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It was dark in the ballroom when he saw her. She was absolutly beautiful in her crimson red gown that flowed past her feet. The dress was low cut down her chest and it hugged her body nicely and complemented her curves. The red made her look almost radiant in the tinted room. His heart stopped as she met his gaze, her eyes like dark pools of liquid. Then his heart started to speed up when he realized she was walking towards him. She wore the most aluring smile on her face. Her hair was falling down her shoulders in a cascade of dark soft curls. When they met, she slowly slid her hands into his his and drew in closer so that there bodies were touching slightly. He slid one arm around waist as they started to sway to the music. She pulled back a little and looked into his. He thought he may cry looking into her eyes for to long. Then in her soft sensual voice, she said "Angel", "yes Liz" he replyed back, "wake up" she said. "huh?"said Angel then before he knew it, was no longer looking at a beautiful brown female, now it was man with glasses and a british accent. "Get up come on. We have to go get the rest of the research on this demon." Angel just looked at him confused then said "Dammit Wesley not now"

the end

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Chapter 1

LA, California

"Angel, hellooo Earth to Angel" said a slightly annoyed Cordeila while waving her hand in front of Angel's face.
"Huh...oh..what Cordy?"said Angel coming out of his daze. He couldn't stop thinking of his dream. He'd been having them every since he left her,and now, she's all he thinks about.

"Ohh nothing just that were all here trying to look up this ...Taherri demon and all you can do is sit and wonder off into your little special place and think about you and...." she trailed off when realized what she was saying may have struck a painful cord with him. Angel just look at her and got up and went to the back of the office. She felt instantly bad for what she had said so she got up and followed him to the back of the room.

"Angel" she said taking a deep breath,"Look, I know you're hurt but, did you ever stop to think that maybe this all was for the best? I mean, look what happened the last time you fell all hard and brooding for a slayer. I miss her too, she was actually the coolest out of the four slayers I've known in my life." she said trying to comfort her friend. To think that five years ago, she could really have cared less for Angel. He was just a hot vampire Buffy was with, he was no importance at all. Now he was like her best friend or big brother.

Angel wasn't really listening to her even though he was very thankful for her comfort. His mind was drifting back to when this all began. When He first Liz Parker.



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Ok heres the continue of chapter one. ENJOY!!!



Roswell, New Mexico

"You know,Liz, just because your the boss' kid don't mean you can slack off" Micheal said nastily to Liz as she walked into the Crashdown three hours late. As soon as she heard him, she frozeand turned to look at him.And with the same blank expression on her face as she had when she walked in, she flipped him off and continued for the back as if nothing even happened.

She'd really been having a rough week. For starters, she been getting these weird ass dreams. Then the fact that everyone was either avoiding her or just being mean as hell towards her. Every since they got back from Arizona and Max had told everyone that She 'slept' with Kyle, everyoe's been treating her like shit. She'd saved thier lives and this is what she gets. And frankly, she was sick of it. Even Maria, who is supposed to be her best friend
has joined the group. the only person who talks to her is Kyle since they hate him too. ~I'm sure that blonde bitch is enjoying all this~she thought.

When she fially got changed she heard the doors ring and saw four people walk in;three men and one woman. they couldn't have been no order than twenty-four or five. She glanced over to maria who was chatting with Isabel and Tess. Obviously Maria wasn't going to get their orders so Liz went to the table.
"Hi welcome to the Crashdown. I'll be your waitress this evening, Liz. Could I get you somthing to drink?"

They all just stared at her for a moment. But the one whos eyes caught her was the very attractive man with black hair and the deepest,darkest eyes she'd ever seen. She was lost in his gaze that she coudn't help but stare back.

Liz was beginning to get lost so she quickly looked away and begin to look at the others at the table.
The man sitting next to the beautiful stranger wore glasses. He had brown hair and green eyes. He was cute in a intelligent sort of way. Then her eyes were on the man sitting across from the beautiful stranger and next to the woman. He was black and very cute. His eyes were brown but not as dark as the other. He was well built with a shaved head.Then she looked at the woman. She was pretty. She had brown hair with golden streaks and grey eyes. Liz could tell she was an out-spoken person. Confidence seemed to flow of her.

