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Connect two
Rating; Nc-17
Summary Liz has an Internet Connection with a mystery man who doesn't want his identity known, so she goes on a mission to find him.

Part 1

Liz looked blankly at the computer screen.

Dark says; Do you think we should we should meet?

It was typed in block capitals across her notebook. She folded up her legs in the chair suddenly a little hot and flustered.

She had been exchanging messages with the mystery man for almost 3 months now and she had told him every detail of her life. They both lived in Roswell but they left out the details of who the real names of their friends and family and where they lived.

Dark says; Sorry that was typed without thinking.

She relaxed slightly. It wasn't that she didn't want to meet him. She did but what if he didn't think she was as physically attractive as he wanted. Or maybe his mind was the only part that stimulated her, if you know what I mean. She thought quickly for a reply.

Vanilla says; No thats okay, maybe we should meet. Just not yet.

Dark says; Yea, thats a good idea, It is a bit soon.'

Liz ran her hand though her hair. And smiled at the screen, He always understood her. He knew she was unconfortable with the internet.

Vanillia says; Well it's 11.30, I have to sleep. I'll see you at school tommorrow, course I won't know it when I do. *happy*

Dark says; Lol, Sweet dreams babe.

Liz shut her lap top and stood up and raised her arms to stretch out her body. Who was he? She stopped mid stretch as she spotted her year book.

'I could probably work out who he is.' She mummered slightly to herself.

Should she? she thought. 'Wouldn't it ruin the suprise. She suddenly grinned, 'Who cared!' She quickly grabbed it and pounced onto her bed. She opened it and started to flick through..... Who was he?

She opened her notebook back up and opened Windows Word and typed in her title and potential people that Dark could be.

Adam Hart

Tom Pound

Michael Gurien

Scott Baker

The list contiued till she had about 40 male names. Ok maybe this wasn't gonna be as easy as she thought. But it could be kinda fun to be a detective, I could even enlist the help of my 2 best friends......

She grinned as she pressed speed dial on her phone....

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Part 2

Liz awoke before her alarm clock, as usual. It had become a daily occurance as she had started to take more care in her apperance. Which she knew was stupid because she knew she was doing it for Dark, yet he didn't know who she was and she didn't know who he was either... yet.

She picked up her list of men and scanned it quickly. There were a range of characters on this list but you know the saying, 'Never judge a book by its cover.' Maybe some of these guys weren't as geeky or scary as they seemed at school.
She folded it up and placed in her bag. She sat down at her computer to check her mail. One new Mail. It's funny how your heart starts racing after those 3 words when you are waiting for that one e-mail.

She opened it up to find it was infact from Dark.

Lunch time, School Net?'

She let out a invountary shrek then felt instantly stupid and immature but that counldn't stop the grin that spread across her face. He wanted to talk to her on the school instant messager during lunch.

She quickly opened her Vanilla e-mail and typed back that she would. And ran to her mirror to finish her lip gloss.

The beeping of Maria's jetta, made her grab her bag and bolt out the door before her parents could say 'Good Morning.'

Liz jumped into the back of Marias car and said hey to Maria and Alex.

'Hey Babe, So why the big grin?' Alex laughed at Liz's smiled that was stretched so far across her face that he was sure it was gonna hurt.

'No reason...' Liz laughed.

'Ok, Liz about this guy that you had us on the phone till 3am discussing. Are you sure he isn't a pyscho killer that is gonna chop you up into little pieces.' Maria started. 'I mean you hear about it all the time.'

Liz swallowed and turned serious, 'I know Maria, there is a big risk. Which is why I wanna work out who he is before we meet. I'll see if I can get some back ground details out of him without making him aware of what I'm doing.'

'Thats a good idea, but If you are meeting him at Lunch on the net, how are you gonna avoid seeing him. There is only one computer room.' Alex asked.

Liz bit her bottom lip, she hadn't thought of that.

