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Summary: He'd caught only a glimpse of her from the window of the vehicle, but the young Antarian Prince knew he had to have her. Within minutes, Liz Parker was being dragged from the Roswell, New Mexico streets and being carried off to some different planet-for the pleasure of some Antarian prince . But it was a captive tigress Prince Max found in his bed- consumed with a fierce rage toward the Antarian "barbarian" who had kidnapped her-even as she found herself desiring this amber eyed Adonis with a hunger beyond her understanding....this story is based on the idea of Brenda Miller's Bound By Love copyright 1988---no infrigment intended.this story is based on her wonderful ideas and concepts... I am going to make this a roswell style story ....HOPEFULLY YOU ALL LIKE IT!! OH AND ANY IDEAS FOR THIS STORY WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!

Roswell, New Mexico 1999
Chapter one
Liz Parker placed another cool compress to her forehead and leaned her head back on her bed. She had retired to her room after another long meeting with her father's employees at their resturaunt The Crashdown. She had to assign them their jobs due to her father being at some resturaunt convention, and this dreadful headache just wasn't letting up . But she supposed it was from drinking to much champaign at her sisters engagement party last night. She rarley drank like most of her highschool friends but in keeping up with the spirits of the party she had a few glasses. Liz's sister Maria was planning on getting married to some low life that her father could not stand. Liz was leading Maria to believe that she like Dominic only to stop her from eloping with him . Hopefully her father would be back in time to talk some sense into Maria.
A loud knock on her door made Liz grimmace in pain . Maria came in dressed in some exotic hippie outfit and was bouncing off the walls with joy this morning. "Jose said you weren't feeling well this morning, Liz." "I think I drank a little too much at your party last night and I am suffering for it today, Maria. Nothing that won't fix itself with a little rest and an asprin."said Liz. "That's nice ." Maria replied.
Maria was distracted. Why? Liz wondered. And where was she going! She wasn't perpared to metion Dominic again just yet, but she had to know where her big sister was going. An uncomfortable silence grew between them .
"Are you going out?"
"I'll drive you than."
"No you don't feel well so it won't be neccassary, Liz. I am just gonna go out for a little walk .
"A walk" Liz siad a little too harshly.
"Yes if you haven't notice it is a gorgeous day today and it would be perfect for walking. Oh and Liz I am nineteen last time I checked I don't have to clear my schedule with you. So I will see you later. Take care of that headache. bye" Maria had said sadly. Maria hadn't wanted their last talk together to be like this . She couldn't tell her sister that she wasn't marrying Dominic , that the party last night had been for show. She couldn't say that she fell in love with an alien and was going to be living on another planet with Michael.Maria had been sworn to silence by Michael and their Prince. She had just hope that she would be able to come back and see her sister.
Liz hopped out bed and dressed fast . She was going to follow Maria and find out what the hell was going on . She didn't want her sister to make a mistake and marry that low life Dominic, and if it killed her she was going to stop her.
Liz walked down the street and slowly paced with Maria. She followed her sister down Fourth street and watched stop at the movie theater. Just as Liz was about to approach her A young man Liz did not recognize came up and kissed her sister passionatly. What the hell? who the hell is that?
Chapter two
Isabelle was pissed about the delay in getting home. It seemed that Max and her had been stuck in traffic on the same corner for about an hour." I hate this planet Max. Michael better be on time so we can go home" Isabelle complained.
Max said nothing,not even reminding her that this is where she picked to come to before they were to be married off to different people by their parents. This trip had been a gift from their grandmere, so they could soe their oats before they were miserable and married. What did she expect? She had hardly spoke to anyone while they where on this planet. Max had finally spoke" Can't you have your men open a path for us Nascedo, so we can get home a little bit faster?" " "There is no hurry my Lord, We do not leave this planet until tommorrow." Nascedo replied.
'' But max this car is stifling. we've been sitting here for-"
"not even five minutes" Max said ."Please stop complaining Isabelle. She glared at him and the was amazed to hear him chuckling . But he was still staring out the window. She was furious. " I am glad to see you are enjoying this crappy ride" Isabelle said sarcasticly. But when she got no response, she snapped " what is so funny Max?" " This girl spying on Michael and Maria."Max was intrigued. She was quite amazing actually. She had long dark chocolate hair and big doe brown eyes , she also had a pleasing figure. He felt this pull to her the moment he saw her. He knew he had to have her before he left this planet.

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Chapter three
"Max you are too much, I can't believe you are going to have Nascedo proposition that girl" Isabelle yelled! Max ignored Isabelle and continued instucted nascedo on the details of where to bring the girl.
Nascedo caught up with the girl and spoke briefly " Excuse me miss, We would like to hire you for services this evening."
Liz was annoyed by the man who was bothering her. How could she watch maria if he was standing in the way. " What do you want me to cateer a party or something? One of my father's employees could help you out with that . Now if you don't mind could you please excuse me" Liz said annoyed. But the man continued to stand in her way . " Miss I am sorry you did not understand me my master does not require the services of a cateerer. He has seen you and wishes to share your company this evening for which he would generously pay you. Nascedo replied.
"Excuse me I am not a Whore and why are you calling him your master what are you from another country and he' s like royalty . My answer is still no so please go away or I will scream and people will come and escort you away."
Nascedo knew Prince Max would be upset id he did not arrive with her. So he finally made the decision that he would take her forcefully. Nascedo quickly grabbed Liz by her waist and put his hand over mouth threw her in to the car. Liz knew she had to figure out a way to get far away from this lunatic. They finally arrived in front of a building Liz didn't recognize. The man got out and dragged her out of the car and up stairs . He stopped at a door and dropped Liz down on the floor and spoke sofly " There will be two guards out side of this door , if you scream they will come in and quite you down . It would be more pleasant for you if you would just cooparate. Make yourself at home and we will check on you in a short while." Liz had tears streaming down her face . Now Maria would be gone and she would probably never see her again . Then it struck Liz why in the hell did this guy say my prince. Who in the hell was he and what was he going to do with her?

