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Title: The Vampire Eliza
Summary: This is a Challenge I accepted but im not telling you by whom until the end. It takes place after EOTW and the dupes came early
Rating R I think
Author: Donnie but some of you know me by my real name Faith

I'm walking the streets of Roswell well after midnight enjoying the light breeze in the autumn air. I couldn’t sleep the fight earlier today was enough to not only make me cry, in secret of course I would never let any of them see em cry again. But it was also enough to plagued my thoughts and seep into my sub conscious filling me with nightmares. I knew Isabel was behind at least 2 of them.

Their words were floating in my head around and around like in the cartoons when the person gets hit upside the heads and the stars appear. If you take the stars and replace them with. "We hate you, you selfish bitch" or my personal favorite. "How could you be so damn insensitive." From none other then Michael. Then I could be the girl in the cartoon that got hit with the everybody hates her stick, and those could be my precious stars. So deep in thought I didn't hear the footsteps right beside me or hear the breathing. Not until he spoke.

"Hello Liz." His voice had an accent I could not place but it was smooth and dark. His neck was long and sleek. The black hair that you could tell hadn't been dyed brushed against it and the moth that he had spoken my name with had perfect straight white teeth. But it was his eyes that were amazing they were blue but had a ring around them off black framed like a thousand-dollar picture his lashes were long and black brushing against his cheekbones. He was as pale as the moonbeams that were shooting down on the Earth right now.

"Do I know you?" She knew that if she had seen him before she would certainly remember him but he just felt right, he felt good, and familiar the soft wift that she caught of his clongue or was that all him? She reconzgied it. But not from something her father wore or Alex not even Max. She knew then that it had to be his on unique scent. It smelt like fresh salt water and the mist in the early morning when the sun is just coming up on the green fields of Ireland

"That depends on how you look at things. May be in a past life we met maybe when you were a baby we were side by side in the hospital nursery. Maybe in the man that haunts your dreams for better or for worse." He said it in a light tone Turing it into a joke that she had to let a small chuckle. She doughty they were side by side in the nursery her look older perhaps 23. She couldn't tell he was a timeless beauty.

"So what are you doing walking out here all alone at," he took a quick glance at the moon. "2 something in the morning?"

"How did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"The moon thing?"

"A lot of practice you still haven't answered the question."

"Oh, I couldn't sleep and the night has always been so peaceful I thought it would help."

"Do you want o have dinner? Or well a early breakfast?"

"I don’t know you."

"That would be the point of dinner."

"Its 2in the morning nothing is open."

"I'll cook."

I looked in his eyes they were calm and peaceful no shadows plagued them like Max's He was being completely honest with me and then he twirked on side of his mouth up and a smirk was etched on to his face. How could I say no??
He gave me a ride on his motorcycle He live don the outskirts of town were all the Victorian houses were. His had high ceilings and gargoyles were carved into the stares telling a story. The floors were dark would and a massive chandelier hung in the center of a circle room. I watched as he rolled and kneed bread b cut fruits and sprinkled sugar on various things threw spices in steaming pots and stirred slowly. It took two hours for him to finish and when he did a feast lay before me on the long wood. Table he had dozens of candles lit on the table providing the only source of light in the room that we were in. I was drinking out of a crystal goblet filled with red wine.

"So I know that you are a great cook, that you have a great house, want to tell me something more?"

"I will tell you anything and everything ask away."

"What's your name? You know mine but I have no idea of yours. How old are you? Were did you live before this? Are you happily married with two kids?" He raised an eyebrow at my last question and let out a soft laugh.

"My name is Xerxes, I moved here form England, No Im not married and no kids. And what is age but a number?" I'm was not amused when I herd his last answer to my question, but I still felt no need to push it. I was entrained with questions no one had ever dared to ask or think of that night. I found it to be 5:30 before I went home and then only because he had starred mumbling about the damn sun.

And at the end of that night I was kissed for the very first time. It wasn't like the kisses with Max were I exploded these made me burn from the inside out I almost passed out form lack of air and I still didn't care. His tongue snaked around mine and he was nibbling on my lower lip. He tasted good a mix of something I couldn’t place yet. His hands were strong in my hair and his body was hard against mine, while one hand kept my head were he wanted it the other kneaded my back and stroked the back of my thighs. When he finally did pull apart because I thought my lungs were going to burst and I was dizzy with passion he gave me that same smirk and told me to cal him later. But before he left he placed a ruby necklace that was two big to be a necklace in my hand. It was on a black something, and a ruby dangled at the end.

