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new fic. prolouge. hope you like!

Author: me
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She stepped off the bus at half-till-midnight. I just happened to be driving past the bus station at the right time, or maybe it was the wrong time. I don’t know. All I know is, I didn’t want to go home, so I was driving around. Not many people get off here, this is the stop they all get on. Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico, home off the dull, visiting place of the insane.

But anyway, she stepped off the bus. I saw her, she saw me. Love at first site? Nah, not even close. She glared at me, and lifted her bag. That’s all she had, just a bag, no one else there, just a bag. How can people really fit all their possessions into one little bag? I don’t think I could fit all my Metallica junk in a bag that size.

She walked past my car. I followed, thinking she was probably heading to someone’s house and I could give her a lift. She screamed at me, thinking I was stalking her. Well, actually, I couldn’t discern what she was yelling, all I could make out was a comment about the hair. What, I ask you, is wrong with my hair?

She calmed down, eventually, and we talked at the park. I don’t usually do this, you know, follow strangers and talk to them at the park. She had nowhere to go. I told her she could stay at my house. My parents will kill me, how could they not? I mean, inviting a 17 year old girl who just steps off a bus, has nowhere to go, no one to meet, is definitely against the rules.

I opened the door for her and showed her to the guess room. She circled slowly, then quickly, I stopped her before she could make herself sick. She looked at me and let a tear escape her eye. I ran. Opened the door, left her in there, and ran to my room.

What was I thinking letting this girl into my house? I don’t know her, plus, there is still the problem of my parents. Well, the mom never knew about E.T. for a couple days, maybe I can pull that off.

I locked the door. Got into bed and fell asleep quickly. That’s when I had the dream.

I ran down the hall and opened the door to the room she was staying in. I looked at her, poked her until she woke, and watched her, letting her take a moment to know where she was. Screw that. I told her in a loud voice: “You can’t be her. You can never be her.”

“Why would I want to?”

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Part 1

I sit there for a moment, letting her words sink in. ‘Why would I want to?’ Really, I must be dumb. It doesn’t take that long to understand those words. I look at her. “I had a dream. You tried to be her. You can’t be. You can’t be her. Never.”

She looks at me, sits up, and sighs. “Do you do this a lot?”

“Do what? I hate it when people change the subject.”

“Nice to know, I’ll keep that in mind.” She tells me sarcastically. “I mean, do you invite people to stay at your parents’ house, let them fall asleep and then wake them at,” she looks at the clock, “two-thirty in the morning to tell them they ‘can’t be her.’ Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you? It does to me. But then, maybe I’m just normal.”

I sneer at her. “Nice.”

“What was your dream and why do you think it had anything to do with me?” She pats the bed and I sit down, but far enough away from her that I wouldn’t touch her on accident.

“She was there, and you were there. I was with her, in the desert.” I lock my hands together and stare at how they fit into my lap. “We we’re together. Obviously one of our good days. Really good for me, she was quiet, didn’t talk much. I love her.” I drop my hands to my sides and look at her.

She just looks at me, makes no effort to comfort me. “Well, that’s good. I’m glad you love her. But, umm, what does this have to do with me, and why did you wake me up to tell me I can’t be her?”

“I’m not done with my story.” I glare at her, and she rolls her eyes and looks away. “I was with her. It was a good day; the dream was really…umm, odd. It was in the desert and I was standing with her in the middle of all these huge metal symbols that were scattered over the ground.”

She looks at me; her eyes wide with shock. I can’t believe I mentioned the symbols. We all made a pact to never talk about stuff like that with people who aren’t part of our extremely tight-nit group of people we know extraordinarily well. But why does she care about the symbols? What do they mean to her? And why do I feel a connection to this girl I’ve never met before?

Her head tilts to the side, while her eyes watch me intently. Her look of shock has passed, but it’s obvious I now have her full attention. “Then she disappeared. One second she was there, the next she was gone. You were there in her place. I saw a lot of scenes.” I shake my head, trying to get the images to disappear.

