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summary: max and liz aren't the best of friends rumours are going around that they are dating

Part two

God is this fucking bell ever going to ring Liz has been driving me crazy on purpose might I add-bitch. It happens to be FUCKING hot at the moment and miss Parker next me has decided to undo like half her buttons how unfair is that !!!!! And do you know how embarrassing it is to be hard in biology how weird will I look if anyone notices ' hey you know Evans looking at dead anima;ls turns him -' What does she think she is doing!!! Fuck she just leant over not fair great now I know she's not wearing a bra! Wait Liz Paker not wearing a bra she's un surrported maybe we have to get her something to surport those babies.

Thank you God! finally the bell rings.

"Liz, wait," I said to the fucking bitch that has been causing me pain for the last like hour!!!

"What do you want Max?" She asked me

"Come with me," I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the lab and into the easer room I made sure that people saw us enter there.

"Max what are you doing?" Liz asked me she put her hands on her hips

"okay here's tha deal, the lastest rumour is that you and I are fucking," I said sitting on a table that happend to be in there

"Yeash I know this it's just a rumour that will soon pass," Liz said looking bored

"Yeah well you know I was joking earlier but you probably heard about the last prank your lovely brother pulled on me right?" I asked not even wanting to get into the details but let me tell you that Parker deserves a hell of a lot more than I'm going to give him.

"Yeah that was so funny when he told me I-" I put my finger to her lip and gave her a look that made her draw a breath in god either she's scared of me ( which I highly doubt a fucking serial killer who rapes and skins virgins wouldn't scare Liz if she met him in a dark alley) or she just showed me she wants to fuck me as badly as I wanna shag her.

"Yeah yeah lets not bore oursleves with the details, but just remember every embarassing photo he has showed a date every evil, annoying thing he has ever done to you and maybe you can help me," I asked moving closer to her giving her a look that usually makes girls melt, it didn't look like it was going to work on miss-get-away-from-me-all-men-I'm-going-to-be-a-lesbian-when-I'm-older.

"Why what are you planning on doing to him?" Shye asked looking intrested, I know that Michael and Liz love each other dearly but I know she gets so pissed off with him. I should know he's my best mate he tells me some of the things he does to her and if he was my brother and did that to me I would kick his ass.

"Hit him where it hurts," I said edging even a little bit closer

"What cut of his dick?" She joked ( good idea though)

"Well I don't really want to get that close to it," I said she smiled

"Yeah well don't look at me I hate it when my friends tell me my brother is good in bed ewwww alert," she said this time a smiled she edged closer to me

"Yeah well anyway, Michael is my best mate right," I say

"You're asking me ?" She said

"No telling you, can we stick to the subject in hand?" I asked outting a bit of Liz's hair behind her ear

"Yeah common tell me your big plan for Michael," Liz said looking at me as I let my hand rest opn her cheek after I had placed her hair behind her ear which I noticed was not pierced , all the best for sucking my dear.

"Okay Michael is my best friend but the one thing he would hate me to do is to-"

"Date me," She said suddenly getting my idea

"Yep Michael would be wettiing himself with worry for you," I said smiling

"Do you not care that your bet friend would hate you to date his sister?" Liz asked me

"Hey I would hate Michael to date Isabelle even though Isabelle ain't exactly going out with any better at the moment it's Valenti . I mean Valenti could she get any lower?"

"So you want me to pretend to go out with you and we have to pretend to be having sex," Liz said

"That's about it, so will you hewlp me Parker ?"



What should I do I mean how tempting is that. I would never date Maxfor real but fake. And to make people think we were having sex we're going to have to kiss !!!!

Shit we're going to have to kiss !!!!!! Oh God he's looking at me he needs an answer

"Please Lizzy," He said putting puppy dog eyes on have I ever mentioned his eyes they are fucking gorgeous ( not as nice as his bod, Max should really take up swimming I mean clear water and topless and wet I would be wet to !!!!)

"Okay but only because Michael ruins every date I have ever been on," I decided this is going to be fun

He surprises me completely and hugs me I hug him back taking in his scent he had this lovely manly sent I can smeel his deodrant as well as a little colange that is really nice!

"Okay Evans you're scaring me so are we going a lovy dovey couple or fighting all the time making fun of each other but big PDA?" I ask

"PDA?" Max asked frowning

"You should frown dear you'll get premature wrinkles, and public displays of affection,"

"I'm going to be dating you for a while I'll be more wrinkles than a rollarcoster and we have to be PDA's other wise it wont get up Michaels nose so much,"

Yes!!!!! wohoo I really wanted him to say that ( not the wrinkled bit that was just man max .)

"Okay," I said undoing the next button on Max's shirt

"What are you doing ?" he asked taking a step backwards

"Maxwe have been in the Easer room for ages and we are now a couple we have to look like we were doing a little more than cleaning erasers!" I said talking to him like he's stupid wait what am I saying he is stupid.

"I like your ideas Parker," He said he then lnt down and brought his lips to my neckI psuhed him off in complete surprsie

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked I slapped him Go me!!!!

"Look miss Paker it's not going to look real if you don't have a hickey!" He said I was shocked adn decided to slapp him again

"What are you on it's bad enough I'mgoing to have to make out wiht you in front of other people but when we're alone!"

"Look we wont be making out I'll just give you a quick hickey!" He said like it was no big deal I realise that deserves another slap.

"Woman will you stop slapping me it'll be quick I can do in a matter of seconds ," He said taking a step towards me eyeing my neck

"You get your eyes away from there Mr Gross," I said

"Look Liz will you calm down we are going to have to do alot worse than me sucking your neck," He said he gave me a half-smile

"Look fine then bu be quick and no enjoying yourself," I said pulling my hair of my neck.

"I wont remeber it's you I'll be sucking," With that he bent down and as soon as his lips touch my neck I felt my slef gpoing out of control I clkosed my yes and tried to think of something else . Okay nasty mud, mud looks like chocloate, naked Max with chocloate all over him me licking- no not good er parents yeah my paremnts my parent shaveing sex !!!!!! EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! I nearlly puked there and there ashe brought his lips away from my neck.

"Whatr wropng with you ? Common you may not like me that much but it wasn't that bad," He said

"Oh it's not you I just thought of something really sick ho0w does it look?" I asked

"Great," He said he then ruffed my hair up and bit and moved his shirt.

"Ready nto face the music?" He asked

"Yeah I said taking his hand which he had streched out to me. " Just one question Max,"

"Yeah Lizzy?"

"How am I going to explain this hickey to my parents?"


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