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Part 3, page 2.

Title: From Riches to Rags
Author: Well it’s obviously me.
Disclaimer: None of its mine
Summary: Liz Parker is a spoiled little rich bitch who takes everything for granted. However one night when she gets arrested her father makes a wish that comes true and she’s got to learn the value of money and some responsibility.
Things to know: Max and Isabel are still brother and sister. Michael and Alex are brothers, their parents are Jim and Amy and their last name is Guerin. Oh and this fic is loosely based on the movie Maid for Hire with Alley Sheedy or whatever her last name is. (She’s the pathological liar in The Breakfast Club.) It's probably going to be CC and probably no NC-17, unless I decide to try my hand at it.
- - -

Jeffery Parker sighed as he looked out of his window with a sad expression on his face. His daughter had been out all night again, doing god knows what, god knows where, with god knows who. Tearing his gaze from the window he looked down at the $1,000 bill he held in his hand and sighed. She was burning up money faster than a gold digger. It wasn’t like $1,000 would hurt his wallet much, but what bothered him was that his daughter seemed to have no concept of the value of money. She had no self control when it came to spending. He wished with all his heart that his beloved wife Stella was still alive. Liz never would’ve turned out that way had Stella been there to help him raise her.

“Hi daddy.” Liz said groggily as she stumbled into the dining room and grabbed some toast. She was hung over again. Why should he be surprised? She was hung over a majority of the time anyway. He held up the bill between two fingers and looked at her crossly, “$1,000? You spent $1,000 last night?”
She looked at him innocently and smiled the best she could, “I met these really nice people and I took them dancing. They’d never been and it was their first time to the city. I was just being friendly daddy.”

He sighed as she came beside his chair to wrap her arms around her father’s shoulders. “I’m sorry daddy.” She said in a sugary sweet voice that sounded just a tad bit too fake.
“It’s not going to work this time Liz.” He told her shaking off her arms and raising from his seat. “I have to go into the restaurant, call if you need anything.” But he already knew that she wouldn’t.

After her father left Liz sat there, eating her toast feeling sorry for herself. Her father was always disappointed in her. The lecture never ended, although she was pleased she didn’t have to hear it this time. She would’ve just pulled out her nail file and started to file her nails like usual. After finishing breakfast and taking a shower, she snorted some coke and then left the house prepared for a day of fun. Her boyfriend Sean had just broken up with her last night and she’d been upset so she threw herself a party. She couldn’t tell her father that because he’d never even met Sean, and he definitely wouldn’t have approved.

She drove down the street in her little red convertible stopping at bar after bar and drinking drink after drink. By 9:00 she sat in her car on top of Buckley Point, just looking up at the moon. “I am so bored.” She said to herself. Starting up the car she headed back into town to go to another bar but pulled over when she heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights behind her. “Oh great.” She mumbled to herself.

The officer stood next to the car shining his light on her face, “License and registration.”
She grabbed her purse on the seat next to her and fumbled through it. “Damn, I know it’s in here somewhere!” She said smiling up at the cop and dumping her purse out on her lap. She tried to discreetly hide the little vile of cocaine that was in her lap but the cop was faster. He picked it up and opened it, getting just the tiniest bit on his little finger and then touching that finger to his tongue.
“Officer Valenti,” She said looking up at his name tag with a sly smile, “if you wanted some you just should’ve asked.”
“Step out of the car ma’am.” He said recapping the vile and handing it to his partner.
- - -
“I’m sorry Mr. Parker. It looks like Liz is in jail again.” Winnie, the head maid told her boss from the doorway of his study. It was killing her to see Liz do this to her father, week after week. “Should I go down to the station and bail her out sir?”
“No Winnie.” Jeff said with a sad sigh. “I think we’ll let her stay there over night this time. Maybe that will teach her something.”
“Yes sir.” Winnie said before turning to leave the room. She’d been with the Parker family since before Liz was born and it just killed her to see Liz doing what she was doing to not only her father but to herself. Liz was self destructing and there wasn’t a single thing anyone could do to stop it.

Jeff turned in his swivel chair to face the window. He sighed again, as he looked out the open window and up at the sky. It pained him to be thinking the thoughts that he was thinking but at times like this they were true. “I wish I never had a daughter.” He said quietly, while staring up at the sky.


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Wow, thanks for all the fb guys! I'm working on the new part now although I'm not sure when it should be done. It's not going to be word for word exactly like the movie or anything but it's basically going to follow the same plot, only with some changes to the characters and what not. Anyway, I'll try to have the second part out soon!

