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hey guys! hehe, look, I'm back on the fanfic bandwagon! anyway, for those of you who read Stranglehold, I might have something up for that soon. I just sort of lost my main idea/flow for the story and that's why I sort of disappeared. that and my computer was messed up for the majority of the summer. but...I liked this idea, and decided it was time to stretch out my writing muscles again. so tell me what you think! and if I should continue *happy*

Title: Switching Souls (for now...I really couldn't think of anything else but if you guys have any ideas...)
Rating: PG-13ish
Category: M/L AU
Disclaimer: Yeah...I don't own anything!
Summary: Mmmm...don't really have one yet. But you can get the basic jist from reading the challenge below *happy*

The alternate podsquad challenge issued by LittleBit:

1. Starts out where the pilot did but instead of Max, Isabel, and Michael being the aliens Liz, Alex, and Maria are. Tess takes over for Kyle as the soon to be Ex.

2.Liz and Alex are brother and sister as can be Max and Isabel.

3.You can set up the healing scene but Liz must heal Max

4. You can use any of the story lines in Season 1 but you have to have the FBI/White Room and the destiny part. Kyle of course is the fourth alien.

5. Liz is queen.

6. Although Kyle pursues Liz eventually (even the end) they become like brother and sister.



“Okay, I have got one Sigourney Weaver, that’s for you. And one Will Smith. Can I get you guys anything else? Green martian shake? Blood of alien smoothie?” Liz Parker chirped in a falsely chipper voice. A tiny shudder reverberated down her spine; she hated this job.

“No thanks. We’re good.” The man glanced up at her, peering at her silver alien antennae before exchanging a look with what Liz could only assume to be his girlfriend, the pair both dressed outlandish X-Files fanatic garb. She could easily guess why.

“Are you guys here for the crash festival?”

“Yea…can’t wait!” The woman peered around the room before lowering her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “So does your family come from Roswell? Any…” She swept her glance around the room again. “…alien cover-ups that you might know of?”

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Enjoy your meal.” Liz replied with a bit of underlying sarcasm before turning away from the now indignant customers. Gosh, I hate tourists.

“You are sooo bad, girl.” Maria DeLuca muttered, falling into step next to her best friend. “What ever happened to common courtesy?”

“Oh, don’t even get started! You know you hate people like that just as much as me.”

“Ah, but the tips make up for any character flaws m’dear. You might get more if you were nicer.” Maria wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“Don’t you have tables to wait on?”

“Yeah, whatever…they can wait. But I think table number six is waiting for you.” Maria said with a wink. “Oh and Max Evans is staring at you again.”

Liz snuck a sideways peek at the table that Max sat at. Lo and behold, his eyes were trained on the cherry coke that had the luck of holding his attention. The way he’s just holding that cup…that shy smile…those EYES…I wish I could be his cherry coke… An involuntary sigh slipped from her lips as she turned her gaze back at Maria. “Maria, that is so in your imagination.”


“Dude, she’s checking you out.”

“Michael, don’t be so rude.” Max Evans whispered sharply to his best friend, Michael Guerin, a bright red blush spreading across his cheeks. “Liz Parker? This? No…not happening.”

“Oh give me a break. You have the hots for the girl. Go for it.”

“Michael!! Even if I would…I’m still going out with Tess. I mean…she’s…cool. She appreciates me.”

A snort of a laugh escaped the other boy’s lips. “Yeah, she’s a real poodle.”

“I know you don’t like Tess.” Michael gave Max a pointed look. “Okay, so you hate Tess. But I mean…”

His sentence was interrupted by a sudden outburst of yelling from the other side of the restaurant. Max shuffled around his seat, trying to get a better view of what was going on.

“You ask me to give you another day??!! You’re running out of time!” roared a burly, and downright scary looking trucker. “I want the money today! Not tomorrow!” A loud crash of plates against the ground accented his point.

“Max!” Michael uttered, the color draining from his face. He took in the view of the gun that suddenly appeared in the other man’s hands. Fear gripped his throat and he slipped quickly to the ground. Why wasn’t Max following his lead? “MAX!”

Screams sporadically cried out as the other patrons saw the weapon. The clatter of plates, shifting of tables, and the muffled cries of the people lying against the floor bit into the tension of the room. Max looked around in an almost detached manner. Damn it Max, you idiot, get on the ground! Why are you still looking around? his inner voice cried out futilely.

His thought process suddenly froze as the sharp crack of gunshots rang out around him. Chills shot straight to his heart as he suddenly crumpled to the ground, clutching his stomach, which was suddenly numbing with pain. As he landed in a pile under the table, his eyes rolled heavenward.

Was this the way it would end?

The light before his eyes darkened quickly, only the almost inaudible whisper of his name reaching his subconscious before the sudden shield of death slammed down around him.


oh and sorry so short. just trying to get some ideas going before going on too much *happy*

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oh wow! I didn't know I'd get such a reception *happy*. thanks guys, for the feedback. and LittleBit, I was glad to accept the challenge. I know it'll be fun to write. and ideas-wise...I'm still mulling over an alt. story line...since this IS a different podsquad, you can't very well stick the same story on them, can ya? I'm in the middle of writing part two, and I'm already switching around a few things....I hope you guys will find the change good to the story. look for the next part soon! and thanks for reading *big*
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you know what? you guys sumpremely rock. in fact, you rock so much, I'm going to post part two right now *happy*. tell me what you think. and oh, these beginning parts will be a little shorter because I'm following more closely to the actual storyline. once I get to a point where I can break free from the show, they'll get longer...more imaginative? anyway, just enjoy *big*


“What in the hell was that!?” Maria’s fear-stricken whisper hissed into her ear. Liz squeezed her eyes shut. Those weren’t gunshots. They weren’t lying on the floor of the diner in fear. Nobody was hurt.

