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Title: Love and Power: A New Era
Author: Rebecca;LilBecca
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters but I
wish I owned Max! Give me a day with him a lot could
Summary: This is about Max and Tess' son Zan (yes the
gerbil, I'm being open-minded since it wasn't his fault
he’s mother was her) living in the year of 2018. Read
to find out what this story is about *happy*
Category: Zan and Liva

Part One
The little body of seven-year-old, Zan walked into
the house of his father. He was
happy when he learned that his father, his real one,
wanted him back. But now he was a little nervous, as
he looked around the comfortable little home. The
living room was noisy as he heard voices of other
"Come on little man." Max said, taking his son's
hand. They walked into the room, which suddenly became
silent, to find five faces staring back at him.
"Everyone, this is Zan." Said Max. Everyone
responded by saying hey, hi or what up.
Isabel came up to this little boy that was her
nephew. He looked so much like Max, except for his
blue eyes, which were Tess'. She cringed thinking
about her, but then she smiled when she saw the
shyness in the boy's eyes. Max's son, she thought.
"Hi I'm your Aunt Isabel." She said as she held up
the stuffed dog she had behind her, and gave it to
him. "This is for you." She told him, stepping back as
the little boy held the dog close. He liked her, he
thought, she gave him presents.
"Thank you." Zan said softly holding the stuffed animal.
He saw her walk away and stand next to a man who was
holding another little boy who looked about six years
old. The man looked over and stepped up to him.
"I'm Kyle, I guess I'm your Uncle Kyle huh, there,
Scout?" He smiled as he rubbed Zan's hair with his
free hand. Zan looked at Kyle strangely. He would have
to get used to him, he thought. "This is Kevin your
cousin." Kyle said to Zan as the boys just looked at
each other.
"Hi." said Kevin.
"Hi." Zan replied. Then another man came up to him
and didn't rub his hair, which made Zan happy.
"Hey there. I'm your other uncle. Michael, also
know as the fun one around here,” he said kneeling to
his level smiling. Then the lady he was with who
introduced herself as Maria smacked his head.
"Yeah right, you the fun one. Ha!" Maria laughed.
The she turned to Zan. He hoped she wouldn't smack him
too, and she didn't, instead she handed him a game boy.

"Wow." Zan said as he looked at it.
"I knew you would like it, I told you, Michael."
Said Maria. Michael laughed as he looked at Cory's
face seeing Zan get the toy he wanted.
"Hi, I'm your other cousin, Cory." Said the boy
not looking at him, but the game boy he held.
"Hi."said Zan handing the game to the boy.
"You can play with it if you want." The boy looked
at him questioningly, but took the game boy.
"Thanks." he said and starting playing. Zan
thought this boy was going to be cool to hang with.
Then it was finally Liz's turn. She saw how the
others had welcomed this child into their lives.
Could she do the same?
She thought as she looked into Max's eyes. He nodded
reassuring her, as she looked at the little blue eyes
that looked at her. Those were Tess' eyes, she
thought. Was she to be cursed by looking at them for
the rest of her life? Then she thought of how she left
things with Tess, before Tess had given up her life
for their safety. They had ended it on sort of good
terms, and besides it wasn't Zan's fault that his
mother was like that, he didn't ask to be made, he
just was. So she walked up to him, looking into his
eyes, they may have been Tess', but the feeling of
intense greatness was from Max.
"Hey." She smiled looking at him. "I'm Liz; your
daddy's wife." looking at Max, who was smiling
brightly. At first Zan just looked at her, then he
smiled. This girl was pretty he thought and said to
"You're pretty." Everyone laughed, including Liz.
She even smiled pretty too, he thought. “Guess the attraction runs in the family?” said Kyle laughing. "Are you my mommy?" he asked, wishing that she were. That's when
the smile faded from Liz's face. She looked at him
"No, I'm not, Zan." She said as she rubbed his
arm. He was confused why wasn't she his mommy; she was
his father's wife after all.
"Why?" He asked simply, as he looked at her with a
puzzled look.
"Because she's mine!" Yelled a little girl that
stood at the stairwell, hands on hips, mad at all this
commotion over Zan. Everyone turned around to see
Jasmine looking at them, as she walked up to Zan and
glared. "Who are you anyway?" She demanded.
"Jasmine, that's not very polite." Said Liz,
shocked that her usually sweet daughter was acting
like this. She was five years old, but very smart for
her age. Jasmine turned to he mother;
"Fine!" she turned back to Zan and said sweetly;
"Who are you?" with a forced smile on her face. Zan
looked at her, and then to Liz, who smiled at him.
Then back at the little girl, who seemed very upset at
his presence in her home.
"My name's Zan." he whispered looking at her. "Who
are you?" he asked the little girl.
"I'm Jasmine Isabel Evans." she said proudly
pointing to herself. "And I live here, and you're not
going to take my daddy and mommy away from me!" she
yelled at his face. "They're not yours, they're mine
so find your own!" That was it for Zan, his eyes
swelled up and he burst into tears. He had a feeling
that he wasn't going to like her at all.
"Jasmine!" Max took by her arm. "That is no way to
treat your brother." He said, scolding her.
"Half brother!" She spat to his face marching off.
Max came back to Liz who was trying to comfort Zan.
"It's okay Zan she didn't mean it," hugging him.
"No! She's right I don't have a mommy!" he yelled
at her, trying to push her away.
"Yes you do. Me." Liz said by surprise catching
Zan's attention "I may not be your real mommy, but
I'll love you and take care of you like you were my
own, okay?" She said, looking into his eyes. He stop
crying and hugged her, seeing the little girl that was
to be his half sister throwing evil glares at him,
before stomping away. He was not going to like her at
He never asked about his real mother again after
that day, but then again a lot had changed. He and
Jasmine had gotten closer. She was his little sister;
he didn't think about the mother issue, all he knew
was that when she was in trouble he would be there to
beat the shit out of the person that caused it.
"Yo Jas, I'm leaving your ass here if you don't
hurry up!" He shouted pounding on her door.
"Damn it Zan! Wait!" Said Jasmine as she came out
obviously overdressed for just going to the movies with
Kevin and Cory. But then again, they were going with
Cory, so that explained everything. Zan looked at her
rolling his eyes.
"Come on..."