Chapter four

Nascedo found Muriczk in the kitchen . She was the other guardian sent to watch over the royal four while they were hear on Earth. " Muriczk the girl our prince has picked is very disagreeable and threatens to not share company with our Prince. These Earth girls are nothing like Antarian girls. What are we to do?"
"Find him someone else more agreeable" Muriczk replied.
"No he does not want anyone else . He made that quite clear. He only wants her . He was quite intrigued by her."
Muriczk immediatley thought of a plan to satisfy their Prince, " There are Antarian drugs that would make her forget that she does not want him and make her more agreeable, but I have no idea how they will work on humans. So we would be taking a chance" She replied unsure of the possibilities.
"No that is what we will do . Prepare a human meal and slip it in to her beverage. Prince Max will be arriving shortly and I want her to be agreeable when he arrives . The boy has never had anyone refuse him and I want him to have this last conquest before he arrives home to be married."
Muriczk prepared porkchops and garlic mash potatoes for their young guest. She put the Pepsi beverage in a glass container and sprinkled Angelic in to her drink. Angelic was what they called the drug used to help young Antarian virgins overcome their wedding night fears so that it ould be enjoyable. She just hoped it did'nt have an adverse effect on the girl Max had chosen.
She loaded everything she prepared on a tray and carried to the girls quarters . Muriczk entered and spoke softly to the young girl, " Miss I have prepared you something to eat and I know you must be famished. " I know you are not hppy about these arrangments, but please just give our Prince a chance. He is quite handsome and also a charmer I am sure you will like him."
Liz was pissed she turned around to yell at the woman , but when she met the womans eyes she just couldn't do it. She reminded her of her grandma Claudia. "Please just leave the tray and go " Liz said with a defeated look in her eyes. Muriczk looked the girl over and was not surprised why the prince had wanted her. She was absolutley gorgeous. No wonder he had been so demanding about having her. Muriczk suddenly felt guilt by what this girl was gonna go through , she prayed the drugs didn't harm the girl. " Ok I am going, please eat my dear and don't be nervous my Prince would never harm you. He is quite handsome and also quite the charmer , just give him a chance. And with muriczk left the room .
Liz grabbed the tray would the food and drink and ate very fast , she was fammished and very thirsty. She finnished everything off and began to pace around the room. She became very restless and started to tingle everywhere. I have got to calm down she said to herself.
Liz became very hot and the tingling got worst. What in the hell is wrong with me she thought. Liz went into the bathroom and splashed water on her face trying to cool herself off. But nothing worked , she became very restless and the tingling beacme very intense. She stripped in to her bra and underwear and wrapped a satin sheat from the bed in the room around her. She accidently brushed her arm against her breast and felt a shock clear down to her toes. But the shock had actually been pleasurable. She had never felt that before.
Her skin was sensitive everywhere. something was definetly wrong . Am I sick? No ! Did they drug me they must of. That bitch put something in my food!! Oh God what have they done to me. Liz curled up on the bed and the sheets were cool on her skin. She stretch out on her stomach and for a few seconds she felt relief.
Twenty minutes later Prince Max arrived and entered the room.
She didn't hear him come in. She didn't know he stood watching her,dark,amber eyes fascinated by her every movement. Max had been stunned by the errotic picture she was presenting. Her boy was arching and gyrating on the bed and seemed to be in the heat of sexual passion . The scene was immediatley effective.He could feel himself springing to life. Why had this beautiful Earthling been doing to herself to bring about this feverish pitch of excitement? What a surprise this had been! And here he was all day regretting his actions, thinking he should have try to get to know her all by himself instead of sending one of his servants to do it for him.
When Liz finally became aware of his precense, he was standing at the foot of the bed leaning against one of the bedpost. He was gorgeous ... Impossible she thought! He couldn't be real , she felt like she knew him just by looking into his eyes. I must be delirious she thought!
"Help me. I-I need-" her throat was so parched from her heat she could barley get the words out of her throat. She ran her tongue slowly over her lips "A doctor."
Max's half smile turned into a frown. He had been shocked when he finally looked into her eyes. Another surprise. Such color, and smoldering with passion. He had been so certain that she was going to say that she need him but had been upset when she said she needed a doctor !
"Are you ill?"
"Yes a fever hot."
His frown turned into a scowl ! Sick ! Dammit! And after how he wanted to be with her so bad! Unreasonable anger shot through him. He would have to ream Nascedo out for not being responsible enough to take care of this girl . Her voice stopped him " Please ... water."
The plea stirred his compassion for her. Normally he would had left her in the care of his servants but there was something about her that made him want to help her.It wasn't her fault she was ill and Nascedo should have told him before he came to her.He poured the glass of water and lifted her head up to bring the glass to her lips, she took a few sips and then she turned her head and rubbed it against his wrist. Then her whole body turned towards him like she was drawn to it.
He let go of her but she groaned, " No so hot....please."
She was trembling , with cold? He wondered. Her cheek hadn't been hot. He put his hand to her forehead it was cool .Yet she acted as she as burning up with a fever. What kind of sickness was this !! He had never been sick and wondered could he catch this humans illness. He becamed worried if he did would it delay their trip home. He had never been around humans before ...They looked the same but that 's where the similarties ended. Michael wasn't afraid , he was going to be marrying this Maria girl.
He was damned , he still wanted her , how could he not she had nothing on except for some kind of undergarments he supposed. He had been wrong when he thought she only had a pleasing body, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.
His anger returned and he slammed out of the room bellowing for Nascedo. The servant appeared instantly, "Yes my Prince?"
Max had never been so angry at one of his own servants. What the hell had Nascedo been thinking.
"Damn you Nascedo the girl is sick . How could you not know it!"
Nascedo had anticipated this. Better know than later Nascedo thought to himself.
"My Prince she is not sick " he said quickly. " She was given angelic in her food."
Max stepped back . Why had he not realized this own his own. He had seen Antarian woman on this drug before. And they had been insatiable. The Brides had gone for two days and three nights on the drug. Max was disgusted knowing he would probably not be enough for the poor human girl . The drug was ten times stronger on this human than on an Antarian girl. He would probably have to gather fifteen of his best soldiers to relieve her suffering, and suffering is exactley what it was.
But despite his disgust his disgust his body throbbed in anticipation.He would have her! " Why Nascedo? I was looking forward to a relaxing evening with her before I left not a Sex-a-thon. The crisis had passed he could tell his Prince had accepted the idea.Even if it wasn't what he had in mind!
"My Lord she was difficult to persuade, She refused to spend the evening with you and stated she was not a whore!"
"You mean she actually refused ? Didn't you tell her I was a prince?" Max said .
"Your highness I could not come out and say yes my Lady he is a Prince from another planet. These humans are not trustworthy . Ask Maria , She has said on numerous occasions they would not understand!" " Forgive me your higness for slipping her the drug , I did not know it would have a stronger effect on her . I couldn't think of nothing else to do !"
"How much of the drug did you give her" Max said calmly . " We did not know how much to use " nascedo replied.
"So It could last for days the Nascedo."
"For how ever long you wish to amuse yourself my Lord.' was the reply he recieved.
"That is great , you know we are going to half to take her with us if the drug has ceased to work by tomorrow!"
"We can return her at a later time and we will have your young bride to be erase her memory!"
"We will work the details out later, You are dismissed!" Max replied.
He was eager to see the woman again and reentered the room. Max grunted when he saw her thrashing on the bed. It looked very errotic and he could not help but get excited. He sat down on the bed beside her, her eyes turned toward him but she could not stop moving on the bed.
"A doctor."
"No , A doctor could not help you with what is happening to you sweetheart."
"Am I dying then?"
He smiled gently . She really did not know what was happening to her, or that there was only one way to give her relief. BUt he would be more than happy to show her. He keaned over and slowly kissed her lips. Her eyes opened wide with surprise and fear. Max couldn't help but laugh. She had a combination of innocence and sexual allure. He found her to be breath taking and fresh.
"Did you like that?"
"No I-oh, what is wrong with me?"
My servant took it upon hisself to overcome your shyness with an aphrodisiac. Do you know what that is?"
"No but it made me sick!''
"No not sick sweetheart. It is doing excatly what it is supposed to be doing-arouse your sexual desireto an unbearable degree.
"No I don't have a sexual arousal , Because I have never had sex because I am Waiting for the right person.
I cannot believe this " Liz said .
"Ssh " Max said cupping her cheek in his hand. Her face turned immediatley to his palm again. " I would not wish this on anyone but it is done already and I can help you if you will let me."
"How" Liz said frantically needing some relief.
She was wary with him but yet she found some comfort by looking in his deep amber eyes. She realy wasn't ready for what he was going to propose but what choice did she have. She was saving herself for marriage , she had wanted her first time to be with man she loved.
But here she was with this Prince and some drug pushing her to the brink of craziness.
"What is your name sweetheart."
"Lizzy-no Elizabeth-no I mean it is Liz!"
and do you have a last name"Max asked.
"No" she said!
"Is it a secret sweetheart?"
Ah my little Liz I knew you were right for me when I saw you standing outside the movies today."
But it does not matter about last names , We will be to intimate for them anyways." As he spoke his free hand fell to her breast. Her cry was sharpand agonized! " too sensitive sweetheart , you need immediate relief Don't you?" He moved his hand between the dark triangle of brown curls between her legs.
"Don't , Oh please don't do that." But even as she protested her hips thrusted against his fingers.
"It is the only way Liz" his deep voice assured her. "You just don't realize it yet."
Liz moaned as the throbbing acclerated with his touch. her mind screamed at what he was doing with his fingers but she was powerless to cover herself when he first appeared. She needed the coolness of his soothing hands. She needed....."Oh God" she screamed as the pleasure errupted in shuddering and pulsating waves that went on and on , flooding her senses and washing away the unbearable heat.Liz floated down into a sea of blissfull lassitude. The tension had all drained away leaving her sated and relieved.
"You see Liz ?" His voice robbed her of her peace , but when she looked at him she felt things she had never felt before. She didn't believe in love at first sight but things where changing. "It was the only way! Lay down Liz you expend more energy sitting up because this will all start again shortly. Hold onto your strength while you still have it.."
"Your lying this can't happen again. Oh please let me go home. You had no right to keep me here!
"I am sorry Liz" he said meaning it , he was falling in love fast but he could because he was do to get married.
"The fever it is starting again, Oh god No" Liz exploded.
Max knew he could help the girl by just a wave of his hand . But could he risk it. She was human and could go to the authorities and it coul delay the trip home.
The more she squirmed on the bed the more Max got excited. He needed to make a desicion and he needed to make it fast.
Max sat down beside Liz and spoke softly " Liz what I am about to do can go no further than this room . You must promise or I will not be able to help you and we will have to do it the way you do not want it!''
He could'nt believe what he was saying. He was totally consumed by desire for her but when he looked in to her chocolate brown eyes he couldn't help but feel like she deserved more than to wake up having felt like she was raped by a stranger. She had told him in the begining that she was saving herself for a man that she loved.
He couldn't help but feel like he wanted to be that man. But who was he fooling , he was due to be married in less than four weeks.
Liz couldn't help but stare into his deep amber eyes. He was gorgeous. He had brown hair that fell close to his eyes and he had a wonderful muscular body. His smile drove her nuts with desire. She almost wished her would make love to her.But that would be wrong because he didn't love her.
She squirmed and moaned and finally was able to get out the words that she had been looking for " I promise I won't say a word , But please hurry I can't take much more of this"! Max placed his hands on her temples and said" Ok Liz I need you to focus and concentrate."
Liz laughed for a moment " You want me to concentrate I am sorry but I can't do that when you are touching me. Kiss me" she said feverishly!
Max had thought about not doing it but he figured he deserved atleast a kiss from her after all the trouble he was going to . Max leaned in slowly and entwined his fingers in her hair and his lips ascended down on to hers.
The kiss was slow at first but because of the drug she was fed , she slipped her tongue into her mouth. And that is when the flash started . Max saw the image cloudy at first but the it cleared up and he was able to see more clearly. He felt like he knew her . Then he was shocked when he saw himself and her in his mothers garden. Liz and him had just stopped chasing each other around the maze. Liz had stopped to pick a rose but she had pricked her finger and started crying. Max couldn't stand to see his poor little Liz crying so he pricked himself on a rose and tried to show her how to be brave. He wiped the tears from her eyes and she thanked him by placing a soft kiss on his cheek. She smiled slowly and ran back into the maze.
Max pulled away from Liz quickly! He wondered what the hell that was . That had never happend , he was almost sure. Surley he would remember it if it did. Max became more and more frightend by the vision. He looked over at Liz and realized she stilled needed relief badly .
So he decided to finnish the healing process. He laid his hands back upon her temples and started to finnish. He was swept with man images. But one image stuck with him . It was Liz . She had to be about seven or eight. She was jumping on her parents bed and was having a grand time doing it.
Suddenly the door opened and a older woman entered. The woman called Liz over to sit on her lap in the rocking chair. Liz rushed over with a smile larger than California. " Yes grandma Claudia ."
"Honeybear grandma has something to tell you , but she needs you to be a brave little bear ok" Claudia replied.
"Ok grandma I can be a big girl for you " little Liz whispered.
"Honeybear grandma is going to be leaving , and I don't know if I will be back or not" Claudia paused for a second and Liz broke in " Noooo Grandma please don't leave me . I need you" Liz said as the tears rolled of her face.
Liz had always thought of Grandma Claudia as a mother. She felt this connection with her Grandma. She knew she needed her more than any other in her life.
"Honeybear you have to be brave. I will try to come back to you but I don't know if I will be able to. You are a very important little girl Liz. You need to be strong little one. Can you promise grandma something honeybear?"
Liz wrapped her arms around Claudia and whispered in her ear " I would promise anything for you grandma" she said a the tears rolled door her cheeks.
"Honeybear you will have some hard times in your life. You are very special and it is very impotant that you promise me that you will follow your heart no matter what! Do you promise Liz?"
"I promise grandma ...I promise " Liz said as she placed a soft kiss to her grandmas cheek.
"Honeybear you follow your heart no matter where it takes you. You have to be strong little one and take care of Maria. You and Maria are meant for better things. ok sweety. Grandma has to leave now but you go to your parents if you have any problems ok ."
Liz kissed her grandma again and promised over and over to follow her heart . Liz starred out the window and watch her grandma pull away in her car and wondered would she ever see her again.
Max finnished the healing process and wondered who this Claudia was and how she claimed to know Liz's future. He was heartbroken over how sad Liz was when her Grandma left. Max glanced at Liz and looked at her in awe as she slept . She was so beautiful and he knew he was falling in love with her.
He had to leave He was a prince and had duties and responsibilities to his people . He had to marry Tess no matter how much he wanted another.
Max walked out of the room quitley and left direct instructions about Liz's welfare. If anything should go wrong when returning her he wanted to be contacted immediatley. He doubted she would remember anything but just in case he wrote those instructions for Nascedo. Max head out to meet Michael and hs new bride to be Maria.
Liz woke up in pitch blackness. her heart dropped in her stomach. Where was she? Liz slowly stood from the bed she was laying and walked a few feet trying to find a light so she could see. In the process of moving she had knocked something over and mad a loud thrashing noise. Then a door swung open and a man flew into the rrom and turned the light on. Liz backed away slowly unitl she realized it was the man that had kidnapped her off the street. " You bastard" she screamed in anger! "
Because of you my sister is long gone. Where is your prince ? I would like to give him a peice of my mind!"
"My Lady the Prince has left and will not be returning" the servant had said softly.
"There are laws you know. I want to leave right now! I am so going to speak to the sherriff about this. I have no idea what country you are from but here in America there are laws and I am going to watch you rot in jail." Liz screamed impatiently at the servant.
"I cannot allow you to do that miss. I guess there will be no releasing you. You will have to be a guest on or trip until the Prince is safely away from here. In time we will return you here." Nascedo was careful with his words the girl still did not know about their alien status. She would have to go with them back to Antar until other arrangments could be made. Liz started to cry and tears rolled down her face. She would probably never see Maria again or her father. She felt awful she had broke her promise to her grandma . Now maria was probably married to some stranger and already pregnant with his child.
Nascedo knew that he needed to notify Max right away.
He actually felt sorry for the young girl. He did not wish her to cry. " My Lady I promise we will try to make this as comfortable as possible, just try and behave yourself.
Nascedo walked to the door and looked back hoping she would learn to enjoy their company. He knew Prince Max would be spending the weeks journy on the ship with Liz .
Nascedo shut the door behind him and called Max on his cell phone as he had instucted earlier.
"Hello, what is wrong Nascedo?" Max had asker worried.
"Your highness the girl said you was going to go to the authorities. So I fear we will have to take her With us and send her home at a later time."
"ok when you board the ship she is to be escorted to my room , and there she will wait for me until we have a chance to talk. I am just now getting to Michael's so I will see you shortly. And Nascedo make sure she is ok. I did'nt mean for this to get so far out of hand."
Max hung up the phone and smiled to himself . He would get the chance to get to know her after all . He would have to arrange for Maria to talk to her so she wouldn't feel alone.