Liz slowly opened her eyes, almost desperate for her thoughts to ring true. “No…” the anguished word slipped from her lips. She stared straight ahead, at the stilled form of Max Evans. “No…no…not Max…” She struggled to her hands and feet, much to Maria’s dismay.

“Liz! What are you doing?” She said sharply, her vise-like grip preventing Liz from rushing towards Max.

“I’m going to heal him, what do you think I’m going to do? I can’t let him…”

“Liz, you can’t.” The pleading in her eyes had no effect on the petite brunette. “You know what’s at stake here.”

“I have to.” She pulled her arm away and skittered across the room. She paused when she saw Michael huddled over his best friend. Liz touched his arm lightly. His head whipped up, eyes filled with confusion when he saw Liz crouched besides him.

“Let me see him Michael.”

“No…I...” he croaked, voice hoarse with emotion. Maria appeared next to her friend, her eyes narrowed in thought.

“Michael,” Maria’s voice was full of compassion. “Come here…Max is okay…he’s just knocked out….” The spiky-haired boy leaned involuntarily in the blonde’s direction until the girl finally was able to pull him away, still in his daze. Maria turned around slightly, giving Liz a quick nod.

Liz gave a quick sigh of relief, happy that Maria managed to use her meager mental powers to pull the shell-shocked boy from the scene. After a quick second of dwelling, she turned her attentions towards Max, who lay cold and still….lifeless. Her trembling fingers pulled up the blood-soaked front of his soft gray sweater, exposing the wound, which stood out in stark contrast against the now pale bluish flush of his skin.

“Oh my God…” a woman’s voice said loudly, shock coloring her words.

“Hey, get back!” Maria’s voice snapped amidst the sounds of pushing and scuffling.

“Max…” she whispered into his ear, ignorant of the pandemonium and chaos that rang out behind her. “Max…can you hear me?” His eyelids began to open slowly. “Good…Max…I need you to look at me.” She slipped a hand against his cheek, pushing his face towards hers. Liz placed her other hand against the oozing wound as she gazed straight into his cloudy eyes.

A sudden streak of pain permeated her body as she felt his feelings rip through her body. Hurt. It hurt so much. Life. Slipping away. So many things to do. Yet, there was no more time. And then it came.

The first rush of images flew through Liz’s mind, clipped and blurry, but familiar.

The first day of third grade.

Holding Alex’s hand tightly while stepping off the bus.

Spotting Max Evans playing ball with his friends.

Max. Another clip of him throwing a ball towards Michael.

Max. Helping Liz up after she tripped on a rock in the playground.

Max. His childish grin directed straight towards Liz.

Max. Max. Max.


“Liz…!” Max gasped, sucking in a life-saving breath of air. She shakily removed her hand from his abdomen. His skin regained its bronze luster and where the gaping wound used to be, smoothness replaced. Suddenly, his skin burned her fingers, the bewildered warmth in his eyes made her feel self-conscious. She shook off the feeling.

“Your alright now. You’re all right…” Liz muttered in a ragged whisper, her eyes darting to and fro, avoiding Max Evans’ burning gaze.

Her searching eyes fell upon the bottles of ketchup in the booth. Quickly grabbing one off the table, she broke it in half and poured its contents over his stomach. “If anyone asks, you broke a bottle when you fell, spilled ketchup on yourself.” Liz stumbled onto her feet, pulling Max up with her. She met Maria’s eyes, who still hung on to Michael, and beckoned her over.

“Don’t say anything…” she let herself look into his amber depths for a quick second. “Please.”

Max continued to stare at her, even while Maria pulled him alongside Michael and out of the café. With a shuddering sigh, she collapsed on the ground, tears pricking the insides of her eyes.

“Miss Parker?”

She looked up. Damn it.

“I have a few questions for you.” RosPD Head Kathleen Topolsky returned Liz’s surprised stare with a suspicious one of her own.


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iceprincess -- you wanted fic? you got it *wink*

*small note: well guys, I hope you enjoy this part...I've just been on a writing spree with this baby! all thanks to the wonderful mind of LittleBit *happy*. anyway, mmmmm...thanks for all the support so far. you guys ROCK. and about topolsky, I thought since we're switching ppl around, it'd be interesting to write her in another role, don't ya think *big*? and maria is going to seem a little b*tchy in this part. but mind you, she's playing michael's role in this story, so she has the right to be a b*tch sometimes. but since she's a girl, she'll be a bit softer on the anger I suppose...until I mix michael into the equation *wink*. anyway, enuf talk from me. just read!*


The jetta screeched to a halt in front of the Evans house, jarring the backseat occupants in surprise. A stone-faced Maria DeLuca briskly exited the driver’s seat and pulled the two stupefied teenage boys out behind her.

“Maria…what are…” Michael started before Maria slapped a hand on his mouth. He quickly got the point and stood with a sullen look on his face, avoiding Maria’s smoldering glare. That one’s going to be trouble… she thought disdainfully.

“Liz? Is she okay?” Max’s soft voice broke through the thick tension. Maria sighed, sympathy evident in her stance.

“She’s…alright. Are you okay?” she answered, glancing at the red stains that covered his chest.

Max looked down, almost in surprise, before nodding slowly, his finger toying with the hole in his sweater. “Yeah…I think…there are just…” He sighed. “…a lot of things I don’t understand.”

Maria placed a gentle hand on his arm and nodded in understanding. “I know…but I promise. You’ll get an explanation. Just…get some rest. I have to go back and see how Liz is.” She cast a contemptuous look towards Michael. “You look after him. Don’t say a word or else…”

Michael nodded stiffly and pulled Max into the house, slamming the door behind him. Maria gave a frustrated sigh before gunning her Jetta down the silent residential road and back to the Crashdown Cafe.


“I have a few questions for you.” Topolsky said in a hard voice. Liz silently cursed; if there was anyone that would stir up trouble from this, it would be Topolsky.