Part Two
They had all grown up together with one thing in
common; the same thing that their parents had had in
common, alien status. Everyone changed once they
started growing up. Zan and Cory, now seventeen, the
oldest ones out of the group, took care
of the younger ones because they all considered
themselves family. Well, except Jasmine, who started
having a crush on Cory when she was fourteen, but Cory
still saw her as the little sister type. Zan was known
as the leader of their group, he made sure everyone
was happy and taken care of, just like his father did
with his aunts and uncles. He wasn't close to many
people outside of their group, but he was impulsive
and had a mysterious persona you’d have to crack to understand. Cory also looked after
the group, but he didn't do as much as Zan did. He and
Zan were best friends, but they weren't like each
other at all. Cory liked to have fun go to parties and
stuff. He was known in school as the ladies man, hence
Jasmine's 'wanting' him. Even though they were
considered family, they weren't blood, so Jasmine saw
nothing wrong with it. Jasmine, now fifteen was mature
for her age, as she had always been. She never liked
being left out of anything because she was a girl or
because she was the youngest of the group, she loved
hanging with a bunch of guys. No one would hurt her
even if they wanted to. She was also the popular girl in school; also known as ‘the bitch’. She didn’t take crap from anyone and people fear her for that. Kevin was the silent type; he
took care of his family, but didn't try to be center
of it all. No one ever could figure out what he
thought, but when he spoke everyone listened because
they knew it would be important. He wasn't like Zan
and Cory and he liked that.
Zan stared at his sister when she took off her
long coat that concealed very slutty attire.
"Don't you think you're a little overdressed?" He
asked, looking at the tank top that showing way to
much cleavage and the shortest, tightest skirt he had
ever seen her wear, showing off her long legs, making
her look like a teenage prostitute. "Or should I say
underdressed..." He corrected, looking at her like she
was crazy.
"I think I look fine." She argued, rolling her eye
and walking past him.
"Is that a thong?" Zan asked, shocked to see the
outline of an under garment he was very familiar with.

"Shit! You can see it?" she said pulling her skirt
up, making the whole outfit look even trashier.
"There is no way in hell you're going out with me
looking like that." He told her, shaking his head.
Then Liz walked into the hallway and saw her daughter,
dressed like a tramp.
"Is it Halloween or are you planning to work the
avenue?" She asked, looking at her daughter in
"Mom! Please!" She said looking at Zan for help.
He turned around laughing and headed down the stairs
passing her.
"Bitch." She whispered as he passed, only making
him laugh harder;
"Hoe" He said, looking back at
her. He went into the kitchen; he knew his mom would
handle Jasmine, he found his dad sitting down
reading a paper.
"Hey, Son." Said Max, looking up at Zan.
"Hey, Dad." Zan replied, taking a carton of milk
out of the fridge sitting down at the table. "What you
reading?" He asked as took a sip.
"Nothing just the sports." Zan looked as his
father; Max hadn't aged much over the years, he still
had those facial features that made him look so in
"Where you guys off to tonight?" asked Max. He
could see that his son and the others offspring of his kind were very close. He saw how
they always hung out and always talked to each other.
He knew they felt more comfortable with each other
because, though their parents had tired to keep the
strange alien things from their children, they were
all alike. All were kind of aliens. The strange thing
about it was that all of them had powers except Zan.
He couldn't understand how the son of two aliens, came
out pure human. The others weren't as strong as him,
Isabel, Michael, and Liz, but they had something.
Jasmine the power to heal, small things, like cuts and
scrapes; she also developed Liz's power of
premonitions, which came to her when she was fifteen.
Kevin could dream walk for only a few seconds and he
got Kyle's power (which he got just like Liz had) of
freezing. He could only hold that for a few seconds. As
for Cory, he had the powers that Michael had; blowing
up things. His powers, unlike the others, were tied to
his emotions. All there powers were getting strong as they aged. But Zan had no powers at all. Max had
thought he'd develop some like the others had, but he
hadn't. Max never knew why.

“To the movies” Zan replied as Jasmine came into the kitchen.
She was dressed in baggy blue jeans a black tank that
Showed her breast, but enough to keep something a secret. He looked at her smiling, “Ready to go now.” She glared at him,
“Whatever” she looked at her father giving him a kiss on the cheek
“Bye, Daddy”. Then left walking out the door
“Bye, Dad” Zan said getting the keys to the car.
“Be careful!” Max shouted to him before he slammed the door. He always said that before he left the house, he never knew why though. He and Jasmine drove in silence as they spend down streets of Roswell. Jasmine switching the stations to annoy Zan and Zan getting pissed ready to kick her out the car. They met Cory and Kevin in front of the movie theater.
“You guys are late,” said Cory annoyed. He saw a couple of hot chicks walk in and he wanted to a least get one of their phone numbers. Hell, he’ll get them all, he thought, smiling to himself.
“Someone had to change” looking at Jasmine, with a grin on his face. She glared at him. He knew he was going to here it later on. He could careless.
“Excuse me for wanting to look like I’ve bathe” she said looking at him with hatred. He better not tell the others about the whole incident.
“Can ya’ll have this sibling revival some other time.” Said Kevin. He loved them but this wasn’t the place or time to lay all their dirt secrets out.
“He’s right let go,” said Zan letting go the comment. They paid for the movie, Forsaken, and went inside. After and hour into the movie, Zan left to get some more popcorn.
Zan walked out to the lobby after using the bathroom he went to order, finding out they had to reload the popcorn maker, he decide to wait. While he was waiting, he decided to walk around a little so he went outside. It was nice outside and he didn’t want to go back to the hot theater. He went down the block and stood there for a few minutes. For some reason he felt like he was waiting for something. Then he saw her. The most beautiful girl that he’d ever seen; her long black hair curving her face, her face was like nothing he had seen before, her eyes were this hazel brown color that seem to go one forever. And her lips he could see were so perfect with the red lipstick that was blessed to be on them. Her body was shaped in the most exotic way, almost inhuman. Zan was so complete lost in this girl that he didn’t realized someone was calling him.
‘Zan” said the unfamiliar voice. There it was again.
“Zan!” shouted the voice. Jasmine his mind registered…it was Jasmine.
“Zan!” Jasmine said again this time shaking him. She had been calling him for five minutes. This time he turned to her looking at her. His eyes were look like he was looking at her, but yet he wasn’t.
“Zan” she whispered touching his face. “You okay”
“Yeah…” he said shaking his head and turning around to where he saw the girl. “I just thought I saw something,” he said looking to see no one, but an old watering her flowers. Had he imagine her, was that girl just a figment of his imaginations. No, he thought, he had seen her, standing there. But there was no one there, must have been his imagination, he thought.
“Let’s go Zan,” said Jasmine. She could see her brother looking in around for something. What the hell was he doing?
“The movies over” asked Zan. Had he been out there that long, he thought.
“Yea” Jasmine said taking his arm. “Cory and Kevin want to leave. Come on” pulling him.
“Okay” he said walking away, looking back again, then faced forward. He decided to it was his imagination, but something inside of him didn’t believe that.