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Max couldn't help but smile, They just had to get Liz aboard the ship and into his room and he was sure she could talk her into calmness. The less comotion the better. Max would have to see about getting her some clothes and things that would make her feel at home while she stayed. He couldn't understand why he was being so compassionate , there was just something about the girl. His fascination with her was so strong.
"Michael I am here " Max yelled as he enter Michael's door.
"God you scared me to death" the Little blonde pixie yelped!
"You must be Prince Max, it is an honor to meet you" Maria said graciously.
"Maria it is a pleasure to meet the human who has captured Michael, I am telling you that you have a rough road ahead of you" Max said laughing.
"Maria I know we don't know each other but I have a huge favor to ask of you . We have bumped into a little problem. I have a human that we will have to take back with us and she isn't very happy about it. She became sick while in my company and I revealed things that I shouldn't have trying to help her and she has threatened to go to the authorities. Before you say anything , I assure you that we are going to return her shortly after we get home. I just can't take the risk of being stuck here with my upcoming marriage approaching. Well anyways to get to the point I was hoping you would try and comfort her since you are human as well and try to assure her no harm will come to her. Would you be willing to do it?"
"Well I don't have a problem with it , but you know she may not want to hear anything I have got to say" maria replied.
"Well it is a chance we will have to take. I am going to get going it was a pleasure meeting you . See you and Michael on the ship." max said while walking away and shutting the door behind him.
He didn't even bother to speak to Michael , he knew his sister Isabelle and his second in comand would be very upset to hear about this before they got home. They would want no complications, only a nice trip home.
Liz was growing impatient in the the large room she was in. She wanted to see her sister and her father. She plopped in the chair by the door and began to rub her temples. God what was she going to do? Liz looked over to the table and saw her purse. Holy shit my cell phone is in their . She laughed giddley. Who was she going to call, her father was at a convention, and her aunt was to far away to help.
I'll call Alex. Liz walked quietly to her purse and got her cell phone out and beagan dialing his number. Come on Alex pick up already! "hello" alex said.

