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Witches and Aliens
Rating = R to NC-17
Disclaimer = I don’t own anything from Roswell (DAMMIT)
Summary = Some where in the near future. Planetary travel is not new and yes is regulated by the MIB. None of the aliens ever came to Earth. Liz and Maria still best friends. Alex is alive and Liz and Maria now him and Kyle but aren’t the GROUP that they were (and they play as extras in this fic). Max-Prince, Michael- second-in-command/best friend, Isabel-Princess, Tess- Utter Bitch/Isabel’s puppy (following her everywhere). Maria- normal as usual and OH by the way Liz is a Witch. Read on…
Feedback = always welcome, please cut me a little slack this is my first fic after all but any and all comments good or bad are appreciated.

Chapter 1

She resurfaced and wiped the chlorinated water from her eyes. She couldn’t believe she had been so brazen to take her dress off in front of him. It was just that he made her feel so… ahhh… She couldn’t even explain it. But her powers flowing back through her felt amazing.
“Max?” she called out, when she didn’t see him on the pool deck. But before she had the chance to think that she had scared him off, she felt two powerful arms wrap around her waist and turn her into Max’s fully muscular chest.
His naked form looked even yummier, as it glistened in the soft pool lighting. He crushed her breasts to him and kissed her until she was seeing stars.
As his hands massaged her aching breasts, she felt his manhood slowly move against her thighs and as she spread her legs, allowing him entry, he…

Her Apartment

“Oh My God... if I don’t stop dreaming about this guy, I’m gonna scream,” Liz exclaimed. The bad thing is that she didn’t even know the guy and she was having VERY erotic dreams about him. All that she did know was that his name is Max, he’s tall with blackish brown hair and brown eyes and is built like a friggin rock.
Though she had locked her powers up inside her and had protected herself as much as she was willing to, she couldn’t protect her dreams. The only relief she had was her friends.
And it was such a good thing that she had told Maria about the dreams and was in turn getting treated to a girls night out where she would club hop and hopefully find a guy to satisfy her the way the dreams didn’t.

Later that Night (Club Hopping)

“Maria, I’m gonna go, I don’t feel so well, OK?” Liz asked.
“But Chica!? You just got here, what’s up?”
“I just don’t feel well, I don’t know what’s going on. Will you be ok without me?”
“Well I guess I’ll just have to substitute you with that hottie at the end of the bar,” Maria said, as she smiles seductively at the very cute guy.
“Well you go girl! Go get what/who u OBVIOUSLY want and have a good time. I’ll be at my place till about ten and then I’ll be at work, call me tomorrow or come in and see me.”

The truth was that Liz hadn’t felt good since that afternoon when she first started getting the feelings again. It had been so long since she’d had a vision that at first she thought she was just coming down with something. And then IT hit her like a brick wall.
She saw HIM, Max, walking into a road and getting run down by a Mack truck. Except it wasn’t real, she knew enough about her heritage to realize that the vision/premonition that she saw wasn’t happening now, but that it would in the very near future.
The only reason she knew this was that her family came from a line of witches, actual magical witches who were able to control nature and to see premonitions, things that may or may not come true in the future.
She didn’t know why she would have a vision after five years of not using her powers. But she hadn’t asked for the vision and because it tied into her dreams she would definitely not ignore it, no matter how many bad memories it brought back.

Michael’s Room Antarian Palace- Antar

“Michael? Are you home?” Max called out. “I’ve got to talk to you.”
“Yeah, man. I’m in here,” Michael answered. “What is it? You sound distracted? The dreams again?”
“Yeah, last night was really intense. And I now know that her name is Liz and she lives on Earth in San Francisco.”
“Well do you want to make a trip to Earth? We have to make the trip in two weeks anyway for Intergalactic MIB conference in New York, so why don’t we leave earlier and take a small detour to San Francisco?” Michael asked.
“Sounds good, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll go pack and meet you at the transporter in about an hour and a half.” Max responded.
“Wait a second you wanna leave…” But Max was already gone and Michael didn’t have a choice but to notify Queen Serena and pack his things to leave. Max sure is hooked on this girl, Michael thought, and I don’t think the Queen will be pleased at all.

