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Title: I'm Waiting For You
Author: Amanda
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Liz has always dreamed about her soul-mate. She has always belived in happy endings. Can this one boy that she knew be her Knight in Shining Armor?
Author's Note: This is a happy fic all the way. I wanted to write some thing that makes you want to say 'Look he is right there' and has that feel to make you in a good moon. So if you like the bad stuff then this is not a fic for you. The song and fic go hand in hand.

"I'm Waiting For You" By: Alecia Elliott
I've heard your voice. I've felt your
touch ,bbut only in my dreams have I
felt this much. I've not seen your face ,
I don't your know your name, but here in
my heart you have a place. I'm not for sure
,but I belive you're out there waiting for me.

I'm waiting for you, biding my time. Keeping
my heart from crossing over the line. Counting
the days until my dream comes true. I'm waiting
for you ,takling it slow. Until the moment that I
an let go. One day I know I'll say I do I'm waiting
for you.

I can go on a date and have a good time ,but
you're always there in the back of my mind. I'll
know it's you when you take my hand and right
by your side is where I will stand. I know how
good it's going to be. The moment that you find

Dear Journal,
It's May 31,1996. I'm Lizzy Parker and I'm 12. Today I got this note book from my mom. She said that she never had a note book to write what she thought when she was youger and wish she did. You can all me crazy about this ,but I don't care. I have always belive in soul-mates. You know like there is some one out there just for you. My mom said that some times it can happend. You just have to know where to find that some one. I don't know what he looks like or acts like. I do know that when I do find him every thing will be perfect. My friend Maria thinks I'm crazy. She said if her luck she will end up with a jerk. Alex says that what ever makes me happy go for it. I think that I belive in it ,because it's one thing that no one can take away from you. Only you can make it bad. Max Evans was looking at me again. I get this funny feeling when I'm around him. Maybe he is the one? Do you think I'm crazy?

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I'm writing the next part now. It has a lot of Max and Liz.
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Part 2

It was 11:00pm.
Liz was sitting on her bed reading a book. 'RIIIING' "Hello?" Liz asked. "Hey Liz. Can I come over?" Max asked. "Yes." Liz said.

Max had got over at 11:35pm. It was now 7:00pm.
Liz was on stomach on her bed. Max was on the floor. With his head by Liz's. They were watching a cartoon. It was getting late. Max went to go get the sleeping bag that was under Liz's bed. He laid it out by Liz's bed. They did this every night. Max never told Liz that he thinks that she is his soul-mate. He didn't want to get pick on by the other boys. He loved his time with Liz. When it was just the two of them. Kyle was always by Liz. Max knew that Kyle wanted to give Liz her first kiss. Max didn't want Kyle any where near Liz.
Max couldn't help the pain that he had. He knew that if he never told Liz how he felt then he would lose her.
He couldn't lose her. She was every thing to him.

It was 8:00am. School was about to start. Max and Liz were seated right by each other. Mrs. Baines was putting every one in new sits. "John and Ken ,Max and Alex, Kyle and Liz......" Mrs. Baines called out. "Move Evans." Kyle told Max. Max gave Liz one last look. His heart just broke. Liz looked up at Max sad. Kyle sat in his seat. Liz wrote Max a note. Then passed it to him. He opened up.

I'm sorry.

What did she have to be sorry for. She didn't do any thing.
Max was looking at Liz and Kyle the hole time. Every one in a while Liz would look back at Max and give him a smile. A smile that was only for him. Then he notice that Kyle was still there. He then looked at the note book before him. He had to do some thing about
Alex saw the way Liz and Maz look at each other. He saw that there was love. Even if they were 12. He found out today that Kyle is going to kiss Liz today.
He had to tell Max ASAP. Kyle was nice and every thing he just didn't want him by Liz.

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The next part is done. I just have to post it. I'll have it out some time this week.