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Title: Pearl Harbor
Author: LizParkerEvans4evax
Rating: PG-13 and maybe NC-17
Catergory:M/L, Z/L, M/M, A/I, K/T
Summary: Basically based on the movie Pearl Harbor, and events from the attack on Pearl Harbor but with a Roswell twist.
Author’s note: Max is Rave, Zan is Danny, Liz is Evelyn. It’s going to have more friendship and romance scenes than the whole planning of the war. No Aliens. It’s not exactly like the film.

Part 1
“Come on let’s go,” 10 year old Max said running through the grass.
“I’m coming hold on,” 10 year Zan said following after. They stopped at a red plane and both jumped in. Max started up the plane.
“You sure you know how to work this?” Zan asked.
“Well duh,” Max said lifting it up in the air.
“Woo Hoo, this is great!” Zan said.
“Yeah!!!” Max said. Max titled the plane.
“Max be careful!” Zan screamed.
“I am careful stop being such a baby!” Max said.
“I am not a baby,” Zan said.
“Then quit acting like one!” Max said tilting it again.
“Max look your dad!” Zan screamed.
“We gotta land!” Max said.
“Hurry!” Zan said. Max slowly and gently landed the plane and the both jumped off and ran.
“What the hell is going on over here?” Philip Evans asked.
“Zan run!” Max told Zan. Zan did as told.
“Boy what have you done?” Philip asked his son.
“Nothin!” Max defended himself.
“Nothing my ass,” He said. “C’mere you little twerp,” Philip said.
“Get away from me!” Max screamed. Philip grabbed him and hit him in the face.
Zan however wasn’t far away and heard everything and ran towards the commotion. He pushed Philip away from Max.
“Leave Him Alone!” Zan screamed. Philip looked at the boy in surprise.
“Oh and what are you going to do about it trailer trash!” Philip said. Zan and Max ran towards Zan’s house.
“What’s all the racat Zan?” Zan’s grandfather asked.
“Nothing Gramps,” Zan said. Zan’s grandfather grunted and went back to his room.
Zan and Max ran into Zan’s room.
“Stay here till your dad cools down,” Zan said.
“Ok,” Max said. Max slept on Zan’s sleeping bag, and Zan slept on the bed.

What do you think?

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Thanx for the feedback JaneLane, and littlebit, I'll update soon..

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Part 2
10 years later.
Max and Zan are in separate planes flying in the air.
“Zan how about we play some chicken,” Max said through the intercom.
“Aww come one don’t put me up to this again,” Zan said back.
“Oh come on don’t be a wuss,” Max said.
“Woo! come on boys!!!” Michael screamed from the ground.
“Yeah like they can hear you from down here dumbass,” Alex said.
“Oh shut up,” Michael said.
“So you in?” Max said.
“Do I have a choice?” Zan said.
“Ok lets go left,” Max said.
Zan and Max were heading at each other.
“Left right!” Zan said. They were still heading towards each other.
“Which right, you going right,” Max said.
“No Left,” Zan said. They were heading at each other they were 50 feet apart.
“Your confusing me right!” Max screamed.
“RIGHT GO RIGHT!” Zan screamed. They titled their planes on the right and passed each other.
“YEAH! WOOO!!!” Michael, Kyle, and Alex screamed.
“Woo,” Zan said.
“Yeah,” Max said. They landed the plane.
Max was in Jim Valenti room’s head of the military.
“What you did could of gotten you and Zan Erans killed,” Jim said.
“Yes sir,” Max said.
“It was stupid,” Jim said. Max nodded.
“Idiotic,” He continued. Max nodded.
“And yet it was a piece of work,” He said. Max looked at him. Jim gave him an envelope.
“Came from the England academy of plane riding, you got accepted,” He said. Max was beyond joy.
“Now as the head of the military, I have to ask you to stay,” Jim said. Max looked at him.
“What would you do?” Max asked.
“Me, Honestly,” Jim asked. Max nodded.
“I would go,” He said.