“I took her place? What were the scenes you saw?” She leans toward me slightly and places her small hand on my knee. I look at it and fling it away from me. She can’t take her spot. I won’t let her. It isn’t right.

“I saw normal scenes. Things that happened between her and me. But this time, you were there instead of her. She was gone. A figment of my imagination. Who are you, and why am I having these dreams?”

She mumbles under her breath and I strain to hear her words. “It’s all Nasedo’s fault. He never knows when to let things happen normally. He never knows how to let me live my own life and not mess up all our lives. I thought I could get away from him. He’s punishing me. Zan, Rath. Zan, Rath.” She hugs her knees to her chest and rocks gently, her small frame shaking slightly as she repeats her mantra of, “Zan, Rath.” I don’t ask her what she means, and I don’t reach out to attempt to make her feel better.

I know something is wrong now. One of my only memories from before I was adopted is those names: Zan and Rath.

I watch her out of the corner of my eye and grab the phone. It’s picked up on the third ring.

“Ugh, hewlo?” the mumbled voice of one of the only people I trust says, as he answers the phone.

“We’ve got a situation. Get over here, now.” I hang up and imagine his startled reaction. He probably hung up the phone before my words dawned on him. About now he’s probably sitting up after the moment of realization, his eyes bright with something. I don’t know what he’s feeling. Never could understand what people were thinking. That makes her mad sometimes. Everything makes her mad sometimes. Sometimes I think I’m better off without her. But then I think harder.

She’s still sitting there, rocking herself. Periodically, she glances out the window and mumbles inaudible curses. A car pulls up into the driveway, and parks. She stops rocking, looks out the window at my friend walking up to the house, and to the window she’s looking through. She looks from me to him, and responds with a curse, this one that I can hear.

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Part Two

She looks from him back to me. Her face falls when she sees me standing there, not reacting to his presence.

“You can’t let him in here.” She pleads with me, her hands clasped, knees bent, normal begging fashion.

I look down at her and our eyes meet. ‘Please?’ She mouths to me. “Why?” I ask her.

“He’s not who you think he is. He’s not your friend. He’ll act like he is, but he’ll ruin you. And he’ll- he’ll- he’ll kill me.” She stuttered slowly, panicking. “He’ll just ‘readjust’ your destinies, again. I’m not important. What’s m-my life? Sworn to protect, he’ll kill. I don’t know how he’s here. I thought I killed him. I thought I had finally escaped him.” Her face crinkled in worry and disbelief at the situation.

I glance out the window. My friend is almost there. She’s inching away slowly.

“I need to get out of here. He can’t find me. I have to stop him. But not yet, not yet.” I shove her into the closet and close it. I think she’s wrong. I’ve known this guy since I was six, and he sure looks like him to me. I open the window and help him through.

“Hey buddy boy.” He looks at me, his face expressing how tired and grumpy he is. “Just a quick question, how do you do that neat mind warp thing?” He looks at me in exasperation. Yup, keep that up. You shouldn’t know how to do that.

“You wake me at 2:30, tell me to come over so you can ask me how to do something you know I don’t have the ability to do? I’m leaving-” He starts towards the window when we both hear something fall in the closet. “What was that?” he asks in my direction.

Think fast. I know he’s my friend, but maybe I should’ve waited until tomorrow morning for this.

“It was nothing.” I lie, running a hand through my hair nervously. “Probably something in my parents’ room. You know how rowdy those parents can get.” I say shakily.

He flashes me a look. Disturbing, my words are, this I know. I can’t believe I even said that. Ugh.

He walks to the closet, with his hand outstretched. He opens the door a little and I close it quickly. “See? Nothing there. Go home, come back later.” Why am I doing this? Why should I care if sees her there? I wanted him to come so we could deal with this little ‘situation.’

He flashes me a warning, and speaks in a low tone. “Open the door, now.” Was that a growl? Never heard him talk like that before. Does he feel a connection?