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Part 3

Zan tossed and turned as he started a new dream….

Zan was in exotic place. Somewhere he’d never seen or didn’t even know exists. He looked around as the waves crash on the rocks. He was standing on a rocky ledge that jutted out to a sea. He wore nothing, but a white vest, and silkily silver pants. He reached his hand out trying to touch the water, but something strange happened. He caught it, he wasn’t suppose to catch water, he thought. It wiggled in his hand, like jello, he thought. A jello sea…weird. Then his eyes went up to the sky. It was night he could see that, but instead of there being one moon there were three. Where was he, he thought, it-felt familiar? Suddenly he had that feeling again, the same one he felt when he saw the girl. She was here, he thought, he turned around and sure enough there she was. This time she was in this beautiful white silk dress, that seem to cling onto the curves of her body. Her black hair was blowing in the wind, making her seem like an angel. Her lips, curved in a smile, a smile, he thought, for him. Instead of disappearing, like she did before, she walked up to him, her brown caramel skin, glistening in the moonlights. He watched her intensely as she moved taking her hand and slowly touching his cheek.
“Zan” she whispered looking into his eyes with the hazel ones that he seem to get lost in.
His whole body shook at her touch. It felt like currents were coursing through his body with such force. Suddenly he saw flashes.
Him and her together making love
Him and her getting married both wearing royal symbols
Him and her holding a beautiful child
He gasped as he felt his body jerk from being tossed back to the plane of dreams.
“Who are you?” he asked realizing he didn’t know her name.
“Your love” was all she said as she traced his chest to his heart, as she disappeared.
“No!” he screamed, as he stood alone. Why had she left him again? “Why?” he screamed

Zan gasped as he jerked out of the dream plane violently up trying to get some air. What the hell was that? He got up from the bed, legs shaking, as he walked to his window. She wasn’t his imagination, he thought. He had seen her at the movies and now in his dream. But who was she?
“Your love,” he said remembering what she said to him. “My love” he repeated letting it sink in. He looked up at the stars. For some reason he felt her near, like she was coming and she was coming for him.

Liva woke from the best dream she had for days. All she had been dreaming of since she arrived here was of the destruction and pain at home. She sighed as she sat up straight.
“You okay” said Camilla. Camilla was her twin sister and best friend. She wanted to help Liva on her journey.
“I’m fine,” said Liva as she looked out the window. They had been driving for days. Why couldn’t we have landed at Roswell instead of California were they had to drive mile? She complained at first, but Nathan assured them this was for best and she trusted him after all he was their protector. She tapped Nathan and asked if he was okay.
“Sit back and relax Liva,” he said glancing at the rearview mirror. “Will be there by morning” smiling back at her. Liva was always impatient, never waited for something to come; she’d always love to get it herself.
“Okay” she sighed deeply. Turning to her sister who eyes were close now. Camilla may have been her twin, but they didn’t look a thing alike. Camilla had short brown hair that outline her face, her skin was golden brown, and her eyes were dark brown, so dark they seem black. Their looks weren’t the only thing that was different; their personalities were like night and day. Liva was the reserved one, she toke time to think things through, but she also was strong. She did what she had to do to get what she wanted; she didn’t take crap from anyone. As for Camilla, she was as wild as they could be; she worked on instinct and intuition. She was the oldest of the twins and would protect her sister at all cost. Liva yawed as she felt sleep hinting at her. In a few hours, she thought, I’ll be with you my love.
“My love” she whispered as she closed her eyes and slipped into a dream…>>>>>

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Part 4

Zan drove down the dark desert road, full in thought. Here was where his father’s life had started. He’s father told him the story of how he was a survivor of the Roswell Crash of 47’. He’s father, aunt, uncle, and his mother were in pods and ended up stranded on earth trying not to be discovered. That’s all he told him though, he never talked in detail about exactly what happened during his life. He knew there was more to the story, but his father always stopped there, but then again he never pushed it. He never was interested in the whole alien thing, strange, due to the fact that he was an offspring of two. When he was younger the others who were half human and alien, they started to develop powers, while he didn’t. At first he was sad, he felt weird, why was not like them. Now he didn’t really care, but he gets kind of pissed when Jasmine would use her powers on him.