Palace Throne Room- Antar

“Ah, Your Majesty the public wish to hear an announcement about the prince’s health before he takes his trip, to represent the planet at the Inter-Galactic Conference, in two weeks,” the Queen’s aid, J.K. said as Michael enters the throne room.
“Your Majesty, Max wants to leave within an hour to go to Earth for the conference he has someone he wants to see in San Francisco before traveling to New York. I just thought I should inform you that we were departing.” Michael said as he walks toward the throne.
“Thank you, J.K., I will make the announcement before he leaves, you may go now,” the Queen said, dismissing her aid. “Now what is this about leaving almost two weeks early and within the hour on such short notice?”
“I’m sorry your Majesty, but Max spoke with me this morning and I suggested that we leave early, but not today.”
“Who is this person and what is my son’s interest in someone in San Francisco?”
“Well, Your Majesty…”
“Hello Mother,” Max says interrupting Michael. “I hope you don’t mind but Michael and I are going to leave early for the trip to Earth. Will you be alright?”
“Well son I will be alright but I would like to know why my son and his best friend/second-in-command are leaving TWO WEEKS in advance for a trip that was planned five years ago?” the Queen asked.
“Mother, I can’t explain now but I will when I get back and I will keep you updated from the conference as long as you have your communicator with you at all times. Will you let me do that? Can I explain in three weeks when I get back?”
“Alright, Son. I’ll allow you to go but you have to promise me you’ll call when you get to San Francisco, OK?” Serena pleaded.
“Yes, mother I will check in when we get there. And I love you.” And then he was hurrying out of the throne room with Michael at his side.
~ Ah, Queen Serena thought, my son, the Prince and future King is in love with an earthling he doesn’t know. Little does Max know that the fate of his people rests on this earthling, if only she didn’t have a choice, if only this girl didn’t have the powers she possesses, but then if she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to save us. The Queen’s thoughts were interrupted as her aid reentered the throne room finalize the day’s agenda and make the announcement about Max’s health and make up a reason why he left early. ~

Transport Pod Room # Four

“Max are you sure we’re going to the right city?” Michael asked.
“Yes, I’m sure I can feel it and the last dream I had was that we we’re in a pool at a house overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.” Max answered.
“Fine. Let’s go then. We might as well get it over with.” Michael whined.
“Captain, two for transport to Earth, San Francisco, California. Myself, Maxwell Evans Prince of Antar, ID code 12589 and…”
“Michael Guerin, Second-in-Command to the Prince, ID code 19563,” Michael finished.
“Make that four for transport Captain, Isabel Evans, Princess of Antar, ID code 55648, and…”
“Tess Harding, Companion to the Princess, ID code number 66679.”
“Izzy, who said you and Tess could come?” Max asks, irritated.
“Mom, she wants someone there with some sense And she said I could bring a friend,” Isabel responds with a smile, “Proceed Captain.”
“Accepted and Transporting,” came the reply from the Captain.

San Francisco, California, Earth

Within a minute, all four human-looking Antarian’s arrive at a safe house and notify the MIB that they are in San Francisco for the two weeks leading up to the Conference in New York.
“God, I hate that molecular transporter,” Tess complained.
“Maybe that’s why you hardly ever leave the palace,” Michael teased sarcastically.
“Oh shut your hole Michael and don’t even try to pick on Tess. This is going to be a peaceful trip or I will report to the Queen and she will order us home,” Isabel retorted. “So Max where are we going?”
“WE aren’t going anywhere. You and Tess are going to go do whatever you want. Michael and I have business that you are not to be involved in. Got it? Or do you want to call mother and go home?” Max replied.
“Fine be a jerk, big brother. Tess and I will have a hell of a time with the Earthlings.” Isabel snapped mischievously.
“Just don’t use your powers. Because you know the consequences…”
“’Revocation of your intergalactic passport’, blah blah blah…”
“Just remember and we’ll meet back here in two weeks. Have a good time.” Max said as he smiles sarcastically.

San Francisco, Golden Gate Park

“So Max, what do you know about this girl and why are we thirteen thousand light years from home chasing after home?” Michael asked.
“What I know for sure is that her full name is Elizabeth Parker, she goes by Liz, moved here from Roswell, New Mexico and she’s not zacklyhuman…”
“What the HELL do you mean she’s not human? Is she an alien like us? And if so, she had better be one of our allies daughters because if she’s not we’re in bigger trouble than I thought and I would have to talk to the Queen and the MIB and to the King or Queen of whatever planet she’s from. Man, Max you don’t seem to comprehend how much paperwork and time this means…” Michael babbles.
“ Michael, snap out of it and stop babbling. She’s an Earthling but she’s not a normal human. She has powers that I can’t even begin to explain and NO I don’t know how I know this but she hasn’t used them in something close to five years because something bad happened and made her seal her powers inside her. You want to know something REALLY strange?” Max blurts out.
“Oh great what now?” Michael complains.
“She knows about me and is looking for me too. And really there is honestly no way of explaining how I know this, I just do.” Max said, sounding dumbfounded.
“OK, this girl has problems and so do you. But ok, Prince telepath tell us where she is right now.” Michael said jokingly.
“Insomnia Coffee House and Café, corner of Haight and Ashbury. OK maybe I’m starting to freak myself out a little.” Max replied looking shocked at the knowledge and its origins.
“Alright Freakazoid, stop talking get in a cab and let’s see if you’re right.”