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"Alex this is Liz' Liz screamed into her cell phone.
"You've reached Alex, I am either out or sleeping leave a message".
"Dammit, Alex this is Liz , listen I was kidnapped and I am going to be taking out of the country because I threatend to go to the authorities. Please PLease call me back on my cell as soon as you get this. I have my phone on vibrate so they can't hear it ring. Hurry please . You know I will probably be out of the country by the time you listen to this so give my dad a message. Just tell him I am sorry I let him down and I love him." Liz hung up the phone and tears threatend to pour from her eyes again.
Liz slipped the phone it to the inside of her pants and prayed Alex would call before it was too late.Just as Liz was about to sit down the door to were she was being held captive open. Nascedo appeared and said"It is time to leave my Lady. I will have to slip this sack over you so please do not be scared."
Why do you have to put a sack over my head?" Liz asked agitated.
"My Lady it is for our protection and for your own. Now please lets not make this any harder than it has to be. If you just follow our simple instructions I can guarentee your time with us would be most pleasant." Nascedo approached Liz slowly , not really knowing how she was going to react. But quite surprisingly she let him slip the sack over her head and followed him with out a word of complaint.
Nascedo drove as fast as he could because the ship would be departing in one hour and he still had to get Liz situated in the Prince's room . When the two arrived Nascedo had told Liz it would be best if he carried her. He did not want Liz to feel the rocks from the mountains of desserts between their feet for fear she would know where she was. Agan Liz did as he directed.
He carried her into the Princes quarters and set her gently on the floor. He lifted the sack and soke softly " Prince Max will bewith you shortly , he asked me to apologize for the delay in him getting here. But as a Prince he has many things to attend to before he can enjoy his journy home. Make yourself comfortable and at home." With those last words Nascedo fled the room and locked the door behind him.
Liz was quite intriged , she had just found out the Prince's name was Max . His name rolled off her lips. It seemed so familiar.
Max was attending to some things in the ship before their take off. He was waiting patiently for Michael, Maria, and Isabelle. Leave it to them to be late and they were the ones wanting to go home so badly. The longer it took the longer it would take for him to see Liz.Max decided to wal kpast his chambers and take a sneak peak at Liz. When he approached the door he peeked through the window and saw that Liz was laying o nhis bed fingering through the books he had left on his dresser. She seemed occupied for the moment but he knew that wouldn't last long beacuse he knew she was probably hungry , tired , and upset.
Max walked back up to the main deck on the ship and bumped right into Isabelle.
"Max we heard a rumor from one of the crew members on board. You know it is the funniest thing too because I know my level headed brother would never do anything like this." Isabelle said smirking.
"Just tell me what you heard and I am sure we will clear this right up Iz"max said defeated.
"Well Max word is that you abducted that human girl you propisitioned on the corner this morning. But I know you wouldn't do that because you are bethrothed and wouldn't want this to get in the way."
"Iz I did bring the human with us on this trip but not for the reasons you are thinking. She was a little upset when Nascedo took her against her will to see me , and then he put angelic in her food. So you see she threatend to go to the authorites . So what choice did I have. Besides Maria has promised me she would talk to her." Max said .
"What! Is Nascedo crazy that drug could of killed her. What in the hell was he thinking. Nevermind don't answer that. This whole situation is a mess Max.
With that said iz walked away towards her room.
Max was so glad iz wasn't that mad , but he knew the one to be worried about was Michael who was fastly approaching him.
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Max's heart was racing widly. He was the prince soon to be king why did he feel this way when Michael was going to scold him for something.
"Maria told me this little story on the way here Maxwell. Are you some kind of idiot Max? What the hell were you thinking. Are you crazy!!"
"Michael calm down . If you would talk to me with a normal tone of voice I would be more than happy to explain the situation. Wether you like it or not I am the soon to be king of Antar. And what I did , I did for us. Now here is what happend. I saw this girl standing on the corner , spying on you and Maria. I thought she was captivating so I requested her precense and had Nascedo approach her with a proposition. Only she said no and Nascedo took her forcefully. He then went as far to put Angelic in her food so she would be more agreeable.
Only she had such a bad reaction I decided I didn't want her to remain sick so I healed her. She fell asleep and I left leaving Nascedo direct instructions on what to do when she woke up. But of course she threatend to go to the authorities and I couldn't risk being delayed , so we decided it would be in all of our best intrests to take her with us and bring her home at a later time." Max spoke fiercley.
"Well Max did you ever think if you weren't so worried about you pecker this shit would of never happend in the first place. You can be so ignorant sometimes Maxwell" Micheal said agitated.
"Well I am quite sure you were thinking of your pecker when you found Maria so don't give me any of your bullshit. I did what I had to do and it is over.So I am going to talk to her now and see if she has calmed down any , meanwhile please perpare Maria so she can be ready to see Liz." Max turned his back to Michael and walked fastly to his quarters.
He knocked and then entered his chambers.
Liz looked up from where she was sitting on his bed and got lost in those amber eyes again.
"So I see you finally found the time to grace me with your precense Prince Max!" she said snotty
"I know you are upset, and I owe you an apology."
"I don't want your apology, What I want is to go home so I can see my father and sister."
Max sat down on the bed beside her and wrapped her in his arms. She faught him at first but gave up after a few moments.
"Why are you doing this to me " she said as tears streamed down her face. She was punching his back , but he took every punch because he knew he hurt her. He thought back to the flash the first time he kissed her.He hated seeing her cry in the image and he hated it even worse now Knowing he caused her all this pain.
"Please Liz look at me. I will not hurt you. Please stop crying . "
She pulled out of his embrace and looked up at him and said " But you already hurt me by taking my away from my family and home."
She laid back down on his bed and burried her face in his blanket and continued crying.He knew she now needed solace from her own kind.
He got up and spoke softly " I will bring someone who will be able to calm you."
He approached her again and pulled her up to me his face and kissed her softly on her lips.
"Please Liz stop crying. I can't bear it . Liz was shocked by the attack on her lips . She wanted to be mad , but she saw the sincerity in those eyes. God those eyes where so familiar,if she could just place them to where she had saw them.
He set her gently back on the bed and said " I will bring a friend who can help you. She will be here shortly." And with that he walked out of the room locking it behind him.
Liz slammed her fist against the wall. God how was it he was able to kiss her and she felt so at peace.Liz laid down falling into a slumber she just couldn't keep her eyes open anymore.
Max walked to Michael's chamber. He needed Maria to talk to Liz . She needed a Friend and Max had a strong feeling Maria was the girl for the job.

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I am getting upset now. I am tired of people telling me I am plagerising this story . I am writing the words my self no help from any books just my heart. I borrowed the concept from a book called bound by desire and the title as well. I have read both books and and they have similar story lines but not the same at all . I gave credit to the author on the first page after being told I had to . It was a mistake I had never posted here before and I thhought I would write this story. some mods have already posted here letting me know my mistake right away . so I remedied the problem and still people continue to harrass me. DON'T READ IT THEN . NO ONE IS MAKING YOU SO JUST DONT CLICK ON IT!!!!!! If I was just givin a chance to write you would see there is going to be all kinds of twist and plots.. maybe the first chapters were similar but that is it nothing else ..
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"Michael were is Maria? I need her to go and talk to Liz."
"Maxwell do you have feelings for this girl? No I know you don't because you are going home to get married Max. I can't believe this . You are in love with her aren't you?"
"No Michael I -I just am worried about her. I don't wanted her to go home damaged, or upset. I just want Maria to talk to her to see if she can calm her down! Now where is she?"
"Maria is up on deck in the control room with Iz and Nascedo " with that Max turned and ran up aboard to get Maria.
Max was out of breath when he arrived in the control room. He needed to calm down or Iz was going to know he had feelings for this Earth girl.
"Hey Max . What's up ?" Maria said smiling.
"I need you to do that favor I asked you about earlier. Are you ready?" Max asked.
"Yeah lets go." Maria replied
Max and Maria approached his quarters slowly. Max wanted to explain some things before Maria talked to this girl.
"Ok Maria ,this girl is very upset she wants to go home so she can be with her family. So please assure her she will be going home."
With that said they came to his door , Maria turned the knob to enter the room.

