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Title: Call With Info
Author: Erin a.k.a A Rose Is True Blue-AngelBrunette10⊕
Category- AU, CC, Angst/Drama
Disclaimer: I own nothing. The plot is taken from Real Life situations...movies...books...magazines. I don't want to give TOO much away by a summary. I read an article in a magazine and this is the outcome. Tell me what you think, because I'm really into this.
Dedication: To everyone.
Author's Notes: I know I shouldn't be writing another fic but...I had to. Currently the only fics I'm working on are Petal of Hope with Talena, A Candle's Flame(Which you have yet to read), and this one: Call With Info.
Warning, some material in here might be offensive to some of you. Rape, violence, kidnapping...


Do you ever think that things happen for a reason? No matter what the reason is or how bad the outcome is, it happens because God wills it to? Do you ever wonder if what happens to you isn't part of God's great plan, but maybe Lucifer's plan for you? I do. I wonder...

It's July 14th, the day of my sweet sixteen. Funny thing is, I don't feel sweet. I feel broken, I feel alone, I feel scared. It's the scared feeling you get when you're a little kid and your parents turn the lights off in your room, and you're afraid of the dark. You bury yourself in the covers, hoping that whatever monster is in your closet or under your bed will assume you aren't there. And your heart is beating a million times per second, as you casually lift your head enough to let your eyes survey your room to see a shadow created by the moonlight and a tree outside, and all of the sudden you're back under the covers. Ya, that's the kind of scared I am.

I want to try to explain why I'm this way. Why I'm so scared. But it's so hard, because for three and a half years I've kept this to myself. For three and a half years I lived in fear, and I continue to live in fear until I crumble beneath the weight. I'll start from the beginning...if I can. You probably won't understand. How could you when you've never been in my shoes? I'm Elizabeth Niccolette Parker and here's my story.

*Four Years Ago*

"Homework?" Jeff Parker asked, leaning against the doorframe of his youngest daughter's room, with a smile on his face. He had black hair, and dark brown eyes to match, a mischievious smile on his face. How had he been so lucky? He was married to the most beautiful woman on the planet, with a matching heart, and here he was with two beautiful daughters and a brilliant son. He watched his daughter shift through her backpack to find the answer to his question. She had flowing black hair like his own, along with his brown eyes, always sparkling.

"None." She flashed him a smile, and grabbed her camera nearby. "Can I go now?" Elizabeth was practically jumping up and down in front of her father. She squeezed the camera in her hands, her knuckles white. Her father seemed to notice and he nodded. "And Liz-"

"I know Dad. Be home by six, don't talk to people I don't know, and make sure not to use all of my film." Liz recited. She kissed his cheek. "Dad, I'm 12. I think I can take care of myself! Besides, it's Roswell."

Jeff held his hands up as if surrenduring. "All right. If you go by the video store, Alex is working today, he can give you a ride home."

"As if I wanna be seen with my big dopey brother!" Liz whined. She waved her dad off and raced down the hallway and out of the door. Warm arms encircled Jeff's waist and he leaned against his wife. Nancy giggled when Jeff kissed her cheek. "She's going to be a great Photographer one day. Just like my brother."

"I really should be making him buy her cameras and film since he got her addicted to it," Jeff shook his hair, and ran a hand through it. Looking back towards Nancy he got lost in her blue-green eyes. He tucked a strand of Auburn hair behind her ear, lovingly. "Why'd Jim stop taking pictures? He never wanted to be Sheriff when we were younger."

"He said that it wasn't something he saw doing his whole life...just a hobby." Nancy replied, kissing Jeff softly. "Speaking of...I think he and Kyle are coming over for dinner tonight." She pulled away from her husband, and glanced back at the door where Liz had disappeared a few minutes earlier. "I'll call Kyle and ask him to go to the park. Liz will be there, and he can watch after her for us."