Now as I lay in my bed starring at the ruby and feeling that same familiar feeling that I felt with him towards the necklace, im drawn into the shinning flecks of red, and that’s when my world takes on a different focus.

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ok I want to give big ups to everybody that is reading the story, and a big thanks! So you know big

Yeah I know what ur talking about, on how grammar problems can screw up the story and make it less fun but I wanted to hurry up and get the story out because I was going somewhere and would not be back before 4 in the morn. But I DO need a beta, anyone want to volunteer??

Part 2

The necklace reminded her of something. A taste slowly rolling across her mouth seeping into her taste buds. A smell, filling her nose with its deadly scent. What it was she couldn’t place. The necklace or whatever it was, it was beautiful but it had a aura of power that gleamed at its surface. Then she thought about who gave it to her. Xerxes his name sounded dangerous and noble, and she couldn’t place its origin. She held the necklace up in the dark and watched the inside of the jewel. Her room was dark her curtains drawn to block out the sunlight it was still early only 6. She had school today, but that was the furthest thing form her mind as her pupils dilated to the point that hey almost took up her hole eye.

The necklace pulled her into its story. Beckoning her to understand the life that lay behind it, to wetness all its had been through. It looked old and ancient another timeless beauty. Her eyes continued to dilate, until she saw a small picturing in the middle of the necklace, and slowly it took up all her line of vison. As if she were watching a movie and the ruby was the projector.

A women with jet black hair that spiraled down her back and swayed softly as she moved walked along in a 16th century dress. The night was cold and she could hear footsteps behind her, to affright ot turn and see who it was she walked couple paces faster.She could see her house in the distance just a little while longer. It drew closer and closer, and so did the footsteps until she was almost running but then a cold hand swept her up and turned her head to a angle letting exposing a almost proclin neck, slowly two teeth shrunk into her neck letting the blood spill into its veins. Then a right when she knew death was not far behind, the sucking stopped and a delicate arm was exposed to her blood gushing from two bite marks.

Then a silky smooth voice in her ear that through the haze that was now her brain she realized it was a women that was delivering her to her death.

“Drink it, quickly.” It was spoken in a whisper almost that of a mother trying to keep hold of her child when it was on the teetering edge of death. She watched as the blood spilled form the strangers arm. To taste another blood let alone drink was purely heathen, something only for the devil and that of the demons. But still the blood drew her in it was paining a picture for her and she wanted to touch it, taste it, and before long her mouth was covering the two small marks that the blood was flowing from and sucking and drinking as she had been instructed. It tasted sweeter then it should almost like a copper honey.

The women behind her gave a soft gasp and she could tell that her head was tilted to the moonless night her hold on her had loosened extremely and her brest were thrust up onto her back as she continued to drink not being able to get enough. Then it was ripped form her leaving her gasping for more. That was when her actions registered in her mind. Her eyes winded and her hand flew to the bite marks that were now closed, her neck was flawless. Just as quickly she turned to the women. The image before her was one of pure beauty. Her hair was golden blonde and her eyes were black but it was her lips that drew her in. They were dark red and full she had her bottom lip tucked under her teeth which let her see her 4 larger ones.

She untucked her lip and her teeth were concealed.

“What’s your name young one?” She wasn’t young she was 13 almost at the age of marriage. Just a couple more years and she would have a husband. Before she could answer the women barked out a laugh, that filled the night and through her head back to the night.

“My child you are still a baby in number to my years, and Vampires don’t marry.” Vampires? They were demons the reverend at perched about them today in church. They were the closest to the devil, evil hunting things. That killed for no reason, only for the sport.

“My name is Elizabeth and im no vampire.” The women coked a eyebrow at her that was not hairy like all the other woman.
“Oh, you may not have been one a couple of minutes ago but that seems to have changed, were u just not drinking my blood?” She showed her teeth to her once more. “ And what would that bald pompous of a percher of yours no anyway? Is he a vampire? No he most cerntily is not, we would never degrade ourselves like that.”

She flicked her tongue over her teeth and she could see that her teeth had indeed grown ad her hunger for the same copper honey taste had seemed to double. But she couldn’t be one of the heathen demons it was just unacceptable. She turned on the women or should she call her vampire?