Alex saw that she was stumped, 'How bout you borrow my lap top, I'm logged into the school net... course they don't know that I am but still....'

'Thanks Alex, your the best.'

'Ok kiddies here we are, now what's the plan?' Maria asked.

Liz pulled out 3 copies of her list she had printed out and handed them to Maria and Alex. She looked down at her own.

'Ok I've broke down who it could be, by the things I already know. He has one sister. He doesn't talk much. The problem is I don't know why he doesn't talk much, you see he could be a complete geek and doesn't want to draw attention to himself. Or he could be like the school bad ass and doesn't feel like he needs to talk. Or my personal favourite, he could be just shy.' Liz smiled dreamerly.

'So you can just watch them all for now until I get more details...' Liz smiled as she got out the car. 'Ok?'

'Got it!' Maria laughed, 'Oh this is gonna be so much fun.'


Michael looked down at his sister, Tess. Who was flirting shamelessly with Max again, who looked like he was in his own world completely ignoreing her.

'Hey Max, where we gonna go eat at lunch?' She asked in her usual whiney voice. Michael rolled his eyes, he never got on well with his sister, and he meant never. He nearly laughed at her when she heard Max's reply that he was staying at school during lunch since he had a job to do. When was she gonna get a clue, that she didn't have a chance in hell.


Max opened up his lap top in the science lab that he knew would be deserted. He logged on and searched for Vanilla, she was there waiting for him, like she promised. His heart involuntary skipped a beat as a message popped up on his screen.

Vanilla says; Hey you

Dark says; Hey.

Vanilla says; I'm glad you asked me here.

Dark says; I'm glad you met me.

Vanilla says; I've always wondered, why are you names Dark?'

Darks says; Ever felt like you were in the dark watching the world go by and never really participating....That's why.

Vanilla says; Why don't you come out into the light?'

Dark says; Circumstances.... I'll work on it. *happy*

Vanilla says; Now I feel stupid.....

Dark says; How come?

Vanilla says; Vanilla is my favourite flavour ice-cream, hence the name.

Dark says; I am honestly not laughing. Lol

Vanilla says; Jerk, Lol.

They both heard the bell at the same time.

Dark says; Tonight?'

Vanilla says; You can count on it.

They both logged of and got ready for their Bio lesson, but both unaware that they shared the lesson.

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Part 3

Liz spread all her information on Dark on her bed while Alex and Maria sat on the floor eating pizza.

'Ok, so let me get this straight, he is quiet and likes to stay in the dark.' Maria said bluntly. 'That only narrows it down to half on the guys at RH.

'Yea, but we have other infomation. He has one sister. A male best friend, who isn't like him. Other things that would help when we get the list down.' Liz tried to encourage her friends.

'Ok, so how are we gonna find out who he is?' Alex asked.

'Well..... I was gonna have a talk with each of these guys..and I'll try not to make it obiious..... y'know find out what there hobbies are, what they do till 12 at night etc etc.' Liz said quietly while crossing out some names on her list.

'How many males are actually on that list?' Maria asked, 'Cos I could flirt with a few... feel um out for ya.'

'There is about 21 all together.' Liz said, 'And yea, I'll tell you if I need you help with that.'

'Oo, how about you write down the male's sisters names and I'll ask them if their brother hangs out on the net at night or I'll find some other questions....' Alex said.

'Yea, that could work.' Liz smiled.

'Ok so we have a plan?' Maria asked while biting into her pizza.

'Yea!' Liz laughed.


Liz walked out into the quad during here Lunch period looking down at her list. Adam Hart was still at the top. She scanned the area and saw the cute blonde sitting under a tree in the far corner strumming his gutiar. She smiled and started to walk over there. She stopped when she heard her name being called.

'Liz,.. Liz!' She turned around and was faced with the one and only Max Evans. Now this was the perfect guy. Shame he never showed any interest. She smiled at him and raised an eyebrow quiestionally.

'Hey Max, whatsup?'