Insomnia Coffee House and Caf

“Hey, Chica! Double espresso, if you would be so kind?” Maria asks sweetly.
“Not a problem, girl! Wassup?” Liz asks.
“Not much except you and I have two very cute hottie’s checking us out from the corner booth.” Maria says as she winks at an unsuspecting Michael.
“God Maria I was waiting for you to get here,” Liz says hurriedly. “Believe it or not the one with the black hair is the guy from my dreams, the X rated ones.” She whispers.
“HOLY SHIT,” Maria exclaims almost yelling.
“Shut up,” Liz urges. “I’m actually glad he’s here. I had a…you know… about him.”
“A premonition? Why? You haven’t used your powers in five years, why now?” Maria asks in a whisper.
“Yeah and I don’t know but I’m actually glad that he’s here so I can keep an eye on him and not let it come true. You want to know something really weird?”
“Well it can’t really be any worse so shoot!”
“He’s been having dreams too. He knows who and what I am, he’s not human, he came here to find me, he knows that I know about him and he still willing came to see me,” Liz blurts. “Hold on.”
“Boss I’m gonna take a half hour break ok?” Liz requests.
“OK, Tell Alex get his butt up front,” comes the response from the back.
“Got it boss.” Alex responds.
Liz and Maria go sit at a booth at the front of the café.
“OK, now what the hell do you mean he isn’t human. What planet is he from?”
“Well he’s an Antarian and get this… he’s the Prince and future King.”
“Oh my god! I can’t believe this. This is heavy shit. A prince? An alien prince to boot! Well I’ve got an idea. If he knows about you and vice versa, then why don’t we go talk to him?”
“Good idea.” Liz says as they get up and walk toward the guys.


“Ok, so you were right with this sixth sense bullshit, but what are we gonna do about it?” Michael asks.
“I don’t think we’re going to have to do anything.” Max says as he stands up to greet the ladies.
“Hello Liz and Maria. I’m Maxwell, Max, Evans and this is my best friend Michael Guerin. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Hell-O,” Maria says, bypassing Max and going straight for Michael, who is sitting dumbfounded by Maria’s beauty and says nothing.
“How do I know who you are and why are you here?” Liz asks getting straight to the heart of the matter.
“I was hoping you could answer that for me. Because I don’t know this has never happened to me before. All I do know is that I’ve been having very…uhmmm…dreams about you and I know that you have powers not every human has. Maybe we could figure everything out together?” Max asks hopefully.
“Ok. Do you to have a place to stay while you’re here? If not you can stay at my place I’ve got two extra bedrooms.” Liz suggests.
“Well actually we do have a place…” Michael volunteers.
“Actually that would be great. We normally stay at friends but this is a detour in our trip but you already know that. So yes, Liz, we accept your offer.” Max says as he gives Michael a look that would kill.
“Fine its settled. I have half an hour break lets go and get you settled.” Liz replies stiffly.

Liz’s apartment

“OK, everybody here we are. My humble abode. It’s nothing spectacular but it’s me.” Liz explains as she unlocks her front door.
“I’m sure it will be as beautiful as you are.” Max replies giving her a smile that should have melted her but she had other things on her mind.
“Hey Chica, its time for you to get back to work. I’ll make sure the space boys are settled ok?” Maria volunteers sweetly, beaming at Michael.
“Ok Maria. But come here a second.”
“What is it?”
“Don’t let them out of your sight especially Max, don’t walk down any dark streets and watch out for Mack trucks. Just trust me it was all in the premonition. Ok?”
“No problema, Chica. I promise not to let either of them out of my sights.” Maria responds like she has some wicked X-rated plan for Michael. Liz actually felt sorry for him, he didn’t have a chance, she thought.
“I’m dead serious Maria. This is life or death. Do you know what the death of THE Antarian prince on Earth’s soil would mean for intergalactic foreign relations?”
“Ok I absolutely promise to behave and be responsible. Now get to work!”

Later that night (the guys stayed in the house all day)
Liz’s room

As much as she hated this she had to do it. She had to open that side of her that had been closed down for so long. She honestly didn’t know if she’d be able to handle it but she would damn well try. She was responsible for not letting Max die. Not here, Not now. It wouldn’t happen, she wouldn’t let it.
She prepares herself mentally for the challenge ahead as she gathers the limited supply of herbs and ritual tools that she’s kept since…NO don’t think about that now. She knew it would be emotionally taxing, but it HAD to be done if peace were to be insured. She hoped she would remember everything after so long. She sits out on her balcony as she begins the ritual that she knew how to perform since birth.