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Maria turned the door knob and entered the room . The girls back was towards her and she seemed to be sleeping. Maria didn't know whether to wake her up or not. She was probably exhausted from all that was happening to her. Maria was about to exit the room when she heard the girl whimper her name and roll over.
Maria saw her face and almost passed out.
She quietly walked out of the room . She was on a mission , to kill Max.
He was standing outside the door. She had to take a breath, because she was going to use every cuss word she could think of.
"Max that is my fucking sister! What in the hell did you do to her! Oh my God my father is going to be so heartbroken . He will die from a broken heart if we are both gone!"
Max tried to cut in and say something but Maria just wansn't going to let him. Michael had told him she could be a raging spitfire . And boy was she.
"Max take her home right now! I am not asking I am telling you . She must be so scared. Oh and you were going to use her and leave her!!! You pig! I am going to kill you! You hurt her didn't you? ASSHOLE !!! "
"Maria please calm down, I can't handle to upset screaming woman. I cannot take her back now , it is too late for that ! We already took off ! I am sorry I didn't hurt her I promise. I also had no way of knowing she was your sister. " Max tried to say as calmly as possible.
But it was too late to be calm , Maria was pissed. Just as she was about to scream at Max some more, Michael walked towards them. Michael could see Maria was upset over something. He walked at a faster pace, so he could reach her and find out what was going on.
When he reached them Maria started speaking , well not actually speaking but yelling.
She was trembling with rage " Michael do you know what this fucking idiot did? He stole my sister from her home and was going to use her for sex and then on top of it all ,your stupid servants drugged her. I am going to kill him, I don't care if he is a prince or not. He is going to pay for what he has done to her!" Michael held Maria against him trying to prvent her from lashing out at Max.
He could'mt believe this was happening. Max spoke again only thsi time getting upset.
"Michael I had no idea that this girl was Maria sister. I can't be held responsible for the actions of my servants. I didn't tell them to drug her. I did'nt want a sex-a--thon just a nice relaxing evening with her!"
"I will give you a Sex-a-thon Max ! If you ever touch my sister again I willo personally see to it to have your balls removed. As soon as she wakes up I want to be notified so I can speak with her . Oh and I am warning you Max do not step a foot near my sister Or I swear to God you will regret it for the rest of your alien life" with that Maria walked away.
"Oooh Max she is pissed at you !! Boy I would stay out of her way! You are a complete idiot , you stole her sister and then made Maria promise to help you with her!!" Michael said laughing.
"Michael this is not funny! You are dismissed , leave me alone" Max had said aggitated.
Michael walked away laughing and Max thought to himself what the hell am I going to do. He knew he could not stay away from her , he was in love with her and wanted to spend time with her.
Max walked quietly into to his chambers and laid next to Liz on the bed. She rolled closer to him and wrapped her legs and arms around him , holding him like he was her favortie stuffed animal when she was five. Max was immediatley aroused. He just couldn't help it. He rolled closer to her and kissed her on the cheek.
He was surprised when he heard her whisper his name " Max ...I love you" she whispered groggily in her sleep."
He whispered back " And I love you my little honeybear."

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Maria went to her room and started throwing things around, she was so upset with Max. She had to calm down. She knew he didn't know that Liz was her sister, but who the hell did he think he was stealing girls off the street. Maria was so scared , her grandma Claudia had told her Liz was a very special girl who had a very important destiny. How could she fulfill her destiny if she was on this stupid ship headed to planet nowhere. Liz was super smart she was already accepted to Havard and that was incredible for a junior in highschool. She had already accomplished so much in her seventeen years. She was going to be a biology major, Liz loved science and boy was she going to get her fill in these coming days.
Maria head perked up as she heard someone knock on the door. " Go away Max I am still not ready to talk to you yet, I need some time to calm down!"
"Maria it is Michael can I come in?"
"Yeah come in " Maria replied.
"Look Maria, Max is really tore up about this whole situation. He was doing what he thought was best for us.
I mean your sister did threaten to go to the authorities."
"Michael do not turn this around on my sister . I mean she was standing somewhere innocently and got abducted off the street. None of this would be happening if your royal highness hadn't been thinking with his dick. He is going to be married shortly , maybe he should of waited for his bride to sleep with not Liz.
You didn't come and steal me off the street like some sored of caveman. You actually tried to get to know me first."
"Maria this is a king and on Antar no one would turn him down but your sister did exactly that. I am not proud of what Max did, but I can atleast tell you he has feelings toward your sister. He told me as much himself."
Maria was shocked to learn Max had feelings but she was mad too.
"Well I do not want her hurt Michael . She is just a kid . What if she falls in love with him. He would break her heart because he is already going to be married. Michael promise me you won't let that happen!Promise you won't let Max hurt her. If you love me at all you will do this for me!''
Michael sat silently for a moment not really sure what to say. He was in love with Maria and would do anything for her but Max was also his soon to be King. He could be ordered to do the opposite. he would have to come up with a compromise.
"Listen Maria I promise to help if things get out of control . Let's see how Liz handles this herself. You might just be surprised. "
"Ok I will be more civil to Max since you promised me that but the minute things get out of control you will step in right?"
Michael grabbed Maria and embraced her in his arm and said" I promise , you have my word."
"Thank you so much, What would I do if I didn't have you spaceboy?" Maria said as placed her lips on Michaels.
Max was staring at Liz. He just couldn't get over how beautiful she was . He had his hands wrapped in her hair. It was so soft and silky. She was absolutley perfect. He had been searching for her his whole life. And now he found her after he was going to be married.
He knew he never was going to let her go , she would just have to agree to be his mistress. But he knew he couldn't ask her that because she deserved much more.
He rolled over as quietly as he could and got up and went out the door. He started walking down the hall and heard Isabelle call his name .
"So Max how did it go?"
He debated on what to tell his sister but he knew she would wonder why Maria was so angry with him.
"Iz Liz is Maria's sister."
Isabelle gasped and then did the only thing she could think of. She hit her brother on his head.
"What the hell is wrong with you Max?"
"Why is everyone so upset ? It is not like I knew it was Marias's sister."
"If you wouldn't always act like you were some gift to the female species then this wouldn't happen. Max think about Liz . How is she going to react to you once Maria tells her our secret?"

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Liz woke up and found herself alone. She decided to snoop through Max's room. She wanted to know everything about him. On his nightstand was a picture of him and a girl with blonde bouncey hair, she wondered if this was his girlfriend. She wasn't impressed if it was. The girl looked like a deffective barbie, that Mattel threw in the trash. Max couldn't be with someone like her. She excpected much more from him.
Liz heard a noise and jumped back in the bed she didn't want to get caught snooping around through his stuff if it was him. Someone opened the door and Liz pretended that she was asleep . She felt the person sit down next to her and felt fingers sifting through her hair. She knew it was Max she could feel him in her mind and in her soul. Why did she have such an intense connection with him. It felt like he could see in her soul.
Liz rolled over and looked up at Max , she stared in his eyes and that's when it happened. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her softly. It was a sweet kiss but was starting to turn in to tongue dueling. His hands were all over her body, part of her wanted him to stop but the other part begged him to proceed. Max tore his mouth away from her lips and spoke with a intensity thar shook Liz down to her toes " I need you!"
She didn't have to respond because her body was doing fine all on it's own. The moment her body slid on to his , he had a look of triumph. Like he had won the war, and he had this time. For a long time Max just kissed her. Max couldn't wait any longer , Her ripped her shirt over her head and removed her bra. Her breast weren't too big or too small , they were perfect. Her nipples were getting harder and harder by the moment. He placed his fingers on her nipples and pulled at them , Liz cried out his name. His name never sounded better. Max wondered had anyone else ever been intimate with his Liz. He would find out and then he would rip their heads off. he brought his mouth down on her breasts , he was sucking and nibbling every part of her chest. Liz couldn't help but squirm all over his bed. How had she ended up her like this . She was acting like a slut and she didn't know a thing about him and here she was letting him touch her so intimatley. Her heart knew him and her soul and right now that was all that mattered. She just couldn't stop. She was rubbing her hands all over his chest . He felt so strong and muscular. He was everything she ever dreamed off.
Max stopped teasing her breast and began to remove her pants. Liz looked up at him. She looked scared but at the same time she was consumed by passion. He wanted her so bad but he would not take her forcefully. His eyes asked hers . She responded by letting out a small moan. Max ripped her pants off the rest of the way. He had only needed a little encouragement and he had got it. He put his hand in between her legs and touched her most intimate part. It was her treasure that she was wanting to share with someone special and Max seemed so special.
He began putting his finger in and out of her. Faster and faster and deeper and deeper. Liz was moving and moaning she felt like she was on the brink of something great. She could almost reach it but the faster it came in sight the harder it was to take it... she didn't know if it was punishment or pleasure. Max knew she was close because she was soaking wet. He was so amazed by her passion. She was so innocent but yet so erotic. He was so hard he thought he was going to burst out of his pants. He needed relief but this time he was going to take care f Liz 's needs first. She was huffing and puffing and then finally she screamed out his name and colapsed on his bed. She didn't dare speak she just wanted to lay here in this moment with Max . Right know this was the greatest moment of her life and she hadn't even had sex yet...