Kathleen Topolsky was known as Stonewall Topolsky, a nickname that was justified by her relentless way of dealing with cases, be they big or small. She showed no mercy towards anyone and that managed to frighten half the town into staying straight and narrow, lest they wanted to face the music. She worked her way up the system before finally landing head of the department a couple years ago, the tip of the iceberg of her fifteen-year career.

Just her name struck fear in the hearts of Roswellians.

Liz hated the feeling, the loss of control, but she was afraid.

“I’m sure you would…we’ve just been through something horrible.” Liz answered softly, intentionally adding a bit more emotion to her answer. Unfortunately, Topolsky didn’t care.

“I understand Miss Parker. Could you tell me what happened here today?”

“Well,” Liz started, chewing on her lip in thought, “I was just waiting tables like I usually do when suddenly, a fight broke out on the far side of the restaurant. By the time I hit the ground, I heard the gunshots go out and then they were gone.”

“Mm…was anyone hurt in this incident?” Her probing eyes seemed to look straight through Liz.

“Not that I know of. A lot of people were pretty shaken up.”

“Yes, I can see that.”

“Lizzie!” Jeff Parker rushed into the café, pushing through questioning officers and frightened patrons to his daughter’s side. Alex Parker followed his father close behind, his face filled with an obvious dread. Officer Topolsky turned away to talk to a few deputies, letting the family have some privacy.

“Daddy, I’m okay…I’m just a little shaken up.” Liz managed a small smile in order to prove her point.

“Are you sure Liz? You look…” Alex trailed off, his eyes boring into Liz’s. She could read his worries easily. Are we safe?

“I’m fine.” Liz said firmly. She would have to break the news to Alex later…the current time was just too fragile to accept any more shocks. And boy, was her news for Alex a shocker.

“I’m sorry Mr. Parker,” Topolsky interrupted smoothly. “Mind if I have a couple more words with your daughter before I’m on my way?”

“Go ahead Ms. Topolsky. Anything to get to the bottom of this travesty.” Mr. Parker agreed quickly, pecking a kiss atop his daughter’s head and proceeding to assess the damage to the café.

“Miss Parker,” the older woman said in a deliberate voice. “My deputies say café patrons saw the young man in the line of fire of one of the gunshots. Is that so?”

Liz mentally frowned before answering in a convincing voice. “No, everyone seemed okay…perhaps in the heat of the moment, everyone panicked and believed that they saw something else?”


“Excuse me! Officer?” The couple of wacky tourists Liz had served earlier managed to push their way through the milling officers at the crime scene and all the way up to the obviously pissed off Topolsky.

“What the hell are these tourists doing here?” She addressed a nearby officer angrily.

“Sorry ma’am. We tried to keep them out but they kept coming back…” he replied apologetically, shrinking away from her stare.

“The name’s Larry…and this is my girlfriend Jennifer.” Larry started, grinning nervously. “We were just looking at this far wall here, and there’s just something we can’t quite place.”

“What do you mean?” Topolsky asked, leaning closer, obviously hungry for more clues.

“Well…the trucker shot off his gun twice. One in that direction,” Jennifer pointed towards the kitchen. “And one over here.” She waved a hand towards the wall facing the group. “Now, me and Larry found the bullet hole for the first shot, but where’s the second one?”

Liz tensed up during the exchange, every sense humming in a mixture of fear and anticipation. Topolsky swung her eyes towards the girl. “That’s a good question.”

“I’m sorry Officer,” Alex strode in, cutting off the conversation easily. “but my father and I both think that we should get Liz back upstairs for some rest. This day has been a hard one on all of us…so if you don’t mind, I’ll just take my sister and you can continue your investigation here as long as want.” He gave a charming smile to the tourists standing nearby. “I’m sorry, but my father wants to close the place up so the police can have more space. I can just escort you out too.”

Liz smiled inwardly, thankful for Alex’s timely save. She could barely suppress a smile at Topolsky’s frown as Alex quickly ushered out the tourists before they could get a word edgewise. Gosh, she loved her brother.

He came back swiftly, and without so much as a nod, slipped his arm around Liz’s shoulders and walked into the backroom.

“Thanks bro,” Liz said with a smile as she sunk into the couch cushions. Alex nodded, pacing back and forth, his eyes still alit with questions. He raked a hand through his short brown locks before pausing.

“Would you like to tell me what’s going on?”

“Two guys were shooting guns at each other…everyone freaked…it was just an accident.”

“Liz,” Alex’s tone changed from questioning to hard. “Something happened. I have ears, and I heard Topolsky talking with those tourists about a missing bullet. Now let me ask you again. Will you tell me what’s going on?”

“Is this supposed to be some freakin’ investigation now Alex? If I wanted one, I would of stuck with Topolsky.” Liz fumed, clenching her hands into fists. The sudden emotion of the whole situation seemed to slam into her face at once with Alex’s questioning.

“Lizzie, I’m sorry,” he whispered, sinking down on his knees next to her. “It’s just that…you know it’s dangerous. And if something happens, then you have to let me know…let us all know, so we can work it out. I have to look after you and Maria, and I can’t not worry if you start keeping things from me.”

She lowered her head in thought, her hair effectively shielding her face from Alex’s searching eyes. Liz let out a resigned sigh.

“She saved Max’s Evans’ life and now we’re all in deep shit.” Two pairs of brown eyes flung up in surprise to meet the face of one angry and pissed off Maria DeLuca.


