Hey all! I just decided to take a break from writing my other fic, Dreams of Reality. This is what I hoped would happen between Max and Liz in Michael's apartment, but she ended up getting a stupid flash. However, what if that didn't happen? ;) Hope you like it! Please leave feedback!


Title: New Beginnings
Author: Megan (a.k.a. Insanity02)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nothing associated with Roswell is mine!
Summary: Takes place during Graduation. What if Liz hadn't gotten that flash when she and Max were in Michael's apartment?

"Congratulations." Max whispered breathlessly into her mouth.

"You said that already." she muttered, not wanting to stop kissing him.

"Oh." he said, as she sealed her lips to his for another kiss. She pulled back a little so she could look into his eyes.

"But I like the way you say it." she teased.

He smiled at her. "You college girls." he said scoffing playfully and shaking his head.

"Hey, we wanna be loved for our minds, not our bodies." she said tilting her chin up in lighthearted protest. Max was about to continue their friendly banter, when he saw her eyes turn serious. "Are you serious?" she asked. "You know, about wanting to come with me?"

"I've never been more serious." he said sincerely and then the playful glint returned and a sly smile tugged at the corner of his beautiful mouth. "What a great mind you have." he said slipping his warm hand into her shirt.

She gasped and arched into him. "Oh, I don't think that's my mind." She recovered quickly. "But keep looking... I'm sure you'll find it." she said, her voice dropping suggestively.

"Really?" Max couldn't keep the surprise from his voice.

"Mm-hmm. Remember I can tell the future?" she said placing her hands on his shoulders and gently pushing him backwards so that he was lying down on the couch. "And tonight your future looks very, very bright."

Max's eyes fluttered shut before she even finished that last comment. Her mouth covered his again for another searing kiss. Her mind clouded over and she got really dizzy, like she was going to get a flash, but to her surprise she didn't. It felt as if her body took over and her mind was completely helpless to stop it.

He wrapped his strong arms around her, holding her against him and he opened his mouth to let her take what she wanted. Her tongue slid into his mouth, caressing his enticingly and she felt him sigh into her mouth.

Her hands traveled to the bottom of his shirt and untucked it from his jeans. She pulled it up, revealing his well-defined stomach and slipping her hand beneath his shirt, she slowly dragged her hand from his hard abdomen, to his incredible chest.

One of his hands cupped her bottom, arching her lower body closer to his arousal. His other hand slipped underneath her shirt and traveled slowly up her side until his hand was dangerously close to her breast.

A soft moan escaped her lips and she once again took his shirt in her small slender hands and pulled it off. She pulled back a little so she could look at him. He was beginning to fill out a little bit more despite the fact that he had lost quite a bit of weight. But he still looked really good.

He flipped them over so that he was on top, nearly falling off the couch in doing so. He mumbled something about not having enough room and he placed his hand above her head on the armrest of the couch and, from where she was lying, she felt the texture underneath her soften and the area they were on expand.

She turned her head and she saw that they were lying on a bed with a velvety pearl white blanket and rich blue pillows adorning the head of the bed. Her gaze traveled back to his face. She smiled warmly, a seductive glint in her eyes. She pulled him down and kissed him again, opening her mouth under his and sucking his tongue into her mouth, caressing it with her own.

His warm hand traveled underneath her shirt and brushed against the underside of her breast. She sighed deeply into his mouth, silently begging him to continue. He gently traced his hand up the side of her ribcage, taking her shirt with it. She sat up slightly and helped him remove the offending garment.

Her own hands weren't idle either. She had managed to get his belt undone and she was fumbling with the button on his jeans. He trailed hot, enticing kisses along her jaw and down the column of her neck, enjoying the frantic beating of her quickly accelerating pulse. Even now, he could hardly believe that she could ever want him as much as he wanted her.

Sensing his slight moment of insecurity, she sent him her love for him through their ever-growing connection. His kisses slowed so that he could lean back a little to look into her eyes, but when he saw the churning passion, he couldn't help but fuse his lips to hers again.

Liz ran her hands across his broad shoulders and down his strong back, feeling his muscles shift at her touch. Her hands traveled to the front of his body and reached for his already undone belt, whipping it from his pants. With the belt out of the way, her shaky hands once again started working on the button of his, now, very tight jeans. After fumbling with it for several seconds, she finally managed to slide the stubborn button from the narrow slit. She carefully slid the zipper down, deliberately brushing her hand against his unbearably hard erection. He growled into her mouth sending delicious shivers through her already aroused body.

He gently removed her hand from his throbbing manhood, not wanting it to be over before it even began. Easily, he lifted her body a little bit of the bed so he could reach behind and unhook her bra. As he began easing the straps of her bra down her toned arms, he rocked back on his heels so he could see every bit of smooth skin that was revealed. She was perfect.

