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Title: All Because of That Girl
Disclaimer: Own nothing.
Rated: PG-13
Category: M/L
Summary: This is in Max point of view. He is those kind of guys that are quiet, kind, different, outsider and kinda goth I guess. He's a person that no one wants to be talking to cause it'll ruin their repuation. Michael and Tess are like him. Tess is not evil and she's not with Max. Liz is a new girl who comes to town and changes Max's world and the way he thinks.
Author's Note: It might be boring at first but then it gets interesting later around Part 3. Anyway, feedback please.

Part 1

In front of the office

First day of school. What's the point of coming? It's the same as the rest of the days at school. Michael's not even here. It's all Tess fault. She dragged me here. Said something about searching for new people to join us. Like anybody want to be near us.

There's 3 of us. Me, Michael and Tess. We are the outsiders. We are people that you don't want to be near or be talking to. It'll ruin you reputation. We try to be unnoticeable. But it's something you can't avoid.

We have a plan that one day we'll kill everyone. All of them. But the plan isn't going to well. It's more like me and Michael. I don't Tess really want to. But she agrees. We're part goth in a way. Even if we're not people will still think that we are. We wear black clothes and that's what makes people think.

My parents have this whole thing against it. They try to buy me clothes that are colorful. I think they're trying to make me some preppy jock. So now they don't pay for clothes. I work at the CrashDown. It's not my kinda place to work there. Cause that's the local hangout. We're everybody wants to go. I cook food. All I do is read the order, cook and tap the bell.

Michael's parent doesn't give a damn. They just give him tons of money. But he doesn't take it. Said something about a trap. Setting him up. So he works at the UFO center. He met some freaky tourist. Tess parents think really highly of her so they give her what she wants. She takes it sometimes but not always. She works at this clothing store. I don't think she sells much cause she has the power to mess with people. And she probably scares them.


We're standing here by the door to the office. So far nobody. It's all the same people.


It'll never happen. She's been dragging us to school on every first day of school. Michael ditch this time. Why can't I ditch? Oh yeah this is kind of important to her. I am her friend so that's why I'm here plus I didn't have a choice. If there is anybody new they're probably against us. Another one to kill. Michael thinks about killing a lot. So do we. Less for Tess though. There's a side of her that's not completely gone.

"Over there"

She pointed to a girl. It's not gonna happen. She looks normal. Brown hair and probably brown eyes since I can't see her face. Petite figure, a little taller than Tess. She be Maria's best friend by lunch.

See at this school there's groups. Pam Troy groups are for preppies and jocks. Maria group is for the normal ones. Alex group is for the nerds, geeks, and band. But they're group is kinda of a mix since Maria and Alex are best friends. The outsiders are us. It doesn't really matter about the group cause we will kill them all.

"Let's go"

She knows that she won't make it. It's just liked all the rest that were once new. That's just how things are. Nothing changes. It'll all be the same.

"Next year."

She gave me a knowing look. She just want something different to happen which we don't want. This is Roswell. It won't change.

"Let's go."


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Part 2


Biology. It used to be my favorite subject. But anything that has to do with school it just won't fit for favorite. In every class there's seating arrangement. It only works when teachers let you sit wherever you want. The nerds and geeks would sit in the front. The normal ones would be in the second row. Preps and Jocks are in the third row. And of coarse us are in the back. It's not bad or anything. We like the back.

"Everyone will have a partner, and I already chose them for you"

Great. Partners. We hate partners and they'll hate it when they don't get who they want. If I'm lucky then we'll have an odd number. Which means I don't have to have a partner. Like I'll be lucky. This is all Tess fault she drag me here again. What's her deal anyway?

"…Elizabeth Parker and Max Evan…"

Elizabeth Parker? Who the hell is that? How the hell would I know? I don't even know people that been in this town for as long as I had. Stupid. Maybe she's new. Who gives?

"Can I have a bathroom pass?"

He hand me the pass and I left. I'm not coming back. Hope she can find her partner. I walk out of the school and towards the football field. We hang out under the bleachers. We don't like to be in the open.

"Seen her?"

Tess is already there. She likes to make sure. I think she needs a girl pal. Since all she have is me and Michael. He's probably at home sleeping. He didn't come today.


She looks up at me and looked back down. I wanna leave. We can go to Michael's place and crash there. We can play PS2.

"Michael's place"

She nodded her head. We hang out there a lot. There's not much to do in Roswell. Anyway who wants to hang out in a place where everyone else hangs out? Their stupid local hang out.

Michael's Apartment

"Michael wake up"

He groaned.

He's sleeping on the couch. Tess is trying to wake him up by pulling him of the couch. It'll never work. He weighs tons.

I mouthed, "Water."

