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Title: Born To Make You Happy
Author: Amanda
Disclaimer: I don't own it.
Summary: Liz brakes up with Max thinking that it was the best thing she could do before she goes to College. Now she is knows that it was the worst thing that she ever did.

I'm sitting here alone up in my room
And thinking about th times that we've been
through (oh my love) I'm looking at a picture
in my hand Trying my best to understand I
really want to know what we did wrong With
a love that felt so strong If only you were here
tonight I know that we could make it right

I don't know how to live without your love I was
born to make you happy 'you're the only one within
my heart I was born to make you happy Always and forever you and me That's the way our life should be
I don't know to live with out your love I was born to make you happy

I know I've been a fool since you've been gone I'd
better give it up and carry on (oh my love) 'Cause
living in a dream of you and me is not the way my l
ife should be I don't want to cry a tear for you So forgive me if I do If only you were here tonight I
know that we could make it right


I'd do anything, I'd give you my world I'd wait
forever ,to be your girl Just call out my name,
and I will be there Just to show you how much
I care
"Born To Make You Happy" by Britney Spears.

(The Crash-Down Maira and Liz are in th back.)

"We should brake up with Michael and Max before we go to College. You know that there will be hot College guys every where." Maria told Liz with a smile and a wink. "When are we going to brake up with them?"Liz asked Maira. "How about tonight before we go to college? That way we can leave real fast." Maria asked Liz. "Ok ,but how do I brake up with Max. We've dated for about three years now. I don't want to brake his heart ,but do think that we should date other people." Liz told Maria. "Girl friend your on your own on that one. I don't really know Max as well as you do." Maria told her.

(The next day)
"Liz we have to leave soon." Ms. Nacey told Liz.
Liz didn't want to leave with out telling Max so she wrote him a note.

Dear Max,
I think that we should date other people. We are both going to different colleges this year. Who knows when we would get to see each other? We will both be going through different things. I'm sorry ,but this good bye.
Your Friend,

Max walked to the door of the Crash-Down. The lights were all off and th door was close. He found a note on the door that said Max. He read it ,then drop the red little box that was in his hand. Today he was planing to ask Liz to marry him. He was going to same college as her. He found out today. He sat down on the grown and cried.

Author's Note: Hate it,like it?

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Next half.

Liz V.O

Here I am at college. I just got here. I have to look for room 114. Hey was that Max? No that couldn't be. He was going to LSU. Alright here is my room. Lets see if I end up with some crazy room-mate. Just open the door Liz. You know what maybe I shouldn't.

I open the door. No on is in here. OK good I get to pick my bed. I'll pick the one by the window.

End of V.O

Liz puts the picture of her ,Alex and Maria by the bed. The pichture of Max in the drawer. She puts her lamp by the pictures. She make her bed and starts putting clothes in the closet. The door opens.

"Hi I'm Roxy. I'm your new room-mate." Roxy said to Liz.
Roxy had a bright pick T-shirt with black pants and plat phorn shose. Blonde hair with pink in them. "I'm Liz." Liz said to Roxy. "Where are you from?" Roxy ask Liz. "Roswell ,New Mexico. You?" Liz ask her. "Maimi ,Florida." Roxy said.

(Mean while on the other side of campus.)

Maria walks into her room. When she sees Max

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Roswellover thats where I got her name from. *big* I save the next part on a file and then when I went back to it it was gone. So now I have to re-write every thing. I'm sorry for the delay.
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Next part.

Liz V.O
Roxy and I get along great. Just like Maria said. I needed to make a new start. I've been going to parties with Roxy every week. I Liz Parker kissed a guy I didn't know. You would have never thought that I would have done some thing like that. I've been going out with this guy for over 14 weeks now. We do like every one else and make-out when we can. I've been falling out of all of my class. My teacher said that I better get some one to help me or I'm going back to Roswell. I sign my name on the list my teacher told me.

Max V.O
I can't stand this. I all ways see Liz and Brain-The-Man-With-The-Plan making out. That use to be my lips on her ,my hands on her hips and my body close to her's. My life is never going to get good. Kyle tells me that I should move on. I don't want to move on. Look at where he is at. With some girl who can care less. All Pam wants is money. Kyle gave her $105 so she can buy a dress and $50 for her hair. She is making he out be a fool.

Maria V.O
Isabel is my new room-mate. I feel bad. I still didn't tell Liz that is here. Michael called. He has moved on. Be right back I have to go cry my eyes out.

