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Title: Alias-Roswell Style.
Rating: Maybe PG-13? Might change, depending.
Summary: Response to LittleBit's Alias/Roswell challenge.
Disclaimer: Don't own either Roswell or Alias though wouldn't mind both Michael and Vaughn...*big*

Challenge for those of you who haven't read it: Liz is a grad student who claims to work at an international bank part-time but is really one of the most respected agents for SD-6. She was recruited while in college and assumed she was working for the CIA. When SD-6 kills, her fiancé (either Kyle or Sean), after they find out he knows about her line of work. She learns that SD-6 was really a renegade intelligence group working in opposition to the CIA -- so she becomes a double agent. Basically she is Sydney?s character, her name can be either Parker or Briscoe.
Max is Vaughn?s character. He is Liz?s handler for her CIA counter mission assignments. He becomes too emotionally involved and gets in trouble at work. His desire to protect Liz overshadows everything.
Michael is Max?s partner and bestfriend. You can do whatever with his character.
Maria is Liz?s bestfriend/roommate. Same with Michael, do whatever with her character.
Alex is Will's character.

Things I'm going to add:
Isabel Chase is Liz's partner at SD-6.
Tess Harding is the weapons and gadget creator at SD-6.
Pierce is the head of SD-6.

I've like just started writing the fic, so be a little patient and I'll have the first part up soon.

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A/N: Here's the first part. Since I haven't seen the pilot episode in ages I forget most of what happened besides the outline, but here it goes.

Chapter One, Part One:

Liz walked out of the building where her and her best friend Maria were staying. There were few people standing around and a few more walking past. She smiled slightly when she say her boyfriend Kyle Valenti waving to her. She quickly walked over. "Kyle! What are you doing here?" She asked, as if him being there was unusual, which it wasn't.

"Just wanted to see you. Anything wrong with that?" Kyle asked, a little bit more happy than his usually chipper self.

Liz shook her head. "Nope. Just surprised." She answered.

And surprised didn't begin to cover it when Kyle dropped down to one knee and took hold of her hand. "Liz. I love you with all of my heart. And I know this might seem a little sudden and though we haven't even been together too long, this just feels right. Liz Parker, will you marry me?" Kyle concluded.

Liz looked grinned. Yeah, it was sudden and very unexpected and she did love him, so there wasn't any reason to say no. "Yes. Now will you stand up?" She asked, noticing that everyone was watching them.

Liz walked into SD-6 with a smile for once. Her partner Isabel Chase walked up to her.

"Pierce is calling a meeting in 20 minutes." Isabel informed her. Just as Isabel was about to turn away, she stopped. "What's got you so happy?" She asked. It was a rarity to see anyone happy around there. It was a nice change.

"I'm getting married!" Liz said, loud enough for Isabel to hear, but soft enough so that the rest of the people there didn't.

Isabel couldn't help but smile. "That's great." She replied.

"Well, can I ask you some questions?" Liz asked, looking nervously around.

"I suppose." Isabel answered and followed Liz as she went into a small room.

"You're married, right?" Liz asked.

"Yes. Why?"

"Well, what did you tell your husband about SD-6?" Liz questioned.

"Nothing of course. You should know that." Isabel responded.

"Well, what do you say when you're constantly going places?"

"I tell him that I've very important to the bank and that the job is important to me. He doesn't ask any other questions." Isabel answered. "Anything else?"

Liz shook her head. "I guess not." Liz said then watched as Isabel went about whatever it was that she was doing. *So I'm just supposed to lie to him? I'm going to be marrying him. Isn't that supposed to mean something?* Liz asked herself. *As if my life isn't hard enough already.*

Well, that's Part One. Tell me what you think.

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You guys are so great. I just had to tell you all that. Well, right after I post this I'm going to post part 2. So, I'm just going to get to work. And sometimes the parts might seem a little short.
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I am soooo sorry for not continuing this fic yet. Writer's block and all. I should get back to working on it soon though.
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I'll probably do that. Thanks for the offer.
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Another part. Yay me! It's a long part too.

Part Two:

Liz was still undecided about telling Kyle. It wasn't like he'd tell anyone. He would never do that. He wasn't like that. By the time she reached home to prepare for the mission she had to leave for in 2 hours, she'd decided.

She made a sharp turn and headed for Kyle's apartment. She had plenty of time to go tell him and then get ready. No problem at all.

She knocked on the door and was greeted with a hug and kiss by Kyle. "Not that I'm complaining, but what are you doing here? You called and told me you had to go on a trip, work for the bank." He stated.

"I do. Just not yet. I kinda have something to tell you." She said walking towards the bathroom. "Come on." She insisted and waited in the bathroom.

A few seconds later Kyle walked in and Liz closed to door behind him and turned on the shower.

"Umm, Liz? What are you doing?" Kyle asked, not sure what she was up to.

"Kyle. Just listen to me. This is important." Liz said in a mostly hushed voice.

"Ok. I'm listening." He answered, standing across from her.