She went to the kitchen. And I'm starring down at him. Some things never change. There are old pizza boxes all over the floor, empty snapples. This is gonna last forever. Tess came back with a bucket of water with a smile o her face. She holds the bucket up and pours it down his face.

"Ah. What the fuck? I'm gonna kill you."

Everything is about killing. He thinks the only way to get rid of something is to kill it. I shook my head and look at a soaked Michael. He looked at Tess with the bucket.


She look down and shook her head. He just nods his head like he always does when there's nobody.

Michael's Apartment -
Employees Only

I look at the clock 9:30. Then I look at my wrist where my watch is. 2:54. Time for work. Michael and Tess are still going at it. Undefeatable. I walk out the door and got into my jeep.

It only takes 5 minutes to get there. I walk in and there's everybody. They just glance at me and back to their business. I walk to the backroom with the sign Employees Only. And there's a guy there. Who cares? I open my locker and got out my apron.

"You're Max the cook right?"

I nod my head.

"I'm Jeff Parker I'm your new boss."

I just look at him and nod my head.

No time for conversation. I walk into the kitchen, getting ready to cook. This is just like every time I work. I look at the order, cook it, tap the bell and that's it. This can be boring. I look out through the window and there's a brown head girl. A new waitress. I look down and there's those burger cooking. Interesting.

"Hi, I'm Liz"

I look up from the interesting cooking burger. And there's this weird, surprise look in me. None of them ever talk tome before. This must be some trick or something. I just look at her and she's starring right back at me. I look down at the burger. Done. Buns. Lettuce. And everything else. And then I tap the bell. She's still there. Did she not get a hint?

"You know you're a guy, a gentleman don't you think you should introduce yourself?"

This is unusual. I just look at her. If Michael was in my place he probably take that knife that's over there and kill her. Or try to scare her. If it was Tess well then she would do what she always does. Messed with them. And if it's me then I'll just shake my head and ignore her. So I shook my head and tap the bell. Someone is hungry out there I don't think they want a cold burger. She took the plate and walk towards somewhere.

It's been 2 hours and she didn't talk to me. I been watching her. I couldn't help myself for some damn reason. I caught her looking at me a couple times. She just glancing that's what. I think she already talk to them. So that's with all the no talking and glancing. She's probably getting weird out.

She's like everybody else.


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Thanking and Answering.

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Here's the new part.

Part 3

7:40 am

Tess decided that today Michael and I should go to school. Michael groan about killing. I groan about biology. I don't want to be there. Anyway, we're here sitting under our tree waiting for the bell to ring.

"I met her."

"Talk to you?"

"You talk to her, kill you."

I nodded my head then shook my head.


We don't talk much. We talk less. We understand each other. Short and easy. Michael hates changes. He would get rid of it right away. But then there's nothing much here that'll change anyway. So it's still safe. Or at least it is. And there goes the bell.

We wait for 5 minutes. We do the late entrance stuff. No need to hurry for school. I look at Michael he looks ready to take out that pocketknife of his. Tess is well hoping. I left first. It's time for biology. I walk in the classroom and everybody is seated. I think next to their partner. There's only one seat left. A brown head, I guess that must be Elizabeth.

I took the seat next to that girl. I look at her. She looks like that Liz girl from CrashDown. No way. She talks too much. I look around everybody is in their seat doing something. Everybody is everywhere. At least I have the back seat. That's good. She didn't look at me yet. If she did she probably talk non-stop about last time. Why do we have to be co-worker?

"So you're the partner that didn't show up?"

She didn't look at me yet. I should be glad till she starts yapping away. Damn it. She turns her head facing me. It was too good to be true.

"The guy from the CrashDown."

"So, you're Maxwell?"

I cringe at that name. I hate it. I sound important. Businessman. Too much.


I look at her. Chocolate brown eyes. What is wrong with me? I never do this stuff. I face towards the front of the class. Don't look at her and start comparing.

"So are you going to talk to me now?"

She is annoying. Of coarse I'm not talking to her. I shook my head.


Why is the teacher just sitting there reading newspapers? Isn't he supposed to teach us? I look at the board. Oh I see how it is. FREE PERIOD. Just when I come to school it's a free period. I'm gonna go out and roam the halls. I can't stay here with blabbermouth.


3:40 pm

Work. I hate it. I'm surrounded by them. All of them. It's torture. But it pays good. And that new waitress. She keeps on throwing me looks. It's like I'm her next meal. Of coarse it's not Liz. She's probably not capable doing that she'll probably kill you with her blabbering. I tap the bell.

"Hey sweet thing."

I cringe at that. Sickening man. She keeps on sticking out her chest at me and everyone else. And swaying those freakin' hips of her. I swear she's gonna fling herself out of here. I can just see Paulie and his pathetic friends groping themselves. Really, really sickening.