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Liz laid next to Max glowing and breathing shallow. She had never thought foreplay would be like that . It was the most exhilirating expierience of her seventeen years, and she wanted more. Max was special she could feel it. The more he touched her the more she knew he was her soulmate.
"Liz we don't have to do anything tonight if you are not ready. You told me when we first met you were waiting for someone you loved."
Liz didn't dare speak for fear she would tell him it was too late that she was already in love with him. Maybe she should let her actions speak for her. Liz was about to do the most brazen thing in her life , she was going to make love to Max. She didn't care about being logical anymore. Little Liz Parker was gone, she turned into a woman overnight.
Liz's naked body crawled on top off Max's. She started by slowly unbuttoning his shirt. She popped the buttons apart one by one . When the shirt was completely unbuttoned she ran her hands over his muscular chest paying special attention to his pecks. Max moaned , he was in agony, he needed to be inside of her now. No one had ever affected him the way Liz was right now! He felt like he was drugged , he was hot and trembling with desire. Liz brought her mouth down on Max's naked chest and stated kissing his neck and then traveled to his nipples and his stomach and finally to the waist band of his pants. She stuck her finger in between the waist band and his lower abnominal and moved her finger side to side. She was driving him crazy and she knew it .
Max couldn't take it anymore he grabbed Liz and flipped her over crawling ontop off her , kissing her with a fierce passion. He unbuttoned his pants and Liz helped bring them down while he struggled to kick them off. Finally they were both completely naked, Rubbing against each other flesh o flesh . It felt perfect, Like she always knew it would.Their breathing became heavier and Max grew more and more aroused. "M-MA-MAX I can't believe how good this feels . I-I want you inside of me ."
Max cupped her face and positioned himself at the entrance of her wetness . " This may hurt Liz."
Liz didn't care she pulled his head down and kissed him with a burning desire. Max pushed in to her and breeched her maidenhead. Liz screamed out and tears began to fall sowly down her face . Max stoped and just laid inside of her so she could get used to the feeling. He kissed her tears away and placed his lips gently on hers.
He was suddenly bombarded with images .....His first date with Liz , he was so nervous but when he saw her he was in awe of her beauty.. they went to his mothers garden after a night of dining and dancing. They sat in front of the same rose bush , the very same one he comforted his little Liz at. " Elizabeth I have loved you my whole life and I don't need anymore dates to figure you out. I want to spend my life with you. I know I am going to be king and I know I am to marry a princess, but I have asked my parents to reconsider. Liz they love you so much already . You are like part of the family. My parents have been dwelling on the idea for weeks now and have finally come to a decision, They said yes, So will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and queen?"Max said as tears rolled of his face.
Elizabeth was overcome with joy. All of her dreams were coming true she was going to marry the boy she loved. " Yes I will marry you" she said as she leaned in to his arms and sealed their promise with a tender kiss.
Max was confused again by the flash . When he looked at Liz's face he knew she had seen everything he had. She began moving , her hips becoming part of a dance. Back and forth up and down . Max thrusted into her over and over again. She was so fresh and innocent . His hard shaft was embedded deep with in her.He groaned gritting his teeth, letting her have her way as long as possible, but it didn't take long. She was crying out as the orgasams took her body over. He tried to prolong his own climax but she was pulsing and vibrating, and that was his undoing. He joined her in climax and let his seed spill into her. He fell ontop of her breathing in her ear. he whispered the sweetest thing she had ever heard " I been waiting for that my whole life honeybear. You truley are my queen."

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Liz was glowing in the aftermath of what had happened. She was so happy, happier than she had ever been in her whole life. No words were spoken between the two, only cuddling. Liz was so tired and sore that she had fallen asleep. She didn't feel Max get dressed and leave her.
Max got dressed quickly, careful not to wake her. He needed to get out so he could clear his head. He shut his chamber door quietly and walked down the hall to the bathroom. He was going to take a shower, he could think there and no one would disturb him. Max hopped in the shower and turned the water on hot . He thought back to the expierence he had just had. No one had ever touched his heart the way Liz had. She opened his eyes to the possibility of love. He had always thought of tess as an obligation or a duty. He knew he would never love her , she was to high maintnence. Everything about her was appearance, not about the way things really were. But Liz was different, he knew this just by looking at her. She was loving, feeling and caring. His people would benifit from her kind of stamina. She was exhiliarating and fresh. He didn't understand the flashes or images he had gotten from her and he was almost sure she saw them too! What did they mean ? They had never happenend but yet they were plaguing him. His father and mother would never understand if he came home and refused to marry Tess. To them Liz would always be a mere human, but to him she would be his life. She could be carrying his child for all he knew .
Maria was going to kill him if she found out about their intimacy. She would say that he had taken advantage of Liz. He didn't want to be enemies with her but he was not going to give Liz up. Mabe she wouldn't want him if she found out he was an alien king, he never even thought of that being a possibility.
Maria had walked down the hall to see if her sister was awake . She needed to know the truth before things became to complicated. Maria opened the door to Max's room and found Liz asleep. She would half to wake her up , she couldn't wait any longer.
"Liz, honey wake up." Maria spoke softly. Liz stirred and shot up thinking she heard her sister. When she opened her eyes she saw Maria. I must be hallucinating, shes not here shes not real. " Liz sweety it's me."
"Maria, am I dreaming?"
"No Liz you are not dreaming, but we need to talk. Do you think your up to it?"
"Yes, what in the hell are you doing here. Did that boy I saw you talking to kidnapp you too?" Liz said confused. Liz couldn't believe her sister Maria was here. " Maria what are we going to do daddy is going to be so upset. He is goign to think we are dead. How are we going to get back?"
Maria paused trying to tjink of what she could say to comfort Liz, but nothing came to her so she did the only thing she could. She told her the truth " Liz I am not going back." Liz gasped.

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"What do you mean your not going back?'' Liz screamed.
"Just what I said I am not going back. I am not a little girl anymore, Liz. I am in love with this wonderful man. He treats me good and we have decided to get married."
"I cannot believe this load of crap you are feeding me! You have known him for what, five minutes and now you are getting married. Maria, think about daddy. I am absouletly pissed off at you. You have no consideration for anyone else's feelings. You were just going to run off to-to. Where the hell are we going anyways?" Liz said getting angrier.
"Uh-uh, Liz that is kind of difficult to say. We are going to Antar." Maria said as she closed her eyes not wanting to see Liz's expression.
"Where is Antar ? Is it some Europian small world country?"
"Ah, no Liz it is another planet."
"Maria that is not even funny. I am angry at you and it is totally not fair that you are trying to make a joke out of this. Where are we going Maria?"
Maria was at a loss for words, what could she do to show Liz she was not joking.
"Liz lets go for a walk, I want to show you somthing." Maria said opening the door for Liz. Maria was going to tak her to the ships only veiwing windows. It was the only way to prove to Liz she was not lying or joking.
Maria opend another door and shushed Liz in . She walked to a control panel and pushed a little red button. All the windows opened one by one.
Liz was speechless, what she saw befor her she only coould catch a glimpse of from her tiny little telescope.
"Oh my God Maria , you owe me an explination and I need it now because I think I am going to be ill.
"Liz this is really hard to say, but I guess I have no choice but to say it. Michael is an alien. They are more like humans than anything. UH-umm I know you are shocked but I guess I shuld tell you that we are going to their planet , where Michael will start his duty as the kings second command."
Maria looked at Liz and was saddend to see her sister trying to supress her tears. Maria pulled Liz into her arms and hugged her.
"Ssh Liz it is going to be alright. You are going to go home . Don't worry I promise." Maria hated Max right now, he had done this to her little sister.
Liz sobbed so hard she was hicupping. She looked at her sister trying to spit out the words that were plaguing her. She needed to calm down first. She sat down and wiper her tears dry and spoke softly " Maria is Max an alien?"
"Yes, why?" she asked curiosly.
"Because we just made love an hour or so ago. Am I going to be alright, I-I mean you and Michael , right?"
Maria was going to rip Max's hair out . NO she was going to do much more.
"You will be ok."
"Come on Liz , I want to go and find Max. We need to talk to him."
Maria and Liz walked to the control room were she knew he would be. He was standing behind Nascedo speaking to him. Maria didn't even give Max a chance to prepare him self for this talk.
"Max I am going to kill you. I told you to stay away from her, but nooo you don't listen. You may be a king on another planet but you don't rule us. I think it is time I let Liz in on some of your secrets." Max grimmaced in pain. He didn't want this to happen. He wanted to tell Liz in his own words, so he could reassure her that he truley loved her and his heart and soul belonged to her. But Maria was not going to let that happen.
"Well Liz , I am sure Max didn't tell you he was going to be married after we get off this god forsaken ship. Also he is a manipulator. I am sure you weren't the only girl he pulled of the street. You just made trouble so he had to steal you away."
Liz was heartbroken. She didn't want him to see she was on the verge of crying so she did the only thing she could . She turned and ran away. She hid in cove that looked deserted and cried and cried.
Max looked at Maria with disgust in his eyes. He couldn't believe Maria would belittle Liz like that.
"Maria that was wrong. You could of given me the chance to explain."
"Why so you could fill her head with lies. What were you going to tell her ,you loved her?"
"Yes I was actually and I was going to break off my engagement with Tess. I would denounce my throne for her, because she is my everything."
Maria just stood there with her mouth wide open as Max pushed past her.