“Show me what needs to be seen.
I cast this circle to find the truth,
As I call on the powers that were given to me.”
Liz says after sprinkling a mixture of herbs around her in a circle.
“Light from the moon,
Shine on this water
And reveal what is to happen soon.
I accept this responsibility given me,
As I will, so mote it be.”
As soon as she finishes Liz convulses with the shock of the vision.

She sees that the supposed accident that she saw in her premonition was a well-planned assassination attempt against Max, why she was chosen to see it, how it ties into their shared dreams and how it ties into her past. Then she, without knowing it, opens herself to the memories of the event that changed her life and forced her to seal her powers within.
She feels the exhilaration of her powers coursing through her and the emotional turmoil caused by them but she knows she has to close her circle.

“I’ve seen all that I need,
I call above to close the circle before me,
As I will so, mote it be.”
As she finishes she collapses into a sobbing heap and that is how Max finds her when he enters after knocking without getting an answer.
Outside/Inside Liz’s room

‘Knock, Knock, Knock’
Max knocks on Liz’s door without an answer and decides to open the door.
“Hey Liz, there you didn’t answer so I thought,” Max says before glimpsing Liz in a sobbing heap on her balcony. He rushes over to see what’s the matter.
“Liz what’s the matter? Tell me what’s the matter?” Max pleads.
(Sniffles, sobbing) “Nothing… Max… Nothing… I’m okay.” Liz manages between tears.
“Oh good, I’m glad. Because on Antar crying usually indicates that something’s wrong. I really didn’t know we were that different from Humans, huh? News to me,” Max states humorously.
Liz laughs lightly without raising her gaze to meet Max’s.
“I had to do something and I knew it would be hard for me after so long, but I didn’t realize how hard I had worked to bury some stuff. So when I opened myself up for what I needed to do, I had to open myself up for everything and it was just too much for me to handle. I’m sorry. I must look horrible.” Liz explains feeling awkwardly shy.
“You look anything but horrible. You look human for your tears and naturally beautiful.” Max replies, raising her chin so her gaze meets his.
“Oh have a thing for humans, do you?” Liz asks, trying to change the subject. Because she felt like she would drown in the depths of his eyes if she didn’t look elsewhere.
“No, just you,” Max replies sincerely.
And suddenly it seems SO right that she just has to kiss him.
The kiss is so innocent and gentle that her heart almost breaks with the tenderness. But it soon careens out of both their controls.
With the emotional upheaval Liz was just through combined with all the tension building up between their shared dreams it just feels so good for both of them.
In a war for control of the kiss, they fed each other’s needs. And all too so, they were ripping each other’s clothes off trying to feel heated flesh against heated flesh.
Max couldn’t wait any longer and as soon as her shirt and bra were off he sucked at her neck and breasts until they were hard knobs of skin. And as he did so he pulled her against him, so that she could feel ALL of him.
As her hands were on his back, feverishly trying to get his shirt off, he dragged his hand up her thigh to the zipper of her pants. All the while neither one of them broke the kiss. To hell with it, we’ll breath later, they thought in unison.
Soon though, they had to break the kiss to stand up to get their pants and undergarments off. But during the stripping, they were kissing and laughing at the insanity of a moment that made so much sense to them.
With all clothes discarded and both of them gloriously and beautifully naked, they made their way to Liz’s king size bed, wanting to feel the heat once more.
With one quick wave of his hand Max had the covers thrown back and Liz on her back at his mercy. And that’s when the slow torture began.
With an excruciatingly pleasurable, near painful, slowness Max explored every inch of Liz with his fingers and mouth. And when he finally drew his fingers up the length of her inner thighs and let them enter her core, she was soooo ready she was about to burst with it.
He entered her with one finger, eased it in and out, joined it with another finger and felt her start at the fullness. He heard her whimper and felt her lift her hips trying to get closer and bring him deeper.
“Max…” Liz moaned. “I need you inside me NOW!.!.!.!”
“Patience, love,” Max replied breathlessly. She wasn’t nearly as ready to explode as he was. Just seeing her naked and hearing her respond to him was enough for him to make a fool out of himself right there.
Then Max easily kneed her legs open and she widened them allowing him full access to the place she so wanted him to go. He entered her slowly as not to hurt her (sensing that this was the first time for her) and when he reached her feminine barrier he placed his hand on her stomach. As he slowly dissolved, what would be the cause of her pain, he eased himself deeper and began thrusting in long sure thrusts.
When he reached her core, his fingers found her pleasure zone and sent her into orbit, and as soon as he felt her climax he let himself go. Spewing his seed so deeply inside her, that neither one of them knew where one started and the other began.
“Oh God Max! Ahh… ahhh… Max yes yes yes yes!” Liz screamed as she felt him push forward to empty himself within the depths of her.
When all was done, both were too tired for words so they slept in each other’s arms. Feeling safe, protected, loved. Feeling like their hearts had found their way home.

