Story idea borrowed from Brenda Miller- No infringement intended... Story concept came from her wonderful story which was also titled BOUND BY DESIRE....any new charecters presented in this story are a figment of my imagination.... I hope you all enjoy this story, but remember the more feedback the more I will updated this story. Now on with the show.
Short Summary: He'd caught only a glimpse of her from the street , but the young Antarian Prince knew he had to have her for his own. Withn minutes, poor Liz Parker's life was going to change drastically. She was ripped from the corner and was told she was going to be entertainment for the young Prince. But little did Prince Max know, he had a tigress in bed , cunsumed with a fierce rage toward the young Antarian "barbarian" who kidnapped her. Even as she found herself desiring this amber eyed Adonis with a hunger beyond her understanding.

Roswell, New Mexico 1999

Liz Parker placed another cool compress to her forehead and leaned her head back on her bed. She had came back to her room after another long meeting with her father's employees at thier resteraunt, The Crashdown. She had to assign all of the employees their schedules and job responsibilites for the week, due to her father being at some sored of resturant convention, and this dreadful headache just wasn't letting up. But she supposed it was from drinking to many drinks at her sister Maria's engagement party. She rarley drank, unlike many of her highschool friend, but in keeping up with the spirits of the party she had a few glasses. Liz's sister was planning on getting married to some low life that her father could not stand. Liz was leading Maria to believe that she actually liked Dominic, only to stop her from doing somthing stupid ,like eloping.Hopefully her father would be back in time to talk Maria out of doing anything as foolish as that.
A loud knock on her door made Liz grimace in pain. Maria came in dressed in some excotic hippie outfit and was bouncing of the walls with joy this morning. " Jose said you weren't feeling well this morning Liz."
"I think I drank to much at your party last night and boy am I suffering for it today. Feels like the resteraunt landed on my head this morning. But it is nothing that a few asprins and some sleep won't fix."
"Well that is good. At least my little sister will learn the dos and dont's of drinking" Maria said with a little laugh.
Maria seemed distacted this morning. Why Liz thought to herself. And where was she going? An uncomfortable silence grew between them. Liz wasn't prepared to mention Dominic's name again just yet, but she had to know where her big sister was going .
"Are you going out Maria?"
"Yes ."
"I will drive you then since your car is being fixed."
"NO you don't feel so hot today, so it won't be necassary, Liz. I am just going to go out for a little walk.
"A walk" Liz said a little to harsh.
"Yes if you haven't noticed it is a gorgeous day today and it would be perfect for walking . Oh and Liz , last time I checked I was nineteen and If I remember correctly I don't have to clear my schedule with you. So I will see you later. Take care of that headache, bye" Maria said sadly.
Maria hadn't wanted their last talk together to end so badly . She just couldn't tell her sister that she wasn't marrying Dominic, that the party last night had been for show. She couldn't say that she fell in love with an alien and was going to be moving to another planet with Michael. Maria had been sworn to keep this secret by her soon to be husband Michael And his Prince. She had just hoped in time that her sister and father would stop mourning her and get over her sudden disapearance. Maybe one day he would be able to come and see her family again.
Liz hopped out of bed and threw on some clothes and ran after ran out the door so she could follow her sister and see where the hell she was going. She didn't want her sister to make a mistake by marrying that low life Dominic, and if it killed her she was going to stop her.
Liz walked down the street and slowly paced Maria. She followed her sister down Fourth street and watched Maria stop at the movies theater. Just as Liz was going to approach her, A young man Liz did not know appeared out of nowhere and kissed Maria passionatley. What the hell? Who the hell is that? My damn sister is cheating on her fiance'. Liz sighed but still felt an urgency to watch Maria.

