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Title: Yes I Do

Author: Kari

Rating: R for mention of rape and other violence

Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell. Oh well. Jason Katims f*cked it up anyway… Don’t own the song ‘Just For’ by Nickelback. Nickelback owns it. Ain’t it nice how that works?

Couple: Well, mention of M/L is made…not nice mentions though. And some mentions are made of A/I. Then it becomes sorta A/L, but only in a friendly sense. This is totally AU.

Note/Summary: I don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s say that Alex is there for Liz in her time of need…kinda like he was there for Maria during the whole Michael/Courtney thing…only this is to more of an extreme. All italics are lyrics.

Warning: If you like Max even one little bit, don’t read this fic. This fic is for all of us Max-haters out there!

Distribution: No, you can’t have it. Unless you ask. Only if you ask. Otherwise I reserve the right to kick you in the rear, k?


Alex. Alone. Stars. No Isabel. Sigh.

Alex reluctantly turns from the wonderful view he has of the stars from this vantage point in the desert and walks slowly back to his car.

Shuffling steps. Head lowered. Blink back tears. Fumble for keys.

He finally manages to open the car door and he collapses into the driver’s seat, suddenly looking forward to going back to Roswell. Not because he hopes for a secret glimpse of Isabel. But because he’s tired, and his bed is in Roswell. The bed he hasn’t slept in for three days.

Isabel dumped him three days ago. Seems more like three decades to Alex. He knew that by now his other friends were probably in a frenzy, searching for him. Maybe Isabel would even feel a little guilty. Maybe some of the ice that had wrapped its way around her heart had started to thaw and drip away.


Alex drives back to Roswell and goes down the main street, slowing to a crawl as he goes by the Crashdown Café. They would have been closed for hours now, as it was almost two a.m. Yet, Alex can see a light on in the restaurant, far in the back corner. He quickly pulls his car over and climbs out.

Something is wrong. Running. Banging on the door.


Alex can see her, lying on the floor, her legs splayed out grotesquely. Blood runs from her. She has a black eye. She is crying hysterically, and yet no one but Alex seems to hear her. Where are her parents?

Alex continues to pound on the door, yelling his best friend’s name loudly. She finally notices him and he watches as she tries to climb to her feet, but stumbles and falls, hitting her head on a table and collapsing to the floor.

“Damn it!” Alex curses, kicking at the door frantically, bruising his foot, until the glass gives way in one great crashing wave of sound. Liz’s cries and moans can now be heard more clearly, and they rip at Alex’s heart. They literally make him hurt.

He rushes to her side, now crying with her. He isn’t sure yet what has happened to her, but he has a sneaking suspicion. Alex helps Liz to sit up in a booth and then he hurries into the backroom to find a towel or rag with which he can clean up Liz’s bleeding wounds.

He finally manages to find what he needs. He places an icebag over her black and blue eye, hoping that will stop the swelling enough that she will be able to keep the eye open. He begins to clean the cut she got on her forehead when she tried to stand. Then he glances down to her lap. She’s bleeding…from down there.

“Liz, are you having your…period?” Alex asks, stumbling over the last word.

Liz moans and chokes back another sob. She shakes her head.

Alex nods, now knowing what happened. Liz was raped. His best friend. His Lizzie was raped.

Anger boils. Rage surges.

I want to take his eyes out
Just for looking at you
Yes I do
And I want to take his hands off
Just for touching you
Yes I do.

Alex helps to get a thick towel under Liz to help soak up the blood, which, thankfully, is starting to flow more slowly.

After sitting with Liz in the crook of his arm, her head on his shoulder, for an hour, he finally asks, “Who did it, Liz?”

“M-Max,” Liz whispers, her whole body now trembling.

“Shit,” Alex whispers under his breath. “I’m gonna kick his damn alien ass all the way back to fucking Antar.”

Liz smiled weakly up at Alex, hugging him closer to her.

Alex smiled back, feeling fake and phony. Who the hell smiles at a time like this?

“Can…can you talk about it?” Alex asks.

Liz takes a deep breath and lets it out in shaky little exhalations. Finally she managed to moan, “I loved him Alex. I loved him and he made me do it. He said I’d like it.” Liz began to sob again. “I didn’t like it!”

Alex choked back his own sob and had to look away from Liz for a moment to get himself back together.

And I want to rip his heart out
Just for hurting you
And I want to break his mind down
Yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.

Liz managed, somehow to go on, her voice shaky and uneven. “He came by to see me. We were joking around and we were going to study.”

Books sitting on a nearby booth. Abandoned.

“He knew my parents were out of town visiting my aunt. I closed up the café. Maria and Michael went home. He started to kiss me.”

Liz’s words came slower now, more and more unsure. Her voice trembled to the point where Alex could barely discern what she was trying to say.

“I didn’t want to make out. I wanted to study. He told me it’d be more fun to kiss. He kept doing it. Then he…he put his hand on my…breast. I tried to push him away and tried to tell him no. No. I didn’t…I didn’t want to! But he held me down and he lifted up my-my skirt.”

Liz took a deep breath and snuggled farther into Alex’s arms, gaining comfort from his presence.

“He ripped off my…underwear and he held me down as he took off his clothes. And I couldn’t stop crying and he kept telling me it’d be ok, that I’d like it, that it’d feel good. He kept calling me baby. He’s never called me that before. And then he…he put his…in my…oh god!”

A fresh wave of heart-wrenching sobs gripped Liz’s body. She clung desperately to Alex as he in turn clung desperately to her, not fighting his own tears this time, letting them stream down his face to mix with Liz’s own.

And I want to make him regret
Life since the day he met you
Yes I do
And I want to make him take back
All that he took from you
Yes I do.

Two friends. Crying. Mourning. Embracing. Alone. Together. Comfort.

And I want to rips his heart out
Just for hurting you
And I want to break his mind down
Yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.

As the sun began to rise on Roswell, as a new day began, Alex disentangled himself from Liz’s sleeping form. He quickly went upstairs, entering Liz’s room. He found clothing for her and hung it on a hook in the bathroom. Then he went downstairs and called Valenti.

Valenti promised to go immediately to a nearby clinic and get pills for Liz that would halt a potential pregnancy, and also to make appointments to check her for STDs or complications.

Alex thanked Valenti and then started scrambling eggs, making bacon, and toasting bread for breakfast. The smells woke Liz and she smiled sadly at Alex.

“You didn’t have to do that,” she said.

“Hey, it’s no problem at all,” reassured Alex. “Now let me help you get upstairs and you can take a shower, ok?”

Liz nodded and allowed Alex to help her to her feet. They shuffled slowly to the bathroom next to Liz’s room and Alex shut the door after her, hoping she’d be all right in there alone.

He went back downstairs and growled in anger and rage.

Max. Standing. Smirking.

Alex stormed up the man who could potentially snap him in half and punched him in the jaw. The blow knocked Max to the ground before he even had a chance to defend himself.

Alex continued to punch Max, taking out his anger on him. Max deserved whatever he got, after what he did to Liz. No one messed with Alex’s friends and got away with it. Ever.

Alex continued to pummel Max until Max was crying and begging for Alex to let him go.

And I want to rip his heart out
Just for hurting you
And I want to break his mind down
Yes I do, yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.

Valenti came running in, managing to pull Alex from Max’s battered body. Then he helped Max to his feet and immediately hand-cuffed him. He handed Alex the pills for Liz and then left, hurrying Max to the squad car.

“I want to hurt you, I want to break you,” Alex whispered as he watched the car pull away. He turned to go upstairs and see if Liz was ready for breakfast.

“Yes, I do.”

The End

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