And then there's Liz. For some damn reason I keep on looking at her. My eyes are following her every move. It's like I'm stalking her. I haven't talk to her since bio. Which is good. We aren't going to become buddy buddy. I want to be alone.

"So Max, I was wondering if you can give me a ride home after you get off."

She's still here. Is she trying to seduce me? With the whole chest thrusting and damn hips. She's a college girl. I heard that college girls would get off with anything. And she definitely wants to get off on me. She just licks her lips. Poison lips. Poison tongue. Man you never know where they been.

"Sorry Courtney, we kinda have a study date, you know what I mean right?"

Since when is Liz helping me. Oh god. This is horrible. Ok. Give me a minute to sink in what happened in the last 5 minutes. Good god. What is wrong with these people?

"Max, I know you would rather stay with me then little Lizzie here right? Look at her so ordinary and plain."

Is this real? Is this actually happening? If Michael was here they would be dead. If Tess was here unless she's lesbian than she would probably messed with them. And if it's me. I don't know. I look over at Liz. I think she's hurt. Now they're both looking at me. She hides the pain well.

Option A: Tell them to screw themselves. Or borrow something to screw with. Option B: Kill them with this knife I'm holding. Option C: Mess with them into doing a threesome. Or. Option D: Do something unexpected. Like run. Tell them I'm crazy. Or something.

I lean over the window. Hopefully I won't fry my apron. Look at Liz then her lips. I lean closer and I can fell her breath on mine. And I kiss her. A slow soft kiss. Man her lips are soft. It should be a quick kiss. It should be only a quick kiss. Just a little longer. I heard someone huff. And I pulled away.

I lip my lips. I can still feel it on me. God damn it. Since when did I get so mushy? I think I feel warm and fuzzy. I look at her and she's licking her lips too. Damn those lips. Oh crap. I did this in public. Hopefully no one is looking. Of coarse I'm wrong.



"Look around you."

She looks around, "So?"


I got back to work. I ignore her the whole time. I think she got the point. It was all an act. You know just showing Courtney she ain't all that.


I just experience my first kiss. I know really pathetic. My first damn kiss. I shouldn't care about those things. I don't. Damn those lips.

I did Option D: Something unexpected. = Kissing her.

This is going to be all over school tomorrow. Damn.


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Junk and Part 4

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Part 4

Hide out: My room
Day 1

I borrow a pocketknife from Michael yesterday. I think he was proud of me. Maybe he thinks that I'm on the same level as him. You know into the whole killing thing. Carrying that thing around so I can get rid of anybody at anytime. Yeah. I'm gonna stay in my room for a couple of days. I'm not going out or in. I'm just going to stay here. I think this is a place where they can't find me. No matter what I will not let anyone in. I mean it.

I locked the door and the widow. I even pull down my blinds so I can't see who's freakin' knocking on it. I stash chips and junks over on that corner so I won't have to starve while hiding for my life. Thank god I have a restroom or else I'll just have to piss in a bottle. Man. The things I do to save my ass.

This is so screwed. I'm hiding from them. Michael and Tess. You'll never know what their reaction will be. I wonder what's the rumor is right now. Who knows? I'm screwed. I don't even know if she wanted me to kiss her. Fuckin' screwed.

Last night I had a dream. I usually don't have this kind of dream. Nope it's never. The whole thing was screwed. I think screwed up people have screwed up dreams. Anyway, I was in the girl's locker room making out with some chick. And it hell ain't Tess. I can't really see her since I'm ravishing her. She has brown hair just like Liz. I look into the girl's eyes and it's brown just like Liz. We pulled away for air and you know what? It's her. It's Liz. We were having a freakin' heavy make out session in the goddamn girls locker room. Tell me that's screwed.

I swear this dream was not my idea. Something possess me to have it. That's what it is. But it's supposed to be normal right? I mean I am a teenage boy. So that's what happen. I woke up and I was sweating like crazy and it was hot. I can feel her lips on me. Soft and warm. I seriously needed a cold shower. This is so fuckin' screwed.

Back to reality. Maybe if I wanted to get rid of her I can just ask Michael for help. But I don't think it's possible. Then I hear some tapping noise on the window. It's definitely not Michael or Tess. They bang it on. Hard. Who the hell would come here anyway? Isn't it a school day?

Remember nobody. I will not let anybody in. No matter what. Exactly that's my plan. Right. More tapping noises. I lay down on my bed to hear more tapping noises. Don't they get it? I'm not home. Who the hell is tapping my damn window? It's getting annoying.

More tapping. "I know you're in there. Open up."

That really didn't sound like Michael or Tess.

"It's me Liz."