Zan’s thoughts were interrupted when he saw a huge flash a few miles away on the road. Then screams, but he didn’t hear them in his ear, where was it coming from. He heard it again, but this time he knew where…his head, it came again louder this time. Zan started to speed down the road, to where he saw the flash. When he got there he was shocked at what he saw. There was a black car, destroyed flames blazing. He got out of his car, looking for any survivors.
“Hello…any here” he yelled as he searched around the area. “Hello” he yelled again. He then heard a whimper, coming from behind a brush. Then the feeling he had gotten whenever he was near her came up again. He ran up to where the sound was coming from. What he saw was the most shocking thing he’d every seen in his life.
“Please…help,” said girl who was holding another unconscious girl looking up to him. The girl had long black hair, her brown skin was glistening with blood, her clothes were torn hanging of her body. Zan kneeled down, it was her, the girl he saw in the street, the girl in his dream. Here she was in front of him, barely alive, he moved his hands to push her hair from her face. She was beautiful, he thought, even though he saw some bruises.
“Please…Zan” she said as she rocked the girl in her arms. “My sister needs you” she said again looking at him pleading eyes. Zan looked at her, how did she know his name, it didn’t matter he said to himself, he needed to help her.
“Can…I” he asked reaching his hand out to get the girl of his dreams.
“Yes,” said the girl nodding gently to him.
Zan toke her placing his hand under her head and another under her hip. He lifted her up with ease, he felt his body shake at the sudden contact with her, but he refused to fall. Who was this girl, he thought, he turned back to the other girl who was trying to lift herself up.
“You need help,” he asked stopping.
“No…I’m fine,” she said as she got up. He turned back around and started to lead them to the car. The girl in his arms hadn’t moved or made any sound since, but he knew she wasn’t dead though, her heart was beating weakly. He turned around to see the other girl behind him, stumbling, it seemed like her legs were hurt.
“My car is up here,” he said as he approached the car. He opened the back door, laying her on the back seat. “You should get in with her,” he said taking the girl’s hand, she pulled it away from him, turning her head out to the desert.
“Nathan” she said trying to yell instead whispering looking around. Zan walked up to her, looking around to. Nathan…was there someone else.
“ I didn’t see anyone else,” he said looking back at the girl who had tears in her eyes, looking at the burning car. “I don’t think he made it” he said “Come on, we need to help her, while we still can,” turning his head back to the girl in the car. She was still breathing, he thought as he watched her chest fall and rise.
“Yes” Camilla said as she turned to get in, turning back once to look again. She felt lost, Nathan hadn’t survived, what were they going to do with out him, she thought as they drove away.

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Part 5

A few minutes passed by before they reached town. The car was filled with silence. Zan didn’t ask what happened or who they were, all he knew is that he had to help them. Camilla didn’t know what she could say to him, she was still in shock, and was to busy watching how Liva was breathing.
“Where are we going?” she finally asked him as he took several turns around the town.
“The hospital” he said as he turned into the Emergency parking in front of the hospital.
“No!” she screamed pulling his arm making the car swerve. Zan grabbed the wheel and pushing the brakes, jolting the car
“Are you fucking crazy!” he yelled back, turning around to see the girl looking at him with wide eyes, clutching her sister. Was this how they got in the accident in the first place, he thought looking at the girl.
“We…we can’t go in there” she said in gasp. How could he take her to a hospital, didn’t he know what they were.
“What do you mean you can’t go in there,” asked Zan bewildered by that comment “You sister dying, she needs medical help”.
“No…she doesn’t,” she said looking back at him angrily. “She needs alien, help,” she said as she looked down at her sister, her twin sister slipping away from her.
“What” he said in a whisper. Could it be possible other aliens, here in Roswell. Well anything was possible, he thought, again as he realized he was an alien who was dreaming about someone who he didn’t know, who now was laying right in front of him dying.
“Please we don’t have time,” she said holding her sister. Her body was getting colder and her pulse that she had been checking had become weaker by the minute. Zan looked at her then back at her sister.
“Okay” he said as he did a U-turn out of the hospital, speeding down the road. Then slowed down as they entered his driveway. “This is my house, my dad can help,” he knew his father had the power to heal maybe he would be willing to help. He opened the door with the girl in his arm and his sister right behind him. His father and mother were sitting on the couch suddenly jumped up.
“What happen,” asked Max when he saw Zan rush in with one girl in his arms and another walking beside him.
“She needs your help Dad,” said Zan as he placed the girl on the couch.
“What do you mean she’s needs my help” Max asked, “Why didn’t you take her to the hospital” he asked looking at the girl lying on the couch, she looked like she was breathing still, weakly but still breathing.
“Because she’s not human,” said Zan looking at his father. “Please dad, we don’t have time, she dying,” he said as he looked at the girl sadly, grasping her hand. He couldn’t let that happen, he thought, he needed her.
Max looked stunned, not human. He looked at how his son was responding to this girl. He never saw him like this. “Okay” he said as he glanced at Liz. She nodded her head. Max kneeled next to Zan and Place his hand on the girls body. He went up and down her body trying to find where she was wounded. When he found them he’d healed them, after a few minutes he gasped. “She’s needs to rest now,” he said as he slowly rose up walking away to the kitchen.
“Why don’t you take her to your room Zan,” said Liz going to the kitchen to Max. Zan did as he was told gently picking the girl up and starting up the stairs. Camilla stayed down stairs sitting on the couch resting.

In the Kitchen>>

Liz walked into the kitchen finding Max sitting at the table with his head in his hand.
“What’s wrong, Max,” she asked as she sat next to him hand on his thigh.
“That girl…her mind” he said as he shook his head. As with all the time he healed people, he made a connection with her. He saw into her mind, to her soul, and what he saw he couldn’t believe.
“What do you mean Max, her mind” Liz asked again concerned. Why was Max asking so strange, what had he saw.
“God, how could this be possible” he said still shaking his hand.
“What is it Max,” yelled Liz. What the hell was he trying to say.
“She…she’s alien” he said. “She’s from Antar, I saw it in her mind. She’s been going into Zan’s mind.” He said looking at her.
“What…why” Liz asked. This didn’t make any sense, why would she want to go in Zan’s mind.
“Because they belong together” said Camilla who walked into the conversation.