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haha, thanks for all the great feedback you guys! I'm glad you're enjoying the fic so's really great motivation for writing more *happy*

Calinia -- *big* wow! so many questions! but good ones indeed *happy*. concerning Max and Liz...I'm going to be changing the storyline depending on what my imagination comes up with, but I'll be keeping the pivotal moments of the show (aka "It was you..." and *teehee* sexual healing *wink*) and rewriting them to fit this fic. like what you saw with the healing. you and Jenn cracked me up with the whole michael as maria comment...goodness gracious, let's see what I can do *happy*.

on maria, I decided not to make amy the scum of the earth and a child abuser and such. just because I can't see her that way! instead, I'll be exaggerating her hippieness...we'll see how that turns out.

on royalty, liz is the queen of antar, but of course she doesn't know that yet. alex is indeed her brother and maria is her second in command...when kyle comes into the equation later, then they will complete the "royal four". however, I'm going to change their story...make it a little different from the one we know. also, I'm making liz a bit more stronger in her, I love max and all, but sometimes the things he did just set my teeth on edge. my liz won't be as 'weak' to destiny as max was.

anywayyyy......hope that answers some questions and look for another update tonight!

phyl *angel*
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hey chica! yeah, I thought I recognized your username from somewhere too *happy*. blahhhhhhh! my domain decided to go wonky on me at the beginning of the summer and then I found myself insanely busy and pretty much unable to get on the computer and do anything. but I'm getting a bit more time lately, and I'm hoping to reopen fade to blue by the end of this month *big*. you'll get an email if I do...anyway, yeah, thanks for reading this babe! you rock!

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aw guys, thanks for bumping! *embarassed glance* did I say I'd post last night? I really meant this night (actually, I fell asleep....but yeah *happy*). so yes, here's part 4A...I'm sort of re-organizing the latter part of the chapter but I didn't want to keep you guys waiting! so enjoy *big*


“Maxwell, what the hell happened between you and Liz?” Michael shot at Max angrily, barely leaving enough time for the door to slam shut behind him. “First I see you on the ground, covered in…in…blood! And then a couple moments later, you’re okay? What is…”

“Michael,” Max replied, tired. “I don’t want to talk about it.” He quickly ascended the stairways without a word and entered his room, collapsing face down on the bed. Michael followed suit, entering the room a few seconds later.

“Max, something happened in the Crashdown today. Something weird. We gotta find out what it is.” He paced agitatedly in front of Max’s still facedown form, his face scrunched up in thought.

“You know what? Since when did his even concern you?” Max had rolled onto his back and rose from the bed. He flicked the hem of his sweater up to reveal his healed stomach, still stained with blood, pointing at it angrily while he unleashed his pent-up anger towards Michael. “Were you the one shot today? No. Were you the one bought back to life? Hell no. If anyone wants to figure anything out right now, that would be me and on my own time. And I say that now is NOT a good time, you understand?”

“Max?” His voice was a mere whisper.

“What?” he answered irritably.

“Look.” The boy pointed towards Max’s pulled up sweater, eyes wide with a mixture of trepidation and awe. Max followed the line of Michael’s finger, choking back a strangled gasp as he took in the supernatural sight before him.

Where the trucker’s bullet was previously lodged, a single silver handprint glowed softly its stead.


“Wh-wh-what is she talking about?” Alex stuttered out, all color fleeing his lanky frame. The room had started to spin. Oh man, how it spun…

“Upstairs. NOW!” Liz barked out, her commanding tone hard enough to illicit the tiniest of cringes from her two companions. Alex was the first to race up the stairwell, looking as if he was ready to retch. Maria followed quickly, a begrudging look on her face, but thankfully silent. Liz hesitated before following them up, flutters of doubt careening crazily around her stomach. Granted, the speech she had prepared in her head sounded fine…and she had only good intentions when she healed Max…well…if that was what you call love…wait, did she just say love? The sudden sound of fabric tearing resounded from the upstairs. Damn it, Maria was going to eat her alive.

“Okay Parker. You can do this.” she muttered to herself as she walked up the stairs. She paused in the doorway of her room; Alex was an absolute mess, covered in feathers and clutching her bedsheets in, still, utter shock. Maria paced agitatedly around the room, probably trying really hard not to blow something up. Liz had to give the girls props on that one. As of that moment, only one down feather pillow was victimized, its guts spilled across Alex’s immobile body.

The door slammed behind Liz’s back the moment she stepped into the room.

“Maria!” Liz growled.

“Liz, what the hell did you think you were doing?” Maria hissed, her eyes aflame with emotion. “With that one stupid, idiotic move, you’ve probably managed to put all local and national authorities down our asses.”

“I can’t believe this Liz…” Alex moaned, his face contorting into anger. “For once in my life I feel like I have a quasi-normal existence and then you blow it all on one single act of lunacy.” He turned his rant on Maria. “How did you let my misguided sister do this?

“Hey, don’t turn this around on me. I’m not the one who thinks she’s Wonder Woman.”

“I just saved someone’s life and went on a rollercoaster ride to emotional hell and all you guys can do is yell at me?! What if it was Mom or Dad, Alex? Or Amy? How can you say you wouldn’t have done the same thing?” Maria and Alex fell silent, staring down at their shoes in thought.

“That’s what I thought,” Liz said quietly. “I’m outta here.” She ran out to her balcony, ready to climb down her ladder and bust her way out of there when Alex’s soft voice broke through her confident stride.

“It’s just a matter of time now. They’re going to find us. And when they do, they’ll prod us, and test us, and who knows what else. You put us in danger Liz. All of us.”

Liz stopped and turned, staring at Alex through her window, weighing the painful truth of his words. “It was Max.” she answered softly.

“What are you going to tell him?” Maria asked, nervously stepping forward.

“The truth.” Liz slid down the ladder and leapt into her Jeep, a cloud of dust marking where she had been moments before.

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thanks guys! you all rock...anyway, this is just a quick shameless bump. posting the rest of part four tonight and maybe even part five? the big max and liz confrontation scene *happy*. so yeah, keep showing the love!
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iceprincess, clueless, thanks for the support! here's the last part of chapter four...just wrapping it up on max's side and a peek into the mind of topolsky *happy*. hope you guys enjoy it, feedback is always welcome in my book, andddddd look for part five tomorrow because I'm still trying to edit that on my end *big*. love you guys!


“Holy…” Max whispered, touching the glowing symbol on his stomach. He knew that this should be scaring him. Freaking him out. Sending him into a full-blown anxiety attack. Anything but what he was feeling now.