Wonderful. And then I get a flash of the dream. I groan. What have she done to me? I got up from the bed and walk towards my window. The only way to get rid of her is to let her yap away. I got rid of the blinds and unlock the window and there she is. She climb in and she's standing right in front of me.


I think she's crazy. Taping on my window, standing in front of me, say hi. This is unpleasant.


I just stare at her. I look down and slowly look up at her. Oh god. She has a black tank top on. The dream. My hands. I'm sweating. I look at her face. She's blushing a little. What the hell is she blushing about? Wait. I was checking her out. And I had that dream. I can't believe it. I think I'm blushing now. It feels hot in here. Doesn't it?

She's smiling. What the hell is she smiling?


"You look cute like that. Your ears are red too."

Hell no. She tugs on my ear. I move away from her.

"What are you doing here? School?"

"Yesterday night."

She wants to talk about yesterday night. Oh god. No.

"What about it?"

"There's a rumor."

I knew this was going to happen.



What? Testing. What the hell is that suppose to mean.


"I was the first one to kiss one of you."

She's getting shy now. She's biting on her lips. She shouldn't do that. That will seriously ruin her lips.

"Don't do that."


I touch her lips with my thumb. Yesterday, the dream. No. I pull my hand away.

"A habit."


"Who came up with the rumor?"

Michael definitely want this.


I nod my head.

"You should go."

She should really good before something bad happens. She's too close to me.


She turns around and climbs out. Now she's facing me. With me looking down and she's looking up.


She kiss me on my cheek. Lightly. And I'm wishing it was my lips. No. I didn't say that. She walks away and I locked my window. I lay down on my bed and thought of everything that just happened.


I'm going to San Fransisco tomorrow and probably be back on Thursday. So there's no update no nothing. Here's note for all my fanfic.

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September 11-- Part 5

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--To my Unhealthy Obsession Reader--

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Since you all know September's been one year. Can you believe it?

Part 5

Hideout: My room
Day 3

I spend the whole day yesterday in this place thinking about it. Thinking of this thing I have. These feeling. It's just so damn confusing. I never had them before. It's just's all because of that girl. So screwed up. I don't even know if it's a feeling or not. But I did say feelings. So it should be. This is so unreal.

It's all a fuckin' blur.

It's the 3rd day already and they're not here yet. They probably didn't hear about it yet. Which is good. It's normal for us not to see each other all that often. We disappear sometimes. We need time alone. We're not one of those atttachy feeling friends. Those are scary people.

I'm been watching soap operas. And man they're all the same crap. It always has to do with money, romance, jealousy, sex and killing. Damn these people who actually watch these things. I need to get one of those 200 channels thing. Something to amuse me. Um. Porn would be good. Oh god. No. No. I have this image of her right now. God damn it.

Next thing I hear is some banging noise coming from the window. The only Oh person that I know that bangs is Michael. He bangs....that didn't sound right. Ok. Oh crap. He's here. He's actually here.

I should open it.

I should.

"Maxwell, I know you're in there."

I shouldn't open it.

I shouldn't.'s so professional. Sounds like I'm a billionaire. Hey wait. That would be good. He only calls me that when he's pissed. Like back in 5th grade when I stole his baseball cards. Yeah we were one of those kids. But when 6th grade came we realize what a lame ass to collect it. We were part of them.

"Open up!"

It's the moment where you say to yourself, "It's either now or never."

It's also the moment where you say, "Be a man or run like a wuss."

I walk over to my widow. Open it. And Michael climbs right in. He gave me a look, which is like what the hell? What the hell were you thinking? And what the hell? I think according to Michael everything is kill and dead and what the hell?

"I went to school today to steal some needed art supplies and some slut comes up to me with an offer."

That must be a lot to say in one sentence. Most of the time it's about 3 or less. Wow. Michael must be amused. What kind of offer?

"I heard from Deluca that you and the chick started it."

What was the offer?

"Now tell me or it'll start."

First what's the offer and what's going to start?

I sat down on my bed while he's leaning against the wall. Here it comes.

"I was working, barbie wouldn't let go of me, Liz decide to butt in, then barbie said some things, and then I kissed her. To uh...piss her off."

I look at him for some kind of reaction. I wonder if he understands me.

What's the offer?

"What's the offer?"

"To test-screw her. Whatever that means."

Oh. Wow. Test-screw her. I lick my lips. Oh no. No. No test-screw her.

I don't think he cares what I did with her. He wants to know who.


I told you he wants to know who.

"Maria. Deluca."

He took out his pocketknife, "That blabbermouth. She's gonna get it."

And then he climbs out the window. I wonder what he's going to do. I wonder what the hell is going to happen. And I'm thinking poor poor Maria. She wouldn't know what hit her. Or stab her. She deserves it anyway. I think this whole thing went well. Except for Maria of coarse.