Oh and Angel, how's that challenge comin? *happy*

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- - -
Part 2
- - -

Liz rolled over on her side to face the wall. That damn transvestite/hooker had been staring her down ever since she’d first been shoved into the cell. Liz had played the staring contest game for a little while before finally giving up and turning over to face the wall. Her thoughts turned from the hooker to her father as she wondered for what had to have been the tenth time where he was. He was usually there with the money to bail her out already. Never once had he let his daughter spend the night in jail, Liz was certain he wouldn’t start letting spend the night now. Shifting to make herself more comfortable on her cot, she let out a sigh of boredom before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

“Yo!” A voice boomed in Liz’s ear, waking her up from her nap. She rolled over onto her stomach and lifted her head to see a portly officer fishing through all the keys to find the one that unlocked her cell. “Up and at ‘em Princess. You’ve just been sprung.”
She rolled off the cot and looked upwards at the ceiling thanking god. “If I had to spend one more minute in this hell hole, I was gonna hang myself with my sheets!”
She walked out of the cell with a confident stride and over to the desk where she signed the release form to get her belongings back. When the woman behind the desk handed Liz’s purse back to her, she immediately started to rifle through it, checking on the contents.
“Hey where’s my stuff?!” She asked angrily.
“Your stuff sweetheart, has been confiscated. Seeing as how it’s illegal and all.”
Liz shifted her weight and sighed, “I meant my money and credit cards Kudjo.”
“Sweetie, whatever drug you had must’ve been the good shit.” The woman said before laughing. “There wasn’t nothin in that purse of yours but the afore mentioned illegal substance.”

Rolling her eyes Liz turned from the desk to go talk to her father. He was going to hear it for being late and then the cops in this place were going to hear it from him for treating his little girl like a common criminal instead of the superior human being that she was. That asshole cop that brought her in, K. Valenti was what his name tag said, being the first on the list.

She stopped in the main lobby looking around for her father or Winnie but not seeing either one. She was told that the person who had bailed her out was waiting here for her. A woman with brownish red hair approached her, clutching a briefcase in one hand and a file in the other.
“Parker, Elizabeth?” She asked reading off the name on the file.
“Yeah, who the hell are you?” Liz asked rudely.
“Nancy Monroe. The charges against you have been dropped so you’re free to go.” The woman informed her before putting the file back into her briefcase.
“Oh. Do you work for my dad’s lawyer or something?” Liz asked curiously. She’d never seen this woman before and David, her dad’s attorney always handled her cases personally instead of appointing someone else to do it.
Nancy smiled at her, a secretive and mysterious smile. “Or somethin kid.”

Liz looked at Nancy strangely and replied, “Um ok...whatever. Listen, thanks for gettin me off. See what you can do about getting my car back, these bastards say that I don’t even have one. Oh and I wanna sue this place for every penny it’s worth so get right on that.” She said giving the cops that passed by dirty looks.
“Yes ma’am.” Nancy said, mock saluting Liz. “Anything else your royal highness?”
“Yeah Nimbi-”
“Whatever, lose the attitude or I’ll have you fired.” She said flippantly before walking out the door.
“Good luck with that one kiddo.” Nancy said to herself with a satisfied smile.

As soon as Liz stepped outside, she blinked rapidly and threw her hands up to shield her eyes from the sun. When had it become so sunny? It must’ve been one or two in the afternoon, meaning that she’d spent the whole night in jail. How could that have been possible? Her father never would’ve allowed it. Squinting her eyes against the sun she walked to the curb and threw her hand up to hail a cab. Finally when she flagged one down she got in and gave the driver her address.

Nancy walked out of the station just in time to see Liz disappear into the cab and then disappear with the cab when it took off down the street. “Man that’s going to be one rude awakening...” Looking up toward the sky she threw her hands up, “This is what you give me to work with? I’m going to have my hands full with this one. You know that right?”


Things to know: This Nancy Monroe woman is the same woman that is Nancy Parker. So to review, Nancy Monroe is Nancy Parker but she is not Liz's mother in this fic and her last name is not Parker. Are we all on the same page?

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Nana originally wrote:
Hum, I don't really understand, how Nancy is related to Jeff? Has he fired her to teach a lesson to Liz???