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Ok here it is. Sorry it took me so long to update and this is only a small chapter. Chapter 3 will be bigger I PROMISE! ENJOY


Witches and Aliens
Chapter 2

Liz’s bedroom
Before Dawn (5 o’clock)

Knowing it wasn’t late enough to get up but knowing she couldn’t sleep anymore, Liz awoke slowly, through the layers of sleep and exhaustion she felt. She felt like she had been drugged, but she didn’t feel hung over.
And then she remembered everything. Performing the ritual, seeing what she had to and then collapsing. After that all she remembered was the unique oneness she felt when Max was inside her.
She knew that what she had done last night would change her life forever, again. But, she thought as she snuggled closer to Max, maybe change isn’t such a bad thing after all. And as Max put his arm around her protectively, she lies within his arms happily contemplating the future for the first time in five years. But…
She knew she had a responsibility to attend to. And that was Max’s safety while he was here in San Francisco and then she didn’t know what but she thought she might have to take some time off from work and go to…maybe…New York.
She smiled at herself. It had been a long time since she had thought about anyone that she would want to spend time with instead of the long string of one-night stands that had been sustaining her for so long.
Slowly she mustered up the energy to shift herself to rouse Max.
“Umm… Hi,” Max whispered.
“Hi yourself,” Liz replied sleepily.
“I’m sorry about last night, I lost cont…” Max apologized.
Liz puts a finger to his lips to shush him.
“Don’t you dare apologize for the most beautiful and complete thing I’ve ever felt. Thank you for last night.” Liz said as Max gently kisses her finger and then leans down to kiss her forehead. And the tenderness of the moment nearly breaks her heart.
“Believe me if you enjoyed that half as much as I did I’m completely happy.” Max replied. “I’ve been wanting to do that and this since the first dream.”
He kisses her full on the mouth as her hand strokes down from his hip to his thigh and back up to his manhood, which quickly becomes harder in her hands.
Slowly she shifts herself on top of him, breaking the kiss momentarily as she lowers herself on to his full member and feels the oneness again as he fills her and his length touches her womb.
This time because it was a mutual act and because it signified the finding of one’s soul mate; light, warm and honey colored filled the air on his side of the room. She spoke “A ghra. A amhain,” her people’s words, meaning My love, My only, to complete the ceremony and light, rich and red flowed from her being.
Their powers met and merged, becoming one. And as one half flowed back through her veins again and half through his. Making them the other half to each other’s souls.
He rises up and hugs her to him tightly as the thrill of their joined powers rushes through him.
He had never had sex with a human before let alone a witch. So this was all new to him but something he completely welcomed because he knew how deeply he had fallen in love is such a small amount of time.
Even as she feels her full powers joined with his rush back into her and the old memories come rushing back, she holds his hands and kisses him as they ride their mutual orgasm to the fullest.
He falls back to the bed and she collapses on top of him as he empties himself once more inside her.
When he feels moisture on her cheek he looks at her as tears flow from her deep brown eyes.
“Baby, tell me. What is it? What haunts you that you’ve kept yourself so tightly shut inside? I know its crazy but I love you. I want to help. Please tell me.”
“Max,” Liz sobs “Yeah it is crazy but I love you too so very much. Please give me some time and I will tell you I promise but I can’t right now. Just hold me and I’ll be ok I promise.”
“Alright, but soon.” Max replied worriedly as he kisses her the tears away and soothes her to sleep in his arms.
~ I need to help her, but I don’t know how, Max thought. I will give her time but she needs to tell me before I leave for New York. ~