Ah, what the heck? The hell I care anyway.


I walk over to the food section of my room. What should I eat? I'm getting fat. I gotta exercise soon. I walk back to my bed, sat down and flip on the TV. Ah those darn good soap operas. Murder. Just when I'm enjoying my daily soap opera, I hear some sounds coming from my window. It's no tapping or banging sounds. It sounds like someone is trying to open the window. Who the hell wanna rob me anyway?

I turn back to the TV. Couple seconds past and there's Tess sitting on the windowsill. Half in and half out. She's holding a crow bar. She definitely knows how to come up with these stuff in her mind.

"You wanna sit there?"

She nodded her head.

"I know the story. I talked to her."

I nod my head. She gets right to the point. If not she manipulates them.

"I think that was sweet."

Sweet? Sweet are for wuss. I raised my eyebrow. She smiles.

"Just don't pull that stunt again."

"Yeah I know."

She hops in; grab a soda and some chips. She walks to the other side of my bed and sat down.

"Let's watch some soaps."

Mission accomplished.

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-Unhealthy Obsession Readers-

I wrote 3 pages on word. I just need about 4 or 5 more and then I sent it off to my beta and when I get it back then bam! There's a new part.

Kind good news right?

Here's the new part.

Part 6

Main Street

"Got it."

Michael slid in the credit card. Click. We're in.

"Let's go."

We walk quietly inside and shut the door.

"5 minutes."

I took out my flashlight. I flash it around and there are some flowers over in that corner. They sell flowers here? I didn't know that. I thought it was a pharmacy, which only sells medicine. Weird. There are red, yellow and white roses. White roses. And then I think of her. Damn it. What the hell does white roses have to do with her anyways?

"Got it."

"Let's move."

I walk towards the door and open it. There's a figure outside. It looks kind of a petite person. It's not facing us. I think. I walk quietly out the door towards the figure. And then I put my hands over the person mouth. You never know if it's going to make noise or not.

"Got you."

"What the hell are you doing?"

"We have to go."

"Get in the car."

"What? -"

"Take it with you."

All right gee. People sure get mean when they're stealing. I drag the person to the jeep. It's struggling like crazy. Somehow I got the person in the jeep.


It bit me.

"Damn it. Shut up."

"It bit me."

"You can take it big boy."

"Shut up Tess."

"We're god damn kidnappers now."

"Damn it."

"We steal. And we steal actual human beings. What the hell were you thinking?"

"Tess. Cut. The. Crap."

"Yeah. Yeah."

It hurts. And we're probably going to wake up the whole town. A few quiet minutes past before we got to Michael's place.

"Get in."

"Inside now."

I walk inside with the prisoner. The lights off. I can't see anything.

"Turn on the lights."

"Look for some chair and tapes and ropes."

"Pin it against the wall and quiet yapping."

What if it's a guy?

"What if it's a guy?"

"Then we'll call you gay."

I pin the person up the wall. This is really uncomfortable. Really it is. One hand over mouth and one hand holding her by the waist. Her? It feels like a her. It better be. God me pinning a guy. That is just not possible. The lights are on now. I turn around and look at them. Oh shit. There's Tess without her beanie thing covering her face. Like a mask.

"You blew out cover."

"What cover?"

She walks towards Michael and took it off of him.


Then she walks to where I'm standing and take mine off. Just great. She has some kind of smile on her face now. How the hell can you smile in this situation? I turn around to see who's the prisoner is and it's....




It's her. Of all people in the world it had to be her. Oh this is just great. I move my hand off her mouth and put her down a little so she's at least touching the ground.

"Max." this point it's going to be awkward. I can't just say 'Hey, what's up?'

"Come on Michael let's go to the living room."

I heard him grunt.

"You kidnap me."

"You bit me."

"I was scared."

"It hurts."

"What the hell were you thinking of kidnapping someone?"

"Who said I was thinking?"

"You're and idiot."

And you're no she's not.

"What were you doing out there by yourself at this time?"

I should play big brother now.



"You were stealing in a Pharmacy?"

"Michael needed some vitamins."

She nods her head and look at me weirdly.


"Um yeah. Me too. It's not like I wanted to kidnap you."

"I have my reason to bite you."


That was a little weird.

It's quiet right now except the noise coming from the living room. My hands feel warm. Weird. I look down at where it is. It's one of those 'oh shit' moment. I didn't even realize that I had my hands on her waist the whole time. No wonder it feels warm. I look up at her. She's looking down at where my hands are. All the embarrassment. I remove my hands from the warmness. Damn.


She just smiles. My face is heating up.


She tugs on my right ears.


"You look cute where you're embarrassed. Especially those red ears."