"I don't really work for a bank." She started. "I work for a branch of the CIA called SD-6. The bank is a front."

"Wait a minute. CIA?" Kyle asked, confused. "What the hell do you do for the CIA?" He questioned.

"It's kinda complicated. I really do have to go and get ready. I'll tell you when I get back." He looked confused.

"Does where your going tonight have to do with this SD-6?" He asked.

"Well, yeah. But I promise I'll be fine." She said, kissing him goodbye. "I'll see you tomorrow." Liz said, before walking out of the bathroom, leaving him standing there.

The mission was, of course, successful. She got home really late and knowing she was probably going to miss classes the next morning, she slept in.

It was nearly 6:00 at night when she woke up. She got up, showered, and dressed, telling Maria that she was going over to Kyle's before walking out of the door.

She knocked on the door firmly, waiting for him to answer. When she got no answer, she knocked again. Getting no answer still, she used her key to open the door. "Kyle?" She called out, looking through the rooms.

Opening the door to the bathroom she stopped short. She leaned over the bathtub when Kyle was laying, dead.

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Think it's great? Really? Strangely enough, it was awkward for me to write. I wasn't sure of what to say. Oh well. Might even have another part up tonight.
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You are way too kind, seriously. Thanks for the compliment though. And I'm already working on the next part, in my head atleast. This is the one fic I have that I don't write down in Microsoft Word before posting.
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Thank you for being so patient with me. Now to actually writing the next part, now that I have some ideas.....
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Part Three:

Liz fumbled for her cell phone, biting back the sobs that threatened to overtake her. She called 911.

"911. How may I help you?" The operator voiced over the phone.

Liz forced herself to sound calm, but her voice was still emotional. "I'm Elizabeth Parker. I'm at 315 Ridgewood Apartments on Centra Avenue. I just got here and the man who lives here is dead." She answered, surprised she managed to say it.

"We'll send someone right over. Stay right there. Don't leave the apartment building." The operator answered and soon Liz could hear sirens in the distance. She hung up the phone and chanced another glance at Kyle. Then she rushed over to the toilet and promptly threw up.

That's how they found her. "Are you Elizabeth Parker?" One of the cops asked and Liz weakly nodded her head. The one standing next to him helped her up. "How did you know the deceased?" He asked her, leading her to the kitchen.

"He was my fiancé." She said, and before she could stop it, she started crying. He was dead. She had told him and he ended up dead. It was her fault. She could have prevented this.

The cop handed her a nearby box of tissues which she took gladly. When she was able to stop crying, she looked up.

"Did Mr. Valenti have any enemies? Anyone who might want to kill him?" Asked the cop who walked up next to her.

"No one. I'm positive." She answered. How could she have let this happen? She knew better. Isabel had even told her that. Even Tess told her that, in casual conversation.

But it was seriously hard for her to believe that the CIA would kill Kyle over it. She suddenly wasn't so sure. It seemed awfully coincidental that she told him and then he dies.

"Miss Parker. We're going to have to ask you to leave. We'll be in touch with you." The first cop said, taking her phone number and address. "There are some other questions we'll have to ask you."

Liz nodded absently, checking her phone number and address to make sure she put the right ones down. And then she left. The ride home was dead silent. It was too quiet. She needed some kind of noise so she turned the radio on, loudly and drove the rest of the way home.

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Demanding? Nah. Insistent is more like it. I might have a new chapter up later today. I'm trying to start up my other fics today so I do have to actually work on them.
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Part Four-A (It's short cause I started it and have to do something else, but I'll add more later, promise.)

Liz parked the car and walked slowly to her and Maria's apartment. She fumbled with the keys and actually managed to unlock the door. She took one look around and almost fell to the couch. She sat there and after a little bit, Maria walked out and gasped.

"OMG! Liz. What happened to you? Did you get hurt or something?" She asked, rushing over to her best friend.

Liz looked down and silently noticed she was nearly covered in dried blood. She hadn't noticed. "He's dead Maria." Liz said in a small voice.

Maria looked confused. "Dead? Who's dead?" She asked.


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Thanks you guys. You are so great. I might be able to write more later, but right now I'm working on something else. I'll get back to you later.*bounce**bounce*
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Part 4-B:

"OMG, Liz! I'm so sorry." Maria exclaimed, rushing over to Liz and sitting next to her. "Are you ok? What happened?" She asked.

Liz shook her head. "I don't know what happened. I went over and talked to him before I had to go on that trip I told you about before I left and I come back and he was gone." Liz answered.

She wasn't crying. She was too numb for tears. She could barely think, but she thought enough to not tell Maria the same thing she told Kyle.

Note: I'm just gonna do 4 in like a few paragraphs. I'm seriously doing like a million things and if I divide it up like this it'll be easier.
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Where'd you all go???
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Most of the time, mine does too. Especially between 8 and 11 at night.
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Thank you all very much. I might have a chapter up tonight, depending on some circumstances. Be a bit patient and you'll get your chapter.