It felt right. The whole thing…for some crazy reason he couldn’t quite put his finger on, it felt right. A small smile broke out unexpectedly on his lips as he placed his hand lightly above the smaller print—it was almost like touching Liz Parker…the girl that he’d loved since the moment he laid eyes on her in third grade. And now she opened his eyes to a whole world of possibilities. He had to find out what they were.

“Maxwell, where are you going!” Michael cried out to Max’s retreating back with indignation.

“I have to find Liz.” he answered, pausing to look over his shoulder at his friend before leaving the room.

“Max…” Michael’s voice held a hint of warning.

“I have to do this. I need the truth.”


September Eighteenth, Nineteen Ninety-Nine. Case File #004113. Shooting at Crashdown Café.

Argument between two men, one 6’1”, 190 pounds and other 5’8”,s 200 pounds, got out of hand. Caused a disruption. Weapon used, 45mm hand pistol. Two shots fired. One bullet retrieved, embedded in west kitchen wall. Second bullet not found; witness, Jennifer Harmond pointed out possible bullet location to be in the north café wall. Also was area in which proprietor’s daughter Elizabeth Parker was found. Witnesses identify her and one young man, identity unknown, dark brown hair, possibly 6’. Spotted lying on ground (injured?), then left the premises before authorities entered.

Theory: Elizabeth Parker involved in the incident, directly or indirectly.

Will investigate further.

Topolsky stopped typing, reading over her case journal with a satisfactory smile. She hit Ctrl-S quickly before exiting her programs and shutting down her laptop for a restful night’s sleep. If her theory were right, investigating Elizabeth Parker would require her time and energy, something she was clearly looking forward to. When she questioned the girl earlier today, she clearly saw through Elizabeth's distressful demeanor. The girl's eyes held a hint of fear, but a spark of fire. The fire of a challenge. Kathleen Topolsky never backed down from a challenge.


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haha, I just realized that Liz and Max didn’t have an opportunity to change, although they clearly aren’t wearing the same clothing in the next part. soooo…suspend your disbelief and we’ll pretend they stopped by a mall or something. kapeesh? or maybe I'll just edit the other parts later *tongue*.'s the max and liz confrontation scene! tell me what you think and enjoy *happy*.

oh and to make sure things don't get confusing...the italicized thoughts are liz's until max is alone, and then they switch to his *happy*


Liz walked down the silent school hallways, not quite sure why exactly she was doing there. After driving around the small town, she had found herself inevitably drawn to the high school, and had now spent the last twenty minutes wandering its darkened halls. In retrospect, going to Max Evans’ house would have been the best idea…but she doubted that he’d stay there for long. If she were in his shoes, she would be out looking for an explanation. The truth.

She sighed nervously, pulling her jean jacket closer to her body. The truth. What in the world was she going to tell him? I’m glad you’re okay and you didn’t die, and oh yeah, I’m an alien. Liz rolled her eyes. Oh yeah, I’m sure he’ll take that all in stride. I can already see the Max-shaped hole in the wall.

“Geez, don’t they lock any of these doors after dark?” she mused aloud, twisting the door
handle to the biology room with ease. Ah, the biology room. Her safe haven. The place where she could bury her nose in a book and a microscope and pretend for at least an hour that she was just a normal teenager. Of course, it didn’t help that Max Evans was her lab partner and half the time she was trying her best not to make a giant fool out of herself. She eased herself onto her stool and smiled, pretending that he sat next to her.

“Hello Maxwell.” Liz said softly. Eh, she sounded like his grandmother. “Hey Max, how’s it goin’?” Uh, no. “Take me to your leader.” Um… “That whole shooting thing today? No worries, I healed you with my cool alien powers.” Smooth. Real smooth.

“Hey Max!” a voice squealed.


“Oh…hi…Tess…” Max’s deep voice sounded nervous. And right outside the biology room. Liz crept quietly towards the slightly open door and listened intently.

“Max, what are you doing here?” she asked, tilting her head to the side.

“Um…I left something in Bio class today…needed to get it.” he answered slowly. Liz saw Tess nod, a clueless smile gracing that ditzy face of hers. Whoa, reign it in Parker, reign it in…

“I heard about today…you doing okay?” Tess started up again after a beat of silence. Her hand caressed Max’s arm in a gesture of comfort. Liz shifted her weight uneasily. Max nodded, faking a yawn and managing to move his arm out of the girl’s grasp.

“It was just…a little scary. But I’m fine. Everyone’s fine.” he said.

“Well, do you want me to help you get that Bio stuff?”

“No! I mean…no, it’s fine. Don’t you have a cheerleading thing right now?” Max smiled awkwardly at the tiny blonde in front of him. Why was he even with her? Tess’ eyes alit with realization.

“Oh yeah! Haha, I almost forgot why I was here. Anyway, I guess I have to go now or the other girls will be sooo mad. Call me later, okay hon?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Tess pecked him on the cheek and flounced down the hallway, her hair jumping perkily up and down behind her. What is up with that hair? It like has a life of its own!

Max let out a sigh of relief, running a hand through his hair shakily. He backed into the biology room and quietly pushed the door shut. He just wanted a little alone time right now.

He had spent the night looking for Liz, but to no avail. She wasn’t anywhere; the Crashdown, the UFO center, any of her friends’ houses, any of the limited number of possible teenage hangouts…his last stop was West Roswell High, but unless she was a cheerleader by cover of night, there was no way she’d even be in the vicinity.

After his fruitless search, all Max wanted to do was to be alone. Alone with his thoughts. His feelings. The biology room was his safe hideaway from the scrutiny of the real world, a place where he could just…be himself. Be one with his love of biology and the girl of his dreams. The unattainable girl of his dreams. Tess...Tess was convenient. Somebody who would be there for the occasional date and party. More of a companion than a girlfriend. He still wasn’t quite sure why she chose him, but the way he figured it, what the heck. It wasn’t as if Liz would cast a second glance at him. Liz was different…she was special, a true beauty who didn’t hide behind the walls of superficiality, someone who was honest, who, amazingly, loved biology as much as he did. But for her to even consider him as…as her anything, was only a scene from a fantasy.