'Oh, I'm sorry to bother you but can I borrow your notes for bio. I was looking at mine last night and I realised there were absolutley teriable.' He smiled at her.

'Actually...' Liz paused, 'My head was kinda in the clouds yesterday and I was gonna ask you whether I could borrow yours..'

Max laughed, 'How about we show each other our notes and see if we can come up with something.'

'Sure, That would be great. Do you wanna do it now?'

'Yea, we can go in the bio lab if you want.'

'That will work. Let me grab my notes and I'l meet you there. K?'


Liz sighed and looked over at Adam, who had swopped his guitar for Carman Lorez. They were sat against the tree making out at full force. She laughed and quickly scribbled out his name. Next Michael Gurien.


Dark says; How was your day?'

Vanilla says; It was good. Except we had a pop quiz in Algerbra with I didn't really study for.

Dark says; I'm sure you did fine.

Vanilla says; I hope so, I can't wait for collage. Do you wanna go to collage?'

Dark says; Sure, but I'm kinda a homebody so I don't know whether I'll leave NM.

Vanilla says; Wow, but you sound really intelligent. Don't you want to go to an Ivy league collage?'

Dark says; I guess I don't really have a plan.

Vanilla says; What do you want to do in life?

Dark says; Well I like Science, I wouldn't mind doing Medicine or something.'

Vanilla says; Okay so we have a subject. What area of Medicine?'

Dark says; I would like to work with kids. What about you... Do you have a plan?'

Vanilla says; Yea, I've had a plan since I was 7 years old. Harvard. Micro-biologist.

Dark says; Wow, your aiming high. You must be really intelligent.

Vanilla says; I like to work hard. Unlike some people, I actually like school! God I'm a dork. Don't laugh. *happy*

Dark says; Don't worry, I like school too. We can be dorks together. Lol. So I guess you favourite subject is Bio then... since you want to be a Micro-biologist.

Vanilla says; Yea, I love biology but I have lost my concentration lately. I actually had to redo my notes in the bio lab at lunch with my partner.

Max froze... He gulped and covered his hand over his mouth. Ohmygod.... The girl who he had been talking to is the one and only Liz Parker. Could he get any lucker? He didn't know what to say. She didn't know who he was but he knew who she was.. Should he tell her that he knew? No. I can't do that....

Vanilla says; Dark??? You okay???

Max smiled a full blown smile. Life was good. *happy*

Dark says; Yea, actually... I don't think my life could be any better. *happy*


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Part 4

Liz sat at her desk in bio scanning her list. Okay today she would talk to Michael Gurien. He had one sister, Tess. His best friend Max was nothing like him. And some of the other stuff matched as well.

She turned and smiled at Max as he took his place next to her. He grinned at her. Someone's in a good mood, she thought to herself. Ok back to the list... who else could I check out.

'What you doing?' Max asked as he looked down at her list and notes.

'Ummmm.. just sorting some things out for umm..... yearbook. Yup the yearbook.' Liz stuttered.

'Oh... what are you sorting?' Max asked.

'I'm just er.... finding out there back ground and stuff... Say, you know Michael Gurien right.'

'Yea, he's my best mate, why?'

'Does he have the internet at his house?'

Max grinned now understanding the real reason for the list. He looked down and sure enough his name was further down. 'No, no he doesn't.'

Liz looked thoughtful for a moment then grinned, 'Ok!' and she scribbed out his name.

Max raised his eyebrows in pretend question.

Liz swallowed and tried to think of an excuse, 'Err well we were thinking of putting it on the internet but if some people don't have the internet, then whats the point right.'

'Right....' Max smiled and looked away before Liz could see the amusement in his eyes.


'Ok, so I've managed to scratch off Michael, Tom and Matt.' Liz smiled as she sat down for lunch with Alex and Maria.

'And I've managed to scratch of Chris, Liam and Greg but... I found out from Tim and Frankie's sisters that they do in fact spend alotta time on the net.' Alex said.