Michael V.O
I called Maria to tell her that I moved on. I miss her. I hat to say it ,but I do. What does that girl have over me? I only said I moved on ,because she dump me. You know where I been all night? Out with the guys playing pool. Kyle is lucky. He has moved on so fast. You would have never have known that Tess dump his butt before we left. He has been sleeping with Pam Troy since.

Alex V.O
College is great! I'm the smartest person in my computer class. People are asking me for help after class. Isabel and I are trying to see if we can move out if the dorms and into a house. I ask her to marry me the day we went to college. Max and I were going to do it together ,but Liz dump him. Isabel is planing our wedding now. She goes crazy over that stuff ,but that is one of the reasons why I love her. I don't know any of the stuff she is planing. All I know is where I have to be and time.

Liz is walking down the hall when she bumps into some thing hard. "Oh I'm sorry."Liz said then walked off.

Max V.O
She didn't even notice that it was me. Do I mean to less to her that much. You know what maybe Kyle is right. I should move on. The only part of me that is not moving on is my heart. Why can't Liz see that she means to much to me? That we belong together? Max Evans will be dead in side for a long time.

Liz V.O
Tonight Roxy has a date. I'm going out with Brian tonight. It's good that she is going out. I can't wait to see who it is.

Liz is on her bed when the phone rings. She picks it up. "Hello?" Liz said. "Hey Liz." The other person said. "OMG" Liz said.


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All Liz has done with Brain is kiss. I am a 100% Dreamer so you know how this will end. *big* Thanks every one for the sweet feed back.*happy* I was thinking that after I'm done with this fan fic that I could write another fic. I want to write one with the idea coming from a song. Does any one have any idea what song I could do?
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"Max?" Liz asked. "Liz." Max said. "Why are you calling? Not to sound mean or any thing. I miss you. I tryed to find out where you are." Liz said.
"I'm calling to talk to Roxy." Max said. He didn't want this right now. "I'll go and get her." Liz said then ran off to find her.
"Roxy Max is on the phone for you." Liz said. Roxy ran to get it. "Hey Cus!" Roxy said. "Hey!" Max said. "When Liz came to get me. She was crying. She does miss you Max. Brain was just some one to get over you. Nothing more. Last night she cry out your name." Roxy said. "She did?" Max asked. "Yes. How about you and I stay here tonight?" Roxy asked. "That sounds great." Max said. If Liz miss him then maybe they can work things out.

"Brain your using Liz?" David ask. "Yes. Then I'll dump her. " Brain said with a smile.

Now you know Roxy and Max are family and Brain is a jerk. Next part Max and Liz talk. Next week I start school ,but I'm in home-school so I will post on time. Thank you for the feed back.
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I have relies that I have not wrote this fic the way that I want. That I have wrote it the way that every one wants me to write it. I'm not blaming any one. I'm hopping that none of you all will get mad at me. I know where I want to go with this fic. I'm a Dreamer so things will have there ups and downs. I'm not saying that it will end bad. I'm just saying is that is how love is. Its not perfect ,so Max and Liz will not have a perfect love. I'm warning you all now. Of what to come. If you leave me feed back that would be great. I love reading what you all have to say about my fic, but if you don't thats ok too.
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Part 5

Liz didn't want to be around when came by.
She didn't want to see him and Roxy all over each other.
She went to Brain's.
When Max got there he was hopeing for Liz to open the door ,but it was Roxy.
Roxy asked Max asked Max if he would like to stay for the night.
He stayed so he could see Liz.
Liz came back around 6AM.
Max got up when she came in.
He look at Liz then ran for Brain's dorm room.
Liz didn't know what to say.
All see did was cry.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO LIZ? YOU S.O.B." Max yelled at Brain.
"Gave her what she wanted." Brain said with a smile.
He didn't even see Max's fist hit his face.

Max walked to Roxy and Liz's room.
Max open the door then look at Liz.
She was still crying.
She look up at him with tears in her eyes.
"I went there to brake up with him and then he...he...raped me." Liz said then look to the ground.
Max wanted to kill him.
He hurt Liz.
Even if Liz broke his heart.
This should have never happend to her.
He was going to try his best to make her happy.
No matter what.
Max walk over to her and put her in bed.
He laid beside her.
Put his arms around her.
Liz was asleep the sec Max put his arms around her.
She loved this.
Being with Max.
Brain was just some guy to get her mind off of Max.

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