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Part 6

Zan laid the girl gently on his bed. He watched as her chest rose and fell, more strongly now. He sat by her, looking down at her studying her body. Her eyes were close, in what looked like a peaceful sleep, her body seemed more relaxed. She was still wearing her torn clothing, which made her bra and flat belly visible. He tried to diverted his eyes from those areas. She’s unconscious for god sakes Zan, he yelled at himself. He remembered how she looked in his dream; her long black hair blowing in the wind, her hazel brown eye starting intensely at him, like he was the only person she saw. He felt his whole body shake by the thought. Get it together Zan, he said to himself. He stood to leave
“Zan” Liva said grabbing his arm. She knew it was him, from the time he toke her from her sister, to now. She felt their connection grow strong, whenever he touched her. She knew he felt it to, his muscles seem to tense up like he was trying to stay strong. But when she felt him ready to leave her, she gather her strength, and called for him. She couldn’t lose him now, after she did so much to find him.

Zan came back down, looking at her. Those eyes, those hypnotic eyes, he thought as he looked at her. “Are you okay,” he asked taking her hand unconsciously. She sat up, looking back at him, grazing his cheek with her thumb.
“Zan” she whispered. “You saved me” trying to smile at him. Zan smiled, her fingers were sending heat waves through his cheek.
“Mmm” he moaned, closing his eyes at the feeling that she was giving off with just a touch. He opened his “Actually my father did… Who are you?” he asked. He needed to now who this girl was, why was he feeling like this with her.
She smiled at him “My name is Liva” she said sadly, he didn’t know who she was, but he would soon.
“Liva…” he said quietly, absorbing this name, cherishing it, Liva what a beautiful name, he thought. Then he heard a soft knock. It was Jasmine.
“Hey Zan…” she said then seeing Zan sitting on his bed with some girl, who the hell was this. God she hoped she didn’t walk in when they were about to…ill, she thought looking at her brother and the girl. She saw how the girl was looking at her holding onto Zan, like she was a treat or something.
“It’s okay” Zan said brushing his hand over her cheek. “It’s just my sister, Jasmine” He saw her face turned to clam to horrified in a second.
“Oh my god” she screamed as she jumped out of the bed, brushing by Jasmine running out to the hallway.
“Liva wait” he yelled after her, running pass Jasmine. What was wrong with her?
“Zan what is going on” yelled Jasmine, running after her brother. Something was going on here. The way her brother touched that girl, like she was a precious jewel or something. That was not one of Zan ways of getting girls; she knew that better than anyone else, so why was he doing this with this girl.
Liva ran downstairs, Zan grabbing her arm turning her to him, as Jasmine watched what was going on here.
“What are you doing let go of me” she yelled pushing and hitting him “I have to find Camilla” she said screaming at him using her powers throwing him against a wall as she tried to reach the door.
“Oh my god, Zan” yelled Jasmine as she ran to help her brother How did she do that, the only people she knew could do that was aliens. Was she?
“Liva” yelled Camilla coming from the kitchen. She heard Liva screaming in the kitchen, she didn’t think she would wake up so soon.
“Camilla” she said with a sigh running to her twin. “I thought…” she said as she held onto her twin tears running down her eyes
“I was dead,” she said finishing her sentence. “I would never leave my twin without a fight” holding her. “Like you fought”
Liva smiled as she pulled away looking into her sister eyes, “Of course I fought…you’d go crazy without me” she said laughing.
“Ain’t that the truth” she said laughing, then she stopped putting her head down sadly.
“What’s the matter, muma” she asked looking at her sad expression. Then she thought Nathan. “Oh no” she said shaking her head. “He can’t be,” her eyes filling tears.
“Yes… it’s true” she said tear filled eyes meeting her sister.
“What’s true?” asked Jasmine breaking their intense moment.
“Nathan…he’s dead,” said Camilla as she wiped her eyes.
“Who Nathan” asked Max. He was confused on what was going on here. First the fact that they found new aliens in town; second that one has a connection with his human son.
“He’s our protector,” said Liva turning Max. The king she thought, she saw immediately in eyes.
“Your protector?” said Zan confused what the hell was a protector. He looked at Liva, was this guy something special with her, he prayed not.
Liz gasped a protector, she thought. That meant that they were truly were from Antar. But where were they all these years and why were they there now. She wondered as she looked at the girls. Max looked at the two girls, who were they he thought. They didn’t look threatening but yet again none of their enemies did.
“Before you answer that question” said Max interrupting, “Who are you,” he asked the two girls.
“Well my name is Camilla and this is Liva we’re sisters, twin sisters I should say,” said Camilla starting.
“Wait…you two look nothing alike” said Jasmine.
“Well were infernal twins,” said Liva looking at her sister. “Look before we start I think we should sit down,” she said as she sat down on the coach her sister next to her. Everyone did as she said.
“Well I guess we should start from the beginning, huh?” said Camilla thinking. “What exactly do you wanna know” she asked looking at Max, knowing he was the one who was gonna need the answers.
“Well, I guess how did you get here…I mean Earth” he said looking at Camilla. “I mean did you come in pods. Were you in the crash”
“No we weren’t actually…we landed here a few years ago…at least five years ago” said Liva. She remembered what it was like when she first came to Earth. She didn’t like it; it smelled funny and the people spoke funny to her. She wasn’t used to anything, but after a few months she became accustom to the atmosphere and learn how to speak human. Now everything was second nature to her.
“Why did you come here and how did you get here without being detected,” asked Liz. She wondered how this was possible, even Tess got caught, not that mattered.
“Well there’s new technology, were we could use a portal to connect with Earth. The reason we came is because…well Liva should explain,” said Camilla as she turned to Liva. Liva looked at her hand, she was nervous, Camilla could sense it ‘It’s okay Liv, go ahead’ she said sending the message to her sister. Liva smiled ‘okay’ she said back to her.
“Um…I…we came here…to find Zan,” she said looking at Zan. She remembered when she first found out where he was. It was like the light to her life just came on.
Zan head shot up “Me” he said confused. “Why would you leave your planet, to find me,” he asked. This was already weird as hell. First he finds out the girl of his dream was an alien, pure alien he should say, now he found out that she left her home to find him, what the hell was going on.
“Yeah…um…it’s kind of a difficult story, Zan,” she said looking at him. How was she going to tell him this, it was going to change his whole life.
“Tell Me,” he said sternly. Whoa, where did that come from, he said to himself. “I mean…explain it to me” he said more nicely. That’s better.
“Well…um it all started before you died, Max…if you I can call you that.” She looked at him and he nodded.
“Wait…you died daddy,” asked Jasmine. Her father never told her about that, she thought.
“Um…yes honey, but that was a long time ago,” he said to his daughter. Whatever Liva was about to tell them was something he didn’t want his children to know, to be a part of, but he couldn’t stop it now. “Just let Liva speak…without any interruptions.”
“ I was saying,” said Liva continuing, “Before you died. When you were King Zan, you made a deal with our parents. You said your son, your heir would be wedded to one of their daughters,” she said as she looked at Max.
“That doesn’t make any sense” said Liz. “If he did promise this or pledge this to your parents does it still count I mean Zan made the pledge, not Max.” she said glancing at Max, who seem to be upset by this new piece of information.
“No Max didn’t make the pledge, but before he died he placed the imprint of the royal seal in my mother. So if she had a daughter the seal will be placed in her making her the future queen of his son. So no matter what happened my mother still had the seal inside of her…even after the Antar royalty went down,” said Camilla remembering how her mother explained it to her and Liva.
“Okay…but how could they be certain she would have girls what if she had boys, what then,” asked Jasmine using her mother’s scientific genes. She didn’t get exactly what was going on, but she could try to make logic of what was being said here.
“My mom in fact did have a boy, but the seal wasn’t meant to go into a male. It might seem strange, but the seal was very choosy on who became the next ruler. That’s why it went into me instead of Camilla, who was born five minutes before me,” Liva looked at her sister. She remembered when they were younger and Camilla would get mad because their mother would talk about how the seal choose her instead of Camilla.
“So what does Zan have to do with any of this” Max said looking at Liva. He knew that she was going to take his son away from him, he knew it the first time he saw his son look at her.
“Well, um…Max. Zan is your son, your eldest son and that means that he is the rightful heir. Zan is supposed to be king, king of Antar.” Liva looked at Zan who was sitting across from her meet her gaze.
“What” he said confused. “There must be some mistake.” He had sat there and listened to everything they had to say quietly, but now he was very vocal. “How am I suppose to be King of Antar, I don’t even know what that is” he said looking at Liva. Why was she telling him this, why?
“Zan…,” she started, but he wouldn’t let her finish, as he rose from his seat.
“No…no…I’m not a king…” he kept saying, he looked in her eyes as she stood to look at him. She walked up to him slowly, he felt his body start to go limp before she even touched him.
“It’s your destiny,” she said as she took his had. “I’m your destiny.” He looked at her as he lifted his hand to graze her cheek. He started to feel something inside of him, but yet it wasn’t his feeling it was hers, her love for him. He shook his head, letting his hand drop from her cheek.
“I need some air,” he said as he pulled away from her, taking his jacket, and left. He needed to think this all through, too much was going through his mind right now. It felt right, being with her, but still what was it going to do to him being with her.
Liva looked as he left her, tears streaming down her cheek. She slumped back on the couch, wrapping her arms around herself, suddenly feeling cold without him. She knew he was confused and scared, but it still hurt to know that he hadn’t except it like she had so many years ago. “Zan” she whispered as she broke down and cried.