“What did you so to me!?”

“I gave you a gift Elizabeth I gave you life eternal life. Sickness will near fall upon your shoulders ever again! I gave you the gift of rebirth Eliza. My name is Cassandra. You can come with em and live there true life, or stay here and never have your hunger quenched. Choes quickly Eliza, and don’t think the best choices are made on a spur when reason has left you.” She knew in that instant that the house a couple yards away was not longer her home.

“I would like to come with you Cassandra.”

“Right choice Eliza, Happy birthday.”

Liz’s pupils slowly shrunk back down and she clutched at her chest gasping for the birth tah tit seemed she had lost while in the... whatever that was. She wrapped the necklace around her arm several times to keep it on her skinny arm and let the ruby dangle. The....thing had wiped her out and troubled her. As son as she saw the vampires face she had felt a rush of joy, and looking at Eliza was like looking in a mirror and seeing a different face, and she wondered if Xerxes knew about that images the necklace provoked.

Her lids closed bringing her to s sleep that she craved and was no longer plagued by Isabel induced nightmares. She thought about school and how instead of going to sleep she needed to be getting up but her head still stayed rested on her pillow.


When she finally woke at 3 her head was throbbing, and her vison was blurred. Her stomach felt like it had a hole carved into it, that was filled with acid eating through to her insides.
She reached for the ruby, and found it not there, bolting up in a wild uncensored panic she spotted it on her white carpet laying there innocently. The minute her hand came into contact with it she felt a little better. But not by much.

A knocking was herd at her window and she gave herself a sly smile. But when she turned around her face feel in disappoint men t and she thought her headache had gotten worse. The thought occurred to her that she could run out the door and go somewhere else but that would be a little rude of her. Plastering a smile to her face she prepared to be mistreated.

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Dont think I forgot bout yall. It anit even like dat. I'm just havein my fun chillin bein a young female. It anit goin all dat bad. But im sure yall dont wanna here about that. But a new part will be out soon. Im not sayin when soon. But just know soon. lol. Well THANKS EVERYBODY!!! The bumps really help a gurl out.... well da new part bout to be out soon like I said. but anway. Ta-Da Im off to go read a couple fics and just chill wit my ballain boys and flossin gurls.

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Hey everyone I would normally have something real long written here but I am watching my nephew so I have to make it kinda qucik. Ew a qucikie...ok moving one. lol Thank you for al the bumps and the Fb it really helped me out alot!!! Big big hugs to everybody. Well im sorry it took me so long to update I dont got no excuses my ass is just lazy and I was just chillin havin a lotta fun and everything fo' school strated again. Cuz this year I acutally plan on doin my homework. I kow big shock but whatve. I should have out 2 more parts bye da 31. Which means im gonna be updating faster then last time. ANd I said this thng won't gonna be long.....

For the people that dont give a hsit bout what I gotta say this is teh story below. Skip ahead.

Shedid a mental look over at her face. Sweet fake smile tucked into place. Yeah she was all good. There stood her friends. That had been avoiding her for the past 2 weeks. Kyle was the only one there for her but a week ago he had left to go to Virginia a football camp. Her life sucked. She knew that the only reason they were here was because they wanted something. Not to see how she was doing. To check and see if she was alive. Just cuz they wanted something. That was always what they wanted. Never anything about her. Now would be no different from all other 500 times.

“Hey guys, what’s up?”

She was met with a sneer painted onto pouty pink lips, and a deep frown on a pair of almost purple ones. Well Fine she would never ask anyone who came to her house for her, for unknown reasons what the deal was again, if this was the response she was gonna get. I mean she had other things to be doing today then sitting her talking to them, actually that was at the bottom of the list. The very bottom close to the end. Fuck it, it was on a whole other list called. As Late As Possible. A.K.A Stall For As Long As Possible

“Were have you been? We needed you the other night, and we called and you weren’t here!” This came form Michael. Since when did he know her phone number? Since when did he care what her number was? Then the words registered ‘we needed you’ of course they did the needy bastardy, why did they need her? Why couldn’t they help themselves?

What if she said something like. ‘Well I wasn’t her because you were all screwing with my head last night and giving me horrible nightmares so I decided to go and take a walk were I met someone who did not treat me like shit, and im on my way out now to go talk to said person.’ That would be fun. To bad she cound’t do it. Damn having no backbone other then in your head, damn it to hell. Through all those thoughts that really only took like 2 seconds the mile never faltered even when being yelled at like she was 3 years old.