Isabelle was pissed about the delay in getting home. It seemed that Max and her had been stuck in traffic on the same corner for about an hour. " I hate this planet Max. Michael had better be on time tommorrow , so we can go home " Isabelle complained. Max said nothing , not even reminding Isabelle that she had made the choice to come to Earth before they were to be married off to different people by thier parents. This trip had been a present from their grandmere', so they could soe their oats before they were married off and miserable.
What did she expect? She had hardley spoke to anyone while they were her on this planet. Max finally spoke " Can't you have your men open a path for us to get through Nascedo, so we can get home a little faster? "
"My Prince there is no hurry. We do not leve this planet untill tommorrow." Nascedo replied non chalantley.
"But Max this car is so stifiling. We've been sitting here for-"
"Not even five minutes Iz" Max said . " Please stop complaining already Iz." She glared at him and was amazed to her him chuckling. But he was still starring out the window.
She was furious. " I am so glad that you are enjoying this crappy ride" Isabelle said sarcastically. But when she still got no response , she snapped. " What is so funny Max?"
"This girl spying on Michael and Maria" Max was intrigued. She was quite amazing actually. She had long dark chocolate hair and big doe brown eyes, she also had a pleasing figure. He felt this pull to her the minute he saw her. He knew he had to have her before he left to go home tommorrow. He called out to Nascedo. " Hey Nascedo . Do you see that amazing creature over there on the corner next to the ticket booth?"
"Yes my Lord I see her."
"Well I would like you to hire her for my own personal pleasure tonight? Do you think you can handle this request?"
"Most definitley my Lord. She is indeed pleasant looking. I will have her in you chamber within the hour." Nasced replied .
Isabelle could not believe Max was going to treat that girl like a hooker. She wondered what her brother would do if someone had acted that way about her. How would he feel then. Besides she felt like that girl deserved so much more that that. She didn't know why but she just felt that way for some reason. " Max you are too much. I can't believe you are going to have someone proposistion that poor girl! What if someone did that to me Max. How would you feel?" Isabelle snapped!
"What I do is none of your concern , you worry about you and I will worry about me . Besisdes she is too gorgeous to just let walk away." Max ignored Isabelle the rest of the way home.


Nascedo dropped Max and Isabelle off and went back to the corner to approach the young girl his Lord desired. He walked up to the young girl and spoke softly, " Excuse me miss, we would like to hire you for you services this evening."
Liz was annoyed by the man standing in front of her. He was blocking her veiw of Maria. How could she keep an eye on her if this man was in the way?
"What you want me to cateer a party or something? One of my father's employees could help you out with that . Now if you don't mind could you please leave me alone." Liz said annoyed. But the man continued to stand in her way. " Miss I am sorry but you miss understand me. My master does not require the services of a catereer , he has seen you and wishes you to share his company tonight. He has authorized me to pay you generously . " Nascedo replied.
Excuse me I am not a whore and I am not for sale either. And why are you calling him your master and lord. Are you from another country or something . Is he like royalty? My answer is no so please get away from me or I will scream and people will think you are hurting me. You will go to jail."
Nascedo knew Prince Max would be upset if he did not arrive with her. So finally he made the decision to take her forcefully. Nascedo grabbed Liz by her waist and put his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. He carried her over to the car and threw her in locking the door behind him. Liz knew she had to get away from this lunatic or chances were she would end up dead but no matter what she did she could not ecscape from the car. They finally arrived at a building Liz did not recognize. The man got out and dragged her up flights of stairs before he finally stopped at a door . He placed the key in the door and dragged Liz in behind him. He dropped Liz in the room and spoke softly " There will be two guards placed outside this door, if you scream they will come in and quite you down. It would be in your best interest and alot more pleasant for you all around if you just cooperate. Make yourself at home and we will check on you shortly. My Prince will arrive to join you shortly."
Liz had tears streaming down her face, she was so scared. She felt like she would never see her father or Maria again. Now Maria would probably marrry the stranger she was with and get pregnant before they could find her. Then it struck Liz , why did they guy say my Prince? Who in the hell was he and what was he going to do to her?

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