Even after the bra was discarded, he continued to watch her. Her hair was sexily tousled and spread across the bed in a chocolate fan pattern. Her face was flushed with passion and her breath was still coming out in short gasps causing her newly exposed breasts to rise and fall, enticing him further.

He leaned close to her again and nuzzled his nose into the sensitive spot below ear. Her eyes drifted shut and she sighed. He trailed kisses down her neck to her heaving breasts, stopping short of her straining nipples, begging for his touch.

"Please…" she gasped.

"Please what?" he whispered teasing her.

"Touch me…" She sighed, burying her hands in his hair.

Almost instantly, his mouth latched onto on aching nipple and she cried out at the devastating pleasure that speared though her body. His hand cupped her other breast, gently massaging it, and brushing his thumb over the tight pebble.


He growled deep in his throat sending shivers straight down to her aching center. He switched over to her other breast and paid equal attention to it. By the time he was finished she was a writhing mass of heated flesh. He gave her time to recover, and when she did she flipped them over so that she was on top of him.

She rose from the bed and pulled his pants and boxers off, freeing his enlarged manhood. The way he looked lying there in all his naked glory with his thick erection standing up between his legs straining for her touch caused a rush of liquid to pool in her panties. *Oh my God, he's so big!* she thought to herself.

Seeing the look her face he sat up and pulled her towards him again. "Don't worry." he said smiling gently at her.

She smiled back. "I'm not worried." she said. To emphasize her point she pushed him back on the bed and straddled him, pressing her denim-covered center against his arousal. The sensation was almost too much. He bucked against her once, nearly unseating her, but he managed to control his raging body. She flashed him another seductive smile before running her hands over his chest, feeling the muscles tense and shift at her touch. She leaned closer and kissed his chest, feeling the warmth emanating from his skin. She slowly swirled her tongue around his left nipple ripping a low growl from him.

She continued her assault on his bare chest, slowly making her way lower and lower. By the time she got to the kinky arrow of hair that led to the most sensitive part of him, he didn't know if he would come the second she touched him.

"Liz…" he moaned. It was meant to tell her to slow down so he could recover some of his control, but instead it came out as a plea, urging her onwards.

She ran her hand softy up his inner thigh, teasing him further. Max didn't think he could get any harder but he did. She grasped the bottom of his cock firmly and ran her hand once up and down its length. "Oh God!" he cried. Liz looked at his face. He had his head thrown back and his eyes were squeezed shut in agonizing ecstasy. It took every ounce of his control not to lose it right there.

Then he felt her lips touch the tip of his swollen erection and again his hips bucked up. She pumped him again and her name tumbled from his lips in a strangled groan and a drop of silky white liquid seeped from the slit at the head of his throbbing member.

She leaned in close and with the tip of her tongue she licked it off. He tasted like… him… salty, spicy, male, and incredibly arousing.

The unexpected contact caused him to cry out again. His heart was hammering in his chest. Every muscle in his body was tense and he knew he couldn't take much more.

She pulled the tip of his penis into her mouth sucking gently and lowered her head and took as much of his long, thick sex into her mouth as she could. She bobbed her head up and down, setting a slow torturous pace. He was so close. Gradually, she began to increase the tempo and her hands came into play. The hand that was grasping the bottom of his cock began to pump in time with her mouth. The other gently cupped his sensitive sac, rolling and massaging it gently in the palm of her hand.

Max sat up and cupped her face urging her to stop, but she just shook her head. He tried again and she gently nipped the head of his penis. "Oh, fuck!" Max cried out throwing his head back and collapsing back onto his back.

She continued sucking and pumping his thick rod. He was thrusting uncontrollably into her mouth and she was enjoying every minute of it. Soon she felt his sacs tighten.

"Oh God! I'm gonna cum!" Hot spurts of salty cum shot into her mouth and she let every drop of it roll down her throat. She'd heard from other girls at school that it was gross to let a guy come in your mouth, but to her this was heaven. "Liz!" She'd heard him cry out. He felt like he was going to pass out from cumming so hard.

She continued her soft ministrations until every last drop was milked from his throbbing member and he slowly became flaccid in her mouth. Liz let him slide out from between her lips and she made her way back up his body until she could kiss him. His tongue instinctively thrust into her mouth and he flipped her over so that he was pressing her into the bed. Suddenly she heard him say one word in her head. *Wow!*

"Your turn." he said huskily when he broke the kiss, looking deeply into her eyes. His hands traveled down to the edge of her jeans, deftly unbuttoning them and sliding the zipper down. He took in every little thing about her. The way her chocolate eyes were dark with desire, the way her face was flushed with arousal and the way her bare breasts were heaving in passion and anticipation.