Liz’s Bedroom
10 o’clock

Liz’s alarm goes off at the designated “get up and get ready for work” time she set it for. She rolls over in Max’s arms without waking him and slides out from under the covers to get dressed and start breakfast.
As she walks into the living room she is hardly surprised to see Maria and Michael nestled nakedly in each other’s arms, both looking very content.
She starts a pot of coffee and pulls out eggs and bacon from the refrigerator and begins to cook.
A peck on the cheek startles her out of her thoughts but lets her know that Maria is up and pouring herself a cup of Liz’s delicious coffee.
“Good Morning, ‘Ria” Liz said knowingly.
“What?” Maria asks.
“I didn’t say anything. Guilty conscience?”
“No not at guilty conscience. But yes I did seduce him last night and no, it wasn’t that hard to do and it was the best I’ve ever had. It was definitely different with an aliens.” Maria replies.
“Well mine night was definitely interesting.”
“Oh yeah Witches and Aliens. Umm… must have been good. Ok then. Explain.” Maria demanded.
So Liz explained about the ritual, the vision and what followed when Max found her. And then she told her what happened this morning, everything about the ceremony and the merging of powers, sharing of souls, her powers and memories returning from banishment and her explanation to Max.
“WOW” was all Maria could muster.
“Yeah I know it’s a lot for me to handle to. But I know that I love him and I’m okay with it. But I need advice on how I should tell him about everything else.”
“Just sit him down and explain everything. Starting with the event that occurred the day you were born. It’ll be hard, Chica, but you have to tell him and soon.”
“I know but yeah ok thanks. I will tonight after dinner.”
“Good. Then we…” Maria started to say but she broke off when she saw Max and Michael enter the kitchen and come up behind, hug and kiss the two girls.
“Good Morning, Ladies,” Max said as he hugged Liz and nibbled on her ear.
“Alright, enough breakfast is ready,” Liz said escaping Max’s torture.
After breakfast Liz escaped to work but promised to be home in time to make dinner for everyone. Even though she was distracted all day with what she had to do that night she got through the day, made a trip to a shop called the Magic Box for the supplies she knew she’d need and then got the food for dinner and headed home.

“Oh boy here goes” was what she whispered when she put her key in the lock.

TBC hope you liked it and thank you for all the feedback so far.

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Chapter Three


“Hey guys! I’m home.” Liz called out when she walked in the door. Within a minute she had hands grabbing at the grocery bags to try to help her get to the kitchen.
“Hey No peaking” Liz said, as she swatted playfully at Max who was trying to get a peak at the ingredients that Liz had bought.
With all the love making that had been going on in the house. Liz and Maria knew quite a lot about their lovers’ eating habits. So when Liz went to the market she decided to stock up on Tabasco sauce and sugar. But she also got so regular stuff for dinner, including steak, potatoes, corn, and from the meager garden on her windowsill she picked herbs and makings for a salad that Maria would be proud of. She also bought whipped cream for **”Desert”**.
Liz was shaking so bad from the anticipation of what she was going to tell Max tonight that she asked Maria for some help in the kitchen and for some lavender oil to calm her nerves.
As the women prepared the meal, the men set the table and got glasses out for their drinks.
When everything was served on the table they sat down and gave Liz a minute to remember her grandmother’s incantation for the blessing of the meal.
“Of the earth this food has been wrought,
Picked for the nourishment sought.
I ask the God of heaven and the Goddess of the earth,
Bless this meal for all its worth.”
And with the last words Liz lit the three candles that she had set on the table. That afternoon Liz had gone out to the local metaphysical (magick) shop and picked up all the old tools that she had discarded after…
She chose to also pick up some ceremonial candles in red, pink and white. With her old ritual knife, or athame, that she had dug out of her closet she had carved the symbol for love into the red candle, friendship into the pink and passion into the white.
They ate and talked the entire meal away. But no matter how involved in the conversation she was Max noticed that there was still something on Liz’s mind. He wondered if she’d ever trust him to tell him what was wrong.
After everyone was finished eating Liz and Maria served coffee and then desert. Which was strawberry shortcake, Tabasco sauce and whipped cream of which there was plenty left over, Maria had made sure of that.
When the ENTIRE meal was complete and everyone was stuffed, the boys excused themselves saying that the women cooked so they would clean. That way, they explained, they could get onto activities that would work off the calories they just ate.
A very grateful Liz sighed when they left the room, glad for the moment she would get to talk to Maria alone.
“God, I could NOT be more nervous.” Liz exclaimed softly.
“Ahh, Chica. You have got to calm down. Keep using the lavender oil I gave you and then just take it a step at a time. If he really is your soul mate then he’ll be there for you and he’ll be patient to listen and let you finish.”
“I know you’re right but its still not helping. Once I get through tonight it will be so much easier…” Liz said and was about to finish, but trailed off when the boys entered from the kitchen.
“Let me guess” Maria said “You used your powers to wash dry and put away everything and that’s why you’re back out again so quickly, right?”
“Right, Maria. We’re just…” Michael started.
“Eager for tonight?” Maria finished.
“Exactly” said the boys in unison.
“Alright then get to yourselves to our respective rooms and we’ll make our way there in a minute.” Liz said
Maria quickly retreated into the kitchen once the coast was clear and then came out with ten cans of whipped cream in her arms.
“GEEZ, Liz you think you bought enough?”
“I’m really gonna need something fun after this talk, so I figured why not? It’s always been a fantasy, so hey”
“Alright then here you go” Maria said as she handed Liz five of the ten cans.
“Take your time, explain everything and have fun afterwards. Michael and I won’t wake you in the morning.”