“So your gonna go?” Zan said.
“Maybe,” Max said.
“But what about the military, and your commitment, you can’t go, there’s a war gone, you could get yourself killed, are you risking your life, Don’t take that chance Max,” Zan said.
“Listen I’m not gonna end up like my father, sitting at home, acting like a big cheap ass waiting for me to screw up so he could tell me I told you so,” Max said.
Zan nodded.
“Your gonna do fine without me, your the best damn plane rider I know besides me,” Max said. Zan smiled.
“Come on lets go celebrate,” Max said.
“Your lucky son of bitches,” Michael said. Zan and Max smiled.
“We’re not lucky we just got damn good skills,” Zan said.
“Here Here,” Alex said lifting his shot glass. They all lifted their shot glasses and drank it down.

On a train with the nurses.

“So ladies anything new?” Tess asked.
“Well If you think Liz meeting a guy is new than yes,” Maria said.
“What a new guy, who when where?” Isabel asked.
“ I witnessed it all,” Maria said.
“It was during passing week,” Liz said.

2 weeks ago passing week.

“Could you do this another time or maybe, a little gentler,” A solider said.
“Well I could do it or she could,” Isabel said pointing at Tess who had just stuck in a injection in some guy’s ass painfully hard. The solider gulped.

Max and Zan were in line for an eye exam.
“A T U P R E S,” Max recited.
“Next,” Liz said. Max handed Liz his file.
“A T U P R E S,” Max said quickly. Liz looked up at him,
“Read the bottom line with both eyes,” Liz said. Max gulped.
“Umm E C, S,” Max said.
“X,” Zan corrected him.
“X,” Max said.
“DO you have a problem with your eyes?” Liz asked.
“Oh no mam, it’s just letters, I get them confused I really don’t know about them,” Max said.
“Umm he’s finished can I go,” Zan said.
“No you wait your turn,” Liz said.
“Yes mam,” Zan said.
“Listen the rules are,” Liz said.
“Please, I’m the best damn flight I know, and I’m just asking you to please believe in me, I just want to accomplish my dreams, and fly, please don’t take it away from me,” Max said. Liz looked at him. She took the stamp and passed him.
“Thank you so much, your my hero,!” Max said.

Back to the girls
“You passed him?” Tess said. As all the girls laughed.
“I felt bad for him so I did the only thing I wanted to do,” Liz said.

Back to passing week.
Max walked up to a solider waiting for his shot.
“I need your file,” Max said.
“Why would you need it?” The solider said.
“Oh I’m sorry sir,” The solider said handing him the file.

Max walked into where Liz was giving shots.
“Nice seeing you again,” Liz said.
“I want to thank you for what you did,” Max said.
“It was no problem,” Liz said
“No truly your my hero,” Max said. By this time Max was bending down ready for his shot.
“So any way I was wondering you know if maybe your free,” Max was saying but was cut off by Liz sticking in the shot into him painfully.
“Ahh,” Max said. Liz smiled.
“Umm as I was saying maybe,” Again Max was cut off by another shot from Liz.

“You did it twice,” Isabel said. They all laughed.
“He was pulling the wrong moves, anyway,” Liz said.

Back to Passing week.
Max stood up. He was getting wobbly, and knocking stuff down.
“Did you already have this shot?” Liz asked.
“Well would it count for maybe yesterday,” Max asked. Max was going to the table when he knocked his head on it and injured his nose.

The train
“Owww,” Tess said. They laughed again

Back to the story (lol)
Tess, Isabel, Liz, and Maria were going out.
“Hey,” Max said with bandages on his nose.
“Uh I'll meet you guys later,” Liz said.
They left.
“Are you ok, how’s your nose?” Liz asked.
“It better,” Max said. They sat on the steps.
“So listen I brought some champagne to celebrate you being my hero,” Max said taking out the champagne from his bag. When Max went to open the cork, it hit him in the nose. Liz laughed. Max put his hand on his nose, and it got all red.
“Are you ok,” Liz asked.
“Yeah I’m fine,” Max said on the verge of getting tears.
“Here,” Liz said putting his head on her lap and helping him with his nose. Max looked at her, and they kissed.

The train
“Aww how romantic,” Isabel said.
“Yeah the most romantic 2 weeks and 5 days of my life,” Liz said.

When they got off the train, Max was waiting and Liz gave him a hug and Max swooped her around. Tess interrupted them,
“Do you have any friends?” She asked, Max who had his arm wrapped around Liz.
“Take your pick,” Max said showing them Zan, Michael, Kyle, and Alex.
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I know I promised to give a part, Im sorry ive been busy, I apoligize alot. I'll try my hardest.