But today. He still wasn’t sure quite what happened today. But he knew it held a greater meaning, a possibility of hope for the yet unknown future. Gosh, her touch still burned him…he could actually feel the glow pulsating against his shirt.

“Liz…I wish you were here…”

“Hey…Max…” a voice sounded weakly behind him. Max jumped, startled out of his reverie. And there she stood, looking like an absolute angel, biting apprehensively on her lower lip, tucking her hair behind an ear.

“Oh…hey…I didn’t know you were in here…I…”

“I was looking for you.”

“Yeah…same here.” They both fell silent, trying to find the right words to say.

“So…you’re going out with Tess?” Liz said, breaking the tense silence. Max looked up in surprise.

“Um, yea…well, it’s kind of like this casual…okay. Can we just focus here for a minute?” he ended quickly, trying to steer her away from the subject. He didn’t want Liz to think that him and Tess were anything, or that…Max berated himself in his mind. Focus. Focus. Liz nodded in reply, her eyes skittering around the room, trying to look at anything but him. Well, here goes nothing.

Max slowly lifted up his shirt, staring down at his stomach as the handprint glowed brightly in the dim light of the room. Liz’s eyes widened in surprise, obviously caught off guard as her hand flew to her mouth.

“Wow.” she uttered, the flurry of thoughts that suddenly burst through her mind leaving her with nothing to say.

Max eased his shirt back down, his mouth trying to formulate the appropriate words. “I-I know something…weird…happened today…and…I’m just trying to find out the truth you know? A simple explanation. So…help me out here Liz. What are you?”

“Well…I’m not from around here.” Liz answered cryptically, meeting his eyes straight on for the first time.

“Where are you from?” he continued, slightly confused.

The moonlight suddenly cast its glow through the window, bathing Liz in its unearthly sheen. She didn’t answer, but merely pointed her finger up at the ceiling.

“Up north?”

Liz pointed higher.

Max wrinkled his forehead in thought. There was obviously something big she was trying to tell him with the pointing…but what? The ceiling? What about the ceiling? Unless…

“You’re not an…” he paused, shaking his head at the absurdity of the thought. “…an alien. I mean…are you?”

“Well I prefer the term not of this earth.” Max involuntarily stepped back. “Sorry, not a good time to joke.” She let out her breath in quick whoosh. “Yeah…I am. Wow it’s weird to actually say it.”

Max stepped back a little farther, completely shocked, floored, and really, with nothing left to say. The last thing he had expected to hear was that Liz was an…an alien. Not that he had a problem with it…I mean, it was Roswell, but…gosh, he needed time to think.


“Um, Liz, you know, I really should be getting home…I mean, it’s getting late and my parents don’t know where I’m at, so I’m just gonna…” he trailed off, backing into the door, unsuccessfully trying to work the handle.

Liz was next to him in a split second, her hand closing warmly around his, her face suddenly extremely close. A sudden heat flared up in his body. “Max, listen to me. You can’t talk to anyone about this. Not your parents, not Isabel, not Michael. No one. You don’t understand what’ll happen if you do.” Her breathing slowed and she gazed straight into the amber depths of his eyes, turning the handle of the door slowly with his frozen hand. “Now my life is in your hands.”

And with that, she slipped away into the inky darkness of the hallways, disappearing into the night as Max stared on, amazed.


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“Good morninggggggg Roswell! This is your beloved DJ King on KROZ, coming to you live from the site of tonight’s annual Crash Festival, with our special guest of honor, Mr. Jonathan Frakes! The first hundred listeners to arrive here will receive…”

Liz groaned, smashing her hand against her alarm clock. Why did she always set it to radio? The thing she hated most was waking up to that absolutely annoying voice…

“Lizzie! School!” Alex’s voice resounded through her door. Oh yeah. School. She groaned again. Max was going to be at school…how was she going to face him today? Or Maria? Or basically anyone?

“Yeah yeah, I’m coming…” she answered. It was going to be a long day.


Liz sat silent in the jeep, not daring to say a word. Alex stared distantly at the passing trees from the back seat while Maria was presently glaring a nice hole into the side of her head from the passenger side.

“Everything’s changed,” Alex stated simply. Liz looked at him through the rearview mirror.

“No, it hasn’t.”

“Liz, Alex is right. We’re screwed. We have to leave Roswell.” Maria added her opinion bluntly. Liz switched her stare from Alex to Maria.

“Maria, we can’t just leave.”

“Yes, we can,” the girl re-emphasized. “We’ve always known this day would come. We said when it did, we’d be prepared.”

Alex piped up from the back. “But where are we going to go? Roswell is home.”

Maria’s eyebrow rose disparagingly. “Roswell is not home. It’s not even in our solar system.”

“Well, it’s the closest we have to home right now.” Liz replied softly.

“What we have right now is a temporary situation. We don’t belong here Liz. None of us do.” Maria spat out the words sharply.

“It’s the only thing that we’ve got. Our life is here.”

“If I have to, I can leave her. I always knew that it was coming.” Liz and Alex both exchanged startled glances at the reference to Amy. Maria loved her mother…to hear her just casually shrug her off was beyond belief. Liz tried another tactic to appease the girl.

“It’s going to be okay Maria. We…we should just stay low. Go to school and act normal.”

“Act normal? That’s your big plan?” Maria asked, her voice disbelieving.

“Do you have a better idea?”

“Maybe we wouldn’t need one if you hadn’t decided to go all hero on us.” Sarcasm literally dripped from Maria’s words. Liz winced. She hated when Maria went into this mode. Deliberately, she sidestepped her scathing remarks.

“I thought you liked Max.”