Maria shuddered at the thought of Frankie and Tim, 'Ergg Liz if they are you mystery guy... I'm gonna have to put my foot down and sat No way!'

'That leaves us with Harry, Luke, Patrick, Max, Vince and Denny.' Liz smiled, 'Wow we have really narrowed it down!'

'Hey you said his fav subject was Science right...' Maria said.


'Well that kinda knocks out Vince and Harry right... they are more English, History people right?' Maria smiled, 'Hey I have a really bad idea...'

Liz gulped, did she really wanna hear this?? 'What?'

'How bout we break into the the careers room and find out the records on Luke, Patrick, Max and Denny.... Couldn't hurt right....'

'No way Maria, uh huh, I'm not putting my perfect record in jepordy because of something so stupid...'

'I don't know Liz, It wouldn't take much...' Alex sighed.

'Alex tell me you aren't with her on this... it's a incrediabally stupid idea..!'


'I can't believe I broke my meeting with Dark, so we could break into school, I have to be a special kinda stupid.' Liz whispered to Maria in the dark.

'Hey, hey, this is so worth it.. plus I've always wanted to be a bad ass!'

A cough interupped there conversation as the security guard raised an eyebrow at the two girls in black cat suit costumes.

'Busted....' Liz sighed.

I can't believe we have been suspended for a week!' Liz yelled at Maria!


Vanilla says; I'm not very well and so I won't be at school for a week.

Dark says; I hope it isn't serious...

Vanilla says; No it's just the flu, I'll be fine.

Dark says; Why do I have this feeling that you aren't telling me something....

Vanilla says; How do you know me so well?? It's like I can't lie to you about anything!

Dark says; That's a good thing though right... If you don't want to tell me then don't.. It's okay. *happy*

Vanilla says; Thank you Dark.

Dark says; Are you going to Winter Formal?

Vanilla says; I haven't been asked.

Dark says; well...... how about we meet there... As a date...'


Short little part for Nana.

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Part 5

Max sat down in lab and wasn't suprised that Liz wasn't there, she was 'ill'. And the fact there were rumors going around that Liz and Maria had been suspended had nothing to do with it. He was actually worried, why had she been suspended. It wasn't something that would ever happen to Liz. The rumour was she broke into school.....He looked over at Alex who was also on his own since Maira wasn't there. He motioned him over, Alex picked up his stuff and moved over to Max.

'What happened to Liz and Maria?' Max asked their best friend.

Alex smiled, 'God it's funny.. don't tell anyone, Liz would kill me but Maria had an idea and basically they got caught breaking into school.'

Max looked slightly shocked, 'Why would they break into school?'

'Oh Liz wanted some info on some people and Maria thought they could get it in the councellers office.' Alex shrugged.

'Oh shit........' Max sighed as he rubbed his hand over his face, realising the info she wanted.

'You alright man?' Alex asked.

'I can't believe she took it that far..' Max muttered.

'Took what... wait... what are you talking about.'

'I take it Liz told you and Maria about Dark..'

Alex swallowed, 'She told you too?'

'No, I am him. I worked out who she was but she doesn't know I know. She obivously wants to find out who I am.. right..?'

'Yea, she does. I can't believe your him! She was crazy about you before all this Dark thing and still is now.'

'Really,' Maz grinned. 'Thats cool... We are meeting at the Winter Formal.'

'Yea I know, she's real excited.' Alex laughed.

' Really?..don't tell her that you know who I am..'

'Oh I won't!'


Maria sat on Liz's bed that day, 'I can't believe we got suspended and the best cover you could come up with was.. I left my pencil here. Actually now I think about it.. I can believe we were suspended.'

'Shh Maria, Dark has logged on.'

'Oo Oo, let me chat...'

Pixie says; Hey Dark.

Dark says; Hey.

Pixie says; I'm Vanilla's friend.

Ah it's Maria, Max thought.

Dark says; Is Vanilla there?