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Liz wandered around an abandoned hall of the ship, trying to figure out what she was doing. She couldn't believe that Max was engaged to be married. How could he take her innocence and not even metion that he was with someone else. It hurt so bad, she felt like her heart was breaking into a million pieces. Liz crumpled down on the floor and sobbed incontrolably.
Max rushed around the ship looking for Liz in a panic. He could tell something was wrong. He could feel her. His instinct directed him to a hallway that was not an active part of the ship. He could hear sobbing. He followed her agonizing cries until he came upon her and found her crumpled on the floor. His voice was caught in his throat " L-Liz?"
"Go away ,get away from me you bastard. Do you just go around finding poor girls to ruin ?" she said her voice throbbing with emotions.
"Liz I swear that is not how it was with us. I swear I was going to tell you."
"When? After you were married. I gave you something I can never get back. I gave you my heart, my body and my soul. You basically pissed all over it. " Max reached down to touch Lliz hopping a connection would open up so she could see just how he felt about her.
"Liz bolted up "Don't fucking touch me ! Take me home, please just take me home " she sobbed.
Max moved in quickly and grabbed Liz . He pulled her in to a tight embrace and stroked her hair. Liz hit Max's back over and over again sobbing . She cried so hard she was hiccuping. " Please Liz calm down I swear that I will make it better. Please just don't cry anymore.Liz hugged Max back and sobbed into his shirt. She couldn't handle this. The pain was unbearable. She loved him and couldn't stand the fact that he was going to be with someone else. " Max I- I th-thought that you were in love with me."
"Honeybear I love you so much . I promise when we get back I will break it off with her . "
"Max my grandmmother used to call me honeybear. What makes you call me that?" Liz looked up at him while wiping the tears away from her eyes and awaited an answer from him.
"I don't know , it just feels natural." Max looked at Liz's tear streaked face and smiled at her. She looked so cute with her face all uffy and red. He closed his eyes and brought his lips down to her and kissed her passionatley.
Liz broke the kiss off and whispered in his ear " Max take me back to your room I have something I want to give you." Max was speechless, but did as she asked. So this was how humans faught. He laughed and picked Liz up and carried her to thier room.
Isabelle saw Maria sitting at the control panel with her head down. She wondered what was wrong.
"Maria what's wrong?"
"I just did the most inhumane thing to my sister. I totally reamed your brother out and then told her he was going to be getting married. I didn't even let Max tell her I just blurted it out. I hurt her."
"How could you hurt her ? They barley know each other?"
"They had sex Isbelle, My sister is in love with Max and he is in love with her.''
"That is impossible , my brother has to marry Tess or the alliance between our two planets will end. There will be a huge war.My brother would never pick a girl over his Planet and his people." Isabelle knew her brother. He just would not sacrafice that many things for the love of a human girl. It just wasn't feesable. He was just confused.
"Maria are you sure my brother loves Liz? I mean did he say that?"
"He said he would denounce his throne for her."
"Maria where did they go?" Just as Maria was going to answer Michael slammed in the room.
"What's going on? Where is Max?"
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Isabelle wasn't sure what to tell Michael. She knew if she told him what was going on with Max and Liz he would over react. She need to talk to Max before Michael blew up at him.
"Michael, Max is in his room sleeping, he was really tired."
Maria gave Isabelle a small smile and went on to say the same thing as Isabelle had. She knew Michael and knew how he would react.
"So what are you guys doing?"Michael asked suspiciously.
Maria instantly knew what to do "Nothing , we where just talking, ya know girl talk. I was kind of curious about your planet and Isabelle was just filling me in. I was just coming to look for you." Maria said as she placed her arms around Michaels waist. "Why don't we go back to you room , I am not feeling so hot . I think I am getting a cold." Michael looked Maria over , she really didn't look so hot . He instantly became worried thinking the travel was hurting her.
"Ok lets go . The last thing I want is you to be sick. We will get you a hot shower and then we will relax and lay around . " Michael said as her dragged Maria of in the direction of his room.
Isabelle sighed , instantly grateful for Maria's fast thinking. She was almost sure Michael was going know they were lying , but Maria had put on a great performance. She felt guilty because she saw the worried look on Michael's face when Maria had said she wasn't feeling good. He loved Maria so much and would totally be lost without her.
Max had a lot of explaining to do, she didn't like lying to Michael. She walked down the long corrider to Max's room. She looked inside the small window of Max's room and saw both Max and Liz sleeping together wrapped only in a sheet. Isabelle knocked lightly on the door. There was no doubting they were together now , but the question was did Max fall in love with Liz. She was sure it was a sex thing and nothing more.
Isabelle became impatient when Max didn't wake up, so she knocked a little louder. He finally raised his head and looked at the window . Isabelle glared at him and waved him out of the room.
Max was irratated by his sisters intrusion. He waved her away from the door so he could get dressed. He carefully crawled over Liz so he wouldn't wake her up and dressed. He walked out of the room shutting the door softly.
Isabelle was standing in the hall waiting for him ."What do you want?"
"What do you mean what do I want? I want to talk to you . This is important Max and I want to talk about it now. So lets go to one of the conference rooms ."
Max was instantly upset. He was the king, he shouldn't have to follow Isabelle's every beck and call . " Okay let's go and get this over with." Max said as he followed Isabelle to the one of the conference rooms.
Isabelle entered the room first and sat down and invited Max to do the same. She could tell already this was going to ba a long drawn out conversation. Just as Max was about to sit there was an incoming call from his home planet on one of the moniters. "Don't answer that Isabelle. I don't want to talk to anyone right now."
"I have to answer Max . If we don't answer they will think something is wrong.
Isabelled pressed the button to answer and was surprised to see Tess on the screen. "Hello My husband to be. How is your trip?"
Max was extremely pissed but tried to hide it . He wanted to talk to Tess when he was back home . He didn't want to break it off with her over a screen.
"Our trip is going great, we should be home in about thirteen days." he replied.
"That is so great I can't wait to see you again . We have so much to plan for when you get back . The wedding is fastly approaching and we haven't decided on anything yet. Ok Max my father is calling so I have to go, but I love you and miss you so much." Tess said with a huge grin on her face.
"I miss you too and can't wait to see you." Max said instantly regretting the words that were coming out of his mouth. The screen went blank and Isablle ended the call.
Liz stood watching the whole conversation from the window. She couldn't believe it, Max had lied to her again. She knew she was so naieve, she had believed everything that had come out of his mouth. Tess didn't even know what kind of man she was marrying. Liz was so upset. She loved Max and she thought that he loved her.But she wouldn't cry this time. She was determined to be strong.
Isabelle was scared to confront Max. She could tell he was growing impatient.
"Well what did you want?"
Max I don't know how to say this but Maria told me you were in love with that human girl. Is that true?"
"It isn't any concern of yours Isabelle . My love life isn't for you to decide. What I do with Liz and tess is my buisness not yours."
"Excuse me your royal highness but it is my concern when the fate of the planet is decided between two girls.
So don't give me any of that crap . I wanna know what is going on right now."
"Yes I have feelings for Liz but I don't know if it is love. I don't know what I am going to do , but when I decide you will be the first to know." Max did love Liz but he didn't want to worry Isabelle. Who he loved was his buisness.
Liz was so torn. She could see the agonizing look on Max's face. So to him she was a toy to be played with. Her emotions and feelings didn't mean shit to him. Maybe he loved her Maybe he didn't. That was an unacceptable answer. He told her he loved her. Why wasn't he admitting it now. Liz stormed back to Max's room. She just needed to clear her mind.
"Listen Iz I just don't know what I am feeling. I have thirteen days to figure it out so please just let me do that."
Isabelle sighed and knew Max loved Liz she could tell by how angry he was being questioned about it. " Okay Max but I hope you make the right decision."
With that Max got up and walked back to his room. He needed to see Liz. He knew she would make him feel better. All Max knew is that he wasn't going to hurt her.
When he approached his room He could hear crashing noises coming from his quarters. He instantly became worried about Liz and ran into the room.
The picture of Tess laid on the floor broken into a million pieces.
"Liz what is wrong."
"You . You think it is funny to play with my emotions. You know Max where I am from you don't tell someone you love them unless you mean it. Maybe you love me you just don't know what you are feeling. I could be pregnant with your child . We didn't even use any kind of protection. Am I just some kind of toy to be played with?"
Max was speechless, It never crossed his mind that she would wake up and hear him say those things. He knew it must of broke her heart to hear that from his mouth after he professed his love for her an hour earlier. " Liz I couldn;t tell Iz that I loved you. She just wouldn't understand."
"Oh and I am sure your planet wouldn't understand it either. MAx who were we fooling. You were just caught up in a moment and just face it. It would never work, your people would never understand. "
Max didn't want to hear the things she was saying. HE could not listen. He loved her and didn't care what anyone said.
"Liz what are you saying?"
"Max I am giving you an out so please take it. When we arrive on your planet I just want you to make arrangements to take me home . We will both forget this ever happened and go on and live our lives." Max couldn't hold the his tears any longer. He didn't want Liz to leave him.
"Liz we have thirteen days together , Please let me love you for those days. Let me show you how great it can be. Atleast let me give you that."
Liz didn't want Max to cry. She didn't want him to be upset.
"Ok Max we will spend thirteen days loving each other but then after that you have to let me go."
Max embraced Liz and kissed her while they both sobbed together.
"Liz what if you are carrying my child?"
"If I am am then I will still go home and I will always have a treasure from you. I will Love My child and whenever I look in his or her eyes I will see the man that I love."
"You can't expect me to let you leave with my heir! Will you atleast tell me before you left?"
"I will tell you Max." Liz was lying because she was pregnant already and knew Max would never let her leave. So she did the only thing she could , she lied.
She had seen the little handprint shine on her stomach as the baby touched her. She was going to tell Max but that was before she heard him say those things to Isabelle and his future wife Tess.
Max and Liz laid in his bed. She thought about the baby she was going to have. Would it be normal? Would it have special powers like Max ? And her worst fear was could she make her child appear human to everyone else?

