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Title: Till Death Do Us Find?
Author: Chica
Rating: PG-13
Catergory:AU, M/L, M/M, I/A
Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Roswell. This is a challenge.
Summary:Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Kyle are at graduation and all die. They live again but do they find each other.
Author's Note: I will post a beginning then go into the chapters.

Six months earlier opening:

"Maybe Maria and the others should know first, they're more like family then Mum and Dad are," Liz Parker spoke to her boyfriend/fiance'e, Max Evans. He replied, "Maybe, but Isabel will spill the beans before we've told them and they will flip." "Good thinking, how about we take them to dinner and break it to them gently, then tell the others tommorow?"
Max answered, "Yes, Liz I'm not rich but I can promise you more than one lifetime of marrige to you."

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My internet has been down hence lack of parts.
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Part 1: The price to pay.

'Twas the day of graduation all was well. Maria and Michael were kissing, Max and Liz were doing unthinkable things. But it wasn't well for Isabel Evans. She was mourning her boyriend Alex Manes.

"I wish the gang could see Alex again*sigh*," Isabel spoke softly to herself.

She didn't hear the high pitched cackling just before she walked on stage.

"Isabel," An unknown voice spoke, "Once you have your certificate report to the principle's office." The voice sounded strangely fimilar.
"Okay," she mechanically answered.

After the presentation of to the principle's office to find........

To Be Continued...

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