“Well what the fuck do you want? I have a goddamned life, I was out you know living my life like a normal human being you know kickin it havin a lil fun. Get over your damn selves, And what the matter a big bad plant about to take over the Earth? I don’t care deal with it yourself/” At the winding of all pair of eyes there she knew she had just said that out loud. Situations like this caused two words to come to mind. Oh shit.

Well that had been on her chest for a while. And saying it had actually felt good. And it really had been the truth. And they really had needed to here it. And she doubted that they really cared But one thing she didn’t doubt was that her afternoon would be wasted looking for alien shit while they sat around eating chips. Damn her life.

“Whatever we need your help there are some people that look like us in town and we were wondering if you could do like a background check on them or something found out who they are. Were they’re from, what they want.” Tess’ whiny voice screeched in her ears. The girl drew blood without rasing a hand because she was sure her eardrum just burst.

“And why can’t you do that yourselves? I mean they did come to you and not me, and if they look like you then im guessing it has to do I dunno you. But in about 10 seconds im gonna go take a shower thus leading me to take off all my clothes and all that fun stuff, so if you don’t leave your gonna get a eye ful.” And once again were the fuck did that come from? Then she felt a burning at her chest were the necklace thing lay, and felt it warming up slightly.

Mentally counting to 10 and seeing that they were still there she shrugged pulled off her shirt and pants and was unhooking her bra before she herd the clambering of feet down her ladder. What she didn’t see was three pair of eyes locked on her, or see the smirks that lit there faces as they watched the way she told them off. She didn’t her their thick New York laced accents as they laughed and joked around the Conner. But she did feel her muscles tightening, and she did feel the necklace burring at her heart.


Stepping out the shower she went to her closet and pulled out some clothes. Deciding that they were all ugly and that she needed some new ones, real fast, she walked up to the attic and pulled out the old gypsy looking trunk her grandmother had given her when she was 14. It was filed with old gypsy clothes makeup and jewelry. Finally deciding on a tight almost see through skirt and off the shoulder black shirt with knee high leather boots, she was dressed. Then a picture of her grandmother feel out. The women looking at her was not. Claudia Parker but was Natalie Lewis. Her mothers mother. She had her spiraled black hair and big blue eyes mirroring Nancy outlined in kohl with a big sunflower in her hand sand she was looking off into the distance. Wearing the same outfit. But on her head rest a necklace. Then she rembered All of Grandma Nat-Nat’s Old gypsy headaches, and felt the necklace heat up again.

She pulled it form he Brest and placed it upon her head and let the ruby dangle right in the middle of her forehead close to her eyes and she felt the warmth form the necklace seem into her head and calm her. Then a flash appeared behind her closed eyes of Xerxus. He was lovely pale with that glorious black hair swimming free along his head, and a stream of blood flowed from his mouth to his chin making a beautiful contrast.

She needed to stop watching Interview With a Vampire before she went to sleep, if all she was gonna do is have vampire dreams. She had always loved them, just the myth of them, there power and beauty, to be immortal. No one knew about her little fascination about the living dead, and she planned to keep it that way. They would probably just laugh in her face and make some hideous vampire face.

She walked out the door into the sun feeling it prickling her back like fingers caressing. But it was still to hot. She remembered looking at the weather and seeing that it was only 89 today normally she would be fine, this was New Mexico after all and the heat was not new. She had gotten with Max during a heat wave, now that was hell 110 degrees. Then the thought of Max made her shudder and burn even hotter almost like acid was eating through her bones. Then the visual picture she had created of Max turned into Xerxus, and then the desired chill swept over her body. The walk to his house was noticeably shorter and she wondered if she had just walked faster and not thought about it.

The walk that normally would of taken a hour only seemed to last 20 minutes and she wasn’t sweating like she had expected. Her legs weren’t tired and she felt like she had only walked the length of her room. Before her hand hit the door it swung open. But no one held the Handel. She walked in and found him behind the door. Clad only in leather pants and no shirt.

She never notice the same three from before watching her from away down the street, but she felt something awaking inside herself and Xerxus had all the answers it was just her job to unravel the maze of confusion that was wrapped around those answers like a close knit cocoon, and she could have fun doing it she though as she looked into the overly familiar eyes that greeted her.