“Ladies and gentleman, behind door number one,” I mumble incoherently. I open the door to reveal her unconscious body lying in a heap on the bottom of the closet. “Can’t it ever be something normal?”

My friend drops his hand and kneels down beside her. He feels for a heartbeat as I stand to the side, watching his reaction. He lifts her slowly, her limp body hanging out of his arms. Her head and neck hang so that her hair almost touches the ground. Her limbs flop around with each step he takes.

He tenderly laid her on the bed, settling down next to her. His hand strokes her hair vacantly as he looks at me. “Who is she? And why was she unconscious in a closet in your house?” He looks at me with a harsh glare. “You didn’t kidnap her, did you? Or abduct her?”

“Whatever.” I look away and sit in the empty chair. “Not everything is always my fault.” I glare back at him but he isn’t paying attention to me. So this is how it goes, huh? He comes in and no one cares about me anymore? When has anyone ever thought I might be the victim in one of these odd situations? Am I? Well, maybe, depends what you consider a ‘victim’ to be.

“Tell me.” She stirs a little, and finally opens her eyes. They look at each other and she raises her hand. He grabs it and sparks fly. I’m not a romantic. I don’t think in ways to make things seem ‘prettier’ than they really are. When I say sparks flew, there were literally sparks that flew.

He doesn’t let her hand go, even though she’s struggling against him. She sits up. I lean back in the chair and watch the struggle. Her eyes look at me, willing me, pleading with me to do something, anything. I stay where I am. She rips her hand out of his grasp and jumps off the bed. Backing up, slowly, she extends her hand straight in front of her.

“It really is my friend. It’s not that guy after you.” They both look at me, turning their heads at the same time. “You can trust him. He won’t hurt you,” I point and nod at my friend. “Let me break it down. Freaky girl with a secret,” I nod at her, “and good guy. He’s on your side.” She looks from him and me. “Put down your friggin’ hand, would you?”

She lowers her hand and glares at me. I roll my eyes and she sticks her tongue out at me.

“Nice. Real mature. Now, you better tell us what the heck is going on. I want answers and I want them now.” I tell her, still in my position in my chair.

“Who died and made you king?” She mumbles before sitting back on the bed. My friend, still watching her, walks to the door and uses his powers to lock it. He stands, leaning against a wall, watching the two of us.

“Enough. Give me answers, NOW!” I raise my voice and she rolls her eyes. Does this seem like the battle of attitudes and wills? I will win.

“You’re nothing compared to Nasedo.”

“Who are you running from? Obviously someone who looks like the All-American boy here. Why were you running? What happened to you?”

She looks at me, and automatically answers, sarcastically, “I was abducted by an evil alien.”

My friend gasps. I laugh. “Nice one. Now, the truth. Go back all the way to your past life. You know, the one where you lived on another life.” He gasps again. Yes, get your early morning entertainment here. Hundred times better than what you could catch on the TV this early. Oh…wait, I forgot what they show…. What was I saying? Well, buddy boy needs to get a handle on his breathing. Between his drooling over her and his frequent gasping every time one of us says something, I’m getting annoyed.

She grins. “Fine. Here’s the truth. Better settle down, boys; this might take a while.”

We settle down and look at her. She sighs in an irritated fashion, and taps her fingers as she waits. I look at her and raise my eyebrow. She grabs a pillow and holds it against her. She’s sitting cross-legged on the bed with her back to the wall. I feel like it’s either story time at the library or a meeting of the Baby-Sitter’s Club, umm, not that I’ve ever read one of those. Yup, I’m just guessing. Umm…whatever.

She smiles, a genuine smile that lights up her face. I see my friend melt when the smile is directed at him. I look at her. I still think my ‘her’ is prettier. Is my ‘her’ still mine? I’ll have to talk to her.

“I’m your fourth. Alien, that is. Four pods, one,” she points to me, “two,” she points to my friend, “three is not here. Four is me.” She nods, allowing us time to swallow this. We both nod. “Well, I woulda thought you needed time to adjust.” She mumbles. “Ruin my dramatic moment.” She complains under her breath. Control freak.