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Liz and Max were tangled in each others embrace, trying to hold on to the thirteen days they had left together. Would life ever be normal again for her, Liz wondered. Liz wished she had met Max under different cicumstances. How were they going to just say goodbye? Max released Liz from his embrace and kissed her forehead. " Well what do you want to do ? Are you hungry or do you want to just lounge around? We can do anything you want?"
Liz pondered for a few minutes trying to think of something and she just came to the conclusion she just wanted to stay in Max's room with him.
"Do you think we could just eat in here and lay around or something?"
"No problem I will just go and get us something to eat. What do you feel like ?"
"I really could go for some pizza right now you wouldn't happen to have that lying around up here on this spaceship would ya." Liz laughed aloud thinking she was funny.
"As it turns out we do have pizza up here, isn't that just funny. If anything we love human food just needs alot of tabasco sauce." Max smirked at Liz. God that is gross Liz thought to herself but the more she thought about tabasco sauce the more she craved it. " That sounds excellent , well hurry up I am starving. You are not a very good host Max."
"When I get back I will show you how good a host I am . You won't ever want another host as long as you live. I am sure of that." Max said.
"Ohh a little arrogant are we? Well I happen to be the best guest and I am positive you won't ever want any other guests as long as you live ! " Liz said as she moved in close and swooped in for a kiss. She smacked his ass and said " Now go get my food please."
"Ok." Max said as he hesitantly pulled away from Liz's embrace.
Max wandered down the corrider towards the kitchen and thought about Liz . He could of sworn he saw her stomach glowing when he said the word tabasco sauce. Could she be pregnant already. Max didn't know anything about human/alien relationships or babies for that matter. All he knew was Liz was going to be angry with him we they got to his planet and he broke the promise he made to her about going home. No way was she going home, he didn't want to hold her against her will but if he had to the so be it. He wasn't about to let the best thing in his life just walk away.
Max smiled as he perpared the pizza , he knew the best way to find out if Liz was pregnant. He would tempt her with the tabasco sauce and if she devoured it then he would know . His race loved hot and sweet stuff it could never be too much of one or the other. It would be a test and he knew she was going to fail. God Max couldn't believe he ws going to be a father.
Max grabbed the pizza and the tabasco and some cherry cola to wash their food down with. He walked back down the corrider to his room and entered.
Liz was waiting patiently at the table that was in his room.
"Thank God I am starving. Feed me!" She said as she laughed .
"My pleasure. Here is the Pizza and some cherry coke. I brought tabasco sauce too." Max watched as Liz eyed the sauce. He could see it in her face that she hated the stuff but watched her as she lathered it on her pizza and devoured it. Max was going to get Liz to tell him the truth tonight about their baby if it killed him cause now he knew for sure and there was no hiding it because her stomach was glowing and she didn't even notice.

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Bound by Desire
Chapter 20

Liz was raging with anger. Who did Max think he was? He may be a king of a planet but he sure as hell wasn't her king. Pregnant at seventeen made Liz very depressed. She would never finish school or accomplish any of the things she wanted to do. Her heart raced as she thought of her father. How would he react to this news. She was usually so smart and sensible not to metion responsible. Jeff Parker was going to kill her and Max if she ever saw him again.

All of these thoughts were plaguing her. Was it normal to feel this way? Emotions of sadness, grief happiness and love washed through Liz all at the same time. Would this baby be healthy and normal? Could she really care and provide for a child when she was a child herself? Liz felt very panicky, she was mad at Max and made at herself. Liz contemplated having the baby and actually leaving rhe child with Max so she could get back to a semi-normal life. She knew it was just fear pushing her to think these things and she knew she was just being selfish. She could never leave her own child of flesh and blood alone with a father who would probably never have time for them anyways.

Soon Max would be back on Antar with his soon to be wife and she would be forgotten as well as her child. When that time came she and her child would go home, where she would give him a proper life. That thought actually broght her some relief. Love was new to her and to put it quite honestly it scared her. Max was everything she wanted except for two things....his alien status and king status.

Liz placed her hand on her stomach in a loving matter and was shocked when her tummy started glowing. It was a magnificent feeling and she knew it would be her favorite thing about this pregnancy. Liz was startled when her chamberdoor was opened. Quickly she removed her hand from her stomach hoping the glowing had stop and hoping whoever was at the ddor did nt notice .

"Liz I don't want you angry with me. I know I shouldn't of said some of the things I did but I am just as confused as you. We will talk about living arrangments after our child is born. Considering you'll stay until the baby is born?" Max said questioningly.

"So does this mean I am getting a choice?" Liz asked.
"You are definetly tough Liz Parker. Can we talk about it after he is born?" Max asked again.

"Yeah . That's fine but please don't ever back me into a corner with no choice. I am human and I really don't understand you cultures and beliefs but on Earth err.... well at least in America woman have choices. Oh and Max who said it was going to be a he?" Liz said smiling.

Max step closer to Liz and pulled her into his embrace. He was so glad their fight was over cuz he could stand not being able to hold her or talk to her. Max would learn Earth ways but Liz would have to learn Antarian ways as well. Maybe there could be a happy medium!!!

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