“I liked him when he was still a pathetic human, on the outside, ogling at you from afar. I don’t like him when he’s making you put the rest of us in danger. Whether he dies or not is none of my concern. Whether we die or not is.”

Liz started angrily. “Maria, that…”

“Um…guys?” Alex interrupted the verbal joust quickly. “We have some trouble.”

The wailing sirens of the police car now sounded clearly around them as they pulled to a stop on the side of the road. The driver’s door opened and Kathleen Topolsky stepped out, readjusting her sunglasses, staring at the three teens. The barest of a smirk managed to touch her lips as she advanced with calculating steps towards the Jeep.

“Liz, let’s just get out of here.” Maria hissed, staring at Liz out of the corner of her eye.

“We can’t start acting guilty,” she muttered back. Looking towards Topolsky, she flashed her brightest smile.

“License and registration please.”

“Of course Officer.” Liz replied, digging through her purse for the requested documents. She handed them over speedily. “There you go.”

“Thank you Ms. Parker. Hope you’re feeling better today…that incident at the café sure shook up a lot of people. You kids be careful.” Topolsky said, gazing at the documents with some scrutiny. “Watch your speed. Arrive alive.”

“We will.” Liz answered firmly. She wasn’t scared.

“Good.” Topolsky tipped her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, staring down at the teens. “Cause I’ll be watching you.”

Liz smiled nervously as the woman spun on her heel and back to her police car. Maria and Alex sat tensely in their seats until Topolsky was out of the vicinity. The minute the vehicle disappeared around the bend, the sudden tension lifted from their shoulders and the group breathed a collective sigh of relief. Liz began to start the engine when Maria suddenly jerked the keys out of the brunette’s grasp.

“Maria, everything is going to be okay.”

“No it won’t. Our cover is blown. And I’m not gonna hang around and wait for them to catch us.”

Liz rubbed her hand tiredly against her forehead. “No one is caught yet. I mean, we don’t even know if there IS a them.”

“What happened to our parents, Liz? What about everyone else on the ship? They were killed. And you know it.”

“Max won’t tell anyone. He’s different.” Liz replied softly.

Maria raised an eyebrow. “Really. So how’d he react when you told him? ‘Great, you’re an alien, that’s fantastic.’”

Liz lowered her gaze to her lap, picking at the hem of her sweater.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so. Let’s get outta here.” She ended roughly, throwing the keys in Liz’s lap. Without a word, the girl started the Jeep and continued down the street, not a word uttered for the rest of the trip.


“You know what?”

“What now…”

“I don’t know. Max has been acting really weird.”

“Weirder than usual?”

“Oh ha ha. No really. Like…he came home yesterday night, all…frazzled or whatever about something. Any idea what?”

Michael looked around nervously. “Um…no…not really. Max has been acting weird around me too.”

“Hm.” Isabel chewed on a finger restlessly, pushing her glasses farther up her nose. “Well, did something happen to him?”

“I dunno. Maybe it’s guy stuff. I’ll talk to him later.”

“Yeah. You do that.” Isabel resumed chewing on her finger, gazing around the quad with disinterest. “See Max anywhere?”

“Nope…but I spy something else.” Michael answered with a sly smile, pointing behind her. Isabel gave him a confused glare, before turning quickly to peek at what he was pointing at. “Michael!” she hissed, slapping his arm. “Stop pointing! He’ll see you!”

“Oh whatever. As if he’ll even notice. He’s got enough girls falling at his feet everyday. Really, I hear he’s got a heart of ice. Doesn’t just go out with anyone. You should think before falling for him Iz.”

Isabel sighed, resting her chin on a propped up arm while staring all the while behind her. “I can’t help it Mike. He’s just so…perfect.” She smiled slightly. Alex Parker turned around, as if feeling her dreamy gaze on him. He waved ever so slightly, a perplexed look on his face before turning back around. Isabel swiveled in her seat as fast as lightning, covering her face in embarrassment.

“Oh gosh, I can’t believe he caught me staring at him. How stalker-esque of me. Great, now he thinks I’m some sort of loser.”

Michael snorted.

Isabel slapped him on the arm. Hard.

“Geez, cut the violence, will ya? Here, let’s go find Max. Maybe a walk will help you clear your mind. No gutter thoughts, okay?”

“Gosh, shut up.” Isabel slapped him again before dragging him into the school and away from further mortification.

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oh yeah, and I promise we'll get outta pilot. it's just that there's so many scenes in this episode that I wanna keep, that it's hard to break out of it. but I will. very very soon.


‘Meet me at the Crashdown before the Festival ⊕ 7. Thanks. –Liz’

Max stared down at the note in his hand for the tenth time. She had slipped it discreetly into his hands at the end of biology class and then left the premises faster than you could say thank you. He scratched his cheek absently. I wonder what she wants. To be honest, it was a bit…on scary side. No, scary wasn’t the right word. He just wondered what more surprises there were in store for him. He had a feeling there were a lot more than he could have bargained for.

“Hey hon!” A sugary sweet voice chirped in his ear. Tiny arms wrapped around his waist as he rolled his eyes.

“Hey Tess…what’s up?” Max replied. He really didn’t need this right now.

“Oh…nothing really. Just wanted to check up on my honeybear. What’s going on with you? You’ve been somewhere else all day.”

“I know, I’m sorry…” he began apologetically. A thought struck him. “Tess…do you ever wonder if…”

“Do I ever wonder what?”

“When you see me…do you feel things?”

She tilted her head. “Yes, of course. I feel things. Like what?”

“You know what? Never mind…” Max eased himself away from Tess, sticking his hands in his pockets and glancing around nervously. “Hey, I gotta go…I’ll see you at the Festival tonight?”

“Oh, for sure! I have this great costume, which I spent ages on and…”

“That’s great Tess. I’m sure it’ll look nice.”

“Yeah…well, see you tonight babe.”


Tess turned around and walked away, confused about Max’s sudden aloofness. Something was up. She just had to figure out what.