"Nancy?" Jeff asked, pulling her back to him. She looked up into his eyes. "Liz said she's 12, and old enough to take care of herself." He laughed. "Wait until she turns 14 like Maria, and starts complaining about how overbearing we are. That's when we're taking a second honeymoon and leaving them in Jim's care. Can you imagine? A 14 year old Liz wanting more money to shop, a 16 year old wanting nothing else but a expensive one, and Alex considering colleges..."

"I think I'll book the cruise now." Nancy joked. Jeff leaned in to kiss her forehead, and he wrapped her in a tight embrace. "Here's the deal. You pay for Alex's college tuition and Maria's car. I'll work on Lizzie." Nancy gasped, and smacked her husband on the chest. "Jeffrey Adam Parker...
Click. Flash. Snap. Click. Flash. Snap. Click. Flash. Snap. Click. Flash-

Liz smiled as the kids she was taking pictures of, stopped swinging and turned towards her. She waved before walking towards her favorite tree in the middle of the park. She spent hours under this tree thinking. This place was sacred to her. She had taken her first picture of this tree, and ever since, she'd been obsessed with it. Every chance she had, she came with a water bottle to give it it's daily fix. Every so often, Liz would talk to the tree as if it were an old friend of hers. Granted, Liz had nothing of real importance to talk about. She was 12 afterall, and the most important thing to her at the moment was how she was supposed to afford Alex's birthday present, or even what to get him. For a couple months, Liz had been working on a scrapbook, but she wanted to get him something from a store. A music store maybe.

Liz twirled her dark hair between two fingers as someone approached her. She raised her eyebrow, trying to look annoyed that someone was disturbing her peace. They stood a littleways away. "Hi." He said at last. Liz bit her lip. She hated being rude to people, but her parents had strict rules about strangers. After a moment's fight with herself in her head, Liz blurted, "I'm not supposed to talk to strangers, I'm sorry."

The person laughed and sat next to her. "I'm Nicholas. I go to school with your brother, Alex. He's told me alot about you." He held his hand out to her, and she shook it, now smiling. Good, he knew Alex, he wasn't a stranger anymore.

"Sorry about that," Liz tucked her hair nervously behind her ear. She had never talked to many of Alex's friends. They adored her too much for her taste, and treated her like a little girl. She was almost a teenager! "It's just my parents rules and such..."

"Of course. My parents had the same rules for me when I was your age. Matter of fact they still do." Nicholas grinned and Liz felt her stomach flip. It wasn't the 'I'm-in-love' sort of flip, it was more of a 'That-grin's-creepy' flip. Liz pushed the feeling away, marking it as her just being hungry. Nicholas pointed towards her camera. "You take pictures alot?" Liz nodded enthusiastically as she began to tell Nicholas everything about her passion for photography, and who influenced her. That had been her first mistake. More were soon to follow.

What do you guys think? Personally...I thought I did ok...not my best. The other parts will be better!

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I hope you all like this part. I tried to get it right, but I think it's not the best. Let me know what you all think!

Chapter 1


I've been doing alot of thinking since my last entry. My meeting with Nicholas. The point in which my entire life was altered, changed. Then, I was too young to notice it. But everyone else in my life did, and I chose to ignore them. That was my second mistake.

*Three and a half years ago*

"Liz, I don't get it. You hate Alex's friends. What different with Nicholas?" Maria snapped, pulling the covers up tighter as she turned on her side to face her little sister. Liz rolled her eyes. "Ria, I don't need to hear this right now. You, Alex, Dad, and Mom are all on my case about this. Me and Nicholas are just friends. Why would you think otherwise?"

"Liz, the guy is bad news. I haven't heard anything too outrageous yet...except that at his last school he was suspended for stalking a girl. And Liz...he's doing the same thing to you! Why don't you see that?!?!" Maria's green eyes blazed with anger, and she threw her auburn hair over her shoulder. "He shows up at the Crash all the time...watching you. He hangs out until closing time to talk to you for five minutes, then he calls you at home!"