Liz takes the cans, says thanks to Maria and heads toward her bedroom with a look of dread.
She enters and Max rushes to help her just as the shaking of her hands gets so bad that she almost drops the cans. Max gives the cans a quizzical look and then returns his attention to Liz.
“Liz you’re shaking what’s the matter. Baby please you can’t lock this inside any longer tell me what’s going on, tell me EVERYTHING”
“Oh Max. God I love you and I’m going to tell you everything. I was planning on it tonight. I just didn’t know I’d be this nervous.”
“Alright just calm down and start from the beginning.”
As Liz gets her breathing under control she lets herself slip back to the day she was born. She was to young to remember herself, but one of her many gifts was having all of her ancestors memories on file in her head, so that if she only let herself she could see into the past.
And then she began…


TBC so do you guys like it? Or do you hate me because of the cliffhanger. Sorry I had to. I’m just evil like that. (smiling mischievously). And Maxzhot thanks for the feedback, but I’m trying to decide whether or not to bring Isabel and Tess back into it before or after the conference. Special thanks goes out to my beta’s especially Saz. Thanks for everything guys.

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I know I'm EVIL!! But chapter four is on its way I promise.

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>Chapter 4
> "Centuries ago, my people the Celts, were united. Druids (seers and healers), Witches, and all others who worshiped the God and Goddess. They were united under the umbrella of peace in servitude to the God and Goddess. My family happened to be a group of High Priestesses and Priests. We were the intermediaries between the people and our deities. They were rulers, mainly Queens because the line of power was passed through our women, but they were fair and just and loved by the people. When my great-great-something grandmother was born there was much rejoicing.
> "Claudia was the child our 'Queendom' had looked forward to. She was a Druid and Witch and she had normal human blood in her also. She was to unite our lands as never before. But when it was time to produce an heir she was much too old and died birthing her daughter. Between the time that she died and that her daughter came to power our people had been scattered to the winds by invaders and travelers promising a new and better life beyond our lands."
> Liz took a deep breath to calm her and then pressed forward.
> "We never had a chance. We should have been the most powerful group in the world and instead we were decimated beyond belief. It was foretold that another was to be born, she would be our second chance. But instead of reuniting her people in the old lands, she would unite the entire galaxy by saving one prince's life."
> "We were that second chance and you are that prince. We were told this when we were very young. My thoughts throughout my teenage years were 'We make our own destiny' and I wanted nothing to do with my ready-made future. When our enemies got wind that I didn't want my title, they decided to kill us and take it from us. Little did they know that "We" were twins."
> "Now, in our history it's very rare to have identical twins. It means that there wasn't enough room in one body for all the power and it had to be split. My sister and I were inseparable we were best friends and together we were supposed to fulfill that destiny. Jason and his henchmen captured my sister, not knowing that we were the two and killed her brutally." Liz slowed as her breath came in shallow sobs. "They didn't just kill her they violated her and thought that that would transfer her powers but with twins it reverts back to a recognized soul. Me. They reverted back to me. I knew right then what had happened and I was so overwhelmed by the grief of the situation that I let mine and my sisters combined powers take over and I was hell bent on revenge. I tortured my sisters killers to within an inch of their lives and then finally got a hold of myself."
> "Oh God Max it was horrible," Liz exclaimed tearfully.
> "Sweetheart, its ok it wasn't your fault you said it yourself yours and your sisters combined powers overwhelmed and took over. Don't blame yourself."
> "Max how can I not blame myself? The main rule for a witch is DO NO HARM but that's what I did. And I could have taken control but I chose not to until it was almost too late because it felt good. It felt so good to make them pay and feel what Shiri felt. They had no right to extinguish such a pure soul. After that I swore to myself I would never let anyone choose my destiny for me. I sealed that part of me shut, built a brick wall, put up boards and nailed them in the day of my sister's funeral. My parents warned me not to, that the fate of the universe was at stake, but I didn't listen. I couldn't. So I left Roswell leaving all remnants of my old life behind. Everything and everyone except Maria. She was Shiri's friend and mine since we were little. And my parents sent her with me to protect me. But she refrained from using her powers as a sign of respect to me. I tried to escape my destiny. But you still came, your still here and there's still SO much at stake. God I thought I could stop this by changing one thing. But it didn't work. God Max I love you so much. I wish I had known there was no way out of it. Maybe Shiri wouldn't have died." Liz sobbed as she buried her head in Max's shoulder.
> "I can't imagine what you've been through the last five years. But I'm here now and you're ok. You're fine and we'll get through this together. Now tell me what this is about saving me?"
> "Max," Liz began, struggling to regain her composure. "Those men that killed Shiri?"
> "Yeah?"
> "Jason's real name is Kivar. He and his men are Antarian. That's whom I'm to save you from. I don't know how they traveled between planets since it has only recently that intergalactic planetary travel was released to the public. I faced them once before, only this time they have their earth powers and are much more formidable then before. They want my world, your world and the entire universe under their control. They're looking to dethrone you and your mother and to get revenge on me for their mistake and for me kicking their asses. And I had a premonition that while you're here on earth he's gonna try to kill you. That's why I have to protect you."
> "Oh My God. He's a part of my, the Antarian Senate, I have to warn my mother and..."
> "Max don't worry she already knows. She knew you were going to Earth to find me and that's why she sent Isabel and Tess here. She knew the four of you would be safe. We need to bring Isabel and Tess back here with us. Besides, your mother needed you here to do the real job. That is, convincing the MIB's intergalactic committee to mount an offensive against Kivar and his forces." Liz said, as she finally relaxed with the way Max was handling her news.
> "I don't know how you know that but I know you're right. Lets sleep tonight and talk to Michael and Maria in the morning and then decide. OK?"
> "Yes ok. I'm more than exhausted. I guess the whipped cream will have to wait for later then."
> Liz smiled mischievously as she changed into pajamas and climbed under the covers to cuddle with Max.
> "Thank you Max." Liz said sleepily.
> "For what, baby?"
> "For being you, listening and not judging, for being here. For existing as someone I have to look forward to. It's amazing how much I didn't want you and then in such a small amount of time how deeply I've fallen in love with you. I love you Max." Liz managed before her eyes fluttered into an exhausted sleep.
> "I love you too Liz." Max said as he kissed Liz on the forehead, but sleeping was not something he could do. We've got such a long, hard road ahead of us, he thought, I wish I knew what was gonna happen. He lay there holding her, thanking whatever god was in the heavens for keeping her safe for him. And as he slowly drifted off into an exhausted sleep he pulled her protectively closer to him. At peace together despite the turmoil in the worlds around them.