"'ll have a sprite."said the woman breaking the silence. "ok thats one sprite.."liz said writing it down. "I'll get a Dr. Pepper please." said the one with the shaved head. "um Hello I'll have a water."the one with the glasses said politely witha proper English accent. "ok a Dr.pepper and a Water...and what about you?" Liz asked the who was still staring.
"Oh..nothing..Im fine thanks"said the beautiful stranger. His voice was deep but so soft and it sent shivers down her spine. But good shivers.

"ok well will that be all?" Liz asked turning to leave, "Actually there is. By any chance do you happened to be Elizabeth Parker?" asked to english man earning a elbow from the girl.
"uh..yes... who wants to know?"She was getting alittle nervous.
"oh well Im Wesley Price,and this is Angel Conner,Charles Gunn, and Cordeila Chase. Is there any where we can told to in private?"
Liz didn't know what is was about them but she felt like she could trust them."Well Im working but you could wait until twelve when my shifts over."
"That would be great. thank you." said Angel. Again the shivers ran down her spine.

"Good.....well let go get your drinks." she said while going to get them.

The moment she went back in the kitchen, the pod sqaud had followed her in.
"Who are those people?! There not from around here!" Micheal said damanding more than asking.
"Why were they staring at You like that?! What the hell was going on?!" damanded Max.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Im there waitress. I was taking there orders."Liz answered as calmly as she could. She was going to walk past them when her past was blocked by Isabel, Maria,and Tess.

"It looked like more than just taking orders was going on"Isabel sneered.
"Isabel c'mon you know Liz is on the hoe train now that she's fucked Kyle."Tess said nastily. Liz's blood began to boil and before Tess knew what happened, she was knocked out of shoes and was flying backward hitting the wall.

Max and Maria rushed to her side followed by the others. "What the hell is wrong with you!!!" Max was yelling. Liz Just walked out the restuarant as fast as she could before she could no longer hold in her tears.


back in side

"Wesley you could have been alittle more sly with it. I mean, you might as well just said 'hey I know your just a normal girl but your supposed to kill evil things and probably will die before you turn twenty-one.'" Cordeila said mocking him.

"Yeah I think you did kinda freak her out." said Gunn nodding his head.

"Whadda you think Angel?...Angel?" said Gunn looking at Angel who was staring at something. They all followed his gaze to see Liz and a group of kids arguing the argument seem to grt haeted and they saw Liz straight Bitch slap the short, ugly, curly hair blond across the room then on the floor.

"Uh oh" said Cordeila
"damn. she's got a slayer's temper"said Gunn, wincing at how hard she hit the girl.
"and a Slayer's strenth."added Cordeila.
"Hope she kill that girl"said Wesley remembering what happened when Faith killed that man. Now Faith was dead.

They just watched as Liz stormed out of the restuarant with tears in her eyes.
Without word or responce, Angel got up and followed her out.
when he got outside the crashdown he saw her sitting on a curb crying.
His heart broke as he looked at her she was beautiful and to see her in this much pain was unbearable.
Almost as if she sensed him watching her, she up at him.
Her tear staind face glimmering in the street lights.

When she looked up, her eyes met brown eyes. Not Max's eyes that were once so soulful and had turned so cold and empty. These were deep brown eyes. Eyes that reflected things she'd never seen in Max ;knowledge,pain, experiance, love, hate,warmth.
Eyes that reflected time.

When she realized that she was staring again, she quickly looked away embarrased that not only had she been staring again, but that he actually saw her like this.

"oh God im so pathetic"she said sadly while burying her face in her hands. She hated them all of them for making her like this;for making her cry on the side of the street like some sad bom.

Then Suddenly, she felt a hand on her back. It was very comforting and soothing. And before she knew what she was doing, she had let herself be took into his arms.

Angel didn't know why he did it.Or what came over him to jst this girl he didn't even know and comfort her. he just couldn't stand her being in pain like she was. But to his surprise, she didn't reject him or push away, she just seemed to sink into him. And it was this moment that he realized why he had to hold her; why he hated her being in pain.It was simple but it was not so simple. He loved her. He falling for the slayer.....again.


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Chapter 2

After Liz left and Angel followed her, Cordeila, Weslsy, and Gunn decided to follow since they did have to tell her the about her unknown destiny. As they walked out the doors chatting about how they should break the news yo her, Cordeila motioned for them to be qiuet.

"What?" asked Gunn, but saw she was staring and simply followed her gaze.

Thats when they saw them. Angel holding Liz while she was crying in his arms. Wesley and Cordeila notied some strange but familiar in Angel's eyes, hell, even in his face. They'd seen him this way before; is consoling. It was when he was with Buffy. The look was love.