“I was raised by Nasedo. He was our protector. He got to me after you three had already left. You left me there, so he took me. He looked for the three of you, but he could never figure out who had adopted you. He had expected you to be kept together. Apparently that didn’t happen. My whole life I have been taught how to use these powers we were given. I know why we were sent here, everything from the past. Nasedo had made a plan with the ruler of our planet, an evil tyrant. I was supposed to do something I considered to immoral and evil. I didn’t want to. I’m not evil. Nasedo was angered by my refusal to follow through, and told me that he was going to kill me. I got to him before he could follow through. Apparently he’s dead. I got my hands on some of the Special Agencies papers and was able to follow their speculations to you. Oh, and another interesting little tidbit, one of you is the former king of our home planet.” She looks at the two of us. Our jaws are hanging down. She should be happy; she got her dramatic moment after all.

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foreverdreamer, thanks for the fb. lol. yes, I am going for a very vague fic here. I'm having fun writing it this way. well, I revealed one identity in this part, but not the girl, I'm sorry! I don't know when that'll come out. sorry it took me so long to get this part out, I hope you like it!

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Part Three

“And they can make all the humans disappear. Just flip a switch on this device and they all disappear.” I roll my eyes at the obviously sci-fi story.

“Are you crazy?” I ask her.

“Are you?”

“No. I’m not.”

“Than neither am I.”

“You think you’re so smart don’t you?”

“Of course. I know who you really are, you know that don’t you?”

“I know who you are, too.”

“Not really.”

“I know your name.”

“Big deal. I know you’re an alien, in love with a human, raised in Roswell, and a whole lot of other things about you. I know about the dreams and hallucinations you’ve both had.”

“You win.”

“Of course.” She smiles smugly, looks at my friend, and turns away from him, with this suspicious smile gracing her face. My friend continues watching her.

“Umm…could you stop?”

“What?” he asks her.

“Looking at me like that.” She moves closer to me. I move farther away from her. She glares at me. I glare at her. I think my friend really is making her uncomfortable.

“Sorry.” He mumbles and looks down at the ground. Why do I notice so much when people do that? Or is that what all people do when they get nervous? Maybe it’s just the people I surround myself with. Why do I do that? You know, surround myself with losers? I’m an attractive guy, I could be the most popular guy at school. ‘She’ always laughs at me when I say that. I don’t understand what’s so funny. She always just points at my hair and laughs uncontrollably. They all do that. Don’t they understand how it hurts a guys self-esteem to always be laughed at?

“It’s aite, just, let your eyes rest a little.” Her comment snaps me back to the scene playing out in front of me. My friend lifted his head up back to look at her, a shy, worried smile playing on his face. She smiles back at him and places her hand on top of his. His face lights up quickly and she takes her hand away from his.

“Go home.” I growl at my friend, and he glares at me. “It’s late. I want to go back to sleep. You can come back after noon, like when my parents are at work.”

“We have school.”

“Skip it.”

“We have to make everything look like it’s still normal.”

“I always skip school,”

“Where did your parents go wrong?”

“Enough.” She bites out at us. “Do you really want your parents to wake up and find us all here?” I shake my head vehemently. My parents would seriously blow a casket if they caught them here.

I hear footsteps above us, and then the stairs give their tell-tale song of someone padding down them. I look at them and she looks calmly back at me. My friend looks panicked and dashes for the closet.

“Get in there. Now.” I whisper at her. She stands there calmly, smiling at me. I look out into the hallway and then back at her. Well, where she was. I look around. She’s nowhere to be seen. I look again and she’s standing there right in front of me.

‘Relax.’ She whispers.

I look back out the hallway, and see my mother walking into the room. I formulate a quick excuse as to why we’re all there. He brought his girlfriend over, because he…he…he’s umm…drunk. It happened once, it could happen again. My mom looks right through me, and walks to the closet. She opens it and I can see my friend standing there, a worried and curious expression on his face.