Oh my goddess, you guys really like it. Thanks so much once again for the great feedback. I 'll be back soon promise


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Sorry its so short and that it took so long guys but I've been busy and my creative juices have totally stalled. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks again for all the fb and I'll be back soon.

Thanks to my beta's, you guys are the best.


Chapter 5

The next morning

“Ok first thing is to get Isabel and Tess to come here.” Liz states.
“Ok, I agree so I will call Isabel’s cell phone.” Max says.
“Hey, Isabel. It’s Max, where are you guys and how fast can you get back her?” Max asks then pauses for an answer. “What the hell are you doing in New Mexico? An alien museum? Really Isabel, I didn’t peg you for a tourist. And Yes I do understand that you guys are having fun on your own… and that it has only been two days on your own.” “No Isabel NO excuses we need you here in San Francisco NOW! No, I’m not kidding.” By now Max is yelling and he’s so angry he’s red in the face.
“Isabel Katherine Evans, Princess of Antar DO NOT make me pull rank on you!”
“I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” Liz hears Isabel scream across the phone lines.
“Look Isabel I didn’t want to tell you this over the phone but the royal four are the only one’s who have enough influence to sway the MIB’s intergalactic committee. If you and Tess don’t get your royal asses back here then Mother will be in more danger then she is now.”
“WHAT? What’s wrong with mother? Danger? What kind of danger? Explain yourself Maxwell!” Liz heard Isabel screech.
“Look Isabel, Mother needs the four of us together in New York to talk to the intergalactic committee tomorrow. There’s going to be a revolt on Antar. Do you understand Isabel? Can you get to New York by tomorrow morning?”
“Ok we’ll meet you at the airport tomorrow morning. Dress respectfully we have to look our best. Ok be careful and I promise I’ll explain everything tomorrow.”
Max hung up and turned to talk to Liz, but was confronted by a very grumpy looking Michael.
“What the hell was all the screaming about? I know I heard Isabel, because only her screech can wake me out of a sound friggin sleep. So what the hell is going on?”
“Michael go wake Maria and the two of you get dressed and ready to leave for New York. Max I booked for plane tickets. The only problem is the plane leaves in an hour.” Liz states after getting off her cell phone.
“Plane? New York? What the hell is going on, Maxwell?” Michael says getting frustrated at being left out of the loop.
“Like Liz said, Michael, wake Maria get dressed and ready to leave for the airport in fifteen minutes. I’ll…We’ll explain on the way.”
“Fine…” Michael mutters, mumbling under his breath all the way down the hall.
“Alright, we’re gonna meet Isabel and Tess at the airport tomorrow and then we’re gonna head straight to the MIB’s office.”

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