Angel looked up to see that they were standing there and knew exactly what they ment to do. He wasn't sure if it was a good time but knew it had to be done.

"Um Liz" he said, "Liz could I um ask you to come with us"Angel said as the gang approached them.

Liz looked at the others and remembered that it was twelve and she was supposed to discuss somtihng with them. "Oh... yeah..alright" she said trying to put herself back together.

"Um we'll go get the car" Wesley said as he and Gunn went toward the parking lot.



"So what your sayin is that im a 'slayer' and I am supposed to stop 'vampires' and all the other 'baddies of the supernatural" Liz said holding up two fingers as if quoting the words.
"You are my 'watcher', Cordeila here gets visions of whats to come,Gunn is an ex vampire hunter, and Angel is a vampire with a soul which makes him a good vampire." Liz said finishing up.
"well, its good to know your a good vampire cuz I would to have to kill you." Liz said smiling. she wasnt believeing a word of this ,but thought she'd humor them.

The gang looked at each other knowing she wouldnt believe it, but was happy she didn't get freaked and leave. They could tell she was a strong one. But there was something else coming off her, a stronger since of power.

"Liz, I'd like to show you something" Angel said getting up and walking toward her. When he was in front of her, he nealt down and his whole face changed.

Liz's eyes grew wide as she shrunk back from him. His face contorted in bumps and his teeth were sharp fangs.

"Oh my God!!!" Liz said almost stumbling out of her chair.
As soon as Angel saw her shrink back him, he immediately changed back. He hated the look she gave him. He never wanted her to have to fear him and now he had scared the living shit out of her.

"Your real!!!Vampires are real!!!!! I cant believe this!!!" Liz was rambling and it didn't seem like she wasn't going to stop so Angel gently took her into his arms and told her into his arms.


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Chapter 3


I'm Liz Parker and for the past six months, I've figured out some strange shit. For starters, I've found out that Im not so normal after all. And that aliens aren't the only ones with destinies. I've learnt that vampires, demons, and witches are real; and that Im the one chosen to stop them.Not all of them are evil. Which is wonderful because I happen to be best friends with a vampire. A good one if corse.

I've learnt that I don't have to take shit from anyone and that a slayer can only have herself in the end. I damn sure didn't have Maria, or Max or any of them, the
Jerk offs. The only ones I did have in Roswell are dead now. Alex and Kyle were the only one tying me to this place. And now, they're gone. No matter what Max tried to say, he knew Tess killed them. They all did. But they didn't want to believe that cuz it meant that they were responsible. So the blamed my new friends saying that they were evil aliens out to get them.

Max accused me of having some kind of affair with Kivar who he assumed was Angel. And they said that now I was the enemy. You no what, for beings of higher intelligence they sure are stupid.

And you want to know how he punished Tess? He fucks her! Yep thats right folks he give her a good screw; that'll teach her, dumbasses.
And Isabel played the game so well acting like she was oh so sad, but got married three months later.

Now Im on way to Los Angeles with Cordeila, Gunn, Wesley, and Angel. I've grown a bit fond to all of them, as they have to me. With Cordy, I have found a friend in which Maria never was or could be; with Gunn was more like a brother/sister thing going on; Wesley took the role of father. It came with him being my watcher. And Angel is like no one I've ever had in my life. Out of all of them I find myself closest to Angel. These just something about him I can't comprehend. Somthing that makes my heart ache when he looks at me with those dark chocolate eyes. That makes me want to kiss him and be with him(not that thats possible) . But know matter what I feel towards him, I know the 'Buffy story' and he would probably not want to go through the whole dating a slayer thing again.

I guess in the sense, Im so alone. I have them. I love them. We're like a family. A bit of a odd family, but never the less,a family.

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Continue of chap.3........

Liz stared at the pages she had written. It was just that she hadn't written in that journal since prom, and it was hard to believe that she was once so in love with Max. That she was so devoted to all of them. She low of everyone for them, and this is what she gets. Well it will never happen again. Not over them anyway.

Liz closed her journal and looked around. It was night fall. And she could see Angel stirring next to her from under the cover. Gunn was driving. Wesley had driving before that, he was a terrible driver, so Gunn made him sit in the back with me and Angel. Cordeila was in the passengers seat sleeping.