My mom closes the closet again, looks around the room, and walks out. “I could’ve sworn I heard someone in there.” She says before heading back up the stairs.

I turn around and see her hunched over in two, holding her abdomen in one arm and her head in the other hand. Max and I run over to her and help her hobble over to the bed. We lay her gently down, and she doesn’t even look at us.

“You okay?” Max asks her.

She shakes her head and looks up at us. “Yeah, I’m great. It just takes a lot of energy to do that.”

“What did you do?” I ask her.

“I got in her mind and altered what she saw. She didn’t see any of us. It’s called a mind warp. Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt you mom.” She tells us. “Can I get some sleep now? I’m kinda worn out.”

Her attention shifts between the two of us, her hand still massaging her temple. I nod and Max grabs the sleeping bag from the closet. He spreads it out by the window and lays down while she’s watching.

“Umm…what is this? Why are you staying?” She asks him.

“We don’t want you leaving.” I tell her.

She glares at me. “I’m tired and I have a massive migraine. Trust me…I’m not leaving.”

“Still…we want to be sure. Plus, something might happen to you and you’ll need someone to protect you.”

“I don’t need protection. I’m not a little girl.” She adds in an icy tone.

“Whatever. He’s staying, and that’s the end of it.”

“Do you think you’re in charge of me?”

“Maybe I am.”

“Maybe you’re just an idiot.”

“Or maybe not.”

“You guys, shut up.” He interrupts our fight, and she turns around until she’s facing the wall, with her arms crossed. “I’m staying. Plus, it’s too late to go home without getting caught and grounded for the rest of my natural born days.” With those words, he stretches out in the sleeping bag. “Turn off the light when you leave, will ya?”

I turn around and stomp out of the room. I flip the switch off and watch him as he rests on his elbows watching her get situated in the bed. God, he’s got it bad for her. Why couldn’t he pick some nice girl? No…he’s got to go and pick the first argumentative female alien that I allow to come and spend the night in my house. Why doesn’t anything ever work out the way I plan it? What the heck is so wrong with my plans?

When I get to my room, I flip off the light, grab my picture of *her* and fall asleep. Maybe this time I’ll get some sleep with dreams I can appreciate.

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Hiya peoples.

I come to apalogize for the lack of updates. I do have a part written, but my comp. won't let me access the internet so I can't post it. I will as soon as I possibly can! I hope you haven't forgotten this story!
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An update! An update! Yay! hehe...I love fb! Hope you like!

Part Four

There she is, running through the grass to meet me. The green grass waves gently around her running legs. Suddenly the grass begins to grow. The waves are churning violently, threatening to swallow her. I watch as she trips and falls, her arms reaching out to me. I run to the spot I saw her go down. She’s gone. In her place is the girl staying in my house…dead. A man is kneeling beside her.

His smile is evil, squinting as he stares at her lifeless body. “Serves you right.” He laughs. He reaches his hand out and places it on her chest. Her body contorts and then rests as he takes his hand away, a black handprint burned into her flesh.

I look at her head and see the blood splashed into her hair. Her head is turned away from me, showing me the wound in her head, blood still faintly trickling. The ground around her dead body is crimson red and fading away slowly. I stand up and gradually back away.

The man stands up and glares at me. “Don’t help her. Understand?”

My hand raises and I try to blast him. He raises his hand in return and my blast ricochets off his, hitting my shoulder. The power of the blast knocks me to the ground and I struggle to stand up again.

“Understand?” He asks me again, his hand raised. His eyebrows raise as he watches me pull myself back to my feet. I glare at him and don’t answer. Obviously this is what she’s running from. Well…I guess we’ll just have to help her.

“No.” I raise my hand one last time and blast all my power and energy at him. He falls to the ground and the world slowly becomes dissolved into darkness.

“Son, wake up.” Cool hands are gently patting my warm face. “You were having a bad dream.” I open my eyes and see the worn face of my mother. I turn my head to glance at the clock. 6:30. Time to get up for school. “Are you okay?” My mother looks at me, as I draw myself up into a sitting position.