Max walked slowly to the Crashdown, listening to the sound of his shoes clunking against the pavement. It sort of took his mind off other things…sort of. The streets were strangely empty, but it wasn’t too surprising. It was almost seven o’clock, which meant people were at home, getting ready for the festival, or else they were already there. The Festival was the hugest thing during the fall for Roswell, and all the businesses closed early to get to the event.

Which meant he’d be alone. With Liz. Again.

The first time had sent shivers up and down his spine, good shivers. It was almost electric being so near to her, even when the circumstances were strange. Awkward. Supernatural.

The glowing neon lights of the Crashdown UFO flickered on the corner of his view, and he knew he was there. Max expelled a heavy sigh as he stopped in front of the front door. At first glance, the interior of the Crashdown seemed deserted, but with a closer glance, Max could see a small form in the back booth.


He rapped his knuckles against the door, quickly startling Liz out of her reverie. She spun around in her seat and almost looked…tense to be seeing him. She quickly crossed the floor and to the doorway, unlocking it slowly, while staring at Max. He gulped, pulling at the collar of the sweater. Was it him, or did her gaze just raise the temperature a couple notches?

“Hey,” she said softly. “I’m glad you could come.”

He merely nodded in reply, afraid that anything coming out of his mouth would end up as garbled gibberish. It’d happened before. She diverted her stare to the floor and mumbled, “Doyouwannacomein?”

Max smiled a half smile. “Yeah, sure.”

Liz moved over to the side, letting him walk in. He leaned against the edge a table while she locked the door again. She spun around and said quickly, “I have to talk to you.”

“Yeah, I figured,” Max answered, chuckling. The serious look in her eyes quelled any other humorous feeling, and he sat still, waiting for her to continue.

She took in a deep breath. “I can’t imagine how you must feel right now. I mean, I’ve thought of telling you a thousand times.”

Max started in surprise. “You have…? Me?”

A shy smile slipped across Liz’s lips. “Yeah…” She giggled.

“What?” he asked, perplexed.

“Sorry…I just keep thinking of you in that costume...the big sunflower…”

“What?” he asked again, his mind blank.

“Forget it…it was a long time ago.”

“Oh my gosh… that’s right. I can’t believe I wore that thing!” After a beat of silence, a frown creased his forehead and he gave a Liz a wary glance. “I wore that costume when I was five. I didn’t know you until the third grade. Did you read my mind?” What if she saw all that other stuff? The “oh, I’ve been obsessed with you since we were kids Liz!” stuff…crap crap crap…

“No! I mean, no I don’t read minds. When I healed you…I made this…this connection. And I got a rush of images…an image of the sunflower costume flashed into my mind and I knew how you felt about it.” Liz explained quickly. Okay, now he’ll probably think I’m even more insane. She bit her lip in thought and continued. “It was the single supreme embarrassment of your life. But your Mom made it, and she had wanted to see you in that production so badly. So you wore it. For her sake.”

“Wow.” Max uttered. She had read his emotions down to the tee. Liz’s eyes quickly flickered down to the ground, almost in nervous embarrassment.

“I’ve never tried it before…but maybe I can make the connection go the other way. So you can see…you know, that I’m still me.” She shuffled a little closer, until she was positioned right in from of Max. Then, she raised her doe brown eyes to meet his amber ones. “I have to touch you.”

He nodded, a bit dumbfounded. Liz hesitantly placed her hands gently along his face, trying her hardest not to tremble. “Just take deep breaths,” she whispered softly, “and let your mind blank out.”

Max followed her instructions, closing his eyes, only conscious of his breathing and hers, steady and in sync. And then it began.

A young Liz and Alex wander hand in hand down the deserted highway. As bright headlights break through the stifling darkness, they stop and turn, expectant looks on their innocent faces. The Parkers stumble out of their car and quickly envelop them in their arms, taking them in as their children.

Liz sits with Alex on an empty bench on their first day at school. Her eyes catch on a young, dark-haired boy, with sparkling brown eyes as he plays catch with a friend. A familiar, bubbly feeling rises up in her heart as she stares at him. He stops playing for a brief second, turns, and smiles at her.

An older Liz walks down the halls of her high school, trying to blend into the background. Max leans against a set of lockers, laughing with a group of friends, and as he laughs, she can’t help but pause to take in the richness of the sound, the way it enveloped her in its music.

Liz quickly broke off the connection, stepping back as far she could, a red blush creeping over her cheeks. “So, did it work?” All Max could muster up was an awed nod, his eyes darkening as he continued to look at her.

She loved him.

“Liz…who else knows this?” Max blurted out.

Liz looked up in surprise. “Well…no one.”

“What about your parents?”

“We don’t tell anyone,” her lips twisted into a half smile. “We sort of think our lives depend on it.”

She loved him.

“So when you healed me, your risked all of this getting out, didn’t you?”


“Why?” he asked, surprised. There was so much at risk, so much danger, but she still saved his life. Despite all of the consequences.

Liz smiled and simply said, “It was you.”


“Hey, you’re home. How was cheer practice?” The sound of running water and clattering dishes sounded from the open kitchen.

“Oh. The same.” Tess sighed, throwing her duffel bag onto the ground. She pulled the hairtie out of her hair and shook out the mass of blonde curls before collapsing onto the couch.

“Is something wrong?”

“No…yes…I mean, not really. It’s weird.”

“Weird. What do you mean?”

“Well, Max has been acting strange…kind of like he’s been pulling away. I don’t know, I’ve never had this problem with him before. We’ve always had fun, but ever since the Crashdown…”

“The Crashdown?”

“Yeah, he was there during that whole shooting thing. Sort of freaked him out.”


“Yeah…anyway, I gotta get ready for tonight’s Crash Festival. I’ll see ya later, Aunt Kat.”

“Yes, I’ll see you later…” Topolsky quickly wiped the last plate dry, a thoughtful look upon her face.


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