Camilla toke her sister in her arms, trying to comfort her. She knew how much her sister cared for Zan, even though she never physically knew, him. She remembered how her sister would talk about feeling him, in her heart. She sighed as she knew that Zan wouldn’t turn from her sister, she was perfect for him. He would just have to realize it.

Max looked at what happened in front of him. It was like a flashback, except it was his son in his place. He thought back on the day he found out he was meant to be with Tess. It was the worst day of his life, when he saw the look Liz gave him. He wanted to die. The difference here was that Zan didn’t have anyone else, and it didn’t seem he hated Liva. If fact he seemed to be intensely connected with her, though he hardly knew her. He was scared about the King part, who could blame him. One day your just a normal teenage boy learning how to take care of yourself, then you learn your suppose to take care millions of other people on another planet. It was something he feared too. He looked at Liva whose crying turned into hiccups, then turned to Liz.
“Why don’t you fix up the guest room for them and Jasmine you can get something for them to wear for tonight.” He said as he got up, “You can stay here tonight and will talk more about this tomorrow morning.”
“What about Zan, Daddy” asked Jasmine still worried about Zan. She never seen him like that, he seemed so scared. This was creeping her out too, but whatever was happening to him, she hoped he accepted. Liva seemed nice and seemed to love him, for whatever reason.
“He’ll come back when he’s ready, don’t worry about him,” he said as he started walking upstairs. He needed some time to think too. His son was about to go through things, he didn’t want him to, but he was going to make sure whatever it was he was there to help.