“Yeah, it was just a bad dream, just like you said.” I rub my eyes, and try to forget about that dream.

“What happened?”

“Uh…this guy was trying to hurt my friend. He killed her. And warned me to not help her.”

“Is this ‘friend’ someone you really know?”

“Yeah…I just met her a little bit ago. Mom…I need to get ready. Thanks, though.” She stands up and leans over to give me a hug. I hug her back and give her a clumsy kiss on the cheek. She straightens, smiles, and walks out the door, closing it behind her.

Should I put this dream behind me? Just ignore it and pretend everything’s okay? Somehow I don’t think I should.

I run around my room and get dressed quickly. My parents are leaving, getting all their stuff in their cars. I walk downstairs and my mom confronts me.

She puts her hands on both sides of my face and forces me to look at her. “Be good. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t give you permission to do, normally.”

I nod, and she pats my face. “Good. Bye. I love you.” I nod and mumble that I love her too. She turns and walks out the door into the garage. I stand where I am until I hear both my mom and dad’s cars driving away.

I walk over to the room where Max and that girl slept. The doors are still closed and I rest my ears to the door. Faint whispers of two voices reach my ears. A feminine laugh ensues before I finally open the door.

Max and that girl both turn to look at me, a broad smile on his face, and a shy smile on hers. Who would’ve thought she had it in her to be shy? Certainly not me.

“Hey, Michael. We were just getting to know each other. Apparently this Nasedo guy murdered a bunch of people. If he’s not dead, we’ll need to find him.” Why do I doubt that was what they were really talking about? Why would they be smiling and laughing if they were talking about that murderous jerk?

“About Nasedo…I don’t think he’s dead.”

Her face drains of color as she turns to look at me. “Why not?”

“I had this dream. This tall, skinny, somewhat bald guy with black eyes warned me not to help you.” I look at the two of them. She’s still colorless and Max has reached out to grab her hand. She pulls it away and curls into a ball again.

Max looks up at me. “What happened in the dream? Details.”

I sigh before beginning. I was in this field. My girlfriend was running towards me, when the grass started whipping around, and she tripped. I ran to where I thought she was, and ‘she’,” I nod my head at the alien ball, “was there. Dead. Like I said, that guy was there. He was standing over her, saying it was what she deserved, and then he burnt a handprint into her chest. She was dead, bloody. Then he told me not to help her. I tried blasting him and he blasted me back. It knocked me to the ground. I tried again and knocked him out. Then my mom woke me up.”

She’s still rocking. Max looks at me, concerned. Yup, Maxie, things are going to get weird around here if we don’t get rid of her.

“So what do we do now, Max?” He looks at me confused. “Come on, you know you’ve always been best at making alien related decisions.”

“Umm…yeah, sure. We take the day off from school. Go to Frasier Woods, the cave, and find out about what each other knows. We’ll get Isabel too. None of the others. We can’t get them involved in this right now.”

Sounds good to me. I nod and go to call Isabel.

The phone rings twice before she picks it up. “Hello?”

“Isabel, it’s Michael.”

“Good. Do you know where Max is? He’s supposed to give me a ride to school but he isn’t home. Mom and Dad think he’s at the library, but I know better. Where is he?”

“He’s here. Is, we’re not going to school today. We have something else to take care of. We’ll pick you up in ten minutes. Bring your jacket.”

I hang up before she can say anything, and head back into the room.

“We’re picking her up in ten minutes.”



“She doesn’t have anything warm to wear.”

“Call Isabel.”


Max walks out of the room, grumbling about how he has to do everything. Grumble all you want Maxie-poo, it won’t change anything.

“Why are we going to the woods? Why can’t we just talk here?”

“The woods are our turf.” I reply.

“And your house isn’t?” She asks, her eyebrows raised, in a sarcastic manner. She rolls her eyes at me. “Never mind. The Special Agent probably bugged your house anyway.”