Pixie says; Nope. I'm just chattin to you till she gets back with the ice-cream.

Dark says; Oh right, well okay.

Pixie says; Do you have a best firend?

Dark says; Yea, he's sat here playing on my PS2.

Pixie says; Ask him if he has a date for Winter Formal.

Dark says; Ok...

Max looked over at his friend, 'Hey Michael, I'm talking to Maria Deluca, she wants to know whether you are going to Winter Formal.

'Yea, I might..'

Dark says; Yea he is.

Pixie says; Ask him if he wants to meet me there.

Dark says; but you don't know who he is..

Pixie says; I might of had a chat with someone from Bio.

Dark says; oh right ok..

'Hey Michael, Do you wanna meet her there like a date?'

'Sure, I don't care.'

Dark says; He says okay.

Pixie says; Oh right cool. I have to delete this, Liz is coming back.


After two hours of talking to Dark, she was incrediablly happy and content even though she wasn't allowed to leave the house, and the only activity she was allowed to do was work, she felt great. She had had to beg and plead with her parents to let her go to the Winter Formal. But they had finally relented and said yes but she was now voluntering at the senior citzens home twice a week in agreement. But she didn't mind, it would look good on her collage application.

She looked over at Maria's sleeping form in the middle of her bed, 'how does she always manage to take up all the room!' Liz pulled out the couch and layed down, pulling her blanket over her.

She started to fall in to dream land, with the last coherent thought being, I wonder why when I think of Dark, I get Max Evans face.' She smiled 'Must be cos they were both her dream men.' *happy*

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Dark says; but you don't know who he is..

Pixie says; I might of had a chat with someone from Bio.

Dark says; oh right ok..


Hey, Maria is saying she had a chat with someone from bio... Alex.
So she knows its Max. Max knows its Maria, she was just letting him know she knew cos Alex told her. *happy*
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Part 6

Liz smiled and flirted with one of the last guys on the list. Mentally rolling her eyes at what a bone head this loser was. 'God I hope it isn't him.' She turned back round to face the front of the bio lab. Max sat down quietly next to her.

'So first day back, you okay?' Max asked with a secret smile.

'Ok ok, I know the rumours. Yes I did get suspended and no I really don't want to talk about it.' Liz smiled.

Max held up his hands in defense, 'Hey I was just asking.' Then he spoiled his innocence by laughing.

'Oi, cheeky.' Liz poked him but he just laughed more. 'So do you have a date for Winter Formal?'

'Yea, yea I do actually.' Max's eyes took a dreamy gleme.

'Oh, ' Liz heart broke just a little at that thought, 'That's cool, Do I know her?'

Max froze, what was he suposed to say, yea actually you do. Funny story it's you! I don't think she would aprove. He turned to give her an answer but was interupped by the teacher telling them to settle down. Thank god.

Vanilla says; Hey Dark, I'm real excited about meeting you.

Dark says; Yea me too. *happy* So do I meet you at the formal or do you want me to pick you up at the crashdown?

Vanilla says; Yea the crashdown would be great...

At the crashdown?? Ohmygod he knows who I am!

Vanilla says; YOU KNOW WHO I AM!

Max openly grimace, 'Shit how did he let that slip!'

Dark says; No I don't..... okay maybe I do Liz. ;)

Vanilla says; Thats so unfair, who are you then?

Max smiled at the computer screen as he typed,

Dark says; I'll tell you at the Formal. Nite Liz. xxx

Vanilla says; Oh no you don't... tell me.

Dark has signed off.

Liz screwed her face up in frustration, 'How did he know it was her!'

'This so not happening....' Liz flopped down on her bed with a sigh.

'Ok I'm Liz Parker... All I need is a plan.' She thought to herself. She unconsiously picked up the list of men she had left on her sheet and smiled at the ringed MAX EVANS with little hearts around it. God I'm so pathetic. She hit speed dial and Maria's perky voice answered.

'Maria I need your help.'


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