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Part 7

Zan never came back that night; instead he stayed the rest of the night over Cory’s. After telling him the strange things that happened that night, he couldn’t go back home. He knew she would be there and he couldn’t be around her yet, until he got everything sorted out.
He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He always wanted to be some how connected to the alien life, but he never wanted to be in control of an entire planet. He couldn’t even take care of himself, let alone other people. As for being with Liva part, that scared him even more. The way he felt around her, he never felt before. Every part of her body seemed to react to her every touch. It’s like his heart, body…soul knew her, before he even did. He got off the floor and stretched. That’s all he seemed to think about the whole night, her…Liva.
“Yo, Cory” he said as he shook his friend to wake up.
“What” he said rudely as he rubbed his eyes.
“I’m gonna bounce” he said as he put on his shirt.
“Whatever,” he said as he turned over to go back to sleep.
Zan shook his head as he went out the window. He walked slowly home, still thinking to himself. He opened his window slowly and hopped in his room. He looked around, his eyes landing on his bed, disappointed to not seeing Liva he went to lay on it. When he put his head on the pillow he could smell her scent on it, he sighed as he got off the bed, taking a towel. As he walked down the hallway, he was grabbed into a room.
“What the fuck” he said as he stumbled into Jasmine’s room. “What are you doing?”
“Where were you last night,” she asked whispering. She stayed up waiting in his room half the night, but give up when her mom found her there.
“At Cory’s, why” he asked as he whisper. “Wait...why are we whispering?” he asked using his normal tone of voice.
“Because I don’t want Liva and Camilla to hear us, there next door” she said as she pointed to the wall.
“Oh” he said as he whispered again. “Why do you wanna know where I went? Was Mom and Dad pissed?” he asked he hoped they weren’t, he didn’t want to here their mouths, this morning.
“No, they actually said it was good you didn’t come back. I think they don’t want you to except, this King thing…or Liva” she said looking at him as his eyes cast on her intently. “I heard them talking about how this was a big, thing, and how this is not gonna happen again.”
“What they mean by, again” he asked. His parents always seem to hide things from them, especially alien things.
“Who knows.” she said walking to her bed to sit looking at Zan. “You know Liva was real shaken up when you left. I heard her sister trying to comfort her, she thinks you hate her.”
“I don’t hate her,” he said loudly. He could never hate her. Great, Zan, now you hurt her feelings, she probably hates me now, he thought.
“Well, then, maybe you should tell her that Zan. Whatever is going on or whatever going to happen, I think you shouldn’t push her away” she said looking at her brother.
Zan looked at her for a minute, when did his little sister get so wise. “Your right” he said. “I should go talk to her. Thanks Jas” he said as he hugged her before he left.
Whoa, he hugged me, she thought. Jasmine knew this girl was going to bring some good changes in him, she thought, as he left.
Zan walked down the hallway, taking a deep breath and just before knocking he was met by Camilla.
“Hey” he said to her. He forgot she was here and the look she was giving off she wasn’t too happy to see him at all.
“Hey, to you too” she said folding her hands across her chess. She was mad as hell, the jackass just ran off, leaving her sister thinking the worst. She spent the whole night trying to convince Liva that he didn’t hate her, that everything would be okay.
“Um…is Liva okay…I just wanted to check up on her,” he said trying to pass her. She placed her hand on the doorway blocking him.
“She’s fine,” she said glaring at him. “Not that you seem to care about to much last night.”
Zan looked at her for a minute. She could feel the hate pouring out of her and he wasn’t going to try to go up against that. “Okay…just tell her I came,” he said disappointed as he was about to leave he heard a moan.
“Zan, wait” moaning as she stretched Liva. She heard him getting the cold degree from Camilla. At first she wanted Camilla to give it to him. He hurt her last night, she knew he wouldn’t except with opened hands, but he never let her explain the whole thing, the good side of all this…them being together. But when she heard his sadness, she couldn’t leave it like this, so she called for him. She got up from the bed, going to Camilla who was still blocking the door. “Camilla, I want to talk to Zan for a minute” she said pushing her sisters arm down.
Camilla looked back at her sister, “You sure…I mean,” she said looking at Liva, who gave her a telepathic warning ‘Camilla…’ she glanced at Zan. “Okay…I’ll be downstairs,” she said as she left.
“Come in,” said Liva looking back at Zan, who was still standing outside the room.
“Okay” as he slowly walked into the room, he turned to see her close the door. She walked passed him sitting on the bed as he stood with his hand in his pockets. She looked up at him, seeing he was kind of nervous. “You can sit if you want,” she said patting the empty space on the bed. He glanced at her walking to take the seat.
“So what did you wanna talk about” she said as she looked down at her feet. She’s been waiting for this for year and now she was acting like a schoolgirl crushing on a guy.
“Um…well…I wanted to see if you were okay,” he said as he fiddled with his hand. He could sense that she was nervous, weird how he was sensing so much of her feelings. Now the fact that he was being shy was a complete shock. He was never shy around girls…till now, but yet again this wasn’t just any girl. “I mean I left so suddenly and just left you there…you know. I just want you to know… the whole king thing caught me off guard, it’s just a big shock. I needed to think,” he said finishing looking at her
“Well…I’m fine, Zan. I understand all this is a shock. I mean finding out one day your suppose to be a king to this planet you hardly remember” she said looking back at him.
“What do you mean remember,” he asked confused.
“I mean you were just a baby when you were there. Then your mother came back here to escape Kivar,” she said looking at his face. Why was this a shock to him, didn’t he know?
“Wait…I was born…on that planet” he said getting up the bed shocked. His father never told him this piece of information. “To escape who?”
“That planet name is Antar and yea you were born there. And that Kivar was trying to kill you because he found out that you were pure human, so your mom left.” She said getting up too. Why was he so upset?
“What…” he said deep in thought. That’s why the dream he had with Liva on an exotic planet felt familiar. He had actually been there. He looked at Liva who was walking up to him slowly.
“Zan” she said as she placed her hand on his arm looking up into his eye. “It’s okay…I mean your father was probably just trying to protect,” she said trying to clam him.
