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Why Destiny?
By: Shae N.
Category: M/L -- Other
Rate: *NC-17 (After Hours)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or the characters, nuh-uh not ,mine...! Accept for Nicola/Nicolaria, Angel/Summer, Lisaura, and Tobias/Steven.
Summary: Kivar and a reconstructed Tess come to earth seeming to cause problems and to that they did....

Part 1: The New Era Gets Newer

Dear Journal~
Hello again! Long time no see! I l0ve my life! Everything is great. I’m in the process of getting a party ready. My anniversary and the anniversary of the “group” couples is today and we’re all celebrating together. I’ll write soon.... this time I promise!

She shut her journal (that by the way she hadn’t opened since her honeymoon), and looked at it as though it could speak. Her husband being the man that he was, she hid it under her side of the mattress and proceeded to saunter out of the not-so-well-lit room. She came from the hallway and was mock-attacked by her white cat Isis. Her familiar per se, seeing as all her friends kid her about being a witch.
“Hello Isis! Anything you wanna talk about....? Never mind.”
“MEOW!” Isis exclaimed, purring and nudging Nicola’s leg, justly searching for a hand to pet her.
“Me-ow!” Nicola exclaimed back, although not quite getting the cat sound she was going for, “Oh well, Purr Purr!” She giggled. I wonder where Steven is? Nicola thought. Then, out of nowhere he came strolling into the living room.
Telepathy Rules!!! She thought.
“I heard that!” Steven replied to her ‘Telepathy Rules!’ thought.
“You know you love me!” She giggled at him as he made a funky face.
“Well Duh!” he said putting a symbolic glowing ’L’ on his forehead. “I wouldn’t have married you if I didn’t.”
“Yes you would!” Nicola giggled suggestively, “ I’m your little harem. I bet you have a ton of other women fawning over you on the old planet.”
“Oh Yeah. Sure. Whatever.” Steven said sarcastically, “Fine. Get over here my lovely little mistress before the wife gets home.”
“Ha. Ha. Ha.”
“Ya know ya love me!”
“So. Your point?”
So....” he stopped mid-sentence and pulled her down on to the couch by her waist.
“I want you now!”
“So. Your point?” He said mocking her.
“Kiss me you bastard!”
“Ha. Ha. Ha.” he said before leaning in for the kill.
“Yum.” She smiled as their lips touched. She longed to taste him. She had this unmistakable urge that needed to be taken by the horns and rammed into submission. I know you can hear my thoughts... can we go to the bedroom? Please?!?
But what about your party?
“Oh yeah.” She said solemnly, “We’ll have the party. But tonight... I better get some!!”
“Fine,” he sighed, “Ha! I love you my Warrior Princess. You’re my Xena... too bad you don’t look like her!!” he said going suddenly back into sarcasm mode.
“Very funny.”
“I know it was.”
“Ha. Ha.”
She left him sitting on the couch and began to fix-up the dining room for her not-so-welcome guests. She ‘loved’ them all so-to-speak, but she wanted to have some naughty fun.
“Damn. No ‘pleasure’ for me.” she muttered to herself, “Damn.”

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