Not the ears. No. No. It's red? Am I blushing? I have to stop this whole touching feeling thing. She's causing this. She's the one who made me blush. Damn. Damn. Damn.

"I need to go home."

"Yeah..uh..I'll drive you."

We walk out the door and I got in the driver side and started the engine. It's quiet right now. It's not like we got anything to say or anything. I look at her. She shivers a little. And for some reasons I took off my jacket and hand it to her. I don't think she want to take it. But she did. I think she just sniff the collar or something. Does it stink?


"Where do you live?"

The CrashDown. I know it.


It took only a couple minutes to get there.

"I'm going to go up my balcony."

She must be sneaky. I nodded my head.

She got out the car and started walking towards the alley. It's dark. I should go with her. You know like make sure she's ok and nothing happen to her. Right right I should. I got out the car.


"What?" She turned around to look at me.

"Making sure you're ok."

"I'm fine."

"I'll walk you."


"End of story."

She huffs and wait for me to get there. I act like a kind person and I get a huff? It's like there's no point in doing good. Oh wait. The kiss was good. I did a nice thing and helped her. Shit. We're walking side by side.

"We're here."

I look up. Should I go up with her? Yes. No. Yes. No. She wouldn't want me to.

"You can go now."

I nodded my head.

I watch her climb up the latter. She got up and looks down at me.



I stated walking. White roses. I turn around and looked up. She's still there.

"Do you like white roses?"

I don't know why I ask her but I just had to. Those stinkin' roses.

"They're my favorite."

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Part 7

Time....Screw time

I decided to go back to school. To biology especially. I wonder if she's going to pretend like nothing ever happen. This whole thing is screwed. I kiss her, I check her out then I kidnap her. What's next? Hell lots of things happened in 2 weeks.

I walk to my locker to get my books. Without looking at them I know that they're starring at me and whispering. Pathetic fools. I should go to class early today. I just really want to know what she would do. Most people would do Plan A. So what's Plan A? How the hell would I know? The last time I had Plan A.... I didn't even use it. I walk in and look for her. She's there sitting in the back with him. That jock head Kyle Valenti. He's sitting in my seat.

I look at her and she looks like she's enjoying herself. Valenti makes her smile. Damn. And now she's laughing at his corny jokes. Valenti makes her laugh too. Double damn. What? I don't care if Valenti makes her do anything. She's not mine and I'm definitely not jealous. Never. I walk over to them and Kyle looks at me like I'm intruding.

He glares at me, "What the hell do you want?"

The hell I want anything from you.

"My seat."

He moved over to the other side of her and put his arms around her shoulders. Bastard. I sat down in my seat and listen to them. What else is there to do?

"So Liz, you going to 'The party'?"


"Well, when you get there look for me. I'll make it worth going."

That stupid jock line those stupid ass jock uses.


"See ya."

Can you believe that guy? Who the hell does he think he is? Not ever girl is a bimbo who falls for those "jock charm". But then again a lot of girls did. What can I say they're pathetic? That's way all of them end up crying for weeks and wish they would take them back. Stupid bimbos. But then again they want it. Confusing.

I turn to my right and look at her. She's looking at me. I turn back to face the front. In about 5 seconds everything is going to go back to normal. Like nothing ever happen before. We'll just be lab partners. And she might end up forgetting my name. And I will forget her name too. Mutual thing.


Damn it's not.

Me, "…."

This is weird. Uncomfortable. Strange. Bizarre. Odd. Off the wall. Unusual. Irregular. Abnormal. I don't give a damn. But it's different this time. I mean we actually had contact. Not just verbal but physical too. Oh god not physical. The memories. Dreams. And it's reality. This is screwed.

I look straight, in front of the class. Trying to listen to the damn lecture that started. I can feel her eyes on me. How can I feel it? There are always eyes on me. I'm getting kind of warm here. Just look in straight and nothing will ever happen.

Stop looking. It's uncomfortable. Strange. Bizarre. Odd. Off the wall. Unusual. Irregular. Abnormal. Weird. And it can go on and on. Where's the thesaurus? I should just say what she wants me to say. She always ends up making me anyway. Damn it.


Crap. I turn around and looked at her. She's smirking at me right now. I hate this.



Friday Night
Flying Pepperoni
7:27 pm

"You hate this place."

"I love it now."


"I love pizza."

"Pizza Hut delivery."

"I want sausage. What do you want?"

I shook my head. Me and Tess are here at a place ordering pizza. And it's not Pizza Hut pizza but it's Roswell, New Mexico Flying Pepperoni pizzas. This place is for guys like Kyle to take their date to. It's cheap and the pizza sucks. And the bizarre thing is that she drags me here. There gotta be a reason. Everything has a reason.


"Wipe my ass."

"Where's the toilet paper?"

"You ass wipe."

