowledge that he other parts I ahve written do not contain the magic that the first part seemed to have (or at least it did to me)

But I shall continue nevertheless!

Part 2:

Night found them in her moonlit room.

He stroked her cheek and lay back on the bed bringing her with him.

The air sparked with magic and he kissed her deeply.

One touch from Max could send her adrenalin rushing or sooth her soul.

The latter being the present her eyes drifted closed.

She lay underneath him and he breathed out as she breathed in.

2 breathes, 2 hearts, one soul.


Consciousness departed and all that was left were 2 bodies entwined on a bed.

Nancy Parker opened the door and crept through.

She reached over to turn on the light but stopped when she saw the 2 sleeping bodies.

She smiled in the moonlit room.

Her daughter was so young to have found true love.

She often marveled at their relationship.

Little oddities about them that she found fascinating.

Like how no extra seat was ever needed at social gatherings because Liz refused to leave the comfort of Max’s lap. Safely snuggle in his chest for hours so when she did emerged you wonder what on earth she had been doing.

Or how whenever they were together it seemed they couldn’t stop touching each other in some little way and how it seemed they were almost telepathically connected.

And how they were probably the only couple that could spend the entire night in each other arms without pushing the other out of the bed or hogging the covers.

Nancy’s husband took a more fatherly approach to their relationship. He had more fears.

Not things like Max impregnating her.

Would Max be allowed to spend the night if they hadn’t vowed not to have sex until marriage? Nancy thought not.

No, Max wasn’t untrustworthy. It was just…Jeff Parker was no longer the most important man in his daughter’s life.

In fact Nancy privately thought that Max was the be all and end all to Liz although she would never tell Jeff this.

Nancy Parker sighed wearily.

Moving to Arizona would destroy her daughter.

Nancy knew that Liz would hate her but it was for the best. Liz needed a chance to meet new people before she was sure she wanted to be with Max for the rest of her life.

Neither the Parkers nor the Evans doubted their children’s love for one another but both agreed they needed an opportunity to grow.

The final decision had been made and tomorrow Nancy and Jeff would have to tell their only child that they were moving away.
See no magic! But I will try to fix the other parts.

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Well I am glad it contained some magic for you fine people!

Now what kind of writer would I be if I didn't shamelessly bump my own fic?*big*
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A/N: I think I may discontinue this for a while whilst I polish it up. It may have a complete makeover if I decide to do this so the title etc may change.

But just in case I decide not to heres part 3. I mainly want to change it all because of this one part. A lot of things don't fit like her dad thinking twice about it.

Anyhoo here goes nothing right?

Part 3:

Liz stood in shock.

Moving? The idea had been put forward but when she had disagreed she hadn’t thought it was an actual possibility.

She fiddled with her hands desperately thinking of something to say or do.

She wished Max were with her. Liz felt naked without his hand enfolding hers or his arms enveloping her.

Just his mere presence would be enough.

“I don’t want to.” She whispered like a small child.

“We know you don’t but it’s for the best. Think of all the new people you’ll meet.”

Liz stared incredulously at her father. She wasn’t stupid. She knew that by ‘new people’ he meant dating someone other than Max.

“You don’t want me and Max to be together?”

Her father paused.

“That’s not what he means,” Her mother cut in, “What your father……and I mean is this is your chance to grow so you can meet different people and make a better decision about what you want to do with your life.”

“I want to be with Max.”

“I know you do now but what about in 10 years? You could have grown apart! You could easily meet someone new and fall in love.”

In Liz’s staring silence Nancy knew she had made a mistake in saying what she had.

A tear trickle down Liz’s cheek and Nancy wished she could take it all back. Say it in a less offending way.

“I AM in love with Max. I only want Max.”

The tears came faster and harder. Pouring out her soul for her heart was shattered.

Liz sank to the floor.

“I only want Max. I WANT MAX!!”

“Liz please calm down. We should never have implied you don’t love Max.”

But if Liz didn’t hear him. Her heart was breaking and calling out to her love at the same time.

“Nancy, call the Evans. We all need to talk and Max is the only one that can calm her down.” He Jeff said looking at his daughter curled up on the floor sobbing.

10 minutes later a knock was heard at the door. Jeff got up from the couch where his daughter now lay her face red and blotched from the tears.

She felt more composed and stood up ready to great the Evans. But Max’s worried expression as he appeared in living room doorway sent her over the edge again.

Max rushed forward and caught her before she collapsed on the floor.

With her in his arms he himself slide to the ground and pulled Liz tightly against him.

Her arms came up around his neck and she buried her face in his shoulder.

“Shhhhhh. Please don’t cry.” He begged as he enfolded his arms around her delicate frame.

Their natural frequencies met and she felt her entire body calm.

Nuzzling her nose against neck she whispered:

“Please don’t let them take me Max. Promise we’ll be together for always.”

“For always.” He echoed.

The adults stood in the doorway looking in awe at the scene.

2 minutes ago Jeff couldn’t have calmed her down if he’d tried for 3 hours but within 1 minute Max had brought her out of whatever place she had been.

No doubt with a single touch.

Jeff sighed. Liz didn’t belong to him any more. Not like she had at the age of 3 when anything he did was admired.

Max was her world and they were breaking it.

“Well,” said Phillip Evans with authority as he stepped fully into the room, “We have a lot to talk about so let’s get started shall we?”

“Dad we love each other! I would marry her this instant if I could!”

An argument had erupted a good half hour ago and Liz had yet to emerge her face from Max’s shoulder.

Diane thought she had probably had gone to sleep though she didn’t see how with all the shouting going on.

“Ha!,” Phillip scoffed, “You don’t know anything but puppy love.”

Max’s face stiffened.

He grit his teeth.

“This isn’t puppy love.” He growled.

Diane spoke up before her hard headed husband could retaliate.

“Honey, we know it’s not puppy love. But you can’t honestly say you know you want to marry her. Your to young to know what you want!”

“I know enough to know that we are soulmates! I can feel it in every smile, touch, breath. Everytime we kiss I know that we are meant to be together. I love her.” He pleaded.

Diane felt tears rise at he sons beautiful admission of love.

Were they wrong to tear them apart?

There was silence until a small but bold voice broke it.

“He’s the one daddy.”

Jeff Parker lifted his head to look at his 17-year-old daughter.

The 4 words that are every father’s nightmare. Flashes from ‘Father of the Bride’ when through his mind.

Jeff looked down at their connected hands and sighed.

“I can’t live without him.” Liz said meekly.

While the other adults contemplated their young children Phillip Evans seethed.

“See this is the exact behavior I’m talking about! It’s unhealthy!!”

Max shot a glare at his father and pulled Liz closer to him.

Jeff ran a shaking hand through his hair. This move was causing more trouble than good what with the money he was losing in his business and now his daughter’s plight.

“Listen let Max stay here tonight and we’ll talk in the morning. To be honest I’m greatly regretting this move entirely. Do you know how much money will lose if I sell the Crashdown? Not to mention the mortgage on this house.”

The conversation quickly turned to finances and Max and Liz were able to go up to her bedroom unnoticed.

“I love you Max.” She said as he laid her down.

He kissed her deeply, stroking her tongue with his.

“I love you more than you could know.” He whispered.

“Don’t let them take me away Max.”


He kissed her temple and turned out the light.
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