He continued making his way down her body as he slowly removed her pants and underwear, revealing her toned legs to his hungry gaze. At the sight of her glistening center, his manhood twitched and when the smell of her arousal assaulted him, he once again sprang to roaring life.

Lowering his head, he trailed warm, wet kisses up her inner thigh stopping short of her aching center making her moan in frustration. She felt his warm breath fluttering across her swollen folds and she quivered in anticipation.

"Please…" she sighed shutting her eyes.

He ran his finger across her folds making her moan. He slowly slipped two fingers inside her and began driving them in her over and over.

But the alluring scent of her arousal was too much. He just had to taste her. He withdrew his fingers from her and spread her secret lips. He ran his tongue up the entire length of her and his name escaped her in a heated whisper. Gently, he flicked his tongue across her sensitive nub. She buried her hands in his hair, urging him to continue.

Purely by instinct, he repeatedly began thrusting his fingers into her warm center and her hips undulated in time with his movements. He latched onto the bundle of nerves poking out from her folds and began to suck. His name tumbled from her lips in a fervent scream as her body convulsed around his fingers.

He looked up at her to see her head thrown back in complete ecstasy. Then she looked directly into his warm amber eyes and he could feel her seeing into his soul and his heart swelled in his chest as it had done every time she looked at him like that. "Max…" he heard her whisper.

"Yeah?" he sighed.

"Make love to me."

He gazed lovingly into her beautiful doe eyes and cupped her face, kissing her long and slow and before long, the kiss had turned heated and passionate. She pulled him close so that the entire length of his body was pressed against her. Instinctively, she opened her legs so that he could settle between them. His throbbing arousal slid across her heated core and her hips involuntarily bucked against him, trying to get closer still.

She felt him growl low in his throat and the vibrations shot through her body. He broke the kiss and looked deeply into her eyes, silently sending her his love. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes." The word was said with such conviction. It was a pledge to him - of her body… of her heart… of her soul.

She grasped him in her trembling hand and led him to her aching center. Supporting his weight on his arms, he gently moved forward, letting her get accustomed to having him inside her. Almost convulsively, she wrapped her legs around his waist. When he reached her barrier he looked into her eyes searching for any signs of pain or doubt. Instead, all he found was desire and love for him. He fused his lips to hers as he pushed past her barrier and instantly healing her so that there would be no pain.

She could feel herself hurtling through space as stars flew through her head behind closed eyelids. He surrounded her completely with his warmth, his soul erupting into her mind and body, permanently entwining itself with hers. Images of them flashed through her mind and again she saw herself in his eyes. The absolute love that he felt for her was nearly unbearable and tears clouded her vision as she opened her eyes. In return she sent all of herself back to him.

He felt her entire being totally envelop him, physically, mentally and emotionally, as he entered her. He felt her entire essence rush into him. Her soul surged forward to meet his and they joined together, completely and eternally. Flashes of them together assailed him and he saw himself in her eyes. He had never seen it so clearly. She loved him… only him… forever.

They began rocking against each other. Slowly, at first, but there was no need for teasing at this time. He drove into her again and again and she met him thrust for thrust. Soft moans escaped her, spurring him onward. Their bodies glistened with sweat and their breaths rushed hot and fast from their lungs.

He couldn't hold on much longer. Reaching between their joined bodies, he again found the sensitive bundle of nerves, rubbing in quick circles in time with their writhing bodies. She tightened her legs around his waist, silently begging him to take her faster, to take her harder.

He felt the familiar tightening in his sacs and at the same time, he felt her walls convulse around him, triggering his own release. She screamed his name as she came, clutching onto his shoulders.

Her name tumbled from his lips in a hoarse groan. When the last spasms of their climax faded, he collapsed on top of her in exhaustion. She was thankful for his weight because without it, she felt like she would fall apart. They could still feel their united souls dancing in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

When their hearts slowed and their breathing returned to normal, he slipped out of her and spooned her against him, his arm wrapping around her waist, holding her securely against him. He pulled the blankets over their cooling bodies and placed a heartstoppingly gentle kiss on her neck.

"I love you, Liz Parker. I'll always love you. Promise me you'll never forget that." he whispered to her.

She turned her head and gazed deep into his eyes. "I promise." she whispered. "I'll never forget." Placing her arm over his, hugging him closer, she pledged her own vow. "I love you too, Max Evans. Forever." He smiled softly at her, his eyes dancing with inexpressible joy.

They shared a gentle kiss to seal their promise. Before long, with their souls still intimately united, they both drifted off into peaceful slumber knowing that they had the rest of their lives together.

The End

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