Liz sighed. It was true. Ever since that day in the park, Nicholas had seemed to grow fond of her...but- "No! Maria...I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you. I'm almost thirteen and he's almost seventeen! That's just wrong..." Liz said, not only trying to convince Maria but herself. She bit her lip. She had heard rumors about Nicholas too, but rumors were spread about everyone. She had even heard that Kyle, her own cousin, was into drugs. Why should she believe the rumors about Nicholas? Because you knew that Kyle wasn't doing drugs but you know anything about Nicholas?

"Lizzie...I'm your sister. I know what's best for you. Especially with an older guy." Liz flushed at the comment. "So just because I'm 12 I know nothing, right? That's what your saying isn't it? I'm too young to know how to handle a guy? Well you know what Maria, when you were my age you seemed to know alot about a guy! They certainly spent enough time with you in your bed!" Maria gasped and sat up straight, glaring at her sister from across the room. "You little-"

"I hate you Maria!" Liz shouted, running out onto the balcony. The cold air hit Liz's cheeks but she didn't seem to notice or care. She stomped over to her chair, and crossed her arms over her chest, angry tears spilling down her cheeks. She wept for what seemed like hours before the window opened and Alex stepped out. He rubbed his eyes, and yawned. He had spent twenty minutes calming Hurricane Parker down, and believe me it wasn't something you looked forward to.

"Go away Maria." Liz snapped, sniffing after she said it. She wiped her hand under her eyes to catch the tears. Another body joined her on her lawn chair and pushed her over. "I'm not Maria."

"Alex, please...just leave me alone. I don't need to hear another lecture about how bad Nicholas is for me. We're just friends." Liz pleaded, her eyes catching his. She saw worry, fear, love, and anger in her brother's eyes, and she fell into his arms. With each sob Alex grew angrier. His little sister was crumbling beneath him all because of the new kid, Nicholas. The one Alex had disliked right from the start, but being Nicholas' tour guide, he had to make a good effort. "Liz, Nicholas is bad for you. He's a creep. And maybe you think that there's nothing more than friendship between you...but Nicholas sees something different. He's sees something more than friendship."

"Then I'll talk to him. I'll tell him that we're friends." Liz replied. Alex frowned, "Let me talk to him Lizzie. Me and the guys can tell him that the relationship you guys share is strictly platonic."

Liz rolled her eyes, and pushed away from Alex. "So basically you and Kyle are going to talk to football team into beating him up, am I right?" Seeing the smirk on Alex's face she shook her head. "This isn't funny Alex! For the first time in my life I'm fighting with Maria and Mom and Dad-"

"Because of Nicholas, Liz. You're fighting with them because of him. Nicholas is bad news, Liz." Alex gripped her shoulders in his hands, making her look him in the face, "Really bad news." Liz shivered at the look in her brother's eyes and she tried to wiggle out of his grip. "Can't I make that decision for myself?"

Liz released herself from Alex and stood up. "I'm going to bed now. I'll talk to Nicholas in the morning, ok?"

"Thank you." Alex kissed Liz on the forehead and pushed her through the open window. "C'mon squirt, you need your beauty sleep."

"You're such a dope Alex." Liz replied, laughing. She stopped at seeing Maria's empty bed. "She sleeping out on the couch?" Alex sighed, and nodded. "Ya, she was pretty pissed." Liz crawled into her bed and waited for Alex to tuck her in, not waiting long. "Alex...sing to me."

"Nope. I sang to you when you were a small little thing who couldn't really tell that I had no talent. Now that you're old enough I'll stick to letting you think I'm the Superstar older brother. How bout I put the radio on?" Liz smirked and nodded, moving her head around on her pillow. She nodded to her brother that she was comfortable, and he turned the radio on, lights off. "Goodnight my Liz."

"G'night my Alex."
Liz refused to cry. She wasn't going to cry because Maria was ignoring her. She refused to. But her eyes continued to fill with tears as she watched her sister walk around the Crashdown, taking orders. Each time Maria passed Liz at the counter, she would shoot her a glare, before walking away. Liz sighed and looked towards the door as Nicholas entered. She jumped up and hurried towards him. As she went she passed the table with Alex, and Kyle. Kyle reached out and grabbed her hand, stopping her. "Call us if you need us."