"Are we there yet?" Liz asked trying to be annoying.
Gunn shugged then said while letting out a yawn,"well actually Lizbit, yeah,we are."

"You want me to drive, you've b driving for a while."

"Well aight,as long as you don't drive like Wes. I dont wanna die in my sleep." He said giving her a smile grin.

"I resent that" said Wesley Waking up.

"C'mon, you know its true."Gunn said half laughing while pulling the car over to the side of the road.

"I happen to be a exellent driver thank you."
"Yeah Yeah move over" Gunn said getting in the back seat. While Liz hoped in front. "Need some company?"
Angel said putting Cordeila in the back with the rest of the sleeping people.

"Yeah all I that I can get. I don't exactly know where Im going here. I've drove to LA before."Liz said smiling.


Chapter 4


"Hey, have you seen Miss Perfect?" Micheal asked Maria, "Im calling a meeting and I want all of you there."Max added.
"Nope. You know I dont asossiate myself with her anymore baby." She said in that lovesick way she does things.
"Ok well lets go get her,its her shift anyway." Michael said as they began to walk upstairs to her apartment.

When they got upstairs they found the police there with Liz's parents crying. "Whats happened?"Max asked Liz's parents.

"She's gone. Liz is missing." Nancy manage to say through sobs on Jeff's shoulder.
Nancy went and took three letters from the table and gave one to Max,one to Tess,and one to Maria.

Max opened the letter and began to read:

Dear Max,Isabel,Micheal;
Im leaving and I don't intend on coming back. But before I go, I want all of to know what I gave up for you.
I gave up my sanity,my heart, and two of the best people I've known in my whole life. Alex and Kyle. They both were hurt repeatly you all and I admet by me too.
But always knew I cared. I never took them for granted like you three did.
You three have ruined so many lives. And I curse the day I got shot.
There was a time when I thought that my devotion to you would never die. But you see Max, it has. It died when Alex and Kyle died.
I sacraficed my happiness for you all.
And here's how:
Last year, a future version of Max came to make you fall out of love with me. He said that if you didn't, Tess would leave and Micheal and Isabel would die.
so I called Kyle and we staged the whole sex scene.

So I just thought I'd let you know of what you've lost.
Dont try to find me. I no longer have any leagence to any of you.

Good bye ~Liz

Max didnt know what to think. They all just stood there staring at Max. Isabel, wanting to change the subject because of her guilt,said "Maria, what does yours say?"
Maria looked around the room then opened her letter and began to read:

Dear Maria,
Im leaving but before I go, I think you should know what you've lost. You've lost two people who loved you more than anything: Me and Alex. I was your best friend and would have did anything for you. And as a result, you turned on me quicker than anyone. When I needed you the most, you purposly went out to hurt me.
Imagine the depts of your betrayal, Maria. Finding out that some slut killed your best friend and your other best friend defends the killer then accuses you of killing him.
The saddest part of it is that your completely alone and dont even know it. You have made yourself completely alone, Maria. There not going to be there for you when the chips fall. In your heart, you know they won't. But hey you what? Thats no longer my problem.
So backstabber, have a good life



Maria couldn't hold back her tears. She wasn't crying because her feelings were hurt, she was crying because she just realized that what Liz had said was right.
She had lost her two best friends. She'd givin them up for Micheal. She'd givin everything up for him. And now he's cheating on her with Isabel. They don't think that she knows.
Liz was right, she is utterly alone now.

Tess decided that she wanted to go next. She could give a rats ass about Liz so nothing she could say would hurt her. She figured that nobody believed her when she'd found out that she killed Alex and Kyle, why should she care what Liz wrote. She didn't have proof.
So when she opened the envelope, there was a tape inside that said play on it. Tess, not knowing what it was simply gave it to Max and let him put it in the VCR. Then she began to read her letter:

As you know already, Im gone. But don't think for a second that you've won. Because you haven't. Not by a long shot. I know about you. I know what you've did. You see, Tess, While lookin through Kyle's thing for clues, I stumbled on a tape. If you had any intelligence you would have known that Kyle is very private with his possessions and to make sure that no one goes through he's stuff, he leaves a camera on at all times hidden in a secret place in his room. So believe me when I say I know.

Bye bye now, Killer


As soon as Tess finished, the TV ficked on and there in front of the pod squad, the police,and Liz's parents, they saw Tess kill Alex and then kill Kyle afer he walked in and saw her do it.


I just wanted to make a cliffhander. hehehe