He looked into her eyes, feeling her comfort, he started to clam a little, and he could discuss this with his father later he thought as he looked into her eyes.
“Yeah, I guess” he said breaking their eyes contact, pulling apart from her. She was making him forget things and he didn’t like it. “Um… maybe I should go,” he said walking to the door.
“Zan…why do you pull away” she asked as she looked at his back. He turned back to her again.
“What do you mean” he looked at her face seeing her pain. Like you don’t know, Zan, your practically running away from her, he yelled at himself as she started to walk to where he was standing.
“Every time I touch you,” she said placing her hand on his cheek rubbing lightly. “You pull away…why?” she asked as she pulled back her hand.
He looked at her for a minute. “Well…um” he started, how was he going to out this? “Every time you do I get this strange feeling,” he said truthfully, for some reason he couldn’t lie to her, he didn’t want to.
“What kind of feeling,” she asked getting closer to him.
His heart raced as he felt her body near his, “It feels like…like my whole body is on fire, like every cell in my body is jumping alive.” He said as he toke a deep breath as he watched her hands rest on his chest. “Like my soul, heart, and body responding to you in ways I never thought possible…it feels amazing” he said as he traced her cheek lightly. “I never felt this before.”
Liva smiled, “That’s our connection, Zan. The connection that I have felt my whole life, but it has never been as strong as this.”
“Why?” he asked as he rubbed her cheek slowly. He wondered why he never felt this connection, because it felt amazing.
“Because you didn’t have that knowledge. You didn’t know you had someone to share a connection with” she paused looking into his eyes. “But now you do” she said smiling at him. He looked into her eyes studying her. His eyes glided down her face slowly, focusing each feature, finally landing on her lips. The lips that had seem to be perfect in every way, he paused for a minute everything in him wanted to kiss them, his eyes drifted back to her eyes, the eyes that hypnotized him from the beginning. Their eyes met and she seemed to give him permission to do what he desired. He slowly brought his lips to hers, wanting to remember their first kiss, just as their lips slightly touched…
“Zan, you’re going to be late” interrupted Max “Oh” he said as he watched Zan pull away from Liva quickly. He knew he must have interrupted something, as he looked at Zan who was brushing his hair back with his hand and to Liva who was closed her eyes trying to breath slowly. Zan looked at Liva, starting to walk to her to see what was wrong.
“Liva…” he started
“Zan” said Max sternly. “You should get ready for school…now” he watched as Zan slowly backed away from Liva.
“Okay” he said as he walked to the doorway, midway stopping to glance back at Liva, then left to go on with his morning routine.
“You should get ready too,” he said to Liva closing the door. Liva looked as Max left; she knew he interrupted them on purpose. He didn’t want them together; it was all over his face.
She sighed as she started to dress in what Jasmine laid out for her. A white v-neck, with a black short skirt and nice white suede shoes, not my style, she thought as she started making adjustments with her powers. Turning the outfit into, a baby blue tank top, which she made sure, showed off a little of her womanly chest, but had a black jacket over so she didn’t look like a complete hoe, black hip hugging jeans that hugged in all the right places, and baby blue Nike with black jean material for the check. She looked at her self in the mirror, hmmm, she thought, them waving her hands over her shirt, making it now have words on it, which said “ Sexy Dreamer”. She laughed, as she looked at the word in black “dreamer” that she was, she thought. She then focused on her hair, waving her hand over styling her long black her in tight long curls. Perfect, she thought. She left the room running down the stairs where everyone was waiting.
“Morning, everyone” she said happily…looking at Zan in particular.
Zan choked on his juice when he saw Liva walk into the kitchen. Damn, he thought, as he examined her outfit. Her shirt was exposing some chest…whoa and what a chest, while her tight jeans seem to be clinging to her every shapely curves…damn she had a big ass, he thought, as he watched as she passed him slowly strutting pass making sure he got a good look of it. What I would do to be those clothes, he watched as she toke a seat next to her sister and started to talk cheerily.
Jasmine kicked him under the table. She saw this whole little display of whatever they were doing. She laughed as Zan rubbed his leg, turning to glare at her.
“Um…so Liva, Camilla, you guys are going to school with us” asked Jasmine, trying to lighten the mood.
“Yeah” said Camilla as she stood to pull up her shirt. She wore a black halter top, blue jeans white belt and black and white boots. Her hair was in pull back in ponytail filed with curls. “I mean Daniel fixed up everything before we came here. He had even bought an apartment for us” she said thinking about how responsible Daniel could be. She missed him.
“So he set up your lives here already” asked Max jumping in. He found it fascinating that they had things so planned out things so well.
“Yeah…he wanted to have everything set up and ready when we came in town.” Liva said as she looked at Max, warily.
“Well, that’s smart,” said Liz looking at Max too. She couldn’t understand why Max was treating Camilla and Liva like criminals, especially Liva. “Do you know where exactly, it is?” she asked.
“Sort of, we don’t know what it looks like, but we know the street and all,” answered Liva as she got up.
“You know we can discuss all this when you get home from school,” said Liz quickly before Max could say anything else.
“Right, I guess I’m driving everyone,” said Zan speaking up. He glanced over at Liva again, damn he thought, as she strutted out the kitchen. She glanced back, smiling at him, like she knew what he was thinking. What the…thought Zan, as he thought for a second. Jasmine shook her head following Camilla and Liva who were heading for the door. She wore white baby tee, baby blue skirt, and white knee-high stocking, and baby blue sneakers.
Max saw how Liva smiled back at Zan, showing her approve of his attraction; he pulled his son to the side.
“Dad, what are you doing” he asked as he fixed his shirt. “We have to go” his Dad was acting all weird, since Liva got here and he didn’t like it.
“Son…just be careful,” he told him “Liva and Camilla have powers that we don’t know about yet. Just be careful, especially around Liva.” He didn’t trust anyone, who said the crappy line of ‘Destiny and king,’ something he never accepted.
Zan looked at his, “Whatever, I got to go” he said as he left the kitchen angrily. His father was really starting to get on his nerves.
Max watched as his son left. He doesn’t understand now, but he will soon, he thought. He turned to look at Liz, who was giving him the death looked. Damn…