Liz smiled and nodded. "I'm a big girl Kyle. I'll see you at dinner. Bye Alex." She waved them off and stopped in front of Nicholas. He grinned at her and held the doors open for her. "Ready to go on our walk?" Liz took a step out of the door, her heart beating wildly. Why was she so nervous? She was just going to tell Nicholas that they were just friends, no big deal. As they reached the park, Liz turned to him and bit her lip. "Nicholas know that I appreciate you being a friend to me these last few months right?"

Nicholas' brows furrowed in an annoyed way and he nodded. "Ya...?"

"Well...don't get me wrong I do appreciate your friendship, but that's all it is. Friendship." Liz paused to look at him. His eyes were lit with anger, and his lips curled into a creepy frown. She took a step back. "It's just that everyone's been telling me that we've been hanging out alot lately, and I didn't want you to get the wrong idea about us."

"You're such a tease Liz." Nicholas snapped. Liz's eyes widened in shock. "What?"

"You've been leading me on all these months-" Liz shook her head in protest, and she continued to back up. "No, Nicholas...I never meant to lead you on-"

"Well you did Liz. I thought that you were the one for me. The one I've been looking for. And this entire time you've been playing me for a fool." Liz gasped. "I'm only 12 Nicholas, I'm not looking for the 'one' right now. I'm...I'm sorry if you thought I was, but I'm not."

Nicholas snarled as he grabbed Liz's hand, as she moved to walk away. "We're not finished here!" Liz flinched at his voice, and the way he was holding her. "You're hurting my hand!"

Nicholas pulled her along with him, through the secluded space where they were talking. Liz searched for any sign of someone. The wind hit the branches of the trees, leaves dropping to the ground around Liz as she was pulled along by Nicholas. "Nicholas, please, let me go."

Nicholas turned towards Liz, twisting her arm. She flinched at the look in his eyes. "Shut. Up. I don't want to hear you anymore. Got it?" Fear took over in Liz's mind and she nodded numbly. Nicholas seemed satisfied and yanked her after him again. They reached the parking lot, and the only sound was the hurried breaths coming from Liz. Nicholas was standing in front of an old Volkswagon van, and he pulled keys from his pocket. He turned Liz sharply around to face him. "I'm not playing your little game." He dragged her towards the back of the van, and opened the door quickly. Liz was too frightened to look. If she did, she knew she wouldn't like what she saw. Too late.

Nicholas pulled a rope out of the back, and shut the door. Liz's eyes grew huge as she realized what was about to happen. She pulled her hand out of Nicholas' grasp, and turned to run away. She had gotten a foot before Nicholas had tackled her to the ground. She struggled against him as he turned her over so she was now lying on her back. Once she was looking into Nicholas' eyes she pulled his hand back to backhand her. Lying numb, and shocked, Liz was easy to pull into the passenger seat of the van. Nicholas tied her hands behind her seat together, ignoring her pleas for him to stop.

The car started, and they pulled out of the parking lot of the park. Nicholas laughed as they passed the Crashdown, enjoying the look of pain on Liz's face as she passed her home. Tears fell from her eyes and she whispered so low that even she could barely hear herself, "I'm sorry."

Liz was horrified as she watched through the window, her brother and Kyle laughing. Maria was standing at their table, waving her hands around like she usually did when she was being extra dramatic. Finally, Liz turned towards Nicholas, watching as his smile grew larger and larger as they neared the exit to Roswell. Who was this Nicholas? This wasn't the guy she had been friends with these past months. He wasn't the one she told her secrets to. He wasn't the guy who she had shared her prized photographs with. He wasn't the friend that Liz had trusted with her secrets, her prized posessions, and her life. And that, had been another of the mistakes of Liz Parker.


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