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Hey guys, I know I already have a fic, but I was toying with the idea of this since I was made to read the book in English, now don't get me wrong the book was okay but I'd like to loosley adapt it into REoswell styles, so it will start out the same- with some events from the book but I'm pretty much on my own*big*

Author; carolina_moon
Catagory;M/L- is there anything else?
Rating; I've never written NC17 before so I might ask for help, if smut is what you want!
Disclaimer;I did not write the book sanctuary Kate De Goldi did, I am in no way affiliated with Roswell except dedicating 3+ years of my life to the show being the best Roswellian I could be ( you know- getting into fights with people, the wall shrine, and my most prized possesions a full library of every single episode on tape!) so if Kate De Goldi comes along and reads this fic and wants me to stop I guess I'll have to!

Why don't we start here?


I had my first summer job. I couldn't believe it, I was 17 and had never had a job before. I got it through a friend of a friend of my mothers at the council ( do you use the word council in America?), it was only caretaking along the beach which was sweet - its like getting payed for getting a nice tan! It wasn't much but it was a start..............

"I don't know" she says nevously

"how will you get there? it's miles!"

"theres always buses going into town"

I say. I being Elizabeth Parker of one Miss Isabella Parker, or Bella as she goes by- the drama queen extrodinar.

"don't be rediculous!, hanging around those scungy bus stops"

she stopped and for dramatis effect said

"do you want to get raped or mudered?"

"fine then I'll walk"

I say, and then I quickly add

"it's always light out this time of year"

"look" she says pointedly

"your not walking at anytime, you hear me?"

Ofcourse now she's rumaging around looking for her lighter to light up the ciggarette hanging loosly from her fingers.
And then it comes to me, I can't believe it took me so long, and Bella must have known what I was thinking because she said

"don't even think about it Liz we are not asking Alex for money!"

Alex is my ex-step father who regulary offers Bella money, which she regulary refuses. I feel my anger start to bubble

"I can't walk, I'm not allowed to catch the bus, and you can't drive me because your too pissed to drive half the time "

Ha! I lengthen her name because I know it pisses her off!

"I know"

she cries with the air of usual dramatasism

"Toni! we'll borrow money from Toni"


I say, eargerly nodding my head

"I can pay her back with my pay"

I jump at the idea because I have to. I have no desire to stay couped up in this boxy house with Bella all summer! Incase you didn't quite catch on there, I'm getting a new bike!

okay, that was the prologue in the next part I fell like I go on about the bike a bit more than nessasary but it will be the instument to bring our dear Max and Liz together, FEED BACK IS A MUST I am a very fragile author, and need lots of support! I already have a huge chunk of this story written out, and my new motto is feedback makes my fingers type faster!*big*

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Lana Lane- thanks heaps for the words of encouragement, I'll prbably post again later today
Pixie - actually the thought never crossed my mind, but I did seriously consider having Micheal as the evil brother of Max , but then I had to rethink that decission because I bet the Candies would not be impressed later on!*happy*
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Hey guys I'm back, and it's only a couple of hours untill tommorow, Thanks to..... Lana Lane (twice), Pixie, roswelllover, and roswellluver, Those first few pieces of feed back mean more to me than you will ever know!
check prologue for disclaimer, Try to look harder in this part because, theres more than meets the eye!

~*Part one*~

Once I got my bike, I kept it in the shed at the bottom of our yard. Since I had nothing else to do untill my summer job started I rode alot, therefore when my bike got dirty- I cleaned.........

"theres something strange about this Lizzie, your seventeen, attactive, and according to your teachers-highly intelligent, and here you are on a Saturday afternoon polishing your ONLY friend"

and she raises her eyebrow

"a bike for christs sakes"

"shut up Bella" I said

"a bike is a steady snd faithful companion"

I see this unsettles her so I continue

"the truth is Bella"

I stared at her accusingly hoping she would catch my drift so that I'd wind her up

"the truth is, that bikes are restless, they're obliging, reliable, and they don't talk back!"

"don't be weird", she huffed

"I was never home like you are at this age! me and Toni were always out getting to know people........"

she drifted on

"yes, well thats the difference between you and me Bella, when you were my age, your way of 'getting to know people' had you three monthes pregnant and married to a biker named 'two dogs' "

Can you hear the disgust in my voice? I heard her huff off, but I didn't turn around, it's high time she grew up, and besides, I'm still angry at her for the whole Kyle thing!

And there it was Kiddies, feedback is a must!I know it's short but to make it up to you, next time I come to check up on this and there is more than two pieces of feed back I'll post again ( I know, only two? that way I shouldn't be too dissapointed!)


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I feel I've been tricked into this by roswellloverwho's left feedback twicw but if she wants ti that bad who am I not to give it to her!and also it's cool to see another New Zealander on the board!so this ones for the Kiwi's

~*Part two*~

Once my job started I was biking everyday. I'd been working at Moonlight Beach for a week now, but today was different. I got up early this morning and decided to take a longer route to work, and thank the lord above I did.
As I was zipping along the countryside, I noticed this solitary house. No, it wasn't a house it was more like a camping ground or something. There was an old house that appeared to be in okay condition, and next to that was what seemed to be a church- a church out here?, there was also around sixty tents surrounding the church.
People were just sitting there, camping out in the yard as if they did it everyday, It was such an amazing site that I almost crashed my bike! It's funny you know? I've lived in this place for my entire life, and I never even knew this place exsisted. Sighing I shoock it off and pedaled on

Sweep, Sweep, look up- around,and Slide over to the left, Sweep, Sweep , this is me trying to be inconspicuous. Don't look now but there is the hottest gut in the entire universe over there on the beach. My legs are shaking like theres no tommorow, and my palms are so sweety I can barely hold the broom.

"Lizzie, you are not going to belive what this total ass! said to me at the store today"

Thats Maria, perminant resident of I-don't-know-when-to-keep-my-loud-mouth-shut-and-pretend-to-be-inconspicuos-land she's also my new best friend.


I hiss, grabbing her hand and ragging her inside

"What?, don't give me that whole try to be nice to everyone speech again, because it just doesn't sit well with me"

As she says this she's flailing her arms drawing as much attention to us as possible! I pretty much jump on her to cover her mouth, but with all the momentum she looses all of her balance and falls flat on her ass. Her green eyes widdened in suprise and then narrowed. Slowly she got up and was making her way towards me. I knew what was coming next so I turned and ran. Ofcourse she was on my heels the entire time

"We've been friends for a week now Lizzie"

She calls out in pants

"and you haven't gotten away from me yet!"

I could tell from her tone that she was joking now, but I kept on running- the hot guy now forgotten, that was a big mistake!. Because after I had slowed down and turned my head to see where Hurricane De Luca had gone, I pretty much ran into him. It took me a while to realise what I had done. I looked up into his amber eyes that were sparkling with amusement, and then his sexy hlf smile caught my attention. My face was now flaming 'FUCK' My mind was screamed at me. Completetly, and utterly embarassed, I quickly looked down at my feet, muttered "Sorry" and scarpered over to where Maria was.

There it was, the first meeting, I know it might of been dissapointing to some but the next encounter will not leave you wanting!*big*
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I just want more people to read this!*big*
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A/N Okay so I know that this is way over due for a new part, but after mulling over the meeting I just didn't like it anymore, and I just want you guys to have the best, so I'm going to re-write the part and you'll get it soon!*big*
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Just bumping myself!*big*
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Hey I just wanted to pop in and apoplogise for my tardyness, and pay tribute to everyone who lost their lives in the September 11 terrorist attacks, and say that my heart goes out to everybody affected ( the note on my other fic was better)