She's looking past me. She's probably looking at the entrance door. You know where you come in and eat sucky pizzas. She's looking for someone. Or waiting.

"Change seats."

"No, I wanna sit here."

"Come one Max."

"Man, you have problems. Fine."

She just smiles at me like we're going to enjoy the night. I got up and sat the other side of where I was once sitting. She looks at me and wait. What? I heard some laughing. I know that voice. I look past Tess and there they are. Her and Valenti.

"I told you."

No. She does not know anything about me and my mind. I don't care. How the hell does she know anyway?

"I don't care."


"You're the liar."

"We're both liars."

"Let's go. The pizza sucks."

"You know you wanna stay."

"Shut up."

"Did she see you yet?

I shook my head. How does she know? What the hell does Liz gotta do with me anyway? We should leave before this get worse.

"She's too into him to notice me."

I told the truth and it doesn't hurt.

"The truth hurts."

"No it doesn't"

"Keep thinking that."

"I will."

"We're going dancing."

UFOnics. That's where you want to be to go dancing. Yeah. I know. Dance like a fool. That's why everybody wants to go there. It's also an after dinner date getaway. These pathetic fools.

"You're kidding me right? Michael's gonna go with us? Holy shit."

"He got his own thing going on. They're going after dinner."

I look past Tess and she looks like she's having a good time.

"Who cares."

"You do."

"Let's go."

"Fine, we're going dancing."

"Sure we are."

We are not going dancing. We are going back to Michael's place and crash there and play games till we drop. And in those times I will not think about her. I will not even think about the time before we got to Michael's place it'll just be a dream that I will not remember. It's gonna work.

"We have to go now."

"What about the pizza?"

"Starve. We have to go now."

"Michael's place?"


Sometimes Tess is just impossible.

"Just once."

She smiles at me. "You won't regret it."

I will.


Part 8 on Page 18

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Part 8

9:02 pm

Before we made it to this horrifying place we went to a gas station and you know what we got? What we ate? Yes. The famous gas station microwave burrito. Delicious. And coke to go with it. Yeah and that happened a while ago. Damn. It just makes it more depressing. We're officially sitting upstairs on a couch where we can see everyone.

"Why are we still here?"

"Handling ourselves with all the free drinks."

They came in here way before us. That's good cause I don't want to know how they made their entrance. Of course, Tess wanted to come early and check out the place but I stalled her...long enough. It's break time, that's why there's no hammering loud techno crap music. How can people stand those?

"You haven't looked at them yet."

When we came in, I glue myself to the ground. Don't want no one looking at me, don't want no one recognizing me, don't want nothing.


She rolls her eyes. Took of sip of her coke and looked around...for them. I let out a sigh. I don't get it? Why the hell are we here and why the hell are we still here? Man, what the fuck is her problem. I narrow my eyes. Damn knife.

"Don't give me that look. You know you want to see them."

I hate this. I hate the fact that Tess knows me so well. And damn it I want to see them and smash that motherfucker.....

"Hey, we're not here to kick ass."

Damn it. The whole I know you thing just took place again.

"Did they dance yet?"

I can't believe I'm asking that question. I mean of course they already danced or what the hell are they doing in this hellhole for. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Tess tilts her head. "I knew you wanted to know." She smiles.

"Shut up."

The techno crap music starts again. Her smile goes wider and there's a glint to her eyes. Since she's sitting opposite of me, she leans in close to me. Took a sip at her coke. Lifted her eyes at me.

"They were practically groping each other out there, like some love monkey who wanted to screw like wild horses."

My face drops. Did I just hear what I think she just said? That my Liz, was out there groping that jock. And they wanted to screw like wild horses. No fuckin' way. I jump out of my seat and lean as far as I can, thank god there's a railing or I might of died trying to lean too far. I scan the crowd. There's no sight of them. I scan the dancing crowd again. And she's not there with him. I look on the other side where the tables are, and they're sitting there like normal people and not screwing like wild horses. Shit.

I heard laughing in the back. I turn back and face her with a smirk plastered on her face. I narrow my eyes at her. Goddamn knife.

"Tess, you are this close from getting your throat slit by me."

"And if you do slit my throat, what the hell are you gonna do? Sit on your ass all day and try to make up your mind?"

Yes. I'll be sitting on my ass all day trying to make up my mind with a knife clutched in my hand, dripping blood from it. And slowly it drips on to my nice looking carpet.

"See what I told you? Can't make up your mind. Let's go."

She grabbed me and drags me downstairs where the crowd is dancing and groping to that damn fuckin' techno music.

"Where the hell are we going?"


The music down here is way louder than the one upstairs. Damn I'm gonna blow. I wanna go back to my nice nifty place and sleep.

"Let's leave."

She drags me further into the crowd.