I am really curious

More soon

Nancy and Jeff aren't related in the family sense of the word. She's not his wife or anything. She's not Liz's mom or anything like that. She was never working for Jeff so he couldn't fire her. Everything will be explained later. *wink*

Thanks for the fb on this part guys!
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Author’s Note: Kind of angsty, but here it is. Hope you like it.
- - -
Part 3
- - -
“I’ll be right back with your money.” Liz told the cabby as she got out of the car. Those stupid cops hadn’t given back her keys either. They told her that she didn’t have any in her purse so when she reached the door and found it locked she grunted out of sheer annoyance and started alternating between knocking on the door and ringing the bell until Winnie came to the door.
“Can I help you miss?” She asked cracking the door. Liz tried to push her way through but found that it was chain locked as well.
“What are you doing Winnie? Let me in.”
“Do I know you miss?” Winnie asked from behind the door.
“Yes, it’s me Liz. Let me in.” Liz said putting her hands on her hips and taking an annoyed stance.
“I’m sorry I don’t know any Liz. Is Mr. Parker expecting you?”
It finally dawned on Liz what was going on, her father was trying to teach her a lesson or something by playing this joke on her. “Ha ha Winnie, this is very funny. Tell my dad I’ve learned my lesson and let me in the house.”
Winnie was getting annoyed now; this woman was not making sense. “If I don’t know you than I don’t know your father.”
“God Winnie, did you get into my stash or something?” Liz asked letting out an exasperated sigh, “I’m Liz. Elizabeth Parker. My father is Jeffery Parker. You changed my diapers. Remember? Is this like an old age memory loss problem?”
“I’m sorry Miss.” Winnie said curtly, standing up a little straighter. How dare this punk call her old! “Mr. Parker does not have a daughter and if he did she’d behave better than you!”

And with that the door was slammed in Liz’s face. Liz’s face was frozen in complete shock. Sure Winnie had been tough with her once or twice, trying out the tough love thing but she’d never been so mean before and this little game was going way to far! Turning around she walked half way down the front walkway before she stopped and realized that the cabby was still out there waiting for his money, which she didn’t have. She stood there for a few seconds not knowing exactly what to do. She whirled around to face the house when she heard the door open. She figured that Winnie had felt remorseful for saying those things to her and came to apologize. Instead her father walked out holding his briefcase and decked out in his suit and tie. He was most likely on his way to his restaurant to do the books or something, Liz thought to herself.

“Daddy!” She yelled half upset with him and half elated to see him. She watched as he halted in his tracks and looked around.
“I’m sorry do I know you?” He asked looking at the young woman in a black party dress. She looked oddly familiar to him.
“Oh stop with this stupid joke. I learned my’s just plain mean now. You should’ve heard what Winnie said to me!” She said walking up to the door and moving to go inside. “They were so mean to me in jail and they took my money, my credit cards and my car! They wouldn’t even give me my house keys. They said I didn’t have any. We need to sue them.”
He grabbed her elbow when she moved past him to get inside the house. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“In the get money to pay the cab driver dad. Geez, settle down.”
“Look, here’s some money.” He said handing her a twenty, not knowing where she came from. “And stop calling me dad, I don’t have a daughter. Please get off my lawn.”

He let go of his elbow and left her to stare after him as he got into the Bentley. He looked back at her and thought for a split second that he recognized her from somewhere, she almost looked like his beloved wife Stella. Unfortunately she’d been barren, so she couldn’t have been her daughter.

- - -
As the Bentley pulled out of the drive Liz turned around and walked to the back of the house, using the method she used to use to sneak out of the house to this time sneak into it. Quietly she opened the window and climbed into what used to be her room. Gone were her bed, dresser, vanity and all the posters. In their places exercise equipment stood. Walking over to the closet she threw open the door and walked in, noticing that her huge, beautiful walk in closet was filled with junk. All her beautiful designer clothes were gone.

Turning around leaving the door wide open, she walked out of her bedroom and down the hall. She noticed that all the pictures of her had been taken down and replaced with pictures that looked like they should be hung in a cheap motel room or something. Oh yes, this little plan of her father’s had just gone too far. She ran down the stairs to his study thinking that he’d at least still have her baby picture, the one where her mother was holding her with this big huge radiant smile on her face, still perched on the corner of his desk. She was horrified to find that the picture had been replaced by just a picture of her mother and father. She left the study pushing past a startled Winnie, feeling abandoned, betrayed and just plain sad.


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All will be explained in part 5. Max and the rest of the gang come in around part 6.
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Thanks for the FB guys. It's been 5 whole days since I last updated but it seems like a lot longer than that. Anyway, I haven't forgotten about it. I've got all the parts up to part 6 already outlined, it's just a matter of actually sitting myself down to write them.

I literally have all the time in the world to write, but I'm finding it hard to do that with all the jumbled thoughts and ideas that are running through my head. I have a lot of stuff on my fanfic plate right now what with this story, the new untitled one that I started, Home for the Holidays and the revision of one of my older fics. So I can't make any promises or anything, but I'll try for a new part of this, sometime this week.