“How do you know so much about that?”

She takes a deep breath. “Nasedo infiltrated the system. He was a major member for a while, until….”

“Until you killed him.”

“I didn’t have a choice! Killing him wasn’t something I *chose * to do!” She says, looking at me with attitude, her voice raising. She turns from me and looks at the door as Max comes back in.

“Umm…she says Mom and Dad are gone. We can just come in and get some. We ready?”

I look at him. “Yeah. Let’s go.” She grabs her stuff and we walk out to Max’s jeep. I climb in the back as she climbs into the passenger seat, next to Max. He pulls out of the driveway quickly and speeds through the residential streets to his house. Max parks and pulls the keys out. He helps her out of the car, and takes her by the arm, leading her into the house.

I follow behind them. Isabel opens the door and her mouth drops when she sees Max leading this girl in.

“Max. I need to talk to you.” She grabs him and pulls him out of the room; I follow. “What are you two doing with this girl? We don’t know who she is. I want answers.” She crosses her arms and looks pointedly at us both.

“She’s our fourth, Isabel. We’re going to the cave to get all the answers, but she’s one of us.” Isabel’s arms drop down to her sides and she glares at us.

“Are you telling me the truth?”

“Scouts honor.” Max replies.

“You were only a scout for three days, Max, it doesn’t mean much.” She sighs and looks at her. “Fine. We’ll go get her something nice to wear. Grab something to eat. Did you call the others?”

“No. We decided no humans in this. We’re not getting them involved.” Isabel nods and walks over to her. She hugs her and leads her away.



“What are we going to do about that dream you had?”

I look down at the ground. “What can we do? Keep an eye on her, I guess.”

“Do you really think that’s enough? I think she should stay with one of us constantly.”

“By one of us, do you mean you?” I look at him, and he smiles a little.

“I’m safe. Powerful, strong, dependable.”

“Yeah, you’re loyal and you like long walks on the beach, too, Max.”

He huffs and looks away. “We need to protect her.”

Finally, something I can agree with. “We will. Relax. We’ll figure this out at the cave.”

He looks at me and we both sit until the girls come back. I look at her. She’s wearing warm clothes now. What? Am I supposed to care about describing what she’s wearing? They’re *clothes *. There are better things in the world to care about. Like getting rid of the evil aliens and the evil blue crystals.

Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep
It's my lullaby
Sometimes I drive so fast
Just to feel the danger
I wanna scream
It makes me feel alive

We pile into the jeep, with Isabel sitting in the back with me. She rests her head against my shoulder and falls asleep. We ride in silence for the hour drive to the woods. Max parks in our secret place and helps her and Isabel out of the jeep. He takes her and wraps his arm around her. Isabel and I walk behind them.

Max keeps his arm around her shoulders as he leads her to the cave. He waves his hand and lights the cave. She walks out from under his grasp and walks into the cave, examining the walls.

To walk within the lines
Would make my life so boring
I want to know that I
Have been to the extreme
So knock me off my feet
Come on now give it to me
Anything to make me feel alive

She smiles at me, as she examines the symbols. We’ve figured out what some of them mean. She walks out of the cave quickly, and Isabel follows her. Max and I stay where we are, looking perplexed.

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breath?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please

“Should we follow them?” I ask.

“Umm…it’s probably just some girl thing.” He tells me, looking out the cave entrance.

Isabel walks back in, hurridly.

“Guys, get out. We’re leaving. NOW.” She turns and walks out. We follow.

“Isabel? Why are we leaving?” Max grabs her by the arms and pulls her around to face him.

“She says he’s been here.”


I know. “That guy she’s running from. Nasedo. He’s been here.”

Let down your defenses
Use no common sense
If you look you will see
that this world is this beautiful
accident turbulent succulent
I'm feeling permanent
No way I won't taste it
Don’t wanna waste it away

Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh my self to sleep
It's my lullaby

Is it enough?
Is it enough?
Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breath?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please.