She stops and we're surrounded by people bumping into each other. They call this dancing? Tess gives me a questioning look and then her eyes go wide. I see her mouth moving but I can't hear nothing.


She points her finger behind me. I turn around and there they are. Freakin' dancing. And the hell I give a damn. Tess shakes her head. I drag her to the nearest exit. I wonder if Liz saw me.

3:34 pm

I got everything ready for the dinner rush. I look out the window. She's there, walking around setting the table. I walk to the back room, lie down on the couch and close my eyes. I'm tired. Only 4 hours of sleep. And it's all cause of Ben and Jerry. They and she made me stay up and talk. Talk about everything. How it happened. When it happened. When did she know and how. And what the hell is up with Michael. Yeah, me, Tess and Ben and Jerry. I think I can at least get half an hour of naptime right now.

I can hear her footstep walking back and forward in the other room. And now I think it's heading towards the backroom where I am. The door opens and she's headed for the kitchen. Who cares what she's doing. So Liz and Kyle. Kyle and Liz. That's good. Yeah. I gotta stop thinking. For some reason I couldn't hear her anymore. No rustling or anything. The next thing I know…water.

"What the fuck?"

My whole face is wet. What the fuck? I open my eyes and there she is. Standing there with a bucket of water. She smiles. I glare at her. I'm wet. Before I could get my revenge she pours more water on me. Not my head but down there. And it feels wet. What the hell is wrong with her? She stands there looking all innocent with the bucket by her feet. It's time for revenge. I got off the couch as quick as possible and went at her. I grab her around the waist and put her over my shoulders. Her ass right next to my face.

"Hey! Put me down!"

There is no way I'm putting her down. I walk out the other door, which leads to the back alley where the dumpsters are. Yeah. I'm gonna dump her like trash. Ok. She isn't trash. I can never call her that. I walk towards the dumpster and she's pounding on my back.

"Quit hitting me."

"Only if you let me go!"

Whatever, she gets what she deserved. Pouring water all over me. We're right in front of the dumpster and it stinks. Whew. I turn around so she's facing the dumpster.

"You see that down there, Liz?"

She just pounds her fist harder.

"That's where you're gonna go."

"I am not trash."

She stops hitting me.

"Tell me what I want to hear."

"No. Never."

I pretend to drop her and she screams. I swear this is getting fun.

"Don't you ever do that or else…."

I smiled at that. What she's gonna do to me anyway.

"Or else what?"

She doesn't say anything. So I decide against my original idea. I carry her back to the CrashDown. She's helpless, dangling in the air. But if her dad found out, I'd be out of job. And Kyle….nah he can't do nothing to me. We're inside now and I look at the couch it has some wet spot. I put her down. She collects herself by smoothing down her skirt and her hair. She looks up with her doe eyes at me and cross her arms.

"You can not treat a lady like that."

Ok? I blink my eyes. Is that suppose to be a lesson I should never forget? I chuckled.

"You think that's funny? Getting dumped in a dumpster full of trash?"

She's mad I tell you. She narrows her eyes at me.

"Then you shouldn't of dump water on me."

I'm gonna be the right one, not the wrong one with the mistake.

She bites down on her lips softly and she raises her hand. Before I realize what's going to happen her hand comes in contact with my face. And you can hear the slapping noise. She crosses her arms again. My hand goes up on to my left cheek. Ow. Stunned. Surprise. And shit I've just been slapped. No way. That's it.

I went at her again. This time I push her down on the wet couch. I pin her down. My legs between her legs so she can't kick me where it hurts the most. And her arms pinned over her head. My body presses against hers. She struggles. I win this time.

"Let go of me."

"And let you slap me again?"

"No, let me kick you in the groin."

"Well, that's not gonna happen, is it?"

I can't help but smile a little. Her hair is tousled around her and she's panting. The rise and fall of her body. Oh god. I looked down at her and she looks up at me. My eyes go down a little and stare at her lips. Her tongue comes out and licks her bottom lips. Oh god. Is she trying to kill me with her womanly ways? I groan. A little smile comes across her flushed face.


She breathes that out.


I manage that out of my mouth. I loosen my grip on her. The death of me. She leans up, trying to reach for me. So close now, I can feel her breath. I shouldn't. I know I shouldn't. But I can't. Isn't she with that guy? What's his name? Who cares. I lean down and close my eyes. My lips so close to touching hers. She leans up more. And then some banging noise interrupted us. I pull away quickly. Oh shit. That was so close. I hurried and got off of her and went into the kitchen. Damn, what time is it? She makes her way to the front of the restaurant and opens the door, changing the sign to open. Damn, really, what time is it? I look at the alien clock and it says 4:36. I run my hand through my wet hair.

Shit. And I'm hot.